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tv   Today  NBC  February 16, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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news update in about half an hour. good morning. winter wallop. nearly 50 million am a massive storm sweeping across at least 17 states from north carolina to new england and spauns a tornado outbreak across the south, a 94-year-old woman trapped inside her home. but first responders and volunteers form a human chain to pull that woman from the debris. ultimatum, donald trump threatening to sue ted cruz if the senator doesn't stop running attack ads. >> i have never ever met a person that lies more than ted cruz. and donald trump doubles down on ace attacks on the bush family and the former president
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hits the trail for his brother. supreme battle. could the president name his nominee to the court as early as next week as an epic showdown to the justice 'tis anthony scalia. music's big night see taylor swift coming across to a big award. >> there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. >> while adele's much anticipated performance hits a sour note to serious audio issues. ♪ >> but she laughs it all off. today is tuesday, february 16th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah
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guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. we have carson daly in for matt. on my best day i wish i sounded as good as adele with mike problems. >> she did have some issues with the mean know out of tune and we will have a full wrap up on taylor swift, kendrick lamar and former president jimmy carter won a grammy last night. we will talk politics, too. but our top story is the weather. wintry mix of snow, ice and heavy rain battering the east coast, proving to be down right dangerous, that same system responsible for tornadoes in the south. hallie jackson has it covered for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning people are waking up after this winter weather advisory in 17 states stretching some 1,200 miles from maine down to georgia. the concern in a lot of places, roads being dangerously icy for
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that morning commute, but in other spots as you can see it's the rain that could be a problem. all of it part of a storm system that spawned tornadoes in the south and east. the national weather service confirming one of those tornadoes touching down near the rural town of century, florida, 45 mieps st miles north of pensacola. at least ten homes were damaged. first responders and volunteers forming a human chain to pull a 94-year-old woman from the debris. strong storms also blew through parts of central louisiana tearing up trees and power lines, high wind gusts causing the roof of this pizza hut to collapse. >> i seen it falling on my car and my car was shaking and my window busted. like i seen it like coming at me. it's scary. >> reporter: people across mississippi rocked by relentless twisters. >> this is jackson, mississippi, tornado. i don't want to get too far ahead of it.
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>> reporter: the severe weather hitting a high school during classes. >> we were all getting down and like praying and hoping we were just going to be all right. >> reporter: in the northeast a plane headed from the balmy dominican republic to new york city had to be diverted to a snowy manchester, new hampshire because runways at jfk were evenly worse. >> we did, left holding at kennedy and came up here. >> reporter: here in the washington, d.c. area snow gave way to freezing rain and sleet. virginia state police responding to more than 500 crashes as untreated roads and sidewalks became treacherous and with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark it has all the makings for a dangerous commute this morning. and that's what we're dealing with here in the washington area. the concern this morning roads and sidewalks being really icy, but as temperatures continue to climb and this rain keeps on falling the real issue for the
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evening rush hour commute will be a flood watch. >> that's a lot of weather to talk about. hallie. thank you. >> mr. roker is here track tg all. >> that's right. in fact, minutes ago we got this new video in from -- on i-81 north of scranton, icy roads causing a massive pile up and you can see, in fact, a lot of the folks having this videographer simon brewer ran up and got owl of the way up on a side of a hill, this trucker stuck there, they are just now clearing things out and i'm hearing i-81 north of scranton is open again. we have a tornado watch down in southern florida, this is part of that trailing front that hallie was talking about. look at how far it arcs into the northeast, cleveland, buffalo looking at snow. here is the problem, advisories and wind warnings. 50 million people at risk from north carolina to maine. temperatures buffalo 28, syracuse 34, new york city 54, 56 in boston.
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so heavy rain pushes up by late this afternoon, that's where we will have the problems with flooding. it gets out of here by wednesday. so rainfall amounts we're looking some areas picking up upwards of an inch to 2 inches in about a six-hour period, that's going to make for some flooding and we have lake-effect snow from erie all the way up to watertown, another 8 to 12 inches of snow there. we have a lot going on. we have winter storm warnings, we've got flood watches and warnings. so it's going to finally calm down by tomorrow. >> all right. al, thanks very much. let's turn to politics and of course less than a week until south carolina's republican primary donald trump ratcheting up the rhetoric against ted cruz, even threatening to sue him. he has also set his sights on former president george w. bush who shared the stage with his brother jeb for the first time in this campaign. we have the race covered. we begin with nbc national correspondent peter alexander he is in south carolina this morning. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning from south carolina. this was by far the biggest crowd that jeb bush has seen all
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campaign. 3,000 people in attendance to hear from his brother, the former president, george w. bush calling for tolerance and vision and in a direct contrast to donald trump praising his brother for being thoughtful, trustworthy and measured. the question this morning, will it matter? donald trump in the lead. >> we've got to win on saturday. we've got to win. >> reporter: and on the attack. reigniting his feud with rival ted cruz. >> i think ted is a very unstable guy. i have never ever met a person that lies more than ted cruz. >> reporter: threatening to sue the canadian born senator over his eligibility. >> he doesn't even have the right to serve as president or even run as president. he was born in canada. i will bring that lawsuit if he dunned apologize. >> reporter: cruz laughing it off saying trump has lost it. >> this is the most rattled i have seen donald, this press conference today. we are not in great school where you just get to say liar, liar pants on fire and not respond to the substance. >> reporter: the front runner went after the republican
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national committee accusing them of stacking debate audiences with special interests seeming once again to not rule out a third party run, going against that gop pledge. >> i signed a pledge, but it's a double-edged pledge and as far as i'm concerned they are in default of their pledge. >> thanks to brother for giving us something to do today, something important. >> reporter: meanwhile the last republican to hold the oval office, george w. bush joined brother jeb on the campaign trail for the first time. he repeated dismissed the front runner without ever calling out donald trump by name. >> and in my experience the strongest person usually isn't the loudest one in the room. >> reporter: 43 arguing real strength is not empty rhetoric or bluster. >> we do not need someone in the oval office who mirrors and i'm flames our anger and frustration. we need someone who can fix the problems that cause their anger and frustration and that's jeb bush. >> reporter: hours before trump
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attacked w. over the iraq war and 9/11. >> the world trade center came down during his reign. that was, you know, it's like he was the top. >> reporter: but jeb had his big brother's back. >> he didn't know that 9/11 was going to happen but he rolled up his sleeves and he inspired us and he kept us safe. >> reporter: new this morning our latest survey monkey nbc news online polls shows 56% of republicans nationally now believe that donald trump will be their party's nominee. that number is up 14 points in just the last week. savannah. >> all right. peter alexander, thank you. let's bring in chuck todd nbc's political director moderator of "meet the press." good morning. >> good morning into the road to the nomination goes through south carolina and it has a well earned reputation for being a slugfest and it is not disappointing. what do you make of this latest back and forth between donald trump and ted cruz? trump suggesting he might sue cruz and even dangling that
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notion of a third party run kind of threatening the rnc. >> yeah, he is a little bit and i think what he's trying to do is to keep cruz from getting any momentum. look, south carolina appears to be a two-person race and the winner between trump or cruz assuming they are battling for first, well, then the winner will have won two of the first three and will be the front runner and the favorite going forward. that's why you see basically trump trying to pull out all the stops and cruz trying to pull out all the stops. the threat of the lawsuit he does have some standing, trump, if he files against -- files with an election law clerk and says, hey, you shouldn't put cruz's name on the ballot, it's hurting me. that is actually a way for him to have standing with a lawsuit. by the way, the other party, south carolina, there's two primaries, the second primary is the battle for third place right now between rubio and bush. >> let's talk about this, we haven't seen a lot of data or polling from south carolina since the debate on saturday, trump has got that double digit
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lead, cruz in second, all eyes may be on third. is that still where it stands right now? >> i think where it stands. nobody is quite sure how much damage did trump do to himself with the attacks on george w. bush, he is pretty popular in south carolina. there's chatter that he heard himself, but if he hurt himself by a few points he still had a lead. i think that, you know, all of us are not making a living this year trying to predict the demise of donald trump. >> we will get your take on the democrats in just a moment. speaking of, hillary clinton will deliver a major speech on race in new york city today while bernie sanders heads to south carolina and georgia, but for now all eyes are on the next caucus in nevada and that's where we find kristen welker. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. according tour latest nbc news survey monkey online poll secretary clinton is maintaining her national lead 50 to 40%, but it gets a lot closer in the states like here in nevada. today she will be courting african-american voters with that big speech on race after a busy day of campaigning here in
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the reno area. >> i love being here. >> reporter: in nevada hillary clinton is trying to avoid another upset. >> i want to break down all the barriers that stand in the way of americans succeeding. >> reporter: but it was this moment that got everyone a attention. >> and the dog if it's not true he's going to bark. >> reporter: when she recalled a decades old political ad featuring a dog that barked when someone lied arguing the same rule should apply to reaps. >> like, oh, you know, the great recession was caused by too much regulation. [ barking ] >> reporter: this as her family fanned out across other key states monday. chelsea stumpg in ohio, bill clinton in florida where he seemed to link sanders supporters to the tea party. >> the republican party rewarded the tea party. tell people what they want to hear. that's going on now in our party. >> reporter: sanders has brushed aside the clintons' criticism
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and in michigan he ratcheted up his outreach to african-americans. >> it's working people standing up and fighting back. what do you think -- what was the civil rights movement about? >> reporter: and after meeting with the families impacted by the flint water crisis, sanders demanded change. >> if we can rebuild villages in iraq and afghanistan we can damn well rebuild flint, michigan. >> reporter: secretary clinton's address on race dubbed breaking down barriers will take place in harlem a little bit later on today. meanwhile senator sanders will also be courting black voters, he will attend a prayer breakfast in columbia, south carolina, and then he will be joined by actor danny glover in atlanta tonight. >> all right. kristen welker, thanks. chuck still with us. let's talk about the democrats. nevada's caucus on saturday, caucuses even harder to predict for pollsters but when you look at thet the body language who looked confident, who looks nervous?
