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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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tonight we honor his extraordinary service for our nation and remember one of the towering legal figures of our time. >> right now at 11:00, justice antonin scalia was a conservative voice of the supreme court. tonight he's being remembered. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. the longest-serving justice on the current court is being remembered tonight.
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justice antonin ska lyee yeah passed away on a trip to texas. the white house and the capitol building flags were lowered to half staff today. >> we have team coverage, marianne favro tracking how the presidential race is being affected. christie smith on the stanford campus where justice scalia taught for a year sglk as crot bay area, justice scalia's views were at odds with many people in the bay area. tonight a number of nobodies we spoke with said they were focused on his contribution, his intellect, his wit, and what's next for the supreme court. justice antonin scalia, conservative voice of the supreme court, his passing has left a huge void. >> scalia was a very terrific american. everybody forgets he is the son of an italian sicilian immigrant. >> i, antonin scalia, do solemnly swear -- >> reporter: appointed by ronal
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reagan in 1986, he's had cases before the high court. >> i didn't agree with most any of these politics and that's why this country is great. >> reporter: an opponent of affirmative action and abortion rights and gay rights, his absence shifts the court to 4- >> if a case is decided by the supreme court 4-4, it means the lower court opinion stands. >> reporter: hank greeley and buzz tap son are stanford law professors where scalia was a visiting professor. >> justice scalia was obviously somebody who frequently built on what we think of as the conservative thought. but the truth of the matter is that justice scalia started with a very strong approach principle to the u.s. constitution. >> reporter: the question turns to who might fill his seat and the challenges that brings in an election year. but many today just say the loss is profound. >> as a result of justice scalia's death, the supreme
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court is a smaller institution. than it was before. >> reporter: what we heard several times tonight is justice scalia's passing certainly emphasizes the importance of the presidential election. reporting live at stanford, christie smith, nbc bay area news. justice antonin scalia's december leaves the supreme court split right down the middle, sitting now at 4-4. four of the justices, including chief justice john roberts, all identify as conservative. the other four, including president obama appointments sonya sotomayor and alina case began are on the more progressive side of things. >> it turned into a focal point at the republican presidential debate in south carolina. marianne favro joining us with a look at how the supreme court vacancy is putting new focus on the future of the court and the campaign. >> reporter: especially with president obama announcing tonight that he plans to nominate his successor.
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the republicans debated in south carolina hours after learning of the december of supreme court justice antonin scalia. the candidates heaped praise on the court's long-time conservative stalwart. >> he will go down as one of the great justices in the history of this republic. >> reporter: president obama praised scalia, calling him one of the most consequential judges to serve on the supreme court. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibility, to nominate a successor in due time. there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. >> reporter: tonightful the candidates urged the senate to block president obama's next appointment to the court. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say, we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. >> there should be a consensus orientation on that nomination and there's no doubt in my mind
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that barack obama will not have a consensus pick. >> i do not believe the president should appoint someone and it's not unprecedented. in fact, it's been over 80 years since a lame duck president has appointed a supreme court justice interior a chance for republican front-runners to try to solidify their positions by weighing in on the new makeup of the nation's highest court. today, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said that the nomination should wait until the next president comes into office. california attorney general kamala harris could be under consideration to replace justice scalia. as reported president obama made clear that he intends to try to fill scalia's vacancy and several news organizations have put harris on their list of potential nominees. the 51-year-old is currently running for u.s. senate, hoping to take outgoing senator barbara boxer's seat. she has a background in law and holds political office. other potential nominees include sri srinivasan who would be the
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first indian-american justice. new at 11:00, 25 people out of their homes tonight after a large fire spreads across two buildings in san francisco. photos from the scene show thick smoke and flames shooting into the sky. the fire broke out just after 8:00 near fulton and baker streets in the city's north panhandle neighborhood. no injuries to tell you about. the cause of the fire is being investigated. firefighters say the smell of smoke willinger in the area overnight. in newark, a bizarre and dangerous hit-and-run driver caused a huge scene outside a marriott hotel. >> you're going to hurt somebody, stop! >> this cell phone video shows the driver nearly running into the side of the marriott resident inn before speeding backward into water pipes and driving away with that damaged car. it took crews several hours to
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repair the pipes. during that time parts of the hotel didn't have water. police caught up with the suspect and cited him for hit and run and also driving with a suspended license. despite all of that action, no one was hurt. we now know more about the brutal killing of a church pastor in san leandro yesterday. investigators have identified 54-year-old bostick as the victim of the stabbing, killed inside a san leandro apartment where he lived with his son. when police responded they allegedly found 21-year-old isaiah bostick with blood on his clothes. he's being held on murder charges. the pastor was with the april toll lick holy church of god in menlo park. wanted in a public transit shooting, surveillance photos of a man police think opened fire on a vta platform. the photo taken from the platform in downtown san jose near second and santa clara streets. police i this may be may be a
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suspect. the shooting happened about 10:00 last night. police say one man was shot, taken to the hospital, expected to be okay. so far there is no motive for the shooting. the skydiving tragedy in the stlal valley, a skydiver died after crashing against the wall in lodi near the lodi airport. the skydiver hit this large concrete wall that wrapped around a neighborhood. the name and age of the skydiver has not been released. police say there may have been a problem with the parachute but so far it's unclear if it was the equipment or some kind of operator error. the faa has been called in to investiga investigate. the search continues tonight for a man who disappeared in oakland earlier this week. a 60-person search party fanned out across the bay area looking for any trace of john nelson beck. the surveillance shows him at a bart station on tuesday. supposedly on his way to meeting with a lawyer. he hasn't been seen since. beck is 73 years old. what makes the situation unique, that it's not just his family who really wants him back.
