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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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the next couple of days but we'll get through it. >> lester holt from new hampshire. breaking news. nbc news projects bernie sanders and donald trump have won the new hampshire democratic and republican primaries. we have it all covered. "nightly news" from new hampshire begins right now. >> announcer: decision 2016. the new hampshire primary. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. reporting tonight from manchester. and good evening. as we come on the air in the western time zones now, breaking news. nbc news projects bernie sanders has won the new hampshire democratic primary, defeating hillary clinton. and here's the count. here's the percentage. sanders with 57% of the votes so far in. nbc predicting sanders
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the winner. on the gop side, nbc news projects donald trump has won the new hampshire republican primary. now the race is on for second place, where it is still too close to call for second among kasich, bush, rubio, and cruz vying for second place. here's what it looks like as you saw there on the screen. our team has all the breaking news covered. let's begin with katy tur at trump headquarters. i would imagine it's a pretty happy scene there. >> reporter: very happy scene. this is a big win for donald trump. this room erupted in huge, if you don't mind me saying that, huge cheers in this room. he's been leading for 75 polls, going all the way back until june. he was criticized a lot for his ground game here, said that he didn't get it done soon enough, that they didn't knock on enough doors, they didn't collect enough information. donald trump didn't shake enough hands. he didn't do retail politics the new hampshire way. well, these big rallies and all of this enthusiasm that we have been seeing, now the donald trump campaign can say that it has paid off. we expect him to take
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the stage here at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific. they're excited about their momentum. the campaign says it's feeling good, especially that south carolina is next where they are still leading in polls down there. >> katy tur at the trump headquarters. on the democratic side, as we reported at the top, nbc news projecting bernie sanders as the winner of the new hampshire primary over hillary clinton. let's get to nbc's kasie hunt, who is standing by live at sanders headquarters in concord, new hampshire. kasie. >> reporter: lester, bernie sanders is actually backstage at this high school gym in concord, where he is shooting baskets with his seven grandkids and two sons. his two daughters also there with him although not on the basketball court. his wife, jane, looking on. we saw him sink a few layups before he missed one. this is a significant number of points on the political board, if you will, for bernie sanders. this is a major win for them. they absolutely won
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the expectations game that was so important coming into this new hampshire primary. the question, of course, is going to be where it goes from here. the question being can bernie sanders expand the support that he's had in these two smaller early states into the next contest, nevada, south carolina, and those super tuesday states. his campaign is already planning to be up on the air this week with new tv ads in four of those super tuesday states and also the question can he expand support, particularly with african-american voters who are going to be so critical for hillary clinton? if he can get some of their support, his team feels they might be able to build a coalition that would allow him to make a serious run for this democratic nomination. that will start tomorrow in new york city. and of course he's about to take the stage. he'll be here at 9:00 eastern time, 6:00 pacific time for this what's turned into a very excited sanders
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campaign right now, lester. >> kasie, clinton has already conceded the race in a statement right at the poll closing time. she's now saying she'll focus and expects to do well as she moves on to south carolina and nevada. obviously she has quite an organization there. what does sanders have in those states? >> reporter: well, lester, they've been particularly focused on nevada. it's a caucus state where they feel like they have a good chance of being able to organize. liberal activists, some of those people who might naturally be bernie sanders supporters. they also feel like they have a better chance of earning more support from latino voters, would are more important in nevada. south carolina, of course, is further down the democratic primary schedule. it comes first for republicans, but second for democrats after nevada. so i think their focus is still going to stay out west till they get through that contest. south carolina is going to be more of a challenge. african-americans there very, very important in a democratic primary,
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and hillary clinton, of course, having campaigned there in 2008 has a significant infrastructure already, lester. >> kasie hunt, thank you. let's bring in nbc's chuck todd. did you ever think we'd see a new hampshire primary with donald trump and bernie sanders emerging as the winners? >> it's unbelievable, and, you know, look, we've been going through 12 years of frustration in the american electorate. so perhaps this is the ultimate outcome. two political outsiders dominating things. a couple of things in the exit polls that jumped out at me. among republican primary voters, basically the republican voters are split on the issue, do you want an outsider, a president from outside the establishment or one with political experience. divided right now, 48%, 47%. donald trump dominated among those who wanted an outside the establishment president with 57%. among those who wanted somebody with political experience, trump only got 6% of those voters, bush,