7:14 am
>> i can tell you this the clinton campaign seems nervous, the sanders campaign seems very confident at this point. this is clearly fairly close, they've both dumped a lot of money in here. this is actually, though, a must win for sanders and here is why. there is this idea that he can't win in states that are more diverse. nevada is basically 60/40 white to nonwhite at least the way this democratic caucus is going to turn out. a narrow loss and the clinton campaign can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that south carolina is coming a week later and they are likely to roll there, too. a loss here, a sanders victory here, suddenly puts more pressure on clinton and then the questions are, oh, well maybe sanders can win minority votes and then the pressure on her to win south carolina is as great as it's been in any state so far. >> chuck, do you see a shift in the way that hillary clinton is framing this race with more of a contrast going right after sanders recently? >> i do. if you listen to bill clinton and listen to chelsea clinton and hillary clinton they are all
7:15 am
doing one thing, they're trying to make this a referendum on sanders. i think they know right now that if it's a referendum on hillary clinton she's not going to do as well with democratic voters, but put the focus on sanders, they think the more attention that's given to his ideas to his potential tax hikes, to his lack of foreign policy knowledge, then suddenly that will give pause to some democratic voters and help her. look, she has always been better when she gets to frame an alternative and that's what they're trying to do right now. >> just to put meat on the bones of your first answer when you say the clinton campaign is acting nervous, what do you mean by that? by the fact they're spending too much seem in nevada? >> they realize losing again suddenly you could make an argument that essentially sanders won the first three contests that iowa victory every day that goes by there's questions about how -- how big was that victory and did she really win or did she sort of luck out because of the way the counting process is. look, that's what i mean by that. they're very nervous.
7:16 am
the idea of losing back to back to lose the first state that they face off against each other that isn't an overly white state, that's what makes them so nervous and that's why if they can win now they put away a lot of questions about her. >> chuck todd, thanks so much. >> now to our nation's capital where the heated debate rages on over who should replace supreme court justice antonin scalia. andrea mitchell has more on that looming battle. andrea, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. the battle to replace anthony scalia is reshaping that 2016 campaign with the republican presidential candidates taking a hard line against confirming anyone that president obama nominates. 3 f2 suprema.
7:17 am
mayoría radical en la corte. >> reporter: for ted cruz it's personal, he clerked for the high courts, has argued before it and knew scalia well. within hours of the justices death the battle lines were drawn. republican senate leaders saying they won't confirm any obama nominee to the high court. democrats firing back. >> it's unprecedented, pure politics and the supreme court of all places should not be tied up in politics. >> the president in california hosting an asian summit signaling through aids he is not backing down. >> those responsibilities described in the constitution are ironclad, there are no caveats, the constitution does not include exemptions for election years or for the president's last term in office. >> and hillary clinton weighing in unleashing a flurry of tweets overnight aimed at gop senators. hillary tweeting fill this vacancy. potus will do his job, do yours. the scalia succession fight now also a campaign issue for the democrats. >> last time i looked the
7:18 am
constitution did not have a parentheses. the president nominates, parentheses, except in an election year. that's not the way our system works. >> the president has a working list including several candidates who have been supported unanimously for lower courts by republicans but if the republicans refuse to even consider moderate choices the president could then decide to fire up his own democratic base nominating a minority candidate or another woman, a liberal and in a deliberate contrast to the majority of republicans who are opposing this in the senate. >> a lot of political strategy going into this decision. andrea, thank you very much. in other news pope francis returned to mexico city after a day long trip to the southern state of chiapas. thousands lined the streets to catch a glimpse. pope francis interrupted the event to come down from the alter to bless a child into the wheelchair.
7:19 am
during prepared remarks princess offered advice for creating happy families saying, quote, do not end the day without making peace. >> that's kind of the version of never go to bed angry, right? >> that's great advice, actually. >> let's get the rest of why you are forecast. >> kids, i'm sorry about last night, okay? anyway, let's show you what's going on. we're looking at a snowy mess throughout the great lakes, icy conditions here in the northeast, especially north and west of new york city and pockets of the appalachians, also looking at a beautiful day into southern california. we will look at at that in more detail in the next half hour. we will get to your local forecast in the next 50 seconds. don't you want that kind of brain? a degree is a degree. you're gonna want someone like me.
7:20 am
but only if you have a brain. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures are now in the low to mid-50s as you head out and mostly sunny skies. we'll see that sunshine most of the day, some clouds rolling in later this evening. we're looking at a high of 79 degrees in the east bay. still well above average. in the tri-valley, a high of 78. we'll also have a high reaching the 70s in san francisco, 80 in the north and south bay. near record highs and we're getting ready for much cooler air heading into tomorrow. ather out west. >> thanks, al. coming up, could there be a link between the popular heart burn drugs and dementia? we have your all-access pass from the grammys. from wins for taylor swift and bruno mars, and the best and
7:21 am
worst of the fashions.
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encourang ws for a al in the tri-valley a good tuesday morning. it's 7:26. i'm sam brock. very encouraging news for a foal in the tri-valley that was rescued this week that needs life-saving surgery. crews this week rescued a one-week-old horse now named valentine after finding him in the bottom of a ravine in pleasanton. nobody knows how he got there and no one has come forward to claim that colt. the vet says he needs surgery on his pelvis just to survive. they started a fund me drive to purchase the foal's procedure. they have now raised the target goal. more than $5,000 raised this morning.
7:27 am
a very happy ending to the story. kari smiled along with the rest of us. >> good morning. a beautiful day in san jose. 51 degrees in sapphire, 54 in tunkard. half moon bay 80 degrees and 76 degrees in the financial district. 76 also in napa while oakland is at 80 degrees. let's see what's happening on the roadways? >> we checked the map. we do have a wreck on 680. 280 in the middle of your screen shows traffic flowing, and this is very light for a tuesday traffic flow. you wouldn't expect that on tuesday, but it's vacation week for a lot of south bay schools. we have a slow drive to dakota where in the last hour we've seen improvement. back to you. that's going to do it for us right now, but we'll be back in
7:28 am
just 25 minutes for another update. right now we return you to the "today" show. see you then.
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we're back at 7:30 on this tuesday morning, february 16th, 2016, as we say hello to our crowd. >> hello. >> it's us. >> rockefeller plaza. good to have you along. >> we're inside studio 1a. here are the stories making headlines. nearly 50 million americans dealing with a messy commute, as a massive storm stretching from georgia to maine has 17 states under winter weather alerts. the systems spawning a tornado outbreak across the south with one touching down near pensacola, florida. less than a week to the next republican primary. trump is threatening cruz with a lawsuit, challenging his eligibility to run for office. the republican front runner also taking aim at former president george w. bush as he campaigned
7:31 am
for his brother, jeb. a touching moment during the pope's visit to mexico, when the pontiff interrupts a meeting to bless a child in a wheelchair. members of the crowd lifted the child along with the wheelchair in the air to the stage. pope francis blessed the child, prompting the crowd to erupt into applause. nice moment there. also this moment, from the fashion to the performances to those who took home grammy gold, music's biggest night didn't disappoint. dylan dreyer was there for it all and joins us now. you survived. tell us about it. >> i did survive and it was awesome. i got to be on the red carpet before the show last night and talk to some of the big names in music. i got to wave at some of the biggest stars, as they walked right by me. inside, there were unforgettable performances, touching tributes and plenty of grammy moments that made for an electrifying night. ♪ oh, i remember >> reporter: taylor swift opens the show to a packed house.
7:32 am
grabbed three grammys and, some say, struck back at kanye west, as she took the trophy for album of the year for a second time. >> there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success. or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. >> reporter: other big winners of the night, a stunned ed sheeran, winning song of the year. >> whoa. wow, wow. >> kendrick lamar. >> reporter: and kendrick lamar taking home five awards, including best rap album, and getting a standing o for the performance tributed to the black lives matter movement. an appearance by adele was marred by audio glitches. ♪ the singer responded on twitter saying the piano mics fell on to the piano strings. that's what the guitar was, making it sound out of tune.
7:33 am
the grammys are known for dazzling due yets a duets and ts no exception. and a performance from "hamilton," live from new york, made it a bicostal affair. ♪ you can see a man >> reporter: the show later won a grammy for best theater album. lionel richie was honored through musical tributes. and stars the music business lost this year. including glenn fry. maurice white. b.b. king. david bowie. ♪ ground control to major tom >> the last person i saw walk in last night was lady gaga, dressed in honor of david bowie. her performance was one of the moving fae ining farewells to t
7:34 am
industry's biggest inspirations, celebrated by the current musicians. >> what a night of music it was. >> lady gaga, nine songs in 6:30 minutes. it was incredible. >> she had the whole ziggy stardust look down, for sure. >> tamron is watching the action online. >> you on social media saw also the outrage over the technical difficulties involving adele's performance. she did her best though to console the twitter verse. i love this. this is why we love her. because of it though, i'm treating myself to an in and out. so maybe it was worth it. in and out burger. lady gaga's unbelievable tribute to david bowie had people singing her praises. ellen tweeted out this. lady gaga, that was so great. you're always going to another level. and gaga, most definitely, took her tribute for bowie to another level. she actually has a picture of
7:35 am
david bowie tattooed on her ribs, saying this image changed her life. it was the opening image to her performance. also, the cast of "hamilton" caught attention online. also provided a history lesson. guess what the google search was? don't look in the prompter. >> i saw it. >> google search it. people asked, who is alexander hamilton? isn't it interesting? the most tweeted about artist of the night, justin bieber, kendrick lamar and taylor swift. interesting. >> i love it. in fourth, alexander hamilton. >> he was great. wasn't he? >> oh, my gosh. that ticket got hottest, if that's possible. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> temperatures are warming up nicely. a look at what we've got already. ahead of the cold front, temperatures here in the northeast, going to be anywhere between 5 to 15 degrees, almost 20 degrees above normal. 55 in new york city.
7:36 am
salisbury, 59. cape hatterus, 63. a ridge of high pressure is dominating. we may see records in san francisco, fresno, reno, las vegas, phoenix. the rest of the country, icy mix in the northeast. cold and snowy around the great lakes. out west, fantastic with showers in the pacific >> and that's your latest weather.
7:37 am
>> al, thanks. coming up, winter spreading. the phenomenon -- remember manspreading? now winter spreading. we'll explain. it happens at restaurants. you know who you are. also, a special rossen reports experiment on awarding children who didn't necessarily win anything. >> good morning. i'm jeff rossen. when i was growing up, you only got trophies for winning games. today, you know kids are getting trophies for participation and perfect attendance. today, a new social experiment, how would you react if a couple of kids ran into a restaurant with the participation trophies? their dad said they didn't deserve it. would you defend the dad ♪ give me miles, lots of miles, ♪ under starry skies above. ♪ ♪ don't fence me in. ♪ let me fly any time, ♪ any airline that i love, ♪ don't fence me in. ♪ give me a mile and a half ♪ for every buck i spend. ♪ double my miles when the first year ends. ♪
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an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended letter vitamin brand. the music can only mean one thing. rossen reports. we're calling this series, step in or step off. it'll get a lot of people talking. today, national investigative
7:42 am
correspondent jeff ross is here with trophy gate. >> i like that. good one, savannah. you were talking about participation trophies for kids. did you win a lot of trophies when kids? >> no. >> no. >> we're all losers at sports, i guess. now, they're handing out trophies for everything, even just showing up. james harrison of the steelers made headlines when his kids got these participation trophies. he post ted this photo, saying was returning the trophies because his kids didn't earn them. wait until you see the reactions we caught on hidden camera. >> reporter: these kids just won giant trophies. >> look how big they are. >> reporter: it's not for what you think. >> i got this one for perfect attendance. >> this is participation. >> reporter: it's a controversy that has everyone weighing? >> i'm going to say i don't like the participation trophies. >> neither do i. >> reporter: do you think the kids deserve the trophies, even though they lost?
