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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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supreme court justice antonin sliaead. the defing -- andsomet- moments of hiscareer, that helpr country's laws. ==peggy/vo== a bizarhit-and-runt on camera. watch as it unfolds, in the parking lot of a newark marriott. ===terry/vo== and -- a shooting on a v-t-a platform in san jose. the crucial clue police have to track down the person responsible. ==terry/2shot== we start with breaking news. terry mcsweeny. ng us -- i'm ==peggy/2shot== and i'mpeggy bunker. we've learned supreme court jusce anton scalia hadied at the age of 79. the cause of death was not immediately released. ==peggy/chy== he died whi on a huntingrip in soh scalia was known for being one of the most conservative justices in recent years, who often wrote scathing
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dissents. ==terry/boxes== nbc bay ar's christie sth is live in san francisco. and christie -wheer you lid scalia's opinions onot -- >> nbc bay area's tracy smith live in san francisco. and whether you like scalia's opinions or not, he had a major impact on the court and our nation's laws. >> that's exactly right. in fact, we had a chance to speak with a prominent trial lawyer here in san francisco and his firm has had cases before the supreme court, and he says while he disagrees with him on most matters, he certainly recognizes and respects justice scalia for what he was able to achieve in his career. the nation's first italian american justice put on the supreme court in 1986 by ronald reagan, the high court's most influential and outspoken conservative. serving as an opponent of gay rightses, affirmative action and abortion rights with often blunt remarks. observers say the 5-4 leaning court is now 4-4, and while cases will be heard, it certainly leaves a question mark on which way they will go. and that observer we spoke with
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believes the next president will likely fill that seat. >> well, you've just asked the key question, because there are a number of very, very difficult policy cases before the court in this term. and i can tell you, that now you're looking at on all these major cases of serious policy issues, you're looking at a 4-4 lineup, which means that the case goes nowhere, because on a 4-4 lineup, it is not decided. so whatever comes up, and now this gives great importance to the circuit courts all around the nation. that can now decide cases without the fear of them being reversed in the supreme court. i'm talking about important policy cases, not your everyday case. so it is very significant for american -- >> reporter: now, reaction, of course, is pouring in from places like senate minority
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leader harry reid, who said, despite their differences, he called him a brilliant man. president obama and first lady michelle obama offering their condolences, as well. that's the latest from here, reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, christie. supreme court justice antonin scalia also wrote the ruling that said the second amendment guarantees an individual's right to own a firearm. the court's most important gun case ever. tonight, many of his friends and colleagues are going online to remember the chief justice, supreme court chief justice, john roberts wrote, he was an extraordinary individual, and jurist, admired and treasured by his colleagues. his passing is a great loss to the court and the country he so loyally served. well, former president george w. bush was a towering figure, an important judge on our nation's highest courts, who brought intellect, good judgment and wit to the bench and will be missed by his colleagues and our country. the hunt is on for the gunman who shot a man on a light rail platform. we do have pictures of the suspect, these taken from
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surveillance photos of the man that san jose police are now looking for. police say he shot a man while on the vta platform, near second and santa clara streets in downtown san jose. that victim is now in the hospital. he's expected to survive. right now, though, police do not have a motive for that shooting. and also now, a follow-up to the case of a man who disappeared in oakland earlier this week. a 60-person search party fanned out across the bay area today, looking for any trace of john nelson beck. this surveillance picture shows him at a b.a.r.t. station. you can see him there in white, supposedly on his way to a meeting with a lawyer on tuesday. he's not been seen since. beck is 73 years old, and what makes this situation unique is it's not just his family who wants him back. the feds do, too. he's facing a $113 million fine from the federal trade commission for running a get-rich-quick scheme in real estate. a bizarre hit-and-run caught on camera. you're looking at cell phone video of a driver who nearly hit a new york marriott hotel, drove
