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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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a discovery on the outskirts of gilroy--- sparking a criminal investigatn. man remainun a discovery on the outskirts of gilroy sparking a criminal investigation. human remains found near a local college. now, we could find out much more about how they got there in just a matter of hours. plus, searching for safety after that deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. the startling number of buildings that all had something in common following further review. while presidential candidates do get out on the east coast, the current commander in chief doing some bank rolling in the bay area. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. put our best foot forward for the president. mission accomplished. meteorologist kari hall with a look here at your weather.
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>> yes, he will be greeted by warm temperatures, once again, after a cool start to the day and mostly clear skies. we will start to see more clouds mixing in this afternoon and now it's 50 degrees in the east bay and the peninsula. expect a high of 72 deit grees in the east bay peninsula and in the south bay we're up to 75 degrees. 69 degrees today in san francisco. heading into the weekend, it stays warm, i'll detail that coming up. let's get an update on what it looks like now as you cross the bay with mike. >> we're looking over here towards, here we go. looking over towards the san mateo bridge. are we there? there we go. san mateo bridge. smooth drive across 92. no problems as you're crossing over as we look at your maps, a smooth flow of traffic, as well. across the bay and around the bay. look at these maps right here west 92 is looking really good. 84 not a problem for the dumbarton bridge. things are nice down south. coming over the santa cruz mountains we did have a tree
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across lanes until just about a half hour ago. all lanes are clear coming up towards the summit. back to you. a developing story now. a disturbing discovery in the south bay. human remains found near gilroy. investigators have been at the scene for more than 12 hours. this in the area of santa theresa boulevard and castro valley road. >> bob redell live in gilroy with what we know so far. bob? >> good morning to you, laura and sam. we know the santa clara county sheriff's office is creating thissis a criminal investigation. you can see deputies are guarding and preserving the location of these remains until the medical examiner arrives. we assume they are waiting for sun up to get some good light on the scene. it appears the remains were discovered in or around a canal or creek bed just down the hill beyond those patrol cars. just by the intersection of castro valley road and santa theresa boulevard, not far from the golf course. the sheriff's office does not
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yet know the age of this person or whether the remains belong to a man or a woman. you might recall about four years ago, this is in march of 2012, a 15-year-old girl disappeared about 21 miles from here near her home in morgan hill on her way to school. hundreds of people participated in the search last night one of the searchers called nbc bay area to let them know they will keep an eye on what develops with this most recent discovery. her family is not making any assumptions. they don't want to jump to the "worse case scenario." the sheriff office still has yet to determine who these remains belong to. his trial is scheduled to start in april. reporting live here outside gilroy, bob redell, "today in the bay." we are going to stay on top of this developing story, both on air and online today. download our nbc bay area app for instant updates.
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now to another developing story. the standoff at a wildlife refuge in oregon may be finally coming to an end. federal agents and state legislatures hard at work right now trying to get the remaining four armed protesters to surrender. a nevada assemblywoman is actsing a a liaison between protesters and the fbi and engaged in negotiations over the phone. the audio was live streamed on youtube. the group's leader was arrested last month during a traffic stop. a tragedy sparking change since the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. the city says more than 400 buildings are in need of fixes. part of berkeley's response to last june's collapse. six people were killed when a sixth floor balcony collapsed near the cal campus. property owners have been given 90 days to make the fixes. president obama is back in town this morning. air force one touched down in mountain view last night. the president greeted on the tarmac by san jose mayor and
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mountain view mayor john mccallister. mr. obama set to attend two fund-raisers this morning and then will head off to los angeles later today. in l.a., he's going to tape an appearance on "ellen" show that will appear tomorrow. >> that should bine a lot of fun. let's get a look at the forecast. >> yeah, once again, we will have a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. after starting out now at 48 degrees in concord, it's 50 in oakland and san carlos and san francisco at 52 degrees. back into the mid-70s again today with, once again, a mix of sun and clouds. gilroy up to 74 degrees and half moon bay more of the same. and 73 degrees in napa. oakland is looking at 72 and in danville today a high of 74 degrees. we're still above average. and we keep that weather into the weekend. until we get some rain. i'll deit tail when we could see some showers coming up in the
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next motorcycle roo coloto mike are climate forecast. >> we have cars up in the north bay san rafael. we just saw a burst of traffic and now a little break. few more cars down through san rafael. at your map shows you the speed sensors reflect you're at the limit. down through san rafael across the clear golden gate bridge and on the east bay no problems. including the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll zoom out and no real issues out of the dublin area and in the eastbound or countercommute direction and, again, the south bay is clear including the santa cruz mountain back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. anger over police use of force. the mixed reaction to a new proposal involving stun guns and the san francisco pd. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. frustration and anger --
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surrounding the issue of san francisco police offrs being ars frustration and anger surrounding the issue of san francisco police officers being armed with stunned guns. last night's police commission meeting the city's police chief said that using stun guns could save more lives. he wants officers and the s.w.a.t team to use the device and to undergo crisis intervention training. well, this all and some people say this strategy is not the answer.
