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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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average with a mix of sun and clouds heading through the day. it's mostly clear as you step out the door now. it's 43 degrees in the south bay and san francisco is at 53 degrees. look for a high and low 70s else where. 75 degrees in the south bay, as well as the tri-valley. i'll detail what to expect as we head into valentine's day weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. let's get an update on what is happening on the roadways now with mike. >> nimitz freeway and headlights no problems for other stretch. oakland looks great as far as the speed sensors go. on the other side of the bay, there is a crash. we'll leave it there because still on chp's report south 280 past 380. behind me, let's move over towards the altamont and the commute direction coming in towards livermore and pleasanton. no other problems. nothing unexpected. send it back to you. now to a developing story we
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have been following overnight. a grisly discovery in the south bay has sheriff deputies working around the clock. investigators digging for answers this morning after human remains were found in the outskirts of gilroy last night. all of this happening in an area people pass through every day. >> bob redell is live near gilroy with what we know so far. bob? >> good morning to you, laura and sam. as you can see behind me the santa clara county office is guarding the scene here at castro valley road and santa teresa boulevard waiting for the medical examiner to arrive which will presumably happen some time after the sun comes up. it appears the remains are down a hill beyond those patrol cars possibly in or near the canal or creekbed. someone made the discovery around 4:00 yesterday afternoon and the sheriff office does not know who this person was and whether they were an adult or child or a man or a woman. they believe it it is criminal
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in nature and treating it it as such. when any remains are found in south santa clara county the questions come up whether these belong to the 15-year-old girl who disappeared almost four years ago while on her way to school from her home about 21 miles away from here in morgan hill. law enforcement doesn't know who these remains belong to. one of the people who helped search for sierra after her disappearance in march of 2012 did call us last night, nbc bay area, to let us know they're closely monitoring the developments from the scene here just outside gilroy. sierra's older sister, danielle, did tell the "mercury news" yesterday that her family is not making any assumptions. they don't want to jump to the worse-case scenario. you may recall in april a man, he'll be going on trial for the murder and kidnapping of sierra. >> bob, thank you. we're going to stay on top
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of this developing story both on air and online today. download our nbc bay area app for instant updates. at 5:03. now to a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. a live look at the bay bridge this morning where concerns are mounting after a huge chunk of concrete came crashing down in the tunnel approaching the new eastern span of the bridge. now, we're hearing from the driver who was nearly hit by that chunk. we first told you about that story on monday. the driver cruising through the tunnel when the concrete fell. showed us the dpamage on her ca. she swerved to avoid it and recounted the terrifying experience. >> i thought the whole purpose of the rebuild was to make it sound for what i heard was earthquakes and not an earthquake that saturday. that piece just fell. >> we've been out there since and inspecting the areas of damage looking for any other area wheres the concrete doesn't look as strong as it it should. >> the tunnel is 80 years old.
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there was no retrofit money available to upgrade the tunnel. despite the scary incident, cal transaid the tunnel is safe to travel through. eight months since a deadly balkaens collapse in berkeley. the city now says hundreds of buildings are in need of fixing. >> stephanie chuang is live in berkeley with what else we're learning after a series of fresh inspections. stephanie? >> good morning, sam and laura. remember the image of that dangling fourth story building at the complex last june. the collapse of the balcony that led to the death of one person and five irish young adults. now you see the scaffolding there in place and that sent them into a rush where there might still be a threat of collapse else where here in the city. the city began meeting with engineers and architects as part of a new task force after last june's balcony collapse. there are 402 sites that need repairs, as well.