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kasich and rubio collectively got nearly 75%. this is why if there is a consolidation among one candidate not named trump on the outside, trump could find himself in a tough race. on the democratic side, i have to tell you this. two major red flags for hillary clinton in here. among those that say on it they're looking for a candidate who's honest and trustworthy, 32% of democrats said that bernie sanders beat hillary clinton 92% to 6%. and among voters who said they want a candidate who cares about people like me, bernie sanders won those folks 81% to 18%. that is -- that is heart and soul character stuff, lester. hillary clinton has to fix that and fix that in a hurry, both on trust and on that feels your pain connective tissue, or she's going to be in big trouble down the road. >> chuck, we're all here because it's the first primary in the nation. that makes it a big deal. but this state in many ways does not mirror much of the restest country, certainly in
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diversity. so put in perspective a success here and how that may or may not translate as thee candidates make a broader appeal across the country. >> new hampshire doesn't pick presidents, but they elevate candidates. what new hampshire has done tonight is said, hey, donald trump and bernie sanders are two candidates that we want the rest of the country to consider as potential nominees. they're going to get some momentum out of this. bernie sanders is going to raise a ton of money out of this. it means that sanders is going to be able to go toe to toe with clinton. yes, we're going to go down the road, but it gives him an opportunity to find out can he connect with african-american voters as the electorate gets more diverse? we're going to find this out in a hurry. the way the calendar works, i can tell you this. i think by march 2nd, we'll be able to tell you whether sanders has a legitimate shot at this nomination, whether he can garner 40% to 50% of the african-american vote or not. if he can't, she's going to be the nomin nominee. if he can, boy, we're going to on in for the long haul. as for donald trump, let's see what happens here. i think south carolina, you're going to finally see some consolidation
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somewhere among the so-called establishment candidates. who is that? we shall see. >> you set me up for the next story, chuck. nbc news of course projecting donald trump will be the winner here in new hampshire. but as you noted, most successful story line of the night may be this republican battle for second place, the all-important momentum that comes with it. nbc's hallie jackson is standing by live at ted cruz's headquarters in hollis, new hampshire. take it away. >> reporter: hey, lester. so far we've seen what we thought we would see, and that is a four or five-way battle now for second place. john kasich, jeb bush, ted cruz, marco rubio. right now no clear winner, but it is clear tonight could be a defining moment for one of them. in new hampshire, cheered by supporters and chased by robots, it's marco rubio with the most to lose, looking less certain to pull away from the establishment pack now. >> we're going to do walely well.
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we're going to leave here with more delegates than we came in. >> reporter: his campaign had been hoping new hampshire would winnow the field, but stronger than expected showings from the governors could keep them in the race longer than expected. john kasich telling me he's ready to trade snow boots for flip-flops in south carolina and beyond. do you have the money? do you have the organization there? >> we're going to be just fine. we'll have the money and the organization just like we always do. sometimes we put it together with baling wire and duct tape but we always seem to get if done. >> reporter: and if jeb bush surprises with a top three finish, then he could be the comeback kid carrying momentum and resources into later states. >> that's what this is about. it's not being disrespectful to someone to point out that you have a better record. >> reporter: bush hoping undecided voters will show up for him like jeff wheeler did. >> and ultimately i went with my first initial gut reaction, but that's the way it happened. >> reporter: and chris christie pulling in single digits today, pushing back against the idea new hampshire
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is make or break for him. >> we'll know it when we see it tonight. we want to do really well, but i don't think anything is do or die tonight. >> reporter: and under the least amount of pressure, ted cruz, more moderate new hampshire not seen as a natural fit for the social conservative. >> i think a week ago a lot of people were predicting that trump and rubio might be right at the very top. we'll see what happens today. >> reporter: cruz already has a win under his belt in iowa, but for the rest of these candidates bunched up behind donald trump, being runner up tonight would be its own kind of victory. and, lester, unless there's more of a separation tonight between these establishment candidates, they're just not much incentive to get out before south carolina, making that next primary more crowded than anyone expected. >> hallie jackson. coming into tonight, hillary clinton was facing an uphill battle in new hampshire. i want to go to nbc's kristen welker. she's standing by at clinton headquarters. kristen, now that the campaign has admitted defeat in the state
