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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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today. staying in the upper 60s in san francisco and while the rest of the bay area is in the low to mid-70s. still well above average and that continues into the weekend, once again. i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes. let's get an update now on the morning commute with mike. >> back to san jose. i swung this camera away from 280, 6 80. had a lot of traffic backup until about 90 seconds ago. i got word that the lanes have cleared north 101 at oakland road. they're slow approaching allen rock and the map will show you that entire stretch should show, should hold steady, let's just say. as the traffic builds that crash is, again, in the center divide out of lanes. the rest of silicon valley moves pretty well. same thing for the tri-valley. and 880 continues that build. hayward down towards union city. no surprises here or towards the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. the north bay and up thor east shore move well. ju pittsburg bay, bay point and
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highway 4 through concord, as well. back to you. at 6:00, we're covering breaking news. chaos at a northern mexico prison. a number of inmates are reported dead after a fire and riot broke out overnight. many others are hurt. happening at the prison in the city of monterey not far from the border of texas. there was smoke seen rising from the area and rescue workers are treating injured inmates who have been burned. the smoke may have come from inmates burning mattresses. government officials not releasing any details right now. we'll bring you any updates as soon as we get them. developing news now in the south bay where a criminal investigation is under way right now after human remains were found near gilroy. >> investigators have been surrounding the area near santa te, resa boulevard near gavilan college. bob redell live at the scene. we understand authorities could release more information later
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this morning. >> perhaps in a few hours they're going to speak to us and tell us what they have found in the scene behind me. you can see santa clara county sheriff deputies, sam and laura, are guarding and preserving this scene until a medical examiner arrives, presumably after the sun comes up. it appears the remains are down a hill behind those patrol cars, possibly in or near a canal or creek bed. someone made the discovery around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the sheriff office doesn't know yet who this person was. i'm talking about the remains now. or whether they were an adult or a child or whether they were a man or a woman. they do believe that the discovery is criminal in nature and are treating it as such. now, whenever remains are found in south santa clara county. the question comes up whether or not they might belong to sierra lemar. the 15-year-old girl who disappeared almost four years ago who disappeared on her way to school. law enforcement does not know
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who these remains belong to. whether it's sierra's or someone else's. one person who helped search for sierra after her disappearance did call us last night to let us know they are closely monitoring developments on the scene here. sierra's older sister, danielle, also told "the murky news" yesterday that her family is not making any assumptions and they don't want to jump to that "worse-case scenario." in this coming april a man torres will be going on trial for the murder and kidnapping of sierra lemar. reporting live here outside gilroy, bob red it ell, "today the bay." >> meantime, if we get any new information before then we'll bring it to you right here on "today in the bay" and also on our digital platforms. president obama is back in town and he's waking up in the south bay this morning. in just a few hours, he's off to the peninsula for a couple of quick fund-raisers. >> we've already seen those police lights.
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"today in the bay" kris sanchez live in milpitas. we can see security around you already very tight. >> we see the police here and secret service are on the inner perimeter. just because the president doesn't have any public events doesn't mean that there won't be any public impact. people tap their brakes as they're moving by. the president stayed that sheraton hotel right at the 880 freeway near the montgue expressway exit. for that reason barber road, a local road it is going to be closed. new video this morning of those flashing signs and the police lights making it it clear that the roadways only open to hotel guests and to nearby companies like abbott. here's the president arriving on air force one last night. and at 11:00 this morning, the president will attend a fund-raising brunch at a palo alto home. this was the scene outside the home of steve wesley last night.