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a lot of it caused by major to minor water leaks. in december owners were given 60 days to apply for work permits. these are not just balkaeconyba but anything outside. staircases at buildings with three or more units. you know what else there might be more signs of repair needed because not everyone responded by that deadline. last august the city sent out 6,100 notifications to property owners warning them of the 2016 deadline to get new building inspections done and submit results. only 72% responded. the city council is set to get an update at the latest numbers at its february 23rd meeting. that's not all. also the issue of the alameda county district attorney's office criminal investigation that is still ongoing into this deadly collapse again last june. we have not gotten an update from the d.a. since last june. >> steph, thank you very much. frustration and anger
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surrounding the issue of san francisco police officers being armed with stunned guns. last night's police commission meeting, the city's police chief said that using stun guns could save more lives. he wants officers and the s.w.a.t team to use that device and to undergo crisis intervention training. this comes in the wake of the deadly officer involved shooting of mario woods. some people say arming officers with stunned guns is not the answer. >> with lacking our overall de-escalation techniques and the culture of respect for the life that is at the other end of the gun. >> under chief's proposal stunned guns only would be used on an armed suspect. no action has been taken yet. now to this vesive unit exclusive. we've seen plenty of videos showing police using force when arresting suspects. >> moving to the ground. >> the suspect in this video doug huff shared this video with the nbc bay area investigative unit. he claims this cell phone video
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shot by an officer does not show what happened right before police tased him. prompted many police officers to use body cameras. an nbc bay area investigation found not every officer tracks when use of force incidents. >> in a use of force, you have a police officer who is picking one of the weapons that they're armed with and deciding to deploy it it against the civilian. and in those moments, that's when the community is most concerned about an officer acting correctly. >> tonight at 11:00, investigative reporter vicky nguy find out why cameras aren't always rolling. if you have a tip call us 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. right now at 5:07. if you're already looking forward to the weekend, the valentine's day holiday day weekend. you have nice weather coming your way. >> i think so, too.
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>> we have some cool temperatures this morning. we're anywhere from the mid-40s to the lower 50s. as you get the day started, sunglasses again today and short sleeves later on once our temperatures warm up. in san jose we're up to 75 degrees and 72 degrees in palo alto and mission district looking at 69 degrees and low 70s for parts of the north bay as well as the east bay and livermore expecting a high of 69 degrees. more of this weather heading into the weekend. i'll detail that coming up and we'll look ahead to our next chance of rain. let's get an update on what's happening as you head out the door now with mike. >> looking over here towards fremont and a great drive. there's the signs for auto mall parkway. just a little to the north. easy drive heading south with these headlights. we'll look at the map and show you the entire region. fremont across the bay and palo alto and mountain view and just a note that there is going to be a hockey game tonight over at sap center and sharks playing and no problems right now. of course, very early for that. smooth drive towards the bay
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bridge toll plaza, as well. cash lanes with a few cars waiting and way out there on the altamont. little slowing for 580. just what you would expect. >> thank you, mike. coming up next the republican presidential race shrinking. big names dropping out and a preview of the faceoff happening tonight between two top candidates. and i'll admit it it, as a business reporter, i like numbers. but i got a number that is really going to spliz yurprise . stick around, we'll show it to you. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. ==topvo== the field is getting
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smaller-as o big namesdropped o decision 2016. now the field continuing to narrow as two big names drop out of the race for president on the republican side. first, carly fiorina the former hewlett-packard ceo who bowed out after getting just 4% of the vote in the new hampshire primary. also calling it quits, new jersey governor chris christie. he finished sixth on tuesday night. now on the democratic side, the two candidates facing off again tonight. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be in milwaukee for tonight's debate. it it comes just days after sanders' victory in the new hampshire primary. the focus now on nevada and south carolina where many voters will head to the polls later this month. the debate starts tonight at 6:00 and will be streamed on youtube. happening today, already been through a couple of those races. president obama in town with a packed morning. he stayed in milpitas overnight at the sheraton hotel.
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>> kris sanchez live there now with a look at his agenda. kris, with the commander in chief here it also means some road closures. >> president obama doesn't have any public events today, but that doesn't mean that there will not be a public impact. in fact, if your commute takes you on 88 o0 you might see some breaks happening around 880 and montgue expressway. now the president is staying at the hotel, which is right off the freeway and for that reason, barber road will be closed. new video this morning of the flashing lights and the police making it very clear that that roadway is only open to hotel guests and employees of nearby companies like abbott. now, here is the president arriving on air force one at moffett field last night. san jose mayor sam lacardo were on the tarmac to greet him and welcome him to town. at 11:00 he will attend a fund-raising brunch at a palo alto home.
