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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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a traffic accident turns into a homicide investigation. the troubling scene deputies found after a car crashed into pole in the south bay. but first: a traffic accident turns into a homicide investigation. the troubling scene that the deputies found many the south bay. >> but first -- >> we lost our identity. so we're all through a number. >> a somber remembrance for japanese americans, dozens of people coming together to reflect on the impact of interment camp in the bay area. thank you for joining us. i'm peg by bunker. right now people are coming together for the remembrance of a dark time in america's
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history. mary anne. >> right now people are talking about their experiences with discrimination but they're also talking about ways that we not repeat the past. >> reporter: in february 1942 president roosevelt signed an order which led to sending 120 japanese-americans to interment camps based solely on their race. this 93-year-old of san jose was just 19 years old when he reported to san jose state was was sent to an interment camp in pomona. spent the next four years of his life in three different camps. he can see some of the same discrimination going on now, years later. >> especially today, the way the muslims are treated and so forth. that's how we were treated, picked on because we looked differently. and our lifestyle was a little different and so forth. so they crucify us for that,
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being different. and we like to support the muslim people and tell them, don't let it happen again. >> reporter: jimmy says when he signed up for interment camp he was assigned a number and lost their personal identity for four years and were no longer considered u.s. citizens. right now, new details on the death of a supreme court justice antonin scalia. his death certificate citing natural causes but his personal doctor has yet to release his findings. this is the west texas resort where he spent his final day and evening. spent an afternoon on a quail hunt, went to bed early saying he wanted a good night's sleep. the next day no one had see justice scalia so the owner of the property went to check on him. >> the judge, when i found him saturday morning, was in complete repose, he was very
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peaceful in the bed. he had obviously passed away with no difficulty at all in the middle of the night. >> today the flag at the supreme court building is flying at half-staff in scalia's hon for. his fellow justices issued statements today remembering their colleague and his contributions to our country. san jose responded to a car crash in the valley. but when they got to scene they found that the driver had died from a gunshot wound. the crash happened near pioneer high school about 4:00 this morning. nbc bay area's chuck coppola is live with more on that. >> reporter: that's right. still no suspect. police put the word out via twitter at 4:30 this morning. by 6:00 a.m. they were trying to find the person who was shot. the shooting at 3:45 this morning was not gang related. the car's owner who did not want
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to be identified says it appears to be a random act of violence. >> it was just somebody was out looking to do some damage. >> reporter: more than nine hours of this black 1993 oldsmobile crashed into a pole in an alley, the car still sat. the driver's side window shot out and yellow evidence markers where shell casings and broking pieces of glass were found. >> my son uses the car. his room meat went out to park the car. rolled up back here to find a parking space. somebody shot him. >> reporter: his roommate? someone shot his roommate? >> right. >> reporter: at least one of the people were armed with a gun. >> it's no surprise for the area. >> reporter: why? >> because there's a lot of strangers in the evening, heard there are gangsters or drug
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issues. >> reporter: police went door to door but have not yet drawn any conclusions. >> there's nothing at the sign that makes us think there was anything in his history that would result in this. >> reporter: the alley is next to pioneer high school which today hosted youth flag football games while investigators spent more than nine hours nearby scouring the scene for clues. the neighborhood just south of blot some hill road is known by some as the crime zone. property owners there tell me they've tried to band together but the crime has only gotten worse there in the past teen years. nbc bay area news. well a van nearly goes off a bridge in gilroy causing a huge backup on highway 101. take a look at the photos, showing the van hang in the precarious position. crews tell us that a 15-person passenger van was involved in the crash. you see it perched right there. several people were injured. the cause of the crash so far not released.
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cal fire just got the van off the bridge about 30 minutes ago. all lanes of traffic are back open. people are loving the warm weather in the bay area but it's changing things for the people at sierra. the snow is melting. just three weeks ago there was a healthy snow pack there. further down the sierra at 4,000 feet you can see white water rapids along the american river. it's a nice site. it's 63% capacity and speed restrictions have been lifted for boaters because there's so much more water in the lake. a picture perfect setting. bay area, a live look at the golden gate bridge. that traffic northbound has been that way ever time we check on it for the past three or four hours. a popular spot for couples on this valentine's day evening. our meteorologist has more on the warm temperatures. >> we're closing in on that as we head toward tomorrow.
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everything tied in. we're at 116 average for, 2 foot average snow depth, now 15 inches the average snow depth. you can see the effects of the dry weather. 64 degrees in san jose. now looking at 12 days in a row of dry weather all tied into this road of high pressure. it will set the staining tomorrow keeping the storms off to the north. and as the offshore winds develop within we'll see the potential for the temperatures closing in on 80 degrees. that's what we're watching as we head back to the workweek with a chance that some of the records you see here over my shoulder could fall tomorrow. especially in santa cruz which was 80 degrees today. we could see a record there tomorrow. a warm start to the week. but changes ahead as we have the system off to the west that will bring more sierra snow and rain into the picture.