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he is the former state controller and venture capitalest who is holding a fund-raiser for the democratic national committee today. that will raise $250 a person. 10,000 if anyone wants a picture. wesley is, himself, a former candidate for governor and perhaps a future candidate as well. in a new city ordinance, though, in atherton, it it requires steve wesley or whomever hosts a fund-raiser like this one pick up the tab for security. that came about because atherton's small city with a big security tab when the president comes to town and attend fund-raisers in that city. so this time a little bit different. in milpitas, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, kris. the president will leave from moffett field about 2:15 this afternoon. he should arrive in los angeles just before 3:30 and then scheduled to tape an appearance on "ellen" show. mr. obama will speak at two dnc
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events before spending the weekend in palm springs. the former san jose police officer accused of raping a woman while on duty expected in court this morning. that's when jury deliberations are expected to begin. jeffrey graves pleaded not guilty to raping a woman at a san jose hotel back in september of 2013. during his testimony, graves said he regrets having sex with the woman while on duty, but he contends it it was consensual. he reportedly took her to the hotel on saratoga avenue after she had a domestic violence dispute at her home. graves was fired from the police force last march. a follow up and an about face in san francisco. the president of a sex offender's clinic is now calling off plans to relocate after a heated hearing with neighbors monday night. the clinic was set to open on church street near the park. sex offenders would have made regular stop there's for a court-ordered counseling. the clinic will still have to come up with a relocation plan because of its current ooffices
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being torn down. a high surf advisory for bay area beaches will be in effect for today. strong waves expected to reach up to 13 feet. that advisory is expected to last until saturday. big waves are going strong and that means the world famous maverick surf competition still on. two dozen dare devil surfers will take to the water at half moon bay tomorrow the nearly 40-foot waves and also attract big business. shops and restaurants in the area are already preparing for the rush. >> we're looking at a lot more people and it really comes at a good time because we have been a little slow with the crab situation. so, we're really happy to have this wintertime pop. >> last year the waves weren't big enough so the contest never happened. but this week surf is up. >> certainly so. the sun has been up this week, as well. >> yep. right now kari is looking for sun, surf and contest here, kari. >> half moon bay where the temperatures will be cool to start in the morning.
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and it will be reaching into the upper 60s. a breezy wind and, once again, those waves up to 13 feet. great weather tomorrow for that and also today for whatever you plan to do whether it's just working, going to school or just enjoying a little bit of time outdoors. we're up to 69 degrees in mission district today. petaluma also at 69. 72 degrees in oakland and 74 ded degrees today in danville. i'll let you know if this weather continues into the weekend. we'll also talk about that next chance of rain. that's coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike to see how it's moving on the roadway. >> i'm hoping for both of those, by the way. looking over here, san jose. hoping things wouldn't be any problem. and we did have lalt one. north 101 at 680. slow here and show you the map. it is actually improving a little bit just north of there. the earlier crash in the center divide out of lanes, but they have to move the vehicles after the paperwork is done. move them out of the roadway and maybe into lanes of traffic or over to the right shoulder. so, maybe a traffic break and we'll track that.
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a back tide for san jose as the build starts for your northbound route. the rest of your drive looks pretty standard. 880 southward into fremont. and an incident reported but i don't dent have any detail. the backup towards the bay bridge very easy. fender bender just out of the area and we'll track that, as well. 880 down through oakland and the live look shows you what it it is like past the coliseum. easy drive northbound towards the coliseum away from the bay bridge. a fender bender also reported just off the nimitz. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. we all love our coffee in the morning. but coming up, how much is that cup of coffee worth to you? couple bucks? 5 bucks? maybe ten. >> 15 for measure. the reason some people in the bay area are paying a pretty penny for this particular morning jolt. standing in line at the coffee shop you think everybody moved to the bay area. the numbers will surprise you. we'll take a look coming up in "business and tech."
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stephanie chuang live in berkeley add the site of the deadly balcony collapse. what the city found after hundreds of inspections. that's coming up in a live report when "today in the bay" returns. dly balcony
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6:12. citywide inspecks launched in response to last year's deadly balkaens collapse in berkeley revealed more than 400 buildings
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are in some need of serious repair. >> "today in the bay" stephanie chuang live in berkeley this morning. this report is quite alarming and a lot of these inspections wouldn't have even happened if it it weren't for that balcony collapse. >> what this means is that inspectors went to hundreds of sights and 402 of those places showed enough sign of danger or threat that inspectors would not sign off on them. of course, the goal is to prevent what happened here last june at the library gardens complex when one american and five irish college students died after the fourth floor balcony gave way. you only see scaffolding here now. but that balcony dangling off the building. red flag to city leaders that there might be other sites in need of repair. a task force came up with new building inspections guidelines now proposed every three or five year years. in december own oers were given 60 days to apply for a permits and 90 additional days to fix corrective work. these are not just for
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balconies, but anything outside without full wall support. deck, landings and staircases, as well. the good news is, some property owners have already made those repairs. they have already been done, but more sites in need of fixing because not everyone responded. last august the city sent out 6,100 notifications to property owners warning them of a january 2016 deadline to get new building inspections done and submit the results. only 72% responded. the city council is set to get a full announcement on february 23rd. now, also ongoing is the alameda county d.a.'s office criminal investigation and a dozen civil lawsuits filed on behalf of survivors, as well as family members of the victims. live here in berkeley this morning, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." it is 6:14. hercules police stepping up patrols after someone placed thumb tacks at a popular dog park.
