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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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here's kari. >> good morning. it will be another great day. very warm temperatures. in fact, we will see records in jeopardy once again. we are starting out in the mid 40s in the northbound north bay and south bay. san francisco looking at a high of 73 and 73 in the north bay. east bay 76 and 76 in the peninsula. some of the warmest temperatures as we top out at 79 i'll have more on that but an update on what's happening on the roadways with mike. >> very easy drive right now. looking at 580 over here in dublin, our traditional shot. slow traffic. look at your map and show you the speed sensors changed fromu altamonte. clear by the time we took our camera near the dublin interchange and the rest of the bay get out of your way and see green on both sides of the bay heading to or from the bay bridge or to san francisco. north of there heading away from the bay bridge one fender-bender or one fender bent scraped the
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divide eastbound 88, no lanes blocked. back to you. >> thank you very much. more breaking news now, this time from germany where a devastating scene still unfolding. at least nine people have been confirmed dead, more than 150 others injured from a crash involving two trains, a head-on collision in germany. it's happening about an hour outside of munich in the country's southern region. one of the trains derailed near the city of bad aibling. all of the available rescue teams in that region are at the crash site. they had a tough time getting there because it's in a remote part of the country. rescue helicopters carried people on a rope across a river to waiting ambulances. we're told all survivors are safe and investigators are starting to look through that wreckage. breaking news close to home, san jose police this morning investigating an early morning shooting. >> "today in the bay's" chris sanchez arrived on scene. what can you tell us. >> good morning. we just talked with you
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lieutenant paul joe ses of the san jose police department and he said a woman was shot and might not survive. her injuries, officers called to the apartment complex at wooster and east julienne not far from one of the rocket ship academies down the street. a woman in her 20s was shot by a man in his 20s. the relationship is unclear at this point and thus it is unclear whether this might be an incident of domestic violence. police are still here on the scene and they are still investigating. that woman had life tle-threate injuri injuries, transported immediately to the hospital. her condition is yet unknown but we know that police tape is out here and the situation and investigation could change dramatically from an attemptsed murder investigation to one of murder if that woman does not survive. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." the very latest this morning. a lunar new year's
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celebration took a turn for the worst last night with flames sparking a south bay strip mall. >> "today in the bay" pete ser rat tis live where it unraveled last night. illegal fireworks might be to blame and there were a lot of people at the event last night. >> reporter: yeah, we're being told there were hundreds here for the annual gathering for the fireworks show. i want to show you look at all this debris left over from the fireworks show. you can see there's even some on top of the car and in the distance there's some tape in front of the tree that may have been the cause, at least that's what we're hearing from witnesses. we'll show you some of the video from the fireworks show that took place last night in the parking lot of the grand century shopping mall in san jose. you can see the tree i mentioned what looks to be catching on fire. witnesses say the fireworks caused it but that's under investigation. hundreds of people were here in this parking lot when it happened and one witness told us she hopes this doesn't ruin the chance of the show taking place next year. >> it's an accident.
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this year, actually, they -- >> next year for sure. >> they tried to protect the display of fireworks and firecrackers very good. that's just an accident. >> reporter: now i do want to point out, fireworks are illegal in san jose so we're still really waiting to get information on who authorized the show in the first place. no injuries were reported and none of the adjacent buildings were harmed. live in san jose, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, pete. happening today on the heels of hosting a successful super bowl, santa clara mayor jamie mathews says he's leaving office effective today. >> it's a time that i need to step back and be with my family and, quite frankly, to take a breath and see what the next chapters are for me. >> mayor mathews still had two years remaining on his term. the city council now has 30 days to appoint an interim mayor. that mayor will serve out the remainder of mathews' term.
