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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 10, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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oc: he's driving erratically. trt: 8 stt/vo pice trackdown an we were driving by scenes and citizens were point. he went that way, he's driving crazy, he's driving erratically. >> police track down an armed suspect who intentionally ran police cruisers and other cars, injuring a pregnant woman. good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. this all started about two hours ago in the fruitvale neighborhood but there are two other locations where that suspect crashed into other cars. one is at east 23rd and coolidge and the other is fruitvale and hyde. officers caught that suspect about ten miles away in
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berkeley. >> that's where we find stephanie chuang. officers say the suspect was extremely dangerous? >> reporter: extremely dangerous, that's right, scott and kris. in fact police are saying that he was armed with a handgun. he was driving intentionally into cars, point a handgun right at people, just kind of looking at them. as far as we know he didn't fire the gun but a huge concern is they don't know where that gun is. i can tell you that they did make the arrest here at delaware and mcgee where you see there are several police cars here and crime scene technicians. in fact it does look like they have a man there. we believe he may be the suspect. he's a man in custody. you can see they just brought him out and are bringing him back in. again, they have him in custody but don't know where this firearm is. we know that the man is 55 years old with known addresses here in berkeley and san pablo. police patted him down, as you can see from our nbc bay area chopper video, but they didn't
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find his gun. oakland police say he hit several dozen cars starting around 8:30 this morning. there are many victims in many different places, east oakland, to west oakland, then to berkeley. highway, city streets, it was random. there was a high-speed chase that was called off and berkeley officers spotted him walking in this area. they used a bean bag gun and made the arrest around 9:15 this morning. the black mitsubishi he'd been driving we found at virginia and acton. you can see the damage to the front side. the damage is very apparent. police are just thankful this ended with his arrest considering the wide scope and range of this apparent road rampage. >> the driver of this vehicle was armed with a handgun. as he purposely and intentionally based on not only victim statements but also officers' statements, that he would look at the driver and intentionally drive his vehicle into that person's car.
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additionally, he would point a firearm at them. >> reporter: oakland police say four of these vehicles were damaged and they along with berkeley police are still getting calls from people reporting that they were victims. as for the suspect, they are not releasing his name, but berkeley police say they have had contact with him before. back here live again, we had just seen them bring out the apparent suspect and keeping him here perhaps for witnesses to help identify. we do know what's happening is police are starting a foot patrol search because the last point of contact with the man was in this area and they are trying to find that handgun so they are now just starting to walk the streets here. as for that pregnant woman who we had mentioned was a victim in this, we don't know her exact medical condition. we do know that she did not suffer life-threatening injuries. again, one priority is finding the gun and, two, saying if you were hit, please contact them. they're also thanking people because they say people were
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directing them saying he went that way and without that help they might not have found him so soon. live here in berkeley, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. now to a tragedy in pacifica. a man drowned while trying to save his wife. the woman was wading on the beach when a strong wave knocked her into the water. she urged her husband to stay put on the beach but he could not stand by and instead jumped into the water to try to save her. larry moore and his wife were both swept out to sea. only one of them survived. a nearby surfer also risked his own life to try to save them from a dangerous rip tide. >> i got hold of her and we both tumbled in some shore break for at least a minute, something like that. got sucked back out, tumbled again. >> the surfer finally managed to get the woman to shore. the coast guard rescuers soon rushed out to rescue the husband but it was too late. as for his wife, she was rushed to the hospital and her
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condition is unknown this morning. federal prosecutors say a south bay couple swindled their church out of millions. 60-year-old jonathan chang was a church elder at the home of christ church in saratoga. he and his wife, grace, are accused of stealing $7.4 million from the church and a wealthy donor. the federal indictment alleges jonathan chang was in charge of church finances and transferred that money to a phony foundation he set up over a 12-year period. the couple was released on $200,000 bond. both expected back in federal court tomorrow. with the super bowl now over, we are learning about prostitution stings that are under way through the festivities. the fbi teamed up with more than 30 law enforcement agencies around the bay area to crack down on sex trafficking. seven minors ranging in age from 14 to 17 were rescued by authorities. more than a dozen pimps were arrested as well as 85 people
