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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 14, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good sunday morning to you. it is 7:00 and you're getting a look at beautiful cloudy skies as the sunrises. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at the forecast on the valentine's day sunday. >> happy valentine's day! >> our family here this morning is our valentine's. we love each other. let's talk about the forecast we have gorgeous colors in the sky. you can see san francisco all lit up in orange.
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get out and enjoy the sights and sounds of san francisco festival. and 72 in san francisco. a nice day 75 or 76 for the east bay. and same for the south bay. couldn't get any better than this. we will talk about tomorrow plus the rain in the forecast in the seven-day forecast. >> i need to show off our friends to l.a. >> it's beautiful. great job. anthony, thanks. we begin this morning with breaking news. a man found dead from a gunshot wound in his car. it happened just before 4:00 this morning in an alley near carlsbad drive in south san jose. if you know that area, it's across the street from pioneer high school. police were called to a crash involving a car into a pole. officers tell us they found the man shot and killed inside the car. police are investigating this as a homicide, but they don't have
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any persons of interest. the san jose police department will brief the media about the latest in the investigation in a few minutes. we'll stay on top of the story for you throughout the newscast. civic center b.a.r.t. station is closed this morning because of police activity. police tell us a woman died there just after midnight. trains are running through civic center in both directions just not stopping there. b.a.r.t. expects to reopen the station in about an hour from now and until then muni is providing service for people who need to get to the next stop while civic center is closed. a three-alarm fire spreads across two buildings in san francisco. now 25 people are displaced from their homes. photos from the scene show smoke and flames. the fire ignited near 8:00 last night. fire officials tell us one person was injured and 11-year-old child suffered a cut on their foot while escaping the
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burning building. the cause of the fire is under investigation. this morning justice anto n antoninlessantonin scalia is being remembered as a most influential conservative the. he passed away on a hunting trip in texas. he was 79 years old. you see at in washington, d.c., flaggers were lowered to half-staff. appointed by ronald reagan. he was the first italian-american justice put on the supreme court. he was an opponent of the abortion rates, gay rights. we spoke with one prominent lawyer who had cases in the supreme court. >> i didn't agree with his policies, but that's why this country is great. >> justice scalia voted on what we think of as the conservative
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side. the truth of the matter is, justice scalia started with a very strong approach principle to the u.s. constitution. >> buzz thompson is a stanford law professor where scalia was a visiting professor. his death leaves the supreme court split four to four. four of the justices including john roberts identify as conservatives, and the other four kagan is more -- today in the bay we have a look at how the supreme court vacancy is putting new focus on the future of the courts. >> the six remaining republican candidates for president debated in south carolina just hours after learning of the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. the candidates heaped praise on
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the long time conservative. >> he'll go down as one of the great justices. >> president obama praised scalia calling him one of the most consequence judges to serve on the supreme court. >> i plan to fulfill my responsibilities to nominate a successor. in due time, there will be plenty of time for me to do so and the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hairing. >> many of the candidates urged the senates urge ed block president obama's nomination. >> there should be a consensus orientation on the nomination. there's no doubt that president obama will not have a consensus pick. >> i don't believe the president should appoint someone. it's been over 80 years since a lame-duck president appointed a supreme court justice. >> a chance for republican front
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runners to sild if i their positions by weighing in on the new make up of the nation's highest court. >> california attorney general harris could be under consideration to replace justice scalia. president obama made clear he intends on filling the vacancy. several news organizations put harrison their list. the 51-year-old has a background in law and currently running for u.s. senate hoping to take out barbara boxer's seat. others include a stanford graduate who would be the first indian-american justice and goodwin lou. in other news now in newark. a hit and run driver caused a bizarre scene outside a hotel. take a look. this cell phone video shows the driver nearly running into the side of a marriott residence inn
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before speeding backwards into water pipes and driving away. it took crews several hours to repair the pipes. and parts of the hotel were without water. police cited the driver for hit and run and driving with a suspended license. no one was hurt. we know more about the brutal murder of a church pastor in the east bay. police say he was killed by his own son. investigators identified 54-year-old bostic. he was killed inside his apartment where he lived with his son. they found 21-year-old eye sisa bostic with blood on his hands. we have more ahead on today in the bay. coming up the special delivery local firefighters made to help a bay area softball team devastated by a fire.
