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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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robert handa, what can the mayor do in this situation? >> reporter: you know, we've been talking with residents for quite some time about the problem that is led to this tenant revolt. a situation the property manager disputes. the tension got to tense that the property manager had to do something. and the tenants decided to have this meeting. and city officials wanted to see it for themselves. nancy alvarado has been evicted. she was given a 90-day notice to leave the apartment her family has lived for years. >> i'm sad because i don't have nowhere to go and i have three kids. >> reporter: residents of five four-plexes around santee drive say they're fed up with unhealthy conditions and retaliatory conditions. the neighborhood is used to an unsettle atmosphere starting about 20 years ago when a court injunction required landlords to hire security guards to protect against street gangs. realty world was asked by the city to run the complexes
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because of what was considered a good reputation. the management company told nbc bay area it was told to in essence clean up the neighborhood. nancy said she believes her eviction is due to a homeless brother who hangs around the complex. >> security tells me if i cannot get your brother out from this place i have to get you out first for him to leave. >> reporter: the mayor was so concerned about what he heard from some tenants he came to meet them at a private meeting. the mayor just arrived and vowed to take action if warranted. >> i think when they see that the mayor is there it hopefully encourages more of them to step up to be able to speak out. as we try to evaluate what the facts are and also as we're contemplating legal action to have people who are willing to testify, that's important. >> reporter: and now that meeting is still going on. realty world says it welcomes the scrutiny on conditions and conduct. and says that it has already met with the housing department and been cleared of any retaliatory evictions.
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robert handa, nbc bay area news. on a rampage with a car and a gun, a wild scene in the east bay as police chase a man down. that suspect on a slamming spree as he purposely ran into several cars while pointing a gun at people. on your left nbc chopper caught video of the suspect's arrest. on the right some of the damage he left behind during his vehicular meltdown. nbc bay area jodi hernandez, do they have in reason yet for this bizarre behavior? >> reporter: they don't know, jessica. the man faces multiple charges, including felony evading police and assault with a deadly weapon. police say he went on an hour-long reckless ride, leaving behind a path of destruction. >> this is a mass scene that stretches from east oakland all the way into the city of berkeley. so that's a lot of roadway. >> reporter: police say an armed and reckless driver began ramming into cars at about 8:30 this morning, leading police on a chase through the streets of
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oakland, where investigators say he hit police cars and even a car driven by a pregnant woman. >> he would look at the driver and intentionally drive his vehicle into that person's car. additionally he would point a firearm at them. >> reporter: a chp plane tracked the man's route as he drove into berkeley where he hit more cars. >> oh, he was coming down this street pretty hard. >> reporter: this uber drive had just picked up a client when the suspect slammed into his brand-new chevy. >> it's crazy. it could have been worse. i could have been getting out the car when he hit me. >> reporter: the suspect ditched his car and took off on foot. but police managed to arrest him after firing a foam bullet at the man. >> we're all going to have to work together to try to figure out exactly why he was doing this and what reasons what led up to this. >> reporter: investigators have been canvassing the area looking for the suspect's gun, but so far no luck. now police have not released the
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ietdity of the 37-year-old berkeley man, but registered owner of the car he was driving has quite a history. the alameda county d.a.'s office confirms that that man was convicted of felony vandalism in 2013 for smashing cars with a baseball bat. reporting live in berkeley, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. the super bowl is over, but the deconstruction is ongoing. as they dismantle super bowl city we're getting hard numbers about what went on. nbc bay area christie smith is in san francisco this evening. christie, the good, the bad and the ugly what did we learn? >> reporter: that's right. and the police chief is here saying he's going to give the police commission a brief summary an about events surrounding the super bowl here in san francisco. he says from a police perspective it went very well. at super bowl city along the embarcadero and also the nfl experience at mosconi center. ahead of schedule, smta saying they're now able to open roads
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that had been closed a day ahead of schedule tomorrow night. the super bowl 50 host committee says they had 1.1 million visitors. that's more than they expected. police say there were under 30 arrests. >> we had about 12 arrests in either venue. so 12 for each venue. most of those were for person that is were publicly intoxicated, unable to care for themselves. >> a handful of people were arrested for other things like theft. smta and police say they expect to have the real cost numbers in the coming weeks. those roads expected to be reopened by tomorrow night at 8:00. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. the super bowl host committee says 1.1 million people visited super bowl city and the nfl experience in san francisco. city officials say it could be months, though, before they know the truly and full economic impact from this event. not surprisingly a record number of fans were uploading photos and posting on social media during the super bowl.