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soliciting prostitutes. you might recall a member of the denver broncos practice squad was questioned and released, his brother was also cited. new at 11:00, summi superintendents -- the super bowl host committee said more than a million people visited super bowl city and the nfl mile experience. the super bowl city had free concerts by one republic and alicia keys. it could be months before they know the full economic impact of the big game. san francisco leaders are already planning to spend that wealth when it comes to that revenue boost from the game. supervisor scott weiner yesterday introduced a new resolution to use added super bowl week revenues to help the homeless and clean tent city
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encampments. it could be months before we know everything and all the numbers. happening today, president obama arrives in the bay area for two political fund-raisers. air force one expected to arrive at moffett field. one is at the hand of steve wesley, former state controller. this is the president's first bay area visit this year. we know the president is watching decision 2016 carefully. the so-called establishment of both political parties have been rocked to the core because of tuesday's presidential primary in new hampshire. >> the outsiders won and won big and now their sights are set on south carolina. more from nbc's chris clackum. >> reporter: the margin by which donald trump won the republican presidential primary in new hampshire surprised most, but trump himself, who was on the
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"today" show this morning. >> i said i was going to do well there and we really did. i guess better than anticipated. >> reporter: but the biggest surprise was john kasich, who came in second, albeit a distant second. he too was on the "today" show. >> i was the only one with a really positive message. >> reporter: disappointed by how surprisingly poor he did, marco rubio remains unfazed. >> i think in the months and weeks to come, you're not going to see anyone work harder or more passionately. >> reporter: ted cruz came in third but is expected to have a better showing in south carolina where the next republican primary takes place february 20th. the 20th is also when the democrats next face off in nevada, after bernie sanders turned his underdog campaign into a real fight in new hampshire. >> together we have sent a message that will echo from wall street to washington. >> reporter: while hillary clinton's campaign was bruised by the margin of her loss, she struck a note of confidence tuesday night.
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>> it's not whether you get knocked down that matters, it's whether you get back up. >> reporter: one casualty of new hampshire, chris christie, is said to be contemplating an end to his campaign. chris clackum, nbc news. contemplating but not ended so far. if something happens, though, we're going to tell you all about it on our digital platforms. you can have continuing coverage from last night's primary and reaction from the candidates. all the latest, and there's a free app as well. or go to right now helicopters flying over palo alto spraying for winter mosquitos at least in the marshy lands. this is the target. the native reserve along highway 101 between the palo alto airport to the north and shoreline park to the south. a santa clara county vector control helicopter is spraying a bacteri bacterial larvacide.
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>> nuisance really doesn't convey if these mosquitos come off in large numbers how miserable life can be, so it really does affect the daily living of the citizens. >> you might be wondering what about the zika virus. the winter salt marsh mosquito is not the kind that carries that dangerous virus, but it can carry west nile and dengue. the spraying will continue today and possibly tomorrow. they do remind everyone to get rid of standing water where you live where the other kind of mosquitos like to breed. a toilet, garbage can and waterway in one. the new approach to cleaning up a south bay pollution problem. and i'm bob redell. we'll tell you live to san jose where the world's oldest snowball, oh, it's obvious, completely over the hill now officially. that story coming up. i'm meteorologist kari hall. our temperatures have been
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warming up the past few hours with a lot of sunshine and near record highs expected again today. i'll talk about it coming up in the microclimate forecast. are confident enough they can
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find another job. welcome back on this very warm wednesday. we all wore red last week and a good reminder to go red for heart health. the markets really not moving much. janet yellen was testifying on the hill earlier today and the markets didn't do anything because they wanted to hear what she said to say. a lot of people are quitting their jobs, and this is good news because it means that people are confident enough to quit their job. this metric is measured by something called the jobs opening and labor turnover survey, or jolts. now, the jolts number is the highest it's been in nine years. people are confident they can leave a low-paying job for something better because there are so many jobs available but there aren't very many people to fill them. a couple of jobs that probably will not work out, the guy who sells hoverboards at that mall kiosk. we're hoping that fewer people will buy hoverboards these days.