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we'll tell you more in our full forecast in a few minutes. a group of exports will descend on palo alto this week to help the community deal with a suicide problem. ten palo alto teenagers have committed suicide on cal train tracks in the past six year. they called on the centers for disease control and preventions of health. on tuesday a five-member team is going to study how to strength theng suicide prevention efforts. that visit follows three months of research a congregation in mourning. today church growers in menlo park have their first sunday service without their pastor. police say he was murdered by his son. this is the 54-year-old. officers found him on friday stabbed to death inside his apartment. he was the pastor of the mt. olive holy church of god. members remember his dedication
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to god. pastors from other congregations also spoke on his behalf. his son now in jail accused of murder. they found isaiah at the apartment. there was blood on his hands and clothes. two people are dead after an early morning crash in sonoma country. this happened on highway 1. police say it appears the driver was speeding. the car hit a tree and this, burst into flames. officers found two bodies inside the car. they have not been identified. warm weather hitting parts of the bay area this valentine's day. i'm christy smith. coming up, we'll show you how people are enjoying it and when the rain is expected to return. also coming up, more mountain lions on the prowl. they're attacking an eating pets in record numbers. what to watch out for. a small earthquake rattled the
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east bay this afternoon. ==take map== the magnitude 8 quake suck concord at 4:17 . did you feel it? a small earthquake rattled the south bay this afternoon. magnitude 2.8 quake struck concord about 4:50 or so. depth was ten miles. no reports of injuries or damage. well a buffalo valentine's day across the bay area. perfect to spend the night outside maybe, dinner on the patio or something romantic like that. let's take you hout or another live look. romantic unless you're stuck in the traffic.
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>> if you're with the one you love, that's not so bad. >> you're an optimist. let's check in with christy smith. a lot of people have been pouring in and out of the city all day. i can't think of a more romantic place than the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: absolutely. it's cooled down now that the sun has gone down. but lots of folks hopping out of their cars to take advantage of this gorgeous view along the coast, valentine's day. we've seen steady traffic, folks driving and walking over the golden gate bridge all afternoon, just taking advantage of the sight. normally temperatures are in the upper 50s and 60s. some areas ten to 20 degrees above that. santa cruz close to 80. >> we don't normally get this kind of weather here. it's a nice day. i think everybody should be out. >> the weather is lovely.
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>> breathtaking. >> just getting to the bridge, that was half the battle today. backups and busy parking lots. it's still busy now. it feels like it hasn't rained in quite a while and we're told that it's not unusual to see a mid winter dry spell even in an el nino year and the rain is returning later this week. reporting live at the golden gate bridge, christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> that's a gorgeous shot. the bridge behind her, it looks fantastic. >> we were saying last year valentine's day we were all together, you and rob were my dates. >> here we are. >> here we are again. >> still here. >> all wearing something in the red family. >> yes, we are. we do the valentine's day cards fashion here today. right now, a bit cool. the sea breeze is picking up at this hour in san francisco. look at the highs into the north
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bay today, 78 in santa rosa, 77 degrees both tying records. you see concord up to 77 degrees and napa 75. that broke a record today. right now we're in the 50s and 60s. gorgeous sunset earlier with the high clouds. winds coming in off of the water. that's the reason it's cooling off. but notice the wind direction during the day tomorrow. winds now pointing offshore. we saw a sneak preview of that today in santa cruz. we saw temperatures warming up to 80 degrees once the winds started to drop down out of the north out of the santa cruz mountain. so more of the bay area will see a warmup during the day tomorrow with high clouds at times. but the storm track way up a to the north. this is the exact opposite pattern that we saw most of january where we had the jet stream in southern california. so as this high pressure system has been building over the last couple of weeks, this mid winter dry spell holding its ground. it's going to strengthen again heading into monday, the
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offshore breezes bringing the temperatures up into the 70s and 80s. tomorrow, most likely spots to break records. oakland, pretty easy to break that one. we're expecting 78 degrees. santa cruz again could see highs into the 80s during the day tomorrow. so highs for san jose upper 70s, close to 80 in los gatos, san francisco there, should see less of the sea breeze influence, 70s around san francisco, north bay, mid to upper 70s there and tri-valley, mid 70s, maybe close to 80. so we'll see one more day of warm temperatures as the seven-day forecast shows at the bottom of the screen. tuesday, a big change, rain drops coming into into the picture. a one storm system week for the bay area. coming in late wednesday to thursday. three-quarters of an inch of rain. you can see areas north of san francisco, mainly late wednesday night into thursday.