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pet owners say it's been happening for the past month. they have been trying to clean up the tacks themselves but now the problem is getting out of hand. >> they even found thumb tacks in the bowl for the water. >> someone is intentionally doing it and what the purpose is, we don't know. fortunately, we haven't had any injuries yet. >> the park is located right next to a school and police fear the tacks could be dangerous to kids, as well. the city is also considering putting up surveillance cameras. >> hopefully it just stops. 6:15 right now. seems like a lot of people are moving through the bay area and the numbers do back that up. >> it's a beautiful place to live. scott mcgrew, you actually found some numbers that surprised you. >> joint venture silicon valley put together a census of sorts of who we are. who makes up the bay area. where we live, what languages we speak. i like these numbers. couple numbers i found super interested and wanted to share with you. a net influx of 14,000 foreign-born people who movered to the bay area this year. i don't think that's particularly surprising. remember 40% of our companies
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are started by foreign-born entrepreneurs. but this number surprised me. 569. 569 american-born people moved to the bay area last year. at least in the sense of net growth. so at this number we can practically learn all of their names. this is a net number. this means some of our neighbors moved out of california to other places. this is why oregon complains so much about california. more numbers for you. one that would surprise people outside of the bay area, median household income. $98,000. most americans would say this is very high. but this is a misleading number because this takes into account everybody who lives here. there are a lot of people who make a lot more money and a lot of people make a lot less. this hides our problem of the haves and have nots. and finally one more because i just think these are so interesting. 51% of all the people in the bay area households speak a language other than english at home. janet yellen continues her
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tour of capital today with a visit to the senate banking committee. this was yesterday when she was talking to the housing committee. turn interest rates negative like japan did. to which she answered she wasn't sure that was legal under american law. a couple things to watch today. you have fed chairman yellen on the hill and then you have twitter not growing. user base not growing. tesla will introduce the model three for preorder at the end of march. that company posted the big loss last night. and the ten-year bond, i know you guys love the ten-year bond. record lows, you like the ten-year bond because it helps us measure mortgage rates. the lower that goes, the lower the rate. it is at super, super low. >> safe and secure. >> yes. >> save your money. maybe to buy some coffee in the morning for yourself. >> which is a great set up here because you're going to need every extra cent. the buzz from one cup of coffee comes from more than just
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the caffeine. at this point it is the price. >> would you pay $15 for a cup of coffee? sofia being sold in the bay area. first we placed we checked last night it sold out. the creme de la creme of coffee. we tested it it with regular joes who had mixed reactions to this cup of joe. >> i don't really like it. >> kind of bitter. >> i think it's pretty good. but i don't think it's exceptional. >> i think it's amazing. i really like it it. it's, as you said, more kind of like a tea mix than like a true coffee. so, it's worth the drive from san francisco. >> woke him up. why the price tag? apparently made from rare beans grown high in the mountains of panama. it took eight years to produce the first crop. so, a cup of joe should be like a cup of joseph or something. >> joseph duke of coughineffeen.
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>> just to try to it see what all the talk is about. >> your 15 bucks. >> 45, $60 on me today. i won't be coming back the next day. 6:19. a quick check of your weather and what's buzzing this morning on the weather front. >> you know what, you don't need coffee this morning to wake you up. step out the door wearing something like i'm wearing right now. some short sleeves. that will wake you up once that cold air hits you. but it warms up as we go into this afternoon. a live look now at the bay bridge. it is a beautiful start to the day. now, our temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s for most of us. and parts of the east bay and the north bay in the peninsula, south bay and san francisco it's right at about 50 degrees. so, as we take it hour by hour into the rest of the day, mostly sunny skies and temperatures warming up quickly. now, it will be another mild one and as you take a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you will see that we won't have much of a major change in those temperatures until about the middle of next
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week. so, we continue on with our very warm weather, also dry. we won't see the rain coming back until next wednesday and then we may start to see a change in that pattern, once again. as we start to see more weather systems moving in. this is wednesday of next week. until then, we will only see a few sprinkles in the north bay possible late tomorrow night. a look at squaw valley, alpine meadows. if you're heading there for this weekend, it is still very warm. we had a lot of snow melting. at the summit we had a snow total of 116 inches. athe base about 65 inches and, of course, more of that melting. we are still above normal. as we take a look at the snow pack and the sierra. the statewide average is at 103% of normal but still slightly above average. especially in the northern sierra where we are at 108%. and hopefully we'll continue to make some progress with that as we go into next week with some more rounds of rain here and snow in the sierra moving in.