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preparations were under way for a-raiser today. the former state controller and venture capitalest and the president will raise money for the democratic national committee at his home. $250 to get in and $10,000 for a picture. by the way, wesley is a former and perhaps future candidate for governor of california. a new city ordinance, by the way, requires steve wesley to pick up the tab for all the security in the city of atherton. from atherton this afternoon about 2:20, 2:30 the president will head back to moffett field because he is due back in los angeles for more fund-raising and perhaps most interestingly a ta taping of "the ellen degeneres" show to air at a later date. >> he is all about the comedians. >> pretty funny. seems like everybody is moving to the bay area these days. >> curiously, though, a certain kind of everyone. scott mcgrew going through some
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numbers. >> joint valley put together a census of sorts of who we are. who makes up the bay area. where we live and what languages we speak. a couple of numbers we found interesting. there was a net influx of 14,338 foreign born people who moved to the bay area this year. i don't think this is particularly surprising. remember, about 40% of our companies are started by foreign born entrepreneurs. but this next number surprised me. 569. 569 american born move to the bay area last year. at least in the sense of net growth. we can practically learn everybody's names. this number is net. so, that means some of our neighbors moved out to other places. this is why oregon complains about all the californians. but just 569 americans moved to the bay area last year. speaking of numbers, let's check yours. the news before the bell and landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning.
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>> hi, scott, good morning to you, as well. more red arrows that opening bell this morning. futures are sharply lower and european markets are deep in the red on continued concern on the health of the banks. oil weighing on stocks $27 a barrel and fed chair janet yellin is back on capitol hill today. yesterday in front of the senate she acknowledged the slow down but still says it's possible that the fed raises interest rates again this year. the dow erasing early gains wednesday closing down about 100 points. dow, back over to you. >> thank you. twitter is in trouble. it's getting smaller. when you add up all the people using twitter on the web and their mobile devices, there are fewer of them. if you have a twitter account, notice that you're picking up a couple of followers here and a few there and you are not alone. now, sam and laura, we put our twitter handles right underneath our names. we want you to follow us on twitter but a day when we'll look back at videotapes with that twitter thing under our names and say, remember that?
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>> you think? >> i do. this is how serious i am. growth has not stopped. i mean, it's getting smaller. fewer twitter users. that's just big trouble. >> big trouble. >> kind of a news junky. i really do use it. instantaneous information. >> core service for people who do use it, just they're not growing. >> growth is everything and getting small. >> growth is money, yeah, you're right. thanks a lot. the buzz now from one cup of coffee being sold in the bay area comes more than just the caffeine. in this case the price of a cup which is sure to give you a bit of a jolt. >> $15 for a cup of coffee. now being sold in just a few bay area ecuador coffee shops. we're not joking. if you find it it, a cup will run you $15. the first place you tried it it last night was sold out. >> mike, for the record, is outraged. connoisseurses called this the
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creme de la creme of coffee. top shelf you might say. we tested it with some regular joes and josephines for that matter who had mixed reactions to this cup of joe. >> i don't really like it it. kind of bitter. >> i think it's pretty good. but i don't think it's exception exceptional. >> i think it's amazing. i really like it. it's, as you said, more of a tea mix than like a true coffee. so, worth the drive from san francisco. >> well, yeah, the price of gas, too. you're probably wondering why the price hike. apparently it's made from rare beans grown high in the mountains of panama and took eight years to produce the first prop which right now precious little supply. >> maybe some gold flakes in the bott bottom, too. >> true 49er spirit. >> it's mountain grown. >> wow. >> that's right. that certainly wasn't $15 a cup. >> no. >> probably not even for a
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canister. >> not even for the actual cup. >> if you can afford exactly one half of one cup. at 5:18 right now. a quick check of your weather. heating up for sunday. valentine's day on sunday. is this coincidence? i think not. >> hot for more than one reason as we head into valentine's day. as we take a live look out there now. we start out on a nice, clear note with some chilly temperatures. no problems as you head out the door. a light jacket needed this morning, but you'll be taking it it off later on today. let's take a look at the microclimates now in the north bay. 48 degrees and 48 in the south bay and 53 degrees in san francisco. let's drop in on the north bay now. hillsburg at 48 degrees and 54 at novato and let's take it hour by hour now in san jose. at 8:00 we're at 53 degrees. it's still cool, but look at how quickly those temperatures warm up by lunchtime we're at 69 degrees. in the low 70s today with more clouds mixing in.
