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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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was the only reporter there when that prosecutor arrived. >> caller: jessica, david boyd spent about an hour here at the scene. a half hour up with investigators. then he wanted to go down and look at those remains down in a ravine area. he was here for a good hour. meanwhile, the sierra lamar search team says they remain undeterred. doug hollis wanted to see for himself. he came to the crime scene to see if the remains found in this gillroy ditch were those of sierra lamar. she's a 15-year-old who police was kidnapped and murdered in 2012 while on her way to school in morgan hill. deputies told doug hollis the remains were not sierra lamar. >> it's a little bit of a relief. but then yet again, you still have hope. and we're never going to give up looking for sierra until we bring her home. >> reporter: but in an unusual twist, the prosecutor in the sierra lamar case arrived on the
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scene and asked to go down to the spot where the remains were found. deputy d.a. david boyd did not want to talk to us about why he was here. but doug hollis says the search teams looking for sierra have been to this location before and found nothing. but a pg&e crew spotted a skull in theout skirts of gillroy and called police. >> we investigate all human remains as homicides the that's why our homicide team is out here. >> reporter: investigators have yet to determine how long the remains have been in this field. the sierra search team says they'll be out again this saturday look for the teenager. >> i'm a little choked up. because you take any and every lead serious. every time we hear of something, it just fires the team up again. >> reporter: meanwhile, david boyd prepare for the twiel of the man accused of killing sierra lamar. that trial starts in april. homicide investigators spent the
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entire day here and so did an archeologist. we are also told that the deputies are still here at the scene. they're guarding that as an official crime scene still here in gillroy. i asked david boyd if he had a second to talk to us, the lead investigator or the lead prosecutor in the sierra lamar case. he gave us a stern no. but he told me two weeks ago that he is ready for this trial. live in gillroy, i'm damian trujillo. police officers are paying their respects to an off-duty officer who was shot and killed. it appears he was targeted by someone close to his family. officer gus vegas of the richmond p.d. was killed in his home in vallejo early this morning. this was an impromptu procession as his body was removed from the crime scene. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in vallejo for us. jodi what do we know? >> reporter: investigators are trying to sort it all out, raj. they've been out here on the
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scene all day trying to figure out what led to the deadly shooting of a police officer who was widely admired and respected. >> it's a terrible loss. it's a tragic loss. >> reporter: stunned and heartbroken police officers stood and saluted as investigators removed one of their fallen brothers from his vallejo home. police say 58-year-old gus vegas, a 15-year veteran of the richmond police department, was shot and killed during a domestic dispute by the father of his 6-year-old grandson. >> the suspect who is identified as robert vega, 30 years old, of fairfield, fled the scene with the grandson. >> reporter: fairfield police arrested robert vega at his fairfield home. the child was with him, unharmed. >> how this from my understanding went down, i just know he was probably trying to protect his daughter but also trying to probably help the person. >> reporter: richmond police
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chief mark gagen had a hard time keeping his composure as he digested the loss of a fellow officer and friend. neighbors, too, are rattled, describing vegas as a man who was proud of his children and grandchildren but also worked to help kids in need in the community. >> and he had just this absolutely every effervescent personality talk about his family and the work he did in the community but also richmond. >> reporter: that was captain mark gagen of the richmond police department. we have also learned that the suspect had ties to law enforcement. he graduated from the napa valley college police academy in 2011. that is the very same academy that officer vegas graduated from more than two decades ago. we have also learned the officer's wife was injured during this incident while trying to jump out the window when the bullets started flying. reporting live in vallejo, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. take a look. flags at the richmond police
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department are now flying at half-staff. the last time an officer from this department was killed was in 2008. richmond has now lost 11 police officers in its department's history, five were killed by gunfire. well, not as much of a cliff hanger as originally thought. that is the opinion of a professor asked to assess the danger of an eroding cliff in pacifica that's left residents of an apartment building literally on the edge. nbc bay area's chuck coppola, who is this professor and what is his opinion about what's going on here? >> reporter: jessica, professor nicholas satar has studied the bluffs of pacifica for 40 years. he was asked to weigh in on the fate of this apartment billing rice here as you said on the edge. that happened a couple of weeks ago. now this week his findings are being released, and they are being held high by tenants who want to return here. >> okay. so we're going to head to the back of 310 esplanade.
