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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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we'll continue to go through them at 6:00. >> thank you. robert. now to a developing story, law enforcement across the bay area are paying their respects to gus vegas, he was shot and killed in his own home in have a lay h -- vallejo this morning. vegas was a 15-year veteran of the richmond police department. we're live in vallejo with the latest on the investigation. jody? >> janell, investigators have been out on the scene ought day trying to figure out what led to an off-duty police officer getting shot and killed in his own house. richmond and have a a little ho police officers along with the chp stood and saluted as investigators removed the body of a fallen police officer from his vallejo home. >> i would say most of us are brought to our knees about it. >> police say 58-year-old gus vegas, a 15-year veteran of the
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richmond police department was shot and killed at about 4:30 this morning. during a domestic dispute with the father of his 6-year-old grandson. someone who was part of his family's inner circle. >> officers arrived to find an off-duty police officer. gus vegas, 58 years old, down having been shot multiple times. >> police located the suspect, 30-year-old robert vega app at his fairfield home a short time late wer the child who was unharmed. vega had law enforcement connections, napa valley college confirms he graduated from their police academy in 2011. the same academy that officer vegas attended two decades ago. >> the suspect will feel the conferences of his actions and i have confidence that vallejo will handle that. >> richmond police captain said vegas was respected and admired. he was a family man who deeply
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loved his children and grandchildren and always strived to make a difference. >> how this went down, i just know he was probably trying to protect his daughter. and also trying to probably help the person that was going to harm him. >> a tough day for everyone who knew officer vegas. we have learned that the officer's wife was injured while trying to jump out the window when the bullets started flying. no word tonight on her condition. reporting live in have a a little ho, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. flags at the richmond police department are now flying at half-staff. the last time an officer from the department was killed was in 2008. richmond has now lost 11 police officers in its history. five were killed by gunfire. stay with us for the latest on this developing story on air and online, our digital platforms are updated around the clock with new information.
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like usual it was a quick visit, less than 24 hours in the bay area. but president obama maximizing his time. mr. obama boarding air force one this afternoon. turning for a wave after raising two fundraisers, after raising big bucks in town. palo alto, atherton and to mountain view. he got around town and a lot of people got a sneak peek. even at the very end, president obama met with a small crowd at moffitt field before leaving for l.a. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is at moffitt field. what were the key moments today? >> raj, i know my favorite moment was seeing the president hold a newborn baby as presidents do very sweet there you'll see it in a second. in palo alto there was a crowd gathered outside the security barrier. people trying to take pictures and heightened security, a nice easy trip less than 24 hours and the president is now in l.a. president obama shook hands and
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held a baby at moffitt field in mountain view this afternoon. >> i couldn't believe that he was holding my baby. >> 2-month-old cally tate slept right through it but her older brother knew it was a big moment. >> did you say anything to him? >> i tell him i love him. >> you love him? >> president obama was in the bay area for less than 24 hours. >> it's a big honor to be able to host the president in your neighborhood. >> neighbors in palo alto tried to get a glimpse of the president who attended a democratic fundraiser. hosted at the home of amy rau, ceo of integrated archives systems. and for some, the presidential visit came with challenges. >> i can't get home, i gave up and decided to see. >> from palo alto, president obama headed to another fundraiser in atherton. where each guest donated $250 to get in. but $10,000 to get a picture with him. >> i wish he was at my house. >> obama will be back in the white house on friday. but many were grateful to get a
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glimpse of air force one before lift-off. >> we're so grateful we got to meet the president. the president is in l.a., he's there for a couple more fundraisers and this afternoon he made an appearance on the ellen show and that will air tomorrow afternoon. reporting live in moffitt field, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. from moffitt field, let's go down to los angeles and here's president obama arriving in l.a. this afternoon. his game plan in southern california, more fundraisers and as we mentioned, that appearance on the ellen show. tomorrow he's off to palm springs, perhaps for a golfing weekend before next week's summit of asian leaders. now to the dry record-setting heat this week. it has many people wondering when is it going to rain again? a live look at sunol. let's check in with meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> the current el nino update. we're finding the strength of our current el nino still ties 1998 event.