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pretty much like we see in the past couple of days. and if that warm weather takes you to the beach, keep in mind that things may be pretty dangerous out there. a high surf advisory that starts at noon today and continues into 8:00 on saturday. swells may be up to 13 feet with a period of 19 seconds. so that means there is a long period of time between those waves but that could allow those waves to suck you out into the ocean. so, be mindful of that. also those rip currents. we have a couple of chances of rain in the forecast. the first one starts out with spotty drizzle in the north bay. that's late tomorrow might into early saturday and then our next widespread chance of rain returns on wednesday. it looks like it does stay active into the a start of march. things are looking much better as far as our dry weather little spell we had here. into wednesday, here we go with our next chance of some heavy rain moving into the bay area. let's check in now with mike to see what's happening on the roadways. >> kari, good knowledge about
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the waves. that was interesting. over here above the waves. the bay bridge moves well. this is the deck getting into towards san francisco with the taillights and into the city. now, looking at your maps and we're talking wabout the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll keep tracking the build right on schedule. so is the rest of your bay as we move around. there's the east bay and over here the altamont pass and no problem over towards the dublin interchange. a little slowing right around 580 and 680 for the slower connector there. getting over across the san mateo bridge an easy drive to the peninsula and we'll check palo alto. a live look shows you the peninsula itself. headlights and easy drive and south in towards the silicon valley. no delays down there. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up next, a situation in oregon. armed protesters still playing out this morning. a developing story:
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==sam/2shot== thstaoff at a wiln a developing story now the standoff at a wildlife refuge in oregon may be coming to an end. >> state legislatures are hard at work trying to get the remaining four protesters to surrender. and has been engaged in negotiations over the phone. the audio was live streamed on youtube. the group's leader aman bundy was arrested last month during a traffic stop. another developing story. a central valley sheriff deputy is one of two people dead after a single engine plane crashed into a mountain and burst into
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flames. that crash happened yesterday near springville. that's also near eagle feather trading post and highway 190. investigators say deputy scott valentine and civilian pilot james chavez were in the two-seater plane after helping arrest an armed suspect. valentine was a 26-year veteran of the sheriff's department while chavez had served the department as a pilot since 2014. >> it happened so quickly. there was no distress call. may day or the deployment of that safety device. we just ask that the community rally around us as an office and that our men and women rally around each other as we come through this difficult time. >> the officers say it's too early to tell what caused that crash. the faa will be at the crash site later today inspecting the scene and helping with the investigation. at 5:25. new this morning, a shakeup in the california cstal commission, which is ousting its executive director despite intense efforts by supporters
5:26 am
who fought the move. protesters gathered last night at a packed ehearing to urge commissioners to let charles lester keep his job. the public hearing lasted nearly 12 hours. 250 lester supporters spoke but in the end commissioners narrowly decided to fire him effective immediately. >> i've worked hard and i accomplished a lot and hopefully that work will continue on into the future. and, so, thank you for the honor to have served. >> commissioners won't say what prompted the deit scission to oust lester calling it a legal matter. they do say it added to the frustration surrounding the decision. they believe lester's strong anti-development stance did him in which commissioners insist is not the case. the issues being uncovered months, eight months after the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. good morning, i'm bob redell. tell you what the santa clara
5:27 am
county sheriff office is saying about human remains found just outside of gilroy. we'll take you live to the scene coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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a very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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>> i'm sam brock. very dry here this week, kari. that will continue at least a little longer. >> this weekend taste like chocolate. >> everything to me tastes like chocolate. >> it will be very nice and a cool start this morning as you head out for work and it's now at 48 degrees in the north bay. we're looking at 73 degrees today in the north bay. 69 in san francisco. we'll have low to mid-70s else where. so, this warm weather continues and it looks like it stays with us even into the weekend. i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes. but let's get an update on what's happening in the tri-valley with mike. >> weekend. over here we did have some slowing just for about five minutes. traffic really jamming up right around the hacienda off ramp. a smoother drive. a look at the company. there's that dublin grade. i want to show you the map. there is some slowing showing up on our sensors right there in that camera view and more
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traffic coming out of livermore. no problems but the toll plaza itself, we'll show you the metering lights that will cause the backup at the toll plaza that turned on a few minutes. building back towards west grand and i'll show you the south bay coming up. back to you. a developing store a in fact, in the south bay where human remains were found in the outskirts of gilroy. startling discovery came 13 hours ago. investigators worked overnight in the area of santa teresa boulevard and castro valley road. very busy part of town. >> "today in the bay" bob redell joining us live right near gilroy. bob, what are investigators saying at this point? >> sam and laura, the santa clara county sheriff office is saying this is a criminal investigation. you can see deputies are out here and been out here for over 12 hours now guarding and preserving the scene where human remains are located. doing this until the medical examiner arrives. we assume they're waiting for the sun up.