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>> reporter: bart will willoby asked berkeley environmenting a engineering professor to give his opinion of the future of the bluff without future storms coming. satar's conclusion? >> there would be no wholesale failure of this bluff. >> reporter: by phone the professor told me the apartments shoe not be occupied, though, and only if the apartments survive through april should the owner consider if it's worth it to save the building that generated $34,000 a month in rent. willoby hopes this slows the hearings on the fate of 310 esplanade which may be pushed back into march. >> i think it does. the city seems to think there was some kind of eminent emergency or exigent reason for closing down and yellow tagging 310. >> reporter: the city reacted after the bluff lost a little over three feet to the ocean in december. january storms prompted daily monitoring that escalated to twice daily before 20 apartments
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were ordered evacuated january 25th. >> if somehow we waited too long and the residents were still in and there was a catastrophe that would be a horrible outcome. >> reporter: so far the city manager isn't swaiged. >> i don't know mr. satar. if he's with berkeley i'm sure he's quite reputable. but we are relying on our expert who's had 25 years of experience monitoring the situation. that's what we relied on. >> reporter: and professor satar cautions that there is simply too much winter left to consider reoccupying the building now. the city of pacifica says it is also factoring the possible costs of demolition. 400,000 if it's done up here. 4 million if it crashes to the beach. reporting live in pacific car, i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> that is some big money and big impact. thank you, chuck. get out the sunscreen and clean off that grill. this record-segment heat has a lot of people wondering what happened to el nino. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff rainieri who
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has a long-range update. >> el nino is out here in the exwhe equator of the pacific. these events bashed on the oceanic nino index are exactly the same. but as many of you are wondering what happened to el nino? what's happening with it right now? as we mentioned it's been hard-pressed to find any rainfall so far in february. as we compare the two events, 1998 to the current, we've only had .05 inches. in 1998 we had 7.07 the entire month of february. i don't think there's any way we're going to catch up to the 1998 total but all hope is not lost just yet. there's still ten weeks of potential storm systems. late february and march we could see rain averages go up. while the strength is the same, all el nino events are different. we'll take it week by week.
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>> good perspective there, thank, jeff. >> you can stay up-to-date on this el nino system and winter and the weather specific to your microclimate. download our nbc bay area app. new information tonight in the death of mario woods. in the past 90 minutes the san francisco county medical examiner released the autopsy report. san francisco police as you know shot and killed woods in the bay view two months ago. the officers say he had stabbed a person and was holing a knife when they opened fire. nbc bay area robert handa joins us live in the news room. robert i understand you've been going through the autopsy report. what have you found? >> reporter: this 31-page report reveals a lot more about woods before and after he died. some of the most startling information, the injuries woods had in his body at the time of his death. the report reveals woods had 21 bullet wounds in his body. those wounds were in his abdomen, back, thighs, arms, and two wounds in his head. the bullets came from five officers' handguns. a blood toxicology report found
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woods had pot, meth, cough syrup and antidepressants in his system. other information in the report all firearms used were issued by the police department and officers' magazine holds 13 rounds and a report says all magazines were at capacity before the shootings. no other video footage has been obtained that would give us a more clear view of the incident. as you can imagine, the shooting of woods has sparked numerous protests, calling for the firing of san francisco police chief greg serr and the prosecution of the officers involved. now, moments ago we received a statement from the police department, and it says essentially that "the department is committed to a thorough review of the shooting and this report will be an important component of all three ongoing investigations." of course we'll have more on this developing story coming up tonight at 11:00. we'll see you then. >> thank you, robert. just like that, the president has left town. his trip lasted less than 24 hours. but as usual, president obama raising some big money. this was the scene at moffett
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field this afternoon in mountainview. mr. obama boarding air force one not before he said hello and goodbye to a lot of people. he's headed to southern california for more fundraisers, a tv appearance with ellen and a weekend in the sun in palm springs. coming up in about a half hour we'll show you what he did today in the bay area before he left. also a presidential candidate decides to make another trip here to town. that's ahead in about 30 minutes. big news for the raider nation. the team is staying in oakland. at least for one more year. there were plenty of smiles today but there's still no long-term solution. here's the short-term gain. the raiders and local officials announcing they've agreed to a one-year lease extension and will play at the coliseum where you're looking right now this coming season. they could renew the lease for the coliseum for two additional years. let's bring in jim kozimor now from our comcast sportsnet news room. jim, what's the impact here? do you see any real progress in building a new stadium? as you know that's the real issue. >> this is the timeline that gives the city of oakland the
