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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 10, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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john kasich given new life and the rest are left fighting for their political lives. donald trump winning nearly every voting demographic and group for men and women for those with and without a college degree. even scoring among conservatives and moderates. 65% who say they want a candidate who tells it like it is sided with trump and 61% who want an outsider. and most of his supporters made up their minds more than a month ago. here is part of trump's victory speech. >> i am going to be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. remember that.
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we are going to start winning again. we don't win anymore. as a country. we don't win on trade. we don't win with the military. we can't beat isis. we don't win with anything. we are going to start winning again and we are going to win so much you are going to be so happy. we are going to make america so great again. maybe greater than ever before. i love you all. thank you new hampshire. thank you. thank you new hampshire thank you. we're going now to south carolina. we're going to win in south carolina. >> governor john kasich held 106 town hall meetings in the granite state and it paid off with an impressive second place finish. how did he do it? apparently with voters focused on the economy. 21% of voters who made up their minds in the last few days also voted kasich. and he got a good showing from
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postgraduate, older voters and moderates. kasich is optimistic going forward saying his campaign is special. >> there is something that's going on. that i'm not sure that anybody can quite understand. there is magic in the air with this campaign. because we don't see it as just another campaign. we see this as an opportunity for all of us. to change america to. reshine america to. restore the spirit of america and to leave no one behind. >> chris christie also spent most of his time in new hampshire but with drastically different results, finishing in six. he's waking up in new jersey today and will reevaluate his future. it is an extremely tight race for third with ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio all within a point. cruz was never a favorite in new hampshire and is already looking to south carolina, nevada and
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beyond. last night jeb bush echoed mark twain that reports f of his campaign's death is greatly exaggerated. >> we're going on to south carolina. the pundits had it all figured out last monday night when the iowa caucuses were complete. the race is now a race between two freshman senators and a reality tv star. and while the reality tv star is still doing well it looks like you all have reset the race and for that ie am really grateful. >> unlikely bush marco rubio was full of momentum after a strong caucus but a poor debate performance burst his bubble and he put the blame squarely on himself. >> i want to thank all off you. i know you worked very hard. our team in new hampshire did a phenomenal job. you worked incredibly hard and i'm grateful to you. now, we're still watching these numbers. we'll see where it winds up.
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but i can tell you many people disappointed, i'm disappointed with time. but i want you to understand something. our disappointment today is not often you. it is on me. it is on me. i did not -- i did not do well on saturday night. so listen to this. that will never happen again. >> now the democrats, senator bernie sanders surged past hillary clinton claiming 13 delegates to clinton's nine. sanders consistently led in most new hampshire polls for the last month. the vermont senator channelled his inner donald trump when declaring his sizable victory over clinton. >> because of a huge voter turnout. and i say huge. we won. because we harnessed the energy and the excitement that the democratic party will need to
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succeed in november. clinton accompanied by her husband and daughter chelsea took to the stage after conceding the primary to sanders. he she addressed the youth vote which in sanders has dominated throughout the campaign cycle. >> i know i have some work to do. particularly with young people. but i will repeat again what i have said this week. even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. because i know i've had a blessed life. but i also know what it is like to stumble and fall you will. a and. and so many people across america know that feeling and we've learned it is not whether you get knocked down that matters. it is whether you get back up. >> the former secretary of state also lossed among women in new
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hampshire by 11 points. back in 2008 it was women who helped fuel clinton's victory ov over barack obama. candidate values played an exceptionally important role in forming the strong base of support for sanders and his lopsided victory over clinton. more than 8 in 10 place a premium on having a candidate who's honest and trust worthy outside the establishment and caring for people like me voted for sanders. after a huge win in new hampshire sanders vocalized to voters his campaign is a force to be reckoned with. >> together we have sent a message that will echo from wall street to washington from mane to california. >> that is what the political
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revolution is about. >> via new york city this morning for breakfast meeting with reverend al sharpton at harlem's famed sylvia's restaurant. nevada and south carolina a demographic she's polled highly historically. a gravis poll gave clinton the lead. in south carolina clinton's firewall is well in tact. last month she leeds sanders by a wide margin, 64 to 27%. and happening overnight, the clinton campaign will bring over the former deputy campaign manager from president obama's 2012 reelection campaign. we want to move now to a dire warning from top u.s. intelligence officials on capitol hill. where the director of national
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intelligence james clapper told lawmakers on tuesday he could not recall a time with more diverse array of challenges and crisis. he discussed isis which he called the prem innocent global terrorist threat. >> determined to strike the u.s. homeland. in 2014 arrested nine isil supporters. and that increased over five fold in 2015. taking advantage of torrent of migrants to insert operatives into that flow. and are pretty skilled at phony passports so they can travel ostensibly as legitimate travelers as well. >> clapper also talked about north korea's development of nuclear material. a >> a health scare on the side lines of last night's north
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korea, boston college men's basketball game. tar heels head coach roy williams suddenly collapsed during a timeout. moments later he was back on his feet and helped to the locker room by the team's medical staff. williams told reporters quote i'm not dead yet and blamed the dizzy spell on vertigo. >> check out this time lapse from the european space agency aboard the international space station. it shows a lightning storm on the earth ooers surface at the space station flies over. and an odd sight in oklahoma. high winds caused severe waves in oklahoma city on monday. the waves washed over the barriers flooding a nearby park. rafael mirn that is back with more on today's forecast. >> good morning. yeah we're dealing with cold and snow across the northeast and great lakes today. the same area of low pressure spinning around and that lake
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effect snow machine in full effect. we're also tracking a couple of snow showers in and around the northeast. so philadelphia, new york city and up towards boston mainly light snow. but we could see some travel impacts throughout the morning. the heaviest accumulation, great lakes region. over a foot in some spots. lake erie and especially lake ontario. out west the story has been the heat and we're going to sizzle again today. mid eighties from phoenix to los angeles and also san diego in the mid eighties. temperatures about 15-20 degrees above average. and this goes on for days. very cold in the midwest. windchills in near zero throughout much of the day. 67 degrees tomorrow. turning colder in the northeast. 20s for your high in tracking r
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introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night. try new rhinocort® allergy spray. muddle no more® the u.s. supreme court has blocked president obama's plan from cutting gas emission from powerpoints. the high court sided with 30 states. the plan was the center piece of the united states pledge to lower pollution at the u.n. climate summit in paris last year. pharma exec martin shkreli and a
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member of the wu-tang clan are being sued by a new york artist. hi says his art like this illustration was swiped for the wu-tang clan's latest album. pictu picture. >> and a air force general fainted at the podium. we're told he is now fine. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. >> sheba, good morning to you. the markets couldn't get a bounce after tuesday's whip style session. the market traveling 100 thousand points up and down. and pushed and pulled by oil but never down more than a hundred or up more than a hundred points.