5:32 am
someone discovered the remains yesterday around 4:00 in or around a creek bed. just down the hill from the patrol cars we're showing you. not far from the gavilan college golf course. they don't know the age of this person or whether the remains belong to a man or a woman. you might recall about four years ago in march of 2012, a 15-year-old girl sierra lemar disappeared 15 miles from here. hundreds of people participated in the search for her remains. last night one of the searchers called nbc bay area to let us know they are keeping an eye on what develops with this most recent discovery. her sister has spoken to "the mercury news" saying her family is not making any assumption. they do not want to jump to the worse-case scenario. again, the sheriff's office has yet to determine who these remains belong to. it it will be up to the medical
5:33 am
examiner's office to do that. they have arrested and indicted torres in the murder and kidnapping of lemar. reporting live here outside gilroy, bob redell "today in the bay." >> we'll stay on top of this developing story both on air and online today. download our nbc bay area app for instant updates. shedding light now on a serious problem. it's been eight months since a deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. that tragedy led to new inspections, inspections that have found hundreds of buildings are in need of repairs. >> "today in the bay" stephanie chuang with what else we're learning after a series of inspections. good morning, steph. >> found problems at 402 other sites. they're not up to safety standards. this happening, these slew of inspections happening at the deadly collapse where the scaffolding is the only reminder
5:34 am
of the tragedy that killed one person and five irish college students. the city created a task force made up of engineers and architects to figure out new building and inspection guidelines. in december owners of buildings with three or more units were given 60 days to get permits and 90 additional days to finish repairs for not just balconies but outside decks, landings and staircases. the good news is some owners have finished those repairs and other places that made repairs because not everyone responded by the january deadline. the city council is set to get an update at the december 21st meeting. also the issue of still a dozen civil lawsuits filed on behalf of seven survivors and the families of the victims who died against the complex owner, the contractor and the property management firm. the lawsuits claim the manager continued to rent out these units even after tenants complained of root rots and mushrooms growing on the balc y balcony. they also have an open criminal investigation ongoing, but no updates since the d.a. since june, i should say. the city, though, saying it is
5:35 am
working on this inspection's program to help ensure that what happened here doesn't happen, again. live in berkeley, stephanie chuang. >> thank you so much. san francisco leaders reupping their efforts to get rid of a major eye sore that can also be dangerous. use syringes on city streets. the public health department says complaints are growing about discarded syringes. a rapid response team is now being created to act quickly on those calls. one group that tracks collections say it it typically gathers several thousand dirty syringes each month. happening today, some relief for commuters in san francisco and the streets around super bowl city. they're set to reopen tonight, a day ahead of schedule. crews have been busy tearing down the attraction that drew more than a million visitors. one of the main events ahead of the big game at levi stadium. that's more than the super bowl committee expected. this is in the area of mission
5:36 am
and market streets and embarcadero. a live look right now at the oakland coliseum where the days of cheap parking and the b.a.r.t. parking lot may soon be a memory of the past. right now the b.a.r.t. station right there charges 3 bucks to park during daytime hours monday through friday oonly. a quick walk over the foot bridge to the coliseum or the arena. compare that with $30 a pop and sometimes more for event parking in the coliseum lot. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors on an event by event basis. 5:36. a high surf advisory for bay area beaches will be in effect today. strong waves will reach up to 13 feet. the advisory is expected to last into saturday. >> 13 feet. how about 40 feet? waves going strong means that the world famous maverick surf competition still on. >> two dozen dare devil surfers will take to the water. the nearly 40-foot waves will attract some big business. already preparing for the rest.
5:37 am
>> we're looking at a lot more people and it really comes at a good time because we've been a little slow with the crab situation. so, we're really happy to have this wintertime pop. >> the waves were not big enough so the contest didn't even happen, but this week, surf's up. >> good for surfers and good for tourism and good weather to go with it. let's get a check right now of your microclimate forecast with kari. >> they called that once they saw the forecast and the waves that are going to be building up heading into the weekend. so, once again, we're looking at waves up to 13 feet. winds at about 10 to 25 miles per hour. temperatures will be warm, too, reaching into the upper 60s by the afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds. it's going to be warm all across the bay area. today we've had highs near records for the past few days. as we should be in the low 60s. we're up to 76 today in saratoga and foster city 70 degrees and mission district at 69. also some upper 60s to low 70s else where. so, feeling very comfortable after a chilly start.
