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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 13, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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that shot is so beautiful. yes, this is real time live television, folks. we're not talking about a still image. you can see the fog moving with your naked eye. that's what we're looking at this morning, widespread fog and mild temperatures. later this afternoon, sunshine. mild temperatures stay in place. high surf advisory is in effect. stay out of the water today. better beach weather is in store for your valentine's day. yep, fellas, that's tomorrow. give a shout out. i had forgot. kira had to remind me. >> i had to remind. >> you we do have rain in that seven-day forecast. we'll talk more about that, rain in our seven day. >> you would have stood someone up tomorrow. >> oh, yes. >> so you're welcome. anthony, thanks. we begin now with a developing story in san francisco. a frightening moment on the golden gate bridge where two people walking across were hit by darts. the chp showed us those darts last night.
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as you can see, they're four inches long with sharp tips. chp says a man was walking north on the iconic span around 2:00 yesterday afternoon when he was hit in the thigh. a woman was also hit when she was walking toward marin on the bridge. investigators tell us they think someone driving north yesterday between 2:00 and 2:40 blew the darts out of the car window. >> with children walking across the bridge at that lower level, what is leg level for an adult could be torso level for a child. absolutely. it could have been much, much worse than it was. >> chp is waiting for the golden gate bridge transportation district to look at surveillance video in hopes of spotting the car that the darts came from. chp, meanwhile, is sending the darts to a lab to see if a saliva sample could provide a dna clue. new details in the search for a missing east bay man and a twist in the case. not only is his family searching for him but so, too, are the feds. he is accused of scamming
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millions of people out of millions of dollars, rather. john beck of alameda has been missing since tuesday. bart security camera photo last shows beck at the station on 12th and broadway in oakland on tuesday morning. officials say he is facing a $113 million judgment from the federal trade commission while his company produced infomercials marketing amazing profits and free and clear real estate, among other promises. those commercials are still posted on youtube. beck's family members tell us they do not believe his financial troubles have anything to do with his disappearance. >> i want to find my dad really badly, yeah. really, really. we would really love for him to come home. >> the beck family has hired a private investigator. a richmond police officer gunned down in his own home. and his relatives say they have already forgiven the man who is accused of killing him. 30-year-old robert vega is in
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custody in connection with the shooting death of the sergeant. the officer's family says vega was very close to his father and even called him dad. vega and one of the sergeant's daughters have a 6-year-old son together. investigators are piecing together the circumstances of the shooting. we do know that sergeant vegas was killed in his vallejo home. >> a dad that would literally wear his shoes until the soles of his shoes would separate just to make sure we had food on the table. >> the suspect due in court next week. happening right now, firefighters are still at a two-alarm house fire in the south bay in downtown san jose on the 600 block of 9th street between 280 and the san jose state campus. what we know right now, one person is being treated with second and third degree burns. crews toin battle the blaze at
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this hour. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. santa clara police are searching for a boy who exposed himself to two high school students. it happened yesterday at the intersection of el camino near santa clara and wilcox high school. both of the students are teenage girls. the boy is described as an african-american teenager riding a bicycle. police are looking for a man who threatened a woman with a gun in the middle of the street during rush hour traffic in palo alto. it happened just after 4:00 thursday afternoon near the intersection of alma street right across the street from palo alto high school. the victim was driving south on alma street and noticed someone speeding behind her. a man swerved around her car, cut her off and stopped. he then got out of his car, yelled at her and aimed a black handgun at her. the woman told police she ducked down under her dashboard and the man got back in his car and drove away. a neighbor tells us this
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incident didn't surprise her. >> people do get angry easily at this intersection, especially when people are trying to go home from wherever they're going. >> the man is described as in his 40s, six-feet tall, 200 pounds and muscular, with a shaved head. he was driving a vintage gray camaro. contact palo alto police if you have any information. piecing together a deadly hit and run in san jose. mri police say this red car is the key to the case. it was spotted yesterday morning not far from where a bicyclist was hit and killed. the driver left the scene. investigators found the car hours later, abandoned behind a tacoria. it matches the description from witnesses who saw the deadly hit and run. police are searching for clues, hoping it will lead them to the driver. we've been reporting on homes on the brink of crumbling down a cliffside in pacifica. for one of those homes, a bad
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situation made even worse this home on palmetto avenue went up in flames yesterday. propane tanks may have exploded in the garage. no one was home at the time because the house was red tagged several weeks ago. no one has been allowed to live there. there is a new king crowned in the most coveted event in big wave surfing. people across the globe tuned in for the titans of mavericks surfing competition yesterday. 25 of the best surfers traveled to the bay area to ride the wavwav waves. santa cruz native and professional model nick lamb took the $30,000 first place prize and bragging rights for life. >> all of us, when we're sitting on the lineup, we're jockeying for position. when you think we're not competing, we're always competing. these guys are the best in the world. it feels good to be on top.