7:43 am
>> hide it under your clothes a bit. >> reporter: we hired actors and set up shop in new york. >> what's going on, fellas? >> look at these. >> awesome. >> reporter: right away, these men get in on the excitement. >> all right! >> reporter: but the party doesn't last long. >> wait, wait, wait. you guys got these trophies for participation and perfect attendance? >> yeah. >> you didn't win? >> we tried really -- >> they're just handing out trophies? >> the men are torn. when the kids go to the bathroom, they speak up, siding with our dad. >> that's what they do today. it's the democratic way. everybody wins. you can't even play the game and just go there, and you'll get a trophy. >> it's not old school like we are. >> reporter: time to let the guys in on it. >> what was it like when you were growing? did kids get trophies for participation? >> not at all. >> what does it do to kids
7:44 am
today? >> you need to earn what you get. you get a trophy for doing nothing. >> reporter: we're rolling again. these women can't stay silent, going after our dad. >> you sounded angry, almost like you were mad at them. >> they didn't win the game. >> it's not their fault they got it. >> i can't believe your coach. you don't deserve this. >> reporter: the woman at this table is angrier by the second. when the boys step away to the bathroom, she unloads on the dad. >> you're destroying their self esteem. >> this is for participation. >> they participated. >> they didn't win. >> winning isn't everything. >> what am i teaching my son by doing that? >> reporter: i have to meet her. >> jeff rossen from nbc's "today" show. how are you? >> oh million go, my gosh. >> can i sit down? so they're all actors.
7:45 am
you gave the dad a piece of your mind. >> there's nothing worse than destroying a child's self-esteem. >> does he have a point, that kids shouldn't get trophies for participation? >> not his decision? >> take it up with the coach. >> reporter: the most heart-warming moment was yet to come, courtesy of this man. >> these trophies are going back. you are not keeping them. i'm calling your mom right now. stay here. >> reporter: that's when he makes his move. for the first time today, turns to the boys themselves. >> you should've told him you won. >> i got this for participation. >> that's good. good for you. god bless you. that's right. everybody deserves to be rewarded. >> you think we should get them, even though we lost? >> nobody loses. you just didn't win. >> jeff rossen from nbc news. why did you get involved? >> listen, you try your hardest. you can't win every time, right? >> is it okay to give out trophies for that kind of thing?
7:46 am
>> yes. trophies that big, questionable. >> what about me, i don't get a trophy? >> you actually do have one. it says, you're a star. >> gold, too! >> the star, ladies and gentlemen. >> thank you, coach. >> you get a trophy. you get a trophy. should kids get trophies just for showing up? go to reports and tell me what you think. we're doing a live facebook chat. i know where you stand. >> i don't love the participation trophies. i would not go after my child for getting one. >> this is ridiculous. >> they're big. >> building up kids' self esteem is important. >> it's all about the attitude. >> they're not all natural born athletes. if they participate, are part of a team and show up for practices, they deserve a little -- >> we want them to be active. they should be out there. they get a little star. but the more organized the sports get, the more winners.
7:47 am
>> more of this and less of this. >> a little medal is fine. but this for everyone seems a bit much. >> i'm keeping this in the box, but i have yours. >> if you get the trophtrophies might think you're a good athlete. we're not all athletes. >> too bad matt isn't here. he has a strong opinion, no trophies for kids. >> tomorrow morning, this is a fun finale. so many of us struggling to keep our new year's resolutions to lose weight. what if a complete stranger asked you to help her cheat on her diet? what if she wanted you to keep lookout so her boyfriend didn't catch her? would you help her? >> that's not a hard question. >> the judgey boyfriend?
7:48 am
>> i'm out. he's gone. >> tomorrow morning. >> thank you, jeff. >> you get a trophy for that. thank you for participating. still to come, the red carpet fashions that turned heads at the grammys. who missed the mark and who came out on top. >> they all get a trophy. >> we'll have it all. first, these messages. ♪ all year long you worked hard to take care of business and take care of the people who matter most. ♪ so when your tax refund arrives, make it go a little further at walmart. from electronics, to home decor, even tires, ♪ get low prices on everything you need to get more fun out of your tax refund. walmart. ♪ eat up, buddy. you'll get it this time. yeah ok not too quick don't let go until i say so. i got you...
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good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we take a look outside from san bruno mountain. a beautiful day, and it will be warm, too. as we start out now, 58 degrees in oakland. it's 44 degrees in napa and san jose 53 degrees. looking at highs today in the upper 70s and even hitting 80 degrees in gilroy and half moon bay, but 76 degrees in the financial district, 76 in napa, 80 in oakland and livermore a high of 87 degrees. this is the last day of temperatures reaching their record. we're getting ready for rain that will be moving in by tomorrow afternoon. let's check in with mike to see what's happening on the roadways. >> 80 northbound starting to jam up a bit. we have much more traffic than yesterday but not quite as much as we typically do on a traffic tuesday. an early crash gummed up the east shore freeway and flowed through pleasant hill toward
7:57 am
diablo. typical for the nimmitt. south bay looking actually pretty good. 101 is looking better and no problems heading off the 280 exchange. a lot of buzz this morning about that young foal rescued from the ravine in the tri-valley. maybe you saw it on today in the bay. he now needs life-saving surgery. there was success in the go fund me page to pay for that procedure. it's been amazing to see the bay area's response. president obama nominating a new court justice. the new angle that may allow the president to have his day after all and reap the benefits on our home page. i'll have another local news update for you in about half an
7:58 am
hour. see you then. have a great morning.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ we gonna let ♪ and we're going to let it burn ♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, drugs and dementia. a study reveals a link between popular over the counter heart burn medications and dementia. what doctors are telling the 15 million americans that rely on the drug. plus, what's in the water? >> is this going to make me live longer? >> a lot longer. >> we venture to iceland, where the life expectancy is one of the highest on the planet, to unlock the secrets to longevity. fashion high note from the red carpet. we have a round-up of the grammys, glitz and glam, from music's biggest night. today, tuesday, february 16th, 2016. ♪
8:01 am
>> good morning from new york city! >> shoutout to our mom darlene watching back in the hotel. ♪ don't keep me down >> i'm a georgia peach turning 65 in the big apple. >> good morning, boston. turn 50 in new york city. >> celebrating my 60th birthday on the "today" show. >> hi, guys. good morning. hey, everybody. good morning. it's 8:00 on "today." tuesday, february 16th. we have kind of a wet one. wet and warm though out here on our plaza. we've got a beautiful crowd. everybody in a good mood. good morning. carson is here for matt, who is off this week. our producer said i should mention again, yes, i sprained my ankle. it's not the latest in shoe fashion. >> it could be. >> we are going to do something with it, right?
8:02 am
decorate it? >> we should bejewel it or something. get a list of ideas. >> want to make sure wrangler doesn't mark territory here. >> looks like a tree trunk. coming up, model behavior in the kitchen. robin lalley is here. she talks about posing for the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. >> now to the headlines. we have natalie inside with the latest on the headlines. a winter storm is having an impact from florida to maine. ten tornadoes ripped through the southeast. one touched down in century, florida, where people formed a human chain to pull the 94-year-old woman from the rubble of a home. thousands of homes were left without power. much of the east coast today is facing heavy rains, freezing rains and high winds. hundreds of flights already cancelled. al's forecast will be coming up shortly.
8:03 am
in presidential politics, south carolina takes a focus on the primary on this saturday for the republicans. on monday, jeb bush was joined by his brother for the first time on the campaign trail. former president george w. bush dismissed the party's front runner without mentioning donald trump by name. >> seems to be a lot of name-calling going on, but i want to remind you what our good dad taught me one time. labels are for soup cans. >> a new poll shows trump maintaining his lead over the other republicans. he leads cruz by 20 points and rubio by 24. on the democratic side, nbc news/surveymonkey poll finds clinton with a 10 point lead nationally over sanders. today, clinton will be courting african-american voters in new york city, delivering a breaking down barriers speech in harlem. while former president bill clinton is in south carolina. sanders also campaigns in south carolina one day after he met with families impacted by the water crisis in flint, michigan. today, u.s. officials head
8:04 am
to havana to sign an agreement restoring scheduled airline service between the u.s. and cuba for the first time in 50 years. airlines will have about two weeks to apply for various routes. it will then be up to the department of transportation this summer to decide which airlines fly from which cities to havana directly. the agreement allows 20 round trip flights a day from the u.s. to cuba. '80s pop star vanity died after a long battle with kidney failure. born denice matthews, vanity was a protege of prince. and sang in vanity fix. in the 1990s, she turned her back to the industry and dedicated herself to the christian faith and became an evangelist. she died in california. vanity was 57. the president of argentina quickly is learning that with power comes privilege. the rolling stones at his weekend home in buenos aires.
