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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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and police officer who put others first. >> the life as a police officer that he devoted to protecting others and a life as a father that he ultimately sacrificed protecting his family. >> reporter: officer gus vegas was shot and killed early yesterday morning while off duty. investigators say the shooter was 30-year-old robert vegas, the father of the officer's 6-year-old grandson. while vegas' wife sandra didn't want to speak on camera, she told us the suspect was very close to the family. in fact, he called vegas dad. we don't know what happened, she told us, but we have complete love and forgiveness for him she said. >> had such a great capacity for love. >> reporter: the family's pastor and close friend says vegas had a calling to help others. his role as police officer and protector was his passion.
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>> he was a good husband. he was a devoted father. he loved his kids. he loved his grandkids. he loved people. just in such a passionate way. >> really a hero to us, hero to me, hero to the department. >> reporter: and we're back here live. you're looking at the screen, the window screen where the officer's wife jumped out the window fearing for her own life. she suffered some bruised ribs, but physically she's okay. of course, the emotional damage will likely never heal. reporting live in vallejo, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. now to a gruesome crime scene in san leandro. police arrested a man in the stabbing death of his father. the suspect was cover in blood when the officers arrived at the family's apartment at 5:30 this morning. the complex is just off of 580. neighbors called police after they heard a man scream for help. officers found the man dead
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inside. >> a traumatic time for not only the officers who responded to this because of what they had to encounter this morning but the family members who have to suffer through this and try to make sense of why a son would kill his father. >> reporter: police are withholding the names of both men. the motive for the murder is still not known. we want to get back to our top story, a fire in pacifica. firefighters have been battling this house fire since 2:30 this afternoon. you can see it's fully engulfed. we're live at the scene. what can you tell us? what's the situation now? >> reporter: crews are still here. they're still putting water on this fire. 11 engines responded to this call. neighbors say lot of smoke and flames were coming out of the house before firefighters arrived the house is surrounded by businesses. larry at all-cars automotive and exhaust took this video. you can see flames coming out of
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the house and hear popping noises. propane tanks may have exploded in the garage. neighbors worried about the fire spreading. >> you always worry about the sparks that come off and the little fires that stay lit. >> reporter: crews managed to keep the fire contained, no other structures were affected. now the house is perched on the edge of a crumbling bluff. the city of pacifica said that house was red tagged recently because it might tumble down that cliff. so no one should be in that home. firefighters say access is a challenge. arson investigators are here but no one has been into the house yet to figure out where the fire started and what may have started the fire. so no word on a cause. and firefighters tell us no one was injured. reporting live in pacifica, jean elle. >> a lot happening along the coast at this hour. it was a gorgeous day right where jean was because of this, all those waves. here's some spectacular video.
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and people around the world were watching. the huge waves and yes, plenty of wipeouts. and that's the beauty and danger of maverick. about 90 minutes ago a new champion was crowned as the best big wave surfer in the world. nbc bay area's michelle roberts was there. this is a unique event. what happened on water and on land? >> reporter: well, a big old party today. as you know, there's a new winner, nic lamb from santa cruz won the entire thing. he wins about $30,000 but of course bragging rights for the rest of his life. >> we're seeing some waves 25, 30. >> reporter: the conditions have to be just right. >> the timing, everything just has to be perfect. it has to be spot on. >> reporter: today 24 of the world's best surfers dared to ride some of the most powerful waves in the ocean. from the bluff overlooking maverick, the swells are impressive. attack a closer look from the helicopter camera and the titans
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seem downright crazy. >> i've been surfing 23 years and i'm learning something every time i come out here and i'm getting checked every time i come out here. >> reporter: ken collins withdrew after nearly drowning in the whitewash. >> i feel 100%, but i have a hole in my ear. >> reporter: he was pulled from jet skis after pulling an inflatable vest to get to the surface. inside the half moon bay brewing company proud parents and derrick done offy cheered. >> just enjoy and crush it. >> reporter: the excitement was contagious. fans gathered around big screen tvs all over half moon bay to watch surfers drop into and be dropped by massive waves. maverick volunteer hal clerk says they wait all year to see who will compete for the perfect
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barrel. next year he's hoping a female surfer will be named. >> if you have the guts to get out there and ride a big wave, then you should be out there riding a big wave. >> reporter: no woman has ever competed in maverick. it's invite only. a woman was invited but she hurt her knee surfing mavericks earlier this season. reporting live in half moon bay, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> i'm nervous just watching that video. we posted a photo gallery, all the action at maverick that's right there on the front page of our website, nbc bay new at 5:00, the waves dangerous not only for the surfers of maverick but beach goers. rogue waves have swept away three people in the past month. the danger is so great rescue workers and the coast guard gathered on ocean beach today to show people what to watch out for. >> stay out of the surfline, stay up as far out of the surf
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line as possible and don't ever go on rocks. rocks are the most dangerous things you can be on during this type of surf condition. >> rescue workers demonstrated what can happen. watch as breakers pound a coast guard vessel while they try to reach a swimmer who was carried away in swift currents right next to those rocks. this is just an exercise. if you see someone in trouble, don't go in after that person, just call 911. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is with us. >> we haven't had any rainfall here across the bay area, the pacific is extremely active. several different storm systems lining up over the past seven to ten days helping to churn up those seas and get us this big action at the immediate coastline. now, this stretches for a good section of the west coast. so it's not just pillar point near half moon bay where we're seeing those high waves. the entire coast now with at times 13-foot waves.