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>> several surfers had spectacular wipeouts. another surfer from santa cruz, collins, suffered a punctured ear drum and was forced to withdraw. overall no major injuries this year. at 7:07 much more ahead on "today in the bay" coming up. saved by a celebrity. unlikely hero who stepped in to save bay area nuns from eviction. plus privacy groups call it shocking. parents need to know the personal information of their students is now being released. we'll tell you how you can stop it from happening to your child. francisco (adlib)
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welcome back to you at 7:09 on saturday morning. pink skies over foggy san francisco. a similar scene across the bay area this morning. meteorologist anthony slaughter says this fog should burn off by later this morning. now to nuns who feed the
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homeless in san francisco's tenderloin. they've been saved from eviction thanks to a celebrity motivational speaker. tony robbins wrote a check for $25,000 to the sisters of fraternity notre dame mary of nazareth soup kitchen. we told you earlier about their eviction fight. their landlord increased the rent by $200 a month. in addition to that, he pledged another $25,000 to the nuns later this year so they can move to a new location. now to more fallout from the bay area housing crisis, reaching far and wide. a local war veteran says he's being forced out and is on the verge of becoming homeless. army vet ricky rivera uses army vouchers that cover about 90% of his rent in san jose. his landlord doesn't want to accept those vouchers anymore and he can't find anyone else who will accept them.
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>> i get doors slammed on me like oh, no, we can't rent to you because you're section eight and you guys are no good. i can't deal with that. >> rivera's landlord gave him notice just before the holidays, saying he has to be out by march 1st. otherwise he and his family of five will have nowhere to live. peta is stepping in to stop a disturbing problem at an east bay dog park, offering a $1,000 reward to find the people who put some -- thumb tacks across the trail. two dogs have been injured by stepping on those tacks. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, your child's social security number and other personal information may soon be released. but there is a way you can
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prevent that from happening. this morning we're with waking up to some fog, especially across the coastline. we'll see sunshine as we head through the day. temperatures nice and comfortable on this valentine's day weekend. we'll talk more about what you can expect.
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welcome back. it's 7:14 on your saturday morning. foggy look at the golden gate bridge right now. apparently the fog will burn off and we'll have a lovely valentine's day weekend ahead. news parents should know. your child's private data, everything from social security numbers to medical history, is likely on its way to a nonprofit advocacy group. that group recently won a lawsuit granting it access to the private information. our business and tech reporter scott budman explains. >> i need everybody to work on their spelling. >> reporter: bay area parents are just now starting to find out. >> now we've got one more thing
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i have to try to explain to her. >> reporter: personal information about kids in kindergarten through 12th grade will be turned over from the california department of education to a group called the concerned parents association soon. >> name, social security number, medical diagnosis and disciplinary records. all very sensitive, personal information. >> reporter: the data is being turned over because of a lawsuit won by the concerned parents association, a group that wants to find out if disabled students have been treated properly in california schools. a noble effort, perhaps, but one that has privacy advocates concerned about the safety of the data. >> a lot of that information could be used to commit identity theft if it gets into the wrong hands. >> reporter: information from an especially vulnerable group because kids don't monitor their personal data anywhere near as closely as adults.