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the 49ers announcing today people used ten tara bites of data on the stadium's wi-fi network during the game. that's the most for any event of any kind in u.s. history. cell phone carriers boosted their signals around and inside levi stadium to make sure fans could stay connected. a developing story now. the first case of the zika virus in northern california. a person in yolo county which is west of sacramento has tested positive for that virus. zika is spread through mosquitoes and is now in 20 nations in central and south america, mexico and the caribbean. local health officials today confirmed the diagnosis in yolo county, saying only that the patient has a mild case and that he recently or she traveled out of the country. >> the patient is doing just fine. and i can just confirm we just have one patient that was con filmed in yolo county. >> cdc did not identify the patient north the place where he or she contracted the virus saying it was a matter of privacy. a confounding update to that
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outbreak of meningitis disease at santa clara university. we showed you when students lined up last week for hours to get protective vaccinations after three students were diagnosed with the illness. now we're learning that one of those students contracted meningitis in spite of being inoculated. published reports say the student confirmed with his doctor he had received both doses of the appropriate vaccine just a year ago. so why were they thrown there? several thousand tacks found strewn throughout an east bay dog par. it's happened at aloni park in hercules. now authorities want to find out who would intentionally try and harm the animals. nbc bay area's elyce kirchner, this is a place where people are going to frolic with their animals. >> reporter: it is, jess. unfortunately police have no leads, no potential suspects. they believe someone is intentionally placing these tacks at the popular dog park behind me sometime during the night. and dog owners are so worried they're actually picking up
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these tacks hoping to protect their animals. larry shows us bags and bags full of thumb tacks. >> there's not just a handful of tacks where somebody accidentally dropped them on the ground. >> reporter: the dog owner found at least 3,000 of them scattered throughout aloni dog park in hercules. some were even discovered in the nearby stream. >> the wildlife, the deer and whatever else frequent the area here goes in and uses that for their drinking purposes. >> reporter: to protect their animals, dog owners started picking up the tacks whenever. >> they even found thumb tacks in the bowl for the water. >> reporter: and wherever they can. >> i'm disappointed that somebody would go out of their way to try to harm other people's animals. >> reporter: and police fear it's not just the animals that may be at risk. >> there are children at risk. >> reporter: the park is located right next to a school. to help find out who may be responsible for leaving the tacks, police have stepped up patrols in the area. >> it looks like somebody is
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intentionally doing it. and what the purpose is, we don't know. fortunately we haven't had any injuries yet. >> reporter: and the city is now considering putting in surveillance cameras. >> i think of my dog as my kid. >> reporter: animal or a small child is seriously hurt. >> it's obvious they're trying to harm an animal. >> reporter: and so far one animal was actually injured last week, i'm told. after swallowing one of these tacks. luckily the animal was okay but the owner had to pay several hundred dollars to get the animal treat. if you have any information that could lead to an arrest contact authorities. reporting live from hercules tonight, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. the driverless car of the future may have just gotten a little bit closer to reality. i'm scott budman. coming up why a government decision is good news for google and those who want to be driven around. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jf ranieri. we are tracking several different systems out here in the pacific.
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we'll let you know eventually when we could get some rainfall from one of these storms. and that's throughout this hour. here's a live look at moffett
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fie in mountain ew, wheren an hour president obama is expected it's a cash call. here's a live look at mof fit field in mountain view where in an hour president obama is expected to land in the bay area again. he's coming to town for two fundraising events. nbc bay area's michelle roberts joins us live from there. and michelle, another visit by the president to collect some money for the democratic party.