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opportunity to put something together. but again the big news, the raiders staying in oakland at least this year, signing that one-year extension. those options are for 2017 and 2018. mark davis is the owner of the team. he also announced season ticket prices not going to be rising this year. and that he has retained stadium consultant larry mcneal who helped get levi stadium built. as for all the reports of the team leaving the bay area, davis says he's just being a smart businessman. >> i don't think i've ever once said they wasn't interested staying in oakland. i'll continue to say that. but at the same time, if people are going to call you and offer you things to look at, you have to look at them. you just have to do that as a business person and everything else. but my heart is here in oakland. and if we can get something done, that's what i'm trying to do. >> all right. davis also had some strong words for a's ownership. we'll have those comments later in the show from the csn bay area news room, i'm jim kozimor, nbc bay area news.
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i'm scott budman in san jose. coming up, the city sets a new national standard when it comes to housing. we'll tell you why that's good news if you own a home, not so good if you're trying to find on one. >> i felt the glass hit my arm. if i had been sitting there that would have been a whole different story. a man feet away from being hit by a bullet. a shooting in the busy east bay mall. i'm elyce kirchner in richmond tonight. ahead the close call for local bistanders. a gun battle at an east bay mall
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today.hoppers, caht in thecross. the chaos unfolded h a gun battle at an east bay mall today. shoppers caught in the crossfire. our nbc chopper was overhead. the chaos unfolding at hilltop mall in richmond. there were a lot of rattled nerves. let's bring in nbc bay area elyce kirchner from richmond. >> reporter: the shooting happened in this busy mall parking lot. it all started inside the store here in the distance and spilled outside. that's when the suspect started shooting. >> i felt the glass hit my arm. >> reporter: the bullet came within an inch of tim kirsch. >> i opened the door. i felt the glass hit my arm. so if i had been sitting there that would have been a whole different story. >> reporter: he shows up the bullet hole in the windshield of his brand-new car after he says two men started shooting at each
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other in the parking lot of the hilltop mall in richmond. >> then i saw two guys in a white car drive away. >> outside i saw them in the car. >> reporter: a stray bullet hit mark lucas's mercedes parked nearby. >> i'm always parked at the wrong street at the wrong time. >> reporter: police say it began with an argument inside sheik shoes and spilled out into the parking lot. authorities are looking for the two suspects who sped off after the shooting. >> my eyes focused on the guns. i don't even remember what they were wearing. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling lucky. >> reporter: the mall did shut down for a short time and a local school was placed on lockdown. in richmond, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, elyce. the bay area's red hot housing market hit a new milestone today. show you a live picture at san jose. the city now has the least amount of inventory anywhere in the country. and that is bad news if you're looking for a home. and of course, you can blame
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that on tech. our business tech reporter scott budman is live in san jose where almost every home is occupied which is good in some ways and bad if you're shopping. >> reporter: yeah. you're right, jessica. an influx of tech workers here to the bay area has made it so there are very few houses even on the market in san jose, which is as you said good news if you're looking for a home but bad news if you're trying to buy one. here's why. a quiet san jose neighborhood. no house hunting because every single house is filled. you'll find a lot of that here. according to realty track, san jose has the lowest vacancy rate of any big city in the country. 0.2%. >> when something comes up, it will sell in seven days. >> reporter: lindsay gridly is an agent for caldwell banker. she says she's never seen a market this hot before. >> apple, facebook, google, palo alto networks. they're all expanding. so we have this increase of jobs
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available and in a way a decrease of homes available. because the inventory is so low. >> reporter: and how did san jose get to the point where only one out of every five 500 homes is unoccupied? >> it's tech. it's all about tech. tech is driving this. >> reporter: tech jobs way outpacing the number of homes built here. and with people from all over the world coming to fill those jobs, the houser market is super tight and not likely to loosen up anytime soon. big local companies are still growing and hiring. >> 250,000 new jobs in two years. that's like adding two cities the size of santa clara to our region. that's what's going on here and tech is driving it. >> reporter: making it a seller's market. and buyer beware. if you want a place to live here, you'll have to move fast. and a whole bay area is hot. san francisco's vacancy rate of 0.3% is almost what we have down here in the south bay.