5:38 am
we'll take a look ahead to the weekend coming up in a few minutes. let's see what's happening on the roadways now with mike. >> karia few more cars hit 101 and now that first burst we talked about causes a bit of oslowing. this is 101 right at 680. let's get a look at your map and see the sensors turn from green to yellow and slowing just about 50 miles per hour. on average. just above 50. but at that one particular camera shot we saw folks going slower and the shakes will play the flames and the president that was staying just off the freeway. flashing lights 880 and none of the major commute routes are closed. just one roadway right around the back of the hotel there. meanwhile, looking at a smooth flow of traffic over towards the tri-vally and the build for west 580 at the dublin interchange and also over here for 238 and no crashes. not like yesterday. a smooth drive over towards that san mateo bridge. metering lights are on and let you see the rest of the east bay. no bay, no delays.
5:39 am
northbound was slowing heading up towards 580 and we see sensors back to green. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, zika virus escalate a new case discovered in northern california and the congressional hearing happening today to contain that deadly virus. plus, we're carefully watching twitter. that company says it's not growing at all. what it means for the stock and the employees, coming up.
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breaking news we're following this morning. chaos at a northern mexico
5:42 am
prison. a number of inmates are reported dead after a fire and riot broke out overnight. many others are hurt. right now you're looking at live images from mexico. what's happening at the prison in the city of monterey, not far from the gulf of mexico and the border of texas. this is a live look covereniage from a local tv station in mexico. a lot of people waiting around trying to figure out what's happening. the rush of crowds as rescue workers are treating injured inmates who may have been burned. the smoke may have actually come from inmates burning mattresses. we'll stay on top of the story and bring you updates throughout the morning. sam, at 5:42. another developing story this morning. a virus forming the world has now reached northern california. a person in yolo county just west of sacramento tested positive for the zika virus. a health warning out now in 20 nations in central and south america along with mexico and the caribbean. local health officials say the person who is sick recently
5:43 am
traveled outside the country and only has a mild case. there are currently no known mosquitos carrying the zika virus in the bay area. on capitol hill and the cdc and other top health officials will discuss the problem. tracie potts live in washington, d.c., this morning. health officials are pressing congress for money to try to help fight the spread of this virus. >> yeah, laura. they want $1.8 billion to try to figure out how to fight it and keep it away from american citizens. right now, as you said, no known mosquitos flying around the united states with the zika virus, but lots of people traveling back and forth from south america. the head of infectious diseases for nih, national institutes of health and the cdc will be up here today before a senate health committee to spend them to spend that money. talking to members of the house saying, yes, there should be concern at this point, but not alarm that it could spread quickly if unchecked and then,
5:44 am
of course, pregnant women are the most vulnerable. but travel warning that the cdc has put out. they say is key. other good news, a vaccine, dr. anthony with nih says other viruses we've seen like west nile in this case pharmaceutical companies seem willing to work with them to help develop a vaccine. but that takes time. that's why they're emphasizing the travel warning and, laura, that's why they want to try to get this money in place to prevent it from spreading here. >> whatever they can do to help. thanks, tracie. president obama back in town this morning. >> air force one touched down at moffett field last night. greeted on the tarmac by mountain view mayor john mccallister. mr. obama will attend two fund-raisers this morning and then head off to los angeles later today. "today in the bay" kris sanchez tracking his agenda today. a live report coming up at 6:00. one of those meetings is with steve wesley, the former state controller. the president often meets with
5:45 am
wesley when he's in town. helps the protect connect the high-tech leader. >> scott mcgrew, part of one of the more famous meetings ever. >> the picture of the silicon valley leaders that everybody wishes they were in. the president right there on the right to the president's right mark zuckerberg and steve jobs and, steve wessly the guy in blue. only got his back of the head in the picture. and let's talk about the present. yahoo! starting its layoffs. our sister tech blog recode says 100 workers will be gone from the main campus in the south bay by april. cisco, san jose's largest employer opened its book to investors last night and the numbers were solid. cisco makes the switches and the routers and the other very not sexy things but an important company to watch. you know how i tell you to watch caterpillar because if bulldozers aren't selling it is a sign the economy is about to slow and the same with cisco. if the things that make the guts of the internet slows then that
5:46 am
