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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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your child's social security information. this now becomes a privacy issue. our business and tech reporter scott budman is with us. scott any options for parents? >> reporter: there is at least one, jessica and raj. the group is concerned the concerned parents association. it looks out for disabled students. they want to see if the students have been treated fairly by the california school system and they'll get that data because of a lawsuit. but the personal transftransfer of personal information makes parents nervous. >> reporter: bay area parents are just now starting to find out. >> i have one more thing i have to try to explain to her. >> reporter: personal information about kids in kindergarten through 12th grade will be turned over from the california department of education to a group called the conce concerned parents association school. >> all very sensitive personal
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information. >> reporter: the data is being turned over because of a lawsuit won by the concerned parents association, a group that wants to find out if disabled students have been treated properly in california schools. a noble effort, perhaps, but one that has privacy advocates concerned about the safety of the data. >> a lot of that information could be used to commit identity theft if it gets into the wrong hands. >> reporter: information from an especially vulnerable group because kids don't monitor their personal data anywhere near as closely as adults. i spoke to the lawyer of the parents association who took pains to say they don't want any of the private data. they just want to make sure children are getting equal access to education. they say they'll even have an outside observer to check the transfer of data to try to keep everything as safe as possible. some parents say, let them have the information. >> our paranoia is getting in
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the way of the needs of the kids. >> reporter: others want to know how safe their children's private data will be. >> the sheer broadness of the order is what is concerning. >> reporter: here's part of the problem. instead of sounding the alarm to let parents of california students know about the lawsuit and data transfer, there's a small item on the department of education's web site. who among us is going to see that? you should be informed about this, though. we've put the story on our web site, we also found a form you can fill out to opt out of the data transfer for your child. there's a link in the story to the opt out form inside as well. raj? >> very good information. thank you, scott. well, tonight a family is filled with grief. but amidst the tears they are forgiving the man accused of killing their loved one. gus vegas was shot inside of his home in vallejo yesterday. vegas was a richmond police officer who was off duty at the
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time. the accused gunman is someone close to the family. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is at the family home in havallejo >> reporter: the family is absolutely devastated but they also say they are ready to forgive. they say the officer and the suspect had a father-son relationship. today they shared their grief in a gut-wrenching press conference. >> growing up with the dad that would literally wear his shoes until the soles of his somehows would separate just to make sure we had food on the table. >> reporter: the heart-broken and distraught family of the richmond police officer shot and killed in his own home shared their grief. remembering a man they say always put others first. >> life as a police officer that he devoted to protecting others, and a life as a father that he
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ultimately sacrificed by protecting his family. >> reporter: officer gus vegas was shot and killed early yesterday morning while off duty. investigators say the shooter was 30-year-old robert vega, the father of the officer's 6-year-old grandson. while vegas's wife sandra didn't want to speak on camera, she told us the suspect was very close to the family. in fact, he called vegas "dad." "we don't know what happened" she told us, "but we have complete love and forgiveness for him." she said. >> russ and sandra had such a great caps py for love. >> reporter: the family's pastor and close friend said vegas had a close calling to help others. his family calls him their hero. >> through god, the family and friends, we will get through this. >> reporter: officer vegas had ten children, 20 grandchildren with another one on the way. the family is rallying together tonight to get through this. meanwhile, the suspect is due in
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court next week. reporting live in vallejo, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. it is a difficult story. funeral arrangements have not yet been announced. there's also a memorial fund set up for the family at mechanics bank. you can find the information on our web site for that memorial fund at now to a developing story in pacifica. a house that was on the brink of crumbling down a cliff went up in flames this afternoon. no one knows why. firefighters rushed up the palmetto drive to find flames and black smoke pouring out of the home. you can also hear popping noises there. officials believe propane tanks may have exploded in the garage. at one point neighbors were afraid that the fire would spread to their homes as well. >> you always wonder about the sparks that come off and the little fires that stay lit. >> luckily, firefighters kept the fire contained to one house. because the house was red tagged
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several weeks ago, no one has been allowed to live in the home. officials are now trying to figure out what sparked that fire. filled with danger and filled with a lot of oohs and ahs, people around the world tuning into mavericks. the elite surfing competition did not disappoint today, on land and on sea everyone getting a glimpse of those 24 daredevil surfers. here it is from another angle. our nbc chopper with a great view of the action right off the coast in half moon bay. ultimately we had one champion, santa cruz native nic lamb took had home the $30,000 first place prize and bragging rights for life. here's nbc bay area michelle roberts from half moon bay. >> reporter: when the forecast is just right and the wave conditions are perfect, 24 of the best surfers in the world are called to compete at mavericks. >> it's just a dream of mine to come watch these. >> reporter: a half a mile away from the beach, swells from the north pound into the shallow sea floor and rocks, creating some of the most infamous and dangerous waves in the ocean.
