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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. right now at 11:00, a lunar new year's celebration turns dangerous in the south bay. good evening, i'm jessica aguirre. and let's bring in nbc bay area cheryl herd who joins us in san jose. >> reporter: well, raj, the
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cleanup begins here at the east plaza in san jose. there was a lot of evidence from the illegal fireworks that took place here in the parking lot. now, take a look at the video from a man who was at tonight's lunar celebration. now, the fireworks were loud and they went high into the air. this lunar celebration takes place here every year in this parking lot and every year it's packed with people. one man says he is certain that the fireworks, which are illegal, caused the tree fire. >> i think somebody threw the fireworks on one of them went to the tree and that started the fire. >> it started maybe -- draw the crowd our way, that way it can help to let the fire department have their space to work so the people don't get in the way also. which it did, it worked. >> reporter: so the folks who
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were doing the lion dance tried to get the attention of the crowd so they would not get in the way of the firefighters who put the fire out. and they did so very quickly. luckily nobody was hurt tonight. so why the fireworks show was allowed to take place here tonight is under investigation. and the official cause of the tree fire is also under investigation. reporting live in south san jose, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. all right, cheryl, thank you, a big night for the asian community and worldwide. also we're looking at hong kong, major riots, you see here in the streets, a district of hong kong. police officers being beaten by these protesters. this all started when police tried to remove illegal food vendors from the streets. the venders are common during new year's celebrations. this is the largest protest that hong kong has seen since the pro-democracy protests of 2014.
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so how would you feel about a sex offender clinic near your home? neighbors are outraged and organizing to stop the shop. the residential area near church street and public transit. we have been talking about a really constant flow of patients in and out. >> reporter: well, jessica, the operating counsellors for the sex offenders would say it would happen here. an angry crowd tells the operators of the sex offender clinic called sharper future are not welcome in this triangle. >> they're not welcome in the neighborhood, not any other neighborhood. it's not appropriate for a residential neighborhood. >> reporter: sharper future is relocating because their building is being torn down.
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with permit in hand they're planning to move to 100 church street, where nearly 100 paroled sex offenders who live near san francisco would attend court-mandated meetings. >> we know where they are, they're safer, they have ongoing meetings and other work. >> reporter: others say that many will point an angry finger at the property owner, a well-known care facility for aids patients. a board member told the crowd they planned to replace one medical tenant with another. >> the former tenant was in the health care foundation. so it's not unusual to assume this is a clean process. >> reporter: now organizers worry about the public relations mess. >> let them find enter necessary. >> reporter: jean walker brought her grandchildren to tonight's meeting. she and others say they have no plans to stop fighting. >> and there is enough going on
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in the neighborhood right there already. we don't need nothing extra. >> reporter: now, next week at city hall the board of appeals will consider appeal in this case. appeal to that planned move. and if this neighborhood is successful at stopping the counseling center from moving in, sharper future will have to find somewhere else to go in san francisco. >> jean, thank you. and along the coast two armed robberies near half moon bay. police say two masked men forced a couple to pull over as they were driving, armed with a gun and knife they took money and phones from the victims. this happened last night on highway one between half moon bay and san gregorio, as you know it's a scenic stretch of our coastline. >> i called the police station and asked if there was a cop behind me because you never know. >> police say the suspects were driving a black crown victoria similar to a squad car shown in
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this picture. also today, an armed robbery, again in half moon bay. a jewelry store targeted by two men, this could be linked to the highway one robbery. this is the surveillance video, you can see one of the suspects there. police say this is the second suspect who appears to be on the lookout. turning now to decision 2016. it has started. the first votes in the nation's first primary are in. just two hours again, the people cast their ballots. voting was closed after all nine people who showed up. john kasich won for the republicans, picking up three votes, donald trump took two. and trump is leading the polls for the republicans in new hampshire and tonight also leading the way in controversy. on the podium, he repeated a vulgar comment from one of his supporters.
