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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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a coast guard helicopter was called in. it lowered a rescue swimmer into the water and lifted the man out placing him on the beach. that's where rescue crews responded to him. they later loaded him into an ambulance and took him to a nearby hospital. but they are not saying whether he was alive when he was pulled out of the water. reporting live in pacifica, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri who is tracking this dangerous surf along our coastline. >> we're beginning to see those waves building in overall height. what we're finding here across our beaches are waves in and around 6 feet. at the current rate. also winds at north at about 11 miles per hour. what you're going to see here is that the immediate coastline, again six-foot waves. it's not necessarily the overall height but the duration of these lasting some 12 to 15 seconds that will make it dangerous, could pull you out with some rip
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currentsed. a and some sneaker waves. they get their names because they sneak up and pull you out into the sea. once we hit thursday at about 7:00 at night, we could see anywhere from 15 to 18 foot swells, then also into friday waves that may be hitting about 20 feet. we're tracking your full forecast coming up and the possibility of rain and that's in about 15 minutes. jeff, those dangerous waves too risky for us, but for world class surfers, that's what they want. it is on. we're talking about the titans of maverick surf competition. the top surfers received their 48-hour heads-up this morning. that's how long they have to get to half moon bay for the big wave surfing event that's set for this friday. the last time the maverick surf contest happened was january of 2014. last year's swells were just not big enough to hold the contest. you can track the surf as well
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as the temps in your neighborhood by downloading our app. click on weather on the dropdown menu. it's a big night. decision 2016. we're going to show you live pictures from new hampshire. this is happening right now. the nation's first primary. you're looking at supporters of bernie sanders gathering for a watch party there. they're expecting a big night on the democratic side. we have live camera now in donald trump's camp. these are trump supporters hoping for a big win in new hampshire. now, potentially record voter turnout today despite the bad weather there. pictures from the hudson, new hampshire, right now. around closing time, which was just about two minutes ago. it is now 8:02 east coast time. long lines wrapping around the polling stations. some people had to wait for two hours to vote. and here are some early results. as expected on the democrat side, senator bernie sanders well ahead of hillary clinton. sanders heavily favored to win the state. right now no numbers there for
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you. but we can tell you that sanders is ahead there. on the republican side john kasich, donald trump and cruz -- marco -- cruz is ahead on the republican field. 3% of the precincts are reporting. remember, these are early numbers. the polls just closed. we have a long night ahead to tabulate these votes. also this evening we go one on one with donald trump. the republican front-runner is defending his use of an offensive word. he said it during a campaign stop last night. trump telling lester holt today his behavior will change if he gets elected. >> i'm wondering to myself, would you say that as president of the united states? >> no. >> with that seal on the podium. >> much different. >> so are you going to be a different guy as president than the one we see? >> yeah. >> he had a lot more to say. "nightly news" starts at 4:30. new at 5:00, b.a.r.t. riders learn just how many cameras on b.a.r.t. trains aren't cameras at all. they're fake. b.a.r.t. has responded to an nbc
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bay area public records request and admits 70% of its cameras are just decoys. jodi hernandez is live at the station with the numbers and what riders have to say about it. >> reporter: riders are angry and disappointed to learn just how few working cameras are aboard b.a.r.t. trains. turns out the majority of cameras on board the b.a.r.t. cars are either decoys, broken or inactive. one month after admitting some of the cameras aboard b.a.r.t. trains aren't real, we have obtained the numbers. responding to an nbc bay area public records request, b.a.r.t. says the cameras aboard 470 of their 669 trains are decoys. nothing more than plastic camera housing and l.e.d. lights. 70% of the cameras are decoys? >> 70% are decoys, and it has worked for many years.