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i spoke to the lawyer of the parent association, who took pains to say they don't want any of the private data. they just want to make sure children are getting equal access to education. they say they'll even have an outside observer to check the transfer of data, to try to keep everything as safe as possible. some parents say let them have the information. >> our paranoia is getting in the way of the needs of the kids. >> reporter: others want to know how safe their children's private data will be. >> the sheer broadness of the order is what is concerning. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> we're told part of the problem is the california department of education isn't sounding the alarm, letting parents of california students know about the lawsuit and the data transfer. instead there's only a small mention on the department of education's website. so, we've put a link to an opt out form on our website,
7:17 am earlier in the newscast we told you about the titans of maverick big surf contest earlier. the coast guard is warning people about the dangerous waves along the northern california coast. rogue waves have swept away three people in the past month. in fact, the danger is so great, rescue workers and the coast guard gathered yesterday on san francisco's ocean beach to show people what to watch out for. rescue workers demonstrated what can happen to a swimmer who is carried away in a swift current. this is just an exercise, of course. officials ask if you do see someone in trouble, don't go in. call 911. let's check in now with anthony slaughter with a look at our weekend forecast. >> definitely don't turn your back on the wave. >> right. >> any time, feen we don't have a high surf advisory. the other thing to make note, give yourself extra time this morning. dense fog out there. wherever you're going it may take longer to get there. you can see from this map we have lots of fog from the north bay down through the san francisco area, east bay and
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even right here in the south bay. so once you get going, we'll see the fog and we'll also see high surf this weekend. keep in mind, as you heard earlier, don't turn your back on these waves. these waves could exceed 10 feet this weekend. take it easy out there if you are headed to the beach. we have fog in place. temperatures mild. back in the 50s for the most part. 41 in the north bay. 53 in san francisco. as we move through the day we'll see a good amount of sunshine as well. 73 for the north bay today, 67 for san francisco. east bay, peninsula will be at 68, 69 respectively and south bay, we're expecting temperatures in the lower 70s. sunshine is expected across the entire bay area. nonetheless across the entire state. if you're doing any traveling today toward tahoe, yosemite park, even southern california, we're expecting sunshine all across the board. very comfortable conditions. you can see what i'm talking about as we take it hour by hour. 2:00, 65. as we get toward 3:00, 67
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degrees. once the sun does start to go down, temperatures cool. we'll see clouds tonight. not as much fog expected for tomorrow morning. high pressure is in place right now. that will continue to keep us dry the next several days. that will also mean mild conditions. 60s and 70s across most of the bay today. tomorrow warmer. 70s take hold across most of the bay area. we'll start to see a few 80s creep on in here across parts of the south bay. by monday, 80s across the south bay. this includes san jose, morgan hill, gilroy. 70s across the rest of the bay area. that also includes san francisco and the immediate coastline. so, wind tas will not be very strong. but tomorrow, if you're going to be outside at any point during the day, look how gsty our winds start to get at about 9:00 in the morning, 15 to 20 miles an hour across the inland valleys. same deal for the coastline. while it won't be very windy today, if you have outdoor plans for tomorrow, valentine's day, make sure you're prepare for the record some very strong winds.
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if you have an outdoor lunch date, make sure you've got something to keep those napkins down. you know how it goes. if you're headed to sonoma wine country the next couple of days, same deal expected there. 73 for monterey tomorrow and even better conditions across santa cruz boardwalk. 75 for tomorrow and even warmer for monday and tuesday. upper 70s are expected. so high pressure will keep us dry the next couple of days. we do have rain in the forecast. in fact, that rain looks to arrive wednesday. you'll notice the seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen. not going to be a big storm system but it will be enough to give us a quarter inch, half an inch. it moves out of here by thursday and we'll see sunshine toward the latter part of this week. look how cool it gets here. temperatures in the 70s today, tomorrow. even a few 80s for tuesday. look at that. with wednesday, 68 degrees. almost a 15-degree drop in just one day. get prepared tuesday into wednesday.
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that's when the big changes come. meantime, enjoy the weekend. back to you. >> we sure will. beautiful weather for the next few days. anthony, thanks. much more ahead on "today in the bay" coming up. >> it was really a call to action for us. after everything he has been through, how could we say no? >> it is a vintage with great taste and even greater purpose. the wine country family doing what they love to help others. it's part of our bay area proud series, next. hands you lemons, make
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lemonade... but what if life hds you grapes? well, if you are one wine country family, you make a lot as the saying goes, when life hands you lemons, mayclemen aids. what if life hands you grapes? if you're one bay area family, you make wine for charity. >> making a name for himself as a wine maker not just in sonoma county but in his native australia as well. the wines he has made are loved by many.
