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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 9, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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super bowl 50. drowns over take piloted air contract. and it is fatty tuesday. live to mardi gras in new orleans. "early today" starlets right now.
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i'm sheba russell. all eyes on the polls for the first in the primary, voting at midnight. john kasich personally called all nine and was the only one to hold an event in the town. kasich won tw three votes. overall sanders has the early lead over clinton 17-9. while kasich trump and cruz are in a three way tie donald trump is in more hot water over repeating a derogatory remark from a crowd member, an insult describing ted cruz. some of you may find this clip offensive. >> she just said a terrible thing. do you know what she said. shout it out because i don't want to -- okay.
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you're not allowed to say. and i never expect to hear that from you again. i never expect to hear from you again. she said he's a pussy. that's terrible. >> since declaring his presidential bid trump has talked about building a border wall with mexico and making them pay for it. and called ron has some harsh words for the plan. >> mexican people we are not going the play any single cent for such a stupid wall. and they need to know that. >> trump is the clear front runner in new hampshire and the fight for second place is now a toss up between cruz, kasich, bush, rubio and christie. the governors especially are looking for big performances and chris christie is continuing his assault on marco rubio.
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rubio flying high after iowa is in criticism mode after the debate. >> repeating over and over again it played to this notion that you are a bit contrived that you are rehearsed but. >> that's silly. and people -- understand people when they are running for office are going to say whatever they need to say. >> marco robot, a hoed line that you choked, that doesn't bother you. >> that's just -- >> the race is getting more personal with bill clinton attacking the sanders campaign saying they are being sexist. and the hillary is fighting back against a recent reporting a campaign shake up is looming
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after new hampshire. >> i have no idea what they are talking about or who they are talking to. we are going to take stock but it is going to be the campaign that i've got. i'm very confident in the people i have. i'm committed to them. they are committed to doing the best we can. we're going take stock. what works, what doesn't work. we're moving into the different phase of the campaign. a diverse electorate. and different geographic areas so it would be malpractice so say. >> currently sanders odds on winning at greater than 99%. but even though the polls show sanders with a huge lead, let's not forget that the last time hillary clinton was running back in 2008 she pulled off a stunning upset. tracie potts live in manchester.
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>> today is all about expectations. expectations are low. and then we've got republicans bunched up behind donald trump. marco rubio, john kasich and jeb bush and ted cruz all oaf them potential second place finishers here. or maybe even first. the polls were wrong in iowa. we'll see what happens here in new hampshire. donald trump in our latest nbc surv sur monkey poll is --. expectations are high for these republicans. many if not most of whom will likely go on to south carolina from here. in terms of turnout, the
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secretary of state says look for as many as 550,000 people, over half a million. that is 2/3 of the state's electorate. lot of interest in this one. >> the city of flint, michigan is seeing its first lead contamination lawsuit. the couple says local officials threatened to call child protective services if the levels didn't go down. the test was done three months after the city switched its water supply to the flint river, the city and government officials are all accused of lying to residents. local officials have not responded to request for comment. a lawyer for state declined to comment as he has not yet seen the court paper? thousands of passengers expected
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. the anthem of the seas ran into 30 foot waves and 100 miles an hour winds of the carolina northeast. people tweeted images of wide spread damage, overturned furniture and shattered glass. at least four passengers were injured. none of them seriously. royal crib subpoena promising full refunds. >> president obama is asking congress for nearly $2 million. the plan to give the bulk of the funds with department of health and human services with much going to the cdc for mosquito control. the virus has spread to 26 countries in the americas. that is according to the pan american health organization. it is believed to cause severe birth defects. >> as new hampshire voters head to their polling places, yesterday's blizzard is pulling away. blizzard conditions were confirmed on nantucket with wind
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gusts topping 60 miles per hour and flooding along the coast. folks headed out to vote for the primary could see some more snow today. nbc meteorologist rafael mariraa is here. >> here is your primary forecast for new hampshire. temperatures cold in the 20s to around 30. mostly cloudy skies and a few snow showers or flurries. a look at the big picture shows another storm moving through the great lakes in the mid atlantic. could drop a few inches of snow in places like philadelphia and new york city tonight. it is going to be frigid in the midwest, 22 in chicago. 15 with some show showers in places like minneapolis. look at the southwest. 8 in los angeles. and heat continues tomorrow.
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beautiful from denver to l.a. phoenix 85 degrees and seattle a few showerspy tomorrow temperatures with sunshine. 70s down the coast. no cold anywhere. >> that just looks fantastic. warms my soul. thank you rafael. >> and we are following breaking news here. two trains collide head on. leaving at least nine dead, dozens more injured. details up next. plus new information on johnny manziel's latest legal troubles. it is getting more serious. preponderance bound presentation fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer
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one last day of parades and partying. sarah dollis is live on bourbon street. i see you wearing your beads there. how does this mardi gras stack up to others? >> this mardi gras is being described ads unprecedented. as is security this year as more than a million people are expected here in the big easy. >> the costumes. the prids. and of course the beads. all part of an iconic mardi gras experience. a feast for eyes and ears. >> beyond. definitely beyond our expectations. >> visitors and locals alike. >> i'm always here every year and we dance a lot. >> you get to know them and where they are coming from.