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clinton won eight years ago, what's next for her campaign? >> reporter: well, the campaign has been bracing for this loss for quite some time, so the campaign manager releasing that memo acknowledging defeat, lester, but also mapping out the strategy moving forward, stressing that the first four states account for 4% of delegates. and stressing the importance of those march states, those super tuesday states that are larger, that are more diverse. that's secretary clinton's strength. they are talking about the importance of african-american and latino voters and they announced tonight that african-american mothers who have lost their sons to gun violence or in interactions with police will be campaigning with her. this is a state that delivered both clinton comebacks, lester, but not tonight. lester. >> kristen, thank you. away from the boisterous rallies and his speeches brimming with confidence, i discovered a much more reflective donald trump when we sat down for an interview today. one who acknowledges the trump we've been seeing on the campaign trail is not exactly
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the one you'll see if he makes it to the white house. but i began by asking him if he believed the polls, which had him leading here by double digits. >> no, i don't believe anything. i mean i really want to see, there's only one poll that counts and that poll is being taken today. we'll see what happens. i think we're doing well. i mean we have great popularity. i go around, and everybody is liking what we do. we had an arena last night with 5,000 people in it, and it was during a blizzard. so we'll see what happens. i mean it's going to be pretty soon. >> you sound almost nervous about -- >> i'm tentative. you just don't know. i have these wonderful polls that are showing wonderful numbers, but as you know, lester, it doesn't mean that much although it is certainly an indication that you're doing okay. >> if you and bernie sanders do well here, what does that say about the american electorate right now, the mood of the country? >> well, it's very opposite although we're very much the same on trade. the difference is he can't do anything about it. but what it's showing on both sides is that people are fed up with
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the people that are governoring, with republicans, with democrats, the people that are governing. they've done a terrible job. they look at him as an outsider, i guess, another word. and they look at me as an outsider, and they look at me as somebody that's had great success and that can turn the country around. >> you have said a lot of shocking things on the road here, and i'm not going to go through them all. it no longer shocks us. but last night, you used a pretty vulgar term, repeating something someone in the crowd had said. and i'm wondering to myself, would you say that as president of the united states? >> no. >> with that seal on the podium? >> much different. much different. >> so are you going to be a different guy as president than the one we see out here? >> i went to the best school. i had -- you know, i was a good student. i have an uncle who was one of the top, top professors at m.i.t. i mean there's a good gene pool right there. i have to do what i have to do. last night i had thousands of people. >> so it's not an act? >> last night i had thousands of people. we had a great time. it wasn't my word.
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it was a word a woman kept shouting. i only repeated the word, and the place was wild. standing ovation. >> that doesn't mean it was in good taste. >> no, but i tell you what. when you're president or you're about to be president, you would act differently. i started off with 17 people. now we're down to a smaller number. soon going to be down to five probably. a lot of people, and you want to do -- i mean it's not a question of acting. i want to be different. you're being hit from 15 different sides. i want to be different. when you're president, you act in a different way, there's no question about that. and i would do that. >> so the man we see behind the podium right now on the campaign who pretty much says whatever comes to mind -- >> no i don't say whatever comes to mind. in this case it was almost like a retweet. it wasn't my word. >> but along the way, you've said a lot of things that have shocked along the way. >> sometimes i do that for effect to be honest wu, and i think that's fine. >> any undecided voter in new hampshire deciding right now, i like him, but i, boy, he's --
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>> and some are saying, i love him because he's not politically correct. it wasn't a particularly bad word by the way. but some are saying, i love him because he's not politically correct. lester, people are so tired of people that are politically correct. >> there's political correctness, but there's also just plain old rude. >> i don't think so. i don't agree it was rude. look, i got a standing ovation. it wasn't my word. it was the woman. i said the standing ovation is for you. i got a standing ovation. the place was having a good time. we're having a good time. we have to have a little bit of a good time in life. >> donald trump, our conversation earlier today. again, he the projected winner of the republican race in new hampshire. other stories ahead. customer service calls, do they drive you nuts? a clever pair of brothers will fight your bills for you. also the star american athlete who says if she had to decide today, fears over zika would keep her out of the olympics.