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backward into a hydrant, and then sped away. let's get more now from marianne favro live in newark. marianne? >> right now crews are working to repair a damaged water line that the out of control driver slammed into while he was backing up in this parking lot. take a look at what happened. first, the driver lurched his fan forward, nearly crashing into the marriott residence inn in newark. then when a man tried to talk to the driver, he backed up full speed into the parking lot, jumped a kujump ed a curb, and slammed into some water pipes, knocking out water service to parts of the inn, which is still out right now. then witnesses say the driver took off again, speeding out of the parking lot with two flat tires. newark police confirm that they later found the driver and police say they are still investigating this incident. reporting live in newark, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thanks very much. warmer temperatures, take a look at the conditions from
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santa cruz earlier this afternoon. a few surfers out there catching the surf, maybe inspired by mavericks. a high-surf advisory in effect for a couple more hours. huge waves out there. by the way, that advisory ended at 8:00 tonight. and get ready for a holiday weekend warm-up. >> whoo-hoo! >> meteorologist rob mayeda and apparently peggy bunker as well very excited about this. rob? >> we're seeing temperatures on the rise, surf on the decline, very slowly right now, ocean beach, a lot of white water offshore. seeing wave heights 10 to 14 heat here over the last couple of hours. and a high surf advisory through 8:00 tonight. wave heights will start to come down as we go through the weekend, with high pressure strengthening off to the west. not only blocking incoming storms, that's not so good news for the forecast moving forward, but as winds once again turnoff shore, like we saw earlier this week, we're going to see temperatures possibly climbing into the 80s. that is in the forecast over the next seven days. tomorrow morning, look out for some patchy fog. and as we go through the next
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seven days, we've got those 70s and 80s in the forecast, and finally, the real chance of rain and sierra snow, we'll walk you through the timing of that, seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> see, that's what i was so excited about. how about that? a spectacularly sunny day greeted thousands of giants fans to at&t park. this a clahance to say hello to the players and get a photo and share a lot for the season ahead. chuck coppola joining us outside the park with all the buzz among fans. what are they excited about, chuck? >> peggy, the buzz is about an amazing coincidence. since 2010, the giants have won it all in even-numbered years. obviously, it takes a lot more than that, but they sure like their luck. giants' fans will tell you, it's better to be even than odd. >> world champions, best in the year, an even year, 2015, bank on it, bet your house. >> every two years we're going to win, so it's an even year, so
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i'm hoping they win. >> reporter: and winter acquisitions have them believing, as in the "hunger games," that the odds are in their favor. >> reporter: cueto joins a team that is larger than life to some, as large as buster posey's picture on at&t park. >> what young 20-year-old doesn't like buster posey? >> angel? >> why? >> he embodies everything about the san francisco giants. >> and for a day, the fans took the field. >> you get to stand on the field that our players play on. >> i thought it would be like longer grass, but it's not, it's very come pact and i guess that's because the ball can go faster. >> reporter: it was a walk in the park for little emily, if only she could walk. >> we came to fanfest so she can experience her first time at at&t park. >> she's never been here before? >> never before. >> reporter: days like this bring back memories. >> the giants were playing the atlanta braves and we were close enough to the field that i could
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kind offi kind of haggle the bull pen pitch evers while they were warming up and i remember that being so much fun. >> my best experience being here was game five of the world series against the royals. the best was when hunter pence was up to bat, the whole crowd started yelling, yes, yes. >> reporter: opening day is april 7th. special days include joe panek backpack day, a tongue in cheek day for his back injury last season, from which he says he's 100 kpkt recovered. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jeff coppola, nbc bay area news. >> a fun excitement, chuck. good job. thank you so much. coverage of fanfest does continue online. the you're a fan of the giants, you'll want to check out some of these pics. if you couldn't make it there for this gorgeous day, we have a fan gallery there. >> and there's a picture of peggy bunker. >> there you go! >> that is not. >> it is! >> is it? >> yeah. >> that does not look like me.