is something to be concerned about. talking about twitter, it's in trouble. when you look at web and mobile users the way most of us use twitter. not only is the number of users not growing, it's getting smaller. silicon valley does not like companies that do not grow. getting smaller, well, that's just unheard of. a short time ago, elon musk tweeted out that the model 3, that would be the cheap tesla, will be available for preorder march 31st with $1,000 down. we still don't know what it it looks like, but we do know it is going to be a big seller because they're going to get that price down underneath what the chevy bolt, two different cars are. >> you know that people will put that money down sight unseen. >> demand for tesla's will be one of them. thank you very much, scott. right now truly one of a kind. the palo alto personal trainer is competing in races around the country as the only professional
5:47 am
triathlete. competing for six years. his routine consists of hitting the ground running at 4:00 in the morning. welcome to the early morning hours. and his day does not end until 8:00 at night. he runs up to 30 miles, bikes up to 160 miles and swims more than 12 miles all in one week. >> not only do i have the pressure of myself of wanting to do well and i had high hopes and goals for myself, but i also want to represent for any young kids that might be aspired to become a professional athlete to let them know there is different avenues. >> quite a role model. in august o2014, a 28-year-old placed top three overall in a race in iowa. qualifying him for a professional triathlon license. that officially made him the only african-american professional athlete. his goal right now, winning next year stanford's triathlon. >> good luck to him. sparked 1,000 names and
5:48 am
perhaps the conspiracy theory or two. did you see this? that look that eli manning gave to pretty much seal a win in super bowl 50. >> so for a while, eli had two championships and he had the edge over his older brother and now you see the face. you know jimmy fallon was not going to let that go. when peyton showed up for last night's "tonight show." made it front and center with a cardboard cutout of his look and peyton says there's a history of that look. >> i remember calling the night before the draft and saying, the colts are going to draft me number one in the nfl draft tomorrow. almost five years ago ely ashley and i are expecting twins, you're going to be an uncle. and then like four years ago, guess what, my neck is finally healed and i'm going to play football, again.
5:49 am
>> he has already said that look was actually his inner quarterback calculating the clock and the score. in other words, he still had his game face on. >> what are brothers there for if not for moral support? >> you see the rest of the crowd cheering and he's got that look. >> you sit there and you get for what is going on. no celebration until that final 00 hits the clock. >> i believe him. i think that's actually what was going on there. >> at 5:49 right now. we can definitely believe the fact that we have yet another day of beautiful weather. just keep it coming, kari. >> keep it coming for a little while longer and then we need that rain to come back. >> we certainly do. >> looks like we have it in the forecast now. as we take a live look this morning as you head out on the roadways this morning. in the south bay, we have mostly clear skies. so, looking good. just grab a jacket it's still chilly out there. once again, another warm day and well above average. as we take a look at all the mic microclimates now. it's 53 degrees in san
5:50 am
francisco. it's 48 degrees in the south bay and the north bay. as we get a closer look at the south bay, we are seeing anything from 49 degrees in santa theresa and 44 degrees in san martin and in sunnyvale it's 49 degrees. as that seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, come on over and take a look. it will help you make those plans for valentine's day. we will, once again, continue to see more of this warm weather, even as we go into the day with some more clouds mixing in as we go hour by hour in san francisco. we're still making it it into the mid to upper 60s. now, we know some of this warm weather drawing a lot of people to the beach. keep in mind that we will have a high surf advisory that begins at noon today and continue until 8:00 p.m. on saturday. we could have waves piling up to about 13 feet and with those long period swells, well, that means there will be a long amount of time before the next wave comes in and that wave may draw you farther out into the ocean. so, making things a lot more
5:51 am
dangerous. and it's all because we are starting to see more storm systems forming out in the pacific. creating some higher waves and the first one moves in late tomorrow night and only springs in spotty drizzle for the north bay. the next one moves in on wednesday. until then, we'll continue on with some dry and above average weather. with our next significant chance of rain, not coming in until about next wednesday afternoon. so, once again, staying dry up until then. let's check in now with mike to see what's happening on the roads now. >> like the rain is taking an all-star break like the warriors. looking at the bay bridge which is performing very well right now. in towards the treasure island tunnel. no delays westbound with these taillights or eastbound out of the city. look at your map and move through the area pretty quickly. the bay area toll mrauza and the metering lights are on and everything else what you expect for the north bay and east bay. as we look towards slowing for hayward and south 680 through sunol and that pattern slowing just a bit heading into fremont and no problem over that san
5:52 am