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also the guy outside the apple store selling screen protector, that job is going to be very grim. they are going to offer installation of screen protectors inside the stores. they are team up with belkin to do it and it's available in some stores starting today. a fascinating development this morning out of the world of autonomous cars. the national highway traffic safety commission has sent a letter to google saying it will consider the computer inside google's robot cars to be the driver. that's a big and very brave forward-thinking move and it's a major step forward for the robot chauffeur idea. the implication here is if the computer is the driver you don't need a legal driver in the car so kids some day can take their robot car to school. but it raises important questions like if the car gets into a fender-bender and it's the computer's fault, who's going to pay the ticket? the parent, is google going to pay it?
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all things to be worked out. kris. >> a brave new world. a south bay pollution problem is getting some extra attention. garbage, human waste from homeless camps pouring into rivers and creeks and now water officials are taking a new approach to clean it all up. the santa clara valley water strict is putting together a committee to come up with a solution to that problem that has so far been uninsurmountable. >> it would be a good idea if they can come up with a solution. there's been people out here for the last 50 years or so and they haven't found a good solution yet. >> water officials admit this is a very controversial and complex issue. the water district has maintained it will not send crews to homeless camps without a police escort, something else that will have to be factored in in whatever the solution ends up being. >> the santa valley floor has not seen significant snowfall in r 40 years. those of us who were around back then, i was not, there are pictures to prove it did happen.
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>> unless you are the one lady in south san jose who has the ultimate souvenir, which brings us to nbc bay area's bob redell, who is live from her home. bob, what does she have? >> reporter: well, we have to ask her. we've got betty shamis here. good morning, belty. >> good morning. >> reporter: and that souvenir is right down there in your freezer. pull it out and show us what you're talking about. >> here it is. >> reporter: what is that? >> this is a famous snowball taken off my lawn 40 years ago. would you believe it? 40 years. >> reporter: so it just turned 40 years old. i want you guys to take a look at this snowball so you can see how much it's aiminged because this is not the first time we covered this snowball. we were here when it turned 25 back in 2001, we were here in 2006 when it turned 30 and we were here five years ago in 2011 when it turned 35. you can see when you put the two
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together, the video from those years prior to now, it has aged so much. how is it doing? >> that hasn't aged, i've aged 40 years. >> reporter: you look the same. so when you put it in there, what happened? it was a round snowball, right? >> and now that's what's happened to it. it's growing and growing. >> reporter: and you put it in this jar originally or what happened over the years? >> it the first thing was a little paper cup and then it graduated to the big -- they don't even make peanut butter jars like this anymore. >> reporter: and you haven't had a power outage during this time? >> it's nestled, it's nestled so it doesn't melt. >> reporter: you have some pictures of the actual snowfall so i want to hear this story. this was february 5th, 1976. that's your home right there, right? and you woke up one day. was this -- did everyone know it was going to snow this much? >> no, we didn't. we woke up and were so excited
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because we're from pennsylvania and we said now we have snow on our lawn too. so we rolled the snowball. i mean a snowman, a big one, and it took all the snow off of our lawn, as you can see. but we decided to be smart. i got in shorts and took this picture so i could send it to my family in pennsylvania and say we have snow in san jose. >> reporter: and why did you decide to preserve this? >> well, that was because my 14-year-old son, jeff, said, mom, why don't i take a snowball, put it in the freezer and throw it at my friend next week. i said okay. well, we never moved from here so i still have the thing. >> reporter: and over the years you've had ripley, believe it or not, certify it. >> yes. >> reporter: not the guinness book. >> even "the national enquirer," would you believe it? >> reporter: i would believe it. so you got a phone call four or five years ago.