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>> with so much surveillance the fbi says visitors should always assume they are being filmed. in addition to agents, some 1100 in accordance police officers are under control. many under cover. we want you to have a good time but we will not tolerate violent behavior. >> a little rain on these parades not even showing the celebration. and the party on pause on bourbon street right now as crews complete a massive clean up project of all the overnight garbage leftover by partiers. and all of this adds up to big bucks and estimated $840 million being dumped in the local economy. that is good news for businesses, sheba. at least once this mardi gras madness is finally over. back to you. >> big excitement each and every
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year. sarah, thank you so much. we want to turn to breaking news right now. two commuter trains in southern germany collided head on early this morning. nine killed, 150 more injured. a third of the injuries are being called severe. rescuers have stopped searching for victims at the crash site and the meridian train company has suspended all trains on that line. our thoughts are with the victims and injured. thank you to the rescue services. >> shocking details on johnny manziel's alleged beating of ex-girlfriend colleen crowley. apparently he hit her so hard it ruptured her eardrum. last week she applied for a protective order. manziel had agreed to that order which forbids him from seeing
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her for two years. manziel's attorney has not returned call seeking comment. >> the north korean satellite launched into place saturday is now quote, tumbling in orbit. yesterday north korea celebrated the launch with footworks. and sunday it reportedly flew over the super bowl an hour after the game ended in san francisco. let's get down business with cnbc's landon dowdy. >> good morning. starbuck's wants to get you in the mood for love. it's unveiled three drinks. they are available through sunday in hot or cold versions. starbuck's has other von types goodies, suiciy iesalentine's goodies the head of the faa says the agency --.
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there are 320,000 registered man aircraft. the faa launched the program late last near to help track down people who violate open air space rules. a >> reports say verizon, at&t and yahoo are interested. >> coming up an nfl player is under investigation after an alleged incident involving off duty officers. ♪ we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you.
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let's get you caught up on today's sports headlines. for that we turn to gigi stone woods. good morning. >> good morning sheba. fresh off winning super bowl 50 peyton manning got a hero's welcome at disney land. he was the guest of honor at disney's victory parade. manning and the broncos won the super bowl sunday. lesean mccoy is accused of assaulting two off duty police officers early sunday morning. according to a police report the officers were hospitalized after the argument escalated into the brawl at a philadelphia
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nightclub. the investigation issengoing. and nix fired derek fisher monday. he racked up 96 losses while winning only 40 games. he walks away with with nearly $17 million of his five year deal. across the river in brooklyn, the nets were down two with 1.3 on the clock until joe johnson sank a one-footed three pointer of the glass at the buzzer to win over the nuggets. the nets who also fired their head coach earlier this season are in second to last place in the eastern conference. in. >> and spectacular floor routine on sunday. the senior earned a near perfect
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score of 9.925 to help her team defeat her conference rivals. >> love it. got to love the dance moves. just ahead addressing the elephant in the room at the oscar nominees luncheon. and want to own a piece of beatles -- [music]
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a lock of john lennon's hair is now up for auction. the current bid $12 thousand. at the annual oscar nominees luncheon, they addressed the lack of diversity in the nominations by saying simply we all know there is an elephant in the room. i've asked that elephant to leave. and full frontal with premiered last night. >> the last was two hours of hillary trying to distance herself from wall street while sanders tried to flag down a waitress. >> no, no. she's not going to freshen your coffee again bernie. she knows you always tip with pennies laid out in the shape of a smiley face. it added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like...wiped everything clean.
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>> in west palm beach florida, man accuse of tossing gator into the wendy's drive through window. he's facing charges of aggravated assault and unlawful possession and transportation of a gator. while the incident took place in october james was taken into custody just this week. and gas station collapses in torrence. to workers were on top of that canopy. two cars were also under the awning during the time. the city's department of building and safety is investigating. turning back now to the new
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hampshire primary. when it comes to photo op, people in the granite sate have seen it all from the candid to the crazy and now cuddly. this fuzzy face who is quite the sensation on the campaign trail. >> it is only fitting that the granite state forms the bedrock of american campaigns. this year red and blue are united behind pink. >> she me the goods. >> this is dino. and he's really proven how special the new hampshire primary is. >> call it the dinosaur primary. snapping photos of as many presidential hopefuls as possible posing with his favorite childhood cartoon. dee know represents the archaeology of politicking where mannerisms and personalities matter as much as what comes out of their mouth. >> this is the krs chris, with
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confidence. this is the rick perry. >> and then kasich mistook it for a campaign contribution. >> there was no way i was giving up dee no. >> hillary clinton was cautious. >> and trump played along. even if the crowd didn't. it's been tried before in 2008 a guy in iowa passed around mr. potato head. >> i'd love to live in a world where dino flint stone is real politics but to me it is more about getting to know the people. >> peter alexander, nbc news, manchester. >> unforgettable images there. we're celebrating birthdays today. and musical legend carol king turns 74. i'm sheba russell.
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thanks so much breaking overnight--- a deadly
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crash in germany, when two trains coide head-to-h . breaking overnight a deadly crash in germany. when two trains collide head to head. officials now scouring for answers as the casualties mount. >> and celebrations quickly transform into a fiery scene at a san jose strip mall. the explanation behind a strip mall fire sparked by illegal fireworks. plus the polls are open. some votes have been cast. we'll breakdown the new hampshire primary on a critical swing of the presidential race. "today in the bay" starts right now. very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm sam brock. >> folks laying out yesterday, temperatures in the mid 70s in the bay. do we have a continuation of the perfec


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