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winds out of the northwest at 22 miles per hour. all the way through saturday. waves could top as high as 15 feet. just off shore deep waterways may actually get as high as 30 feet. swimmers need to be very cautious of these strong rip currents and even experienced boaters should be staying out of the water again the next 24 hour period. now, the tides are rough surf at the immediate coastline, temperatures will be warm for tomorrow as well. you can see by 3:00 on saturday we may already hit 74 degrees in napa and low 70s from concord to livermore. we're tracking your entire forecast. i'll have details on that in ten minutes. >> thank you, jeff. you can stay updated by just how high the surf is on our bay area app. click on weather on the dropdown menu. >> we have a follow-up on last month's deadly greyhound bus crash on 101 in san jose. two passengers were killed on that rainy morning. federal investigators have ruled out drugs or alcohol as a cause
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of this crash. the ntsb says the driver had none in his system. the report also rules out mechanical failure. bizarre crash in san francisco. a lot of people stopping to look. a car, a truck and a muni bus. check it out. it's unclear how it all happened, but you can see here a pickup truck ended up on top of that car. all of it slammed up against that muni bus. the impact shattered one of the windows of the bus. it happened at the intersection of ocean and phelan avenue right near city college of san francisco. police say one person was hurt, but we're not clear which car that person was in or that truck. we do know that none of the passengers on board the bus were injured. and then there were six. that's how many gop candidates are left in the race for president. former virginia governor jim gilmore dropped out today. he ended up with 12 votes in iowa caucuses and had a poor finish in new hampshire. he was the only contender with military experience. this was his second bid for the
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presidential nomination. our coverage from the campaign trail continues on "nbc nightly news." donald trump takes one of his biggest shots at ted cruz. and the deep divide between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking several storm systems out here in the pacific. eventually the possibility of rain. we'll let you know exactly when some of that rainfall may finally make it to the bay area in about seven minutes. i get doors just slammed on me like, oh, no, we can't rent to you because you're section eight and you guys are no good. >> he served his country, now he's about to lose his lease. i'm damian trujillo with the fight to house military veterans coming up next. police are on the lookout for a hit and run suspect who is apparently on the run tonight.
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i'm robert hamd da. we're following some developing
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news in south bay. the search continuefor the dri of thisred s we're following some developing news in the south bay. the search continues at this hour for the driver of this red sports car. the car hit and killed a bicyclist in san jose. the driver then sped off. now, this happened on south winchester boulevard near loma
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verde drive shortly after midnight. the smashed-up car was spotted several hours later not far from the scene. let's bring in robert honda who joins us this evening. any witnesses or surveillance video. what are they telling you? >> reporter: they're fortunate because winchester boulevard is busy during the day but shops do close at night. police recover the car that they say they believe is involved in the city's sixth traffic fatality of the year. the car suspected in this morning's deadly hit and run was found abandoned behind a taqueria shop. the red honda del sol matched the description by witnesses who saw the early morning collision. the shop owner didn't know about the hit and run but knew the smashed-up vehicle had been involved in something. >> when i saw the car, it looked like a tree fell on top of it. it looks real bad.