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>> reporter: absolutely. as you mentioned, two fundraising events will be in california until friday. but he'll just be in the bay area until tomorrow afternoon. we're waiting from here he's scheduled to land in about an hour. earlier today i spoke with the police chief in ath erton he says they'll have extra staff and they're ready to go. president obama's two-day california visit begins in the bay area. in october, crowds lined the streets in san francisco to see his convoy drive by. and 1300 people at the warfield theater cheered as the president shared the stage with the golden state warriors. tomorrow's democratic fundraiser in atherton is expected to be much less eventful. >> it is astonishing what goes on around a presidential visit. i mean, and costs are imposed all over. >> reporter: atherton vice mayor mike lundqvist says in 2014 the city passed an ordinance that requires homeowners who schedule a large event like a presidential visit to cover the added expense.
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>> we're honored to have the president here. but it does make it challengering for a small town. >> reporter: atherton police chief ed glen says tomorrow all 19 officers on staff will be working closely with the secret service and other bay area law enforcement agencies. >> the time of staffing required for a poe tpotus visit takes a lot of our staff and overtime. >> reporter: venture capitalist steve wesley will host tomorrow's lunch. more than 300 people are expected inside his atherton home. it will cost each guest $250 to get in. but $10,000 to get a picture with the president. well the president will head to l.a. to. he has a couple more fundraising events there. he'll also make an appearance at the allen show and that will air on friday. reporting live in moffett field tonight, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> again the president should be arriving in moffett field about 45 minutes. who's going to replace
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president obama? we know it won't be carly fiorina. she finished seventh overall in new hampshire. she was the first of two candidates to bow out today. new jersey governor chris christie also suspended his campaign. coming up later in this newscast, historically what has the new hampshire primary revealed about the presidential election? our reality check in about 30 minutes from now. disturbing allegations of abuse behind prison walls and again the santa clara county jail system is at the center of it. only this time it involves female correctional deputies. according to sources, two female correctional deputies beat up a female inmate. it allegedly happened back in august at the women's detention center of the elmwood jail in milpedas. the sheriff's office says they're investigating but it's another controversy to the beleaguered santa clara jail system. last august you may remember an inmate died in his jail cell after he was allegedly beaten to
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death by three male correctional deputies. get out that bathing suit. you can now go swimming again. the danger signs have been removed from fremont's quarry lakes. they went up last year after toxic algae bloom contaminated the water. the water was declared dangerous for people and for pets. you can thank el nino for clearing up the lakes. all that rain and colder weather person purged the algae which flourished in the hot weather and drought. here come the waves and crowds. half moon bay is ready for mavericks. the world famous surf contest starts later this week. two dozen daredevil surfers will jump in the water and try to at the same time waves. the monster waves attract big business, shops and restaurants in the half moon bay area are preparing for the rush. >> we're looking at a lot more people. and it really comes at a good time. because we've been a little slow with the crowd situation. so we're really happy to have this wintertime pop. >> no fresh crabs. also last year the waves weren't big enough.
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there was no competition. but this week surf's up. giant waves headed our way were supposed to first arrive here at the hawaiian island of oahu. but organizers called off the event. anticipation was high but competition has not been held in six years now. when did we get a live camera in hawaii? that was beautiful. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff rainieri with our california forecast >> yes. we also have a look at mavericks and another very important event happening here across the california coastline as you take a look outside right now, though, through our sky camera network the sun has set. we have clouds moving overhead. 64 degrees. no sign of any rainfall at least over the next 48 hours. so look at that morning forecast only shows the chance here of maybe some spotty drizzle and 46 for the north bay. that's going to be the primary area that has the best chance as we have a storm system just offshore. san francisco begins with 53.
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the peninsula 50. for the south bay 48. as we head through tomorrow's forecast, we are anticipating more sunshine, mild temperatures. this will place us at 74 in the south bay. trivalley at 73. san francisco 66. and for the north bay, 72. so a lot of locations still running about 5 to 8 degrees above average. as you look beyond this, really the biggest danger will be the water at the immediate coastline. it will be extremely dangerous to your average swimmer, not only high waves but also some strong rip currents. but of course this is great news for the mavericks. well, that contest in hawaii was canceled, our wave models are still showing us projections that would give us some very high surf, specifically at pillar point near half moon bay. you can see right here this bull's eye of magenta and also red that corresponds with the key of waves that could be anywhere from 18 to about 20 feet as we head into friday afternoon. now, as we know you're not allowed to go up the immediate coastline and view it exactly
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where they're doing the surfing. but for any kind of viewing near pillar point we will have some morning fog and then afternoon sunshine. that will put us at 63 degrees by noon. winds out of the west at 10 to about 25 miles per hour. now, the other event that's happening up against the immediate coastline is the at&t pebble beach pro-am thursday, friday, saturday. you have fog in the morning, some sun by the afternoon. winds out of the north at 5 to 10 miles per hour for either one of these events. it looks absolutely fantastic. we're tracking our possible rain chances ahead and we'll have details on that in about 25 minutes. let's head to pebble beach, jessica. >> let's go. you drive. coming up here at 6:00, running in the red. what u.c. berkeley is doing tonight to address a multimillion dollar problem. plus twitter in a tailspin. the move the social media network is making to bring in more users.