8:05 am
he released images of the group posing with him, his wife and their daughter. the rockers were in town to perform three concerts in the area. that is lucky. let's send it back to savannah. >> thank you. now to a new study that could be troubling news for the millions of americans who take heart burn medication. research is suggesting the drugs might increase the risk of developing dementia. >> you can't beat zero heart burn. >> reporter: now in the spotlight, a popular class of heart burn medications, including prilosec, prevacid and nexium. the drug called proton pump inhibitors or ppis are used by an estimated 15 million americans to treat gastrointestinal issues. researchers in germany suggest overusing the drugs may increase dementia among the elderly. the study found that people 75 years and older
8:06 am
regularly taking the medications had a 44% increased chance of dementia. >> there are patients who are kept on this indefinitely. what we may see is a trend more for use in the short term when necessary and stopping afterwards. >> reporter: in a statement to nbc news, two of the drug makers stood behind their products. astrazeneca saying, patient safety is an important priority and we believe all of our medications are used effectively when taken as the label suggests. and p&g says it is important to read and follow all label directions. dr. azar is an nbc medical news contributor. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is disturbing because a lot of people take the over the counter medicines. i don't get the link. why would heart burn medication potentially affect the mind and cause dementia? >> right. so this is all, at this point, hypothetical, savannah. the idea here is something we would call biological
8:07 am
plausibility. how do you go from this medicine that affects your stomach to affecting your brain. what we know, they can cross the blood/brain barriers. theoretically, they could affect the brain chemistry. from animal models, we know they could affect the abnormal protein levels found in alzheimer's disease. the other thing i think is probably most important, in human data, we know that the medicines can cause b12 deficiency. b12 is definitely linked to dementia. >> to underscore, it's not necessarily causation. they saw a correlation between dementia and overusing these drugs, right? >> absolutely, absolutely. it's very important to reiterate that. this nearly was an association. certainly, does not prove causation. the study authors themselves would suggest that not only would they need to improve the methodology of the next study
8:08 am
that would show something like this, to do something called a randomized trial, but this was a study that looked at linking diagnoses with medication use. >> it raises a good conversation, which is, you should ask yourself, do you need to be on these heart burn medications. >> right. i think one thing that we always like to reiterate, especially as physicians are taking care of patients, is when you're going through a medication list and keep on refilling medications automatically without really understanding, is there an indication for continuing this medication long term. for some people, it might actually be the case. are there alternative medicines? are there other things, such as lifestyle changes? i understand there are people with significant heart burn, where lifestyle changes don't make a difference. such as losing weight and not smoking and elevating the bed. it's something to keep in mind. >> dr. azar, thank you so much, as always. coming up, you've heard of the clapper. now, imagine the clapper for your office. all the chairs, with the clap of a hand.
8:09 am
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8:14 am
he knows what he's talking about. here's the definitive, straight answer. he said, diet is more important than exercise if you want to lose weight. he said, look, it's 80% your nutrition and 20% fitness. >> yeah. >> don't you feel like when you are really good on your workout regim regiments, it allows you to open your menu selection? >> when i exercise more, i eat more, 100%. >> trying to make up for it. you worked out so i deserve this. then your deserve starts stacking up. >> it's a balance. i think it is. >> if you're just -- if losing weight is all you care about, diet is more important, say the experts. >> great news for people waking up today. it's easier to focus on what you order rather than doubling down at the gym. >> it comes down to calorie in and calorie out. if you're working out, you're going to lose the calories. but the idea is, if you want to lose weight, not to replenish
8:15 am
with the calories. >> 80/20 is a big split. >> according to bob, which we love bob. >> guy is in great shape. >> we've all heard of manspreading. guys take up too much space with sitting with their legs apart. in new york city, there is a campaign called, stop the spread. now, winter spreading. it happens when we take off all the layers of clothes, the coats, hats, gloves, sweaters, and spread them out around us, maybe to the nearby tables and chairs. the website gothamist says it's driving them nuts, taking up too much room. >> the smaller restaurants, maybe there's a coat rack through everybody has a coat. >> it's frustrating trying to find your coat when it's underneath seven other ones. >> they need better coat racks. >> if everybody puts their coat on one section, the coats all
8:16 am
have a seat. >> you're at your apartment, get into a car, uber, ride, get to a bar, restaurant, maybe we overdress. unless you're bar hopping and walking around in the winter, do you need so many layers? >> what if you get stuck? what if you can't get a cab? we're not as manly as you, carson. we're cold. >> here's technology that takes a hands-on approach to cleaning up at work. this video is from nissan. somebody claps, and all the office chairs snap back into place and go back to their desks. cool, right? >> neat. >> are we really that lazy now? >> yeah. it's a prototype right now. it's testing out new technology. nissan is developing hands-free parking. i love the clapper. >> you can't push your chair back? >> no. >> the lights here are on the clapper. >> i didn't know that. >> show us. >> oh, my gosh. >> isn't that amazing? >> wow. >> i'll turn them back on.
8:17 am
>> no, let's leave them off. >> clap on. cool, right? >> warming up a little. >> it's a little slow. >> pop start, carson is talking about all things grammys, from the fashions to the popular moems. >> it was a busy night. the stars didn't disappoint on the red carpet. lady gaga, paying tribute to david bowie, in this marc jacobs dress. it was a throwback. >> perfect. >> amazing. >> how about chrissy teigen and john legend, in black and white? >> gorgeous. >> showing off the baby bump. >> one woman who had jaws dropping, tiara. >> it made everybody stop and pay attention. >> yikes. >> beyonce didn't walk the red carpet but wore a wedding dress to present the final award. >> do we know that's what it was, a wedding dress? >> the "formation" video,
8:18 am
there's a dress by zimmerman. >> we'll debate it in the 9:00 hour. instagram's official ranking of the most liked grammy photos. in third, 874,000, ariana grande. justin bieber upstaged by his 6-year-old brother, jackson. on instagram, justin shared this photo from backstage. he got 1.4 million likes for second. the top spot, taylor swift posted this of her and her bestie, selena gomez. taylor wrote, no big deal, just rolled up with the hottest date. 1.8 million likes. you can check out instagram's full list at oh, one more. favorite grammy moments. let's go around the table. savannah, what'd you like most? >> "hamilton." it's the greatest, such a cool broadway show and i loved it.
8:19 am
it's impossible to get a ticket. people got a taste of it. >> they had a live thing. >> that's they're actual stage. >> al, you loved it, as well? >> it was a great moment. i've seen the play twice and i love it. >> hard ticket to get in new york. >> it's worth it. >> now even harder after that. >> exactly. >> tamron? >> kendrick lamar. with the "hamilton" cast, made it an exceptional night for hip hop. it can go from social commentary to broadway. >> nominated for 11 and took home 5. one of my favorites, as well. natalie? >> gaga's david bowie. it was a technological marvel, the way they made her look like the ziggy stardust moment. it was phenomenal. she danced her way and sang her way through nine songs in 6:30. it was impressive. only she could pull it off. >> what a great musician she is. >> it was like a robotic piano, too. >> contrast, lately.
8:20 am
she's given up a lot of the costumes. she brought it back in honor. her hair. the moment may be coming back. the lady mullet may make a return. >> tamron, will you do it? >> kcarson? >> i loved the stripped down version of the duo. to me, this was picture perfect and sounded great. it was a standout moment for me. kind of a purist music fan. >> ellie goulding, too, amazing. >> good music. >> not many awards. a lot of music. >> carson, thank you. let's get to weather. >> we'll show you what we have going on. storms moving through miami. this is a frontal system pushing all the way up into the northeast with snow from pittsburgh, cleveland, to buffalo. this will move quickly. we'll see a lot of rain out of
8:21 am
it. there could be flooding issues later this afternoon on into this evening. and a lot of snow out west. i should say, western new york, western p.a. the heat is on in southern california. we are also in for some record warm temperatures in the bay area today. right now we're at 58 degrees in the east bay, san francisco also 58, looking at a high of 76. a lot of sunshine, but we will start to see some clouds moving in later on this afternoon and a breezy wind. a high of 80 degrees can being expected in the north bay as well as the south bay. the peninsula looking at 76 degrees, and we are getting ready for some rain that will be in the area as we head into tomorrow afternoon. >> that is your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks. now to our special series, living longer, living better. >> we're looking at longevity in islani
8:22 am
iceland. keir simmons traveled to the island to find out what has people living well long into their golden years. >> reporter: just below the arctic circle on the edge of the inhabitable world, iceland has an almost magical feel about it. with one of the most raw and stunning landscapes on the planet, covered with glaciers, volcanoes and geothermal energy. the 300,000 that inhabit this small island nation today are, no doubt, a hardy crew. despite the harsh conditions, the people here have one of the highest life expectancies in the world. at 83 years. what's their secret? is it the water? the fresh air? the food? some icelanders credit their longevity to bathing in geothermal pools. >> will this make me live longer? >> a lot longer. >> reporter: tough assignment, this is. >> how come people from iceland live longer than everybody else?
8:23 am
>> because of the swimming pools. >> reporter: there they be truth to that. meet stephen, who turns 100 years old in august, yet swims here every morning in this outdoor pool he himself built in 1943. i recently spent a day with this young man. >> you do this every day? >> every day. even christmas. >> even christmas day? >> yeah. >> reporter: at 11:00 a.m., it's on to what he calls exercise for old people. where a group of town elders gather every day to stretch and keep their muscles moving. >> wow. >> reporter: lunch, today we're eating traditional icelandic fare. >> this is sour sheep testicles. [ laughter ].
8:24 am
>> you like this? >> yes. >> reporter: first, some sheep privates. >> will this help me live longer, eating this part of the sheep? >> yeah. >> okay. maybe it's worth it. >> reporter: then some rotten shark. >> that's gdisgusting. oh, gosh, come on. >> reporter: but the real clue to icelandic longevity may exist in the country's dna. this ceo is on the mission to collect dna from every person in iceland. >> why do some people live longer in iceland? >> i think it's the environment they live in. we live in unheated houses for 1,100 years and my guess is there was a selection for certain people. >> it's not the food, not the water, it's not the clean air? >> i'm not saying that we shouldn't lead a healthy
8:25 am
lifestyle. we in iceland, we behave recklessly like any other nation. i think the reason we live a little bit longer is that we come from a relatively good genetic background. >> i'm going home to watch television, drink beer and eat ice cream. >> if that's what you want to do. >> reporter: while 99-year-old stephen puts a priority on maintaining his health, even he shares that belief. >> stephen? >> yeah? >> what's the secret? >> i don't know. >> you don't know? >> i don't know. i got it from my parents. >> can i have your parents? >> reporter: for "today," keir simmons, nbc news, iceland. >> wow. that's the way, more hot tubbing. >> living the good life, for sure. >> keir added a few to his. >> exactly. jason sudeikis is here fresh off his appearance at the nba
8:26 am
all-star game. talk about the story of jesse owi'm ... ==topvo== some encouraging ws r a foain a very good morning to you. 8:26, i'm laura garcia-cannon. a good news in the tri-valley. life saving surgery is needed for a foal. crews this week rescued a 1-week-old horse now named valentine after finding him at the bottom of a ravine in pleasanton. no one knows where he got there and no one has claimed him. vets say he needs surgery on his pelvis in order to survive. it's very close to an artery. this morning "today in the bay," the go fund me drive appears efforts have made the targeted goal. we've seen it grow this morning. it was astounding.