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the one he is making now has his heart, for some very good reasons. taking the best the world can give and making it even better. it's what great wine makers do. and darryl groom, everyone seems to agree, is one of those. >> the fruit. it jumps out of the glass. >> making the best out of something bad, darryl and his wife, lisa, appear to be masters of that, too. the bad thing in this case, their son, colby's aortic valve. >> we always knew he would have to have -- >> eventually. eventually. >> it was just a matter of when. >> that surgery came when colby was just 8. problem was, it didn't work. he went under for a second open heart surgery just months later. >> he had to face his own mortality and, you know, childhood bubble -- >> ten years later and darryl now pours almost all of his
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wine-making talent into a single wine called colby red, named for his son. proceeds from the sale of colby red go to heart-related charity and, just five years in, they are closing in on $1 million raised. >> annual sales are about 25,000 cases a year now. that's pretty amazing for us. >> that, believe it or not, is not even the best part of the colby red story. the best part is that it was all colby's idea. >> i wanted to give back to what save mied life. >> he comes in at 11 years of age and says dad, dad, dad, can we make a wine together? >> reporter: he was so grateful to survive his ordeal, he wanted to help others do the same. the first year they made just two barrels of colby red, raised just $500. it was the start, they say, of
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something big. >> it spiraled out of control, but in a good way. i'm so proud of it every day for what it's become, what i'm able to do for others. >> reporter: colby, now 18, is a regular speaker at charitable events, crisscrossing the country, sharing his story, letting others know that when life gives you lemons, you can do a lot better than lemonade. >> the grooms say it was a pitch that colby made to the management team at walgreens that got colby red into their stores and really start this had whole thing taking off. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> if you know of someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you g to our website, and search nbts bay area proud. so much more on "today in the bay" coming up. new details on the spread of zika virus prompting a state of emergency here in the u.s. plus a two-hour uber ride
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and the passenger didn't even notice. what happened and the final bill total. that's next.
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good saturday morning to you. live in san francisco. three-day weekend thanks to president's day on monday. if you're heading to the shore there's a high surf advisory. if you're not, there is a lot of fog across the bay area this morning. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at our microclimate forecast. >> president's day, valentine's day. busy weekend. >> a lot going on. >> and perfect weather here in the bay area. rain in the forecast. that won't come into play until wednesday. we have fog out there right now. it is starting to burn off in the north bay as you can see from our mountain cam. it's gray and foggy but we'll
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see sunshine later this afternoon. 68 for san francisco, 69 for the peninsula. meanwhile today our inland valleys get back into the lower 70s. if you're doing any traveling, headed to tahoe, there is rain in the forecast for tahoe on monday. today, tomorrow will be dry days. no problems on those roadways. if you have to get up that way. we'll check the rest of your forecast. >> stay tuned, anthony. thanks. now for a look at our local top stories. two tourists are the targets of an attack on the golden gate bridge, hit with four-inch long darts. this is what the darts look like. it happened yesterday afternoon. investigators think that the darts came from a car window while it was driving north to marin over the bridge. two people were hit. the chp wants to review surveillance video to see if they can pinpoint the car the darts came from. meanwhile, darts will be sent to a lab to get saliva samples that could provide the suspect's dna. a missing man is piquing the
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interest of federal investigators. this man, john beck, is accused of scamming people out of millions of dollars. he vanished from a bart station in oakland tuesday morning. he is currently facing a $113 million judgment from the federal trade commission. beck has been fighting that judgment for four years and was on his way to his lawyer's office when he disappeared. funeral plan s are under wa. gus vegas' family publicly forgave the man accused of gunning down the veteran in his home. the suspect is the father of the victim's grandson. vega is now in custody as investigators piece together what led up to that shooting. a memorial fund has been set up for the family. if you would like information for how to donate head to our website and search for gus vegas. happening now, update on that house fire in san jose. firefighters now have it under
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control. at least one person is being treated for serious burns. crews are still at the scene, mopping up. the fire ignited in san jose on the 600 block of 9th street. it started around 5:30 this morning at a two-story home. no word if the burn victim is a firefighter or someone who lived inside the home. we'll keep an eye on this developing story and what caused it, and we'll let you know as we learn more. new this morning, hawaii's governor has declared a state of emergency to step up the fight against the zika virus. right now the big island is in the middle of a dengue outbreak affecting 250 people. the governor is concerned because the same mosquitos that transmit dengue fever also carry the zika virus. that's the virus that, when contracted by a pregnant woman, leads to newborns with underdeveloped brains. so far there's been no word of zika virus transmission, but
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officials say they require more money to control the outbreak. no travel advisories have been issued. however there is a rise in the number of companies allowing female employees to delay their trips to affected areas. a survey by the state department says about 38% of people are modifying their travel plans because of the zika virus. imagine being stuck in rush hour traffic. you end up staring down the barrel of a gun. that's what happened to one woman in palo alto. police say it was a case of road rage. on thursday, officers say the victim was driving south on alma street across from palo alto high school. she told police a man swerved around her car, cut her off and stopped. he got out of his car, yelled at her and aimed a black handgun at her. the woman ducked down under dashboard. that's when the man got back in his car and drove away.