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>> yes. >> reporter: tell me about this phone call. >> a man wanted to buy it. and i said, no, it's not for sale. but my husband in the back was saying sell it, sell it how much do you want for it. >> reporter: how much do you want for it? >> i don't know, i never asked. >> reporter: larry? do you wish she sold it? >> no, no, it's been so much fun. >> reporter: have you had the 40th anniversary party yet? >> no, not yet. this weekend. and you're invited. >> reporter: well, i appreciate that. i know it's getting warm in here. do we want to put -- does it have a name? >> you know what, he's just mr. snowball. >> reporter: let's put him back inside and we should be there hopefully here in another five years to see him at 45. there you go, betty. you know what, i don't know if you see that, scott and kris, right there to the left you see the other jar. that's the snowball i gave betty when it snowed on mt. hamilton. >> so the snowball has a little
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brother. >> reporter: how's that snowball doing? >> let's see how this one is doing. >> reporter: oh, wow, it's crystallizi crystallizing. betty, very good to see you. congratulations. we'll see you in other five years. >> it's wonderful to see back as well. bob, i can't help but point out that betty had just as much hair today as she did back then. >> reporter: she's aged much better than i have. you look at what i had then and now -- if only i have that dna. >> i want you to close her freezer and open her medicine cabinet and find out what kind of moisturizer she uses. that's what we want to know. >> bob, thanks so much. get ready to watch the world's best surfers carve and shred massive swells at half moon bay. we're talking about the titans of maverick surf competition, the super bowl of surfing. 24 competitors got their 48-hour heads up yesterday. that's how long they have to get to the bay area for the big wave
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surfing event that is set for friday. the maverick surf contest last year -- or last took place, rather, two years ago. last year's swells were just not big enough to hold that contest. >> the swells will be bigger and the crowds might be bigger as well because the big contest in hawaii was cancelled because they don't have the waves, so we may have more surfers competing. >> kari, we've got the waves, that's for sure. >> yeah, and we'll definitely see those waves get higher as we get closer to friday. right now things are fairly calm but we've had such an active winter because of those storms fueled by el nino has really stirred up those waters. so if you are going out for the viewing it will be cool to start at 52 degrees. by noon we'll have more clouds, 63 degrees, and by the afternoon we'll be at 67 degrees, mostly cloudy skies. we do have some calmer waves once again today and there are no beach hazard statements in effect, but if you are going out there, keep in mind we will have
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the risk of rip currents and some of those sneaker waves. for the mavericks on friday, we will have some long period swells at about 20 seconds and they will be piling up to 10 to 13 feet. so the national weather service says, yeah, it's on and we're heading to half moon bay so that will be really interesting to see. also interesting to see, our sunrise this morning. here's a look at the time lapse from sunol. we've had high clouds streaming in. it's been such a beautiful day and our temperatures continue to warm with a mixture of some high clouds filtering the sunshine. now it's 58 degrees in san francisco and the north bay, 63 in the peninsula. as we get a closer look at the east bay, we have anywhere from 59 in brentwood to 67 degrees in castro valley and sunol is now at 62 degrees. into the rest of the day our highs will be topping out in the mid to upper 70s for the south bay. foster city 74. 70 in san francisco, also in santa rosa.