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>> i've been surfing it 23 years. and i'm learning something every time i come out here. and i'm getting checked every time i come out here. >> reporter: ken collins with drew from the competition after nearly drowning in the white wash. >> i physically feel 100%. i just have a hole in my head and my ear and i can't go in the water. >> reporter: he was rescued by jet skiers after pulling his inflatable vest to get to the surface. in the next heat, today's champion nic lamb was caught in what's being called the beating of the day, getting pinned by several waves and eventually pulled out of the hot zone. a few minutes later he was back on his board riding another monster. >> oh, wow! inside the half moon bay brewing company, proud parents of derek duncy cheered as he caught his first wave of the day. >> the separation is there now just enjoy and crush it. >> reporter: the excitement was contagious. the fans gathered around big screen tvs all over half moon bay to watch surfers drop into
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and be dropped by massive waves. >> looked like he rode a couple of waves in there. >> reporter: maverick volunteer says the surf community waits all year to see the best compete for the perfect barrel. and next year he's hoping a female surfer will be named a titan. >> man or woman, man. you got what it takes to get up there and ride the big wave you should be out there riding the big waves. >> reporter: no woman has ever competed in the mavericks competition. it is an invite-only event. this year savannah shaunessy was invited as an alternate. but unfortunately earlier in the season she hurt her knee surfing at mavericks. reporting at half moon bay, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> michelle, thank you. so the best big wave surfer in the world? who is it here it is. nic lamb. he jokingly said he would use his $30,000 prize to take a reporter out to dinner. he also talked about the stiff competition out on the water. >> all of us when we're sitting in the lineup we're all jockeying for position.
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so when you think we're not competing we're always competing. so it's tough out there, yeah. these guys are the best in the world. so it's always good to be on top. >> he is the best in the world. lamb also taking a few minutes now to take some pictures, of course, and some selfies and poisie posing with the fans waiting for him. >> rescuers were in the water further up coast do doing mock drills to demonstrate how dangerous the waves can be. this is a warm holiday weekend we're going into. they're simulating what has to be done after a swimmer gets carried away by a swif current. it's already been a deadly winter for beachgoers. three people have died in the past month alone. coming up in about ten minutes we'll have a closer look at just how long these big waves will last. a gruesome crime scene in san leandro. police arrested a man for the stabbing death of his father. investigators say the suspect was covered in blood when officers arrived at the family's apartment at 5:30 this morning. the complex is just off 580. a neighbor called police after
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hearing a man scream for help. when officers arrived they found the victim dead inside. >> it's a very traumatic time for not only the officers that responded to this because of what they had to encounter this morning, but the family members who have to suffer through and try to make sense of why a son would kill his father. >> police are so far withholding the names of both men. the motive for the murder is also unknown. new at 6:00 tonight, san francisco's top legal officer is commenting for the first time on the autopsy report of mario woods. san francisco police shot and killed woods in the bay view two months ago. police say he had stabbed a person and was holding a knife when officers opened fire. in the autopsy the medical examiner revealed that woods had 21 bullet wounds in his body. san francisco district attorney was asked if this was an alarming number of bullets does the number of shots concern you? does that seem excessive to you? >> as far as shooting concerns
