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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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technology. the changing strategy by san jose police. >> reporter: raj, it's a strategy that reflects a major change in attitude by police concerning video evidence. and it's a chainge that needed o be made because of rising burglaries and dwindling staff. the san jose police burglary unit has been slashed to a handful of officers, each assigned to hundreds of cases. standard police procedure kept any video or suspect pictures out of the public eye until there were no more leads, even if it took weeks or even months. >> you have to remember when we put that information out it could cause the suspect to do a few different things. they could flee the area, they could change their appearance or they could destroy evidence. >> reporter: now police have a program that puts images and surveillance video on the department's public web site and on social media almost immediately. investigators say they were startled by the public response. tips have been pouring in on numerous cases, in fact, six suspects have already been identified from the last ten
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videos posted. police say it is the main reason burglaries in the almaden area dropped 60% and 75% in other problem neighborhoods. >> these individuals are committing multiple burglaries. so by getting one of these subjects in custody we're in essence preventing dozens of burglaries from happening. >> reporter: police say they hope it will encourage homeowners to install videos. >> we've seen a nearly 30% increase in video evidence that's been submitted by the public to us. >> reporter: and detectives say the only drawback the new program is generating a huge number of leads that all need to be checked out which taxes an already understaffed unit. and future possible budget cuts are looming in the spring. live in san jose acres robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> robert, thank you. as we just reported, burglaries are down in the
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almaden valley neighborhood about 71%. in the foothill district a 75% drop. the three combined eastside neighborhoods a drop of about more than half. one outlier here the downtown district of san jose had an increase but sjpd says that reflects one specific crime spree. say goodbye to those summer-like temperatures and dig out that umbrella. you're going to need it again because a turn around is coming. show you our radar. the satellite shows a storm nearing the bay area. here's a live look at the bay bridge downtown, san francisco, from our emeryville camera. you can see it is a little cloudy outside. meteorologist jeff rainiery is track the some. what are we talking about this new storm? >> it arrives through wednesday's forecast. it's going to be a stark contrast to what we experienced today with that record heat he hit 82 degrees in oakland. san jose up to 80 besting the old record of 78 and san francisco airport at 72. the reason why we've had this
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area of high pressure off to the south, it's been basically sitting on top of california. but now we have is this cold front that's rapidly approaching. that's what's not only going to bring rainfall but increasing wind. you can see the wind gusts building offshore. notice the areas of red and ma je magenta. that's going to translate tomorrow to hills of 1,000 feet seeing winds of 40 plus miles per hour. we may have power outages, trees that come down. the wind and rain is coming. you can see it will begin to pick up by the afternoon and evening. we'll have details throughout this hour. >> you can stay updated on the storm on our nbc bay area app as well. all you need to do is click on weather on the drop down menu. there you can use the radar to watch that storm roll in. just in, apple ordered by a judge to unlock an iphone belonging to one of suspects in the san bernardino massacre. that order handed down late today.
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fbi investigators have been trying to break into sayed farook's apple iphone. apple hasn't offered help which has forced prosecutors to go to the judge. farook and his wife shot and killed 14 people at a work holiday party in december. both suspects killed in a shootout with police. some bold and direct comments from president obama today. he's still here in california. and late today he stood his ground saying he will nominate a supreme court justice after the death of justice antonin scalia. >> the constitution is pretty clear about what is supposed to happen now. when there is a vacancy on the supreme court, the president of the united states is to nominate someone. the senate is to consider that nomination. >> the president added that his nominee will be an outstanding legal mind who is indisputably qualified. so the next question is, who will it be?