11:23 am
hayward is looking at 70 degrees and danville today, a high of 75 degrees. we've had calm weather because of the high pressure and also giving us an offshore flow. as that weakens and moves to the east we'll continue to see clouds moving in. as we get a little bit of a push of some cooler air and some very weak and dry cold fronts moving through. so no rain in the forecast at least for now. into the next seven days we will be getting slightly cooler. here's a look at the temperature trend for san francisco. we're up to 70 degrees today. the average high, 60 degrees. 67 degrees tomorrow. and it will be a little bit cooler each day, more clouds on friday. but then as those temperatures start to go up on sunday, we'll still be feeling some well above average temperatures into the start of next week. we may have a chance of rain on next wednesday. we'll talk about that coming up in my next forecast. >> all right. happening now, the president on his way to the bay area,
11:24 am
landing at moffett field in just hours. on our twitter page you'll get a link to the schedule for tomorrow. plus a new panoramic image showing the super bowl. go to our app and find yourself or a friend in the stands. on, katie holmes channeling her inner beyonce. look at that link to last night's fallon in our entertainment headlines. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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- and some of the going viral.followed are now ==kris/vo== it happened today - far f welcome back, an elephant's wrong turn is going viral. >> it happened today far away from here in west india. the elephant wandered into a town from a nearby forest and they say that's when chaos ensued. structures smashed, people republic running for cover but fortunately no one was hurt. >> authorities were eventually able to tranquilize the elephant and crews brought in a crane to help deliver her. >>. a new man enters the ring in the fight over pay-per-view boxing. >> small business owners aren't out to break the law, they're trying to make a go of the business. >> we're investigating why small businesses have a lawmaker in their corner. we first told you about a local
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company that's suing time to level the playing field. we first told you about a local company that is suing small businesses for showing televised fights that they don't have the right to broadcast. >> now a federal lawmaker is getting involved. liz, critics say the company is taking advantage of people but what can be done? >> reporter: we found small businesses are facing six-figure lawsuits for what they call innocent mistakes. they say they're being punished for simply not knowing how to license a pay-per-view boxing match in their restaurant or bar. but a growing number of people, including a congressman, say it's time to change that. in a dozen rounds in may, 2012, boxing fans watched mayweather take down kodo. martha sanchez saw the fight. >> yeah, we rented it and then we just showed it on our tv set. just like, you know, anyone
11:31 am
else. >> reporter: but she wasn't at home. she was at work. this empty space once belonged to her family's restaurant. >> the tv was right up here. >> reporter: people who want to show boxing matches in their businesses have to pay a special commercial license fee. >> commercial license sounds like a big production. we were just happeninging out here watching the fight. >> reporter: a year later sanchez was sued for p pay-per-view pry racy. the president of j & j sports productions, the company that licensed the fight. as the investigative unit showed you last month, j & j has sued thousands of businesses, but it's not just restaurants and bars. we found barber shops, beauty salons, auto centers, even the catholic church have been slapped with lawsuits. >> they made up the law. i didn't make up the law, the promoters didn't make up the law. >> reporter: the law involves two federal statutes that permit unauthorized satellite reception.
11:32 am
if anyone receives a program they're not entitled to, they may be liable in court. business owners who fail to pay a fee for fights like these are violating the law whether they know it or not. >> we had no idea. >> reporter: attorney trevor mccann has defended more than two dozen clients. >> of the people that you represented, how many were unaware that they needed to pay commercial rates. >> nearly all. >> reporter: he has argued that contracts contain vague language about licensing. he also questions just how much outreach j & j actually does. it appears from the company's website, business owners have to contact j & j sales staff to pay the commercial fee. >> if i don't know you exist and you make no effort, no real effort to inform me of your existence and you later come to see you, how are you the victim? >> do i go from door to door to
11:33 am
go do this? no. >> reporter: the law doesn't require him to. he declined to provide any examples of his company's advertisements. he says he makes calls to bars and has placed notices in a spanish language newspaper. >> so you believe there's enough notifications to these small businesses that they should know the law? >> absolutely. >> do you believe small businesses when they say they don't know the laws? >> no. >> you don't? >> no. they know the law. >> reporter: and the law allows stiff penalties. court records show j & j routinely seeks damages of more than $100,000. >> do you think that's fair? >> yes. >> you do think it's fair? >> absolutely. >> for a commercial license fee that costs $2,000 and someone would maybe end up on the hook for $100,000? >> right. >> reporter: attorneys suspect j & j is making a pretty penny in court. mccann is starting to follow the money. he found in just one year,