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get up to four years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, plus same-day delivery, and sleep train's love your mattress guarantee. hurry! this special financing offer ends presidents day at sleep train. famous sihk ostedbout a actor is bann from flying home to new york city. happening now on our digital platforms now on twitter we posted about a famous si hhk acr being banned from flying home. mercedes benz recalls hundreds of its cars. could yours be on the list? we have that list online. we'll have another update in our digital platforms in about an hour. happy w/ a silicon valley tech
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giant. [ yelling ] you can hear it and you can
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see it. cafeteria workers not happy with the silicon valley tech giant. this was the scene outside of intel in santa clara this afternoon. the workers say they're struggling to make ends meet and argue they aren't being paid enough to keep up with the pricey silicon valley housing. these workers want to be able to form a union and have presented a petition to intel. a dramatic takedown of a suspected northern california bank robber. wesley krohn is in a lake county jail tonight. detectives say the antioch man was the so-called hefty heister and when police first tried to arrest him he ran. >> get on the ground! >> a lake county dashboard camera caught the arrest after a spike strip disabled the car he was driving. suspected in eight bank robberies, investigators say the man told acquaintances he'd rather die in a shoot out than be taken into custody. the dashcam also caught the chase that led up to that capture. cal tran could be going electric. the money to help make that happen is included in the
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president's $4 trillion budget proposal to congress. the president is asking that $125 million go towards switching cal tran from a diesel system to an electric one. that would mean new trains, cars and railways. the project would also allow caltrain to run more cars each day because the switch means that less pollution is going into the air. however, the project is far from paid for. caltrain will still need to come up with $230 million for its share of the costs. it's going to happen soon. opening that car with no one inside of it. google's driverless cars just got a major go ahead today. a visit from tech reporter scott budman is in san jose avenue. scott those cars of the future really could be the cars of present. what does today's green light mean? >> reporter: they're really getting closer, raj. it's all thanks to a softening on the part of the government about autonomous vehicles and what they can do. the driverless future just got a lot close. the national highway traffic
6:25 pm
safety administration says instead of needing an actually sensed driver in one of these cars to make it street legal, the software made by google can act as the driver. >> i think it's very good news. >> reporter: we met up with john glass at the vista center, which looks for ways to help blind people. john says this decision will help a lot. >> i could simply walk out, get in the car when it was convenient for me, vet take me to the store, wait for me as long as i needed to have it wait while i did the shopping, and then be able to get in the car and go back home. and do that totally independently. >> reporter: now while independence may be speeding up, the law is often slower than the pace of technology. so it will be awhile before we know who's liable for driverless cars, especially with no physical driver on board. >> we'll have to see how that plays out in terms of liability, who's at fault, who's financially responsible for anything like that. but again, as with any start up
6:26 pm
atmosphere, society will choose what works and what doesn't. >> reporter: still a lot of questions, even as autonomous cars shift into a more independent gear. now, about a month ago the secretary of transportation promised a slate of rules regarding driverless cars this june. we'll keep you posted. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> we see them driving around town already. thank you, scott. a sobering financial report from u.c. berkeley today regarded as one of the best public universities in the country, cal is running at a deficit of $150 million. the university announcing a top to bottom review of its expenses, acknowledging the deficit is not short-term but the new normal. the announcement also singled out cal's athletic program and the need to erase the red ink created by team expenses. >> small business owners, they're not out to break the law. they're out to try and make a go och of their business.