8:27 am
love the bay area and all the generosity here. do we love the morning xmcommut? mike? >> northbound 87 the latest crash reported, but our news director traveled tlhrough ther and said nothing is blocking it. considering it's tuesday we're seeing recovery, the latest north 880 slow at the pole plaza. south 101, you have company. >> thank you very much. another local news update in about a half hour. hope to see you then. have a great morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ right about now 8:30 now on this tuesday morning. it is february 16th, 2016. little windy, little wet, but also a little warm out here on our plaza. >> yeah. nice change from yesterday. >> love it. hi, guys. >> hi, guys. coming up, you've got it, dude. we're crashing the set of "fuller set." we have a sneak peek at the
8:31 am
reboot. and jason sue bake deikis i. we'll talk to him about his challenging role on and off the screen. plus, she was on the cover of "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. now, robin is heating up the kitchen. she's going to show us how models really eat. >> really? okay. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> let's see what we've got. starting with today, we have an icy mix in northern new england, also in the mid mississippi and ohio river valley. snow around the great lakes. sunny and hot in the southwest and southern california. for tomorrow, more of the same, though we're looking for the wet weather to extend down into central and almost southern california. windy conditions. sunny skies along the eastern seaboard. cooler than usual weather down through the gulf coast. although nice and mild in the southeastern atlantic region. that's what's going on around we have a clear blue sunny start as we take a live look
8:32 am
from mt. hamilton. we're at 53 in san jose, 58 in oakland and we're still in the upper 40s in napa now. but heading into the 70s this afternoon, even some low 80s in a few spots like gilroy and half moon bay. the financial district today looking at 76 degrees. and 80 in santa rosa as well as oakland and pleasanton and fremont expecting a high of 79 degrees. >> happen y birthday to dad. let's go to tamron in the orange room. >> a special message for engaged couples. valentine's may be behind us, but we're looking ahead to your next romantic moment. the chance to win the wedding of your dreams, right here with the big fat today show wedding. if you enjoyed every minute of "my big fat greek wedding" and it reminded you of your own family, you're going to love this one. we partnered with "my big fat greek wedding 2" from our sister
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company, universal, for an amazing opportunity. send us a video sharing your love story. include your family. we want to meet them, too, of course. we may choose you for the wedding event of the year. go to for all the rules and regulations. make sure you apply before february 26th. good luck. can't wait to meet you. the wait is almost over for the "full house" fans. >> "fuller house" premieres february 26th. craig melvin had a chance to visit the cast members on set in the famous tanner kitchen. >> what's it like being back? >> the strange part is, there is a memory to it, like you're here and you're rebuilt. >> i've cried several times, being back here. it was overwhelming. your childhood comes back all of a sudden. >> hola! >> we had a moment where we were all sitting on the couch in the living room doing our screen test.
8:34 am
it was me, candice and -- candace and andrea. we looked at the screen on the couch and went, oh, my, we're back on this couch, in this set, doing this again. >> everybody is talking about the couch being smaller. >> it's smaller. >> we got bigger. >> we understand. >> we never left each other. bob, jeff, the cast. this feels like, you know, we've been here. we never left. >> everybody looks amazing. >> they all look the same. even the couch looks good. >> the kids have grown up a bit. >> we'll show you more of his exclusive visit with the cast next week. do you ever clean your dishwasher or your toothbrush holder? apparently, there are all kinds of things in your house we should be cleaning that are extremely germy. elizabeth will tell us what to do and how to do it. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
we're back at 8:36. time to talk dirty, people. we all know to clean the sink, mop the floors and wipe the counters. even the most conscientious of cleaners may overlook household items, allowing germs to spread. today contributor elizabeth joins us to reveal the most common mistakes. it's about to get real. i learned a lot from reading about that. there's three things we should wipe down that we never do. >> doorknobs. you want to wipe down the refrigerator door handle. think about all the times you touch that. and you always want to wipe down light switches. another one, the toilet paper holder. it's near the toilet. every time you're flushing -- >> everything is swimming around. let's start in the kitchen. i never thought about cleaning the dishwasher. i thought it was cleaned every
8:38 am
time you run the dishwasher. >> anything that gets water running through it, you want to clean frequently. water is a bacteria dish. you're like, heat and water. just because you're washing the dishes doesn't mean your dishwasher is actually cleaning. what you want to do is you want to take white vinegar. it is like the wonder cleaner. i say it all the time on this show. put it in a cup, like a dishwasher safe cup. put it in the top, close it, run it through a full hot cycle. you're going to open it and take baking soda, spread it in the bottom. >> sprinkle it in the bottom? >> it'll deodorize it. run it through half a cycle. when it's dry, leave the door open and let it air dry. >> you use that much baking soda, or sprinkle a little bit. >> no, a little bit. similar tips for the coffeemaker. white vinegar, run it through. the calcium builds up. this cleans your machine. you can find all the tips on
8:39 am >> you'd put the vinegar in where you'd put the water. >> run it through a cycle. you want to run it two times after that, as well. >> lesson learned. let's hobble over here. how about the bathroom? >> number one thing you might be forgetting to clean is your toothbrush holder. clean it every single week. basically, you can take it out. i'll do it. you take it out, rinse it with water. also, change your toothbrushes. rinse it with hot water. then pour some -- well, it's easier to open. >> looks like mouthwash. >> pour that in and let it sit and rinse it out. that'll also deodorize and desanitize it. >> can i put that in the dishwasher? >> you can. if you're in your bathroom and want to do it, everything is there. >> the laundry room. >> now, your iron, you might notice, like i have a friend who said to me the other night, she turned it on and went to put the steam on and gross stuff came out. >> or it can get brown. >> this one is clean.
8:40 am
the way to clean that, this is the thing you have to do when you need to do it. it's not a regular maintenance thing. take white vinegar and baking soda, again. you make a paste and rub it over the front of the machine. then you're going to wipe it clean with another cloth. then take cotton swabs with distilled water. you're going to clean all the vents. then you're going to take the distilled water, pour it into the thing, run it through a few times. >> squirt it out or whatever? >> do it for five minutes on the cloth. that'll clean it. >> as needed, you have to do that? >> as needed. you don't necessarily have to run out and buy a new one. you can clean the one you have. >> over here in the bedroom, you wash the sheets, due swhat are reforget irefowe
8:41 am
forgetting? >> pillows. one thing you can get are pillow protecters. it's another layer. you should wash your pillows two to four times a year. this is not good for foam. you can't wash foam pillows but you can wash like a poly and a feather. if you grab the pillow, put them in the washing machine and wash them on the hottest cycle. use a liquid detergent -- >> i'm elegant walking over here. >> use liquid, not powder. powder leaves a residue. once washed in the hot cycle, put them in the dryer. >> okay. >> you put it into the dryer and throw in tennis balls. >> why? >> it'll aerate them. it bounces around and keeps the pillows fluffy. dry it about two hours. make sure they're really dry. take them out periodically, fluff them up and put them back in. you have fresh, clean pillows. >> i love it. make sure the tennis balls are
8:42 am
clean, right? >> yeah. >> we did a survey. how often do you wash your bed pillows? 60% said never. i feel better. >> now, i hope it's more. >> i hope so, too. i learned a lot in this. thank you very much. if you want the tips or more information, go to coming up next, we catch up with jason sudeikis. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
we're back at 8:44. with the new film "race," it tells the inspiring story of jesse owens and his astonishing four gold medal wins at the berlin olympics. >> the relationship between the olympian and his college coach, played by jason sudeikis. >> airplane gets people excited the same way they come out and watch a man race. what they really want, what really gets them worked up, is to see you crash.
8:45 am
to see you fold up that biplane like a piece of paper. watch the ground crew drag you out before it explodes into flames. that's exciting. >> jason sudeikis with us now. good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> one of the directors you worked with said you were a young jack lemmon. so great comedically and, dramatically, equally impressive. how hard is that transition? >> doesn't feel hard going in. there are people who would make the argument i wasn't funny in the comedy. i think it's a matter of the poster, right? no, it feels the same way coming out as, you know, it does doing anything. for whatever reason, even trying to kill bosses, trying to smuggle drugs across the border, trying to make that as believable as possible. no different here, believe it or not. >> were you thinking, i've done so much comedy, i'd like to try the dramatic role and flex those
8:46 am
muscles? >> not consciously, no. it shows up when it cshows up. the script, when i read it, i said, this is cool. this reminds me of something i would have -- my dad and i would have went to see when i was a kid. like gene hackman and the hoosiers or something. cool coach role, hold a hat and a stopwatch and support stephan james. it's like, i knew him when. >> larry was his coach at ohio state. famed track star himself. >> yeah. >> what was his relationship like with jesse when they met? >> i mean, tense but mostly because of the, you know -- the outrageous, sort of extroverted racism at the time. it was 1936. in the states, and worst situation going on in berlin, arguably. yet, larry was this amazing guy who was ahead of his time, both in his innovations as a coach but also as a man who didn't --
8:47 am
race didn't concern him. >> accidental non-racist. >> jesse referred to him in an autobiography as an accidental non-racist. color blind would be the common term for it now. back then, he was like, no, i don't care. i don't care. as long as you work hard and do what i ask, then i don't care what color you are, what race, doesn't matter. let's go. >> jesse needed that. >> you were playing a little basketball over the weekend in toronto. you played the celebrity tournament. >> we lost to canada. >> but you were great. 11 points at halftime. >> i did all right for an old man who doesn't play much anymore. >> you played ball. >> i did. the older i get, the better i was, is the statement. >> is it fun to be on the court though? >> it was fun. to have refs and mess around. kevin hart did a nice job for us as our coach. saturday was amazing. saturday was the best. the dunk contest, the three-point contest. >> you got to see that?
8:48 am
>> i had front row seats that the 14-year-old me would be going nuts over. >> those were great when we were growing up, dominique and jordan. then they were bad for a while. then you saw that the dunk contest is amazing again. >> it was up there with the '88. even the three-point contest. down between steph curry and klay thompson. the '88 in chicago was the all-time greatest. two nights ago was one for the books. >> have to ask, how is the little one? 22 months now, right? >> yeah. >> what's he doing? >> a lot of boom bops. loves the drums. he loves hoops. took him to a game, saw the clippers in l.a. recently. you know, and beyonce. it's like elmo, nemo and beyonce, his three favorite things. >> her fans start younger every year. >> they do. he may have come out of the womb that way. >> obviousl liobviously, "all t
8:49 am
ladies," one of his favorites. >> yeah. >> we were talking about olivia's series. >> unbelievable. >> the juggling, the parent and the work, how are you dealing with that? >> family helps. both the families we're born into and the ones we surround ourselves with. everybody is excited to see him. >> need that. >> it's great. >> are you wishing you were on "snl" just for the political campaign? it's so rich. so much good stuff. >> yeah, i mean, it's fun to watch, as a fan. you start out as a fan. growing up with it and now, i mean -- >> you could bring biden back. >> if biden brought his own biden back -- >> were you hoping he'd get in there and run? >> for no other reason than, as an american, to have more time with him in television and interviews. selfishly, yes, i met him over the summer and i was like, sir, you don't have to tell everybody else -- this is before he
8:50 am
announced -- you can just tell me. my career is in the palm of your hands. >> hey, you know, that's right, i do. exactly as outgoing and genuine as you'd expect, i guess, from the vp. >> jason, thank you so much. good to catch up with you. >> nice to see you guys. >> "race" is a great film. opens nationwide this friday. up next, can fondue really be a model's go-to? we'll find out from roby robyn lawley, heating up the kitchen. first, this is
8:51 am
8:52 am
this week's today food team healthy recipes to help you live longer. this morning, we're taking a page from some of the best looking people on the planet. with the help of one of this year's "sports illustrated" swimsuit stars. robyn lawley. good to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> malta is where you did the shoot? >> it was beautiful. people were so nice. super stoked. >> what was it like to be in the famed "sports illustrated" magazine again? >> i was in it last year and didn't live the experience because i had a baby. this year was awesome. to be at the show and talk to the fans. it's been awesome. it's been fun. >> you blog a lot about food. what is it about your love of food? describe it to me. >> if i wasn't modeling, i'd be a chef. you make the decision at 16.