11:34 am
federal courts awarded j & j more than $1.3 million in 81 judgments. he notes that figure doesn't include settles and doesn't account for at least 600 other cases in the same time period. >> j & j is making a lot of money suing people as opposed to protecting their property rights. >> small business owners, they're not out to break the law, they're out to try and make a go of their business. >> reporter: north bay congressman mike thompson began looking into piracy laws after the investigative unit contacted his office. last month he told you about a tavern who was sued for broadcasting a fight they say they never showed. >> i think we need to change the law and deal with not only the penalty phase, but the clarification of what the law is and how it's to be carried out. >> reporter: thompson says business owners need to know how to comply. >> and i think there's a big
11:35 am
problem there. i don't think it's clear. we need to straighten out those ambiguities. >> reporter: thompson says j & j bears much of that responsibility. >> i believe it's also incumbent upon the companies to make sure they do a good job explaining what it is small businesses have to do. >> are you committing to changing these laws? >> oh, i'm all in. >> reporter: with strong words from a federal lawmaker, small businesses now have someone with muscle in their corner. now, thompson's legislation is a work in progress, but a attorney who defends piracy cases down in southern california suggests something called a safe harbor provision that would give business owners a chance to comply with the law and pay j & j its fee before facing legal action and of course we'll stay on the story. >> in other words, if you get caught, because it is a crime, you got caught, even if you expect it was a crime, you would have a chance to pay a smaller
11:36 am
fee before paying a much larger one. >> pay the commercial fee that is due to the opener, plus maybe a small service charge. the attorney said anything more than that in his opinion is just extortion under the color of law. >> i think it's important to note that the congressman really is talking about taking the problem back to the beginning, which is making sure that people understand what they're responsible for. my question is where does pay-per-view fall into this? it's not their responsibility to go and sell those licenses, but they are the ones putting on the fights and events, right? >> that's a great question and critics say the contracts between tv service providers and commercial customers is very vague, so a lot of people just don't know what to do, which is part of the problem. so the congressman is saying let's fix this on the front end so we don't have a problem down the line later on. >> and then pay-per-view, hbo as an example, hires j & j and campbell and says go protect our rights and you get some of the money in that lawsuit.
11:37 am
that's j & j's part of this. >> right. and the people suing people is j & j. >> liz wagner, thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigate unit, call us at 888-996-tips or sent an e-mail to b.a.r.t. has responded to an nbc bay area public records request. as jodi hernandez reports, b.a.r.t. now admits 70% of cameras are just decoys. >> we see this button blinking and you think that if something were to happen, it would be caught on camera, so it kind of seems pointless for them not to be working. >> reporter: but it turns out catching criminals on camera is not likely on b.a.r.t. responding to an nbc bay area public requests request,
11:38 am
b.a.r.t. says cameras among 470 of their 679 trains are decoys, nothing more than plastic camera housings and l.e.d. lights. >> 70% of the cameras are decoys? >> 70% are decoys and it has worked for many years. >> reporter: they installed the dummy devices in the '90s to deter vandals and never upgraded them. it all came to light last month when a rider was shot and killed on a san francisco-bound train and b.a.r.t. failed to release images from inside the car. >> it seems like they were just waiting for something to happen in order to be caught, when why not just have them working all along. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says they hear the concerns and will spend $1.4 million to install working cameras aboard every car in the coming weeks. >> if having working cameras on the trains makes people feel better, that's great, and it will help solve crimes. >> reporter: but many riders
11:39 am
feel they are simply doing damage control. they're angry the transit agency has taken so long to add working cameras to every train car. >> they have been lying to the public the whole while. it's supposed to be a safe transit system? no. >> reporter: jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. up next, a quicker commute on one of the bay area's busiest freeways. the stretch of highway that's getting an express lane. >> yeah, it was really a call to action for us. after everything that he had been through, how could we say no. >> it is a vintage with great taste and even greater purpose. the wine country family doing what they love to help others. it is part of our bay area proud series. we're taking a live look now at oakland on this beautiful day as temperatures warm up, but we could be setting some new records once again. we'll talk about it coming up in the microclimate forecast. make lemonade, right? but what
