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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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story inhe east bay. holiday weekend cometo an end right now, at 11:00, a developing story in the east bay. the holiday weekend comes to an end with a s.w.a.t. team surrounding the suspected gunman in a double homicide at a popular tourist spot. >> yesterday the double murder in san francisco, tonight the capture of the suspect in richmond. this all stems from the triple shooting at the iconic twin peaks lookout in the city. >> the dramatic developments.
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>> reporter: a memorial here at the twin peaks overlook reminds visitors three people were shot here sunday morning. but tonight san francisco police officers make an arrest. policen richmond block off streets as the s.w.a.t. team carries out an operation linked to a deadly shooting in san francisco. police are looking for evidence and suspects linked to the triple shooting and armed carjacking at twin peaks early sunday morning. officers arrested the suspected gunman tonight after a traffic stop in richmond. but investigators say they did not recover the gun. an 18-year-old hurt in the shooting is in the hospital tonight. and now candles are burning at the twin peaks overlook honoring two santa rosa men killed in the shooting. peraza's family is raising money for his funeral. his family was too upset to talk on camera but said the landscaper was just hanging out with friends when he was killed. >> twin peaks is not known for that kind of activity.
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>> reporter: jonathan madison heard about the violence but it didn't stop him from showing friends the amazing view. >> you can see the beauty in the view here. we said, you can't let a tragedy stop you from living life. >> reporter: mad i sop and others at the crowded overlook say it's a relief to know a suspect is in custody. while the arrest is a relief, they would like to know more about what led up to the shooting. >> jean, thank you. new at 11:00, a big problem in san francisco, and now in san jose as well. a rash of car break-ins and cars being stolen. one local couple says they've been hit several times. jindle and his wife said several car windows were smashed and both of their cars and their motorcycle were stolen. the vehicles were ripped off on the same day. it happened in the parking garage at the enso apartments in north san jose. it is a secure lot in an upscale building near tech companies.
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>> it's not even a bad neighborhood. if things can happen here, then how do i trust -- how do i get trust that things will be okay. >> the couple filed a police report but authorities gave them little hope that their cars would be recovered. it is heartbreaking animal story. a baby horse found alone down a ravine in fremont clinging to life. the colt has been rescued, but now the fight to keep him alive begins in earnest. the badly injured colt is being cared for. ian, do we have any idea where the foal's mare is? >> reporter: that's one of the many questions they have right now. he seems to be pretty well tonight. he's fed every three hours. he's got a little bit of pain medication to give him some comfort. but these next 24 hours will be tense. the vet says it's a miracle he's
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alive, but his body is in a fragile state. they're asking for another miracle from the community. how the baby horse found his way to the bottom of the canyon is a mystery. yesterday firefighters and animal services were called here because a 6-day-old colt was badly hurt, dehydrated and clinging to life down a steep ravine. >> it was just so weak it just kind of -- >> reporter: they brought the baby horse up. he was taken to alex crossing ranch where the animal services officer and ranch owner watch over him saying he's in good spirits and oddly enough very friendly. >> mom controls whatever they do. and with this guy, he's like, okay, you can all be my friend. that's pretty special. >> reporter: but this baby horse who they've named valentine is just beginning his journey. his pelvis is fractured, and the break is right on top of major
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arteries, meaning each time he gets up they could rupture. >> we've kept a close eye on him. helping him get up and down as necessary. >> reporter: valentine now needs life-saving surgery as soon as possible. animal services doesn't have the $7,000 to $10,000 needed so they're asking for the public's help. to save valentine, who's already stolen so many hearts. >> we all get one animal we get pretty attached to, and we want to see it through to the end and make sure they have a successful ending, and this is kind of one of those guys for me. >> reporter: back out here live. he'll be taken to uc davis tomorrow for x-rays. and then he'll stay there as they hope that that money can come through so they'll get that surgery. if you want to donate, you can donate to the tri cities animal services, to the fremont animal services of the we put all the information up on our website. >> ian, i think we'll hit the
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donation requests probably very soon. thank you. how about this. summer in the middle of winter. a lot of people headed outside on this president's day holiday to enjoy that record-setting heat from the beaches to the reservoirs. plenty to do. the bay area soaking in the sunshine. a big change is right around the corner. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> as we head throughout wednesday's forecast, the area of high pressure that brought the record hee today will begin to weaken and we'll get the storm track across. we not only set records today, we shattered them in some cases. santa rosa hit 85 today. the old record was 76. hasn't been this warm in san francisco since 1930. at least on this day in history. the rainfall numbers are beginning to slip without any major rain in the past three weeks. oakland at 80% of average. and livermore right now at 89.