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plus, giants fans claim its their year once again. kick off of the season fan fest at at&t park. jose (adlib)
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welcome back at 7:10 on the valentine's day morning. cloudy skies other san jose. you can see the sun peek through. it's going to be a warm day across the bay area. hope you can enjoy it. >> the search continues for a man who vanished from oakland earlier in the week. a 60-person search looked for any trace of john meltenbeck on the left side of your screen. it shows him in a b.a.r.t. station tuesday morning on the way to a meeting with his lawyer. beck is 73 years old. what makes the situation unique. it's not just his family who wants to find him. the feds do as well.
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he's facing a $113 million fine for running a get rich quick scam. new information on a story you saw on nbc bay area. softball players who lost their equipment in a fire get a several delivery. someone torched two buildings over the summer belonging to the league. it provides a safe place to go and an alternative to the streets for many girls. they struggled after the fire which also burned their snack shack which was the main source of income for them. local firefighters raised $20,000 to buy the league new equipment. they delivered new uniforms, equipment, and more. >> we decided we couldn't pack up and leave and get ready for the next call. we needed to do something about it. >> the league's opening day is march 5th. and we have more ahead on today in the bay. coming up giants fans proclaim that all things being even. it's time for a fourth world
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series title. we'll take you to at&t park for the annual fan fest. if you're getting out and about, a beautiful sunshine across the entire bay area. nonetheless the entire state! lots of warm weather heading our way for today, tomorrow, and rain tuesday.
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welcome back at 7:14 on this sunday morning. a live look at the beautiful golden gate bridge shining brightly. cloudy skies but it will be a beautiful, warm day across the bay area, hopefully. you'll be out with the valentine and enjoying it. a drama starring dr. dre could represent an important first for apple. the show is being financed in part by apple. it would be the first time apple helped fund a tv show. amazon and netflix shifted from nearly hosting content to producing it, too.
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it's called "vital signs" described as a dark semi autobigraphical. he sold his beats electronics to apple for $3 billion. a new android app is warning people when an earthquake is approaching hoping to take out the surprise. the app called "my shake." was developed by scientists here at cal. sensors in the smartphone measure vibrations and determine if it is an earthquake. if so, warning is sent to people who are nearby and have the same app warning them they may feel the quake next. the app could be the first step in creating an earthquake early warning system. a new season of baseball, if you're counting it's an even year, if you're a giants fan you know what that means. thousands of fans showed up for the fan fest. it's a chance to see the boys of summer before they head to spring training next week.
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giants fans will tell you it's better to be even than odd. >> reporter: 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016! >> every two years we're going to win. it's an even year. i'm hoping they win. >> reporter: and it has them believing that the odds are in their favorite. >> johnny a great pitcher. he did great for kansas city and cincinnati before that. >> reporter: >> what young 20-year-old doesn't like buster posey? >> i just lot of his spirit. he justin bo embodies everythin about the giants. >> reporter: and for a day the fans took the field. >> i thought it would be longer grass. it's very compacted. >> reporter: it was a walk in
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the park for little emily, if only she could walk. >> we came to fan fest so she can experience her first at&t park. days like this bring back memories. >> when we were playing the braves and we were close enough to the field where i could haggle the bull pen pitchers when they were warming up. >> my best experience was game time for the world series against the royals. i think the best part when the whole crowd was yelling! >> what a beautiful day it was yesterday. let's check with anthony slaughter with a look at the sunday forecast. >> it's going to be just as nice. maybe a little bit warmer, too. we're looking at a high surf advisory -- waves have calmed down and look at the shot from of the golden gate bridge. beautiful blue skies on the valentine's day. it's mild out this morning.