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>> that's one person is in the hospital tonight, 11 others without a home after a raging fire this morning in san jose. it happened at a housing complex on ninth street between 280 in the san jose state campus. almost everyone was able to make it out of the building safely. but one person was severely burned. right now, it's not clear how that fire started. take a look at this. you know this man? this cell phone picture is blurry, but orinda police say he may have severely beaten another man at a party. the beating happened earlier this morning on camino encinas. he was found in the driveway of a nearby home. we're told he may not survive. if you know the man in this picture, orinda police would like to hear from you. well, the girl's softball league loses their main fund-raising source and all of their equipment, as well, after it's set on fire on purpose. coming up, how their struggles just got a little bit easier thanks to a group of incredible
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san jose firefighters. and a deadly interstate pileup. what's behind this major accident that involved at least 50 vehicles. a deadly pileup on the
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intstate. ateast 50 vicles we involved in th deadlymess on i-78 thrgh a deadly pileup on the interstate. at least 50 vehicles were involved in this deadly accident that took place on i-78 in central pennsylvania today. of course, the bad weather likely to blame. it's just freezing there. it all started about 8:00 this
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morning. take a look at this mess. wow, three people there were killed. more than 70 others had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance and helicopter. when you look at this, you can see how tough it was for emergency responders to get to that situation. some people that were in the accidents are now listed in critical. at this hour, the interstate remains closed in both  directions. well, much of the northeast is battling extreme cold, but that did not stop residents in quee queens, new york, from celebrating the chinese lunar year there with paradegoers. lots of participants there braved temperatures as low as negative 4 degrees. by the way, san francisco's chinese new year's parade is next saturday. you can bet that will be a lot warmer than this one that took place in new york city. they're dedicated, terry. we're now a week away from the south carolina republican primary. and tonight, gop candidates are debating in the palmetto state. for the first time in the 2016 campaign, just six republican candidates will be on the stage, trying to impress voters. south carolina has a large percentage of voter who is call
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themselves conservative evangelical christians. a fact not lost on texas senator ted cruz. >> and they're looking for a consistent conservative, someone who has a proven record of defending the constitution, of defending the bill of rights, of defending the free market principles and judeo-christian values that are the foundation of this great nation. >> cruz and donald trump have been sparring online and over the airwaves for weeks. the most pressure, though, may be on marco rubio, however, who needs a strong performance after repeating identical talking points numerous times in the last debate. people were saying he sounded robotic. the next democratic contest is saturday in nevada, where bernie sanders hopes to keep the pressure on hillary clinton. >> it is get interesting. >> it is. >> and the fields are getting a lot smaller. well, a mild flu season, that is, until now. >> coming up, the new evidence that suggests a lot more people will be getting sick this month. more californians are coming
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down with the flu this season. but it's noaseadly as years more californians are coming down with the flu this season, but it's not as deadly as years gone by. so far this year, 11 people under the age of 65 have died. last year, that number was 25. two years ago, more than 200 people died. however, flu season is starting to ramp up. health officials say they have seen a lot more cases in the past week and they expect flu season to peak this month. and health experts say your best defense against getting sick is a flu shot.
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well, a prank or something more insidious? police now investigating a bizarre case after two people were hit with blow darts. this happened yesterday afternoon, of all places here, walking across the golden gate bridge. now, here we take a live look at the iconic span. what a gorgeous shot there, a beautiful picture. but in the meantime, police now believe both of these victims may have been shot by a person traveling across the eastern a sidewalk span between 2:00 and 2:30 p.m. we did get a look at d.a.r.t. this is what it looks like. they're several inches long and this happened at the end -- sharpened at the end, rather. both victims were treated at the scene. police ask, if you saw anything strange yesterday on the bridge, to give them a call. well, also new information to tell you about in a story you saw only on nbc bay area. softball players who lost all of their equipment in a fire get a very special delivery today. you might remember that over the summer, someone torched two buildings that belonged to the east valley softball league in san jose. well, the league provides an alternative to the streets for many local girls. they also lost their snack
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shack, and that is their main source of income in the fire. since the fire, local firefighters have been raising money to buy the league new equipment. they ended up with 20,000 bucks. so today, firefighters made this delivery of brand-new uniforms, catcher's gear, equipment bins, and more. they also built a new shed and added port-a-potties. >> we decided we couldn't just pack up and leave and go home and get ready for the next call, we needed to do something about it. >> how cool is that? today players spent the day cleaning up the field ahead of their new season. opening day for this league will take place on march 5th. >> you've got to make them look good as the players are going to feel. let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda with your microclimate forecast. >> feels a bit more like spring around the area. right now, 68 in the tri-valley. in the mid- to upper 70s through the day tomorrow. san jose, palm trees and the sunshine there. you can see 64 degrees in san jose. oakland, a little haze over downtown. 62. and still a little bit of a west
