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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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and colorful opinions. >> right now at 6:00, just minutes ago president obama reacting to the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. when what his death means for the presidential race. good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm peggy bunker. thank you for joining us. appointed by reagan in 1986. he was the first italian american justice put on the supreme court he was confirmed 98 to zero after telling senators he had no plans to reshape the law. >> i'm not going on to the court with a list of things i want to do. my only agenda is to become a good judge. >> he came a conservative judge in afimive action and hiring and school admissions. he had a strong stance on abortion rights. he said roe v. wade was wrongly decided, rights that the founding fathers never intended. >> nobody ever thought they had
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been included in the rights contained in the bill of rights. >> and now nbc bay area christie smith is live in bay area. whether you like his opinions or not there is no denying, he had a major impact on the court and also on our country's laws. >> reporter: that is right. and he was at odds with many here in the bay area. the passing of justice scalia left a huge void. now condolences are coming in but also questions about what this means during an election year. as you said, justice antonin scalia was the first italian-american justice nominated in '86 under president ronald reagan and the court's most influential conservative. served as a blunt and vocal critic of abortion rights, gay rieg rights and affirmative action. we spoke with a trial lawyer who had cases in the supreme court. though he disagreed with most of scalia's policies he did manage to see the other side.
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>> a funniest and wittier guy you wouldn't find. in policy, we may disagree. but a great american and i don't want to sound puff about this, but that is what makes it such a great country, you could have the son of an immigrant with his views. >> he said the passing now leaves the high court with a four-four split, putting a question mark on the outcome of some major policy cases. he also believes with this senate it is likely no one might get appointed until we move into the next presidency, but there is specicertainly a lot of deba about that opinion. he believes the state could not be higher in this -- stakes could not be higher in this election. christie smith, nbc news. >> for more head to our website at reed reactions and we just heard from president obama and there
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you could find a history of supreme court justices ideology over time. a lot of people heading out of town on the presidents' day weekend and the weather has been cooperating fully. take a live look at the golden gate bridge. postcard picture. wow, a lot of traffic both ways there. the sun about to go down. meteorologist rob joining us now with whether the warm weather will continue for many through the three-day weekend. >> and folks will head out to the coast where it was a foggy start and the sun break through the clouds and the afternoon and evening the clouds break up. but the high surf, the story on the coast. 10 to 14 foot waves off of santa cruz. and the day after maverick. and speaking of santa cruz. this is how the waves looked off shore. could you see the breakers close to shore. a run-up of the sneaker waves and stronger than usual rip currents is why now we still have the high surf advisory for a couple more hours with the waves as high as they are now,
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still at 12 feet. at the end the wave heights come down as the long period swell begins to back down as high pressure starts to ramp up. temperatures on the rise. could be close to some records tomorrow. there is the record highs on the left. and where we'll be midafternoon tomorrow could be closing in on 80 degrees by monday. we'll talk more about that and our next chance of rain coming up midweek and the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> rob, thanks a lot. a bizarre hit-and-run caught on camera. take a look at this cell phone video of a driver who nearly hit a hotel, drove backwards into a hydrant and then just takes off. at the marriott in newark in ardenwood. we are live with this unlikely chain of events. marianne. >> right now, you could see that crews are working to repair a damaged water line. that the out of control driver slammed into while backing up full speed in the parking lot. and take a look at how it all
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started. >> you're going to hurt somebody. stop! >> reporter: first the driver lurched his van forward, nearly crashing into the marriott residence in in newark. then when a man tried to talk to the driver, he backed up full speed into the parking lot, jumped a curb and slacked into water pipes, knocking out water service to parts of the inn, still without water tonight. then witnesses say the driver took off again, speeding out of the parking lot with two flat tires. newark police confirmed they later found the driver and police say they are still investigating the incident. but people here say it was definite a bizarre morning. live in newark, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. the hunt is on for a gunman who shot a man on a light rail platform. we have pictures of a suspect. san jose police are looking for this man right now. he shot a man on the downtown