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now, trump was repeating what someone shouted at him, the insult was directed at ted cruz. >> senator cruz has not responded. he was on the trail much like all the other candidate from his both parties. >> we stand again, we will do it again. >> cruz is fighting for the second spot in the granite state along with marco rubio and jeb bush, on the democratic side, senator sanders is ahead of hillary clinton in the polls. >> the eyes of america will be on new hampshire. >> i will get up every day and do all that i can to make a real difference for you. >> as we told you, polls are opened in new hampshire. we'll know soon enough who the voters are supporting. and following all the voters, download the free app or you can follow us on twitter, too. >> we're not done with the super bowl. in fact, there was another touchdown in denver. the broncos checked out of the santa clara marriott after a long night of celebrating,
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landing in the mile high city with new silverware. tomorrow, the victory parade in denver. the super bowl may have just lasted a few hours but the cleanup at levi stadium will be expected to last for several more weeks. the confetti alone was a monster job to clear. our own chopper over the stadium today. a bit of a super bowl hangover. by most accounts by fans and league officials this was a big success. the host committee reiterated aw what they told us last night, they want to do it again. >> i think we showed the nfl this is a region that can host events like the super bowl and do it again. >> there were some minor problems in terms of security and crowd control. there were about 20 arrests at the game mostly for intoxication and counterfeit items. and houston, we have a new home. next year's super bowl will be held in houston. and kelly was accepting the
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handoff from on board the international space station. this is the third time the station will host the super bowl and the mayor says they're already feeling the pressure. >> to the host economy of san francisco, this super bowl 50, let me just say an incredible job. you all have set the bar so very, very high. >> his last super bowl was back in 2004, helping to pull off super bowl 50, was mayor matthew's swan song. >> i will be retiring, this is a time of service but a time i need to be with my family. and quite frankly to take a breath and see what the next chapters are for me. >> mayor matthew s has two more years on his term, first elected to the city council in 1998. and cameras are foolproof even for the ceo of apple.
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we'll show you his super bowl pick. and then a mansion fit for a star. the jaw-dropping beyonce will relax before her big half-time show. and a trip to the gas station turns into chaos. we'll have new video. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, napa, 78, coming up, we'll have details on el nino. exactly what is happening and how many weeks we have left of a potential storm in about eight minutes. new video tonight of a near
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disaster at this gas station take a look, figrightening scene here, this is a near disaster in southern california, in torrance, just as the driver finishes and drives away you see the canopy crash, thankfully
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there were no major injuries here, but two cars are damaged. and north korea was watching the super bowl, the country launched a satellite that passed right over silicon valley and levi stadium. n norad says it was a coincidence. and now, there are sanctions considered after the illegal launch. this latest launch adds to the widespread concern that north korea is developing and testing long-range nuclear weapons. and the east bay freeway shootings are random and not a threat to the drivers after the incident on i-80. one person was hit after somebody opened fire, another hospitalized. during that shootout, the car on the shoulder was hit, luckily
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nobody was hit. this is the seventhshooting in the east bay. and a deadly backup causing problems for amtrak before noon today near berkeley and bankcroft way. a person tried to beat the train but the line was hit. the train is back on regular schedule. and a man shot, a school shutdown. a wild day on st. francis boulevard. a man fighting with a woman. was carrying a knife. the officer s then chased the mn into a back yard where they shot him. he was expected to survive. nearby jefferson high school was on lockdown for two hours. and there is growing controversy on the use of chokeholds. the issue caught national
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attention after a chokehold by a new york city led to the death of eric garner. his death prompted the inspection nationwide. officers say they don't have a rule expressly forbidding it. but today it was formally banned. with an exception, officers may use the chokehold to defend themselves in a life or death situation. and a white knuckle ride for bikers, they want stripes painted in walnut creek so cyclists stay in their lane. many bikers say they experienced it firsthand. >> i just remember coming around the corner, seeing the car, not having time to put on the brakes but i just knew it would hurt. >> park officials admit the process has been delayed and they point to an incomplete survey and lots of public comments but they say there are plans to put down double
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striping next summer. even though, authorities want the drivers to slow down and share the road. and inside the bay bridge tunnel, you can see there is a hole left behind by a chunk of concrete. luckily nobody was hurt after it came down, they showed this injury to an engineer who believes the deterioration is caused by the support beams. >> that is concerning, because the steel provides it. caltrans will not speculate on a fix until they're convinced they know the extent of the problem. and apple ceo feeling the wrath of the web, all because of one super bowl photo. take a look, here is the picture that tim cook shared with twitter followers, on the field at levis at the end of the super bowl. perhaps with all the excitement
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maybe he just got carried away in the moment and took this blurry snapshot. he was quickly roasted for the shaky photo and since was deleted. i have plenty of bad photos. >> maybe he has an old 5 or something. that was not a 6. maybe he is old school. all right, all right talk to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. and jeff, we're talking 70s? >> yeah, it was warm today, looks like some of the trend will continue for tomorrow. it has not been dangerously hot, beautiful outside, just the fact that so many of us want the rainfall to come back as we get a look right now. oakland with 79 for the daytime high today. 79 in belvedere. san jose at 76. seeing the forecast at the bottom of the screen, eventually cooler weather throughout the week. i want to take you right now into the morning forecast, for the east bay, patchy fog