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stanford alum s-- harris was on the peninsula today flooded with questions about the supreme court vic an sichlt our business and tech reporter scott budman is on the stanford campus this evening. scott what was her reaction? >> reporter: i'll tell you, raj, she insisted all day long she is running for the u.s. senate and only that. but in between her campaign stops, most of the questions she was asked revolved around the highest court in the land. always a big draw on the campaign trail, attorney general pamela harris had extra cameras around as she talked tech at stanford. >> the technology that is changing the world is being produced right here in our backyard in california. >> reporter: and stumped for her u.s. senate seat in san jose where she addressed rumors that she might be a candidate for the supreme court. >> i'm not putting my name out there. i'm running for senate. so let's just take that off the
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floor right now. >> reporter: but after the death of justice antonin scalia, rumors started to fly that harris could be among the president's choices for a court seat. something the former district attorney of san francisco calls flattering but not in her plans. >> the work of the united states supreme court made the difference on whether i'd be standing here as attorney general of california or not. because it was the united states supreme court that made the decision on brown v. board of education that allowed me to be the second-class to integrate berkeley public schools. >> reporter: harris insists she'll stick to the senate run, something other local politicians support. >> we've got someone who's going to stand up for all of us in washington. >> reporter: even with a black robe, potentially in her future. >> speaking here at stanford, harris talked about the need for security companies here in silicon valley to work harder to protect our private data. she also insisted she's not interested in the high court. reporting live at stanford,
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scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. tonight we're learning more about man accused of killing two people at one of san francisco's most scenic spots. just about an hour ago, police released this mug shot of richard contreras. he's accused of shooting and killing two men at twin peaks on sunday. there's a third victim that. person's hospitalized. authorities arrested contreras last night in richmond. now he's charged with several counts including murder and attempted murder. contreras has a criminal past. in 2014 he crashed a stolen car into an a.c. transit bus in richmond. that collision caused the bus to slam into house. 11 people were hurt. contreras served about a year in jail for that crime. the debate is heating up along the peninsula. should guns be allowed on college campuses. the san ma take you community college district is considering a policy change that would allow campus police to carry weapons. nbc bay area's michelle roberts joins us live from san mateo community college campus.
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students i can imagine are divided on this topic. >> reporter: yeah, many feel extremely strong about this topic on both side of the issue. and those students are encouraged to attend board meetings in the next couple of months before the decision is made. >> we're going to examine all the issues. >> reporter: chief rob dean oversees the public safety department for all the campuses in the san mateo community college system. the 24 officers who report to him currently carry pepper spray and a baton. but soon the board of trustees may vote to arm each officer with a gun. >> we want to look at all the available options and figure out what's best to make the safette campus. >> reporter: the board president says the college is in the process of studying how to best protect students in an emergency situation like an active shooter. chief dean says it may come down to response times. >> if we're in close proximity, we would be there sooner possibly than local law enforcement. >> reporter: he also says if the board aproves the use of lethal
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force, each officer would need to undergo a psychological assessment. a more thorough background check. and the budget must allow for rigorous training. >> you need to train with it. you need to be proficient at it and demonstrate that proficiency. >> reporter: before the decision is made the chief is asking for students to joint debate. >> with the increase in school shootings to have our first responders as prepared as much as possible makes me feel safe. >> reporter: others want to keep weapons off campus all together. >> seeing a weapon would make me feel uncomfortable. >> reporter: san francisco city college is also considering having armed officers on campus. meanwhile, san jose city college has four armed officers already on staff. reporting live in san mateo, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. as they say in baseball, happy new year. spring training starts this week. the giants and the a's reporting for spring training -- reporting for duty we should say in
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arizona. we can't wait so our coverage begins tonight. giants pitchers and catchers reporting tomorrow. the a's pitchers and catchers reporting this weekend. let's bring in ahmed faried who joins us from old town scottsdale in arizona. ahmed, both sides of the bay we had rough seasons last year. what's the early buzz this season? >> reporter: yeah, raj. we're pretty excited to see what 2016 has in store. so excited we beat the giants by a day. we're here the day before they report out here. expectations is the key word to the giants. they improved their team maybe more than any other team in major league baseball beefing up the pitching rotation but don't sleep on that lineup. even would you hunter pence for big stretches last year they still led the national league in batting average and also adding denard span, another free agent to center fielder who did lead the national league in hits just a couple of years ago in 2014. over on the a's side of things, a few more question marks. they got the sixth pick in the upcoming june draft for a reason. they didn't have a very good year. they tried to beef up their bull
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pen a little bit and starting rotation with rich hill. so we'll see how that all sharks out. it was interesting just a couple of days ago they made a big trade for an outfielder chrkhri davis from the brewers. that puts billy butler -- those are all story lines that are going to play out here both in scottsdale and in mesa with the a's over there. but raj this is my favorite part. it is february and we're talking baseball. reporting in scottsdale for spring training, ahmed faried, nbc bay area news. >> we see the sprinklers going full bore behind you at scottsdale stadium. we'll see you throughout the spring training. thanks, ahmed. accused killers back in a packed courtroom. why the victim family says they did not get the progress today that they were hoping for. veterinarians at u.c. dave
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which is good news regarding that injured baby colt found in a fremont ravine. we'll have more coming up.