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vta platform near second and santa clara streets. the victim is in the hospital and expected to survive. right now police don't have a motive for that shooting. and a follow-up about a case of a man who disappeared in oakland this week. a 60-person search party was across the bay area looking for any trace of john nelson beck. there he is on the right. the green shirt. it shows him at a bart station at a meeting with his lawyers and he hasn't been seen since. he was 73 years old. the feds want him back. he is facing a $113 million fine for running a get-rich quick real estate scam. one person is in the hospital and 11 others without a home after a raging fire this morning in san jose. at a housing complex at 9th street between 280 and the san jose campus downtown. almost everybody was able to
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make it out except for one person who ended up with severe burns. investigators have not come up with a cause yet. and there is a warning for people visiting a petaluma park. police say that last night a man followed two women in oak hill park on howard street. women say it happened before 7:00 p.m. the man followed them all the way back to their car but then left. the suspect is described as in his 20s, about 6 feet tall and 170 pounds. wearing dark clothing and a beanie cap. giants fans on the earth over year thing and two now that are a sentence. joe panic is back. i'm chuck coppola. fan fest coming up. and a mild flu season until now. >> coming up, new evidence suggesting that a lot of people will be getting sick this month. it's the fans chance to be a
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player. there are good days to be a fan and great days to be a fan. today is one of those. in fact, it is the fan's chance to be a player of all things. fan fest is one of the most popular days for giants and today they showed up in droves to meet their players, hang out on the field. >> and pretend to be one. that is what i always did. thousands of fans heading to at&t to see the boys of summer. >> we started yelling yes! >> chuck coppola. i consider him one of the boys of summer. live outside of the park with the buzz among fans.
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what are they talking about, chuck. >> reporter: giants fans love the chemistry of the team and the spirit on the field. they liken it to the world championship warriors. and they hope the same thing happens to the giants. giants fans will tell you it is better to be even than odd. >> best in the league. it is an even year. 2016, bank on it. bet your house. >> 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016. >> every two years we're going to win and it is an even year so i hope they win. >> reporter: and winter acquisitions have been believing, as in the hunger games, that the odds are in their favor. >> johnny is a great pitcher. he did great for kansas city and before that. >> he joins a team that is larger than life. posting his picture on the park. >> what young 20-year-old doesn't like buster posey. >> i love his spirit. he embodies everything about the
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san francisco giants. >> reporter: and for a day, the fans took the field. >> you get to stand on the field that our players play on. >> yeah, i thought it would be longer grass but it is very compact and so the ball could go faster. >> reporter: it was a walk in the park for emily, if only she could walk. >> we came to fan fest so she could experience her first time in at&t. >> she's never been here before. >> never been here before. >> reporter: things like this bring back memories. >> the giants already playing the braves and we were close enough to the field where i could actually haggle the bull pen pitchers and i remember that being so much fun. >> my best experience being here was game five of the world series against the royals. i think the best moment was hunter pence went up to bat and the whole crowd started yelling yes! >> reporter: and circle august 15th, when the fifth bronze statute will be dedicated to gaylord perry. live at at&t park, chuck
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coppola, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of fun for everyone. coming up in sports, we talk to some of the giants' star players which every fan is hoping to do today. >> you saw that line. >> that line is incredible. i went to one line it was so overwhelmingly -- fanatic. it is just crazy. and it was fun somehow. >> you run the bases and play the whole role. and our meteorologist is here with the microclimate forecast. great weather. >> picture perfect weather. back to super bowl, thiia -- th area is warm and mild. during the day, high clouds coming on by which made for a fantastic sunset around the north bay. still 63 around the tri-valley and into north africa otto and san rafael. 60 in san jose. compare this to the temperatures on the east coast. we'll have 40s tomorrow morning.