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the federal government does as well. he is facing a $113 million fine from the federal trade commission for running a get rich quick real estate scam. get rich quick real estate scam. >> say it three times. if you're a giants fan, excitement was at an all-time fever pitch at at t and t park for giants fans. there could have been a better day? just beautiful there. the boys of summer back at the park. the weather totally cooperating. felt like summer. this year's squad featured a lot of familiar faces and also new ones. especially among the pitchers. the giants fans and prospects for 2016 say it's looking good. >> world champions, the best in the league, it's an even year. 2016, bank on it, bet your house. >> 2010, 2012, 2014, between 16. >> every two years we're going to win. it's an even year, i hope they win. >> bet your house, did you hear that? i heard that, i'm not going to
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take that advice. >> also looking to get the giants off to a good start, madison bumgarner. manager bochy announced mad bum will take the mound on april 4th in milwaukee. that's opening day. the nba has people jumping out of their seats during the all-star dunk contest. gordon of the orlando magic has the mascot spinning while holding the ball, grabs the ball for the no-look slam. in the fourth round -- kind of amazing. pulling out all the stops, he uses the mascot one more time to take the dunk contest to the next level. electrifying slam goes for another score of 50 from the judges. however, zach lavine, you think that gordon was going to win? zach levine, minnesota timber wolves, wins the day. >> pretty impressive. if only they could use the pass cot all the time that would be helpful. >> very helpful.
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reminds me of rob mayeda. >> very athletic. apple made headlines when it teamed up with dr. dre. the new partnership for the silicon titan and a musical mastermind. helping out with special delivery, south bay firefighters helped a softball team devastated by fire. 50s outside, looking out for some patchy fog heading towards tomorrow morning. a few spots around the bay area have a good chance of breaking record high temperatures for sunday. we'll talk more about a warmup and the next chance for seeing any rain when we come back.
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only on nbc bay area... softballla new information right now on
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the story you saw only on nbc bay area. softball players who lost all their equipment in a fire get a special delivery today. over the summer someone torched two buildings belong together east valley softball league in san jose. they provide a safe place to go and alternative to the streets for many local girls. they struggled after the fire. also burned, their snack shack, their main source of income. so local firefighters stepped up. raised $20,000 to buy the league new equipment. today they made the delivery of new uniforms, new gear, equipment bins and much more. opening day of the league, write it down, march 5th. >> that's pretty cool. drama starring dr. dre could represent an important first for apple. according to "the hot wool reporter" this show is being financed in part by apple. this will be the first time apple has helped fund a tv show. amazon and netflix have shifted from merely hosting content to producing it as well.