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>> sad to see him go. outraged neighbors near san francisco's duboce park unit pg. expecting to open at 100 church street near public transit. residents are banning together to try to stop that rehab center from setting up shop. "today in the bay" stephanie tron live in our newsroom with the reaction and plenty of pushback, stephanie. >> a lot of pushback, sam. apparently according to the meeting last night the public transit spot, that's a popular spot so commuters and residential area as well. a lot of neighbors showed up to tell the clinic operators that they and their patients are not welcome. >> near our playgrounds and parks not our neighborhoods but not in any other neighborhoods. it's not appropriate for a residential neighborhood. >> reporter: and you hear some of that there. the operators of sharper future
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has a permit to move into 100 church street after its office at market and van ness was set to be demolished and the location is next to the muni stop. this is where nearly 100 paroled sex offenders who live in san francisco would attend court-mandated counseling. the clinic would be open three days a week with 15 to 20 patients in and out each day. operators tried to assure neighbors everything would go smoothly. >> we know where they are and coming and going and engaging in a therapeutic relationship which makes them safer. >> it's enough going on in the neighborhood right there already, we don't need nothing extra. >> reporter: and that's from one unhappy neighbor, one of many who expressed anger saying the clinic did little community outreach. a board member told the crowd it thought it would be a clean process because it planned to replace one medical tenant with another. the board of appeals will consider putting a stop to the move and if that does happen sharper future would have to find a new home. live in our san francisco
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newsroom, "today in the bay." >> trying to get dialog there. thank you very much. talking about the weather these days, a lot of rain in the past, now a lot of sunshine, blossoms on the trees. >> i've noticed that too. it feels like spring. it is starting to look like spring out there too. and it's still cold this morning. napa and san carlos 48, san jose starts out at 46 degrees. this is where we're headed. another warm one. in some spots pretty much as warm as yesterday. in san jose up to 78 degrees, palo alto 76 in the mission direct, 73 degrees. in san francisco the average high is 59 degrees. in napa we're up to 73, 76 in oakland and danville today, 77 degrees. we'll talk about a slight cool down as we go through the weekend. any chances of rain that's coming up in a few minutes. now for an update on the morning commute here's mike. >> hey, carrie, toward the tri-valley and the dublin interchange is fine slowing
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westbound 580 right around is sew bell. i see on the chp report a car in the center divide area. it's out of the lanes but was spun around. sideways. maybe a distraction. that build coming out of the altamonte on the far side of the screen. as we move to the map we'll see the rest of the bay looks good. we have marked the earlier crash in richmond. east bay 80 getting away from the bridge towards the carquinez bridge. the bay bridge itself we'll take a look no meters lights too early for that. smooth drive west with the taillights into the city by the bay. back to you. >> too early for a lot of things, mike. >> not too early for our first primary. >> there we go. >> coming up next all eyes glued on new hampshire this morning. a glimpse at the votes that have been cast. so far, they opened at midnight for the nation's first primary. and all the presidents men will show up at the capitol with the budget today. what happens if nobody answers the door. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. >> got a tip for nbc bay area's
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investigative unit. call 1-888- 96-tips or e-mail the nbc bay area, we investigate. =laura/plasma= the nation's
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first primary of here we go. decision 2016. the nation's first primary of the 2016 campaign season under way this morning in new hampshire. right now, several candidates are hoping for an unexpected win. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in new hampshire with some of the votes in this morning. good morning, traci. >> hey there, good morning. so we have already seen some of the early voting come in from
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the tiny cities in new hampshire that often vote right after midnight. we've also seen hillary clinton already out there this morning engaging with voters at polling places. she's down but she says she's not out. >> reporter: three small towns voted just after midnight. kasich and sanders won dixville notch, the rest of new hampshire begins what election officials expect to be a record-breaking day. >> out the door. lines out the door. >> reporter: candidates continue their final arguments today. >> it's christmas eve for politicians in new hampshire. and you all get to play santa claus. >> this is now crunch time. >> reporter: trump has a huge lead here, but the number two spot seems up for grabs. polls show cruz, rubio, even kasich or bush have a shot at it. >> the one to make this happen. >> get up early tomorrow and
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vote, get up early tomorrow and get your friends and family to vote. >> reporter: bernie sanders fired up supporters, he's way ahead of hillary clinton in the polls. >> i will ask you, respectfully to please consider giving me the chance to do this job for you. >> reporter: today's the last day and polls show more than half the electorate is either undecided. >> i don't know what party i'm voting for yet. >> reporter: or willing to switch their vote at the last minute. now, if all those undecidedses show up along with people who know who they want to vote for the secretary of state thinks they could have more than half a million voters today in new hampshire. that would be a record. it would respect represent two-thirds of the state's electorate. >> engaged populace this year. san francisco leaders reportedly giving corporate shuttles a temporary green light to continue but down the road, a detour could be coming.
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those shuttles trant port thousands each day between san francisco and silicon valley. supervisors have negotiated a new deal after the mca decided last year to keep that program going. the chronicle reports a committee yesterday agreed to cap the current number of locations where bus can stop at 125, but supervisors only approved a one-year plan at which point they're going to reassess and consider overhauling the rules. a year from now the economic picture in san francisco could be different. >> that is true. scott mcgrew, even donald trump says we're in a bubble and if he says it. >> he says a number of things, doesn't he now. >> he does. >> by definition you don't know you're in a bubble until it pops. we're going to continue to watch san francisco tech companies carefully. why san francisco? the city tends to have more companies that build services and the south bay tends to be more about hard products, twitter in san francisco, cisco in san jose, yelp in san francisco, apple in kuiper ten no.