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accused of killing their loved one ... face a judge. steve hlebo (lee-bo) is facing murder charges in what police tears in a course room as a family watch the man accused of killing their loved one facing charges. one of most brutal homicides in
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recent memory. on the left is video of the suspect in court. on the right video as we talk to that suspect in a bay area jailhouse interview. >> reporter: i was in the courtroom today. i can tell you it was hard to even find a seat there were so many families there of victim kyle myrick. a lot of co-workers and family friends. it it was a packed room. when they ushered in steve lebose i heard someone say behind me i can't even stand the sight of him. steve lebose and his attorney spent a good part of the morning talking in court before asking the judge for more time to get discovery before proceeding. the judge granted it. >> your honor, i'm asking we go over until march 14th at 1:30. >> reporter: prosecutors allege he murdered kyle myrick in san jose where both men worked. police say they found a gruesome scene at a building adjacent to
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j.p. sports and evidence that a body had been dragged to a spot where earlier in the day lebose's truck had been parked. around 2:00 a.m. the next day, police discovered a significant amount of blood in the cab of his truck. myrick's family and friends hugged each other and cried outside of the courthouse. >> no, i didn't. i'm innocent. >> reporter: in an interview with nbc bay area from the santa clara jail, lebo insists he's innocent and that he's being framed. >> they can discredit me and pin a murder on me, essentially. >> reporter: kyle's mother, kelli spary, watched our interview with lebo back in january and said it was tough to watch. >> to be honest, i just wanted to reach my hands through and strangle him. i mean, i have a lot of anger towards him. >> reporter: now, kyle's mother and of course as i mentioned a lot of other family members and friends were here today. you could see they are really leaning on each other for support. the judge set the next court date for march 14th. in san jose acres peggy bunker,
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nbc bay area news. zero tolerance for corruption at san francisco city hall. d.a. george moscone announced the fbi is filing a criminal task force to find pay to play laws. the announcement follows last month's arrest for three people for felony bribery and money laundering all linked to city hall. today gascon implied more could be arrested for trading in on their influence but gave no says fix. >> i want to send a very clear message that if you couldn't into public service, it is about public service, it's not about you. >> reporter: the pay to play investigation has its roots in a 2014 sting operation resulting in the arrest of former state senator leeland yi, raymond chou and two dozen others. another twist for the former san francisco political consultant accused of trying to make bombs. he struck a plea deal and says he is guilty. you may remember ryan chamber lynn back in 2014.
