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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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that's been turned over to the chp. it does not appear to identify a suspect. >> this is literally a needle in a haystack. it's, you know, really, really difficult to try to pick anything of significance out of the crowds. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, more of what able medina was able to share with us and reaction from folks visiting the bridge today. one other thing, blow darts and blow guns, blow tubes, they're prib prohibited in california. now to the weather. these blue skies won't be stibisti sticking around much longer. right now a storm is blowing in and you can see it on the radar right now. jeff ranieri is tracking the return of rain. >> it's a much welcomed return after this dry spell most recently. today as another record-setting day where we not only broke records but smashed them.
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we hit 82 in oakland today. the old record was 75. we also got up to 80 in san jose and 78 at moffett field. san francisco airport 72. as we get a look right now, the area of high pressure that produced the heat is pushing off towards the south. that making room for this cold front and associated area of low pressure moving in. winds are picking up in the pacific. you can see this zone of wind, 30 to 50 miles per hour. eventually that will arrive as we head through our forecast on wednesday. hills above 1,000 feet 40 to 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts in place. tomorrow isolated power outages are possible and trees are down. we are tracking the timeline of this rainfall moving in wednesday. we'll let you know when the heaviest hits in about 15 minutes. >> stay updated on the storm on our nbc bay area app. just click on the weather on the drawn drop-down menu. new at 5:00, rattled nerves in central california where an
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earthquake shook homes and businesses. it struck around 3:30 around the city of bishop. some people in bishop say they felt a big boom and then shaking. so far no reports of any significant damage, just some items falling off shelves. a special tribute today to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. a court tradition dating back to the 19th century, black wool has been draped over his courtroom chair and the bench. he died of natural causes on saturday at a luxury hunting lodge in texas. today president obama, who's here in california, said he will nominate a successor even though senate republicans are threatening to block any nominee in many the next president is elected. >> this will be the opportunity for senators to do their job. i intend to do my job between now and january 20th of 2017. i expect them to do their job as well. >> so who's it going to be? among the big names being talked
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about, california attorney general ckarmala harris, a fried and supporter of obama. but harris tells us she's focused on her upcoming senate run. >> i'm not in it. i'm running for u.s. senate. >> harris is hoping to replace senator barbara boxer this november. boxer is not seeking re-election. harris was in the south bay speaking to union members in san jose and engineering students at stanford. of course a lot of the questions and a lot of the talk was about the supreme court vacancy. >> the work of the united states supreme court made a difference on whether i'd be standing here as attorney general of california or not. because it was the united states supreme court that made the decision on brown v. board of education that allowed me to be the second class to integrate berkeley public schools. >> there are a lot of layers to the story. our coverage continues on "nightly news." we'll hear more from president obama and what he wants in scalia's successor. plus the latest on the
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investigation into his death. lester holt joins us at 5:30. a solemn tribute for a slain richmond police officer. today an honor guard procession as police escorted officer gus vegas' body from the solano county coroner's office to a mortuary in vallejo. he was shot and killed in his home last week. the father of his grandson, robert vega, is accused of the murder. veg aas was a 15-year veteran o the police force. he will be honored friday morning in richmond. tears in a south bay courtroom as a family watched the man accused of killing their loved one face a judge. steve lebo is facing murder charges in what police are calling one of the most brutal murders in history. they believe he killed his co-worker kyle myrick and dumped his body in the mountains. peggy bunker is live where the proceedings offered little solace to the family. >> reporter: that's very true. most of the courtroom here at
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the hall of justice was packed with kyle myrick's friends and family. they came to the courtroom and cried softly, evan when steve lebos was escorted in in shackles. he's myrick's former co-worker and now his accused killer. steve lebo and his attorney spent a good part of the morning talking in court before asking the judge for more time to get discovery before proceeding. >> your honor, we're working on discovery in this matter. i'm asking we go until march 14th. >> reporter: prosecutors allege lebo murdered kyle myrick. police say they found a gruesome scene at a building adjacent and evidence that a body had been dragged to a spot where earlier in the day lebo's truck had been parked. around 2:00 a.m. the next day police discovered a significant amount of blood in the cab of lebo's truck. myrick's family and friends