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speaking of yelp reported its numbers early by accident. yelp is a wonderful service. i use it all the time. it still is losing money. it's always lost money except for one incredibly brief period since it was invented where it made some. to be fair, yelp made more money than it has in the past but not an actual enough to turn a profit. shares in yelp will be under pressure this morning, as will pretty much every is stock. it's been rough. to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> hi, there, scott. it has been rough and another wild ride for the markets today. futures are lower this morning and japan falling off sharply down more than 5%. investors are fleeing towards safe havens like the dollar amid concerns of an economic slowdown. u.s. stocks had losses monday feared by a drop in oil prices. closed off 178 monday to 16027. the nasdaq falling to 7284.
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>> thank you. president obama will send his budget to congress today. we think more money for nasa, definitely more money for cyber security. the usual process here is the president's budget advisors go over to the capitol and present the budget and answers questions even if the congress isn't interested. let's face it, democratic president, republican congress, they're not going to agree on much. and this year, president obama's a lame duck so he's going to put some pretty wild things in the budget. he knows he can't get it. $10 green energy fee on every barrel of oil. that doesn't stand a chance. nonetheless, this is supposed to be a polite exchange of ideas. this year, though, people in congress who are supposed to greet the budget director say they're not going to meet at all. this is very counter guys to what the new speaker paul ryan had promised as part of a friendlier government what he calls a return to regular order. it's not clear whether the house budget committee which is going to do this snub today, the first in decades, has the speaker's
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blessing or not. so you've got several political stories going on here whether there's a fracture in congress as well. >> isn't that always the case when it comes to washington. >> yeah. >> it's all one fracture. there's no such thing as working together. thank you very much. >> all right. it is 5:17. that is not the case when it comes to "today in the bay." >> not on this desk. we're all in one perfect unity. >> together. >> okay. >> weather always together. on a tuesday morning see how traffic tuesday is doing in a minute. >> moving right along. >> no issues from the weather department that should impact traffic. it is looking good. as we head into the day, though, another warm one so sunglasses on and also enjoy the warmth. top down on the convertible. a live look outside now on the bay bridge, we have temperatures that are cool to start but as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, come over, help you make the
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valentine's day plans. a new record was set yesterday in many spots. let's take a look at all of them. santa rosa, 75 degrees now. some of the records were beat by at least four or five degrees in san francisco. the high was 75 and that just set a new record there as well. oakland up to 79 degrees. mountain view 75 and san jose with 78. the old record was 72. in santa cruz it was 85 degrees. it does not at all feel like february. in fact, those temperatures are more typical of may or june. well, now our temperatures are cooling down once again. we're in the 40s and low 50s. taking it hour by hour in oakland, we are going to be at about 63 degrees at 10:00. 11:00, we're at 66 degrees. it continues to go up. we'll eventually hit the mid 70s before it starts to come back down. we do still have high pressure but it's moving a little bit farther off to the east, not as strong as an influence as it had
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yesterday. it will start to allow for some cold fronts to move through, but unfortunately, as these fronts move in they're fairly dry and all of the rain has been well to the north of us. we'll continue to see that trend. over the next few days, our temperatures will still be well above average. we should be at 63 degrees in san jose, we're up to 78 degrees and then getting a little cooler heading into the weekend. let's check in now with mike and see what's happening on the roadways. >> going back to the beginning of the report, you said valentine's day is coming up. thank you for the reminder. over here looking towards san mateo i almost neglected something there. looking towards the san mateo bridge, westbound moves smoothly. the lights of this bridge are moving. they're in motion, not quite as spectacular as the bay bridge would look. at your map across the bay, the san mateo and the done bar bridges are fine. west 580 shows the building out of the altamonte through livermore with the slowing. by the time it s past is bell
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it's okay. a little distraction but shouldn't be enough. the volume of traffic is causing the backup there. we have the dublin interchange with no delays. the bay bridge metering lights should be turned on in ten minutes from now. the fender-bender in richmond. no slowing. it's counter commute off the carquinez bridge, an easy drive. palo alto, a live look, peninsula and south bay look very well. >> saint valentine, thank you for that report. >> coming up, a 2-year-old's tragic story. this family in michigan now going after flynt, michigan, over toxic levels of lead in their drinking water. >> the cnbc business report on nbc bay area is brought to you by city national bank. a bizarre and brazen robbery on
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a local highway. . lice say two mask a bizarre and brazen robbery on a local highway. police say two masked men forced a couple to pull over and then took their money and phone at gunpoint. this happened sunday on highway 1 between half moon bay and san gregorio a scenic stretch of california coastline. >> i don't even pull over half the time. i call the police station and ask if there is a cop behind me because you never know. >> police say that the suspects were driving a black crown victoria similar to a squad car shown in this picture. another crime along our coast could be linked to that highway 1 robbery to two armed men targeted a jewelry store. the jewelry store on main street hit about 10:00 a.m. yesterday. we have surveillance video where you reportedly can see one of the suspects. police say this is the second suspect who appeared to be on the lookout. >> we have a follow-up about a