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and that means very high prices. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, scott. well, a green light tonight for recreational dungeness crab fishermen in the bay area. an hour ago the state health department lifted its advisory for the crabs. it says new tests show that traces of a toxin caused by algae are undetectable. this is just for recreational fishermen. the commercial crab fishing industry has seen major financial losses because of that toxic algae. as we approach this holiday weekend a lot happening along the water. we're talking mavericks and the pebble beach golf tournament near carmel. >> it's going to be super dangerous at the coastline for swimmers who want to head out there. leave it up to the experts those maverick surfers.
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waves at 8 feet could go as high as 14 feet at the coast tomorrow with extremely rough rip currents you want to watch out for. specifically for mavericks you can see the wave forecast near half moon bay and pillar point. red and magentas popping up. anywhere from 18 to 20 feet on friday. it's going to be going off in a good way there for those surfers. now out towards pillar point if you're heading out that way just to be a part of some of the buzz and the action, we'll have 63 degrees and partly sunny skies at noon. by the afternoon possibly a little bit more sunshine and 67. wind will also be out of the west at 10 to 25 miles per hour. now, here's the deal. we have high pressure offshore right now. we have some clouds ridging over the top of this. and it's also helping to produce a little bit of humidity in the atmosphere as well. so tomorrow a touch of humidity. we'll have 72 degrees in the south bay. and partly cloudy to partly sunny skies. peninsula at 67, toward san
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francisco 65 and for the north bay 72 degrees. we are tracking the potential of more rainfall coming our way. we'll have more details on that in about 25 minutes. >> okay. we'll see you then, jeff. a california congressman vaping during a committee meeting on capitol hill. coming up, the point he was trying to prove. a first important part of our history. chinese workers making sacrifices to build the transcontinental railroad. now there's a memorial in the works to honor them. we're getting our first look at what it might look like. four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth--
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report of mario woods. ==reveal== plus, layoffs, happening now. a cause of death in a controversial police shooting. on twitting read the autopsy report of mario woods. layoffs and lower stock prices. what's next for twitter? we have that story on our app. and surf's up tomorrow but swimmers asked to stay away. how to watch the maverick surf contest. we'll be back in a moment. relief tonight for san francisco
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drivers inconvenienced by street closures leading up to the super bowl. we've just learned in the released tonight for san francisco drivers inconvenienced by street closures leading up to the super bowl. we've just learned in the past few minutes the embarcadero is now open to drivers. it was slated to be open tomorrow but because work crews are ahead of schedule in the super bowl tear down the opened a day early. they drew more than 1 million visitors more than the super
6:26 pm
bowl committee anticipated. it was back-breaking work and it's a notable amount of american history. now a project to honor the thousands of chinese laborers who helped build the railroad. >> a san francisco businessman wants to build a large monument near tahoe. nbc bay area's joe rosato was there. >> reporter: high in the hills of the sierras, the tahoe railroad tracks cut through thick woods, carved tunnels, winds through granite mountains. it's living evidence from the 1860s when thousands of chinese laborers helped etch the transcontinental railroad across this ragged terrain. >> it's a past of american history that has been forgotten. >> reporter: but some have not forgotten the dangerous work which claimed the lives of some 1200 chinese workers. and they aren't satisfied with a plaque at a rest stop off interstate 80 near gold run which pays them quiet tribute. >> frankly, a plaque at a rest stop near sacramento is not enough. >> we have 18 artists here.