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hugged each other and cried outside of the courthouse. >> no, i didn't. i'm in that. >> reporter: in an interview, lebo insists he's innocent and that he's being framed. >> they can discredit me and pin a murder on me essentially. >> reporter: now, i spoke with -- the judge said, by the way, that he will be back in court on march 14th. i spoke with hlebo's attorney and he is expecting this to be a very lengthy case. for all the friends, family and co-workers who showed up for kyle, they just weren't ready yet to talk on camera. >> peggy, thank you. a crackdown on corruption in san francisco city hall. the d.a. announcing today the fbi is joining a criminal task force. >> we want to send a very clear message that if you come into public service, it is about public service, it's not about you. >> this comes in the wake of last month's arrest of three people for felony bribery and
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money laundering. all three were linked to city hall. gaston today wasn't commenting on those cases except to say the cases are examples of something that will not be tolerated. the california dungeoness task force is lifting the ban. potentially deadly toxins were found in crabs because of warmer ocean temps. the ban on recreational crab fishing was lifted last week. the task force is looking at a few options when it comes to commercial fishing that includes opening each region one by one as conditions improve. the most talked about colt in california. we have an update this evening on valentine, the baby horse rescued from a fremont ravine on valentine's day. at first the situation was grim and looked like surgery was the only solution, but we have an update. pete joins us from uc davis with
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the latest. pete, a lot of people are rooting for this horse. >> reporter: yes, raj, no surgery for valentine. that is the good news according to veterinarians here at uc davis, but they did mention it was a close call. when it comes to valentine, the veterinarians at uc davis were looking for two things. >> we're worried about bleeding or the fracture is compromising one of what we call the weight bearing part of the pelvis. >> reporter: results from today's ct scan revealed a fracture near the hip which means no surgery. >> the fracture comes down this way. >> reporter: if it was closer to the groin area, it would have been a different story. >> you'd have to put plates and screws in this area. >> reporter: valentine was rescued from a ravine on sunday. the baby colt suffered a broken pelvis before they arrived and was stuck in morrison canyon for two days. with no money to pay for what
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was expected to be significant medical care, fremont animal services put up a gofundme page. their initial request, $10,000. the page raised more than $15,000. >> so that's where the surgery would have taken place. >> yeah, in here. >> reporter: money that won't have to be used for surgery after all. >> that's fantastic for him. i mean this is about him. so the fact that he doesn't have to have surgery -- >> reporter: now, that rehab process for valentine can be anywhere from three to four months. animal services is welcoming public input as for what to do with that money. a prominent north bay attorney has been missing for three days now. tonight the search has been called off. i'm jodi hernandez in sonoma county. i'll have a live report coming up. and good afternoon, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. pollen has been off the charts the past several days, but we're
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now tracking a storm system offshore. i'll let you know when this rainfall gets here to help out your lawns and also your allergies in about seven minutes. i guess some people have religion and some people have, you know, materialistic things, but for me it was the dog. >> sharing the love. one man's touching tennis ball tribute to his late dog and the overwhelming response to it is a story that will make you bay area proud. a prominent attorney in the
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north bay has disappeared and te fearing the worst.56-year-old " currently representing a prominent attorney in the north bay has disappeared and those closest to him are fearing the worst. 56-year-old steve mitchell is currently representing sonoma county in a high-profile civil case. he was last seen saturday morning and the only clue so far, his car found just south of the coastal town of jenner. jodi hernandez is live with the latest. >> reporter: steven mitchell's car was found parked in this parking lot. his cell phone and some items of clothing were found outside the car. now, we are told that searchers scoured the coastline here but have not been able to find the prominent attorney. tonight the search has been called off. >> the kind of guy that i think everybody really loved. >> reporter: those who know and love 56-year-old steven mitchell are worried sick about him. the prominent santa rosa attorney hasn't been seen since saturday morning.