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looking at temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 55 in the north bay. 105 in san francisco and all of us waking up to sunshine this morning. later on this afternoon take a look at the highs. 52 degrees in san francisco. 75 for the north bay. the east bay along with the south bay today will get up to 76. it's going to be warm. remember that spf if you're heading outside let's take it however hour by hour in san jose. by lunchtime 67. and by 1:00 or 2:00 back into the low 70s. by 3:00 up to 76 and then temperature fall back into the 60s once we get toward sunset. a delightful day heading our way. not only for san jose but the entire bay area. high pressure in control now. that will continue to keep us dry and warm. high today across most of the bay area will reach into the 50 70s. we'll see a few 60s in the immediate coastline near half-moon bay. it looks like most of us will be in the today. 70s for the coastline.
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the inner bay. and a few 80s across parts of the south bay. by tuesday that onshore wind starts to return. 60s push in and rain moves into the picture by wednesday. the 60s move across the entire bay. we have 50s in here as we head toward wednesday. quite a sharp contrast coming our way toward wednesday. today not so much. kira, this is for you. today's beach forecast. >> oh, my gosh! you haven't mentioned the beach in three months. >> i know! it's been winter. it's still winter. >> it is. 71 in half-moon bay today. a little bit windy as well. winds up to 20 miles per hour. santa cruz up to 73 degrees today. yeah, if you have the day out, take your valentine to the beach. high pressure in control as i mentioned. it continues to slide toward the east over the next couple of days. as it does it allows for the storm to open up. look at what happens on wednesday. a strong storm system will move in producing heavy rain.
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look at the time frame around wednesday night when we go to bed. thursday morning when we wake up, expect a wet commute and friday to the areas of clouds and maybe another shot of rain as another storm system gets the act together. it's to be a nice next couple of days. 76 for san jose today. 75 for the east bay valley. 80 for tomorrow for san jose. look at the drop off in temperature from 80 tomorrow back to 67 degrees on wednesday. that's for our inland valley. san francisco very nice. 76 tomorrow and the rain moves in wednesday 65 degrees. >> we will enjoy it while we can. anthony, thanks. we have more ahead on "today in the bay" coming up. i was playing a show for veterans. >> the sound of music for a bay area iraq war veteran. the personal reason he plays in our bay area proud series next. the struggle so many veterans
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he welcome back. it is called the silent war. the struggle so many veterans have with post-traumatic stress. a marine who happens to be a musician from danville dedicated his life to sounding the alarm about the devastating results of ptsd. we first introduced him to you last year in the bay area proud series. and today in the bay we have an update to his story. >> to be completely honest, when i come back to you with an update to a previous bay area proud story, it's almost always good news. this time, however, there's sadness involved. also, a promise. a promise that john preston is making to keep moving forward no matter what he to overcome. ♪ >> reporter: it was a year ago and clearly things were just about to happen for john preston.
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the iraq war veteran just rebooted his music career. and people were beginning to take note of his song and the message they carried. more americans, john believed, needed to know about the tragedy that was 22 veterans a day committing suicide. >> a number that completely blew my mind. >> reporter: for the past year, while working as a palo alto firefighter, john poured everything he has into getting the word out. >> my last year and a quarter had been fighting for ptsd and talking about veteran suicide. ♪ >> reporter: it was work that was paying off. music sales were better than ever. a music video of the latest song viewed hundreds of thousands of times. john being asked to perform, speak, and write on the issue of ptsd on a national level. ♪ yes, things were happening just
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as john had planned them. but life has a nasty of sometimes not following the tune. >> january 13th ever since then -- my brother was a marine -- >> reporter: john's older brother mike was a police officer in their home state of kentucky. like so many veterans john knew, mike also suffered from ptsd. >> he kissed his children goodbye and got in the car and drove down the street and took his life. >> reporter: of all the lives john was trying to save, he couldn't save the one closest to him. it was enough to make stop trying. >> i said it out loud. i said "failed." >> reporter: but john is a unique come nation. a singer and soldier with always one more song, one more battle
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left in him. >> the goal isn't to make people aware this time. the goal is to catch them before they think about it. the goal is to reshow them how special and important they are. >> reporter: as part of his promise to move forward in an even bigger way, john promises to reveal more about his own personal struggles with ptsd to help get the message out. g garvin thomas. if you know of someone doing something nice for someone else, we would love to hear from you. we have more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up. wildlife workers make a chilling discovery that will make you want to keep your furry friends on a shorter leash. a tattoo shop at the local grocery store. one store's plan to attract customers. we'll explain ahead. take a live look outside......