mateo bridge. dumbarton bridge move s well, a well. we're going to end with this shot of san jose northbound. a live shot shows you some slowing right here at the scene. up to about oakland road where there is a crash. i'll get you the lane information as soon as chp gives me the update. who would keep a snowball? a big milestone for one that is well known in the south bay. >> still a reasonable question to ask. either you had no idea that a snowball like this existed or you've been following the story very closely like we have for decades. it's the snow from a rare storm in february of 1976 that blanketed the santa clara valley floor. so, betty of san jose decided to preserve it it it apparently for all time in a jar in her freezer. even ripply's believe it it or not has recognized that snowball. betty is now 40 years along. we sent bob redell back to the
5:53 am
scene of the crime to celebrate the anniversary. >> i kept it because we still live in the same house. it had to graduate to a big jar because something happens to it. see, it it grew. >> sure did. not sure who is doing better. the snowball or betty. 82, after all, and looks fantastic. she first stored the snowball when her 14-year-old son suggested they keep it as a momento. frozen in time. >> a skippy jar that looks like it was also from the 1970s. coming up, an escalating situation in oregon. the overall standoff with armd protesters still playing out this morning. and happening right now online, we have new deit tails about a sheriff's pilot and deputy who died in a plane crash in northern california. we posted a link to photos of the victims on our facebook page. also covering the president's bay area visit from all angles on our homepage. a link to exactly where he's going today and when. a high surf advisory in
5:54 am
effect right now around the bay area. about to post details in our morning weather alert. sign up for our alerts on nbc bay area or app. another developing story:
5:55 am
5:56 am
==sam/vo== t andoff atwildl a developing story this morning. the standoff at a wildlife refuge in oregon may be coming to an end. state legislatures are hard at work trying to get the remaining
5:57 am
four armed protesters to surrender. an assemblywoman is acting as a liaison between protesters and the fbi and been engaged in negotiations over the phone. the group's leader was arrested last month during a traffic stop. frustration and anger surrounding the issue of san francisco police officers being armed with stunned guns. last night's police commission meeting the city's police chief greg sir said using stunned guns could save more lives. he wanted s.w.a.t teams and other go-crisis intervention training. comes in the wake of mario woods' some people say this is not the answer. >> lacking overall de-escalation techniques and sort of a culture of respect for the life that is at the other end of the gun. >> under the chief's proposal stunned guns would only be used on armed suspects. no action has been taken yet. now to this investigative unit exclusive. we've seen plenty of video
5:58 am
showing please using force when arresting a suspect. >> slowly moving to the ground. >> now the suspect in this video doug huff shared the video with the nbc bay area investigative unit. he claims the cell phone video shot by a police officer does not show what happened right before police tased him. it's moments like these that have prompted many police bay area to use body cameras. an nbc investigation found that not every department track when officers activate them. >> why do you think it is so important to have that data? >> in a use of force you have a police officer that is picking one of the weapons that they're armed with and deciding to p deploy it against the civilian. in those moments that's when they're most concerned about an officer oacting correctly. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, investigative reporter vicky
5:59 am
nguyen finds out why cameras aren't always rolling. if you have a tip give them a call or send them an e-mail to chaos in mexico as a riot and fire breaks ooout at a crowded prison. numerous inmates feared dead as others try to scramble to safety. and i'm bob redell. tell you what law enforcement is saying about human remains found here yesterday just outside of gilroy. that story coming up. i'm kris sanchez in milpitas where you night notice some flashing lights because president obama is in town. i'll show you what he's up to. "today in the bay" starts right now. okay. a very good thursday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check that forecast with kari and had such a lovely week. >> going to continue heading into the weekend. we start out with mostly clear skies and a chill to the air. it's 50 degrees in the peninsula and the south bay. but it warms up quite a bit
6:00 am
today. staying in the upper 60s in san francisco and while the rest of the bay area is in the low to mid-70s. still well above average and that continues into the weekend, once again. i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes. let's get an update now on the morning commute with mike. >> back to san jose. i swung this camera away from 280, 6 80. had a lot of traffic backup until about 90 seconds ago. i got word that the lanes have cleared north 101 at oakland road. they're slow approaching allen rock and the map will show you that entire stretch should show, should hold steady, let's just say. as the traffic builds that crash is, again, in the center divide out of lanes. the rest of silicon valley moves pretty well. same thing for the tri-valley. and 880 continues that build. hayward down towards union city. no surprises here or towards the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. the north bay and up thor east shore move well.


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