6:27 pm
>> reporter: san francisco nightclub owner steven li is leading an effort to replace the plaque with large monument. his group is raising $400,000 to pay for it. >> my dream is to get a monument there. it's my dream to make sure that nobody forgets. >> reporter: but before you can have a memorial, you need an artist. last week in san francisco, 18 potential artists vying to create the monument presented their ideas to the community. >> i want to be a part of it. it shows the power in the muscles. >> we have the artists board of each of the artists. >> this is showing the spirit of the work. >> the the general public is coming here to vote. >> reporter: the community vote will narrow the field of artists to five. the committee will then pick two to compete for the project. the goal is to get the monument built by the fall of 2017 in time for the 150th anniversary of the opening of the
6:28 pm
transcontinental railroad. >> anything to commemorate the work is important. it's a first step. >> reporter: the work to build the railroad was perilous. workers had to blast through granite mountains to build long tunnels. >> dynamite through the sierras! that's humongous! so that's where the monument should be. >> reporter: lee hopes one day soon the monument will join these living artifacts, bringing this untold story back to the place it began. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. i'm michelle roberts live at moffett field where the president left a few hours ago. coming up see some of the highlights of his visit to the bay area. and a new study looks at the need for a second trans-bay rail crossing. i'm christie smith. coming up we'll look at that study plus what's needed to make it happen. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes?
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right now at 6:30, he was in town for less than 24 hours but president obama maximizing his time raising some big bucks at two fund raisers. he made the rounds, spent the night in milpedis and kiss add baby in mountainview. then it was off to los angeles. where mr. obama taped a segment for the ellen degeneres show. here he is arriving at l.a.x. the plan tonight two more
6:32 pm
fundraisers in southern california. nbc bay area michelle smith joined us from moffett field. michelle what details do we know? >> reporter: safe to say the president had an extremely busy day today starting in milpedes. he spent the day at a couple of private events. i met um with a couple of people outside that secure area trying to take pictures. but that favorite moment is went he met his very very young supporter today here at moffett field. president obama smiled for pictures, ming eld with supporters and stopped just short of kissing babies. >> i couldn't believe that he was holding my baby. >> reporter: brook payne says her husband is a federal agent. and today she introduced her kids to their dad's boss. 2-month-old cally slept right through the introduction while her older brother brodie had a few words. >> did you say anything to him? >> i told him i love him. >> reporter: president obama started the day in milpedis where he stayed at the sheraton hotel. the first stop, a fund raise,
6:33 pm
event in palo alto at the home of ceo of integrated archive systems. >> it's great. 9 the president is always very inspiring. >> reporter: outside the event a small crowd of neighbors tried to get a glimpse of the president. >> it's a very big honor to be able to host the president in your neighborhood. >> reporter: for some the presidential visit came with challenges. >> i live on the other side of the street and can't get home. so i just gave up. >> reporter: from palo alto president obama headed to another fundraiser in ath erton where each guest donated $250 to get in but $10,000 to get a picture with him. >> i wish he was at my house! obama will be back in the white house on friday. but many were grateful to get a glimpse of air force one before liftoff. >> we're so grateful we finally got to meet the president. >> reporter: again our president is in l.a. for more fundraising events. it should be fun to see he made an appearance on ellen today. that will air tomorrow afternoon. reporting live at moffett field tonight, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news.