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11:41 am
11:42 am
if you end up with grapes? ==scott/2shot== well, when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, right? well, what if you end up with grapes? >> for one family, you make a lot of money for charity. >> reporter: del groom has made a name for himself as a wipe maker, not just in sonoma county but in his native australia as well. the wines he has made are loved by many, but the one he's making now has his heart for some very good reasons. taking the best the world can
11:43 am
give and making it even better. it's what great wine makers do. >> i love that spice. >> reporter: and darrell groom, everyone seems to agree, is one of those. >> it's the fruit, it jumps out of the glass. >> reporter: though making the best out of something bad, well, darrell and his wife, lisa, appear to be masters of that too. the bad thing in this case, their son, colby's aortic valve. >> we always knew he'd have to have a valve. >> eventually. >> it's just a matter of when. >> reporter: that surgery came when colby was just 8. the problem was, it didn't work. and he went under for a second open heart surgery just months later. >> colby really had to face his own mortality. you know, it kind of burst his childhood bubble, i'm sure. >> reporter: ten years later and darrell now pours almost all of his wine-making talents into a single wine called colby red, named for his son. proceeds from the sale of colby
11:44 am
red go to heart-related charities, and just five years in, they are closing in on $1 million raised. >> annual sales are about 25,000 cases a year now, so that's pretty amazing for us. >> reporter: and that, believe it or not, is not even the best part of the colby red story. the best part is that it was all colby's idea. >> i wanted to give back to the community that saved my life. >> colby comes in one day, he's 11 years of age and he says, dad, dad, dad, can we make a wine together. >> reporter: colby said he was so grateful to survive his ordeal he just wanted to help others do the same. the first year they made just two barrels of colby red and raised just about $500. it was, however, the start, they say, of something big. >> sometimes i think it spiraled out of control but in a good way. i'm so proud of it every day for what it's become and what i'm able to do for others.
11:45 am
>> reporter: colby, now 18, is a regular speaker at charitable events, crisscrossing the country, sharing his story, letting others know that when life gives you lemons, you can do a lot better than lemonade. the grooms say it was the pitch that colby made to the management team at walgreens that got colby red into their stores and really started this thing taking off. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. we want to alert you to a traffic situation in case you're headed out right now. all lanes of the eastbound direction of the bay bridge are closed -- i'm sorry, san mateo bridge because of a crash. looking live from our camera from the foster city side of the san mateo bring, you can see that the traffic is completely stopped. we hope it will resolve. if it does during this newscast, we will let you know. well, it wouldn't work in this case on the bridge but if you want to escape gridlock in
11:46 am
general, you can pay up. there's a new way to avoid traffic in the tri-valley. >> here's 580 in dublin as it looks right now. the express lanes, the paint is there, the cones are there, soon going to open allowing people to get where they want to go a little bit faster, but the question is, is it really going to help the congestion. here's elise kirschner. >> reporter: sitting in traffic, some drivers will pay just about anything to move. now they'll have that option on one of the east bay's busiest freeways. >> i love that. it's all over l.a. and it makes that terrible traffic move as good as it can. >> reporter: a new express lane will extend along the 14-mile corridor of 580, running through dublin, pleasanton and livermore. >> the 580/680 interchange is always backed up. >> reporter: the cost could reach up to $1 a mile, depending on traffic and the distance you travel in them. alameda county transportation
11:47 am
officials say it's similar to what already exists along 680 near the sunol grade. >> 680 as the first in northern california. these lanes provide three express lanes, two in the eastbound direction, one in the westbound direction. the difference between the two lanes is that these on 580 provide continuous access. >> reporter: that means drivers who pay and of the fastrak in their cars can enter or exit the lanes nearly anywhere along the corridor. it's a project that came with a $55 million price tag. >> i want to see where the money is going. >> we've done a pay as you go on this. so those funds that are generated will come back in to pay for operations and maintenance. >> reporter: the express lanes are set to open later this month and will operate monday through friday from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. >> anything helps. now let's check with kari hall who has a live look at ocean beach. >> it's a beautiful day. i know a lot of people will be
11:48 am