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for the strongest ever on record. based on sea surface temperatures from november, december and also january. coming in second was 1982. but there's a huge contrast right now happening between '98 and 2016. the fact that we've been hard-pressed to find any kind of major storm so far this month. so how does that stack up when we compare the two events? with the strength being the same. you might think we would get the same amount of rainfall but it's been far different. only .05 of an inch so far in month in san jose. back in 1998, .07. i don't think there's any way we're going to see rainfall totals best what we had in february of 1998. but our rainfall hopes are not lost just yet. there's still about ten weeks left of potential storms wait we see it now with the current nnl. best chance of things picking up would be late february into march. and as we mentioned, while the strength rivals '97-98, all el
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nino events are completely different. we're going to take it week by week. my full forecast update in about 15 minutes. happening now, the super-sized as well as are coming in. a live look at half moon bay where the titans of mavericks surf contest starts at 7:30 tomorrow morning. you can see some surfers practicing out there. the beach, the bluffs, surrounding it will be closed tomorrow and there will not be a big screen simulcast. instead fans can watch the contest via live webstream. staying in oakland, not raising ticket prices, good news for the raider nation. it still doesn't solve the long-term problem. the upside, the raiders are staying in oakland this coming up season. they signed today, a short-term lease to play all their home games at the oakland coliseum. >> and for the raiders, it gives us certainty for this season as well as flexibility for the following two seasons. and the certainty is really important for us right now.
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because free agency is coming up. and players are going to want to know where they're going to be playing and where they're going to be living and everything else. so i'll say again, i think it's a win-win situation. >> players want to know and the fans want to know, so as you heard team owner mark davis say, a one-year lease extension with some team options and options for the next couple years. the long-term issue here, there's still no sign in progress of building a new stadium. as for tickets, team owner mark davis saying they're not raising ticket prices as a thank you gesture to the loyalty of raider fans. >> now to an investigative unit report. we've seen plenty of videos showing police using force when arresting suspects. >> i was moving to the ground. >> the suspect in this video, doug hough shared this video with nbc bay area's investigative unit. claims the cell phone video does not show what happened before police tazed him. it's moments like that have prompted many bay area police departments to use body cameras.
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but our investigation found that not every department tracks when officers activate them during an incident. >> why do you think it's so important to use the data? >> in the use of force you have a police officer taking a weapon and deciding to deploy it against a civilian. in those moments, that's when the community is most concerned about an officer acting correctly. >> tonight at 11:00, investigative reporter vicky nguyen finds out why cameras are not always rolling. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or send us an email to the i've been sitting there. that would have been a whole different story. so -- i'm lucky. up next, a gun battle at an east bay mall. the close call for innocent bystanders. plus commute problems, coming up, could a second transit tube lead the load on
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b.a.r.t. trains? we take a closer look. and here i was playing a show, for veterans. >> the sound of music for a bay area iraq war veteran. the very personal reason that he plays, part of our bay area proud series, next. shots rang out at an east bay
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mall today, and one shopper caught in the cross-fire, shots rang out at an east bay mall today and one shopper says he's lucky to be alive. the chaos unfolded at hilltop
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mall in richmond. nbc bay area's elyce kirshner is live with more. >> amazingly, no one was injured. it happened at this busy parking lot here behind me. now authorities say it started in the mall and spilled out outside. that's when the suspects started shooting at each other. >> i was having a lucky day. >> ken shows us the bullet hole now wedged in the windshield of his brand new car. >> i was just putting this in the car to walk over to penny's. you know, i hardly ever come here. >> he had just parked at the hilltop mall in richmond when he noticed his forearm was bleeding. >> i opened the car door with the shirt i just bought. the only reason i knew was because i felt the glass hit my arm. i had been sitting there, that would have been a whole different story. >> police say the mall shooting began with an argument inside chic shoes and spilled out into the parking lot. >> two groups did get into an
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argument which quickly turned into a couple of guys from one group pulling out firearms. and began shooting at the other group. >> gang-related? >> we haven't established that yet. it's a possibility. >> and authorities are now looking for the two suspects. who sped off after the shooting. >> in my eyes, focus on the guns, i don't even remember what they were wearing. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm fine. i'm feeling lucky. >> and for a brief time, the mall was closed. and a local school was put on lockdown. both have since reopened. authorities are asking anyone if they have any information, to contact them. reporting live from richmond tonight, elyce kirshner, nbc bay area news. you can see it on the roads and on the trains, the bay area is booming. do we need to add a second transbay tube for b.a.r.t.? a new study released by a bay area think tank called spur, found a second crossing might help with crowding. it might help with disruptions
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and perhaps all-night service between both sides of the bay. transportation leaders say the project would be beneficial, but however it's all about the money. b.a.r.t. says it's focusing on repairing the infrastructure of its aging system. it's called the silent war, the struggle so many veterans have with post traumatic stress. >> a marine and musician from danville has dedicated his life to sounding the alarm about the devastating effects from ptsd. let's bring in garvin thomas with our bay area proud series. >> when i come back with an update to a previous bay area story. it's almost always good news. this time there's sadness involved. but also a promise, a promise john preston is making to keep moving forward no matter what he has to overcome. >> it's not going to be take real long for you to realize i'm a fool. >> it was a year ago, and clearly, things were just about to happen for john preston.