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dublin (l) while par of the u-s face good sunday morning to you! it's just about 7:29 on this sunday morning. we're taking live look in dublin. it looks beautiful as the sunshine -- rises across the bay area. parts of the u.s. are facing frostbite, the bay area is seeing a break in the winter storms. it feels like summer. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at the forecast. >> temperatures will be warm today. close to 80s in some los like the trivalley and the south bay. we're waking up to a little bit of haze but we have sunshine. it's going warm up quickly. later on this afternoon going to be warm. 70 for wine country. 72 for san francisco. 76 for the east, and same deal for the south bay. remember that spf as you get going. these are some of the warmest temperatures we've seen in about two months.
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so take it ease out there. try to enjoy it. >> yeah. i'm be in wine country for valentine's day. and my guess is you'll be at the beach. >> yeah. >> anthony loves him the beach. anthony, thanks. we begin now with an update on breaking news we brought you at the top of this newscast. a grim discovery in the south bay and south san jose. police are investigating a car crash. an uncovered a dead body. this was the tense scene minutes ago when officers walked into a nearby home with guns drawn. we spoke to detective. they say so far no shooters are in custody. they are canvassing that neighborhood. the victim, a man, died from a gunshot wound around 3:00 this morning. police say they don't think the shooting was gang-related. they were originally called when someone reported that a car had crashed into a pole. this, by the way, is happening on carlsbad drive. that's just right across the street from pie -- pie high
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school. a death at a b.a.r.t. station stopped service at the san francisco civic center. it happen just after midnight, police say. b.a.r.t. officials say the civic center station is about to reopen in a half hour from now. training running through but not stopping. m muni is providing service. this morning 25 people in san francisco are waking up homeless after this fire ripped through two buildings. it happened in the north panhandle neighborhood by fulton and baker streets. the fire ignited about 8:00 last night. no one was seriously hurt. the cause of the fire under investigation. please take a close look at the image of this man. it's a cell phone picture. police say he may have severely beaten another man at a party. the attack happened early yesterday morning on can me know way. officers found the victim in a driveway of a near by home.