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details are rattling, but not surprising to area neighbor. >> it's scary, thinking that somebody could be that aggressive. >> do you ever have that fear when someone is cutting you off there that something could happen? >> oi haven't. but now it's like, maybe i'll wait till that car passes. >> the sman described white, six-feet tall, 200 pounds and in his 40s. he was driving a vintage gray c camaro. we are one week away for the chinese parade and police are on the hunt already for blessing scam artists. after a campaign to educate the public about these scams, the number of victims has dropped significantly. and the d.a. says he will keep the campaign going during the chinese lunar new year. >> during this time of the year, it's also a time of the year where there are a lot of people who try to scam people in the chinese community because of the celebrations. we've made this sort of an annual event. >> you may be asking yourself,
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what exactly is a blessing scam? con artists try to convince people that evil spirits are coming, but they can avoid it if they put their jewelry and money in a bag and pray over it. the scammers then switch the bags. over the past few years, police say the con artists have scammed more than $1 million in cash and jewels. what happens when you fall asleep in the back of an uber? one man in washington, d.c. called the car at 2:00 am, told the driver where he was going and drifted off to sleep. he woke up two hours later and realized the driver was just driving around, racking up the bill. >> i felt kind of like violated, to be honest. not to be dramatic, but i was asleep for two hours. >> that guy was charged $175. later, though, he was refunded. uber spokesperson would not answer questions about their policy for drivers if a passenger falls asleep but did suggest passengers enter their
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destination into the app before the trip begins. this morning after battling 45-foot waves during the titans of mavericks surf competition, santa cruz native nic lamb is waking up a winner and $30,000 richer. the event attracts the best big wave surfers in the world. competitors took on waves off moon bay, some as tall as a five-story building. >> all of us, when we're sitting on the lineup, we're all jockeying for positions. when you think we're not competing, we are. we're always competing. it's tough out there. guys are the best in the world. feels good to be on top. >> of course, there were wipeouts. another surfer from santa cruz, collins, suffered a punctured ear drum and was forced to withdraw. overall, we're told no major injuries this year. nasa is investigating what is causing black mold on board cargo bags bound for the
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international space station. the problem is now delaying the next launch of supplies for the iss. they have to unload the cargo and disinfect every bag. that supply shipment launch has now been pushed back to the end of march. new details now of a possible new apple product. silicon valley is buzzing about a possible new phone. several tech outlets say apple will release the iphone 5se and ipad air 3 in march. this comes on the heels of a rumored press event which the company, of course, is keeping quiet about. the new phone is said to feature a four-inch display but just as fast as the 6s model. in case you didn't know, tomorrow is valentine's day. it's one of the biggest business days for flower shops. in silicon valley, startups are
7:38 am
disrupting the flower business. cnbc's kate rogers tells us how that ends up saving you money. >> reporter: in a panic over last-minute flowers for valentine's day? it's not too late. new profit on-demand flower startups are promising to make you happy in half an hour or less. rachel cho is busy filling orders for the bouqs company for nationwide five-day and next-day deliveries. they recently added same-day service 130 markets from artisans like rachel. the bouqs company says the leaner supply chains, cutting out the middleman, leads to lower cost. >> one thing you'll see that's very different for us, versus competitors, is that pricing. especially this time of year, around valentine's day. you can go on our site today, order a dozen red roses, delivered for valentine's day for $40 flat. because we don't have the multiple layers of the supply
7:39 am
chain between us and you as a consumer, we don't have to sort of bear the markups every step along the way. we can offer that price all year long. >> reporter: armed with a focus on sustainability, competitors in the on-demand eco friendly include bloom that, which wraps its flowers in compostable burlap. while spending flowers for valentine's day has remained stable for $2 billion, the more traditional florist industry has taken a hit over the past decade going from more than $9 billion in 2006. >> that was kate rogers reporting. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, baseball is back in the bay area. giants fans will help to kick off the season at at&t park today. spring training is almost here.