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coming up in about 15 minutes, we'll talk more about the incoming rainfall, how much we'll get and one of the great side effects is the pollen forecast will finally lower. my forecast in about ten minutes. as we gear up for more rain, you can track the weather specific to your neighborhood by downloading our free nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab to find the live doppler radar. a family is worried sick tonight about a father who disappeared after his daughter's wedding. the search is expected to continue tomorrow in the walnut grove area in sacramento county. the crews have been searching for him since saturday night when he left the reception around 4:00. the party visiting from india haven't seen him since. family told officials he was having some problems with depression. at this point authorities don't suspect any foul play. this photograph you're about to see could be the break in a
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case of a missing alameda man, john beck. he faces $113 million federal court judgment in a get rich quick scheme. that photograph surfaced on instagram and it shows him near san francisco sutra bath. he was on his way to an appointment in oakland. his family and federal agents want to know where he is. volunteers are focusing their search near where that photograph was taken. >> i hope he knows how much we love him and how much that we want him back. >> maybe he slipped and fell out here and is hurt. or he got mugged. i don't know. there's a thousand possibilities. >> it was by sheer luck that the family found that photo on instagram. the feds are looking for possible dna evidence on some blow darts. those darts hit two people on the golden gate bridge. we first told you about the story friday night. the chp sent the four-inch darts to the department of justice.
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someone targeted pedestrians as they were walking north on the bridge friday afternoon. fortunately there weren't any serious injuries here. the chp is still reviewing surveillance video that day on the bridge. it will be crowded, and filled with love. a richmond police officer shot to death in his own home will be honored at a public memorial. it's this friday morning at the richland memorial auditorium. he was a 15-year veteran on the police force. the war over replacing supreme court justice antonin scalia hit the campaign trail today. republicans and democrats are fighting over whether president obama has the constitutional right to appoint a nominee of his choosing. senate majority leader mitch connell de clarl he won't consider a nomination until the next president takes office. that outraged the democrats.
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the battle has spread from congress to the campaign trail. >> the senate has the duty to consider that and decide whether or not to confirm whoever the president nominates. >> this election has enormous stakes. i think saturday night the stakes became very clear. the people of south carolina want a consistent conservative they can trust. >> the last president to nominate a supreme court justice in an election year was ronald reagan. it has happened six other times before then. next at 11:00, the only one of its kind in california. a free pharmacy opens tomorrow in the south bay. but there's a catch. the certain drugs you won't find there. high-end east bay home becomes a crime scene after a party turns violent. why one city is now looking at some new rules. the glory of the glammies. he certainly hit a high note. the local college student bringing home a grammy tonight. from the bay area to the
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big-time. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. our next storm system is offshore. we'll talk about our rain prospects, plus details on snow in about six minutes. ♪ lost shipments, international regulations, security breaches, lost revenue lost respect.
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well crafted solutions for today's problems in commerce. pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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and the alabama shakes... but there's also mario silva. he'ss a bay area sician --who there's taylor swift and bruno mars, there's also mario silva, a bay area musician who was a big winner at the grammys tonight. he's also a student at cal state east bay. here's cheryl hurd from hayward. >> reporter: mario silva is a well-known dance artist in the bay area. and tonight he just won a grammy for his work on best reggae album of the year. >> really excited for mario. he's one of the hardest workers in the program here.