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he led the fbi on a three-dammann hunt after investigators say they found bomb-making chemicals in his nob hill apartment. chamberlain was in court today. despite his plea deal, he's still looking at five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. rattled nerves in central california tonight after an earthquake shook homes and businesses. earthquake measured 4.8 and it struck around 3:30 this afternoon neither city of bishop. that's about 90 minutes southeast of yosemite national park. folks in bishop said they felt a big boom and then shaking. so far there are no reports of significant damage just a lot of stuff falling off of shelves. lots of love pouring in for valentine, the colt rescued from a fremont ravine. and money, too. $10,000 poured into a fundraising account overnight. veterinarians were worried the colt needed a tricky surgery. but tonight there's good news for valentine. nbc bay area's pete suratos joins us where the best vets are
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caring for valentine. and pete, that is one little strong colt. >> reporter: yeah, jessica. thankfully no surgery for valentine according to the veterinarians here at u.c. davis. for valentine the rehab process begins. veterinarians at u.c. davis brought in valentine for a checkup. and they were looking for two things. >> the fracture and holes bleeding or if the fracture is compromising one of the what we call the weight-bearing part of the pelvis. >> reporter: after a c.t. scan this afternoon, they only found a fracture near the hip. blooift or not, that's good news. it means no surgery. instead, a four to six-month rehab. if it was closer to the groin area the prognosis would have been much worse. >> this fracture doesn't interrupt the connection between the limb and the spine. >> reporter: he was rescued from a ravine in fremont on sunday. fremont was likely stuck in morrison canyon for two days.
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the animal service initially expected those injuries would require surgery and set up a go fund me page to cover the expected $10,000 bill. the campaign raised more than $15,000 in less than 24 hours. >> so that's where the surgery would have taken place. >> yes. >> reporter: money that would no longer be needed for surgery. >> that's fantastic for him. this is about him. so the fact that he doesn't have to have surgery? >> reporter: when asked what they were going to do with all the money that was raised they are welcoming public input. looks like they'll set up a fund to help out valentine, guys. >> a big question for you. have they made any progress in finding out where value inteenv mother is the mare and who owns that horse? >> reporter: we just know the rehab process will start today here at u.c. davis for about a week. from there they'll continue that rehab process for about four to six months, guys. >> okay. thank you very much, pete. >> i know jessica's already volunteered to take valentine into your backyard.
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>> i'd love to take valentine. she's so cute. he's so cute. i love valentine. >> let's bring in jeff rainieri our chief meteorologist. >> valentine is so cute had nothing to do with weather. just an awesome story that people are stepping up to help. that rainfall is on the way. you can see from our san francisco camera cloud cover beginning to increase right now. 65 degrees. no rain drops right now on the golden gate bridge. but that will be fast approaching as we hit wednesday. everybody with a chance of rain. notice the temperatures dropping after mid to upper 70s yesterday. also today record-setting heat down to 67 in the south bay peninsula, 66. san francisco 65. in the north bay expecting 62 degrees. what about the exact timeline of this? you can see 9:00 a.m. for tomorrow nothing in terms of heavy rainfall expected but possibly some areas of scattered shower developing in marin, napa and sonoma county. at 2:30 we'll start to see things beginning to pick up as the cold front approaches.
