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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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scary moments on the nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11 cha 11:00, s scary moments on the golden gate bridge. >> was it a prank or something more serious? either way two bizarre incidents are under investigation this evening. two pedestrians were hit with these darts. here's a live picture of the golden gate.
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the chp showed us some darts tonight. they're about four inches long with sharp tips. a man walking north towards marin county was hit in the thigh. the dart went through his jeans about two inches into his leg. a woman sharply after said she, too, was hit walking in the same direction. investigators believe someone driving northbound on the golden gate bridge blew darts at the people. >> it could have been torso level for a wild. >> paramedics evaluated both victims and released them. chp is asking them to look at the surveillance video to see if they can zero in on a suspect or a car. the darts will be sent to a
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local lab to see if they can get a saliva sample to give them a clue. >> a man allegedly exposed himself in front of two high school students today. the students who saw this were teen-age girls. the suspect is describ as an african-american man in his teens riding a bicycle. >> a 73-year-old almeida restaurants what been missing since last tuesday. not only is his family looking for him but so are the feds. he's accused of scamming people out of millions of dollars. cheryl hurd joins us. what's the latest? >> john beck's wife said her husband never made it to his appointment with his lawyer.
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later we find out about john beck's financial problems. >> family members are putting up anywayers all over the bay area. hoping the public can help them find 73-year-old john nelson beck. >> my mom dropped him off. he was going to a court meeting with his lawyer and he never showed up. >> his daughter, laura, e-mailed us a surveillance picture of her father boarding a bart train at 12th broadway in oakland on tuesday. he hasn't been seen since. >> he's 73. i am concerned about age. his memory's gotten a little worse. i'm just concerned he wandered off. >> tonight our search for beck led to more questions about his past. nbc bay area learned he is facing a $113 million judge over the ftc over a get-rich quick
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scam that deceived more than 100 million. the kprop deuce infomercials promoting a free and clear real estate system. tonight his daughter and so son-in-law didn't talk about their financial problems. her husband is concerned about his health issues. his daughter just wants to find h him. >> i want to mind high dad really badly. we would really love for him to come home. >> the familiar lip has hired a private investigator. >> thank you, cheryl. forgiveness tonight in the midst of overwhelming grief. a richmond officer's relatives say they forgive the man who alleged live killed him.
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robert very loga is locked up. investigators are still trying to piece together the circumstances of that homicide, but we do know that vegas was killed in his own home in vallejo yesterday. his family said he always put others first. >> i reflect back growing up with a dad that would literally wear his shoes until the soles of the shoes would separate just to make sure we had food on the table. >> the suspect is due in court next week. >> it happened in the heart of one of the most expensive cities in the bay area. palo alto police are looking for a man who threatened a woman with a gun right on the road during rush hour. it happened just a few miles from the stanford campus. pete, what did the woman have to say? is there any surveillance video here? >> you know what, they haven't
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released any surveillance video at this time. but we're at alma where this whole incident took place. a woman in the area said she's seen her fair share of angry drivers. getting the kids home safely is priority number one for samantha but at times, it has been difficult. >> i've been cut off, i've had people speed whup iup when i'm out. it's intense. >> police say a road rage incident happened on her street yesterday. >> described as a white male in his 40s, about 6 feet tall with a stalky build and shaved head, continued second on al ma before swerving in front of the victim
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and made an abrupt stop, forcing the victim to hit the brakes. he got out and pointed a gun as she hid behind her dash board. after a few seconds of yelling, he drives off. >> it's scary thinking that somebody could be that aggressive. >> she says drivers argue all the time in her area. >> people do get angry easily at this intersection, especially when people are trying to get home. >> do you ever have that feerl what somebody's cutting you off. >> i hadn't but now it's more like maybe i'll just wait until that car passes. >> police don't have a sketch of the suspect at this time. >> piecing together a deadly hit and rund in san jose. police say that red car you see there is key. it was spotted not far from where a bicyclist was hit and killed. the crash happened just after midnight in west san jose.