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giants pitchers and catchers report welcome back. spring training is almost here. giants' pitchers and catchers report to scottsdale wednesday, then the entire team follow the next week. in san francisco today, the kickoff celebration. giants' players and fan also pack at&t park for the annual fanfest. some lucky fans were in commercial spots that will air throughout the season. manager bruce bochy and some players met with the media yesterday. they say they're expecting big things this season. >> i think expectations for us nationally are a little bit higher than most, which we aren't really used to. usually, nobody is picking us to win anything. >> fanfest begins at 10:00 this morning. it's free and open to the public. surely you know, as in years past, it fills up fast. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, east bay neighborhood is on alert after neighbors see a mountain lion close to their homes. what experts are telling people
7:43 am
who live in that area. this morning we're waking up to fog. it's pretty dense in some locations. we'll see sunshine as we get today and we'll talk about a high surf advisory, warm temperatures and next chance of rain coming up after this.
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kira/cu much more ahead ontoday welcome back here on this saturday. 7:45 the time. i'll start you off with this shot from san francisco. you can see the fog across the bay this morning. that's what we're expecting to burn off as we head toward about 11:00. we'll see full sunshine for the rest of the bay. sunny and mild through the afternoon. high surf advisory in effect for today. tomorrow better beach weather. it will be a little bit warmer. we have more sunshine in store for your valentine's day. today's forecast, keep it nice and mild. we'll see sunshine where we have fog right now like the south bay. 72 later this afternoon. 69 for the peninsula. 68 for the east bay. the tri-valley will get up to 74 degrees. 67 for san francisco. wine country, north bay at 73. it's all because of high pressure that's in control,
7:46 am
keeping us dry. it's also keeping us warm. it dries those offshore winds. you can see the clouds there, that's lifting to the north. we won't see rain any time soon. at least today, tomorrow, monday or tuesday. by wednesday, storms drag farther south. this weekend will be nice and bright. 60s at the coast. 70s for inland valley. tomorrow, 70 for places like santa cruz, san francisco back into the 70s. peninsula, widespread 70s for the east bay, south bay. look at this. by monday, few 80s for the south bay. it will be very warm. not only this weekend, but to start off next week as well. now, the thing to note about the winds, not going to be a huge deal today. not going to be very windy till the evening. but tomorrow is really going to start to get windy, especially toward lunchtime and the afternoon and evening. if you have an outdoor dinner date, especially for valentine's day, make sure you have something to keep all those napkins down. you know how it gets, especially
7:47 am
when you get those gusty winds and you want to try to enjoy yourself. at theline winds will be the gustiest toward the evening hours. if you're headed other places, sonoma wine country for the weekend, you're looking at spectacular conditions, upper 70s to near 80. today, tomorrow and even monday. monterey will be nice and bright as well. 70 for today. 73 for tomorrow. 74 for monday. as you head toward santa cruz, the boardwalk, 75 for tomorrow. 76 for monday. beautiful weather, all in all. high pressure does start to move out of here as we head toward the next couple of days, allowing for rain to push back into the picture. that moves in as we head toward wednesday. not a huge storm system. we'll get clipped by this wednesday morning. thursday it's out of here but will leave behind chilly air. 72 today, 76 tomorrow. up to 81 tuesday, but down to 68 degrees on wednesday with some showers in the forecast and that's going to come with some cold rain.