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>> a new man enters the ring in the fight over pay per view boxing. coming up next the reason small businesses now have a federal lawmaker in their corner. we first told you about a local
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company that's suing local company that's suing small buin it is time to level the playing field. we first told you about a local company that's suing small businesses for showing televised fights that they don't have the rights to broadcast. >> now a federal lawmaker is getting involved. investigative producer liz wagner is with us.
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liz, critics say the company is taking advantage of people. what can be done here? >> reporter: well, raj, we found small businesses are facing six-figure losses for what they call innocent mistakes. they say they're being punished for simply not knowing how to license pay per view boxing matches in their restaurants or bars. but now a growing number of people including a local congressman, say it's time to change that. >> let's go. >> reporter: in a dozen rounds in may 2012, boxing fans watched mayweather take down kodo. martha sanchez saw the fight. >> we rented it and then we just showed it on our tv set. just like anyone else. >> reporter: but she wasn't at home. she was at work. this empty space once belonged to her family's restaurant. >> the tv was right up here. >> reporter: people who want to show boxing matches in their businesses have to pay a special commercial license fee. >> commercial license sounds like a big production.
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we were just hanging out here watching the fight. >> reporter: a year later, sanchez was sued for pay per view piracy by this man. joe gillardy. he's the president of j and j sports productions, the campbell company that licensed the fight. as the investigative unit showed you last month, j and j has sued thousands of businesses. but it's not just restaurants and bars. we found barbershops, beauty salons, auto centers, even catholic church have been slapped with lawsuits. >> they made up the law. i didn't make up the law. the promoters didn't make up the law. >> reporter: the law involves two federal statutes that prohibit unauthorized cable or satellite reception. if anyone received the program they're not entitled to they may be liable in court. business owners who fail to pay j and j a fee for fights like these are violating the law, whether they know it or not. >> we had no idea. >> the information is not getting out. >> reporter: attorney trevor mccann has defended more than 2
6:32 pm
dozen clients in piracy paces. >> how many of your clients were unaware they needed to pay a commercial rate? >> nearly all. >> reporter: he has argued that contracts between tv providers and commercial customers contains vague language about licensing. he questions how much outreach jshj and j actually does. it appears from the business web site business owners have to contact them to pay the commercial fee. >> if i don't know you exist and you make no effort, no real effort to inform me of your existence, and you later come to sue me how are you the victim? >> do i go from door-to-door so they'll do this? no. >> reporter: the law doesn't require him to do. he declined to present any examples of his company's advertisements. he says he makes calls to bars and has placed notices in a spanish language news paper. >> you believe there's enough education, announcements,
6:33 pm
notifications to these small businesses they should know the law? >> absolutely. >> do you believe small businesses when they say they don't know the laws? >> no. >> you don't? >> no. they note law. >> reporter: and the law allows stiff penalties. court records show j and j routinely seeks damages of more than $100,000. >> do you think that's fair? >> yeah. >> you do think it's fair? >> absolutely. >> for a commercial license fee that costs $2,000 and someone would maybe end up on the hook for $100,000? >> right. >> reporter: while defendants often negotiate down, attorneys suspect j and j is making a pretty penny in court. mccann is starting to follow the money. he found in just one year federal courts awarded j and j more than $1.3 million in 81 judgements. he notes that figure doesn't include settlements and doesn't account for at least 600 other cases in the same time period. >> j and j is making a lot of money suing people. as opposed to protecting their
6:34 pm
property rights. >> small business owners, they're not out to break the law. they're out to try and make a go of their business. >> reporter: north bay congressman mike thompson began looking into piracy laws after the investigative unit contacted his office. last month we told you about the eight ball tavern, a bar in the congressman's district. j and j sued the tavern for broadcasting a fight the owners say they never showed. the company made another hefty demand. >> i think we need to change the law and deal with not only the penalty phase but the clarification of what the law is and how it's to be carried out. >> reporter: thompson says business owners need to know how to comply. >> and i think there's a big problem there. i don't think it's clear. and we need to straighten out those ambiguities. >> reporter: and thompson says j and j bears up much of that responsibility. >> i believe it's also incumbent upon the companies to make sure they do a good job explaining
6:35 pm
what it is small businesses have to do. >> are you committing to changing these laws? >> oh, i'm all in. >> reporter: with strong words from a federal lawmaker, small businesses now have someone with muscle in their corner. now, thompson's legislation is a work in progress. an attorney who defends piracy cases in southern california suggests something called a safe harbor provision. it would give business owners the chance to comply with the law and pay j and j its fee before facing legal action. and of course, we will stay on the story. >> okay. very good. thank you, liz. if you have a story or tip about this story or any other story, contact liz wagner or anyone else in our investigative unit at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail directly to the unit have you filled up lately? you may want to do that in one particular place. in the bay area where you can find a gallon of gas for under 2 bucks. i'm sam brock. donald trump and bernie sanders both thumped their opponents in
6:36 pm
new hampshire. that's sparking claims they have the best chance of winning their party's nomination based on what they did in new hampshire. but what are the historical stats say? reality check coming up next. here's a live look at moffett
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field in mountain view. president obama.he arrival of want to check in one more time at moffett field in mountainview. we're still awaiting the arrival of president obama. at this point he's expected to alive in about 20 minutes. that's when air force one will touch down there. but president obama in town for two fundraising events. of course we'll continue to monitor the situation and bring you his arrival live as it happens in this newscast. take a look a cool image from outer space. that's lightning. this is time-lapsed video of a thunderstorm posting on twitter by british astronaut tim peak.