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that's why we're investigating the shooting. but we haven't completed our investigation so we're not prepared to discuss what our findings are because we haven't concluded yet. >> the autopsy report said the bullets came from five officers' handguns. the san francisco police department said they will use the autopsy report in their own investigation of the shooting. a bay area man is in jail tonight after dna evidence linked him to a 2014 gang rape at u.c. santa barbara. investigators say this man of san ramon was arrested on a felony drug charge last month and that arrest was the break in the rape case. he gave a dna sample which was added to a fbi database. detectives say it matched with dna evidence found at the ucsb crime scene two years ago. chen was enrolled at u.c. santa barbara until a couple of months before that rape. a bizarre crash in san francisco caught a lot of people's attention today. take a look. a pickup truck ended up on top of a car, and all of this
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slammed up against a munie bus. it's unclear how this happened. the crash was right near city college of san francisco. police say one person was hurt, but we don't know which car or truck they were in we do know the passengers -- none of the passengers on board that bus were injured. i'm robert handa live in san jose where police are trying to track down a suspect in a deadly hit-and-run crash. coming up we'll show you how investigators got their big break when they recovered the car and why it might lead to an arrest. the waves were so big at san francisco's ocean beach today the first responders brought out all their rescue equipment to give the public a very important message. i'm chuck coppola. that story coming up. and i'm meteorologist jeff rainieri. right now buoys showing waves as high as 12 feet. we'll have exactly how high those waves get through this weekend coming up. plus details on rainfall and what could be coming our way in terms of that rain and also sierra snow next week. developing news in the south
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baythe searcis on thedriver of we're following some developing news in the south bay. the search is on for the driver of this red car. police say the car hit and killed a bicyclist in san jose. the driver then sped off. the car was spotted this morning several hours after that crash and not far from the scene. nbc bay area's robert handa is in san jose this evening. and robert, this day and age
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there's usually surveillance video. what's sjpd telling you? >> reporter: well, we have been told that tonight police are gathering surveillance video from some local businesses, including one that apparently shows the car leaving the scene. so investigates got a big break today when they recovered what they believe to be the car involved in the deadly hit-and-run. police investigators say the car involved in the early morning hit-and-run was distinctive in style and color, which they say they hoped would make it easier to find. that region might be why the red honda del sol was found abandoned this morning. police say the damaged vehicle matched the description given by witnesses who sought early morning collision. the tacqueria owner didn't know about the hit-and-run but thought something bad had happened. >> i said how did it get over here? that's why my reaction was, i
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mean, that suspicious. call the police. >> reporter: police are now examining the car for clues and continue to search for the driver. at this point investigators say the abandoned car and witness accounts indicate the driver knowingly left the scene of a crime. >> it appeared that the bicyclist was struck by the vehicle and that the vehicle fled the scene northbound on winchester boulevard. >> reporter: the restaurant owner and neighboring business owner miguel gonzalez would shot video of the suspicious-looking car said they couldn't believe someone would leave an injured person behind. >> the police said there was a bottom until the back of the car. so maybe it was something involved with drinking. >> it's hard to say. but that's life. sometimes we are here, the next day you never know. >> reporter: police say so far there are no indications the car was stolen. so naturally they are trying to track down the registered owner. the coroner's office says at this point they are still trying to make a positive identification of the victim. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news.