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>> with the lacking overall de-escalation techniques and sort of a culture of respect for the life that is at the other end of the gun. >> under the chief's proposal stunned guns would oonly be used on a suspect. no action so far has been taken. now to this investigative unit exclusive. we have seen plenty of videos police using force when arresting suspects. >> moving to the ground. >> the suspect in this video doug huff shared the video with nbc bay area investigative unit. he claims the cell phone video shot by an officer does not show what happened right before police tased him. but an nbc bay area investigation found that not every department tracks when officers activate them during use of force incidents. >> why do you think it's so important to have that data? >> because in a use of force,
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you have a police officer who is picking one of the weapons that they're armed with and deciding to deploy it against the civilian. and in those moments, that's when the community is most concerned about an officer acting correctly. >> tonight at 11:00, investigative reporter vicky nguyen finds out why cameras aren't always rolling. send them an e-mail to coming up next, a shift of power for california's coastline. the change of leadership under waves of controversy.
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all remarking about the fact that it's thursday and kind of feels like friday. >> it's friday eve, right? >> we're in the mindset. >> super sunday so much packed in there. >> riding those waves. but the thing is, we are feeling weekend-like weather right now. >> it will be great weather again today. just take it easy. if you're working, take the lunch outside and take in some of this warmth. as we take a live look now at san jose, we start out with nice, clear conditions. but we will have some clouds mixing in as we go through the day. seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen and our temperatures holding steady at least over the next several days, but it is cool as you head out, once again, this morning. upper 40s in the north bay and 48 degrees in concord and san jose now at 51 degrees. in oakland, let's take it hour
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by hour after starting out with a clear sunrise. we'll start to see a few more clouds by 8:00 and we'll be at 54 degrees and temperatures still warming up. 10:0062 degrees into the upper 60s and hitting the low 70s today. now the high surf advisory is back. coastal waters and temperatures warm up, we want to make sure you are aware what is going on as you are getting close to the water and our swells up to 15 feet over the next couple of days and a period of 19 seconds. so, with those long periods of swells, you will have pretty high chance of being sucked out to water before it pushes you back in. be mindful of that. that continues until saturday evening. it's because we're starting to get more activity out there in the pacific with these storm systems churning up those waves. we will have a slight chance of spotty drizzle in the north bay late friday night into early saturday morning and then our next chance of rain will be for
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the middle of next week. so, a look at our weekend forecast. we will keep it mild. reaching into the mid-60s for tomorrow and then into the day on saturday, some more 70s. we'll all be in the 70s on sunday. it it is valentine's day. our temperatures will be warming up. we will continue to have some very mild weather. let's check in now with mike to see how the roads are moving. >> the roads are moving well right now. in fact, let's show you the big view of the bay. we don't see anything but the green. i do want to show you where the sensors were slowing for a couple of minutes. southbound 280 as you're getting down towards larksburg and 380 on the peninsula. one of your exits and a crash there. a car a little mini cooper went off to the shoulder and mini car problems, i guess. no lanes blocked and we'll track that. meanwhile, let's look at the peninsula, we look at palo alto and here an easy flow of traffic and light volume as you see the other thing on the other side of the bay. there you go, guys. >> looks good.
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all right, carrying us right through. thank you, mike. apparently love does come at a cost. a new report finds that americans are spending hundreds of dollars on their loved ones. on average for valentine's day. >> let's go to the heartbreaker herself. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, sam and laura. quite the opposite. but let's get a quick check of your markets. more red arrows at the opening bell today. futures are lower this morning and european markets are deep in the red on continued concerns about the health of the region. banks is weighing on stocks turning $27 a barrel. janet yellin is back on capitol hill today. yesterday in front of the senate, she acknowledged the slow down and the global economy, but still says it's possible the fed raises interest rates again this year. the dow erasing early gains down about 100 points. watch shares of twitter today. the company reporting disappointing results wednesday as it's not adding any new users. the stock is down 50% since jack
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dorsy returned as ceo last summer and we're just trying to the timeline to make the most interesting tweets appear at the top. and it is that time of year and what's the price of oyour love? a new report by and find out how much the average american spends on the holiday. the price tag, get this, $512. the most expensive purchase is diamond earrings followed by fine dining for two, champagne a dozen roses and box of chocolate. sam, i'm sure you have big plans. laura, i'm sure worth every penny. >> other than the prefixed dinner, how about forgetting that. show someone you really love them by crafting something from the heart, right? how much money does that cost you? >> every day is valentine's day, sam. >> landon dowdy, thank you very much. decision 2016. the field is getting smaller as two big names dropping out of the race for president.