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developing. few clouds in few, 52, sunny skies to start for the east bay peninsula and upper 40s and also low 50s. the main driver behind this heat, the ridge of high pressure, not only impacting california but also the pacific northwest. it's steering any kind of storm system, not into canada for the most part but well up into alaska. so a lot of the west is getting missed by this rainfall. eventually with, we'll get something coming our way also in a minute. the other problem we have had are the dry offshore winds ten to 15 miles an hour. that is helping to increase the fire danger and also bump up the temperatures. tomorrow morning, offshore winds as you can see here in orinda. napa, redwood city and san francisco. watch what happens as we head through the afternoon. gradually we'll see more of an onshore wind in place for san francisco, redwood city and napa, bumping down the
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temperatures a few degrees for tomorrow. we still have 70s and the record-setting heat possible. some of the warmest weather south bay morgan hill close to 80 degrees. cupertino, 73, more beach weather with 70 degrees, back to palo alto, 76 and sunny, san francisco, 76 in the marina. business meeting in town? well, you don't even need the jacket tomorrow. 72 and sunny. for the north bay, east bay, tri-valley, warmer temperatures in danville. pleasanton, upper 70s, napa, 73, back towards mill valley in the north bay 75 degrees. here is how we see it for the next 15 days. high pressure continuing, dry weather into wednesday and also thursday. by friday, the north bay may have spotty showers, not a big storm system, maybe some drizzle. we have to look towards late february and into march for the next best chance of any type of
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rainfall. so with the area of high pressure sitting here a lot of us are asking what about el nino. here is the bottom line on this. the way we see it now we have at least ten weeks left of potential storm systems to move our way. again, late february into march the best chance of rainfall coming back. now the strength may rival 97 and 98, but remember all the el nino events are different so we'll take it week by week. raj and jess, when it looked towards september, looked like it could have been the wettest month. but we hope that march definitely has a lot more rainfall to come our way, guyinguys. >> thank you, jeff, and cruise passengers terrified after rough conditions at sea. we'll show you. and we have jimmy. >> hey, you guys, ben stiller my guest. do not change the channel.
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and happening right now across the digital platforms, an uber driver allegedly driving drunk while picking up passengers. the facebook page has the evidence police may have found. also a fire sparked in san jose, we told you about this at the top of the news cast. we'll show you the raw video on our twitter feed and go to, to see warriors star draymond green stirring things up at a pete's coffee for the east bay. our next update is within the hour.
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night in hell. =vo= the world'se ship ended up on a collision a trip to paradise turned into a night of hell. the world's largest cruise ship
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ended up on a collision course against a monster storm off the coast. the ship was rocked violently after the hurricane. this was the aftermath. the dining room with debris everywhere. >> this ship could crack in half. >> reporter: the ship was supposed to dock today before it continued on to the bahamas. but tonight the trip is cancelled and the vessel will report to port and be there wednesday. royal caribbean is promising full refunds to passengers. the cdc is now issuing its highest alert refusal over the zika virus and president obama is asking congress for $1.8 billion in emergency funding. the money would be used for mosquito-control programs, vaccine research and improving health services, some of the money would also be diverted to central and south america where the virus is spreading quickly. zika is not a big health risk
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for most people however it can be extremely harmful for pregnant women. their babies can be born with abnormally smaller heads. and all chipotle restaurants closed down to teach their servers how to handle food. the company revealed today that tomatoes were likely to blame for salmonella cases and to employees coming to work sick were likely behind the norovirus outbreak, they are committed to earning back their customers' trust. and coming up, more on the super bowl.
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ahmed fareed here in the bay area studstudios, there were a of upset panther fans, steph curry watched beloved panthers fall to the denver broncos, cam newton sacked six times, visibly upset before the reporters were
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done asking questions. curry discussed that after practice. >> losing the game of that magnitude, especially the quarterback position when a lot of responsibilitiy afalls on yo plate has to be a tough feeling for sure. anybody could probably say they could handle the situation better. but having not been in his shoes, i can't really tell you how i would respond in that moment. i would try to do my best. but i am sure you would probably say the same thing going into it and not expecting to lose. so it's tough. >> stick with the warriors here, their bench suffering a big-time blow. backup festus ezeli, to have surgery on his knee, and then reevaluated. the warriors back in action against the rockets. that game on tnt. we have you covered after the
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contest, sportsnet central, at 6 and 7:00. might be a lot of dunks like that. marshawn lynch, literally hanging up during the fourth quarter of the super bowl, yes, the man of few words used no words to signal his good-bye. that scene was appropriate. all right, that will do it for sports. i'm ahmed bruno mars and coldplay stayed
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at san jose fairmont hotel. it is all about where you stay, isn't it? bruno mars and coldplay stayed at the fairmont hotel. and beyonce went air b & b and ended up in a lavish los altos mansion. she tweeted it was a super b &  b. and a lovely sat, with beautiful views, an infiniti pools, and
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anything you could possibly imagine, 10,000 bucks a night. wonder what the deposit -- cleaning deposit was? >> i don't think you have to worry about it. >> michael douglas and catherine zeta jones, and anyone else, clouds, fair, thank you for joining us. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests --


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