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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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oes. he formed a perfect union between 100% beef, cheese, and mouth... ...with buttery bakery buns for all and america ate it up. true story. we're making every burger better, like the new double jack. history never tasted so good. south bay where sheriff's deputies are investigating the discovery of human remains near a college. =jess/2-shot= good evening,'m jessica aguirre. =raj/2-shot= and i'm raj mathai. breaking news in the south bay. >> at this hour, it's an active scene. investigators plan on staying through the night. those human remains were found on the outskirts of gill roy. ian cull was one of the first
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reporters on site. the area they are focusing on most is -- this is right across the street from the college golf course. deputies don't know if the remains are male or female. they don't have an approximate age. any time human remains are sound in the south bay, especially south santa clara, questions are raised about this missing girl. authorities will be keeping a
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close eye on this investigation. the sheriff as office says it is too early to even tell if this is a male or female. they will be here on scene throughout the night. the medical examiner will be in charge of identifying who that person was. >> president obama is back in town. air force i touching down in mountain view just after 7:00 this evening. it's a familiar game plan. a quick trip to raise money. here he is coming off of air force one. he's greeted by mayor sean mcallister. in l.a. he'll tape an appearance for the "ellen" show. the president is staying in m
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milpitas tonight. >> now to a story you'll sea only on nbc bay area, the driver of a car nearly hit by falling concrete on the bay bridge is recounting her terrifying experience. the driver was cruising through a tunnel when a chunk of concrete suddenly came down. cheryl hurd is live on treasure island. >> reporter: it wasn't a fun experience for the driver. the driver tells me tonight it was about the size of a tire and she said she and her friend steered for their lives.
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>> liz swerved watching the sizable chunk of concrete come into view in slow motion. >> it was big enough to take up the whole wind shooeld. i thought it was going to be like a head on collision, crash. >> she slammed on her brake bracing for impact. >> it scrape long here. this tire got popped. >> a saturday afternoon ruined, leaving this school teacher from kansas city wondering about the safety of the bridge. stli thought the whole purpose of the rebuild to make it sound from what i heard was earthquaking but there was their wasn't an earthquake that saturday. the tunnel is 80 years old. when the new bridge was built, the tunnel received into retro
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fit money. cal tran says it was safe. >> it was unsafe, we'd shut it down. >> liz said she would like some pep from cal tran to replace her tire. but cal tran says it's a process, she has to go online and the process could take up to six weeks. liz says that's frustrating because this was not an ordinary pothole. >> a tragedy sparking change. since the deadly balcony collapse, the city said more than 400 buildings are in need of a fix. six people were killed when that fifth floor ball cony collapsed near the cal campus. property owns are have been given 90 days to make the fixes. >> plenty of upset people are
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deer manneding a sex offender cliner er tic to stay out of t neighborhood. the president of the clinic says the plans to move there have been called off. 100 paroled sex offenders would have attended court mandated counseling at this location. >> so should the sfpd be armed with tasers? would tasers save more lives? >> season fran police believe this use of force could save
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lives. >> in 2007, it was declared a torture device. >> fractures in the audience. folks angry with san francisco police chief greg sir who proposed equipping officers with tasers. mario woods was fatally shot by several officers. >> any teen-ager male or female could have walked up to mario and hit his knife. the police officers association has gone on record saying tasers could have prevented the death of mario woods. the chief says the tasers can only be used -- >> when the suspect is armed with a weapon, did you
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prohibited -- >> on an unarmed suspect or a person and now no action was taken by the police commission as far as adding tasers to the san francisco police department. any recommendations that happen moving forward will have to first go through the department of justice. >> a female inmate alleged live beat up and april boous, not by another prisoner but by a corrections officer. disturbing allegations again involving the sant.
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it's another controversy for the beleaguered jail system. last august a male inmate died after allegedly being beaten to death after three male deputies. >> the zika virus is spread primarily through mosquitoes. there's a health warning out now in 20 nations. local health officials say the person who is sick recently traveled outside the country and only has a mild case. >> they came down with some of the signs and sim comes to toms, a fever, a rash after going to those miss crews are busy tearing down the attraction.
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it was one of the main events ahead of the big game at levi. the roads with supposed to open friday but crews will have the work done sooner. super bowl commit kmt said they had 1.1 visitors at the fan event, more than they expected. >> i really like it. >> a coffee habit can be expense of, especially -- >> you and can blame it on the boss. >> good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff bode many
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zbrrchl. >> is that code for turn off your body cameras, we'll talk about this later? >> it is, it's a tough question grp. >> chevy. snfrms. >> fwlrchls ghp.