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the danville marine and iraq war veteran had just rebooted his music career. and people were beginning to take note of his songs, and the message they carried. more americans, john believed, needed to know about the tragedy that was 22 veterans a day committing suicide. >> numbers that the first time i heard it, completely blew my mind. >> it is for veterans with ptsd. >> for the past year while still working as a palo alto firefighter, john has poured everything he had into getting the word out. >> my last year and a quarter had been fighting for ptsd. talking about veteran suicide. >> it's been a long six months. >> it was work that was paying off. music sales were better than ever. a music video of his latest song viewed hundreds of thousands of times. john being asked to perform, speak and write on the issue of ptsd on a national level.
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yes, things were happening just as john had planned them. but life has a nasty way of sometimes not following the tune. >> and this is in january, january 13th. my brother was a marine. >> john's older brother mike was a police officer in their home state of kentucky. like so many veterans john knew, mike also suffered from ptsd. >> he kissed his children good-bye and he got in the car and he drove down the street and he took his own life. >> of all the lives john has been trying to save, he couldn't save one of the ones closest to him. it was enough to make him quit trying at all. >> i said it out loud, garvine., i said i failed. >> but john is a unique combination. a singer and soldier. with always one more song, one
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more battle left in him. >> and the goal isn't to make people aware this time. the goal is to catch the ones that might be thinking about it. you know the goal is to remind them of how special they are and how important they are. >> and one of the wasz john is going to do that is he himself has come to grips with the fact that he suffers from ptsd. he's willing to share his story. so coming the next year, he'll be out there more than ever sharing his story with the hopes, letting veterans who think maybe their loved ones would be better off without them, that's not the case, that's never the case. >> i'm glad he's going to soldier on. he may not have saved that one life. but he's probably saved so many. his work is so meaningful, thanks, garvin. let's turn it over to our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> as we head throughout the weekend we're going to start off with a word of warning to anyone going near the coastline, we do have a high surf advisory in effect through saturday. waves are now kicking up to nine feet on the current buoy record.
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but they could go as high as 14 feet. also some very strong rip currents. so you're advised to stay out of the water. this will make for some good weather for the surfers at the mavericks, but again, extremely dangerous to everyone else. as we get a look outside the sky camera network, high overcast across the south bay, currently 72. a mild 72 in the peninsula, san francisco checking in at 63. the north bay at 70. tomorrow morning we will not have a super sunny start to the day. as we get a look at the morning forecast. we'll start with the partly sunny sky down in the south bay and 48. 45 for the east bay. san francisco, clouded over and 53 degrees. it has been so frustrating lately, every single time over the past eight days the storm system gets close. it just falls apart and we end up with no rainfall at all. that's what's continuing to happen right now. check this out. cold front just offshore. but here's this stubborn area of high pressure just off to the south. and any time that rainfall gets near, it just breaks the storm apart and we are left with
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nothing but just the cloud cover. that's what we'll continue to see over the next 24 hours. so as we get a look at the futurecast, you can see eventually by tomorrow afternoon we do expect some sun to build in. and then by this weekend, even more sunshine. as you probably noticed on the scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, any sign of any kind of rainfall is 500 to 1,000 miles to the north throughout seattle and oregon as well. so let's take you to the microclimate forecast, it's a mix of sun and clouds again in san jose, putting us at 72 degrees, a comfortable 07 in cupertino. palo alto, sunny and 70 degrees. and for san francisco, we'll come in at 63 at the marina, over towards the mission, 65. north bay, east bay, tri-valley. beautiful in napa with 73 degrees. oakland at 67. back towards fremont in the east bay, 71.