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the six-episode show is called "vital signs," a dark semi-autobiographical project created by dr. dre. many of us know in 2015 he sold products to the company for a mere $3 million. helping take the surprise out of the summer an android app is warning people when an it quake is approaching. this is developed by scientists at cal. the app is called high shake. sensors in the smartphone measure vibrations to determine if it is an earthquake. if so a warning is sent to people nearby with the same app warning them they could feel the quake next. researchers say this app could be the first step in create is an earthquake early warning system. meteorologist rob mayeda, we've got some maybe records on the way? records in rain? >> a little bit of everything the next few days. the seven-day forecast shows you short-term the warming and at times windy conditions to wrap up the weekend. right now in the 50s outside. and during the day tomorrow,
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places that have the best chance for maybe closing in on records near san mateo. you can see the threshold to break a record in the mid 70s. elsewhere 80s. probably not going to get there tomorrow. but by monday it is a good chance even in the south bay to see those temperatures climbing into the 80s. contrast this to what your friends and family are experiencing if they're in the northeast. high temperatures in the teens. out west a different story, high pressure strengthening. midafternoon tomorrow, lots of 70s across california. even though we're getting some high clouds spilling in from the north, these are not rain-producing clouds. the storm track has been sent way up to the north. that used to be down here for most of the month of january. you can see the configuration now. high pressure blocking these incoming systems. it's warm in the west, trough in the east coast, bringing in cold air across the northeast. short-te short-term, not going to be seeing much in terms of rain. at least for about tuesday. temperatures tomorrow in the mid 70s around the south bay and into places like san francisco and the peninsula, highs in the low 70s. trending even warmer as we get
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into monday. for the north bay, watch out for the hills there. santa rosa, wind speeds for elevations above 1,000 feet those to 35 miles per hour for the afternoon. as high pressure builds in, north winds pick up, things dry out, around the tri-valley highs also in the mid 70s. here's the interesting stretch. temperatures as we get into monday warm up even more. on the right side of the screen for wednesday, wind and rain coming on back. we're going to start the work week and finish off the holiday weekend with these numbers in the 70s. close to 80 around the south bay. then yes, the one chance we'll see rain arriving right there on wednesday. high pressure gives ground. you'll see wednesday into thursday finally a chance of rain. the seven-day outlook for rainfall focussed in the midweek system. maybe more than a half inch of rain for the north bay. then just a slight chance of seeing a little bit of rain in the north bay for friday. then next weekend, high pressure builds back in which means things will be drying out as we head toward saturday and sunday. this after a great month of
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january. the numbers in green showing you a month in january that looked more like the el nino of 1998. you can see february so far very interesting to note halfway through the month, san jose the second-driest february since 1893. so not all very strong el ninos are alike. in fact the long-range forecast through the end of the month, still looks dry. then we suspect by early march, fourth quarter the rainfall season, let's hope that happens, rain picking up toward the beginning of march. >> let's hope we get that there. fallon smith, comcast sportsnet, you were talking about outstanding three-point shooting going on or something like that? >> yeah, something like that. it was all-star saturday. the temperatures were in the negatives in toronto tonight. but inside the air canada center it was red hot. the three-point shooting contest splash brothers, a report from toronto next. me and gone... and the much
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anticipated 3 point shooting contest di nba all-star saturday has come and gone and the much-anticipated three-point shooting contest didn't disappoint. steph curry looking to repeat as champ. klay thompson looking to dethrone the mvp and take the crown. splash brother showdown in the three-point contest as curry, klay thompson, and devin booker the finalists. curry went second. he was hot out of the gate. made all five off the first rack. then the final rack he made three of the five. money ball finished with a score of 23. that topped booker's 16. so thompson's turn. he needs 24 points to win. pick it up on the final rack. thompson on fire. he swept the fifth rack. all money ball. and yes, klay was money, closed out the championship round with eight straight makes. so klay takes down the reigning champ steph curry with a score of 27.
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klay thompson crowned the new three-point contest champion. >> as many predicted the three-point shooting contest came down to a shootout between steph curry and klay thompson. and klay told me that he really wanted to win this one. and he pulled it off in dramatic and thrilling fashion. down the stretch he hit big shot after big shot. he knocked down every single ball on the money ball rack to close out the victory. >> confidence all-time high, being here with my teammates and representing w nation. but this was a dream for me. i've loved shooting all my life, a passion of mine. i used to watch the competition every year. so much fun going against steph. that's something we do daily, go against each other, it was cool to do on a world stage. >> he definitely shot well tonight. i still think i can hold my own in any competition. but the way he finished off that second round was amazing.
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so especially with the pressure of knowing what number he had to hit. >> it's freezing outside in toronto. but the all-stars heated up the air canada center tonight. it was an epic dunk contest. it was a monster three-point contest. you know, it really set the bar for the weekend. now i want to see if the actual all-star game can top that. but we'll have to wait until sunday night. we'll see you there. sharks/coyotes. ahl 637 career wins. third period, sharks up one. deflects shot and lights the lamp and the sharks go on to win big 4-1. one final note, klay thompson wasn't the only ws winner, gray mond green took down comedian kevin hart in a three-point contest of their own. but it was close, hart tied him but the judges conveniently
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waved off hart's final at the buzzer.
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and now introducing delicious biscuits with almond butter or peanut butter. ==try//cont == steph rry and wife ayesha o ♪ babababa ♪ >> you can't watch and it not laugh. look at steph curry, taking time during their visit to the white house to lip synch with the first lady. the three sang the old beach boys song "barbara ann" with "banana" instead of "barbara." >> for michelle obama's let's move program promoting healthy eating and exercise. not that curry needs more. he was at the white house along with the rest of the warriors to be honored by the president. >> and here's peggy bunker to
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sing her version of "barbara ann." >> look at that we're out of time, dang. thanks for watching nbc bay area news, "saturday night live" next.
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have you guys been watching the primaries? >> yes. hillary got her but kicked in new hampshire. >> we're all still voting for her, right? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> sure. >> cool, cool, cool, me too.


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