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as our temperatures will be very warm the next couple of days, we are in for a beautiful weekend, especially on valentine's day. that's on sunday. we'll have widespread 70s all across the bay area. and the south bay we're up to 75 degrees and the north bay 77 degrees. let's get an update on the morning commute now from mike. >> kari, a number of incidents in the last ten minutes. now, it it looks like i'm the one slowing down traffic. behind me flashing lights about halfway up the incline your commute. traffic is backing up now. up the incline backing up traffic all the way back in through the toll plaza in towards the, let's look at the berkeley curve on the maps. the slower drive, that red section. the other incident south of there. we talked about that. a smoking vehicle. smoking car. no injuries and no fire but just off 880 at 580 and coming out of the maze. meanwhile, over in the san francisco side. 280 at the bottom of your screen at seizercesar chavez. getting a little break for much of your commute.
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again, watch the berkeley curve and had slowing because of that incident on the span. the incline. a slower drive towards mateo bridge. the rest of your bay looks pretty smooth and we do have that slowing still north 101 in san jose and that crash has cleared from the roadway over at mckie and a quick look at palo alto. live shot for this traffic report. we'll be back right after this quick break.
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health officials are now confirming the first case of the zika virus in northern
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california. a person west of sacramento tested positive for the virus, which is spread by mosquitos. there is a health warning out right now in 20 nations and central and south america along with mexico and the caribbean. local health officials say the person who is sick recently traveled outside of the country and only has a mild case. there are currently no known mosquitos carrying the zika virus in the bay area. today on capitol hill the head of the cdc and other top health officials will answer questions about the zika virus. >> tracie potts joining us live from washington, d.c., this morning. both the president and health officials pressing congress for more money to help fight the spread of the virus. >> the white house with $1.8 billion to keep those mesquiosq away from our border and keep this virus away from our residents. already as you just noted, there are people who have been traveling who brought the virus back, but no indications that it's going to be as widespread as what we've seen in south america and they want to keep it that way. today a senate health committee
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will hear from the top infectious disease official with nih and the head of the cdc about how we fight this. a concern, they say, but not alarm. not yet. although it it can spread very quickly. pregnant women most vulnerable here. now, here's the good news. the nih infectious diseases director says unlike other viruses like west nile, this time it looks like pharma is on board. the pharmaceutical company willing to help find a vaccine. but that could take time. right now the key is that travel warning from the cdc making sure that people who travel overseas who are vulnerable are very careful or prevent or avoid traveling overseas. those who are not, but have been in that zone get checked and make sure that they're not bringing it back with them. we'll hear more about that during that testimony here on capitol hill today. sam and laura, back to you. >> thanks so much, tracie. dramatic new video as firefighters enter a burning california home. what crews found inside that quickly turned this scene into a full-on rescue mission.
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and i'm kris sanchez in milpitas. where the president is waking up this morning, but he's not going to stick around milpitas all day. we'll show you where he's headed.
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good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. the quick makings of a beautiful day behind us. kari hall with a look at your forecast. another 70 plus degree day,
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kari. >> as the sun rises this morning, we can see just a few clouds here and there and mostly clear conditions and some cool temperatures. into the day, we're into the upper 60s in san francisco and the north bay looking at 73 degrees. 72 in the peninsula and east bay and the south bay up to 75 de degrees. we'll take a look ahead to the weekend coming up in a few minutes. an update on the bay bridge now from mike. >> the westbound incline heading in towards san francisco and saw another set of flashing lights arrive. don't know if that is a bridge crew or chp vehicle and a couple getting by and this is causing a jam. doesn't look so severe at the incline and going back towards the bay bridge toll mrauza and extending back to the berkeley curve and that's in addition to the build because of all the traffic coming down the east shore freeway. we're tracking that. no injuries reported by this disabled vehicle incident, but, still, a big slow down. meanwhile, another slow down. some folks might want to take the san mateo bridge and over
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towards the toll plaza a crash, i was mistaken, two lanes blocked the chp says for a couple minutes. that slowing getting to the span itself and adding to the congestion out of oakland and san leandro. the rest of your bay moves well and show you the san mateo bridge and that makes the span itself a little clearer. san mateo and then the dumbarton bridge making the shift. back to you. an update now to breaking news we have been following for the last hour. dozens of inmates at a northern mexico prison reported dead after a fire and a riot broke out overnight. many others injured. this is all happening in the city of monterey rescue workers are treated some injured inmates why may have been burned. the smoke may have come from inmates burning mattresses. government officials not releasing many details. we'll bring you updates as soon