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sexual assault trail involving a former san jose police officer. during testimony officer jeffery gray says he regrets having sex with a woman while on duty. but he contends it was consensual. graves says he and his partner took the woman to a hotel on saratoga avenue in san jose following an early morning domestic disturbance at her house. this happened back in september of 2013. the former officer claims the woman flirted with him and receptive to his advances. he says he was surprised by the rape charge. he was fired from the police force last march. 5:24. there is growing controversy over the use of police holds of choke holds. the san jose police department is making a change. the issue caught national attention after a chokehold by a new york city police officer led to the death of eric garner. his death led to protests nationwide. san jose police say they never permitted use of the chokeholds, but also did not have a rule
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expressively forbidding its use. it was formally banned with one exception they may use the chokehold to defend themselves in a life or death situation. to an investigative unit exclusive a federal lawmaker adding muscle and bull tock a debate about pay per view boxing. the investigative unit first exposed small businesses are getting clobbered by six-figure lawsuits. a south bay company now suing thousands of people for showing paip pay per view fights they do not have the rights to broadcast. business owners say they're being punished in court for not knowing the rules. a north bay congressman says it's time to change that. >> small business owners are not out to break the law. they're out to try to make a go of their business and we should be willing to work with them to make it as easy as possible. >> tonight at 11:00, the investigative unit shows you just how big attorneys say the company is cashing in on what business owners call innocent
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mistakes. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call 1-888-996-tips or always send us an e-mail to the a follow-up now, the fallout from toxic drinking water in flint, michigan, continues. a family is suing city and state officials claiming their 2-year-old has high levels of lead in her blood stream. this is the first individual lawsuit stemming from the contamination. sophia wade's parents say she was contaminated from lead that flowed through the faucets at their home. the tap water was contaminated after the source switched from detroit to the flint river in 2014. the river water was not properly treated and caused lead from pipes to seep into the drinking water. coming up next an update now to breaking news, shooting in the south bay. we're live at the scene with the latest developments. more breaking news. two trains collide killing at least nine people in germany. the latest on the investigation and rescue efforts.
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could could a fireworks show be the cause of a strip mall fire in san jose. we'll have all those details in a live report coming up. >> they made up the law. i didn't make up the law. >> he's fighting pay per view piracy, but bay area business owners say they made an honest mistake. >> we investigate bars, barber shops and even a church clobbered by six-figure lawsuits over a pay per view fight. >> do you think that's fair? >> yeah. >> you do think it's fair? >> absolutely. the penalty needs to fits the crime. >> tonight at 11:00, on nbc bay area, we investigate. joining us. i'm laura garcia
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cannon. . a very good morning to you. it's tuesday now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. after a crazy weekend we can all agree on that it's nice to have a calm, easy start to the work week. >> nice weather as well. check in with kari. >> good morning. it will feel like spring again today. we may even see some more
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records fall like we did yesterday and sunday. as we step out the door now, it's 43 degrees in the north bay, and in the south bay it's 50 degreesin the north bay in the east bay we're up to 76 degrees, trivalley 78 and the south bay 79. i'll let you know if we get closer to average and any rain in the forecast coming up. let's get an update on a busy trivalley with mike. >> that's right. much busier than last week. looks like the folks are moving well near the dublin interchange. show you the map and build out of the altamonte and the slowing for the entire stretch westbound 580 until after north livermore avenue. the camera is here, lighter flow there, but it's moving pushing over towards that interchange. now we move the map as well and swe see the rest of the bay at the speed limit. although approaching that bay bridge we have a backup as well. taking a look at the camera from
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emeryville, the meterering lights turn on everybody waiting to get up to span so the bridge should be clearing but slowing out of the maze. back to you. >> an update to breaking news in the south bay. a woman in the hospital this morning after being shot in an apartment complex in east san jose. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live at the scene and joins us live with the very latest. kris? >> good morning, laura, good morning sam. we know that victim is a young woman in her 20s and that the man who police believe pulled the trigger is now in custody. you can see here behind me, police are still out here investigating this shooting. let's show you where we are right now. it is the parkside terrace apartment complex near wooster and east julienne avenue not far from highway 101 that cuts into somewhat of an industrial area. several police here or several people here at the complex did call 911 around 1:00 this morning after hearing gunshots and what officers found when they arrived a woman in hers 20s
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was shot and her wounds are serious enough that it is unclear whether or not she will survive. >> officers found a female victim suffering from life-threatening gunshot wounds, she was transported to an area hospital. i don't know her condition and we have one suspect if custody. >> reporter: now that suspect is a man also in his 20s. he is now being questioned and officers are also talking with witnesses here at the apartment complex this morning. police would not say whether the victim and the suspect live here or what their relationship might be at this point, but we do know that the shooting investigation could turn into a homicide investigation if that woman does not survive. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. more breaking news now, this time out of germany, that's where a devastating scene still unfolding. at least nine people have been confirmed dead. more than 150 others injured from a head-on crash of two trains in germany.