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now to decision 2016. presidential candidate hillary clinton is also flying into the bay area. she'll be here next sunday, february 21st, for her own fundraising bonanza. she'll atenth tend three events in six hours. the first will take place in piedmont hosted by a real estate developer. then she'll head to ath erton for two more fundraisers. smoke in the cabin forced an emergency landing for some san jose air travelers today. the plane was supposed to go to phoenix but diverted to los angeles instead. and the fire trucks, they were waiting at the gate when the airbus landed. paramedics examined seven passengers and a flight attendant who complained of respiratory irritation. luckily no one was hospitalized. american airlines flight 564 took off at 10:00 a.m. from san jose. but an hour later it touched down at l.a.x. after the pilot reported a mechanical problem. american has not specified what caused that cabin to smoke in
6:35 pm
the cabin. the beef controversy and fallout continues in sonoma county. the former owner of a slaughter house is going to prison. the owner of rancho feeding corporation will face one year behind bars. now, the judge says it would have been longer but at 78 years old, jesse almoral jr. and his poor health were a factor in this. he pleaded guilty last year to distributing misbranded and uninspected meat, causing an international recall. the judge saying today that his actions betrayed the trust of millions of people. okay. if you ride bart across the bay for your commute you know that sometimes it can be a little crowded in there. but since trains are more packed than ever before. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in san francisco. and there's a new study out now that says we might need a second transbay too, christie. >> the study looked at bart and other transit agencies and what they're doing. certainly commuters say they would like more room out there. but it looks like this comes
6:36 pm
down to funding. by afternoon, san francisco bart riders heading home to the east bay are prepared for the grind. >> after 2:00 it starts getting really packed. after 2:00. sometimes it's really packed like starting right now. >> forget about getting on at 5:00. you're jammed in there. >> reporter: rhonda amin is lead author of a study by spur, a planning organization. looking at the need for a second transbay rail crossing to meet growth. they looked at a number of things, including other transit systems and connectivity. >> bart can run across the bay as it does today. but we can also do a standard rail tunnel like you see in a lot of cities where for example you have an amtrak tunnel on the east coast. >> no doubt the bay area needs a second tube. >> reporter: bart says about half its troubles each day are transbay. the tube was built decades ago and bart's system is aging. new train cars are in the works and new control system, but a tube, that may be a long way off. >> right now there is no funding
6:37 pm
for a tube. not much planning has taken place. it's a big goal and a big idea, and i think everyone agrees we need it. but right now, the attention needs to be on what bart already has and making sure it runs smoothly and is safe. >> reporter: some stakeholders have been in conversation about this and have said at least for now they're pushing for a second tube. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. okay. here we go. it's show time. the world's best big wave surfers are ready for the ride of a lifetime. tonight they're arriving in town. tomorrow they'll hit those epic waves for the world famous mavericks surf competition. it starts bright and early, 7:30 a.m. tomorrow. right off pillar point near half moon bay. two dozen surfers will compete for a grand purse of $120,000 bucks. 30,000 goes right to the winner. but surfers tell us you can probably imagine it's all about the rush and not that cash reward. >> it's going to be amazing. which just makes me get
6:38 pm
butterflies. my adrenaline has been spiking every couple of hours. i have to try to breathe and just calm down and get ready for one of the greatest days in surfing history. >> we have to breathe just watching these guys. pretty awesome. big heads up now for fans. tomorrow the beach and the bluffs surrounding it will be closed. so keep that in mind. there will be -- there won't be a big simulcast like in years past. instead beginning this year there are watch parties at local restaurants in pacifica and half moon bay. there'll also be a live and free web stream. well, up next, albert einstein predicted it. now scientists have found new evidence about an old discovery on gravity. also firefighters jumping into action when a man collapses at a gym. we'll tell you how they saved his life.
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another rough day for your mey. stocktook a tule. concerns about a slow wn in thel production fueled today's another rough day for your money. stocks took a tumble concerned about a slowdown in the global economy and oil production fuelled today's selloff. the dow down 254 points. nasdaq down 16. and the s&p down 22. well, there's troubling news for drivers. according to a report by carfax nearly one in five vehicles on u.s. roads needs repair for a serious safety issue. the report says safety issues are enough to cause a recall. carfax collects data on used car history. the company says the car was the highest rate of unsaved issues is the minivan. second suvs. and the third, pickup trucks. carfax has an online application where you can see if there is an open recall on your car. only on nbc bay area they were at the right place at the right time. thanks to two san ramon valley
6:42 pm
firefighters, a man from danville who went into cardiac arrest while at the gym was able to thank his rescuers in person today. that's them. ron johnson was walking on a treadmill at 24-hour fitness two weeks ago when he suddenly blacked out, fell over and stopped breathing. lon ferries came running and started cpr. casey rivers found the jim's emergency defibrillator to jump-start johnson's heart. >> the doctors said i was dead and they brought me back. >> it was just like any other call. we went straight to work. and i just was in street clothes. >> any trained citizen with a cpr class could have done the exact same thing. had we not stepped in, i'm pretty confident somebody would have. >> they were right there at the right place. the firefighters also credit 24-hour fitness for having an aed on-site. jeff if we ever get in a little trouble, jessica is fully prepared. >> i'm trained and i'm ready to go. >> that is good to know. you're our best friend here >> yes. you're going to need me. so remember that. >> yeah. you're always prepared.