6:39 pm
the international space station was over northern africa at this time. well, that twitter bird not flying high. twitter shares falling about 3% in after-hours trading. the san francisco-based company releasing its fourth quarter earnings this afternoon. the report shows the number of twitter users is down. twitter stock already hitting an all-time low this week. the company is trying to revive itself today. it announced some timeline changes. twitter says more popular tweets will now appear at the top of your timeline. and not all users are happy about that. they prefer to see all their tweets in chronological order. we should note you can manually turn off this new feature in the next few weeks. san francisco and silicon valley. are they one economy or are they two? a new report says it's hard to tell but the bottom line for 2015 has been terrific. joint venture silicon valley published its annual index. among the highlights, job growth topped 4% and positions that were lost in the recession have been recovered. the progress isn't all tech, though.
6:40 pm
growth is apparently spread to other segments of the local economy. paychecks also bigger by more than 5%. a bargain price for gas in the bay area. nbc bay area's jerry mcsweeney captured this video today as drivers lined up at an arco in mill valley. gas for under $2 for a gallon. $1.91 to be exact. analysts say falling crude oil prices are to thank for the trend at the pump. back on firm ground thankfully. a dream vacation was halted because of rough seas. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas returned to new jersey this afternoon after sailing into wild weather on sunday. monster waves and high winds causing damage to the ship. and had passengers really clinging on for dear life. the cruise was supposed to sail to the bahamas but of course had to turn around. passengers will get a full refund and 50% off any future cruise. royal caribbean says the storm was stronger than originally
6:41 pm
forecasted and the ship was never in any danger. they should have consulted with our friend jeff. >> that's scary. >> category 2 hurricane-style winds for them. they said the ship was completely listing to one side. >> i would not want to be on that ship. >> not without dramamin zblerkz we have very rough seas headed our way. great for mavericks. but for the average swimmer it definitely could get super dangerous. we'll have details on that rough surf. and also when this shot of san francisco could actually have some rain on it. that's in just a few minutes. the race is getting tighter. as
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6:43 pm
we mentioned earlier in this newscast, former hewlett packard c-e-o - carly fiorina the race is getting tighter as we mentioned earlier in this newscast. former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina dropping out of the presidential race today. so did new jersey governor chris christie. christie finished sixth in the new hampshire primary and was not invited to the upcoming debate in south carolina. donald trump and bernie sanders cruised to huge victories in new hampshire.