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>> okay. thank you, robert. a followup now on last month's deadly greyhound bus crash. that report fails to explain how accident happened. two passengers were killed when the bus slammed into safety barrels and then rolled over on 101 in san jose. today's preliminary report from federal investigators rules out mechanical failure as the case. previous lit ntsb ruled out drugs and alcohol, saying the bus driver had none of them in his system. dangerous waves along the northern california coast. we want to show you ocean beach this afternoon. look at that. ferocious surf. it's being blamed for three deaths in less than a month. so today first responders are issuing a very visual warning. nbc bay area's chuck coppola is live at san francisco's ocean beach. and chuck, it looks very, very scary out there. what are lifeguards saying? >> reporter: well, it was very harrowing, too, to watch. at one point the surf was so high, coast guard vessels we were watching practically disappeared under the spray as the waves crested over them. and a swimmer as part of this
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mock rescue was carried away from the rescuers. the current was that swift. it was all part of a drill prompted by a number of recent drownings along the coast. breakers off ocean beach pitched a 47-foot coast guard boat skyward as rescuers hovered overhead. a dramatic rescue demonstration against the powerful backdrop of the stormy west pacific. >> we've had folks swept out, young, old, championship swimmers swept out, surfers. >> reporter: eight people have been swept out to sea since el nino conditions began. from santa cruz to pacifica to the rocks off land's end in san francisco and further to marin. five rescued in time but just barely. still, it's led to three drownings in less than a month. >> we realized that when you get these type of numbers and you get them so close together, it's apparent that people just simply aren't aware of the conditions. >> reporter: in a mock rescue today, the swift current carried a stranded swimmer more than 50
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yards in a minute. a valuable lesson to two young girls who watched. >> the waves are huge. and we saw those boats. they're crashing down. >> did you see how fast that swimmer was carried south? >> yeah. and yeah, it was crazy. >> reporter: the bottom line, not a good time to bring the pets to the beach. watch out for sneaker or rogue waves as they call them. and stay off the rocks. they're simply too slippery and you can easily be slammed against them. finally there's a reason why you don't see lifeguard towers besides the fact that it's deck. you don't see lifeguard towers on ocean beach as in unlike others in southern california. they're trying to discourage swimming here, especially now. reporting live at san francisco's ocean beach, i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> we're celebrating those big waves with mavericks and then we have this warning. jeff rainiery has the latest. >> if you are in the water happen to get caught in a strong
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rip current, the best advice with that to outswim it is to swim parallel to shore and eventually you'll outrun it. if you try to fight it things can get dangerous. as we heard in chuck coppola's piece stay out of the water this weekend. check this out for boaters. 20 to 30-foot waves likely through saturday. deep water waves just offshore. so it's not only swimmers but also boater that is should watch out. current waves at 12 feet could go as high as 15 feet through saturday's forecast. as you get a look at saturday, we'll keep sunny skies and temperatures go up a degree or two. also a little bit of cloud cover continuing through the south way for partly cloudy conditions. 72 in the south bay, trivalley 74, san francisco 67. what about valentine's day on sunday? perfect for all you singles out there. temperatures are heating up. maybe this is the day you're going to find some love. 76 in the south bay, peninsula 73. san francisco 71. and right up into wine country,
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maybe you already have your love and you're looking for something to do? napa might not be a bad option for you. switching gears now turning to the next possibility of rainfall coming our way. the way we see it now looks like next wednesday and thursday the possibility of some scattered rain, then a better chance of maybe a more moderate storm system by the 25th, 26th and also the 28th of this month. and better chances of above-average rain as we head throughout march. so how much rain could we be looking at next week? it's not a whole lot but you can see the green here expected. that correlates with .25 to .50 inch. as we leave you right now looks like we may get an additional 5 to 9 inches of snow next week as well. full forecast in about 20 minutes. mountain lion spotted in this republican neighborhood. i'm elyce kirchner. ahead we'll tell you exactly where those animals were spotte spotted. also ahead, this video shows
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what happened right after a suspect was tased. but it doesn't show what led up to the confrontation. tonight we investigate the reason why police cameras aren't always rolling. four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth-- [train horn blares]