6:43 pm
the earthquake lifts, everything. >> she really is. >> i'm paranoid. >> good reminder. take classes. be prepared. live look at san bernardino mountain looking toward san francisco, beautiful shot. for tonight we are tracking your weekend weather and the next possibility of rainfall in a few minutes. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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---but a san diego congressman vaping or the use of e cigarettes is not allowed in the u.s. capitol. but a san diego congressman shocked his fellow lawmakers today by doing it, anyway. >> so this is called a vaporizer. >> the crowd laughed to see a lawmaker in the seat next to her waving away the cloud of vapor. republican duncan hunter from san diego county was trying to persuade the rest of the house transportation committee to allow vaping on airplanes. hunter was outvoted. he says vaping helped him quit
6:46 pm
smoking. it took about 100 years, but now we know einstein was right. scientists unveiling today a revolutionary breakthrough about the cosmos. it stems from einstein and it's playing out here and now in the bay area. the rules for time and space have been rewritten. >> i think einstein would have thought this was just stupendous. >> reporter: these two scientists are following in the steps of einstein. they've worked on the ligo project for more than five years. >> you can't imagine a laser shooting through the tube here. >> reporter: they along with an international team of astro physicists created ultrasensitive instruments, some developed at stanford, in order to heart universe for first time. they detected a gravitational wave that came from two black holes merging as one more than a billion years ago. astronomers recorded the sound last september and played it
6:47 pm
today in washington. >> ladies and gentlemen, we have detected gravitational waves. we did it! >> this is just the beginning. this is the first of many to come. now that we know that binary black holes are out there, we've been listening to the universe. >> reporter: stanford scientists say this completes einstein's final chapter on his theory of relativity. but it kicks open the door for more discoveries. >> like black holes falling into each other and stars blowing up. those are the kinds of things we're going to see. but planets and life out there, there's probably a different direction of research that we're not going towards. >> these are rock stars of science. now, we can't feel the gravitational waves here on earth, but this discovery can benefit different industries. laser technology created during the ligo project has been used to make cell phones and airplane parts. >> that is an impressive discovery. let's turn things over to
6:48 pm
jeff ranieri talk about the nice weather we're having outside and how long is this going to last? >> i really think through the weekend we're in for some great weather here across the bay area. get a preview of that in the scrolling foreca scrolling seve forecast at the above of screen. currently 61 in san francisco. let's get you outside in the sky camera network. 65 in the south bay and high overcast. three tomorrow morning it will be that filtered sunshine to begin. so not a super sunny start. but do i think we'll have some rays of sundown to the south bay and 48 degrees. peninsula at 50 and we'll begin with 45 expected in the east bay. now, it has been so frustrating to all the scientists back here across the west when it comes to getting any kind of rainfall. every single time a storm has gotten close over the past eight days it just falls apart before it can even impact california. now, the northwest has been getting rainfall. but it's just been right here
6:49 pm
throughout the state that should have been getting hit and hit so hard by el nino this month based on earlier rain projections. but this stubborn area of high pressure blocking any chance of rainfall through this upcoming weekend. so let's take you to the futurecast. through tomorrow we'll have some clouds with us but some sun will be coming on in. at least if we can't get the rain let's get that blue sky. you'll see by this weekend we will have that sunshine returning. the rain track is just so far to the north. i mean, we're talking central oregon, also right up into washington. let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout friday. tgif a little bit early. across san francisco 65s in mission, cooler peninsula. 60s in pacific cave. watch out for rough waves and rip currents towards palo alto. south bay san jose at 72 degrees. let's take you to the north bay, east bay and trivalley. my bet is on napa for great
6:50 pm