6:44 pm
>> an important win, but is it a good predictor of how the candidates will do in the long run? nbc bay area sam brock has our reality check. >> reporter: yeah. lots of claims coming out of last night's primary. but here's the headliner. since world war ii, the first or second place finisher in new hampshire has gone on to win the gop nomination. is that true? actually, yes. and typically it's the winner who seals up the nomination. since 1948, when thomas dewey decimated his competition and won the new hampshire primary, every single first place finisher except for three represented republicans in november. other candidates who kept up that trend, dwight eisenhower, richard nixon, ronald reagan, and most recently, mitt romney. surely a good sign statistically for donald trump that in the modern era, 82% of the time the new hampshire winner is the gop nominee. now, on the democratic side. >> it's not whether you get
6:45 pm
knocked down that matters, it's whether you get back up. >> reporter: and hillary clinton should like her chances of regaining frontrunner status. since 1972, candidates who finished in the top two in new hampshire represented the democrats in the fall. and it's closer to an even split. seven granite state winners versus four runner-ups have captured the nomination. but in 2012, when barack obama won new hampshire, he was already the party's presumptive nominee. in the last truly contested new hampshire primary in 2008, hillary won. so it's possible the former secretary of state could find more success as the second place finisher if the historical data tells any story it's this. hillary clinton stands a greater chance of grabbing that final spot on your ballot than new hampshire's republican runner-up, john kasich. for reality check, i'm sam brock. back to you. >> okay, sam, thank you. for the democrats it's now onto nevada. you can see sam and the rest of our morning team every day
6:46 pm
starting at 4:30 a.m. great way to start your day with headlines, weather and traffic. speaking of weather let's bring in jeff rainieri talk about the next of this work week and the weekend. >> we have some cloudy skies here the next two days. but most important lit weekend. if you still have some clean up to do from some of those storms we had in december and january we'll get you some sunny weather. remember you can always get more on that look ahead. with our scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. outside the skycam now we're currently 66 in the south bay. east bay checking in at 60. san francisco 65. and the north bay at 64. so while we did have some blue sky today, the high clouds from a storm system offshore is definitely changing it up outside. as we head through tomorrow morning we'll still hold onto some of the overcast here for the south bay with 48 to start. east bay at 45. and the only concern we have for maybe a little bit in the way of some wet roadways would be the north bay mainly near the coastline. we could have some spotty drizzle. let's get you to our biggest and most immediate danger, that's at the coastline.
6:47 pm
high surf advisory for friday and also saturday. you'll see right now waves are not super high. only 5 feet from the current buoy report but we had some very strong rip currents that would be dangerous even to the most experienced swimmer. the next three days it's advised you stay out of the water. here's a saying. those 14-foot waves we could be seeing great news for the mavericks competition which is still set to head off on friday near pillar point. let's get a look at the pacific. this i so extremely frustrating to all the meteorologists out here in the west. this persistent area of high pressure. it moves away, allows some rainfall to get close to the west coast, then it moves back in and helps to deflect any kind of storm activity. that's what we're seeing right now. it's like a battle. high pressure up against a storm system offshore. so what's going to win out? unfortunately high pressure at this point. we'll just see the clouds from this. any kind of substantial rainfall will be heading off to the north. we can show you this better on our futurecast. you see as we head through thursday we have the clouds with us. partly sunny to a partly cloudy sky. once we hit friday that would
6:48 pm
have been our best chance to get any rainfall. and you can see those best chances are unfortunately up into washington and oron. now with the moisture so close to us with the possibility of maybe some drizzle on friday and early saturday morning in the north bay coastline would have again that better shot. so let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout thursday. san francisco mid 60s. nice day out towards the marina and 64 degrees. financial district in the mid 60s as well. for the peninsula palo alto at 70. pacifica 65 and the rough surf. cupertino checking in at 73. north bay, east bay and also the trivalley, incredible weather in napa tomorrow in 74 degrees. oakland at 69. through the trivalley, livermore at 72. next 16 days rain prospects not very much the next few days, chance of drizzle on friday and saturday in the north bay. late february and march our rain chances could increase.