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first carly fiorinia bowed out after getting 4% of the vote in the new hampshire primary. also calling it it quits, new jersey governor, chris christie. he finished sixth on tuesday night. in the meantime it, cal train may soon get a big boost in its modernization efforts. president obama thanking the congress for $125 million to fund cal trains electroification project. the aensh is seeking north of $400 million to cover costs that make the switch over from diesel. the electric frain trains would improve service. the president making his request for the 2017 fiscal budget. it is 4:49. new this morning, a shakeup in the california coastal commission, which is ousting its executive director despite intense efforts by supporters who fought the move. protesters gathered last night at a packed hearing in morrow bay to urge commissioners to let
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charles lester keep his job. the public hearing lasted nearly 12 hours. about 250 lester supporters but in the end commissioners decided to fire him effective immediately. >> i've worked hard. i accomplished a lot. and hopefully that work will continue on into the future. and, so what prompted the decision to oust lester calling it a legal matter, but do say its attitude and frustration surrounding the decision. supporters believe lester's strong anti-development stance did him in which commissioners insist is not the case. coming up next, freezing. a bit of history and a special birthday in the south bay. just how long a woman has kept a snowball in her freezer from a rare storm. and happening now, we're staying on top of the president's bay area visit online. at our home page link to raw video of his arrival, along with
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more details about his stay. super bowl city already mostly a distant memory under our local headlines. a look at what crews are doing to end san francisco's road closures a little early. and valentine's day will be here before you know it it. on our facebook page we list simple steps to save you a little bit of money.
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and now introducing delicious biscuits with almond butter or peanut butter. they put the call out and it starts on friday. definitely not too early to be planning what you're planning and a lot of folks, kari. >> most of us we have to view it it on tv. great conditions out there for the surfers. and in the morning, we'll be at 62 degrees or 52 degrees. at noon we're at 63 and the waves up to 13 feet and the winds at 10 to 25 miles per
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hour. we'll be keeping an eye on that. keeping an eye on the roads this morning. here's mike. >> kari, golden gate bridge. right behind me these are the folks that head out there. clore over by the toll plaza side. no big surprises. we'll give you another live look. d dublin for westbound 80 and little slowing out of the altamont. easy flow for north 101 for 680 and the entire stretch of the silicon valley looking great. you guys are talking about that, coming up. back to you. >> mike, thanks so much. as kari just mentioned a minute ago a high surf advisory in effect later today. strong waves predicted to reach up to 15 feet. that advisory is expected to last into saturday. and waves going strong means world famous maverick surf
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competition is still on. >> it's gone for a year and now it's back. two dozen dare devil surfers. the nearly 40-foot waves also attract big business. shops and restaurants in the area are already preparing for the rush. >> we're looking at a lot more people and it really comes at a good time because we have been a little slow with the crab situation. so, we're really happy to have this wintertime pop. >> last year the waves weren't big enough to even hold the contest, so, it it didn't happen. but this week as we've been talking about, surf is up, my friend. >> a big wave there. big milestone for perhaps the south bay's best known snowball. >> how are we talking about a long-standing snowball. either you had no idea such a snowball existed or you have been following this story like we have for decades. it's the snow from a rare storm in february of 1976 that blanketed the santa clara valley floor. >> she decided to preserve it,
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apparently, for all time in a jar in her freezer. even ripply's believe it or not has recognized it. betty now 40 years along. our bob redell went back to the scene of the crime to celebrate the anniversary. >> i kept it because we still live in the same house. it had to graduate to a big jar because something happens to it. see, it grew. >> well, we're not sure who is doing better, the snowball or betty. betty is 82 years old after all. she looks fantastic. she first stored that snowball when her then 14-year-old son suggested they try to keep it it as a momentum, you might say frozen in time just to the left of the pot pies. >> chicken pot pies. >> no shame in holding on to history. it is 4:56 right now. coming up, tragedy in berkeley that raised questions about the overall safety of city buildings. now, those concerns look justified after the deadly
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balcony collapse last june. next, some very concerning numbers. and human remains uncovered in santa clara county. by gilroy. what a criminal investigation might reveal in just a matter of hours. taking a peek outside this morning. a nice start to our day. beautiful lights in the bay bridge. it it is 4:57. we're back in just minutes. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail theunit@nbcb nbc bay area, we investigate.
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kn morning, i'm bob redell to just outside gilroy with what the sheriff office is saying about human remains discovered here yesterday. that story coming up. andyism i'm stephanie chuang. what the city found after inspecting hundreds of other billings. that's coming up in a live report. the commander in chief is in town and where he's off to this morning and the road closures you should know about before you head out your door. "today in the bay" starts right now. a terrific thursday. >> sure you can. >> why not? thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a very nice week. let's check in with kari. >> good morning we continue on
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with our warm weather well above average with a mix of sun and clouds heading through the day. it's mostly clear as you step out the door now. it's 43 degrees in the south bay and san francisco is at 53 degrees. look for a high and low 70s else where. 75 degrees in the south bay, as well as the tri-valley. i'll detail what to expect as we head into valentine's day weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. let's get an update on what is happening on the roadways now with mike. >> nimitz freeway and headlights no problems for other stretch. oakland looks great as far as the speed sensors go. on the other side of the bay, there is a crash. we'll leave it there because still on chp's report south 280 past 380. behind me, let's move over towards the altamont and the commute direction coming in towards livermore and pleasanton. no other problems. nothing unexpected. send it back to you. now to a developing


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