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>> recall is precautionary and no injuries have been reported. meanwhile google's driverless cars are one step closer to hitting the road for reel. u.s. safety regulators have told the company its on board computer computer can be considered as drivers --. >> the jetson age is here landon. thank you. just ahead denver celebrates its super bowl win. and a close one in o.t. ends at the buzzer. you are watching "early today." does the smell of a freshly bound presentation fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence? if so, you may be gearcentric. someone who knows that the right office gear
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it is time for some sports action. and for that we turn to gee gee stone woods. good morning gigi. >> good morning sheba. in college hoops, villanova successfully defended their new number one ranking by routing the blue demon. and xavier couldn't keep up with the fast plays blue jays. and 18 purdue pulling off the overtime win against eighth ranked michigan state 82-81. to the nba and drama in dallas as the jazz gordon hayward hits a fade away jumper at the buzzer to win it in o.t.
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and a battle of the greats. steph curry. james harden or --. curry got the best of harden and finished with 35 but harden battled with 37 of his own points. in the end the warriors won. and tens of thousands on hand in denver to celebrate the super bowl winning broncos. quite a party in the mile high city. sheba back to you. >> all right gigi. just ahead johnny depp's latest role. now you see him, soon you won't. friend-connector... fortifying the going-places... off-to-the-races... day-seizing... you. you're strong. and we're here to help you stay that way. new special k nourish. multi-grain flakes with quinoa, apples, almonds and raspberries.
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now to entertainment news. rapper dmx was released from the hospital yesterday after collapsing in a new york hotel parking lot. according to police dmx was found in a lifeless condition with no pulse and no resident pagss. first responders resuscitated him using cpr and within one minute the rapper started breathing again. amazingly he's expected to make a full recovery. friend and fell le artist took to twitter to say he's in great spirits. it is unclear whether his asthma was a factor. his attorney said he had no knowledge of any drug use. johnny depp has officially signed onto the next invisible man. the remake is part of universal
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pictures latest effort to reboot original movie monsters. and "frozen" is headed to broadway. lit hit the stage in 2018. jimmy fallon took on the latest political feud last night on the tonight. >> the candidates are really starting to go at it. jeb bush recently told supporters that he thinks donald trump, quote, needs therapy. at first trump was insulted but then when he heard it would be an hour of talk about himself, sign me up. >> i'm sheba russell and this is "early today." i think we should've taken a tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go.
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leading the news on nbcnews.c, feds still can't open san bernardino shooter's encrypted phones. technology allows phones to lock with no apparent means to over ride the default. this slows down cases ranging from terror conspiracies to ordinary criminal investigations. and in the new york daily news, hunter says she was dating shamed politics john edwards as recently as last year. hunter tells steve harvey the couple dated until last february for a total of nine years. the relationship was believed to have ended in 2012.
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edwards served as john kerry's vice presidential candidate in 2004. >> on the heels of the massive crane collapse in new york city, tipped forward yesterday. no one was injured and a bill proposed to make it illegal to film fights and upload them onli online. and check out this mallet that looks almost like thor's hammer, right? well it used to belong to president abraham lincoln. you can even see the 16th president's initials engraved on the side. it was used to drive pegs and iron wedges into the furniture and fences. >> abraham lincoln.
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very handy guy i guess. >> as we've just learned. let's move on here. a look ahead, the storm battered anthonial of the seas cruise liner is expected to return to port in new jersey tonight. a little later than planned. the royal caribbean cruise was cut short after the massive ship was damaged from a wild winter storm off the carolina coast. pang >> around the world the catholic faithful observe ash wednesday. the start of a 40 day period of fasting for lent in observance. >> happy birthday to elizabeth banks, olympic gold medal swimmer mark spits and roberta flak turns 77. i'm sheba russell. thanks so much for watching
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"early today." have a great wednesday everybody. swooping in by helicopter in
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palalto. vectocontrolrews willtart sprayingarsh areafrom above today. the goal? to stem sweeping in by helicopter in palo alto, they will start sprague march areas from above. marsh areas from bov. bernie sanders and donald trump roll to huge victories in new hampshire and how they will affect the next primary. waters that trapped a local couple in a life or death situation. today in the bay starts right now. >> good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. >> let's look at that


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