5:33 am
all of it happening outside of munich in the southern portion. you see it on the map right there. one of the trains derailed near the city of bad aibling. all of the available rescue teams are at the crash site. they had a tough time getting there because it's a remote part of germany. rescue helicopters carried people on a rope across a river to waiting ambulances. we're told all survivors are save and investigators are starting the process of looking through that wreckage. >> 5:33. closer to home a lunar new year celebration took a dangerous turn with fireworks possibly sparking a fire at a south bay strip mall. "today in the bay" pete suatos where it unraveled last night. the cleanup efforts just beginning. >> yes. that cleanup effort is just starting and you know what, you can still smell the smoke in the air even though the fire was put out at 9:00 p.m. this is one of the many boxes we're seeing out here and all of the debris from that fireworks show to kick off the lunar new year presumably in the grand century mall in san jose.
5:34 am
show you some of the video we got and this is video from the fireworks show that took place in front of the grand century shopping mall at san jose and what looks to be a tree catching on fire. we're told hundreds gathered here at this location to celebrate the lunar new year and fireworks are illegal in san jose so we're still trying to get information on who authorized this whole thing to begin with. here's what one witness at the show had to say. >> people do nothing, only watching the fireworks and watching the tree on fire. >> reporter: no injuries were reported and none of the adjacent buildings were harmed and, of course, the cause of this fire is still under investigation. we're live in san jose, for "today in the bay." >> pretty amazing everyone is okay. new this morning police in santa rosa trying to sort out what led to a stabbing attack on a hiking trail last night. this happened just after 7:00 at the joe ridoda trail in the area
5:35 am
of britain lane. when they got there officers found a man suffering from a stab wound to his torso. the victim says that a man attacked him after accusing him of stealing his bike. police arrested that suspect for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. 5:35. happening today, the man accused of stabbing a chp officer in san francisco will be back in court. he allegedly stabbed officer andrew ser ranco several times including in the neck near a homeless encampment along an on ramp to the bay bridge. happened about a week ago. chp says the officer has improved and is no longer in critical condition. the motive for the attack remains unclear. 5:35. a follow-up on a story we told you about last week. man has been cleared of murder charges in connection to the stabbing death of a popular san francisco deejay. according to the san francisco chronicle prosecutors are not going to file murder charges against 22-year-old nester. he was arrested last week accused of stabbing joseph razzo
5:36 am
two weeks ago outside of a night club in san francisco. razzo who worked at apple died from his wounds. the district attorney's office says there's not enough evidence to charge him with the murder. >> it is 5:36. outreach neighbors are united against a sex offender rehab center. it is expected to open at 100 church street, a residential area near public transit. residents are coming together to stop the rehab center from setting up shop. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang live in our newsroom with a little bit of reaction for us. stef? >> good morning, laura. plenty of neighbors showed up angry at last night's community meeting. many felt that the clinic operators are trying to sneak their way into the area with no community outreach. >> now about -- [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: and that man saying why should we trust you now. the sex offender counseling center called sharper future has
5:37 am
been at market and van ness for decades but the building is set for demolition so the clinic has a permit to move into 100 church street. the clinic will be open three days a week to serve nearly 100 paroled sex offenders who live in san francisco and must attend court-mandated sessions. we're talking about 15 to 20 patients in and out each day. neighbors brought their kids and grandkids to the meeting to say the clinic isn't welcome. >> it's enough going on in the neighborhood right there already, we don't need nothing extra. >> we know where they are and they're coming and going and they're engaging in a therapeutic relationship which makes them safer. >> and that is someone with the clinic trying to assure neighbors that everything would go smoothly. a board member told the crowd the board thought it would be a clean process because it planned to replace one medical tenant with another. clearly still a lot of reaction. next week the board of appeals will consider putting a stop to
5:38 am