8:53 am
i love food. i'm an advocate of, you know, find a table. i grow my own vegetables at home. one of your segments is about foods that make you live longer. i was like, locally produced food is always going to be better for you, higher nutrients and you get to recycle and give back to the soil if you do composting and things like that. >> we'll get into that. what are you making today? >> this is an awesome dish, great for a date or big group of people. we have little potatoes. cut them out. brussels sprouts. this is about seasonal. you can do anything you want. it doesn't have to be this particular vegetable mix. then we have the slices on top. it's like a fondue without the kit. it's handy. >> what does this stem from, you wanting fondue but not having a fondue thing? >> i had a date with my now man and i was like, i want to make something fancy and cute. i didn't have a fondue set.
8:54 am
>> you can still have the experience. >> yeah. >> the guys are eating downstairs. how do you select your vegetables? >> seasonal, go for it. use whatever you can get. you kind of just -- you want them bite size or pickup sized pieces. this is good. you can throw that on there. little potatoes, throw on the whole thing. >> rumushrooms, too? >> keep those aside. we're going to roast them a different time. >> potatoes, throw on because they take longer? >> yeah. root vegetables take longer. >> how about the onions? >> put them on. >> will you season these? >> i didn't have to do anything. it's great. >> i'll try. >> literally, space them out. you can throw brussels sprouts in there, too. might want to cut this one up. don't want to give somebody a whole onion.
8:55 am
>> little offilive oil and salt >> if you're in apartment living like i am, i was, freeze them. you want to add some rose mary or, you know -- >> simple, clean and delicious. how do they taste, the veggies? >> very good. great idea for a party and hosting. >> how long do these go in for? >> 30 minutes. then we'll add the mushrooms. >> rosemary on top. >> dip them in water because it makes the flavor stronger. >> throw these in. pull these out. >> i'll give them a turn. you want to turn them and keep them roasting good. i'll add the mushrooms. sometimes they need less time, you know, to cook. you want to give them a quick turn. shuffle. put that? >> 15 minutes or so, turn them? >> mm-hmm. >> this is simple. fresh vegetables out of your garden. >> i know. >> throw in salt, roast them. >> how about the cheese?
8:56 am
>> like this. so it opens up. >> put it back? >> then this is the end result? >> this is it. voila. >> this could be an appetizer or full meal. >> robyn, looks delicious. >> i'm excited to have it. >> fantastic. >> good idea. >> potato with the cheese is everything. >> go to for the full recipe. thank you soi'm ... ==anim== hag today... ==topvo== a good tuesday morning at 8:56. i'm sam brock. happening later today, a first in the state and it's right here in the bay area. today marks the grand opening of a new pharmacy dedicated to surplus drug prescriptions called the better health pharmacy located on east santa clara sfreet. that facility is going to focus on one thing, collecting and dispensing unused, unopened and unexpired medications offering them for free. the idea is to cut into some of
8:57 am
the $2 billion that's wasted each year in the united states when perfectly good medicines are discarded. not all medications are going to be available. including vicodin ond other chromed substances. meantime, online you can see for yourselves the full inventory of available medicines that pharmacy, all for free. that list ises being posted online. look for the link on our facebook page. mean time, facebook is hardly making friends on its policies on pot dispensaries. look at the cloud of controversy. talk about sky-high support. one man taking his belief in bernie sanders to brand-new heights. you can see it in all its glory on the roof of its house. check that out on our home page. we'll see you again in 25 minutes.
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this morning on "today's take," all the winners and the controversy at last night's grammy awards. plus, you won't believe who is teaming up with joe manganiello. an exclusive first look. we'll have you sweating in style with the latest fitness trend. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. february 16th, 2016. kind of a weird winter day in new york city. getting up into the mid 50s. little drizzle. hardy fans on the plaza. i'm willie alongside al, natalie and tamron.
9:01 am
i like the morning jam, al. >> "work". >> featuring drake. >> why isn't it just rhiahanna d drake? >> it's her album. >> she was supposed to perform at the grammys but she had a respiratory infection. >> i was bummed lauryn hill didn't perform. >> she was supposed to perform with the weekend and she's saying it wasn't confirmed. it wasn't agreed upon. the grammys disagree with this. she's had a turbulent career. she's brilliant, but it was a bummer last night. >> last night, taylor swift was the big winner. she kicked off the ceremony with her latest single "out of the woods," and won album of the year for "1989," becoming the first woman to women that that category twice. her acceptance speech, one aimed directly, if not mentioned by name, at kanye west, has everyone talking.
9:02 am
>> i want to say to all the young women out there, there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. but if you just focus on the work and you don't let those people side track you, someday when you get where you're going, you're look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there. and that will be the greatest feeling in the world. >> friendly reminder, kanye west recently said he should get credit for taylor swift's fame. >> he made her career, as he says. >> the song is called "famous." i love it, maybe she was talking about something else. he has not responded to this. the last tweet said, i'm in a positive space.
9:03 am
>> i hope he is and remains that way. >> he needs help at the university level. he does. >> may be more serious. on a serious note, like we kind of chuckle him off, but he has friends who are saying now publicly that there is a mental health issue. that's what his friends are quoted as saying. >> i think he's an extremely talented young man, but i think he has problems and needs to get them addressed. >> bottom line, it was taylor's night last night. >> among others. she won it though. >> good way to shut him up when it comes to that controversy, right? >> savor the moment, nat? >> i love the tributes. lionel richie's tribute, had demi lovato singing. ♪ hello, is it me you're looking for ♪ for the grand finale, lionel performed "all night long." >> let's go see him. >> everybody was dancing in the aisles. people were up out of their
9:04 am
seats, as you saw. i was like that watching at home. >> fantastic. >> when he was here, he let us do the whole conga line with him. >> where would birthdays and weddings be without lionel richie? he's the best. >> any celebration in life. lady gaga's tribute to david bowie was so perfect. it was the technological marvel, how they created the space oddity. her look was just like bowie's. the orange hair to the makeup, how she dressed. it was phenomenal. only she could do nine songs like that in 6:30 and be able to carry a tune throughout the whole thing. it was unbelievable. >> it was a nice tribute. what about you, al? >> i think you could make the argument that an amazing number of people passed away. i think there was a, i was disappointed they didn't do more for natalie cole. the segment ended with a clip of her and her dad singing
9:05 am
"unforgettable." but her twin sister -- or her sister told the new york post before last night's ceremony, she didn't think it was enough. she said it was bittersweet. family was hoping there would be an actual tribute. she had 21 grammy nominations and won 9 times. first african-american female to win best new artist. we reached out to the grammy producers for comment and didn't hear back yet. >> it was a lot of backlash. a lot of controversy about this, for sure. >> any favorites, tamron? >> you know, the highlight for me was kendrick lamar. music is supposed to not only be, i guess, the soundtrack of our lives, but it's supposed to speak about society. he shut it down. he had a total of five grammys, including rap album. he was just the -- the medley was incredible. he's a poet, an artist.
9:06 am
we have a clip. ♪ everything i know, every time they hit me ♪ >> i think it was that said kendrick left the grammys in ashes. it plays into your favorite moment. there was a lot of concern that hip hop would not be represented. in a big way, your favorite moment, it came up again. >> you had it in this, hip hop and broadway, right on the stage at the grammys. the musical "hamilton," the run away, explosive hit on broadway. they performed live from their theater on stage in new york city. a beautiful performance that the world got to see what people coming to broadway have been seeing for the last year. moments later, "hamilton" won best musical theater album. of course, rapped free style his acceptance speech. >> right hand man, the hispanic, the best idea goes in the pot.
9:07 am
the cast, unstoppable. band is unbeatable. inspiring me to pull through. we adore you. sebastian, daddy is bringing home a grammy for you. >> only he could do that and rhyme. >> the one problem with that last night is -- >> we weren't there? >> it'll be ten years before you can see "hamilton" again. it was already hard enough. >> stephen colbert made the joke, 2020, you might be able to see it. >> my kids haven't seen the show but we have the album. they walk through the house singing all the songs. >> it's on at our house nonstop. >> george said the other day, dad, we're reliable with the ladies. i said, what? who says that? he goes, hamilton and jefferson. i said, of course, a jefferson quote. >> i knew that, thank you very much. >> great line to use as he gets older. ♪ what did i miss
9:08 am
>> i came in the house doing that, and he went, dad, that's weak. joe manganiello teaming up with a surprise co-star. we have your first look. >> cool. >> what can i get you? >> milkshake. >> flavor? >> chocolate. >> three, two, one. >> thanks. >> broken a rule? >> no. >> ever have two women fight over you? >> have i? no. >> i think i know why you and i met. you're going to leave and take a holiday. you have a choice to make. stick around here or live a little. >> peewee herrmann, he's not aged a day. amazing. >> how does he do that? >> i don't know. peewee's big holiday is going to be on netflix march 18th.
9:09 am
can you believe, he's back. >> i can't believe it. >> i love this. >> when you said joe maganiello, i was expecting "magic mike xxxxxl". >> this is better. >> you saw the original peewee herrmann, the movie, "large marge." the alamo, it's one of the movies i've seen. >> classic. >> so many people got started on his show. >> guess what time it is? >> what time is it? >> 9:09. >> okay. >> also, our facebook sweepstakes time. you missed garrett's popcorn yesterday. >> i was very upset. >> 25 days of give aways for you. today's prize, i love this for many reasons, $500 sears fashion shopping spree. i worked at sears four years. favorite job. that can go far at sears.