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as we get them. the medical examiner is looking to identify human remains found near gilroy. >> for more than 14 hours, this is right near gavilan college. "today in the bay" bob redell has been there all morning long. too early to tell if the victim was a man or a woman. >> they don't know the sex of the remains, nor do they know the age, sam and laura. we do know that santa clara county sheriff's office is treating this as a criminal investigation. you can see they have deputies out here guarding and preserving the location of the remains here at castro valley road and santa teresa boulevard. they are doing this until the medical examiner arrives. we assume that the examiner is waiting for sun up so they can get some good light on the scene. someone discovered the remains yesterday afternoon around 4:00 in or around the canal or creek bed that is just down a hill beyond those patrol cars we're just showing you. the sheriff office does not know the age of this person or whether the remains belong to a
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man or a woman. you might recall about four years ago in march of 2012 a 15-year-old girl named sierra lamar disappeared about 25 21 miles from here on her way to school. hundreds of people participated in the search for her remains. last night one of the searchers called nbc bay area to keep an eye on what develops in the most recent discovery. her sister also told "the mercury news" that her family is not making any assumptions about what was discovered here. they do not want to jump to "the worse-case scenario." they have yet to determine who these remains belong to. law enforcement has arrested and indicted garcia-torres in the kidnapping and murder of sierra lamar. they did this a couple of years ago. his trial is scheduled to start in april. reporting live here outside gilroy, bob redelll. >> we'll check back with bob in less than 25 minutes. if we get any new information
6:34 am
about this case before then, we'll bring it to you here on "today in the bay." also developing right now, taking a live look at the big board out of new york. look at that. down 217 points. the dow has only been open for about four minutes now. the markets have been, rather. we'll keep checking those numbers and see what kind of day we will have on wall street. 2016 not too kind to the markets. president obama hoping donors will be more kind to him as he makes his way through the south bay this morning. he's staying at a new place, the sheraton in milpitas. but it's a familiar game plan, a quick trip to raise the money. "today in the bay" kris sanchez joining us in milpitas this morning. the president has a lot on his agenda before hopping back on to air force one and then heading south to southern california. >> that's right, sam. if the president parts his drapes he will get treated to the beginning of a beautiful bay area sunrise. but bay area commutercommuters, get treated to the flashing
6:35 am
lights of the police guarding their perimeter. the sheraton hotel not far off of 880 and montgue expressway and because of that, hotel guests and employees are the only ones that can go on the local roadway there this morning. it is barber road. now, the president arriving on air force one at moffett field just last night. san jose mayor sam lecardo and john mccallister were there on the tarmac to greet him and welcome him to town. at 11:00 this morning, the president will attend a fund-raising brunch, that is a private home and then go to the home of steve wesley. this was the scene last night as they prepared that for the fund-raiser that is going to happen today. former steve wesley is the former state control. he is also venture capitalist and former candidate of governor of california and this one will raise quite a bit of money for the democratic national committee. $250 to get in. but for folks who want a picture with the president, $10,000 is
6:36 am
what they'll have to cough up. by the way, a new city ordinance in atherton requires steve wesley to pay for all of the security surrounding the president's visit, as it is a fund-raising event. that is not the case in the other areas of town, but atherton saying we can afford it, we're a small town. so, fund-raisers should foot the bill. >> kris, thank you. decision 2016 now. the two democrats vying to replace president obama faceoff, again, this evening. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be in milwaukee for tonight's democratic debate. it comes just days after sanders resounding victory in the new hampshire primary. the focus on nevada and south carolina. many voters will head to the polls later this month. that debate starts tonight at 6:00 and it will be streamed on youtube. in the meantime, on the republican side of things, the field shrinking. there are now seven candidates in the dwgop competing in south carolina.
6:37 am
this comes after chris christie and carly fiorina both dropped out of the race yesterday. this next primary could make or break jeb bush and marco rubio. >> the men and women of south carolina, i believe, want a consistent conservative. >> well, donald trump is showing no signs of slowing down as he's led recent polls in the last six months. and it is 6:37. new video to show you this morning from a firefighter's helmet camera showing the moment scared dogs hiding inside a burning home. happened yesterday in sacramento. firefighters were searching the home for people when they found the pup in a back bedroom. they carried her out to safety. she was eventually reunited with her very thankful owner and luckily no one was hurt. >> poor little guy was frightened. 6:37. let's turn the light on here, not just with a nice sunrise, which is coming, but warmer temperatures. kari? >> we'll continue on with the warm weather we had throughout the week. it is cool, again, this morning.