the move and if it does decide that, sharper future that clinic will have to find a different location. live here in our san francisco newsroom, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you. a developing story now, the cdc issuing its highest possible alert for the zika virus. later today, president obama is asking the congress for $1.8 billion in emergency funding. the money would be used for mosquito control programs, vaccine research and improving health services. some of the money would also be diverted to central and south america where the virus is rapidly spreading. there is growing concern ahead of this year's summer olympics in brazil which happens to be ground zero for the zika virus. >> it's very difficult to give advice to people who've devoted the last x number of years training for that and what we can do the cdc and nih can do is give them the facts and evidence-based information. >> the cdc now reports that 51
5:39 am
known zika cases in the continental u.s. exist. zika is not a big health risk for most people but it can be extremely harmful for pregnant women. their babies in addition to dealing with possible neurological complications can also be born with abnormally small heads. decision 2016, some votes have already been cast in new hampshire. this is a live look where the nation's first presidential primary is getting under way. live at one of the poll places. this one is in manchester. already some activity there. three small towns voted after midnight. no run away. just a handful of ballots cast so far. bernie sanders appears to be a lock because he's from neighboring vermont. >> i will ask you, respectfully to please consider giving me the chance to do this job for you. >> on the republican side, donald trump has a big lead in the polls, but competition is
5:40 am
getting tight. >> it's christmas eve for politicians in new hampshire. and you all get to play santa claus. >> they're politicians. all talk, no action. they're good at one thing, getting re-elected. >> trump has a big lead, second place appears to be up for grabs. polls point to ted cruz, marco rubio, even john kasich. more than half of new hampshire's voters are still considered undecided. >> what's so cool about this, tracie potts telling us earlier, they're expecting record turnout. voter apathy at elections in general has been a problem in recent years. people are excited again. >> everybody is talking about it. which is a good thing. 5:40 right now. inside, outside, what do you know, feels like spring. >> it does. yesterday we had several new records set in santa rosa up to 75, also 75 in san francisco. these are all new high temperature records. check out santa cruz up to 85 degrees. san jose smashed the old record
5:41 am
of 72 by hitting 78 degrees. we could see the same thing again today. but it won't be as warm. we'll talk more about that in a lot at the rest of the forecast coming up. mike, getting busy in the south bay. >> we're seeing the commute which wasn't there last week. we're looking to northbound 101. there is your burst of traffic. we expect just after 5:30. look at your map it's just the stretch of 101 from 680 to 880. i was hiding it. sorry about that. the rest of the south bay moves well with the build. no major problems through the trivalley and bay bridge toll plaza as well. >> thank you. coming up next bring on the revelers and get in your last bite of king cake. have you ever had king cake before? >> i have. >> two thumb's up. mardi gras upon us. the reason that this year's fat tuesday expected to be the largest celebration since hurricane katrina. >> i'm supposed to tell you the largest number of people tweeted about the super bowl. wait they didn't. what went wrong? we'll take a look in business and tech. >> i've got an alligator hurling through a drive through window.
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the story you have to see to believe. broncos are back home and
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happening today, the super bowl champs the broncos are deplaning and getting ready to celebrate with hundreds of thousands of their closest friends and oh, yeah, that silver object that's coming down the plane, that's the lombardi trophy. denver holding a victory parade to celebrate the broncos' victory in super bowl 50. they crushed or handily beat the panthers 24-10. yesterday peyton manning was t guest of honor at disney land.
5:45 am
he's going disney land. no word on the quarterback's possible retirement. >> he can say he went to disney land. apple's ceo feeling the wrath of the web because of one photo. a pick that tim cook shared sunday with his twitter followers. you can see he was on the field at levy's at the end of the super bowl. perhaps all of the excitement actually caused him to take such a blurry shot. the twitter sphere roasted cook for the photo and he's since deleted it. >> in fairness he wasn't using an iphone. must have been someone else's product. fat tuesday celebrations getting under way in new orleans. festivities are on, so are the blinking glasses. security will be tight, the party expected to be the largest in years. >> "today in the bay's" live at the center of all on bourbon street. how is the atmosphere so far? you have a couple beads there. >> yeah. i got a few beads. we're calling it the party on pause.