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for the tri-valley, a application of upper 60s, low 70s. in terms of the next 15 days in our rainfall chances, looks pretty good for rainfall by next wednesday and also thursday. at least a scattered rain chance, maybe about a quarter of an inch the way things look now and then by march once again we do have above average rainfall chances as we look to next month. most immediately with the area of high pressure for this weekend, while it will mean a lot of sunshine. the biggest thing you'll have to watch out for is the pollen forecast. it's starting to go up in every single category. raj and janell, you've probably noticed things blooming, that will be something to watch out for this weekend. >> thank you, jeff. still to come, a san jose flight on its way to phoenix makes an emergency landing in l.a. instead. with passengers reporting he respiratory issues. what made those pilots change course. no surprise here, the hardest place to find a home to rent in the entire country -- is in the bay area. we'll show you exactly where. an off-duty police officer, shot
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and killed, in his o hom we continue to follow the developing story on our website. == an off-cute police officer shot and killed in his own home. plus how to get the most out of mavericks, we've posted ideas on facebook and how a man learned his wife was pregnant while trying to fix her fitbit. stay in touch on our digital plat forms and we'll be right back. involving toxic crabs appears to
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be over ... at least for parts just in, good news, the trouble involving toxic crabs appears to be over. at least for parts of the bay area. minutes ago, the california health department lifted its advisory for dungeoness crabs, saying traces of a toxic acid caused by algae are low or undetectable. it's lifted for crabs caught near half moon bay, monterrey, san francisco, and point reyes. seafood distributors and fishmen have seen major financial losses because of the crab delay. human remains found near gilroy this is not linked to missing teenager sierra lamar who disappeared from morgan hill
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four years ago. investigators determined that after analyzing the dental work. pg & e contractors found the remains yesterday. investigators don't know if it's a man or woman or even the age. but they believe the person was either killed or committed suicide. nbc bay area's damon trujillo is on the scene and we'll have a live report from him on our 6:00 newscast. smoke in cockpit forced a plane from san jose to make an emergency landing in los angeles. it was supposed to go. flight attended reported respiratory dispress, paramedics examined them but nobody was hospitalized. it took off at 10:00 a.m. from san jose and an hour later touched down at l.a.x. after a pilot reported a mechanical problem. passengers waited in los angeles until another plane could take them to phoenix. the bay area real estate market is red-hot.
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it's the tightest market in the country. real estate tracking company realty track says san jose's vacancy rate is now .2%. as in pun open unit for every 500 people in the area. san francisco is close behind at .3%. probably know the factors, job growth in the tech industry is the big reason for the tight market. flint, michigan, with a vacancy rate of 7.5% has the nation's highest share of vacant properties. albert einstein theorized this 100 years ago today, proof that he was right, next. during this el nino winter --
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our local cliffs are eroding tonight at 6:00, during this el nino winter, our local cliffs are eroding right before our eyes, especially in pacifica, many residents have been evacuated. one geologist says the danger is not as immediate as many people think. at 6:00, a closer look at this report and how it's playing into the fight to get those people back into their homes. that's coming up on our 6:00 news. >> finally at 5:00, albert einstein was right, 100 years after he theorized the existence of gravitational waves, scientists say they've found direct evidence. a group of scientists were nearly giddy when they heard a
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recording of two black holes colliding a billion miles away. it sounded like a chirp. they say space and time are able to bend and stretch. coldest air of the season. al roker is here warning of a dangerous. high anxiety. u.s. olympic officials take action to calm fears over zika after a big star says she's not sure she'd go. and cruise nightmare. passengers who thought they were going to die now back, speaking out and wondering why the captain sailed right into a ferocious storm. "nightly


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