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we're back with much more of the primary battle here in new hampshire in a moment, but first some other stories we want to tell you about. it's a clever idea hatched by two brothers who have created a successful business doing something most of us hate, haggling over our bills from cable to phone to insurance. their savings can be impressive, but as olivia stearns explains, their techniques are something that anyone with a little patience can try. >> nancy and mike
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montgomery have dreams of traveling the world. what they don't have is the extra cash to splurge. >> our bill should not be that much. >> reporter: they started with their cell phone bill. that alone was $180 a month. >> we're paying more than we thought we should be paying. >> reporter: then they discovered the bill fixers, two brothers in nashville who work the phones negotiating bills, tracking the latest deals in their basement war room. >> we have kind of gotten it down to a science where we can get it done in probably less than an hour. >> reporter: ben and julian kurland started their business in college. >> i used to negotiate for my college roommates. >> reporter: clients give the brothers permission to claim to be them, handing over social security numbers, birthdays, even pin numbers. >> i was mostly interested in the price change. >> reporter: they charge 100% of what they save customers for the first year. they say they save clients an average of $300. >> we've helped about 1,300 people so far.
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>> reporter: their number one piece of advice -- >> just be nice, and they'll take care of you. >> reporter: other tricks. call in the morning. ask for customer service, not billing. and start by saying you want to cancel your service. the brothers threatened the monlt gomryes' phone company with switching to the cometor's cheaper plan. they were shocked to find how much the brothers cut their cell phone bill from $180 a month to $60. >> no way. >> reporter: paying money to save money can be well worth it. >> thank you. >> reporter: olivia stearns, nbc news, nashville. a priceless reaction. we're back in a moment with a dire warning from top intelligence about the isis threat in the u.s.
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>>top u.s. intelligence officials warned on capitol hill today that isis is determined to attack inside the u.s. this year. among those
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testifying, director of national intelligence james clapper. he told congress that homegrown extremists continue to pose the biggest threat to u.s. homeland security. a new turn tonight in the increasing concerns over zika with the olympics in rio six months away. one of america's biggest stars has reservations about going, at least as of right now. goalkeeper hope solo of the u.s. women's soccer team tells "sports illustrated," quote, if i had to make the choice today, i wouldn't go. she went on to say no athlete competing in rio should be faced with this dilemma. the u.s. olympic committee has said it will be up to each athlete to decide whether they feel comfortable going. a sea of orange flooded denver today as broncos fans celebrated their big win in super bowl 50. hundreds of thousands came out to watch the champs make their way through the streets of the mile-high city. but if they were looking for a hint about the future for quarterback peyton manning, they'll have to keep waiting. we're back with more of 0 our breaking news coverage from new
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hampshire in just a moment. ===jess/vo=== what one bay area
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city is looking for from taxpayers before the city makes its next move. ===raj/vo=== plus, nasa revealshe next stepsn space expo the moon and beyond. ===next close=== the news is next. ==take sot== 70-pcent e decoys and it has worked for we're back from new hampshire with our political director, moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. chuck, given the fact we haven't seen how the finishing will
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take place behind trump, it may be too early to ask, but where does this race go? >> well, it goes to south carolina, that's what's next on the calendar. we have approximately ten days, and it is going to be the ultimate slugfest. i think the only thing we don't know is will donald trump finally be a target of the other candidates, or are they going to continue to ignore him and fight amongst each other. bush, rubio, cruz, and kasich are all going to go down there. the question mark among the republicans is whether chris christie can finish strong enough tonight to justify keeping going in south carolina. as for the democratic side, lester, i think what we're seeing tonight is going to be the start of a brutal month for hillary clinton. can she survive it and get to south carolina in better shape without having to deal with joe biden rumors, michael bloomberg rumors, all sorts of angst like that. >> a lot still ahead. chuck, thanks very much. that is going to do it for us on this tuesday night. a reminder. we'll have continuing coverage of the new hampshire primary tonight on this nbc station and on
5:59 pm i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. . nbc bay area news starts now. 70% are decompany coys and it has worked for many years. >> right now at 6:00, bart watchers, it turns out the cameras were not really on. i'm jessica aguirre. so what are they? fake, the shell of a camera. nbc bay area followed a public records request to find out just how many of the decoys bart is using and the numbers may surprise you.
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nbc bay area jodi hernandez as more on the story. 70% of the cameras are fake. that is a little disconcerting. >> reporter: that is right, we learned the majority of the cameras are not cameras at all but decoys and riders are not happy about it. >> we see this button blinking and you think that if something were to happen it would be caught on camera. so it kind of seems pointless for them not to be working. >> reporter: but it turns out catching criminals on camera is not likely on bart. responding to an nbc bay area public records request, bart says cameras aboard 470 of their 669 trains are decoys, nothing more than classic camera housings and l.e.d. lights. so 70% of the cameras are y


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