5:46 am
the overnight crews that were out partying have gone home to sleep it off and the parade crews aren't quite up yet. they're cleaning the streets, they have the beer trucks restocking, the bars. the party this year nd at security both being described as unprecedented with more than a million people expected here in the big easy. >> reporter: the costumes. >> welcome to new orleans, baby. >> reporter: the parades. and, of course, the beads. all part of an iconic mardi gras experience, a feast for the eyes and ears. ♪ >> beyond. yes. >> definitely beyond our expectations. >> reporter: visitors and locals alike. >> i'm always here every year and we dance a lot. >> you may not know the person inside of you. when you get to know them you get to know where they're coming from. >> reporter: security tighter than ever before with so much surveillance, the fbi says visitors should always assume
5:47 am
they're being filmed. in adigaddition to agents 11 poe officers are on patrol. >> we will not tolerate violent behavior. >> reporter: the weather has been cool and rainy, not perfect but not enough to affect the scheduled eventses. a little rain on these parades, not even slowing the celebrations. >> reporter: and all of this adds up to big bucks dumping an estimated $840 million in to the local economy. reasons for businesses to rejoice, at least once the mardi gras madness is gone. back to you guys. >> maybe some record numbers there at that mardi gras. thank you, sarah. here now the data scientists have done their work and tallied up this party here. this year's super bowl. less popular on twitter and facebook. >> this is the first time we've seen that. >> yeah. i mean twitter and facebook have been getting more and more popular, kind of marching up that graph as more people join.
5:48 am
but this year fewer tweets and posts about the super bowl. that is the first time the numbers have ever gone down and they're down significantly. what caused that? it could be the team. last year it was patriots/seahawks. the teams may be less popular this year. in fact, when you look at the tv ratings, they were down slightly as well. so that seems like a good theory. it's the team's fault. investors are nervous about twitter in particular peaking. that those who want to use twitter are using twitter but few new people are joining. the fbi and the department of homeland security were hacked over the weekend and a hacker whose nickname i can't say on tv posted all the information he or she found yesterday afternoon. names of personnel, titles, phone numbers. the president will send his budget to congress today and it includes billions more for cyber security. well this is just a hot mess. the dow fell as much as 400 points monday before recovering somewhat.
5:49 am
the international energy agency says there's more oil out there than we thought and that's going to send oil prices to fresh lows today. and i thought this was interesting you're familiar with the kinect thing that read yours body language. researchers at microsoft are working with novartis to use it to measure the progress of ms. so right now, doctors ask their multiple sclerosis patients to make certain movements during each visit to measure the progress of what's going on. but then they just write it down and it's incredibly subjective. so they're going to use the computer and the kinect to measure precisely and they will have a better idea. >> i think that's fascinating. >> isn't that cool. >> having someone in my family with ms you hope that does go a long way to helping them track the progress. >> let's hope. >> i have a hard time reading laura's body language as far as reading body language on xbox activity. >> i don't know what that means. >> true.
5:50 am
>> she seems -- >> she's a [ inaudible ]. >> thank you. oh, sam. when it comes to remedies for jet lag, researchers at stanford believe they may be able to see the light literally. a study finds administering short flashes of light as people slept helped prevent jet laguardia. the method intended to delay fatigue 90 minutes longer than those exposed to continuous light. researchers suggest flashing lights may be useds the night before the travel to trick the brain's biological clock to adjusting to an awake cycle. >> very clever. mike is trying to flash up now. >> everybody at home, helping you guys. >> wake up. >> you fall asleep on the plane. when you sit down. some people have no problem whatsoever. >> as soon as i sit down on the plane. before the plane takes off. >> that's a gift. >> i'm always sleepy. >> always sleepy. >> true. it's a constant state.