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wind into san francisco. that's the reason why the temperature, at least for now a 60, some high clouds there off to the north. wind direction will begin to change tomorrow, turning offshore. we'll set the stage for a big warm-up and those temperatures could be breaking some records, especially by monday. so the high clouds you're seeing outside right now, the outer fringe of the storm track, which, unfortunately for now, is well off to the north. this is a complete reversal of the storm track we had into january. had a dip in the jet stream in the west, warm temperatures on the east coast werv. everything has changed now. warm in the west with high pressure, big drop in the jet stream through the east coast. you're seeing those brutally cold temperatures out towards the east for the weekend. for us, record-dry conditions. possibly a record-dry start to february as this pattern continues. and as this high strengthens into monday, just watch, where our temperatures are headed tomorrow. mid-70s around san jose. upper 60s to around 70s for san francisco, after some patchy morning fog. north bay temperatures in the
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low 70s and mid-70s around the tri-valley, but a very interesting shift taking place for monday into wednesday. near records we think on monday, closing in on 80 in a few spots, and the welcome sight of more rain coming back into the picture. we'll start the week possibly breaking some records. tuesday, still some 70s. and that wednesday system, at least temporarily displacing this ridge of high pressure, backing it out of the way. so for wednesday into thursday, finally the chance of seeing some rain and snow coming back in. we'll take anything we can get so far. a very dry start to the month. and you're looking at probably about a half inch or less for most of the bay area. that's going to be wednesday into thursday. but as quickly as we get that chance of rain, notice the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, dry conditions. so we've got that mid-week chance of rain, possibly record-breaking temperatures for monday, and next weekend as we bookend everything together, temperatures beginning to rise on up. which is not so good news. sierra snowpack right now, still
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about 100% of average, well ahead of last year, but take a look at the difference between how we started the month. look at that snowpack there on february 1st, look at it now. it has dropped off from about 2 feet, the average depth, about 15 inches right now. so we hope that system on wednesday brings us some snow and the seasonal rainfall averages beginning to drop below 100%. this has been a very dry start to the month, the weather is great, but we really do need the rain and we should see it again come wednesday. back to you. >> let's hope we do. rob, thank you. still to come at 5:00, love letters that will never be delivered. >> that's right. but they are giving a group of moms so much needed closure. we'll explain operation love letters, coming up next. a love letter can hold a lot of
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weight, even if the person the let well, a love letter can certainly hold a lot of weight, even if the person the letter is meant for has no tangible way of ever getting it. dozens gathered at monppette field for the army's operation love letters. this is a day to remember those who have been killed in uniform with cards, letters, and stories. one mother says this event gives her a sense of support and meaning. >> our children aren't forgotten, that they'll be remembered. that means a lot to me. >> we have a grief different than anybody else's and we need each other to get us through this. >> operation love letters began in orlando, florida, about four years ago, and it has since
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expanded to 16 army survivor outreach service operations that take place across the country. pro golfers waiting to finish up the biggest tournament in the bay area. the at&t pebble beach proa. a.m. and right now phil mickelson is in the league. beautiful day, here's phil mickelson on the world-famous seventh hole. go too far you're in the water, go too short, you're in the weeds. he goes in between, on the green. and then, a 19-foot putt for birdie. can he do it? you ready? >> let's go! >> start the golf clap now, because it goes in. >> it's very polite and quiet. >> it is. well, tomorrow, weather looking sunny and clear again. >> this is why they hold tournaments like this out here in california, not on the east coast. >> why? >> it would be very difficult to do that right now. >> in the snow? >> that's what i'm saying. >> we'll be right back. there's just hours to go until
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you probably know, but in case you've forgot, just a few hours ago to go until valentine's day. >> and also, the california flower delivery start-ups are busy selling last-minute flower orders. that includes the buk's company based in venice beach. they offer same-day delivery in 130 different markets. they also say that bloom, another company here in san francisco, this company uses bike couriers to deliver their flowers. bloom that also has a same-day option, but only for the bay area and new york city. so some backup there just in case you need it. >> and don't forget, same-day. >> that'll come in handy. >> let's collect in with rob mayeda. >> you're looking at temperatures right now, 60s and 70s. tomorrow morning, 40s to start. a little bit of patchy fog, but look at those highs for the afternoon. could be closing in on some
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records, especially on monday, the warmest day of the week. and rain comes back by wednesday. >> rob, thanks a lot. "nbc nightly news" is next, then more local news at 6:00. >> see you then. on this saturday night, breaking news. antonin scalia on the supreme court is dead. the court's most influential conservative. tonight we look back at his life and his legacy. deadly weather. dozens of vehicles crash in a massive pileup in pennsylvania. a large part of the country endures extreme life-threatening cold. the showdown. tonight republicans debate. a make or break moment for some of the six remaining candidates. will rubio rebound and bush find a way to break through? top message. the pope putting the pressure on mexico's political and church elite. to step up the fight against drug violence and corruption. full service. gasoline delivered to your car on demand. "nightly n


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