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his wife reported him missing saturday night, tracing his cell phone to bodega bay where investigators found his car sunday morning. >> we launched a search with search and rescue, henry 1, our helicopter, state parks joined in the search as well as our search and rescue team. >> mitchell represents sonoma county in a civil suit filed by the parents of andy lopez, who was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy who mistook the.the boy's replica gun for a real one. but police don't believe it's anything more than a missing persons case. >> we don't believe he's a victim of foul play or any crime. >> reporter: investigators suspended their search today, but his friends aren't giving up hope. mitchell was a former president of the sonoma county bar association and is still very active in the organization. >> i hope he's just been lost and he'll be found. i certainly hope so. it would be a tremendous loss to
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so many people personally and professionally if he's not found. >> reporter: and we are back here live. you're looking at the area of bodega bay that investigators spent two days thoroughly searching. again, they do not believe that he is a victim of crime, but tonight the prominent attorney remains missing. reporting live in bodega bay, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. we have another twist with the former san francisco political consultant accused of trying to make bond. he struck a plea deal and says he's guilty. you may remember ryan chamberlain. he led the fbi on a three-day manhunt after investigators say they found bomb-making chemicals in his knob hill apartment there in san francisco. chamberlin was in court today and is still looking at five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. those have been good words to live by. >> but there are exceptions.
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here's a free offer that wasn't just good, it's heart warming. garvin thomas joins us with tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: a free tennis ball is what the offer was. now, if you buy them in bulk bike chris does these days, each one doesn't cost too much. but if you do it for the reason he does, well, they're pretty much priceless. this is a story of a man and the dog he loved. the man is chris sonntag-rady. if you're wondering where the dog is, that's where we'll begin. two years ago cancer claimed the life of his 12-year-old boxer/rottweiler mix. his best friend with the funny name. >> people say why are you calling your dog everything? yeah. that's my dog's name. >> reporter: chris says he literally picked everything's name out of a hat when he got her as a puppy. it turned out to be as perfect
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as it was random. everything became just that to chris. >> i guess some people have religion and some people have, you know, materialistic things. but for me it was the dog. >> reporter: during some tough times in the past, tempted down some dark roads, one thing chris says always kept him from going too far astray. >> like no matter what, i had her. it was like this responsibility. and i never let that go. >> reporter: you can imagine what it was like for chris to lose her. two years later, it still hurts. >> this is like my favorite i have of her. >> reporter: but if time wouldn't heal the wound, perhaps kindness might ease the pain. it's why last month chris put this post on instagram, programmiprogra promising to send anyone a free tennis ball if they promised to use it to play with their dog
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like chris wishes he did his. he started with 100 balls and low expectation. >> i figured i was going to be sitting in my room with 80 or 90 tennis balls, but it didn't happen like that. >> reporter: chris exhausted his initial supply practically overnight, and now has a waiting list hundreds of dogs long. people from around the country, even the world, sending in requests with notes of thanks and encouragement. and then sending back proof of chris's good deed. >> i feel great about it. >> reporter: it's a lesson all of us can learn from, really. if you ever feel like you've lost everything, just throw a little love out into the world and watch it brought right back to you. >> that's what he says, he says if somebody seies this and just spends a little time with their dog they wouldn't have, that's all he's looking for. >> he's getting hundreds of requests a day.