6:38 am
as we start out in the mid to upper 40s and some low 50s farther off towards the south and to the west. now, as we go into the day, we're up to 76 degrees in saratoga. palo alto looking at 72 degrees and 69 degrees in san francisco today. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds like we've seen the past few days and not expecting to hit any new records but still well above average for today and heading into the weekend with. i'll show you what to expect as we go into the weekend coming up in just a few minutes. let's get an update on what is happening on the roadways now from mike. >> kari, much better news for the span itself. the bay bridge. that incident we were tracking the disabled vehicle has cleared just a couple seconds after we got off the air from the last traffic report. good recovery on the span. but the map will show you the backup that continues because they likely showed the metering lights down causing more backup off the berkeley curve and slow from basically golden gate field all the way down and also 580 starts to build. nothing really that dramatic. that may sort itself out with the build coming in from the
6:39 am
rest of the east bay being gentle this morning. thursday is more gentle than a tuesday, for example. 880 really jamming up towards the san mateo bridge and better news there. that toll plaza crash has cleared from the roadway and recovery should start just as you're coming down around that bend. that might send more folks southbound towards the dumb rarx ton bridge. so far 84 looks standard across for the east palo alto side. 92 the span was great once you get there past the toll plaza. northbound routes starting to kick the traffic in. sorted itself out nicely from the earlier crash. remember, kris talks about the president staying off of 880. you'll see the flashing lights. also, hey, the great mall nearby if you want to pick up anything. just a suggestion. >> you can take that big loop around it. there you go. 6:39. happening today some relief for drivers in san francisco as the streets around super bowl city there are set to reopen tonight a day ahead of schedule. >> a lot of people think, finally. crews have been busy tearing
6:40 am
down the attraction piece by piece that drew more than a million visitors. the free football fan village was one of the main events ahead of the main game at levi stadium. that is more than the super bowl committee expected. in the mark area of market and mission streets. peyton manning responds to his brother's blank stare as the broncos won the super bowl. a big chunk of concrete crashed down in front. a very close call on the busy bay bridge. we hear from the woman whose car was hit by that chunk of falling concrete. we're watching the markets very closely. they are down, again. let's take you out live to the big board and nyse. 244 points in the negative on the dow. we'll have all your numbers, coming up. coming up on a thursday here on "today" the u.s. olympic committee new message on zika overnight. plus, we'll talk to one of the obama administration top health official about what is
6:41 am
being done to contain that virus. also ahead, hillary clinton's surprising struggle to reach women voters. this morning, what she's doing to retool her message ahead of tonight's debate with bernie sanders. and more realistic than resolutions, the 30-day challenge as you can try to improve everything from your health to your mind. all that and much more as we see you on a thursday morning right here on "today." (scal): good day, m'lady!
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the elephant caught some chaos as it wandered into a west india town yesterday. it has been captured. you can see this video that went viral. some people say the elephant was scared and trying to go back to the jungle. they tranquilized it and luckily no one was hurt. >> good thing for that. a story now you're only going to see on nbc bay area. the driver of the car nearly crushed by a chunk of falling concrete while driving on the bay bridge now telling us about the terrifying experience. >> it also was big enough to totally take up the whole windshield. i thought it was going to be like head-on collision crash. we were like skreepicreaming in car. >> that is liz who was heading eastbound on the bridge back on january 30th when that huge chunk of concrete fell from the arch. she showed us the damage to her car and also got a flat tire. the ton ittal is 80 years old
6:45 am
and when the new bridge was built, it didn't get any retrofit money. >> i thought the whole purpose of the rebuild was to make it sound for what i heard was earthquakes but not an earthquake that saturday. that piece just fell. >> if it were unsafe, we would shut it down. we've been out there since and inspecting the areas of damage looking for any other areas where the concrete doesn't look as strong as it it should. >> when it it comes to getting her tire paid for, cal trans says she will have to go online and actually apply for a refund. it is 6:45. speaking of scrumblicrumbling, k market is not doing well today. >> scott mcgrew, i don't know if we want to see the latest numbers. >> dow industrials losing more than 200 points. individual stocks. let's talk about those. twitter is down better than 6%. celebrating black history month there on the nyse. tesla doing well, despite some surprising losses. dow industrials down 204 points as we take a live look at the
6:46 am