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>> reporter: b.a.r.t. says they installed the dummy devices in the '90s to deter graffiti vandals and apparently never upgraded them. it all came to light last month when a rider was shot and killed on a san francisco-bound train and b.a.r.t. couldn't produce images from inside the car. >> we see this button blinking and you think that if something were to happen it would be caught on camera. so it kind of seems pointless for them not to be working. >> reporter: riders say they're outraged to learn the cameras they thought were keeping an eye on them are fakes. >> thacey've been lying to the public, and this is supposed to be a safe transit system? no. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says they hear the concerns and will spend $1.1 million to install working cameras on every car in the coming weeks. >> that's the last thing we want is for riders to feel unsafe. >> reporter: despite the lack of working cameras, b.a.r.t. insists that the system is safe. they point out that crime was down 10% last year over the year before. they say they will begin
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installing the working cameras in the next few weeks. reporting live in the east bay, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. also in the east bay, causes of a lot of headaches every night. but now thousands of commuters are about to get another option when it comes to the gridlook on 580. it will come with a price. the new toll lanes -- the lanes will run along the 14-mile tri-valley corridor. that's through dublin, pleasanton and livermore. you need a fastrak transponder to use them. and the price could be as high as a dollar per mile depending on traffic. >> these lanes have dynamic pricing. they're reading the general purpose lanes and they're reading the express lanes and we want to make sure we can have continuous flow in these lanes and they don't get clogged. >> it could be a big help for so many people. the lanes will open later this month. they'll operate monday through friday from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. new details on the crab
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fishermen crisis in california. governor brown wants the federal government to declare a so-called fishery disaster. back in november unsafe levels of a toxin in west coast crabs forced the delay of crab season by months and the industry lost nearly $15 million. today's request will prompt an evaluation by the commerce department. if the feds agree to declare a disaster, the state and federal agencies can provide economic relief to the crabbers and the businesses which depend on them. it is on the table. president obama presented his final budget proposal to congress today. a record $4 trillion proposal. it includes money to help fight cancer, global warming and growing threats from isis. it also includes a 35% increase in funding for cyber security. republicans blasted a proposal saying it overspends. tomorrow the president will focus on raising money. he flies into moffett field to attend two democratic fund-raisers in san jose. are small businesses getting unfairly punished?
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we exposed the story last month. last night new muscle in that balts over the boxing business. liz wagner is with us. a federal lawmaker stepping in here. what can be done? >> reporter: well, raj, a company here in the south bay owns the commercial rights to a lot of televised boxing matches. the company is suing people across the country for broadcasting the fights in their bars and restaurants without proper authorization. since we first brought you this story last month, we learned barber shops, auto centers, even the catholic church have been slapped with six-figure lawsuits. some business owners say they're being punished in court for not knowing the rules. now, a north bay congressman says it's time to change that. >> small business owners, they're not out to break the law. they're out to try and make a go of their business and we should be willing to work with them to make it as easy as possible. >> reporter: and tonight at 11:00, the investigative unit shows you just how big attorneys say the company is cashing in on what business owners call innocent mistakes. guys?
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>> lidz, we'll see you at 11:00. if you have a tip for the investigative unit call us at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the unit@nbc bay it shows two men smashing through the glass door of a western union on center road. this happened on christmas eve, but investigators just revealed difls this crime. they say the men ransacked the place taking both cash and property. if you recognize them, you're asked to call san jose police. and good afternoon. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. another record breaking day today. santa cruz at 85 degrees, san jose 76. you want some relief? we're talking about any possible chance of rain ahead, and that's in about seven minutes. i'm michelle roberts live in san francisco where a group of nuns are struggling to make ends meet. how they're trying to keep the doors open at a local soup kitchen.
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that story is coming up. yeah, it was really a call to action for us. you know, everything that he's been through, how could we say no? >> it's a vintage with great taste and even greater purpose. the wine country family doing what they love to help others. y is bernie
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nbc news declaring senator bernie sanders as the
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following some breaking news now. it is a little after 8:00 east coast time. nbc news is declaring senator bernie sanders the winner on the democratic side of the new hampshire primary. these are live pictures from the bernie sanders party there. they're waiting for the senator to take the stage. nbc news projecting bernie sanders the winner of the new hampshire primary. we have live pictures from the donald trump party. nbc news predicting donald trump as a winner. this is news if it stands over cruz and rubio. the news being called with 5% of the precincts reporting. back here at home, pay up or get out. a group of nuns say that's what their landlord in san francisco is telling them. but they're in a bind. their monthly rent is jumping up by more than 2,000 bucks. michelle roberts is live from our san francisco newsroom. these nuns who helped the city's
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less fortunate just say they can't afford that. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. they say they've been given a three-day notice to pay the higher rent or they have to move out. they've been looking for other nopgs the tenderloin, that's the neighborhood they've been serving for the last eight year, but so far say they haven't had any luck. in san francisco's tenderloin district, the sisters of notre dame sisters with their french accents. charitable work and skills in the kitchen. >> the three that i get each week. >> reporter: the nuns offer more than a thousand free meals to people in need every week. >> somebody loves me and i can do it again. >> reporter: they live and cook at 54 turk street. in january their landlord increased rent from $3400 a month to $5500. >> we're struggling, yes.