9:10 am
go to's take. >> that's right. >> get your $500 sears card. >> we want you to like us. we are trying to get a million likes. let's see where we are now. boom! we're starting this morning at 261,000. it's more than 10,000 than yesterday. again, the sears giftcard, $500 shopping spree. like us and register to win today's take, 25 days of prizes prize, a sears shopping spree worth $500 smackers. we like that. we've had severe weather roll through parts of florida and the southeast in the last 24 hours. this system stretching all the way up to the eastern half of ohio. snow in buffalo and pittsburgh. we're looking at rain here in the northeast. heavy rain will be pushing in. we've got winter storm warnings, winter weather advisories. 32 million people at risk from north carolina to maine. look at the temperatures. 53 in new york. it'll be climbing up into the
9:11 am
mid 50s. back to the west, buffalo, you stay below freezing. same in syracuse. buffalo, you'll s boston, 55 today. we will continue to see lake-effect snow. look at the rainfall amounts. anywhere from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch of rain. because of the frozen ground and locally, could see 2 inches of rain. it could lead to flooding. then we have lake-effect snow today. another 4 to 6 inches between buffalo and we have sunshine and quickly warming temperatures across the bay area. we're already hitting 60 degrees in the east bay and san francisco, and it will be another warm one, near record highs expected in the north and south bay. we're up to 80 degrees, 76 degrees in san francisco in the east bay, up to 79 degrees. 78 in the tri-valley while the peninsula today looking at 76 degrees, the winds will be
9:12 am
increasing, also more clouds moving in, and rain expected tomorrow. >> that's your latest weather.'s take. register for the $500 gift card and like us. >> sears gift card. "how to get away with murder" is back, along with a new star, karla souza, here to
9:13 am
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when your cold is this bad... need new theraflu expressmax. theraflu expressmax combines... maximum strength medicines available without a prescription... fight your worst cold and flu symptoms... you can feel better fast and get back to the job at hand. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel actress karla souza made her mark in mexico starring in "instructions not included," the highest grossing spanish language film to open in america. and the highest grossing mexican film of all time. >> over the last year, she's become a popular cover girl, gracing "cosmopolitan,""cosmopod "women's health." >> now, he's on "how to get away
9:16 am
with murder." she plays a law student getting involved with a lawyer in the practice. >> you have a boyfriend? >> wes. he's home sick and needs a copy of our outline. >> we have work. >> doesn't care about this case so why should i? cover for me with bonnie? >> you owe me. >> come up with something. we'll see what we can work out. >> all right, karla, good morning. >> good morning. >> huge star in mexico and now, this is your first big breakout role in the united states. were you nervous about making the move? >> i was terrified. i had the best life. i was being offered parts, and i was being, you know, let into any restaurant i wanted. i was just having the life. then, of course, you feel that little challenge bug inside of you, wanting to move and try it out in l.a. i moved in l.a. and i did pilot season. it's the worst thing that can ever happen to a human being. i thank shonda rhimes for taking
9:17 am
me out of that awesome process. >> is it constant auditions? >> constant rejection, living out of your car, trying to change. going from playing a mother to suddenly, you're playing, you know, a prostitute. then you're playing, you know, a law student. it's all in the span of a second. >> what was it like when you get the yes, you're on board, and it's shonda and viola davis? >> we didn't know when i got the part that it was going to be viola davis. that was a plus afterwards. i was crying so hard in the car when my agent, manager, called and said, you booked it. i've never heard that word, you booked it. i was like, what does that mean? they're like, you got the part, you got laurel. i started crying and said, give me a second. i'm not cool enough for you guys but this means a lot to me. does this mean i can stop auditioning? they're like, yes. i got home and i was crying and my mom thought something had happened to me. >> we hear so much about
9:18 am
shonda's world. she's got all these shows and they're all so popular and so good. now that you've been on the inside of the world, why is it so special? >> yeah, i think it's -- she's really a powerhouse. she now has two more shows coming. i don't know if you know. she's got her book and just does everything. she's really also personal in her relationships. really passionate about what she does. i think it trickles down to everyone in the show. everyone just does their job with passion and with love because she does. it's kind of -- i think that is sort of part of it. >> we have a game to play with you called "how to get away with." walk us through scenarios, how you'd handle the situations. how would you get away with a speeding ticket? >> oh, i would just, you know, i was just looking at that poor boy over there. and i was just -- and i would start crying.
9:19 am
or i would be mexican. like i'm so sorry. i'm here on vacation. please don't do this to me. they'd be like, okay. >> nice. >> very good. >> how would you get away with forgetting somebody's name? >> i would just say, you're lovely, this lovely friend of mine, such a great person. then i'd bring someone else and hear what they said to the other person and i'd be like, okay. >> karla souza, thank you so much. all the best with this. coming up next, do you remember the first concert you went to? coming off the glitz and glamour of last night's grammys, we'll take an embarrassing trip down memory lane to give you the chance to win something amazing. right aft nobody move! get on the floor! do something! oh i'm not a security guard, i'm a security monitor. i only notify people if there is a robbery. there's a robbery.
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9:23 am
brilliant color, visibly healthier hair. >> announcer: this portion of "today" is sponsored by jcpenney. >> we love watching our favorite stars rock out at the grammy awards last night. it got us thinking about our first concerts. who we saw and what we wore. tamron dressed for the occasion. i was 14 years old. went with my good friend colleen. we were so excited that night. we came back from the spanda ballet. ♪ this much is true living in the moment. >> i love the sign. >> what about you? >> i was 7. i wore something similar to this. this is me. this is a replica of the bell bottoms i still wear. it was the ohio players.
9:24 am
♪ fire where were my parents? i don't know but i was 7. then in college, i've never shown this picture to anyone. there's one person in the world who has seen this picture. this is me on the way to the run dmc concert. look at the nails. i don't know if they let me in the concert or not, but let's swipe back to this one. there you have it. that's our concert memories. >> the reason for going down memory lane is we have exciting news. we shared our photos but now, it is your turn. we want to see your wildest first concert style. fi >> find a photo from one of your first concerts and post it at's take. tell us why we should help you rock a style upgrade when you take your son or daughter to their first concert. >> send in the photos. you could get a chance to fly to new york city for a head to toe makeover, courtesy of jcpenney. send us your pictures and
9:25 am
stories now. we'll pick a winner at the end of the month. ahead, my tuesday's trend 7 days ago, phil wasn't thinking about dancing. he was thinking about his joints. but now he's taking osteo bi-flex, and noticing a real difference in his joint comfort. the feeling originates in this area... spreads throughout the body... to here, inducing hilariously high levels of embarrassment in his son. he knows it's working by that look of abject humiliation on his son's face. you were made to dance, phil. so dance. shows improved joint comfort in just 7 days. osteo bi-flex. made to move. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. bleeding gums? you may think it's a result of brushing too hard. it's not. it's a sign of early gum disease...
9:26 am
listerine(r) can help reverse... early gum disease in just two weeks. listerine(r). poweto your mouth™! a very good morning to you. it is 9:26. some encouraging news for a foal in the tri-valley rescued. it needs life-saving surgery. if you followed the story with us this morning on "today in the bay," crews rescued valentine after finding him at the bottom of a ravine. vets say he needs surgery on hess pelvis in order to survive. a gofundme effort has met its goal and beyond. and now we're happy to report his foal is on the way to surgery this morning. today is the grand opening of a new pharmacy dedicated to
9:27 am
surplus drug prescriptions. the better health pharmacy, the facility will focus on one thing, collecting and dispensen unused, unopened and unexpired if. not all medications will be available. dan danville's town council will consider an ordinance making residents it illegal to use other renting residences. last month the town commission recommended a full ban. we'll have weather and traffic after this break. weather toss to traffic
9:28 am
good morning. a live look at tiberon, you see the clear blue skies, another start to a warm day. it's not 60 degrees in san francisco and oakland. san how sill is at 59 degrees, our temperatures are continuing to rise, and we're expecting it to be another day with near-record high temperatures.