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but look at those temperatures across the northeast. you're looking at highs in the teens there. so that is where the cold air is. out west, temperatures mild. cooler toward seattle and portland. that is where all of the rain is. at least for right now. you could see high pressure allowing some high clouds to spill over. but that is about it. as it continues to strengthen, instead of the pattern that brought us the rain with the big dip in the jet stream in the west, that has now clearly moved to the east coast, as could you see in the cold temperatures. instead we have a ridge just entrenched on the west coast. so as this high rebuilds, heading into tomorrow and into monday, this will set us up for off-shore wind. and high temperatures, in the upper 60s to near 70. tomorrow mid-70s around san jose. upper 60s to low 70s closer to san francisco. into the north bay, redwood city also mid-70s for tomorrow. and sunday temperatures continue to climb. the forecast at the bottom of the screen will show you that into monday and tuesday. three days of temperatures that could close in on breaking
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records. so you see a rather dramatic shift though from monday to wednesday. near records there on monday. upper 70s, close to 80 as we get into monday. especially around the south bay and san jose. tuesday and wednesday, we start at record-breaking temperatures and just very briefly it will allow one system to come through. the biggest impact is wednesday afternoon into thursday. so finally a chance of seeing rain but unfortunately as this looks to be really the only storm we'll see this week, rain totals for the mid-week system expected half an inch or less. through the second half of the week. we begin to see high pressure build back once again. this is the problem with february so far. typically one of the wetter months for us. we get the mid winter dry spells and ridge of high pressure blocking high. may make a comeback for the second half of the week. we get the rain around wednesday. and then into friday, saturday and sunday not as warm as the weather over the next three days but the temperatures come back up with low 70s as we head
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toward next saturday and sunday. so we really have seen two weeks of unusually dry weather. the sierra snow pack, compared to last year, still pretty good. last year at this time terrible. 26% of average snow pack. right now hanging on statewide to 100% of average. but the difference from where we started the month. you see how much was covered in snow. 116% of average. now you compare to where we are now and you could see there is a big difference here. just a couple of weeks time from an average demth of two feet to 15 inches. and our rainfall average is beginning to drop off. parts of the bay area were above 100% of average, in the south bay, two weeks of dry weather making an impact. so we are hoping that wednesday's system comes through for the sierra and the bay area because that could be the only opportunity of rain we see over the next seven days. back to you. >> we need every drop. >> we need something. thanks. coming up, a girl softball league loses pretty much everything, including the main source of fundraising from a fire set on purpose. >> coming up, how the struggles
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just got a little easier thanks to a group of san jose firefighters. do you know this man? this
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cell phone picture is well take a look at this picture here. do you know this man? this is a cell phone photo. it is pretty blurry police say he could have severely beaten another man at a party. it happened this morning on camino near mar augusto way. the victim was found in the driver of a nearby home. he is in the hospital. we are told he may not survive. if you know anything about the man in the picture, the police would like to hear from you. nor californians are coming down with the flu this season but not as deadly as years past. so far this year, 11 people under the age of 65 have died. last year, that number was 25.
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two years ago, it was just over 200. however, flu season is starting to ramp up. health officials say they have seen a lot more cases in the past week. and they expect flu season to peak this month. and health experts say your best defense against getting sick is a flu shot. >> new information that you saw only on bay area. softball players who lost equipment in a fire got a special delivery today. now over the summer, someone torched two buildings is that belongs to the east valley softball league in san jose. this league provides a safe place to go, an alternative to the streets for many local girls. but they struggled after the fire because it burned the snack shack, the main source of income. so the local firefighters raised $20,000 and bought the league new equipment. look at that. amazing. today they delivered all of it. uniforms, gear, equipment bins. firefighters also built a new shed and added a port-a-potty. >> we decided that we couldn't just pack up and leave and go home and get ready for the next call. we needed to do something about
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it. >> now today players hit the field but the cleaning up this time. ahead of the brand-new season. opening day of this league begins on march 5th. good luck to those girls. >> let's check in with fallon smith. we're talking sports and we'll segway over to miss smith. >> fan-fest today. big day for giants fans. >> down to at&t park and fan-fest and early season fireworks you don't want to miss it. and also going down north of the border. we catch up with the biggest stars in the game as they talk all things warriors, next in sports. it's nba all-star saturday. the
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marquee events are still in progress. b elier toy two dubs ay it is nba all-star saturday. the markie events are still in problems res. but today two dubs players shined in on east-west competition. all-star teams practicing with a half court shooting contest.