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>> reporter: sister mary valerie says she's praying for another alternative, but rent prices throughout the city are just too high. >> you know, really feel sorry for the sisters. what they've been doing in the community. >> reporter: the sisters make ends meet through donations and selling baked goods at local farmers markets. >> we want to stay in place like here where people needs help. >> reporter: until they find an affordable place to live and work, it's the sisters who need the help. i reached out to the lawyer representing the landlord this afternoon, but i didn't hear back. and according to the nuns, they do have a meeting set up with the landlord later this week when he returns back to the united states after a trip overseas. reporting live in san francisco, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. we'll stay with this story. >> hopefully they'll find a solution there. when life hands you lemon, you make lemonade, right but what if you have just grapes? >> if you're in wine country, you raise money for charity.
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>> he's made a name for himself as a winemaker, not only just in sonoma county but his native australia. the wines he's made are loved by many. the ones he's making now really has his heart for some very good reasons. taking the best the world can given and making it even better. it's what great winemakers do. and darrell groom, everyone seems to agree, is one of those. >> it's the fruit. it jumps out of the glass. >> reporter: though making the best out of something bad, well, darrell and his wife lisa appear to be masters of that, too. the bad thing in this case, their son colby's aortic valve. >> we had news that he'd have to have an operation. >> eventually. >> just a matter of when. >> reporter: that surgery came when colby was just 8. problem was it didn't work. and he went under for a second open heart surgery just months
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later. >> colby really had to face his own mortality, and you know, kind of burst his childhood bubble, i'm sure. >> reporter: ten years later and darrell now pours almost all of his winemaking talent into a single wine called colby red, named for his son. proceeds from the sale of colby red go to heart-related charities, and just five years in, they're closing in on $1 million raised. >> annual sales are about 25,000 cases a year now. so that's pretty amazing for us. >> reporter: and that, believe it or not, is not even the best part of the colby red story. the best part is that it was all colby's idea. >> i wanted to give back to the community that saved my life. >> colby comes to me one day, he's 11 years of age. dad, dad, can we make a wine together. >> reporter: colby said he was so grateful to have survived his ordeal, he just wanted to help others do the same.
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the first year he and his dad made just two barrels of colby red, raised just about $500. it was, however, the start, they say, of something big. >> sometimes it spiraled out of control, but in a good way. i'm so proud of it every day for what it has become and what i'm able to do for others. >> reporter: colby, now 18, is a regular speaker at charitable events, crisscrossi the country sharing his story, letting others know that when life gives you lemons, you can do a lot better than lemonade. >> yes, you make colby red. >> you make colby red. they were -- wal green's was an original -- they got on board with colby red. and that really sparked it. you can find it in safeway. an they're adding more stores all the time. they're closing in on a million dollars donated to heart-related charities. >> i'm going to pick up a bottle this weekend. >> that's worth buying.