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>> reporter: dr. mitch butler is director of the studies and his trumpet teacher at cal state east bay in hayward. >> i knew him before he started playing, because he was one of the busiest musicians in the bay area. and he has garnered the respect of all the bay area musicians as a great player, good person. >> reporter: silva started playing trumpet at 16. it didn't take long for him to get noticed, and he became a professional at 19. jazz, r&b and salsa are what he love. but he can play all types of music, and almost every instrument from trumpet to piano. he was playing the trumpet on the grammy award-winning album. >> that shows that you're at the pinnacle of what you're doing now in the world scene. >> reporter: last year, silva decided to pursue his masters at cal state east bay in their world renowned music department.
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>> to have one of our people come in, a regular student playing with our students, to suddenly be thrown into a world stage is a pretty rare occurrence. and it's been great, and very exciting for all of us. >> reporter: in the bay area, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> congratulations there. fan favorites at the grammys tonight, adele and lady gaga who paid tribute to the late david bowie. taylor won for her 1989 album. and lamar won best rap album. taylor swift got the emmy again for her bad blood music video. an '80s pop music sensation died at the hospital after a long illness. do you remember that song? that's den nice matthews, who went by the name vanity at that
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time. she was part of the girl group vanity 6. their big hit, that one, nasty girl. long-term fame was elusive for van. she became a born-again christian. she died at the age of 57. a nearly fatal beating in aren da might prompt city leaders there to change the law. officers found a victim, a 21-year-old man across from this home. they believe he got into a fight with that man right there, who police now want to arrest for assault. the argument started inside of the home and it was rented on air b & b. >> we want to make sure if there is an emergency, we know who to contact and there will be someone who will answer the phone and someone who will be responsible. >> they already have an ordinance for when parties get
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rowdy. another rental in the east bay had police showing up. a 19-year-old renter used it for a house party. hundreds of teenagers were there. the owners of the home returned to find the house trashed. police arrested the renter for vandalism. the homeowners plan to press charges and file a civil suit. mental health experts arrived in palo alto to help investigate the suicide problem. ten teenagers have taken their lives in the last six years. a team from the centers for disease control and prevention will begin meeting with the mayor and doctors. they'll be holding meetings with students and parents to help identify signs of a child in crisis. this is all on our request. >> cdc is not coming here to research for them. they're here to serve us. >> cal train recently returned vegetation al the rail corridor
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as part of a suicide prevention initiative. the school district has also taken steps to ease school stress. the researchers will also look at whether those changes are actually working. life-saving devices, what you'll see at the innovations in the health care exhibit. it opened today in san jose. the technology, like the detecting diseases. >> they came up with the embrace warmer, and it has gone through several different prototypes. it has saved over 100,000 babies' lives. >> check out the virtual dissection table that gives you a beneath the skin view of your body. innovations in health care is set to become a regular exhibit at the museum. that is so cool to be able to turn it around and look at all the organs. >> let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri now.
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a lot of us go back to work and school tomorrow. >> we'll ease everyone back into the work day for tomorrow. we had some record setting heat today. in the scrolling 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, more heat tomorrow. how warm was it in case you missed the earlier update? 76 in hayward, shattering the old record of 70. also up to 74 in oakland. sn't been this warm this time of year since 1977. let's get your tuesday started off right. clear skies to the south bay and 53 degrees. back to the east bay, 47. san francisco, 54. and 49 for the north bay. you need the sunglasses for tomorrow morning. you don't need the umbrella quite yet. high pressure still sitting in the same exact spot it's been for the past five to six days. eventually we'll see the high pressure move to the south. that's going to allow the storm track to get closer. let's get to the goods here and when is it going to rain. it's been a few weeks without any measurable wet weather.