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how did it get over here? that's what my reaction was suspicious, call the police. >> reporter: police are now examining the car for clues and continue to search for the driver. neighboring business owner miguel gonzalez shot video of the suspicious looking car said he couldn't believe someone would leave an injured person behind. >> definitely we have to talk to police and see what they can do something about it. they got to do something. >> the police said there was a bottle in the back of the car. so maybe was something involved with drinking. >> reporter: police investigators don't know yet why the driver ran. all they seem to know from witness accounts is the driver knew what happened. >> it appeared that the bicyclist was struck by the vehicle and that the vehicle fled the scene northbound on winchester boulevard. >> reporter: now, police say so far there are no indications that the vehicle was stolen and, of course, they are trying to track down the registered owner. the coroner's office is not releasing any information about the victim until they make a positive identification.
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live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. what more can i go to? i can't. i'm at the bottom of the barrel. nowhere to go. >> he served his country and counts on help from those he served. a san jose veteran pays for rent with a voucher. his landlord doesn't want to accept them anymore. damien trujillo is live with his story. >> the vssa helps veterans obtain the wefs they're earned. but when it comes to housing, advocates say it's difficult to find landlords ready to help. ricky rivera knows he might be taking his final steps inside his apartment near san jose's rose garden community. his landlord recently gave the army veteran this letter saying he has to be out by march 1st.
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>> i can't deal with it. >> reporter: the family was already homeless when they finally found a landlord that would accept the family's housing voucher. that pays f 70% of his rent. but an improving economy has landlords raising the rent and pricing his family out. now he fines that most landlords won't work with his housing voucher. >> it's hard to survive. i get doors just slammed on me like, oh, no, we can't rent to you because you're section eight and you guys are no good. and i can't deal with that. >> there's some people that have served us, and we need to serve them. >> reporter: a new effort to house every veteran in the south bay. its a ps a joint effort by santa clara county and the city of san jose. >> we're one of the most expensive places in the country to live. there are 260 veterans today that are holding a veterans administration support of housing voucher and can't find someone to rent to them. >> reporter: rivera has two
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weeks and two days to find a new home that he can afford for his wife, daughter and two grandchildren. otherwise, rivera says this is where they'll be living. >> there's nothing out here. i've got doors slammed out here just like no tomorrow. yeah. like there's no tomorrow. >> reporter: the city and the county are working to give potential landlords a benefit like paying for two or three months worth of rent and also pays for renters's insurance and other benefits. we're live in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area. let's bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri. happy friday. >> enjoyable friday. >> everyone's smiling and the sun is shining. >> i've been waiting for this since sunday. it's been a long week. all right. a lot of you are with me on that one. we do have high clouds moving across the bay. the south bay at 64 degrees, peninsula 67, san francisco 60 and the north bay checking in at
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68. as we head through tomorrow morning's forecast, it won't be the sunniest of starts, but i still think it's going to be pretty good if you're up early and have activities on saturday morning, the south bay, a little bit of sun with the east bay and 46 and san francisco coming in at 52 degrees. the forecast is still very frustrating when it comes to storm activity because we do have some storm systems out here that are just continually missing the bay area. that's why we have so much rough surf at the coastline. a lot of these pacific storms that are missing us are kicking up these waves. right now at 13 feet throughout the entire coast, still could go as high as 15 feet through tomorrow. so swimmers should stay out of the water with potentially deadly rip currents and also experienced boaters, watch out. according to the national weather service deep water waves may reach as high as 30 feet. something to think about if you had any plans with a boat this weekend. now let's take you to a pattern that has had storm systems out
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here. they've just been skirting off to the north. that's really what's going to happen. high pressure to the south saturday and sunday. and yet again we'll get missed by another storm system. but as you see in that scrolling seven-day forecast, we do have the possibility of rainfall coming over the next seven days and we'll have details on that in just a moment. but let's take to you the micro climate forecast as we head throughout saturday. if we can't get the rain this saturday or sunday, we might as well enjoy some of the blue sky and sunshine. this will put san francisco at 66 in the financial district tomorrow. 67 in the mission. for the peninsula, pacifica, 64, westerly wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. over to san mateo, 56. palo alto at 70. san jose coming in at 72. morgan hill a mighty fine day with 74 degrees. north bay, east bay and tri-valley on our micro climate. some of the sunniest weather tomorrow. right here into napa with 74 and also sunny skies in santa rosa, 73. back into mill valley, 71.