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the most vain. find out if you're living in one. and forget your ex this valentine's day weekend. on our twitter page how the goodwill can help. back in a moment. rattled nerves in an east bay
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community tonight. a mountain lion was stted very cse to homes this week. some rattled nerves in an east bay community tonight. a mountain lion was spotted close to homes this week. >> that big cat was spotting roaming near cal state east bay near the campus. nbc bay area's elyce kirchner is in that nba hood now with what experts say could have caused this rare sighting. >> reporter: animal police actually say mountain lions are more likely to come out of hiding during the drought. they also say it's very rare you see them in a residential neighborhood. but that's exactly what happened here. several sightings have been reported of mountain lions. the most recent one happened right here behind me up the hill last night. gloria couldn't believe her
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eyes. >> it was very close to the houses. >> reporter: on her daily hike, she spotted what appears to be a mountain lion in the hills of concord not far from her house on shady brook lane. >> there's rock. he actually got on top of the rock for awhile and was sitting there looking around. >> reporter: she's not the only one who has spotted an animal on the prowl. >> the mountain lions were here before we were. >> reporter: another neighbor spotted one, too, just last night in the same area, and posted this photo of the mountain lion on a local blog. >> we've seen like coyotes usually. but not mountain lions. that's kind of scary. >> they are a very powerful animal, probably one of the biggest -- the greatest hunters that we know in the united states. for sure. >> reporter: this is what they look like up close. but despite their powerful physic, animal experts say mountain lions are skiddish and attacks are actually quite rare. >> since 2004, there have been six in the state of california,
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five of them were nonfatal, one was fatal. >> seeing them is also rare. that's something gloria isn't taking for granted. >> it was on my bucket list. so i'm able to cross that off now. as crazy as that sounds i've always wanted to see a mountain lion and now i have. >> she can cross that off her bucket list. experts say if you spot one, don't run. hold your ground. if you can try to appear larger, maybe hold up your jacket or shirt and make lots and lots of noise. reporting live from concord tonight, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. well, potential problems uncovered on hundreds of balconies in berkeley. coming up the dangers revealed in a new report in the wake of that deadly collapse. but first. >> stop resisting. >> i'm not resisting. >> video can reveal the truth if an officer's body cam is on. we investigate a flaw in the police body cam system that's keeping the public in the dark. new normal -- at police agencies
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across the country includin body cameras are becoming the new normal at police agencies across the country, including here in the bay area. >> but how often are those cameras actually turned on and recording? we investigate which local departments track this information and which don't. here's senior investigative reporter vickie winn. >> hang on. no no, no. stop. >> >> we've got one detained.
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>> you're watching cell phone video recorded by a mountain view police officer during the arrest of [ inaudible ]. >> stop resisting. >> i'm not resisting. >> clark shared this video with us admitting it doesn't show him at his best. but he says what the officer's video also doesn't show, moment police tased him in the chest and neck. >> he never moved his hands. >> he said he and his wife were waiting at a doctor's appointman when he got into an argument with another patient. he turned his phone off and said to [ mute ] mind your own business. >> clark said he pulled out his pocket knife with a three-inch blade. that's when office staff called 911. >> he has a knife. >> yes, he has. >> what kind of knife is it? >> a pocket knife. >> what happened next is in dispute. officers say clark ran out of the building and continued to run after they told him to stop. they say he reached down toward his waistline where an officer saw a knife clip. that officer tased him. >> that's when a fourth officer
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ran up from the left and just immediately tased me. >> he was arrested for charges including brandishing a weapon and resisting arrest to which he pled no contem contest. but he wonders why there was no officer video. >> my husband's head was going straight into the curb. >> mountain view police declined to speak on camera. but they said none of the four officers on scene had a body camera because the incident took place during the voluntary phase of the department's body cam program. >> this is my tax dollars at work. >> it's encounters like this where the police and civilian accounts conflict that are prompting a nation-wide push for cops and cameras. >> i think the trend frankly is going to be towards greater and greater openness. >> reporter: chris magnus just took the top cop job in tucson but served as head of richmond p.d. for the past decade.