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he's in the hospital and we're told he may not survive. call the police if you recognize the man. developing news now. the nation is still in shock of the sudden death of justice alia. he died in his sleep yesterday while on a hunting trip in texas. we have a live look at the -- pardon me, we don't have the live look. flags are at half-staff awashington, d.cacross washington, d.c. brian moore takes us through scalia's ruling on landmark cases that helped shape our nation. outside the u.s. supreme court a flag at half-staff flowers and candles marking the passing of justice scalia. president obama paid his respects in california. >> tonight we honor his extraordinary service to our nation. >> justice scalia was 79, the longest serving justice on the current court. still, his death in a texas
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ranch came without warning. it came in the middle of a landmark court calendar. his passing sets the stage for a political battle royal over his successor and the supreme court's. the corner stone of a conservative wing that influenced the law on the land on issues ranging from affirmative action and abortion to gun ownership and free speech and bach. he was a firm proponent of the letter of the law not the intent. the nation's first italian-american justice was apou appointed by ronald reagan in 1986. he was known as a fair conservative but unapologetic >> my only agenda is to be a good judge. >> it was confirmed unanimously
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98-0. an unlikely scenario for his success successor. president obama said he'll choose a nominee. leaders of the republican majority made they clear they don't want to move forward until a new president is seated next year. brian moore, nbc news washington. join us and the candidates on our stage in a moment of silence for justice antonin scalia. >> being honored as last night's republican debate on cbs news. this before a verbal brawl broke out among several candidates and the very vocal south carolina audience weighed in. candidates accused each other of lying on a of issues. donald trump was in the center of highly charged exchanges with jeb bush and senator ted cruz over things like immigration and campaign tactics. and the gloves came off between senators marco rubio and ted cruz over immigration
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specifically with rubio calling cruz a liar and challenging his ability to speak spanish. >> i promised to rescind every single illegal executive action including that one. >> i don't know how he says because he doesn't speak spanish. second of all -- >> [ [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> we will find out the true winner after south carolina's gop primary next week. can't wait. there is an uptick in the number of mountain lions feasting on pets in california. this according to the chronicle. the department of fish and wildlife workers examined the symptomatic contents of more than 80 mountain lions and either 40 have eaten a dog, cat, or another animal. they want bay area locals to keep their pets in doors and on
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a short leash on walks. they are offering public meetings about how to keep pets safe. two meetings later this month and one in march. a manhunt is underway for the gunman behind an attack on a vta platform. take a look at the photos from police. this was from the platform in downtown san jose near second and santa clara streets. investigators think this man may be the suspect. the shooting happened around 10:00 friday night. one man is shot but expected to survive. so far no motive for the shooting. more chilling details revealed in the death an east bay pastor. investigators have identified the victim as 54-year-old they monobostic in friday morning's stabbings. he was killed inside his apartment where he live with his son. the son is facing murder charges. they found isaiah bostic 21-year-old with blood on his hands and clothes.
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bostic was a pastor in menlo park. and what you saw there happened in newark. a bizarre hit and run scene caught on video outside of a hotel. the driver nearly ran into the suicide of the marriott before speeding backwards into water pipes and driving away. it took krufs several hours to repair the pipe. police eventually caught up with the suspect and cited him for hit and run and driving with a suspended license. no one was hurt. a follow up to a story you saw only on nbc bay area. softball players who lost their equipment in a fire got a special delivery yesterday. over the summer, someone torched two buildings bloelonging to th east valley softball league in san jose. it provides a safe place to go and alternative to the streets for many local girls. they've been struggling since
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the fire also burned their snack shack, their main source of income. local firefighters heard about this. they ended up raising $20,000 to buy the league new equipment and made their delivery of new uniforms, gear, and equipment bins, and more yesterday. opening day of the league will happen on march 5th. not enough money to go green. that's the problem santa clara leaders are facing. 12,000 acres of land isn't being used because there's not enough money to cover the cost of bathrooms and trails. this week county leaders announced the plan to double the amount saved for the, but it needs voter approval. officials say the money won't come from a new tax. instead the vote is to change how saved money is used. that initiative hits ballots this june. a grocery store meant for hipsters, you could say, whole foods' new business idea to attract shoppers. the store would be called 365
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having produce as well as shops inside like a tattoo parlor. the idea to offer lower prices along with unique officials that tie in third party businesses. another idea a record shop. some people think it sounds silly but the struggling grocery chain has a lot to gain specifically the 92 million millennial's with purchasing power across the u.s. i know a lot of people who would be interested in that. still ahead in today in the bay the all-star saturday highlighted by two epic contests. did you see it? steph curry and thompson make a big splash north of the border. the nba's all-star saturday in