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no surprise, stcurry stole the show. and knocking it down. and then the next shot. money again. pumped up about that. and then his teammate greene finished it off. with the game clinching half court shot for the western conference. how about that. the warriors enter the all-star break with the highest winning percentage in nba history. if history is any indication, that is good news because the other four teams you see right here went on to win the nba title. now the king lebron james knows the warriors very well. and he has taken notice of the dub's success so far. >> i think they've used last year to just take them to another height. obviously with stef and draymond and clay, they spearhead everything and everybody else falls in play, fromiggy to barbosa all the way down, those guys fall into place. they know their role and what they need to do out there every
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single night and they play -- they play their role individually, and how they support. and they don't step outside of the box and that is what makes them so good. >> they are continuing to raise the bar. and they are exceeding expectations every single time now. and it is that we expect them to win by 20 or 30 points. it is like we play them and, hey, you have to come locked in or if you don't it will be a problem. but you could tell how confident they are right now that they are playing at a high level. >> it was at fan-fest where giants manager bruce bochy announced that bumgarner is the opening day starter. the third straight season he started on opening day. he is 1-1 in the starts including a win over the diamondbacks last year. now for from fan fest at at&t park. fans lined up bright and early for a chance to see the new look giants with photo ops and give
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away and the q&a session among the fan favorites. >> we look forward to coming back here and seeing everybody and seeing the excitement from the fans like we get all year. so it is fun. >> it is kind what we thrive on in this city, is definitely embrace the giants. it is just awesome to see the support and be back in the city. >> this kicks off the start of the season. and it is the energy that the fans bring, it kind of -- as a player, it brings that excitement back and i guess it kicks off the start of the season. >> it is always fun to get back in the swing of things and see all of the familiar faces on the teammates and the fans and the excitement the fans have for the year coming up. it is evident and we're excited too. >> now someone won a vip experience to the fan-fest. and everyone was on hand for a proposal. get this, jason freeman dropped to one knee and popped the question to his lady irene.
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and of course, guys, she said yes. that is awesome. now all-star festivities in toronto, terry and peggy, get this it was the brothers in the final of the three point shooting contest and stef your can i will not repeat as -- curry will not repeat as champion. his bro klay thompson took him down. >> if it had a h to be somebody, it is good to keep it in-house. >> we'll have highlights at 11:00. >> he can't win everything. he has to share the love. >> and now people will say he gave it away. >> thanks. >> i don't know if he did that. >> we'll see you tonight at 11:00. thank you. we'll be right back. quick break here. a love letter can carry a lot of
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weight, even if the person the letter is intendedor, h no tangible way of receiving it. ==take vo== dozens gathered m a love letter could carry a lot of weight even if the person it was intended for they don't have the chance to read it. this is remembering those that had been killed in uniform with letters and cards and stories. gold star mothers say this gives them a sense of support and meaning. >> it helps our children that they aren't forgotten and they will be remembered. and that means a lot to me. >> we have a grief different than anybody else and we need each other to get through this. >> we believe that. well operation love letters began in orlando, florida around valentine's day four years ago. it has since expanded to 16 army survivor outreach locations across the country.
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what a great idea. >> it is a great idea. let's check in with rob. maybe some records coming this way. >> we'll see a little bit of patchy fog tomorrow morning and our temperatures right now, 59 degrees there in tiber on. and we'll look at patches of low clouds. and by the afternoon temperatures that could climb into the upper 70s to near 80. i think there is a better chance of getting that on monday. temperatures climbing up more. and then one chance of rain for the week ahead arriving on wednesday. >> and for el nino, i'll be in the sun tomorrow thinking about it. >> thank you for choosing nbc bay area news. we'll see you back here at 11:00. >> good night. announcer: a man gives more than just a helping hand to hungry dogs. how his kindness breeds benefits beyond the dog biscuits. paul: and you see she loves me. announcer: plus, the beat goes on for a bay area man who found a calling through drumming. mark farley: i can't tell you how amazing it is, and i am so
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blessed to be a part of that. announcer: but first, a story of heroics out of the fury of the valley fire. john gormley: hands down, this was the scariest day, scariest time, scariest fire of my life. announcer: here's nbc bay area's garvin thomas. garvin thomas: thank you so much for joining us. we begin tonight with the aftermath of the devastating valley fire. it was one of the worst fires in california history, leaving entire neighborhoods destroyed. this cal fire map shows you the magnitude of the valley fire in perspective. the red area is all that burned, but did you ever notice this small pocket right here that didn't burn? well, you're about to learn the two reasons why. it turns out they're married to each other. garvin: rain, even just a little of it. what john and teri gormley wouldn't have given for a little rain on that day in september, the day they stood in this very


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