6:34 pm
he's credited with building trust between police and community members. >> do you think all police departments should move in the way of getting body cameras? >> i do. not only should they do it but i think the public's going to expect that they do it. >> reporter: he oversaw the implementation of richmond's body camera policy. and training. for its 188 officers last year. >> just so you know, we have a body camera you're being recorded. >> reporter: officers go through drills like this every three months to keep their skills sharp, skills that now include turning on their cameras at the beginning of any call for service. >> keep your hands right where i can see them. don't move. don't move. >> reporter: data from richmond p.d. shows in the first two months officers were equipped with cameras the department logged 28 use of force incidents. that means anything from an officer displaying a taser to fierli firing a weapon. but none of the incidents was recorded. data shows over time the number steadily improved to 48% in the first six months and most
6:35 pm
recently 92% of use of force incidents were caught on camera. >> you're expected to have the camera on. >> reporter: magnus says there are times officers can turn off their cameras including when they're dealing with victims of sex assault or juvenile but repeatedly not rolling during a use of force will be disciplined. >> there have to be consequences if you don't turn on your body camera. we have in fact disciplined some folks for that. >> reporter: the investigative unit requested similar data from all bay area police departments with body cams. we found most track when officers are recording during use of force incidents. but here at oakland p.d. there's no way to know how often the cameras are turned on, recording or broken during use of force incidents. even though the department has had more body cameras and for longer than almost every other bay area department. the pilot program started in 2010 and became official in 2013. a spokesperson o.p.d. says they don't have a tracking device. we asked the chief to ask why
6:36 pm
but were told he could not accommodate our request. >> you can't have some officers turning on their cameras some times and others turning them on other times. >> reporter: this public defender his office represents 40,000 people a year. >> why do you think it's so important to have that data? >> in the use of force you have a police officer who's taking one of the weapons that they're armed with and deciding to deploy it against a civilian. >> what's wrong? >> in those moments, that's when the community is most concerned about an officer acting correctly. >> there also was a real learning curve toward officers turning on the camera. >> reporter: chief went at a public safety meeting last month. >> it seems like a very simple thing. and it's not difficult to do. it's just do you remember to do it under high stress. >> reporter: morris says not only is it troubling if the department doesn't track whether an officers recording during use of force incident. >> drop the gun. drop the gun. >> reporter: he's also seeing another change at opd. >> they'll say to the other officer, i think we need to have
6:37 pm
an administrative conversation. >> is that code for turn off your body camera we'll talk about this later? >> it is. it is. it's an unwritten code. >> reporter: opd says its policies allows officers to turn off cameras when they are discussing sensitive information. >> what do you think of that? >> i think it's b.s. to be honest i-think there should be ultimate transparency. my question to the chief when i spoke to him most recently was, what is there to hide? >> i've got assault in the waiting room and i get tased. >> a judge ultimately sentenced this man to one day in count county jail and anger management classes. >> some people might say you were taunting the officers. >> i was more overcome just with the situation. >> reporter: but he says he wishes the officers were wearing body cameras and rolling from the start. >> i thought i had the right to remain silent. >> reporter: to capture the good, the bad, and ultimately get as close to the truth as possible for both sides. >> cameras might be a starting point. >> reporter: now, body cameras became mandatory for mountain
6:38 pm
view police officers in september. and since that time there have been six use of force incidents. 33% were caught on camera. other local departments we have the data at if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send vickie or the unit an e-mail at a tragedy is sparking change. more than 400 -- more than 400 buildings with balconies in berkeley now need repairs. this comes after the city adopted emergency ordinances following the deadly balcony collapse last year. you might recall six people were killed. the new rules require property owners to have experts inspect the structural integrity of the balance conies, decks and stairs. property owners have 90 days to complete the repairs. are cracks starting to show in silicon valley? the potential problem tech leaders and economists see that's developing in the south bay. plus -- i was carrying a 70-pound --
6:39 pm
>> he is the last surviving medal of honor winner from the battle of iwo jima and he's here in the bay area. and we are there for the hero's welcome at sfo. the state of silicon valley is
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6:41 pm
strong... but a few cracks are starting to appear. ==vo== "joint venture silicon valley" held its an the state of silicon valley is strong but a few cracks are starting to appear. joint venture silicon valley held its annual look at our tech economy today. local business leaders and economists agree after a robust 2015 this year is starting off a bit shaky. >> something's going on with wall street. something's going on in china. oil prices, people are getting jittery about some of these unicorners. maybe some e evacuation
6:42 pm
valuati -- evaluations have to be adjusted. meanwhile silicon valley is creating jobs and employment. >> the housing market which has never been quite as strong. here comes the naked truth. in france, facebook is being dragged into court of a nude painting. a judge in france ruling today that a facebook user, there, can sue the social media giant because of its strict nudity policy. here's the deal. the parisian teacher had posted a 19th century painting of a nude woman. he then found his account suspended with no explanation. the man is asking for about $23,000 in damages. the ruling by the paris appeals court could set a legal precedent in france. the model x gets its wings. that's the caption tesla put this on its twitter page. it shows the all electric suv being built. and the tesla manufacturing plant is in fremont. the door that is you see there open from the bottom up. like one of those futuristic
6:43 pm
cars. it made its auto show debut at the canadian international auto show in toronto just today. >> jeff has his name on the list for one of those. >> i want you to get one that. would be really cool. >> too back to the future for me. >> i could see you getting out of it and parking it. >> so stylish. a zbluf we could all have rides in it. >> we could do a news promo coming out of. >> it fantastic idea. >> a live look outside the san francisco sky camera right now. it is relatively quiet but we are tracking the possibility of some rainfall. we'll let you know about that next best chance in just a few minutes. one of the greats from the
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greatest generation.lan ded in the bay areaoday. hersh "woody" williams is e one of the greats from the greatest generation landed in the bay area today.