nyse big board. now, investors will be watching fed chief janet yellen as she testifies before the senate banking committee. remember yellen's job is to keep the economy on track. keep job growth growing and inflation in check. it's not to help the stock market. the stock market and the economy are two totally different things. speaking of tesla, if you have any money left, you might be interested in buying one of the so-called cheaper tesla's. they just announced you need to bring $1,000 down payment to a tesla store starting march 31st or do it online the day after. the car, if it is really $35,000 and elon musk swears it is, when you bring in the tax break it is high $20,000. the model 3, technically the model 4 when you include the first one. the sports car, could replace a lot of cars out there that people are trying with electric cars. you know, the leaf and what not. because they're getting into those prices. but the range allegedly will be
6:47 am
much longer. >> you know, still have a limit on how many they're going to produce? >> remember model x they made only a few hundred so far. so, yes, at first they're not going to make very monu many. >> everyone will want to get their hands on it, no question about that. thank you very much, scott. want to turn up the gas on the promotion of them there. remember this? remember that look that you saw there. eli manning. yeah, sparked 1,000 and perhaps a conspiracy theory or two. it came from him when his brother, peyton, delivered denver its final score to pretty much seal the win in super bowl 50. >> you have to love the dynamic between these brothers. sibling rivalries now two wins for peyton and two for eli when we're talking about championships. you know jimmy fallon was not going to let this go without any kind of comment. when peyton showed up for last night's "tonight show." >> 18 years ago calling the night before the draft and the colts will draft me number one
6:48 am
in the nfl draft tomorrow. >> eli, i got us front row tickets to see adele. yes! >> remember almost five years ago, ashley and i are expecting twins, you're going to be an uncle. yeah, and like four years ago coming off this, eli, guess what, my neck is finally healed. i'm going to play football, again. >> wow. >> living in his brother's shadow. eli has already said that look was his inner quarterback calculating the clock and the score. in other words, he had his game face on. he was really getting into the spirit of the game. >> not a look of jealousy. >> pretty funny, though. >> have fun with it. that's good stuff. sometimes watch a lot of new york giants. he's a quarterback for the team and perpetially has that kind of look on his face. don't blame this one on eli.
6:49 am
>> game face. we don't have anything to blame on the weather front because it's perfect, again, kari. >> more of this beautiful weather kind of like what we had for the super bowl, but even warmer heading into this weekend. as we take a live look now at san jose. beautiful sunrise. take a look at those pink clouds starting to reflect the sun in the sky. so, a great way to start out the day. but it is cool as you head oout and we will continue to have those temperatures warming up quickly as we go through the day. so, now we're at 50 degrees in the south bay and the peninsula and the east bay is at 45 degrees. let's drop in on the east bay now. get a closer look at what's happening there in walnut creek. it is 44 deit grgrees. castro valley 55 and sunol at 48 degrees. cool in spots as that seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. you'll see how our temperatures will be holding steady over the next few days and then getting cooler as we expect some rain for the middle of next week. in the meantime, it's dry. let's take it hour by hour now in san francisco.
6:50 am
by 11:00, we're at 60 degrees. 62 degrees at noon. feeling very comfortable and eventually reaching into the mid to upper 60s across most of the city. i know this warm weather drawing a lot of people to the beach, but you really have to be mindful that we do have a high surf advisory that will be in effect from noon until 8:00 p.m. on saturday. they issued these because of the beach conditions will be very dangerous with waves coming up to about a 13 feet bye-b tomorr. that means there will be 19 seconds from one wave to the next and that could allow a long period of time for that water to draw you out farther into the ocean. so, it makes things very dangerous. but not too dangerous for those professional surfers that will be descending on the half moon bay area heading into tomorrow. it will be still cool with the afternoon temperatures reaching into the upper 60s. for the next several days, not a drop of rain unless you're in
6:51 am
the north bay. maybe a few light showers in the forecast late tomorrow night. but then some more widespread rain coming back into the forecast heading into wednesday. so, between now and then, our temperatures will be above average and then maybe after that we'll see things getting a little bit more active with some wet weather into the end of february and into the start of march. now, we enjoy a nice, cool weekend. at least to start and for the morning temperatures and then warming up throughout the afternoon. valentine's day is looking really nice. in the upper 70s for the north bay. let's check in now with mike to see what's happening on the roadways. >> kari, that bay bridge span cleared from that disabled leak and caused a backup and now a slow drive and all lanes filled at capacity west 80 through berkeley. top of your screen you'll see a glimpse of university avenue. in that stretch between university and powell, reports of a crash there, as well. scanned with that camera you just saw. didn't see it in lanes and recovery on the incline and on the span.