9:29 am
san jose 79 degrees, 78 in palo alto, byrnally heights, and oakland today, a high of 80 degrees. how is it looking on the roads, mike? >> towards fremont we have the late compression right here, but look at the map, and we don't see anything outstanding for a tuesday. overall from the south bay still very difficult, going across the dumbarton. no big deal toward the bay bridge. back to you. another local news update in just half an hour. we'll see you then.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. a new study is suggesting a link between the use of popular heart burn medications and dementia. prilosec, prevacid and nexium. they're used by 15 million americans to treat gastrointestinal issues. researchers in germany suggest ov overusing the drugs may lead to a 44% increased risk of da memea among those 75 years and older. two of the manufacturers say it's important to read and follow all label directions. when it comes to exercise, people are motivated by money but only when it's taken away. a study published looked into
9:31 am
employee wellness programs and how financial incentives played a role in the success. researchers found money didn't improve an employee's effort to reach their exercise goals but it was effective when cash was given up front and taken away each day the goals were not met. a new report finds millenials drink more wine than any other generation. my kind of generation. americans age 21 to 38 drank 42% of all wine in the u.s. last year. an average of two cases a person throughout the year. researchers also looked at high frequency drinking, defined as people who drink several times a week, and found millenials also led that category. for tie hardie hards in new england, there is such a thing as a free lunch. people got a free lunch if they ate out in the 10 degree weather. the tables were full of bundled
9:32 am
up customers for the challenge. not only did they get a free lunch, but the restaurant donated the money it would have made to a local rescue mission. all for a good cause. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> impressive. we're checking out's take. how many of you have liked us since the beginning of today's program? more than 6,000. go to the facebook page and get a chance to win a $500 sears shopping spree. awfully nice. let's look at what we have today. some of the weather, not so nice. we have snow around the great lakes. icy mix in the mid mississippi river valley. also in northern new england. the eat continues out west. 89 in phoenix. 88 in l.a. could set records today. for tomorrow, we are looking at a few leftover showers around the great lakes. windy, wet weather from the pacific northwest to central california. we have sunshine returning to
9:33 am
the eastern se we've got a lot of sunshine and warming terms as we are on our way to another day that could set some record-high temperatures. 80 degrees in the south bay as well as the north bay. in san francisco and the peninsula, expect a high of 76 degrees. in the east bay 79, while the tri-valley is up to 78. the winds will be increasing later on this evening as the clouds start to move in, and we will start to see the showers by tomorrow afternoon for most of the bay area. >> that is your latest weather. willie? >> al, thank you very much. now to our series, hope to it. over 19,000 meet, mt. kilimanjaro was africa's highest point, a tough climb for the most elite athletes. 41-year-old sean has done it 12 times, bringing a message of hope for those who need it most. >> reporter: sean has been on top of the world. he's climbed to the highest peak
9:34 am
of every continent, completing the seven summits. but his toughest uphill battle wasn't a mountain. it was cancer. twice. at age 13 and again at age 16. >> i remember sitting on the bottom of the shower floor while my friends were having fun with their lives. i was losing my hair, 60 pounds overweight, crying my eyeballs out. it was something no one should have had to go through. >> reporter: he was given two weeks to live. >> i think what kept me going is a quote that i came up with. it's, the human body can live roughly 30 days without food. the human condition can sustain itself for roughly three days without water. but no human alive can live more than 30 seconds without hope. hope kept me going. >> reporter: sean defied the odds and survived. that's when he started climbing. although cancer left him with use of only one lung, he became the first cancer survivor to make it to the top of mt. everest. and now, he's spreading hope
9:35 am
with his foundation, the cancer climber association. >> we reach out to other people touched by cancer, show them the possibility of the human body and spirit. >> reporter: every year, sean grants a cancer survivor the opportunity to climb africa's mt. kilimanjaro. he helps them up every step of the way. >> taking people up kilimanjaro, i see a transformation. they get to the top and come down, and they're stronger and more confident. it gives them the tools to realize, if i can conquer that mountain, i can do anything. >> reporter: 39-year-old peter campbell had hit rock bottom. >> i was getting ready to start my first treatment for my second bout with cancer. i thought about running out the door. at that moment, i got a text message and it said, i hear you're going through a rough time. >> reporter: the message was from sean. >> i remember him saying one day, you make it through this, and i'll take you up to climb mount kt. kilimanjaro with me. he taught me to look at my
9:36 am
cancer as a mountain. my mountain being remission. >> reporter: sean kept his promise to peter. in july, with cancer behind them, they trekked, side by side, 19,000 feet, to the top of mt. kilimanjaro. >> we got to make a phone call from the top. my wife kept my kids up. at 1:00 in the morning, i called home and told her, i'm standing at the top of the world. something i'll never forget. >> thank you! >> it made up for the two years i laid in the hospital. surgeries, chemo, puking, not knowing. but it was worth it. >> reporter: sean keeps on climbing. today, it's a different mountain. the empire state building, for the annual empire state building run up. 86 floors, more than 1500 steps, all to give those fighting
9:37 am
cancer one message. hope. >> what an awesome story. because of the incredible things he's done, he's become a member of the elite athlete ambassadors and is a well deserved spokesman. his treks are helping those touched by cancer all over the world, as you saw there. coming up, need motivation to hit the gym? tamron is trying to find out fashionable and functional know how you earn the title ... world's best mom? by starting each day with a perfectly balanced mug of... i've got this. mom! to be on top of your mom game... nailed it! thanks so much. you need a balanced coffee you can drink throughout the day. good girl. mccafé coffees brew a smooth blend. for a taste that's not too strong, but never weak. so you can savor every sip knowing you are matriarch supreme. mommy's not a napkin honey. mccafé. available where you buy groceries. carry the centimeter, divide by 3.14 something something something...
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my tip is; if you keep smoking, your "freedom" may only go as far as your oxygen tube. (announcer)you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. it's tuesday so it's time to work my trend. notice the wardrobe change. this is not the segment where you learn to do reps and toning arms, though it's important. we are offering you inspiration to meet your fitness goals with workout wear that wows. from what's available from the retailers to the subscription box services. there are so many ways to find fitness fashion and up your game. melissa garcia is back to explain it all. good to sew ye you. >> good to see you, too. >> i was talking to savannah and the sa she said, when you have workout clothes on you like, it's motivating. >> once they're on, you're ready to go to the gym.
9:42 am
>> bright colors. >> yes. >> there are these online subscription services. you get your fitness fix with that. i've heard a lot about them and wanted to subscribe but i wasn't sure. what's the tedeal? >> you don't want to get tied in. this is you send out a profile and they send you a complete outfit, which is cool. shoes, shirt, sports bra, the whole thing. it comes to $50 a piece. keep what you want and what you don't, send it back and you're not charged for it. >> hidden fees? >> no membership, no sign-up fee. go on when you want a box and they send you a box. or ask them to send you a month tmont monthly box. you can order it when you want and there's different brands. >> not just one brand.
9:43 am
>> nike and adidas. >> we are obsessed over leggings. i said i was going to stop wearing the plain black ones because they don't motivate. >> these are motivating leggings. this is from yogaletics. they go from extra small to a 6x. >> love it. >> they embrace all body shapes. i love how they have the high panel. >> this is what i have on? >> it is. >> i love it. >> so comfortable. another great thing, a lot of women in larger sizes, they feel when there is a color, the fabric stretches and you lose the color. that doesn't happen. >> let's get to the models. maria is wearing an outfit from fabletics, co-founded by kate hudson. >> this is adorabldorable. they're trying to make pieces that transition from the gym to your every day life. they're basics and good gym
9:44 am
pieces, as well. it's fun in the back. it has the cutout that's cute. you can feel like you can go to the gym and do your errands and you don't have to change. >> the fabletics, around $49.95 for the vip membership? >> you sign up. there's no charges to sign up but you have a monthly fee. you get two pieces per month. if you want to skip the month, you have to make sure you tell them you want to skip it. >> read all the fine print to see what you're signing up for. >> exactly. >> you look great in that. i love the top. next up, what is she wearing? >> old navy. i feel like they're stepping up their game. it's a cool pant. old navy is always accessible with prices. the whole outfit is only $74. >> you don't have to workout. this is all about fashion. >> we gave a pop of color underneath. >> these pants look like kendall jenner. she's always in the cutest workout pants. >> only $22.94.
9:45 am
>> okay. >> get them. >> real quick, we have erica. come on in. >> erica is wearing an outfit from kohl's, which is another really affordable -- >> love this. >> again, it's fun to get away from the black leggings. if you want to try something different, this is a great way to do it and not spend a ton of money. the pants are only $26. >> wow. >> you can do it and not feel committed to it. if you don't love it, won't feel like you spent a ton of money. this is a motivator. >> you look so cute. >> how do you clean these? >> the safest way is probably to put it on tumble dry low or let it air dry. >> love these looks. go online and we'll post all the information. thank you, melissa. thank you, ladies. you're rocking hot. we can go have lunch and not go to the gym in these outfits. fan favorite "broad city." the show that has everyone talking. talking. ilana
9:46 am
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9:49 am
experience symptoms such as rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. imagine life with a lower a1c. are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. comedy's newest and edgiest best friend duo, ill ana glazer and abbi jacobson, in "broad city," play two broke friends who try to make it in the city. >> they try to make a quick buck by renting out their apartment for the night. >> guests are staying until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. all we have to do is stay out
9:50 am
until 11:00. >> we live in the city that never sleeps. >> exactly. >> what if we go to the bar where we got mono? >> i love that place. >> watch the sunrise, romantic breakfast at the diner. >> i love that diner. >> okay. >> ilana and abbi, thank you for being here. >> what's it like, to have the job security already going in? >> feels good. >> it's so good. >> you don't have to rent your apartment out then, i guess, for the night? >> exactly. >> you guys have been together since the upright citizens brigade days, almost ten years ago now, something like that? >> it's really -- yeah. improv team starting in, like, 2008. >> yeah. >> how cool is it to be able to rise up from there with your buddy at your side the whole
9:51 am
time? >> it's unreal. it's amazing. it's very new york, i think. >> what do you mean? >> there's so much opportunity here. you know, it's kind of for the taking, i feel, new york is. i feel like that's kind of what our attitude has been. >> it can't hurt you have amy poehler as your -- >> doesn't hurt. >> she's been this amazing support system. someone that we're often like, what would amy do in this situation? >> she has a bird's eye view that we couldn't have had from the beginning. she just had such great insight. >> you guys asked us in the break, do we still get nervous, and we said yes. at this point, you're promoting the show, becoming more and more famous. any nervous jitters? >> i think it's very helpful to have each other. >> yeah. >> as you start introducing us, i was like, oh. we're here.
9:52 am
>> constant, yeah. >> art imitating life. abbi, one of your first jobs i read, you were hired to work at an equinox, handing out workout flyers? >> the one at grand central. >> there's an episode based on that, right? >> my character, abbi -- >> yes, familiar. >> -- similar name. similar spelling and name. >> abbi or abbi? >> depending on the situation, it goes up or down. yeah, my character works at a gym ca gym. >> and you have great guests on the show. >> what an honor to have that kind of icon on our show. >> how did that come together? >> we wrote this episode -- i'm not going to spoil what it is -- and it didn't need to have her, but she was sort of like
9:53 am
mentioned. then we went out to her, like you know, you have to try. she was in -- it was very bizarre and an amazing day for the show, for us, for our crew. >> she was incredible. it was amazing, to be able to watch that in person. >> this season, we'll see it? >> yeah. >> ilana glazer and abbi jacobson, congrats on the success. catch the season premiere of
9:54 am
9:55 am
kathie lee and hoda. >> hi, sweetie. we have craig ferguson and the property brothers are here.
9:56 am
good morning. we're looking at a lot of sunshine and quickly warming temperatures throughout the day. it will be another day reaching into the upper 70s and lower 80s setting records in some spots. looking at a high of 79 in the east bay, the tri-valley 78, 80
9:57 am
in the north as well as the south bay. san francisco looking at a high of 87 degrees in the peninsula today, also 76. let's see what's happening on the roadway. mike? >> this second we have these vehicles right here. we have some caltrans trucks, looks like just the sign trucks are over, and they're blocking the off-ramp, source thus causing a distraction and slowing. now, now incidents reported as we look at the map. we have a smooth flow of traffic. that's the reason why we're seeing a resurgeonsens of that slowdown. 101 and 8 a, the latest of slowing in the south bay. and metering lights are still on. we've had a smooth are flow this tuesday. a new pharmacy reopens say. can you see yourself the fun inventory by clicking on our facebook page. meanwhile, facebook is hartley making friends with the policies on pot dispensaries.
9:58 am
click on our twitter page to learn about that cloud of controversy. and within cause tro valley man takes his believe in bernie sander to new heights. check out
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ >> from nbc news, this is "today" with can kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, it's tuesday, february 16ing. >> that is crash and burn by our new friend. we like it a lot. >> we sang it beautifully this week. >> we have a big day here today. >> it's huge! >> he's not here, but another hugely funny guy -- >> did you compare me to donald trump? >> sorry. >> good one. >> why? why? >> because you're huge! >>


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