6:46 pm
hershel woody williams is the last survivor of the battle from iwo jima world war ii. >> his will to survive was strong because of one thing. >> reporter: raj and jessica, it was love. love for a young lady who would become his wife. woody williams says those feelings came through again today when hundreds came to gather to welcome him to the bay area. it was a welcome fit for a war hero at san francisco international airport today. >> i had no idea that that was going to happen. so i was surprised and pretty well breathless. >> reporter: members of the uso, marines and local law enforcement gathered to greet woody williams at the gate. the 92-year-old from west virginia is one of six world war ii medal of honor recipients still living, and the only one left who fought at iwo jima. >> day of infamy in my life, february 23rd, 1945. >> reporter: just 21 at the time, woody went forward alone with a 70-pound flame thrower as soldiers charged at him with
6:47 pm
bayonet-tipped rifles. >> i never permitted myself to think they was not going to make it. i had a beautiful young baby back home waiting for me and i was determined to get back there and marry her. and i finally did. and we spent 63 yea of wonderful life together. >> reporter: woody suffered from shell shock, but eventually pulled through to help other veterans working as a counselor. he says the medal of honor, the military's highest award, is his proudest achievement. >> having the medal of honor is the epitome. >> reporter: but the humble hero said the medal really belongs to his fellow marines who died protecting him almost 71 years ago. >> it's theirs. i just wear it in their honor. >> reporter: out of the 27 medal of honors awarded for iwo jima, only 13 recipients came home. woody says as the last surviving medal winner he's lucky to be able to tell his story. wood cri williams was awarded the medal of honor at the white
6:48 pm
house in 1945 by president harry truman. he's in san jose this weekend to attend a world war ii conference. >> what a hero and handsome fellow. >> i want to stand up and just clap on this valentine's day weekend. that was a great story. >> terrific. jeff talk about the valentine's day forecast >> it looks great for all the singletons looking for love this sunday. i don't know maybe you'll get started on saturday and then you can find your love on valentine's day. you can see right now on our san jose sky camera network we have some high clouds moving across. currently 61 degrees. as we take you through tomorrow morning's forecast we keep that partly sunny sky to start in the south bay and 49 for the east bay 46. back towards san francisco 52. and in the north bay, 45. let's go ahead and get you to the biggest problem this weekend. and that is the high surf. right now current buoy reports showing 12-foot waves, winds out of the northwest at 22 miles per hour. it will stay rough here all the way through saturday's forecast with waves that could generally be as high as 15 feet.
6:49 pm
but boaters take notice. deep water waves according to the national weather service could go as high as 30 feet, so it's not only swimmers that need to watch out for these rip currents but also the boaters really no matter how experienced you are. now let's take a look at the weather pattern. i know all of you are enjoying the sunshine when we get it lately. but there's that guilty part of your conscience that also knows we need that rainfall with our four-year drought. this weekend, no chance of rainfall. high pressure off to the south. it's going to deflect yet another storm system out here in the pacific. but as you'll see in that scrolling seven-day forecast we have a chance of rainfall here within the next seven days. i'll have more on that in just a moment. let's take you to that microclimate forecast on saturday. and you can see across san francisco, 65 across the marina, partly cloudy skies. financial district smidge warmer at 66. for the coastline 64 pacifica, san mateo 66, toward san jose 72 in downtown, over towards morgan hill 74. for the north bay, east bay and
6:50 pm
also for the trivalley, my best weather by the afternoon. sunny skies in napa and 74 and a few clouds in mill valley at 71. trivalley also looks nice. danville 75 degrees. back toward liverhomore 72. next 15 days and that rain chance by next wednesday and thursday about .25 to .50 inch possible with our storm system coming in. could mean about 7 to 9 inches of snow for this year. models have shown this for the past three to about five days so our confidence is going up on this. really hope that stays in the forecast. then by march it does look like above average rain chances on that long-term outlook. so with high pressure offshore this weekend, we've been warning you about it. and if you haven't heard, it's all about the pollen. let's going to be beautiful outside. watch out it could catch you off guard. now that you've seen this forecast it's not going to catch you off guard. do what you need to do and enjoy the weekend. jess? raj? >> thank you, jeff. >> we both want to thank you, jeff.