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the driver fled. investigators found the car abandoned behind a tackoia. police are searching for clues. >> a new incentive to stop a troubling problem at anies bay dog part. the animal rights -- police have stepped up patrols in that area helping to catch a suspect. so now peta is now offering monday. two dogs have been injured by the tacks. >> this home on the breeng of crumb blng down a cliff went up in flames. this is on palmetto drive in pacifica. officials brief propane tanks may have exploded inside the garage. because this house was already red tagged several weeks ago, no one was allowed to live inside
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that home. >> today the competition and tonight the party. 24 of the world's best surfers are celebrating. they didn't concur nature but they did survive it. people around the world tuned in for the maverick surf competition, wives were up to 45-feet. ultimately one man was crowned the champion. santa cruz native and professional model nick lamm look home the first place prize. but ilt all about the bragging rights for life. >> when you think we're not competing, we're always competing. it's tough out there. and these guys are the best in the world. feels good to be on top. >> several surfers had spectacular wipeouts. another surfer suffered a
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punctured eardrum was and forced to withdraw. and big cheers from the fans. in years past thousands of people would flock to the beach and watch the action from the cliffs. but the violent waves were too much for the big crowd. now people can only watch it online. with you they still poured in to restaurants and bars along the coast. the crowds started arriving at 8 a.m. >> and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ra ranieri. waves 13 feet high. ity tails on how much rain we may get. >> and saved by a celebrity. the unlike lip hero who stepped in and saved some local nuns from ebe viks. >> privacy groups are calling it shocking. the personal information of public school students is now being released. how parents can stop it from
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happening. >> it was sure to be a deadly accident if not four a few heroes. dramatic rescue caught on tape. saved from eviction. a group of
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san francisco nuns can keep runng thr soup kitcn -- thanks to help froa saved from eviction, a group of san francisco nuns can keep running their order. they were evicted from their soup kitchen. robbins, a motivational speaker, wrote them a check for $25,000 and he pledged another $25,000 later this year so they can move to a new location. >> a local veteran says he's being forced out. rick y is on the verge of
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becoming homeless. government vouchers cover about 70% of his rent. his landlord doesn't want to accept those vouchers anymore and he can't find any other landlords who will accept those vouchers. >> i get doors just slammed on me like, oh, no, we can't rent to you because you're section 8 and you guys are no good. i can't deal with that. >> rivera's landlord gave him notice just before the holiday saying he has to be out by march 1st. otherwise he said he and his family of 5 will be homeless. >> big news for parents tonight. your child's information is likely on its way to a nonprofit advocacy group. the group recently won a lawsuit granting it access to that information. many parents are concerned about their children's privacy. >> i need everybody to work on their spelling. >> reporter: bay area parents
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are just now starting to find out. >> now we've got one more thing i have to explain to her. >> p. >> reporter: personal information about kids in kindergarten through 12th grade will be turned over from the california department of education to a group called the concerned parents association soon. >> name, social security number, medical diagnosis and disciplinary records, all they sensitive, personal information. >> reporter: the data is being turned over because of a lawsuit won by the concerned parents association, a group that wants to find out if disabled students have been treated properly in california schools. a noble effort, perhaps, but one that has privacy advocates concerned about the safety of the data. >> a lot of that information could be used to commit identity theft money if it gets into the wrong hands. >> information from an especially vulnerable group because kids don't monitor their
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personal data anywhere near as closely as adults. i spoke to the lawyer of the parents association who took planes to they say they'll even have an outside observer to check the transfer of data, to try to keep everything as safe as possible. some parents say let them have the information. >> our paranoia is getting in the way of. >> others want to know how safe their chirp's private data will be. >> the she were broadness of the order is what is concerning. >> scott budman, nbc, bare area news.
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>> we have a link for an opt-out form on our web site. >> i'll be checking that out. let's turn things over to our chief meteorologist jeff ran ierier. le. >> right now in san francisco you can see just a little bit of it, some fingers of fall we like to call it, moving throughout downtown, 55 degrees. east bay at 53, patchy fog for the peninsula, 67. for the south bay, coming in with 55. we'll continue to keep these areas of patchy fog with us. and we'll also have to watch out for isolated drizzle up against the immediate coastline. the largest dangers no doubt as we head into saturday's forecast
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will be these dangerous waves at the coastline. >> boaters want to watch out for deep water waves that could hit 30 feet. so switchers and boaters beware this weekend. rip currents will also be around. best advice, stay out of that water. in terms of our forecast, we haven't seen too many changes in this. we continue to get these storm systems moving by one after the other, the past seven to eight days. here we go. high pressure off to the south, continues to deflect these storm systems. no chance of any rain fault from this storm system out here as we head into the upcoming weekend.
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for the peninsula, palo alto at 70. toward san jose, 72 degrees and warmer at morgan hill at 74. let's take to you the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. my best weather no doubt tomorrow in napa at 74 degrees. you'll start with those clouds in the morning. by the afternoon, looks great. san santa rosa coming in at 63. right here across livermore, 72 degrees. looks like the next best chabts won't get here until next wednesday or thursday. as this storm system drops down, it could bring us about a four to a half. >> but it looks like that pattern still may become a lot more active by the end of this
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month into march the way the long-term outlooks are principling it at this point. in the meantime, tish is in place. if you haven't heard, you haven't felt it outside. the followen forecast is going up. alder, june i per and birch approaching the high category. i actually brushed up against the cypress tree this weekend a and. >> it was crazy. >> thanks. >> still ahead, presidential candidate ted cruz at the center of a controversy over a political ad and a porn star. >> plus iphone hoax that could ruin your device. and jimmy -- >> ray romano is my guest tonight! do not chang your than.
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>> his well it survive was strong and it was all because of one thing. his inspiring story is on nbc bay we're back in two. tonight because of an oversight
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from ted cruz's campaign office. =vo= one of the actresses in the t-v spot is a former porn star. several softcore porn films. bus in an ad against "marco rubio." cruz
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staffers released a statement saying her background was not properly amy lindsey, a former soft porn star, the ted cruz campaign said they would have never hired her had they known about her blast from the past. >> fake message circulating on facebook said that your phone will go back into a iphone mode. there is no easy fix and you will likely need a new phone. steve jobs will still this was on tuesday in amsterdam, a another and toddler were trapped
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inside of that car. four people jumped into the freezing water and thankfully they pulled out her were. >> up next, we're gok to. >> do you think i'll be coming back to the giants. stay with us. four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth--
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