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so potentially the wednesday evening commute and the thursday morning commute will see the most out of this rain. and then high pressure once again. unfortunately we'll take our next chance of showers into the far north bay for friday morning and away from the bay area towards next weekend. a midweek system bringing us some rain, a couple of record breaking temperatures the b beginning of the week. saturday and sunday maybe not as warm as this weekend but still upper 60s to low 70s an an unusually dry pattern continues for february. and the long range forecast through the end of the month, the areas in yellow still below average rain chances expected. and then towards march we think the jet stream will turn stronger for california. we hope expectations hold out as we get the rain to make a bigger comeback as we move into march. coming up next, headed to
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whole foods for a tattoo? the new concept the grocery chain is now planning to try out all to attract younger customers. police investigating a deadly
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crash after a motorcyclist led thm on a chase sonoma county. police tonight investigating a deadly crash after a motorcyclist led them on a chase in sonoma county. happened on 101 near 16. officers were trying to pull over a motorcyclist. turned out the bike he was on had been stolen. the driver died at the scene. well watch out for fie do and your cats too. there's an uptick in the number of mountain lions that are feasting on pets in california. this according to the san francisco crown call.
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a study done by the tept of fish and wildlife found that more than 40 mountain lions had eaten a dog or cat or house pet. 107 mountain lions were killed last year legally with permits. wildlife workers still want bay area locals to keep their pets indoors or on a short leash when out for walks. the department is offering public meeting coming up about how to keep their pets safe. one is on february 23rd at 7:00 p.m. a grocery store meant for hipsters. that's whole foods new business idea to attract the millennial shoppers. the store would be call 365. produce as well as shops inside, as well as a tattoo parlor. they offer lower prices and unique features. another idea, a record shop. like records. vinyl. >> like the real deal. >> it's making a heck of a comeback. but the distributing grocery
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store han has a lot to gain. the 9 2 million millennials of purchasing power across the united states. happy valentine's day to all even if you're single. it can be annoying to be single on valentine's day. dairy queen making it sweeter, offering a blizzard for you. it's called the single blirchds. reese's peanut butter cups, truffles and a peanut butter topping. dairy queen not the only restaurant getting creative. also starbucks and white castles offering things for singles. >> for singles? >> yes. >> don't ask me anything personal. >> no, i'm not single. happily married. thank you. >> i appreciate your honesty. >> we'll get the blizzard.
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whatever. >> you didn't get the blizzard, we do. >> i like those calories. you guys want to talk sports? >> sure, why not. guess what, toronto makes a bold prediction regard the golden state warriors. plus one of the most beautiful golf courses in the entire world. in today's final round in pebble beach came down to the final hole. we've got the drama next in sports. valentines day isn't for
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everyon day was cerinly a heartbreaker for phil
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valentine's day isn't for everyone. like terry, of course. and today was a heartbreaker for phil mickelson. but his heart ache was a sweet gain for somebody else. final round at the at&t pebble beach proam. phil mickelson entered the day on top of the leader board but vaughn taylor was making a charge. he entered the day six strokes back. here on 18, hits the other ball on the green. he would then birdie to place himself tied for the lead. then, wow, 16th green, a difficult shot there, long birdie put, taylor gets it to go. he's feeling it. back to mickelson on 17 from 12 feet out, oh, yeah, you betcha. puts him one shot back. now on 18, this to force a playoff. oh my goodness!
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mickelson can't believe it and vaughn taylor wins his first pga event in over ten years >> it was magical out there. i could just feel it. and i just had to keep my emotions under check. and you know, i kept just trying to stay calm. and i can't believe it happened. i mean, i'm just, i'm in disbelief. >> i played a little tighter throughout the round that i wanted to. i was trying to free it up. but i didn't salvage pars on some holes that i needed to salvage pars. i'm a little more determined to get it back. but i also know that i'm close. college hoops, cal hosting arizona. enter the second quarter with, gabry green, nice play here, intercepts the pass and finish on the other end with the bucket. cal will go on to a three-point lead entering halftime. but in the second half cal ran
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away with the game thanks to the star freshman. scoring 19 of her 24 points in the second half. while also going 8 for 8 from the field helping lead the bears to a big win. 75-56. so from college to the pros. for the first time in 40 years the warriors have three nba all stars. and all of the buzz in toronto has been around the doves of course. players from other teams completely blown away by what the warriors have been able to so far this season. right now the warriors are 48-4. it's the best start in nba history for the first 52 games. they're also on pace to bring the bulls 72-win regular season record. they'll need to finish 25-5 to get to 73 wins. even if they don't get the record, like his song "back to back "dre believes the doves will repeat as nba champions. >> i would love to see steph and
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klay and dre and all of the guys do it again. i don't see anybody else beating those guys to be honest. >> the nba all star game currently in progress. we'll have highlights at 11:00. that's it for sports. more news after the break. flowers are a big part of
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valentines day for many, and there were quite a few couples today at san francisco's "tulip mania..." flowers. a big part of valentine's day for many. san francisco's tulip mania. take a look at this on pier 39. covered in everything tulip. i hope you gentlemen got some
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flowers. >> we got it. thanks for choosing nbc. >> we'll see you waback here tonight at 11:00. dchl hello, i'm doug mcconnell,
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and we've got some great discoveries for you along the open road. i'll share some of my favorite places in the golden gate national recreation area, and show you fun ways you can help care for our backyard national park. we'll get up in the sky to hike new sections of the bay area ridge trail, and meet up with photographers who share their love of nature and their secrets for making great pictures. [music] [music]


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