planning to make a trip to the beach over the next few days as we've had above normal temperatures but you want to be mindful we could have high waves and also the risk of rip currents continue. now, as we take a look at current temperatures, 58 degrees in the north bay in san francisco. in the peninsula it is 63 degrees. let's get a closer look now at the south bay where we're already hitting 70 degrees in some spots like saratoga, it's 70 degrees, morgan hill now at 65 degrees. so with our temperatures continuing to rise, we will still be near some record-high temperature its and we could set a few record in a few spots like san jose, oakland. in san francisco we're looking at 70 degrees today, below the record high but fairly close. we'll be up to 73 degrees in pittsburg and danville today in the mid-70s. we'll have a chance of spotty light drizzle in the north bay between friday night and saturday morning. after that we'll be dry, a high
11:49 am
pressure returns. and then by the end of the month, maybe into march, we're seeing some signs that indication that we may have some above-average rain chances. so we've been dry for the past few days, but it looks like hopefully we will have some changes heading into the next week into the start of march. here's a live look now at heavenly. of course the snow has been melting. we've lost several inches of snow since last week and we will continue to do so with our temperatures rising into the upper 50s for the next few days and no more snow in the forecast. as far as the statewide average for snow in the seeaierra, we a at 101%. we are still at the highest snowpack since 2011. a look at where we're seeing the highest amounts would be in the northern sierra where the snowpack is at 109% of normal and we may have another chance to get things caught back up and continue to improve as we go
11:50 am
into the next, let's say, nine or ten weeks. a look at the weekend forecast, we will still have some very warm weather reaching into the mid to upper 60s on friday. saturday it looks still just as nice in san francisco. 65 degrees. up to 71 degrees on sunday. yes, that's valentine's day. don't forget to make some plans for your significant other. we will have some beautiful weather and maybe, once again, a lot of people will be heading to the beach as we continue to have weather that fields more like may or june rather than early february. kris and scott. >> don't forget valentine's day. up next, broncos fans super bowl trip became viral when he admitted to us he had not told his wife how much he paid. now the wife knows. so is he in the dog house? you know the saying -- "all's
11:51 am
11:52 am
well that ends well?" you can apply that to this next
11:53 am
we all know the saying all's well that ends well, you can apply that to this next story. >> a broncos fan who we met last week revealed to us a little secret about his journey to super bowl 50. >> i spent 21,000 on the tickets. >> 21,000? i thought you meant 2100. >> don't tell my wife. >> that was our own bob redell getting justin kerrigan in hot water at home. that video quickly went viral, so the wife did know something was up. she new the ticket cost $4400 but she didn't know there was a processing fee and he was covering the bill for all of his friends. >> i was a little frustrated at first, but at the end of the day, we're in it together long haul. there's no dog house, there's nothing. >> take that. >> justin says he ended up personally spending about $8,000 on his part of the trip and his friends have all paid him back.
11:54 am
>> good, strong marriage. it turned out well. it turns out one digit can make a huge difference in the world, especially when your phone number is a digit off from a burrito giveaway. >> that's what happened when a washington, d.c., chipotle offered free brute owes. you had to text the words rain check to a six digit number. that was way too close to a phone number used by one d.c. attorney. >> that attorney has received some 400 missent texts all saying rain check. he's trying hard to reply. chipotle trying to take out some of the sting by giving him some free coupons himself. >> we will be right back. made my kids late to school. it
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
sounds crazy, but it's what a bruce springsteen made my kids late to school. sounds crazy, but it is what a new york dad told his kids' teachers. >> he took his 7 and 12-year-old children to a springsteen concert and that's when they didn't get home until very early in the morning on tuesday. the father let the kids sleep in and sent a note to the school with them saying, yep, it's bruce springsteen's fault. believe it or not the excuse may fly because one of the teachers was also at the concert. mom, however, is a teacher there as well. and as we all know, she is the real boss. >> sometimes you've got to make an excuse. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
♪ today on "access hollywood live," what a way to sbricelebr women crush wednesday. >> kim catrall from "sex and the city" tells us about sensitive skin. >> a great show. great for everybody. >> thank you. >> the beautiful pregnant marlena bacarin is with us. >> she's done a year's worth of sex scenes in one day with "deadpool's" ryan reynolds. >> that's dedication. >> debbie gibson and i hitting the runway. >> we can strut our stuff. >> i don't know. >> don't fall. >> she has work -- >> i know. >> you know, she worked with them. we'll get into that. right now. >> all right.


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