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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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a doctors without borders hospital targeted in syria. the country activists say are behind the airstrike. sam/vo and it'sne of san fncisco's most scenic places. that's now been tued overnto a crime scene. what investigators have learned about a double- homicide on twin peaks. laura/vo plus, shockwes continueo washington d-c, following the dt justice antonin scalia. the president's comments this morning--- about nominating another justice. today in the bay starts right now. =laura/2shot= good morng and th. joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. =sam/2shot= and i'm sam brock. . . . very good monday morning to you. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm sam brock. hope you had a nice holiday weekend. we turn it over to meteorologist, kari hall. >> we start out with great
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temperatures, mostly clear sky. it looks like a clear dry. we are now at 57 in the north bay, very mild temperatures as we are in for another day with highs in the upper 70s, lower 80s, maybe setting some new records once again. i'll talk about those records and what to expect. next chance of rain, coming up. let's get an update on what's happening on the roads from mike. we're looking at the golden gate bridge. coming down from the north, we are talking about sir francis drake, where there is a report of a deer having been hit. lanes are keir in the southbound direction. that's the only good news that's come out of that report. we will look for any our crews that may have to block lanes as they arrive. the rest of the roadways was really great around the bay. >> we'll talk about more coming up. at 4:31, cuban rights activists say russian war planes have destroyed a doctors without
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borders facility in northern syria. ten died and others were hurt. at they tell us the entire building collapsed and troops have been on the offensive in northern syria under the coverage of russian air strikes. on friday, the u.s. and russia brokered troops for a cease-fire in syria. a developing story and a shocking scene at a popular bay area tourist destination. two people shot dead at twin peaks. san francisco police are trying to piece together clues to nab the gunman. stephanie chuang live there. >> reporter: you can see why it is so popular, not just for tourists but for locals, a shot of the city and the bay bridge. people come here all times of the day and night. there is one patrol car there and another one right here.
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the officers said they are here because of the security concerns, because it was so packed yesterday because of valentine's day and should be tomorrow as well because of presidents' day. they have been controlling this since the shooting just after 2:00 yesterday morning. when officers arrived, they found three that had been shot, a 20-year-old died here at the scene and a 22-year-old at the hospital and an 18-year-old at last check is still fighting for his life. we don't know who those three men are. investigators we know are still looking for the gunmen. >> it is pretty shocking. it is so uncharacteristic of our city. you know the way our city is. >> so far this does not appear to be a random shooting. it seems a man targeted these three victims and took off after. there are cameras in this parking lot area. i see a couple of them from where we are standing. it is unclear what that footage
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has provided, if anything. there should be some police officers here throughout at least today. right here in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." also, developing this morning, a car crash turned into a homicide investigation, police say a car crashed into a pole in an alley off of via monte near pioneer high school. when officers arrived there, they found the driver shot and killed and the car window shot out. we talked to the man who owns the car. while he did not want to be identified, he did share some important insight on the case. >> my son uses my car. my son got home from work and his roommate rolled up and someone shot his roommate. no one was chasing him. somebody was out looking to do
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damage. >> witnesses say they saw four people in dark-colored clothing roaming the neighborhood early sunday morning. at least one was armed with a gun. police have not made any arrests at 4:35, the city of brentwood, one step closer to adding a high crime tool. they report that they unanimously approved a plan to install 18 license readers. they will be installed on two police patrol cars. they still have to draft specific policies about how the readers would be used and what kind of data they would collect. we are coming off a pretty glorious weekend. it is still fairly mild. in livermore, 59. check out santa rosa, 62. mid-50s for san francisco and oakland. it is a little bit cool in some spots to start but not as cool as we've seen recently. it will be another day for the record books.
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up to 81 degrees in los gatos, san carlos, 74. in san francisco, up to 75 degrees, 78, napa, oakland, 80. 78 in dublin. we'll talk about those records and the cracking of the next chance of rain move ng for the middle of the week. that's coming up. much cooler temperatures. details in less than 20 minutes. let's see what's happening on the roadways with mike. >> i'll follow along with those changes. right now, no problem. we're going to zoom into the skyway. there is a tree down across one lane. watch out for crews if they arrive. we will get a look over towards dublin and show you how very light it is. it is presidents' day holidays. a lighter commute.
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580 showing a lighter flow through dublin. >> a lot of people sleeping in. 4:36. a look at the life and legacy of justice scalia and the future of the supreme court.