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thanks, garvin, beautiful story. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. how are you doing? >> pretty good. we're starting to see some changes. cloud cover beginning to increase. it's a sign of this onshore flow coming on back and that cooler wind at the immediate coastline, so not quite as warm in the south bay this hours compared to this time yesterday. we have 70 degrees right now for the east bay, san francisco, an average of 64 in the north bay at 70. as we look ahead to tomorrow morning's forecast, not nearly as sunny as it has been the past four to five days. we'll go for more of a partly sunny sky. and temperatures that will start off in the north bay. san francisco, 52 right here across the east bay, 46 and for the south bay, 48. while the warmer weather really has been the big talk of the past few days, there's been something kind of creeping up in the forecast. with this sunshine and the temperatures up, we've seen a lot of those flowers bloom and the pollen forecast is going to be increasing at least as we
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head throughout the next 24 hours. alder, juniper and burch going to the high categories along as cypress. you could think you're getting sick, but it could be allergies. the high pressure that brought the heat is now shifting off to the east. that's why again we're not expecting as hot of weather over the next few days. now we have that cold front off shore right now and that's helping to bring more of an onshore wind and helping temperatures to trend downward. you can get more on the cooling temperatures on the seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen. i want to take you next to some changes in the forecast by the end of the work week. while we do have the high clouds with us for tomorrow, once we hit friday's forecast, we'll see a storm system move off to the north and granted the bulk of the rainfall is expected to be away from the bay area. we're talking about oregon and also washington. but you can see a little blip of moisture off shore by 11:30 in the morning on friday, that could help to produce some spotty areas of drizzle, maybe
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an isolated shower in the north bay friday and also for saturday morning. let's go ahead and take to you the micro climate forecast for wednesday. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds and not nearly as mild. this will put san jose at 72 degrees. for the peninsula, not as warm as the coastline. we're going at 65 here for pacifica. palo alto expecting 70. san francisco out of the 70s as well. hope you enjoyed it. we'll go down to 66 here for the marina. financial district expecting 68. to the north bay, east bay and for the tri-valley. with those low 70s. up towards the north bay in wine country, napa at 69. so here's how we see the next 15 days with the rain potential. maybe a few spotty showers, as you mentioned in the north bay on friday, also into saturday morning, then lalt february into march above average rain chances still look to be in the forecast. what i want to show you right now how we see it for the
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possibility of rain. granted, this may change by a day or two because it's so early out. but possibly showers by february 18th, february 23rd, a better chance of rain, but our best chance right now looks like all our hopes could be on march for significant rainfall to come our way. but at least we have something down the pipeline here. >> thank you for the update, jeff. coming up, transforming pier 70, the major tenant the redevelopment project just signed on. plus a lunar new year's celebration ends in chaos. the mess left behind after a fireworks show in the south bay. digital platforms. halfslab
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we've just eetedhe fedscan't une shooters.. checkhe sanrnadino happening now, we just
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tweeted the feds could not unlock the phone used by the san bernardino shooters. we'll tell you why. and decision 2016, we projected bernie sanders and donald trump as the two winners. get realtime results on our app. n up the clean up a
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cleanup and investigation is under way after a lunar new year celebration in san jose turned
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destructive. today workers at the mall picked up all the debris from a fireworks display last night. witnesses say the show set a tree on fire. this video shows the cypress caught up in flames right alongside the strip mall. crews put out the fire before it damaged any part of the building and fortunately no one was hurt. who is the mayor? within the hour santa clara will take action to fill the vacancy in the mayor's office. the mayor abruptly announced his resignation the day after the super bowl. mayor matthews is no longer the mayor now. the city's vice-mayor will be promoted but council members have a month to appoint a new mayor. if they don't, a november election will be automatically scheduled. the redevelopment project at pier 70 has landed its first major tenant. home furnishing taylor restoration hardware plans to move in. pier 70 is located in the dogpatch neighborhood. restoration hardware's new
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five-story showroom will be on the corner of illinois and 20th streets. the polls closed 25 minutes ago, but we have the projected winners. more details from donald trump and bernie sanders. now to decision 2016 in new
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senator "bernisanders" as t
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winnern now to decision 2016 in new hampshire. nbc news is projecting senator bernie sanders as the winner on the democratic side in the new hampshire primary. these are live pictures from his watch party in concord, new hampshire, where his supporters are waiting for him to take the stage and the podium. on the republican side, nbc news is projecting donald trump as the winner. these are live pictures from manchester, new hampshire, of the trump watch party. now, polls closed about 30 minutes ago at 8:00 eastern time. and so far only 15% of the precincts are reporting. more votes need to be counted, but so far nbc news is projecting bernie sanders and donald trump as the winners of the new hampshire primary. >> interesting notes there for bernie sanders. he overwhelmingly won the younger votes and john kasich making a nice result looking like he'll come in second place in new hampshire after donald trump. >> we'll keep you post odd on
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that. >> it will be a little cooler the next couple of days but we'll get through it. >> lester holt from new hampshire. breaking news. nbc news projects bernie sanders and donald trump have won the new hampshire democratic and republican primaries. we have it all covered. "nightly news" from new hampshire begins right now. >> announcer: decision 2016. the new hampshire primary. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. reporting tonight from manchester. and good evening. as we come on the air in the western time zones now, breaking news. nbc news projects bernie sanders has won the new hampshire democratic primary, defeating hillary clinton. and here's the count. here's the percentage. sanders with 57% of the votes so far in. nbc


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