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meantime, the next four days look spectacular, nice and bright. get out and enjoy. it's going to be a good one. back over. >> i will be out in wine country tomorrow, enjoying that, anthony. thanks. much more ahead on "today in the bay" coming up. a mountain lion spotted in an east bay neighborhood. what experts say could have caused the rare sighting so close to home. good morning. i'm mike inouye. lots to do. today in the south bay annual battle of the sexes. comedy sports, san jose. though i'm not competing this weekend you can go out and root for your favorite gender as they polarize the crowd at this annual showdown. it's always improvised, always different and always family friendly. the girls were voted best last year. next up, san jose piano competition series today at the mountainview public library. you'll be treated to performances by the award winning jessica lee, she's 12,
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and ryan wong, he's 9. it's free and so is the q & a with these talented artists after the performance. in super bowl city, sunday night, newly reopened justin herman plaza again will be the site of the pillow fight. mele begins when the fairy building clock strikes 6:00 -- pm, that is. over the years i've heard mentioned ikea has pillows that hold up very well. let's see how well you hold up. send us pics. i'll show you maps again. live cameras as well. back to you monday on "today in the bay." (adlib)
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==kira/cu== raled ners in an east bay community this morning. a mountain lion was spotted welcome back. rattled nerves in an east bay community this morning. mountain lion spot ved close to home this week. the big cat was spotted at least twice roaming in concord both times near discovery bay. >> reporter: she couldn't believe her eye. >> it was very close to the house. >> reporter: on her daily hike she spotted what appears to be a mountain lion in the hills of concord, not far from her house on shady brook lane. >> there's a rock and he actually got on top of the rock for a while and was sitting there, just looking around. >> reporter: she's not the one who has spotted an animal on the prowl. >> the mountain lions were here before we were. >> reporter: another neighbor spotted one, too, in the same area and posted this photo of
7:53 am
the mountain lien on a local blog. >> i've seen coyotes but not mountain lions. that's kind of scary. >> they are a very powerful animal. probably one of the biggest, greatest hunters that we know in the united states, for sure. >> reporter: this is what they look like up close. despite their powerful physique, animal experts say mountain lions are skittish and attacks are actually quite rare. >> since 2004 there have been six in the state of california. five of them were nonfatal. one was fatal. >> reporter: seeing them is also rare. that's something cabral isn't taking for granted. >> and it was on my bucket list. so i'm able to cross that off now, as crazy as that sounds. i've always wanted to see a mountain lion now i have. >> reporter: elise kushner, nbc bay area news. we have more coming up. as usual our friends from pets in need are here. we'll introduce you to these two little guys, next.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
this morning -- some special guests from pets in need. executive director, al mollica and joel are here with bandit and bigsby. they're welcome back this morning. some special guests from pets in need. here with bandit and bigsby, ready for new homes. they're so sweet in their little bow ties. i just love it. last time you brought a dog with a bow tie, he was adopted about two hours later. >> that's correct. >> i'm loving it. i hope this leads to both of them getting their forever homes. they are the newest rescues you have. they came to your shelter two weeks ago, you tell us. >> yes. >> you think they're brothers? >> yes. >> tell us about them. how old are they? the breed? >> not sure about the breed, as usual. we think they're about 1 month1s
7:57 am
old. very healthy, very active. although this morning they're the seem very calm which is good. >> they know they have to be on their best behavior so they can get forever homes. they are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. they're ready for adoption. >> they're ready to go this weekend. >> someone left them overnight  in a box but you think they're some sort of terrier? >> terrier, maybe beagle, maybe german shepherd. we think they're going to grow a little bit. >> people who have an active lifestyle, have space for them to run around? >> perfect. >> that would be a good home. >> right. >> this is a busy time of year for your shelter and shelters across the bay area. >> right. >> it's an interesting thing. i didn't know about this until you mentioned this. a lot of people give pets as gifts over the holidays. >> right. >> and then like the novelty wears off. >> right. >> and they return them? >> you see that a lot in january, february. a lot of surrenders, a lot of returns.
7:58 am
we tried it for a week or so and he or she doesn't -- it's not working. >> yeah. >> they end up being brought back to the shelter. in the case of these guys, they were left in a night box at a public shelter. >> so you're encouraging people to come, pick up pets. you have a lot of dogs and cats right now. they're all spayed, neutered, microchipped and ready to go? >> right. we're coming into kitten season. if people are interested in getting a pet this is a good time to check out your local shelter. >> i hope they do. bandit and bigsby ready to go home with you today. go to for more information. thanks to all four of you for kochling in this saturday morning. thanks so much to you for make iing us part of your satur morning. we'll have more news tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 and all day on have a great valentine's day weekend.
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