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>> hundreds of requests, some from around the world. and they send these wonderful pictures back with the dogs with the tennis balls. >> that is so special, i bet it does warm his heart. great story, thanks, garvin. >> i'm going to throw the ball to my dog even more tomorrow. let's get a check of our forecast now. the sunshine is not going to stick around much longer. >> we do have that storm system just offshore right now. you can see across the bay area still some sunny skies in the south bay, 79. peninsula at 75. changes beginning with our storm system just offshore. you can see it right now happening on our san francisco skyc camera. more of a partly sunny to mostly cloudy sky as things start to become hazy and then eventually, yes, that chance of rainfall. as we take you into tomorrow morning's forecast, the good news for commuters, it looks like most of us will still get off for the morning without too wet of a start. the morning commute always is rough with all of our traffic here. mainly dry conditions in the south bay at 57, possibly a spotty shower in the peninsula and maybe a few drops for san
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francisco and the north bay and temperatures in the 50s. what you'll see in our futurecast is not the chance of scattered showers until 11:00 in the morning on wednesday. our storm system we've been tracking now for days will really begin to arrive, though, once we hit 6:30 in the evening on wednesday. it's all about the evening hours on wednesday for some of those heaviest areas of rainfall to develop. that will likely stick around through 10:00. per normal at least lately, san jose, morgan hill, also gilroy will be last on tap to get some of this rainfall and then we'll keep some scattered showers as we head into thursday morning and also for the midday hours as well. the good news as of today's updates, it looks like our possibility of squeezing out some additional moisture from this storm system have actually gone up. our odds getting better of potentially some higher rainfall. you can see on our estimated rainfall map we're good not only for a quarter of an inch but close to a half inch for san jose. pretty much the same in orinda and san francisco and right up
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here in the north bay, 0.53 in santa rosa and 0.43 in napa. the other thing we're tracking are the very gusty winds. this will be a long duration event. winds picking up tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. 31-mile-per-hour gusts possible in san francisco, 34 in half moon bay and you can see the gusty winds will likely continue through the afternoon hours on wednesday as well so minor power outages and trees could come down. microclimates tomorrow very simple. no matter where you go expect temperatures in the 60s. a huge departure from that record-setting heat lately will put san jose at 68, san francisco in the low to mid-60s. in the north bay, east bay and the tri-valley, coldest, wettest, windiest location up into santa rosa, also napa with those low 60s. as you look ahead to the next 15 days and a rain chance, not only a possibility on wednesday and thursday, a chance of scattered showers on friday and march
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looks to have some above average rainfall on those long-term climate outlooks. how much sierra snow will it bring us? even better news for the sierra. we could see anywhere from 1 to 2 feet of snow with this current storm coming our way. great news for the drought. will ahead here at 5:00, prescriptions can be costy. what if you could get yours for free. the new first of its kind pharmacy that opened today. plus he's been in trouble with the law before. what we uncovered about the man arrested for a double homicide at san francisco's twin peaks.
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their digital data stolen. are you one of them? you can read about it at he's one of the biggest stars in the world so why was sir paul mccartney turned away from a grammy party? we have the video. you can see how he handled it. we're back in a moment with more news.
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san fracisco's most scenic spots. tonight -- wee learng a gruesome crime in san francisco's most scenic spot. tonight we're learning about the man accused of killing two
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people at twin peaks lookout co shooting and killing two people and a third is hospitalized. he does have a criminal past. he crashed a stolen car into an ac transit bus in richmond back in 2014. the collision caused the bus to slam into a house. 11 people were hurt. contreras served about a year in jail for that crime. he's now charged on several counts for this latest crime including murder and attempted murder. the first free pharmacy in the state is now open for business. as of today the better health pharmacy has its own building. no income residents or citizenship required. they are donated by state regulated businesses. the pharmacy has hundreds of prescriptions but no controlled
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substances bike vicodin or oxycontin. overnight road work is beginning on montague expressway and south milpitas boulevard south of the great mall. construction could slow drivers for the next ten days. existing pavement stripes and markings will be removed and temporary changes will be made, including reducing montague traffic to three lanes. no longer alone, we have new video of an orphaned sea otter pup safe and sound in her new home, next. nouncer: through sunday
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tonight at 6:00, police officers turning to high-tech gadgets instead of boots on the ground. the new special police unit that's having an immediate impact in a south bay city. that's tonight on our 6:00 newscast. finally at 5:00, a stranded sea otter cup found in carmel now has a new home, in the midwest. the 10-week-old pup arrived in chicago where care takers at the shedd aquarium are taking care of her. she was found alone on carmel beach in early january. there may be a record number of sea ougtter strandings because storms caused by el nino. so happy and growing very quickly. >> we'll track that sea otter
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and the colt from fremont as well. >> rain tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us. lester holt is next. >> bye, folks. breaking news tonight. slamming trump. president obama comes out swinging late today. a harsh attack on the gop front-runner and firing back in a blockbuster battle over the supreme court. buried and blown away by record slow and a ferocious tornado outbreak. a massive storm stretching over 1,000 miles. to catch a serial killer. the grim sleeper trial in los angeles. after a decades-long cold case mystery, how a bite of pizza may have caught an infamous murderer. slashing the price of prescription drugs by as much as 95%. how people are going around their insurance companies and saving big money. and the fur is flying. the competition is fierce and we're behind the scene as the best on four l


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