5:51 am
>> more sunlight helps get you up. we will have plenty of that as we go through the day. warm temperatures too. i even thought yesterday about getting the air conditioner out. >> put on shorts. >> it's february. >> and now as we take a live look now at the golden gate bridge. it's a nice calm start to the day. it's cool too but as we go through the next several days, we will continue to have above-average temperatures. that seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. take a look. san francisco it's 51 degrees. it's 41 in livermore and concord at 44 degrees. starting out the day but this is where we're headed. in san jose up to 78 degrees. 76 degrees in palo alto. the mission district today topping out at 73 degrees. 73 in napa, 76 oakland and 78 today in pleasonton. over the next few days won't be as warm. we actually reached the peak of the warmth yesterday. high pressure will start to move off to the east and allow for
5:52 am
some cold fronts to move in. unfortunately, these fronts are very dry. any rain with them just fizzles out before moving inland and we will continue to have just a few more clouds, but the temperatures will be going down. so as we go into the next several days in san francisco, we're at 73 today. the average is 59. we may be watching the records fall once again into the weekend, though, we will have highs in the mid 60s which is still above average but a little bit cooler than today. let's get an update on what's happening on the roadways now with mike. >> all right. we're seeing more traffic than we did last week. folks coming back into san francisco with their cars. and b.a.r.t. should see less of a problem today as far as the overcrowded cars. we have a smooth drive at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. no problem for westbound 80. see the build out of the maze towards the trivalley's dublin interchange. 580 slows through the altamonte through livermore and now the
5:53 am
build 680 out of pleasonton. this pattern is typical but we isn't see it last week. more folks from hayward and union city. look at palo alto the peninsula moves well. few more cars. san jose has the only real slow spot. back to you. >> thank you very much. here's a story with teeth to it. fortunately no bite. a florida man actually in custody. >> you were talking about this. you're hearing this right. the man tossed a live alligator through a drive-through window. what? file the story under only in florida. where police arrested a man for tossing an alligator from the back of his truck. how did it get into his truck in the first place probably wondering that too. anyway tosses it through a drive-through window as the server had his back turned. nobody was hurt. the man's parents said it had nothing to do with getting cold fries or getting overcharged. it was a prank ta went a little
5:54 am
too far. >> simple. >> he had's a prang ster. he thinks it's funny. he did a stupid prank. >> what could possibly go wrong. >> despite mom's passionate defense the man faces aggravated assault charges and unlawful possession of an alligator. the alligator by the way was not hurt and is now roomi inroaming a canal. coming up next a trip to the gas station turning chaotic. what caused this roof to collapse in southern california. >> happening now, we're keeping close tabs on the deadly train crash in germany on our facebook page the unusual twist tied to school holidays that may have altered this tragedy. the bay area has another warm one on tap. about to post our morning weather alert. sign up for alerts on our bay area app. trending, how is this for a pick me up. a warriors favorite playing the role of barista. click on the links for exclusive
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5:57 am
right now, an investigative unit exclusive. a federal lawmaker adding muscle to a debate about pay per view boxing. the investigative unit first exposed small businesses getting clobbered by six-figure lawsuits. a south bay company is suing thousands of people for showing pay per view fights they don't
5:58 am
have the rights to broadcast. business owners say that they're being punished in court for not knowing the rules. now a north bay congressman says it's time to change that. small business owners are not out to break the law. they're out it make a go of their business. we should be willing to work with them to make it as easy as possible. >> coming up tonight at 11:00 the unit shows you how big attorneys say the company is cashing in on what business owners are calling innocent mistakes. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call 888-996-tips always send an e-mail to the san francisco leaders are reportedly giving corporate shuttles a temporary green light to continue. down the road there could be a detour. those shuttles transport thousands each day between san francisco and silicon valley. supervisors have negotiated a deal after the mta decided to keep the program going. the chronicle reports a
5:59 am
committee yesterday agreed to cap the current number of locations where the busses can stop at 125. but supervisors only approved a one-year plan at which point they're going to reassesses and consider overhauling the rules. take a look at this luckily no one seriously hurt when a canopy just collapsed on two cars at a gas station in southern california. in torrence, in fact. two maintenance workers were on the roof over the gas pumps when they noticed cracks. the roof caved in as they were getting off of the awning. both cars were damaged but the workers only suffered minor injuries yao right now at 6:00 -- a young woman is fighting for her life right now as police investigate the man who pulled the trigger they say. more breaking news this time in germany where two trains collide leaving a path of death and destruction behind. we're live in san jose where the cleanup process will begin
6:00 am
behind me following an overnight strip mall fireworks show that may have caused a fire. we'll have all the details in a live report. "today in the bay" continues now. 6:00. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it's still early in the week. tuesday. so why not keep it easy and brief. get a check of the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> good morning. another warm one on the way with near record temperatures expected this afternoon. but it is cool as yes step out this morning. grab a light jacket in the north bay. the temperature is now 43 degrees. highs will be reaching 73 in san francisco, 76 in the east bay and peninsula and the trivalley today up to 78 degrees and still very warm in the south bay with a high of 79. we'll talk more about these temperatures and how long it lasts that's coming up in a few minutes. let's get an update as you head into san francisco a look at the morning commute. here's mike. >> hey, kari, sm


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