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zbrrchl. >> we make it easy with our free white glove dovery so you can even march grow sfrofrm dog park menace . police are
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investigating thousands of thumb tacks found at a popular east bay dog park menace. police are investigating thousands of thumb tacks found at a popular east bay dog park. tacks scattered across the dog park. pet owns are say it's been happening for the past month. now they say the problem has gotten out of hand. >> they even found thumb tax in the ball for the water. >> looks like somebody is intentionally doing it. what the purpose is, we don't know. fortunately we haven't had any injuries yet. >> ma trolls have been stepped up to try and catch the person responsible. >> new at 11:00 that ended with a mauling. a female doing e doinger the st
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the zoo felt the timing was right. instead it would have tigers got in a fight and the froochlt. >> some people have already gotten the boot. today frchl if they see that mayors there hope flip encouragings more than a step up a. sflourchlts prchl.
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are sflvts. zurchlt zurchlts anxiety. it will feature about 8,000 bottles. does it impact the local wine and beft hers sfrournls
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zbrurchlt. >> okay. from wine to coffee. $2 a at that naurjts. >> it story of the jaca to a at that time. >> and sprips sfraufrms and a half ves sfloufrms snulktsz
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snujts our testers, cindy lamar. >> i think it's amazing. i really like it. as you said, it's more like a tea than like a true coffee. it's worth the drive from san francisco. >> he says in this case you get what you pay for. >> it's almost like that $40
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bottle of wine. >> terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> if we can get one, we can share it. >> how many caffeine does it have in it? >> good question. >> i know. a nice strong shot of espresso. let's take you into the forecast. we have high clouds increasing. east bay at 50. san francisco coming in at 61 and for the north bay 51. these clouds moving across definitely frustrating. we all want the rainfall. there just weren't any rain drops squeezed out it have. east bay at 45 to start. ness temperatures there for a cup of coffee in the morning to start. you do want to watch out fors possibility of isolated drizzle.
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that would be the biggest thing to watch out for. when it comes it the dangerous weather over the next couple of days, the highlight to focus on is the immediate coast line. waves right now only at 6 feet. but they could go as pooh -- we do have some very strong rip currents here. >> the main reason why we haven't gotten any storm system, any time they get close, they just get sheered apart. tomorrow, no rainfall in sight. it will be 5 to 10 degrees above average.
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and across san francisco we'll have 64 in the marina over toward the mission, 66. right here in danville, 71 tomorrow, back to pleasantton -- a nice day in mill veel -- valley. the key resorts have done a great job at banging up this kwnch let's go ahead and take a look at those rain chance beep are still good to go for maybe some showers next wednesday and thirst on the 17th and 18th.
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march is still trending above average. not as wet was a it was in january but we'll take what we can get in february. it's hard to concentrate after that coffee. >> >>. >> hey, guys, tonight we have super bowl champion peyton manning. it's a great show. do not change your kpanl! >> happening now across our digital platform, we continue to follow the breaking news in gilroy. also a man claim prnls toyota,
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let's go places. ♪ ♪
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the car of the future one step closer to becoming the car of the present. the ntsb saying today the software inside google's driverless car could potentially act as a licensed driver. this would especially benefit the blind and disabled, who couldn't have to rely on a driver to get around town. there are still some major hurdles. police say it's still unclear who would be liable for driver after sailing into hive winds on
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monday. the ship had passengers sanging on for dear life. they had to turn around. >> probably the scariest days of my entire life. >> it was horrendous. you feared for your life. >> passengers will get a full refund and 50% of any future cruise. royal caribbean says the storm was it stronger than originally forecasted. sflnd a the giants making some news tonight. and the warriors head into were penelope cruz and felling the burn. saet myers welcomes ryan
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reynolds. >> it's the final bap. prchl with the united explorer card, you'll get a free checks back. who sfwrchlts. >> united plus explorer card. imagine where it will pick you.
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>> the giants took care of some business today and avoiding arbitration. the death is worth $6.2 million dollars. they would like to get a long-term team with backafter.
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refer if from if be enchs to back things. with tonight's win, they improved to the league's best 42-4. o and the mls all-star game will be played at the stadium. deputy frjs.
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>> >>. >> more news with raj and jessica after the break. "the boss" made me do it. that's
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the excuse a dad is
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using to explain why his daughters were late to school. =fs= 'patrick papino' of the boss made me do it. that's the excuse a dad is using to explain why his daughters were late to school. he sent a note to school after they sleft in. >> he ended up playing for over three hours. >> we live by three rules, be kind to as many people as you can, help as many people as you can and when boss brings the band to up to, be there. >> looks likes a fun guy. the note should have worked because one of his daughter's teachers was also at the bruce
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springsteen concert. >> i would have signed off on that one. >> jeff, final word? >> cold it start. tomorrow morning 48, east bay 45 and as far as tomorrow's highs go, 74 in the south bay, 73 in the tri-valley. 66. partly sunny to partly cloudy skies. maybe it's not there but it's pebble beach, thursday, friday and saturday, temps in the 60. i'd write a skill school night for either one of those. >> have a great night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- penelope cruz, super bowl champion peyton manning, magic johnson,


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