weather tomorrow afternoon and 73 degrees. back towards mill valley 68. east bay 67 in oakland to 71 expected in fremont. a look at the long-range forecast over the next 15 days has our next real chance of any kind of rainfall next wednesday and thursday. about .25 inch. a much better chance of above average rain as we head into march. so still with several days out before we get that next possibility of rainfall. raj, jess, everyone at home, i know you've started to feel it. i can feel it in my eyes today. been coughing, sneezing a little bit. it's the pollen going to be going up the next 24 hours. expected to stay at the higher levels right throughout this weekend. can't say i didn't warn you. >> i already within the went to costco and got the big bottle size. thanks, jeff. more coverage of the raiders' big announcement today and their thoughts about the a's. also some of the warriors, just some of them, have left the country. koz rejoins us next.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
good evening, everyone. i'm jim kozimor at the xfinity sports desk. it has been an incredible season for the warriors, they're 48-4 at the all-star break. so the team has earned a little time off. unless that is you played so well that you have to go and play some more. the warriors trio of all stars arriving in toronto last night along with sunday's all star game. steph curry and klay thompson will take part in the three-point competition. draymond green is one of eight plays entered in the skills challenge. there's a lot to take in. >> really just spending these moments with my family. i think it's a great opportunity to celebrate this huge moment in
6:54 pm
my life with me and also just the game itself. i've watched that game since i was a little kid. and i always dreamed of being there. never knew how it would possibly happen. so just to play in that game, my first all-star game, kobe's last all-star game is special. >> as we told you earlier in the show, the raiders will remain in oakland, signing a lease extension for the upcoming season with options for 2017 and 2018. the raiders' owner also wasn't shy about calling out the a's. >> different fact. the a's do want to stay in the oakland coliseum site. they need to commit asap. so that we can go ahead and design and take down the coliseum, provide all the infrastructure that's necessary to build two brand-new stadiums in oakland and two teams will then come back in and play in two brand-new stadiums. what i do not want to do is build a football stadium in the corner of a parking lot while the oakland coliseum is still
6:55 pm
standing and then once we have a brand-new stadium we begin to tear down or build a new baseball stadium and then tear down the oakland coliseum, disrupting the ingress, egress and parking and tailgating experience for the raider fans on game day. so what it's going to take to get something done on this site and in oakland, at least on the coliseum site, is for the a's to make a commitment to oakland and tell the people what they want to do. and they've got to tell these people here and these people here have to tell me what's going to happen. >> all right. let's hit the links. first round of the at&t pebble beach pro-am in sunny monterey. that's a dolphin or something out there. rule number one jordan spieth playing at spyglass knocks in a 17 footer. he finished 1 under on the day. justin rose chipping out of the bunker bottom of the cup his partner is justin timberlake. loving it. another top ten golfer dustin johnson can't get out of the rough. you might recognize this. i think a lot of us have done
6:56 pm
this. he can't even find it upon further inspection. rounding out the top ten bubba watson sinks the long birdie attempt on 13. he finished 1 over, nine shots back of the leader chez reavy. sharks are home tonight. we'll have highlights at 11:00. raj, jess, that will do it for now. >> justin timberlake, josh duhamel, bill murray. you should be down there. >> we should be down there. >> there you go. >> you always want to go places. you should go to the warrior game. go down to monterey. take it on the road. >> thank you, jim. >> oh, my gosh. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. we hope to see you back here at 11:00. if you're not going down to pebble beach. >> right. wishful thinking. we'll see you.
6:57 pm
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new video, khloe and lamar hopping on a private jet. are they back on after his near deadly overdose? now, on "extra." >> khloe and her ex lamar looking happy together as they head to new york. what they're doing with kim and kanye. teresa giudice telling a.j. all about sex behind bars. >> a lot of hook-ups. >> and why everyone was watching "extra" in prison. >> oh, stop. whatever. >> after he famously fired her on "the apprentice," would she vote for the donald? plus, trump and o'reilly trading barbs about hillary.


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