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toronto had a bay area feel to welcome back. the nba's all-star saturday in a bay area feel to it. including the highly anticipated three-pointing contest. steph curry was looking to
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repeat as champ while clay thompson looking to take down his fellow brother. the defending champ put the pressure on his running mate with a score of 23! it was incredible. he was on fire. thompson hit the final eight shots to claim the title with a score of 27. the brothers put on quite the show and clay thompson is crowned the new three point champ. >> it's a dream for me. i love shooting. i used to watch the competition every year. it's so much fun going against steph. that's something you do daily. it was cool to do on a stage. >> he shot well tonight. i think i can hold my own in any competition but the way he finished up that second round was amazing. >> now to the dunk contest. aaron gordon had people jumping out of their seats during the
7:43 am
dunk contest. gordon played for the magic p y pulled off two of the best dunks of the night. one was a mascot on a hoover board and he jams it home. both dunks were given perfect scores from the judges. believe it or not, they weren't enough to defeat zach levine. he wins for a second year in a row. it was impressive. look it up if you missed it. more ahead on today in the bay. a major shake up could lead to a change in the way california handles private development problem ace long california's coast. the environmental movement in
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california was shaken to its core this past week when a majority of welcome back. the environmental movement in california was shake to its core the past week when a majority of commissioners off the california coastal commission fired its
7:46 am
director. what does the change mean for the protection of california coast? nbc bay area political analyst is here to discuss the firing and the possible consequences. it's a big deal. >> yeah, it is. the california coastal commission, kira, is considered a model environmental agency for protecting california's coast. but from over development and controlled by private interests, really. you may remember that recently the coastal commission sued entrepreneur to keep open martin beach here. the commission argued it was public land. that's an example of their work to keep beaches open to all. and that mandate for the commission was established by the voters in 1972, and was managed the last few years by charles lester. considered, by the way, a real friend to environmentalists. >> and charles lester was fired quite suddenly.
7:47 am
why is that? >> yeah. well, lester's -- two sides. lester's critics complained he had an abrassive management system and he was not responsive to questions asked by the 12 commissioners. we'll get to that in a moment. lester's defenders countered he was doing too good of a job protecting california's coast from unwanted development, and that the commissioners were meddling in lester's administrative responsibilities. two sides to the story, right. it's hard. very hard to tell. who knows which is true. because the hearing leading up to lester's dismissal was closed to the public. >> three sides to every story. the other side, the other side, and the truth. isn't it true that commission members are appointed by the governor and legislators. did they know about the firing and approved in advance? >> yeah, that's making it interesting it, isn't it under the terms of the coastal commission's organization, the
7:48 am
governor appoints commissioners. the senate rules committee as commissioners, and the speak ee of the assembly appoints. it's a political appointment. you would think that the brown administration or key legislators knew something about what was happening. yet, they all remained silent. >> where does it leave us? is the coastal commission about to become more friendly to private property and development along the california coast? >> we'll have to see. we don't know and we won't know for some time. if the commission begins to approve previously rejected development proposals, certainly the governor and legislature will be held responsible, at least in the eyes of an tallist. but praised, of course, by those who want the end the gridlock on the coast and open up private development. it could be one of the tipping points. whatever you want to call it. as shake ups certainly in
7:49 am
california's environmentally friendly climate taking the state, perhaps -- >> yeah. we'll have to see what to see what happens. quickly, we want to ask you while you're here. scalia's dead. the sudden death leaves the supreme court eaid logically divided. >> scalia was the heart of the originalist movement. he was the intellectual brain behind it. now you have a 4-4 court and it's split ideologically down the middle. the president has the right not only constitutionally mandated to nominate a new justice. the republicans, who have the majority, say we want to wait until next year. this is going to become a political football. as a part as the campaign unfolds, you cexpect to blame
7:50 am
each side for being irresponsible and the voters will have to say which of these things is most important? all the years i taught, you know, i said to my students of all the reasons vote for the president, the most important is that the president nominates these members of the judiciary who will serve much longer than the president's four or eight years. here is the opportunity now and we'll have to see which side blinks first. >> have to wait to see. larry, thank you so much for your insight. we have more on "today in the bay." steph curry and his wife are draft join the first lady's team. what they're singing about next. this morning waking up to bright sunshine. going to be a warm day across the bay area. we have cooler temperatures and rain in the conservative. seven-day forecast.