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inste antonin scaliis back the d-c area this morning. today -- more fallout from his it is 4:39. the body of antony scalia is back in the d.c. area. more fallout from his unexpected death. they say president obama should hold off and let the next president name the successor. >> the politics is front and center. we are hearing some names who might be in line to replace justice scalia. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. that won't happen this week but with frags at half-staff, we are already seeing possible candidates mentioned to replace justice scalia. za that's his prerogative. he has every right to do it. >> we don't have to confirm it and we won't. >> the court is in the middle of the term with more cases to hear and decide p between now and
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july. without conservative scalia, they could end up with a tie. >> unlimited abortion on demand throughout this country, partial birth abortion, taxpayer funding, no parental funding. >> we need a conservative person. >> democrats insist the country should not have to wait for a year for the next president to decide. >> we have a president. he was elected. he has the right to nominate another supreme court justice. >> i don't think the public will look kindly on republican actions to try to thwart what es is to do. >> they wasted no time talking about it. >> springlike temperatures across the bay. a bitter, icy cold snap. the heart from those in the east. many we uncovered documents that led to a new admission. >> the agency is taking action. >> they will begin installing the working cameras in the next
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few weeks. >> we investigate. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit, call-1-888-999-tips. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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you touched on this a second ago. you feel kind of bad for all the people on the east coast who are in negative temperatures. not our problem. >> i feel badly like that and then i realize that. >> we have record warmth. they have record cold. we are going to split the roles here as we go through the east. that warmth will be rolling off the east and we are getting ready for a big tip. we can't be too sympathetic. we see we have a clear start to the day. very nice and cool, crisp as we
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talk out. it will be warming up throughout the day. in the mid-50s, san jose. a lot of sunshine throughout the day. a great day to start out the week. if you have the day off, nice to head to the beach and take in the warmth and the sunshine. we're into the upper 70s, even hitting 80 degrees today in san jose where we do expect to set a new record this afternoon. we do have high pressure just off to the west of us. as we go into the next couple of days, more of this warm weather but then we'll see a shift in the pattern that will bring in some much cooler temperatures. this is a look at wednesday. you can see how those temperatures will be falling. we'll be in the 50s along the coast and 60s for the inland areas. here is the reason. we will also see rain moving in. it will be starting during the
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afternoon, may get heavier in the evening and the day on friday. it clears out in time for the weekendme weekend. some of the first looks at how much rain we can see gives us anywhere from .5 to 1.5. another good soaking. we have had several days of dry weather. looks like that comes to an end on wednesday and moves out in time for the weekend. we'll take a closer look at the weekend forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. an update on the san mateo bridge from mike. let's show folks how clear and easy this drive is. these headlights coming down towards foster city. let's show you the map. the san mateo bridge at the bottom here. that includes the north bay and still watch the south 101. a deer was hit. there is activity on the shoulder. the south bay shows an easy drive. no delays off the santa cruz
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mountains. they can this out. bay area from above the clouds. this is video from a weather balloon launched over san francisco. over 11,000 feet. the view is much higher than the city. pretty cool. you can see the south bay. the balloon was made by the company. it has 6.5 million views on youtube. the next project, a flight around the northern lights in alaska. >> a little dizzying but pretty amazing perspective. bitter cold ripping through much of the country this valentine's day weekend or over the weekend. record low temperatures in the northeast. a snowstorm in the midwest. indiana, weather, the cse of a huge pileup that shut down a major stretch of highway near minneapolis. at least ten people were taken to the hospitals with injuries. it was the coldest valentine's day on record in the northeast.
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firefighters in new jersey had to battle more than just fire. the frigid temperatures caused problems during an apartment fire. >> they lost water in the beginning, delayed operations due to freezing. that's typical when you have this kind of weather. >> revelers in philadelphia brave the temperatures for a chinese new year's celebration. there is good news on the horizon for those living in the northeast. forecasters predict a warmup later this week. >> 4:48. dozens were stranded 40 feet up in the air for about 90 minutes when two tram cars got stuck at a new hampshire ski resort. cannon mountain resort officials believe brake issues were to blame. eventually, all 48 people had to repel down from the tram cars. no injuries. just a few cold feet. all involved received vouchers for their trouble. >> bring in your pet at night.
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that's the advice from the department of fish and wildlife. mountain lions are eating an alarming number of house pets. the san francisco chronicle got ahold of the city. more than 40 mountain lions had consumed, a dog, a cat or another house pet last year. they say it is best to keep your pets indoors and on a short leash when out on walks. the department is holding a public meeting in brisbane focusing on pet safety. one for later this month. another in march. want to get away? if you have plans on camping in yosemite, this morning is the time to schedule your reservation. the most popular weeks, mid-june, to mid-july. last year, more than 4 million visited yosemite. this is the 100th anniversary of the national park service. people who miss their chance today will get two more later this year. >> the foliage.