6:49 pm
as of today this very second on the latest models we have the next best chance of some showers by the 18th and the 19th next week. a better chance of rain by february the 23rd. but it still looks like march may hold our best possibility of maybe getting some significant storm systems back. so hopefully those showers next week, you guys. >> thank you, jeff. we go to phoenix next and check in with the warriors as they march towards history. also the giants tightening their belt. koz is next. harry potter fans ...are
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
hyperventilating tonight ... there's another book entering your wizardly wold. scholastic announced today harry potter fans are hyperventilating tonight. there is another book entering
6:52 pm
their wizardly world. s scholastic announcing the book will be published july 31st. it catches up with harry ron and hermione. it's based on the play beginning to run in london. it's focused on harry's son. bring in jim kozimor now from our comcast sportsnet news room. we're talking about warriors not just across the country hot wherever they go. >> you guys are absolutely right. we're going to see it tonight in the desert. warriors continue to win. they're 47-4. 47-4. that's the best start in nba history ever. and they go to the desert to play the phoenix suns tonight. final game before the all-star break. so who should show up? but dubs fans. they're everywhere. look at this. they got the big head of steph. they want to see steph. but they start by seeing draymond green. he's an all-star. he drills a three. and then the warriors come back
6:53 pm
down and here's the guy those fans wanted to see number 30 steph curry. three out of the corner he knocks it down. he's going to the all-star weekend festivities. so is klay thompson. what does he do? it's a three. that's right. everything going well. it's raining in phoenix not water just threes. right now warriors up 43-35 second quarter. super bowl 50 is over. and now we focus on the 2016 size on. for the 49ers there's still some debate as to whether or not chip kelly is the right person to lead them into the future and back to prominence. nbc's football night in america mike florio made an interesting comparison. >> i guess he's the right fit for the same reason jim harbaugh was the right fit. and why isn't jim harbaugh still the coach of the 49ers? and teams swing back and forth broadly when they get rid of a coach. so jim harbaugh, the college coach my way or the highway, i want things this way, he's gone. so you got other way to the guy everybody gets along with in m
6:54 pm
tomsula who can't win. he's gone then you go back to a guy like jim harbaugh. trent balke chose chip kelly over being unemployed sooner or later with a guy who would not be successful. they're betting on chip kelly to be successful. if he is then trent has to worry about chip kelly doing in san francisco what he did in philadelphia which is making a power play. >> now, that is some story line to form follow. from the gridiron to the diamond where we're just seven days away from pitchers and catchers reporting to training camp. giants had a busy offseason hoping to continue their even year magic today. they locked up a key piece to their infield. at least they locked that player up for now. giants avoided arbitration with first baseman brandon belt. they agreed on terms. the one-year deal $6.2 million. the 27-year-old belt his .280 last season. had 18 home runs. giants have not gone to arbitration since 2004.
6:55 pm
so the giants, they have everyone resigned they added two starters and a center fielder, even number year, things are looking quite good for the orange and black. and that will do it in sports for tonight. gang, back to you. >> thank you, koz. we'll see you at 11:00. tonight at 11:00, it's selling fast. we're talking about $15 coffee here in the bay area. 15 bucks for coffee. but is it really worth it? find out tonight at 11:00 after "chicago pd." all right. we want to take you back out to moffett field for a final time just give you a look there at the air field awaiting for president obama to arrive. air force one. you can see it. i think that's it coming in. the president is expected to land any moment now. two fundraiser events here, and then after he'll head to los angeles, also to continue his fundraising trip. but again we're monitoring the president to see when air force one arrives. we'll have full coverage for you tonight at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> yeah. >> oh, last check of the weather. >> why not? >> how could we end a newscast without a quick check of the
6:56 pm
weather? >> i don't know, you guys. let's get a live look outside. you can see for the morning forecast we are expecting 46, maybe some isolated drizzle across the northern coastline. but other than that, 53 in san francisco and partly sunny, a light jacket for the east bay and 45. for the south bay 48 and partly cloudy. as we push ahead towards tomorrow we'll stay mild and beautiful in the south bay, 74. san francisco 66. and the north bay at 72. maybe you're headed out towards mavericks in pillar point to get a view of the action. you can see temperatures will be in the 60s and we'll have a mix op some sun and also some clouds. so some good weather the next few days. the weekend looks sunny. then maybe some showers by next wednesday and thursday. we're going try to get el nino in gear here and get you some more rainfall in the next two weeks. as good as we can do next wednesday a thursday. >> you can tell president it's warmer here than washington. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00.
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dawn of the brain dead. the donald destroyed on the front page. >> trump gets in the last word now on "extra." just call him the teflon don. trump unshakeable today as he's targeted in the new york papers, and spoofed by johnny depp. >> the only thing with more brass is my balls. >> are you the favorite to be the next president of the united states. >> his new interview, plus melania posing poolside inside trump's megacountry estate. new video, kim kardashian today revealing her post-baby body. >> why kanye is speaking out in defense of bill cosby today. only on "extra," usher


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