6:51 pm
we just want to. the war of the words intensifies between the raiders and the a's. also steph curry helping to kick things off in toronto. the warriors are the stars of the all-star show. mindi bach joins us next. toronto and the largest crowds
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
of fans and media surround kobe bryant who is making his t all-star weekend in toronto and the largest crowds are surrounding the lakers kobe bryant who's making his 18th and final all-star appearance. but three-time all-star stephen curry is just as popular as are his teammates. warriors trio receiving the bulk of attention. draymond green and klay thompson speaking to reporters from around the world at today's
6:54 pm
media session. as did curry. curry isn't only the league mvp but he's a reigning three-point contest champion. and he's taking the defense of that title very seriously. >> i'll do probably about a good three hours of film study on my mechanics from the rack and my elbow positioning and my pace throughout the entire competition. no. i've just got to make shots. at the end of the day that's what it's about. shooting off the rack is definitely different than game-like situations. it's less of a rhythm to it. but you can usually dribble into a shot or get a pass. that's what we're used to. it's how we practice. not often do you go into a gym and like work on my shot give me a rack. >> during thursday's announcement of a one-year lease agreement between the raiders and coliseum officials, raiders owner mark davis had strong words for the a's, saying the athletics need to commit to staying in oakland so both teams can move forward with building new stadiums on the site. well, today a's owner lou wolfe
6:55 pm
hit back. in a statement released by wolfe that read "it's unfortunate mr. davis decided to bring the a's into his discussion about the raiders' stadium lease. we respect his right to explore his options in and out of oakland, including his widely reported consideration of los angeles and other markets. the a's signed a ten-year lease at the coliseum because we are committed to oakland. mr. davis has said he's fully committed to doing a new football stadium in oakland and there's nothing in our lease that preclouds mr. davis and the raiders from building on the coliseum site. >> the 2016 giants are all in town as they held their annual media day today at&t park. bruce bochy made it official. newly acquired denard span will be the giants starting center fielder. bochy spoke to angel pagan multiple times about the decision and says he'll speak with him again during spring training. second round of at&t pebble beach pro-am. another beautiful day. and sun kang stole the show. here on nine this is for par.
6:56 pm
he's seeking his first career pga tour win. he shoots 11 under, completes a second round 60. that's a tournament course record at monterey peninsula. four-time tournament champion phil mickelson made his own run at 60. he shot a 29 through his first nine. then on the par five 12 just misses. he would bogey and ends his day tied for third. and back to that three-point competition in the all-star game, it's saturday. klay thompson also competing against steph curry. that will be a lot of fun. draymond green is taking part in the skills competition. so raj and jess, we've got the warriors competing against each other on saturday. that would be fun to see. >> i want to see a double hand basket. >> right? >> thank you, mindi. have a good weekend. >> you see those shots from pebble beach? >> gorgeous out there. >> nice weather out there, jeff. >> we made it to friday. have a great weekend. we'll see you back here at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
7:00 pm
ted cruz and the adult film star. his new attack ad disaster. now on "extra." christian values advocate ted cruz casts a porn star in his anti-rubio ad. >> maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time. >> how he's explaining himself today, and why she's lashing out at cruz. then -- >> i think there's a very good chance of president donald trump. >> president obama are ellen getting personal about his wife. >> she's always right. >> kanye's new tirade against taylor swift. >> his outrageous new rap lyrics slamming taylor, and why he's calling


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