6:52 am
that's good stuff. some folks may have headed over towards that richmond san rafael bri bridge and burst of traffic over the last few. also slowing down towards hayward and south 880 and 92 westbound. the earlier incident at the toll plaza on the san mateo bridge has cleared and 680 and also the dumb dumbarton bridge move. as you expect about now, a quick look at palo alto. no big problem, just that sun coming up. coming up, president obama waking up in the bay area this morning. how today's quick visit could impact your drive to work. i'm bob redell. back out live to gilroy with what law enforcement is saying about human remains discovered in the past 24 hours. that story coming up. and the city of berkeley reveals problems. hundreds of sites with problems after launching inspections after last june's deadly balcony collapse that killed six college
6:53 am
students. i'm stephanie chuang live with what the city discovered coming up in a live report. happening right now online. riot at a mexican prison. dozens reportedly dead. on our facebook page we posted a video outside the prison as locals try to figure out what happened. and the faa investigates a plane crash that killed two members of a central valley sheriff department. we tweeted a link to the details. would you pay 15 bucks for a cup of joe? you'll get our app to find out what makes this particular coffee so special. we'll be back in two minutes.
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welcome back. we have one last check of today's top stories before we send you off to "today" show in just a few minutes. >> let's get to bob redell following a grim discovery near gilroy. >> yes, here at the intersection of castro valley road and santa teresa boulevard just outside gilroy where human remains were found yesterday afternoon. members of the santa clara department on the scene while the sun is still up and also waiting for the medical examiner. the sheriff's office does not know whether this person is a man or a woman nor do they know the age or the identity, for that matter. of course, the question whatever remains are found in south santa
6:57 am
clara county the question ces up whether they belong to sierra lamar. she is the 15-year-old teenager who disappeared in march of 2012 about 21 miles from here outside her home on her way to school in morgan hill. her sister tells the "mercury news" that they aren't making any assumptions and don't want to jump to that worse-case scenario. bob redell "today in the bay." stephanie chuang live in berkeley where the city has revealed 242 sites need repairs for safety. last year's balcony collapse that killed one american and five irish students. now, the tragedy catapulted city leaders into action creating a task force to come up with building inspections and guidelines. in december owners were given 150 days to get permit and complete repair work. a lot of it centering on minor to major water leaks for decks, landings and staircases. more sites in need of fixing because only 72% of property owners responded by that january
6:58 am
2016 deadline. the city council expected to get a full report at its city council meeting on february 23rd. live in berkeley, stephanie c chuang. the president is waking up to a gorgeous sunrise. in about four hours he'll head to his first bay area event. a fund-raising event in palo alto. the scene outside the sheraton in milpitas where the president stayed overnight. you can see lots of police cars. barber road is closed to through traffic. the president was greeted by san jose mayor and the mayor of mountain view, as well. and the security has been tight ever since last night at the home of steve wesley, the former state controller and possible candidate for governor. he is hosting a bay area fund-raiser for the democratic national committee. $250 a plate. $10,000 for a picture with the president. the president will leave from moffett field at 2:00 this afternoon. in milpitas, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." but waking up to a beautiful
6:59 am
bay area morning at 6:58. let's check that forecast with kari. >> let's look at the forecast across all our microclimates. look at that north bay camera. that's tiburon and see shades of orange and pink in the sky. it is cool as you head oout the door and warms up nicely this afternoon. we're talking highs in the mid-70s for the south bay. 69 degrees for san francisco. and as those drivers gaze at the beautiful sunrise, they also see the cars in front of them. >> i hope so. san mateo bridge where we're seeing a heavier volume and start to hit the bridge itself. earlier crashes a that toll mrauza and 880 and the approach to the 92 stretch will be slow. a look at your map shows the northbound routes kicking in for san jose and silicon valley. meanwhile getting down towards the morgan hill area. southbound slow because of a crash and northbound side recovers from a crash at bailey. that's a slow drive. >> all right, good for south bay commuters to know. that's what's happening "today in the bay." back at 7:25 with a live local
7:00 am
news update. meanwhile, more turmoil on the markets this morning. this will continue to be a story all day. we'll bring you updates and see you in 25. breaking news. >> come out with your hands up. >> no, we're not. >> you're going to have to kill us. >> an overnightstandoff between the last four protesters at that oregon wildlife refuge and the fbi. the holdouts finally offering to turn themselves in just moments from now. as the six week long showdown about to end. southern brawl, why the presidential race is about to get even tougher on the republican side, while the democrats get set to debate again tonight. what will hk say to try and win back women voters who have left her for bernie sanders? back on solid ground. >> it was the cruise from hell. >> the royal caribbean ship that


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