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welcome back on the sunday morning. 7:53 is the time. you can see san francisco a little bit hazy this morning. no fog to report. and it's going to be a warm day. hopefully you have plans to enjoy. temperatures alreadied in the 05. 50 degrees in the northway. still chilly in the south bay at 48. look at the highs. later on this afternoon 76 degrees in the south today. 72 for the peninsula. 76 for the east bay along the trivalley. 72 today for san francisco. and 75 for the north bay. let's take it into san francisco. show what it's looking like hour
7:54 am
by hour. temperatures close to 70s degrees. by 2:00 at 70. and by 3:00 low 70s. and a little bit of fog will return tonight but not as much and not as thick as yesterday. high pressure in control at the surface. that will continue to keep us warm for the next couple of days. 70s wide spread today across most bay area. a little bit warm we are tomorrow as the 70s move toward the coastline. a few 80s toward the south bay. san jose seeing a few 80s tomorrow. by tuesday that wind starts to return bringing 60s back to the coastline for tuesday. wednesday is the day to note. any big changes if you're going to be outside. you want to make sure you grab a jacket. don't put away the winter gear yet. 60s return to the bay area. a few 50s on wednesday at the coastline. the temperatures will drop off toward wednesday.
7:55 am
today no rain. nice and comfortable. 67. wind will be gusty at half-moon bay up to 20 degrees. 71 later on this afternoon. and the place to be the warm spot santa cruz up to 73 degrees with mostly sunny skies. high pressure will continue to move toward the south dakosouth allowing for the storm track to return. wednesday night and thursday morning will produce heavy rain into the thursday morning commute. and friday another chance of rain and looks like at this point the next storm stays off to the north. el nino still here but not seeing the effect ws of it like 1998 with the strong series of storms. we're looking at sunshine for today, tomorrow, and tuesday. nice and warm across the south bay. the rain moves in for wednesday and thursday. same for the east ball valley. and san francisco up to 72 toorm. nice and warm.
7:56 am
76 degrees if you have the off for president's day take advantage. by tuesday that's when we'll see the changes especially at the coastline. 60s return for san francisco. rain and quite a bit for wednesday and thursday. not looking like a huge storm, but we could get decent rain. maybe inch in the higher elevations. good news. we need more rain. all the sunshine has been nice. >> we loved it. anthony, thanks. we want to show you before we go dozens of people gathered for the army's operation love letters. a day to remember those killed in uniform with letters, cards, and stories. the event gives thes a sense support and meaning. operation love letters began in orlando, florida around valentine's day. it expanded across the country. if you lived in the bay area for awhile, it's the unofficial valentine's day tradition. a pillow fight in justin herman
7:57 am
plaza. it starts at 5:50 this evening. they suggest a bandanna to cover your mouth and nose. organizers hope that participants will bring a trash bag to help clean up afterwards. ♪ that's steph curry and his wife taking time during the recent visit to the white house to lip sync with the first lady. they sing a version of "barbara ann." it was for michelle obama's program promoting healthy eating and exercise. steph curry was at the white house along with the warriors to be honored by the president. we want to thank you for making us a part of your sunday morning. we'll have more local news tonight at 4:30, 6:00, and 11:00 and all day at
7:58 am
have a great, beautiful day! >> see ya.
7:59 am
i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. and exercise. >> see ya. hevy it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
8:00 am
this sunday morning, the sudden death of justice antonin scalia and the rarest of events, a vacancy on the supreme court in the middle of a presidential election. how the fight over his replacement could paralyze the senate and all of washington. we'll hear from four republican presidential candidates, donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich. plus, that wild republican debate last night. >> you are a principle -- >> you are the single biggest liar. >> when you point to his own record, he screams liar, liar, liar. >> i think we're fixing to lose the election to hillary clinton if we don't stop this. >> also, bernie sanders gets a taste of what he may face as he tries to win african-american voter


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