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for the tri-valley a mix of sun and clouds and 72 degrees expected in livermore. here's how the next 15 days look and our possibility of rainfall. forecast models are still showing this is about the fourth day in a row increasing our confidence here of possibly some rainfall next wednesday and thursday. about a quarter to a half inch at this point. maybe 3 to 7 inches of snow. high pressure just off shore. raj and janelle, the only problem in the forecast, and we've been talking about it, is the pollen. it gets even higher for tomorrow. do what you need to do for that and enjoy the weekend. >> valentine's day weekend. a lot going on. don't fall for this scam. it targets people who celebrate the lunar new year. and what happened that forced ground crews to be on alert. ==reveal== not too happy about
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this one. on our website -- th happening now across our digital platforms. not too happy about this one. on our website the comment by mark davis that has the owner of the oakland a's steaming mad. a battle between millionaires and all about the presidential hotel. on our twitter page the advice from one bay area man to president obama after the two stayed at the same mill pits a hotel. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at jose has reported mid-air
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mechanical problems. american for the second day in a row the pilot of a jet flying out of san jose has reported midair mechanical problems. american airlines flight was headed for dallas when a cockpit light indicated a possible landing gear problem. the plane made a safe landing in dallas and a maintenance crew was assigned to evaluate this claim. yesterday smoke in the cabin forced another american airlines plane to make an emergency landing in los angeles. on peninsula, a woman claims a driver pulled a gun on her during a road rage incident. it happened yesterday on alma street in palo alto about two miles from the stanford campus. a man raced in front of her then slammed on his brakes. when she honked, she says the man got out of his car and pointed a gun at her. police say he then took off without firing a shot. it's not much of a blessing, and it appears people who live
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in san francisco's chinatown are catching on. the san francisco's district attorney announced today that a number of people who fall for a so-called blessing scam has dropped. this after a public education campaign. but the d.a. says he'll keep the campaign going during the chinese lunar new year. >> during this time of the year, it's also a time of the year where there's a lot of attempts to scam people in the chinese community because of the celebrations. so we have made this sort of an annual event. >> so what is the blessing scam? con artists try to convince people that evil spirits are coming but they can avoid it if they put their jewelry and money in a bag and pray over it. the scammers then switch the bags with an empty one. over the past few years police say the con artists have scammed more than a million dollars in cash and jewels. here we go, almost new year's for baseball. giants fans rejoice. a sign that the next season is almost here. knew ==raj/ots== tonight at 6. your
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child's rsonainformati -- including cialsecurity number a . tonight at 6:00, your child's personal information including social security numbers and records about their behavior in school is on its way to an advocacy group unless enough people object. we'll explain why it's happening and what you can do to stop it. that's new on our 6:00 newscast. believe it or not, baseball
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is right around the corner. giants players and fans will pack at&t park tomorrow for the annual fan fest. earlier today some lucky fans filled commercial spots that will air throughout the season. manager bruce bochy and a few players met with the media today. they say they're expecting big things this season. >> i think the expectations for us nationally are a little bit higher than most which we aren't really used to. usually nobody's picking us to win anything. >> when you have won several world series, you know? we have high hopes for you guys. fan fest is free and open to the public. >> the number one question for brandon crawford is your hair really going to fit under that hat. he said, no, he's just going to let it flow. >> looking good. >> great weather tomorrow. some sunshine. temps in the low to mid-70s for the tri-valley. san francisco 67. for any lovers out there
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checking out valentine's day gets even warmer. 77 in the north bay might be a nice day for wine country. i don't know. i'm just saying. u tonight, dangerous freeze. below zero in 16 states. 65 million people plunge into the teeth of a polar vortex. urgent warnings of a potential deadly winter blast. >> donald trump threatens to sue ted cruz as bernie sanders accuses hillary clinton of landing a low blow. it's getting nasty. machete horror. a vicious restaurant attack. a man suddenly starts slashing and stabbing people inside. the fbi investigating and asking was it terrorism? trapped by war. our team inside syria as word of a deal to stop the bloodshed is met with skepticism. and assad vows to retake the entire country. and your medical records at risk of being stolen and sold for fraud. one out of three


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