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perfect timing. a pledge to never repeat history p for japanese americans once forced into internment camps. >> more than 200 people gathered to remember the fight of japanese-americans during world war ii. jim any yamaachi was young when his family was forced to leave his home and enter the camp. he remembers the day president roosevelt issued the order to register at san ho sdpla state. >> come to the gymnasium to sign up. that's when we received our number, a family number and we lost our identity as a person. >> yamiachi says his family was forced to abandon their farm in san jose and no longer considered american citizens. 120,000 japanese americans were forced to live in 10 internment
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camps. losing on the links. how an unlikely golfer swung or clubbed his way into the record book. in the wake of supreme court justice anthony scalia's death, a list of replacements starts coming into focus. >> rapper, kanye west making way for not just his m music but his apparent debt. find out which high-powered ceo he is appealing to for help? >> click on the link at the top of our home page. see our warriors at work during the nba's all-star weekend.
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a lot of people have today off. >> lucky them. i think enjoy it while it lasts. the weather has been amazing. it extends for another day here, kari snchlt why it will be a day we may have for the record books as we are looking at highs today that will be in the 70s and 80s looking at the records. we expect to get up to 76 degrees or that's the record in santa rosa. the record today is 82 degrees. we will be very close in san francisco and oakland looking at a high of 80 degrees. just smashing some of these old records and blowing them out of the water. as we head into the weekend, it will be much cooler. we will be seeing highs in the mid to upper 60s. that's not bad. it will be after some rain moves through mid-week. we'll keep you up to date on that. let's check in with mike to see what's happening on the roadways. a beautiful look at the bay brin bridge. you can see the lights as well. the lights are flowing. coming back in towards the
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oakland side with the few head lights. this is the bay bridge. the richmond center bridge over there for 580. we will take the rest of the east/west bridges. a light build right now. we will give you these live cameras as well. palo alto, ck san jose 101/280/680 =laura/2shotsomdrama athe a-t-& 101. heading down into the south bay, san jose, live look, looks great. 101 just got to 680. >> boy, was there some drama at the at&t pebble beach pro-am. one of the world's top golfers lost to an amateur. phil mickelson started at the top of the leaderboard. vaughn taylor, who had not won a pga tournament in over ten years charged through the field and pulled off the upset when mickelson missed a putt that would have forced a sudden death
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situation. an emotional moment for vaughn and his family sgch. >> shows how hard it is. some of the world's biggest stars are in the process of aligning for music's biggest night. as the industry honors this year's best. rapper kendrick lamar, who received 11 nominations, including album and song of the year. they call him the shoe-in for multiple awards but not the big ka hugh na. >> i don't see how taylor swift's 1989 could not win album of the year. >> it sold more than 5 million copies. under the performances, is one for the late david bowie and for the eagles lead singer, glenn frey, who also died last mopt. celebrating valentine's day with hundreds of pillows. >> what else? that's what hundreds of people did last night in san francisco.
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>> it was all part of the pillow fight in justin herman plaza. video posted on instagram shows a sea of people, pillows, feathers, the whole kit and kaboodle. this was captured with the photos, best valentine's day ever. coming up next, one of san francisco's most popular places. somewhere you have probably visited with your family. now, twin peaks, the sight of a double homicide. investors saying this was not a random act but a targeted shooting. >> the death of supreme court just sis, antony scalia, and the politicians have a lot to say about his successor. an airstrike destroys a doctors
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syria. the country accused of being breaking overnight, ann air strike destroys a doctors without borders clinic in syria, the cun tri accused of being behind this attack. >> reporter: i'm stephanie chuang live at this very popular lookout spot in the city. police say this is where a man shot three and they are still searching for the gunman. we have the latest coming up.
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now, bob redell with a search for the suspect who gunned down a man in the valley. "today in the bay" starts now. >> i'm glad you are starting it with us here on this holiday monday. thank you for joining us. sam sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. let's get a look at the forecast. going to be a nice one for folks that have the day off and those of us that work as well. >> definitely a day to head to the beach as our temperatures will be near record. we are looking at high ns santa cruz up to about 80 degrees. right now, as you head out the door, it is cool. we're in the low to mid-50s with mostly clear skies. heavy fog is a problem as of yet. we are looking at highs reaching into the mid to upper 70s, 80 degrees in the south and east bay. let's see what's happening on the roadways with mike. >> we're going to take a look out here for the dublin interchange. you expect that at this time of the morning. we are going to stick with our maps and look at the


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