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everybody is definitely very anxious to finally get it. by 1:30 tomorrow, high clouds increase across the north bay. cloud cover by 11:30 tuesday evening. we likely won't see the start of measurable showers until 1:00 on wednesday. and we'll hold out for some of the heaviest rainfall by wednesday evening. an event with widespread rain from santa rosa to san francisco to half moon bay. we'll keep the chance of scattered showers into thursday morning. in terms of rainfall totals, it's not the one to two-inch storm system i would like to see for us. we're good for at least 1/4 of an inch at this point. likely may see it go more towards about 1/2 inch. for san jose.032. with the storm system centered off to the north, likely the highest amounts in santa rosa back to middletown. that's where we have the good risk of 1/4 to 1/2 inch. i think we're definitely going to lean more towards those kind
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of numbers as we head through the next day or so. tuesday, one more day of this enjoyable weather. that's going to put san francisco in the financial district at 75 degrees. for the peninsula, beach weather in place, pacifica with 72. palo alto close to 80. it looks like cupertino will hit 80 again for tomorrow. north pbay, east bay and tri valley, livermore with upper 80s. back towards oakland 78. next 15 days in the rain prospects, rain returns. february the 26th, into march the 3rd, possible storms. this particular storm system. not only at least a quarter inch of rain for the bay area, sierra snow, 6 to 10 inches expected with the storm this week. that's great news. our sierra snow had started to melt most recently.
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that will give us a little bit more of a reserve. happy to see it this week. i've got to tell you, i hope we get at least 6 to 10 more storms over the next 12 or so weeks so we can keep our rain averages up. >> that's a hopeful meteorologist right there. >> that's what we need. new concern over the widely used heartburn medications. >> not your average pharmacy. this one is free. details of the first kind of its facility opening in the south bay tomorrow. happening now across our digital platforms, pandora's multi-billion-dollar plan revealed its new strategy amidst rumors of a potential sale. head to our twitter page for a link to the first footage of the star wars episode 8. learn about the familiar faces who are joining the cast. we're back in a moment. the bay area becomes one of the
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first in the nation again prescription drugs. e, regarding the bay area was the first in the nation again tomorrow, this time regarding prescription drugs. it will be grand opening for a pharmacy dedicated to surplus prescriptions. it's the first in the state dedicated to collecting and dispensing unused, unopened and unexpired medications. they'll be free. the $2 billion wasted every year in this country, when drugs are thrown away. not all medications are available, including drugs like vicodin and other controlled substances. new worries over heartburn medicine one week after researchers said it's linked to kidney disease and bone fractures. it could also be linked to dementia. we're talking about medications
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like nexium and prevacid. the highest risk were women who took the meds for at least 18 months. if you have heartburn that's mild, and you can stop taking those drugs, it's probably best to do so. up next with the warriors, it might get a little tougher the second half of the season.
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good evening. the all-star break is almost done, the warriors look to start the second half of the season on the road for the next six games. the first stop is portland on friday. they'll be chasing history. the team has 30 games to go in the regular season. the warriors will need to go 25-5 down the stretch to set the record for the most wins. everybody's talking about it. but clay says they're just taking it one night at a time. >> we can't look too far ahead. we have a tough road schedule coming up. when we get back to the bay. take it week by week. don't think about breaking the record, just think about beating every team every night. >> after 52 games, the warriors are one game ahead of the bulls' record pace.
11:30 pm
they also have a better point differential and more double-digit wins. the last 30 games will be tough. the warriors face the oklahoma city thunder twice. finally, the san francisco giants pitchers and catchers report to spring training this week. the first workout is set to take place on thursday the 18th. that's it for tnt. more news with raj and jessica after the break. announcer: through sunday
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it's a subaru. have you talked to your friends and family on the other side of the country? it was cold the last several days. not too many people in the bay area could handle this challenge. it's called the polar vortex. these people are eating a free lunch from a massachusetts restaurant. it's free because they're willing to eat it outside. the temperature was less than 10 degrees. the restaurant said it's donating some of the money to the local rescue mission there. >> i thought it was going to be hot there tomorrow. >> 50 degrees. >> 57 degrees. >> i think i could skip a meal.
11:34 pm
>> 5 degrees, 10 degrees the last few days. >> we've had gorgeous weather. >> hey, this is great. tomorrow morning's forecast, 49 degrees in the north bay. south bay at 53. sunny skies. check out the highs. too bad so sad new york. north bay upper 70s. san francisco 75. south bay 78. we get rain returning on wednesday and thursday and i'm hoping this is a sign of some wetter changes ahead for march. >> we eat outside all the time. up next, jimmy fallon in los angeles. >> we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ on a plane back to cali, cali, cali i'm going back to cali ♪


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