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but it really looks about the evening hours for some of that heaviest rainfall developing for middle town and calistoga, san francisco and half moon bay. it's a storm system that will hit everyone down here towards the south bay where some of the heavier rainfall. coming up throughout the hour we have full details on rainfall amounts. we'll take you to the temperature trends. you can see in san francisco you'll stay in the 60s all the way through next monday. for places like san jose you're going to see numbers go back up eventually by sunday and monday we'll see 70s starting to return. and we'll also see 70s beginning to come back here across livermore by sunday and monday as well. again in about 25 minutes we'll have details on how much rainfall and yes, big-time sierra snow and those expected totals as well. >> that's some good news. thanks, jeff. also ahead, california's commercial crab season is still in limbo. why crabbers say it might be worth it just to wait a little longer. plus the pains that come with bart's south bay expansion and the area drivers may want to
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at sleep train's presidents day sale, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same-day delivery. hurry! sleep train's presidents day sale ends sunday. candidate llary clint has a two billion doll plan to ght raciale happening now across our digital platforms, presidential candidate hillary clinton has a $2 billion plan to fight racial inequality. watch her talk about the details on and who's best in show? check out the stars of the westminster dog show as they compete for the top dog award in new york city tonight. we have pictures on our achpp. we're back in a moment. bart's "south bay expansion" is
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silicon valley drivers-- starting tonight. ===take map=== overnight road-work there are some growing pains. bart's expansion is going to slow down silicon valley drivers tonight. it will begin on montague express way and pavement, stripings and remarks will be removed. temporary changes will be made reduction montague to three lanes. the constructions is expected to last about ten days. bad weather could affect that timeline. as you heard jeff saying, rain is in our forecast. bart is urging drivers to be careful and patient when driving through these areas. giving up your bus seat for a senior citizen or disabled passenger is now the law in san francisco. but punishment for violating that law is changing. not for adults, though. the fine is still $112. but for kids, the fine was nearly $400 when handled through
6:27 pm
the courts. it's expected to be slashed to $56 tonight, about half of what adults pay. the cost of california's high-speed rail project climbing higher but the final price tag is still unclear. that's the bottom line for today's hearing. the cost was first estimated at 69 billion. finance officials told rail board members today that the project could need another $150 million. just for the first phase near fresno. officials say the figures were only a warning to the board, not an actual indication that the costs have gone up. critics say the bottom line is they need more transparency. >> i'm hearing the same thing today that i've heard before. people coming up, asking questions, specifics, some are general. but they're asking for answers to some questions that are bothering them. perhaps it's time to answer some of these questions. >> high-speed rail is expected to cut the travel time between san francisco to los angeles in half. and it's expected to be up and
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running by 2029. a man hit with this blow dart while walking on the golden gate bridge shares his story with nbc bay area. i'm mark matthews at the bridge. we'll have the story coming up. tonight, we're hearing directly
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from a tourist hit by a blow >> a stroll along the golden gate bridge ends in a bizarre crime. tonight we're hearing directly from a tourist hit by a blow dart. april medina was visiting san
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francisco from mexico when he and another tourist were suddenly struck by blow darts. nbc bay area's mark matthews is on the bridge with medina's story and the latest on the chp's attempt to figure out who's firing those darts. mark. >> reporter: jessica, able medina is back in mexico tonight. we spoke with him via skype. he was in san francisco last week for a conference and with a group from that conference went for a stroll on the bridge. abel medina says he was nearing the north end of the bridge when it happened. a needle from a blow gun hit him in the left leg just above the knee. >> translator: it didn't bleed i guess because it was a direct hit like an injection. >> reporter: he told us his leg is recovering but he is worried about what might have been on the dart. >> translator: right now what i feel is just slight pain. it did go into my body about two inches. >> reporter: the chp says it doesn't believe the dart was poisoned. it is running tests on the needle. they told medina it could be a couple of weeks before the
6:32 pm
results are in. he calls that frustrating. in the meantime, investigators are reviewing videotape from the bridge's surveillance cameras. but the bridge manager admits they don't show much. >> this is literally a needle in a haystack. it's really really difficult to try to pick anything of significance out of the crowds. >> reporter: reaction from visitors to the bridge today is what you'd expect. >> that's bizarre. >> that's disgusting. >> who would expect such a thing? >> reporter: medina said he would like to come back to san francisco, but it is hard to shake off the random attack. >> translator: it's too bad that these things happen. you don't wish that on anybody. all we wanted to do was have a good time. >> reporter: abel medina says there was a woman walk near him that was also hit with a dart. he believes he remembers her saying that she was from canada. authorities with the chp have told bridge folks that they want to come back and have another look at the surveillance video. there are 200 surveillance
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cameras on the golden gate bridge. one other point, blow darts, blow guns, they are banned in california. reporting from the golden gate bridge, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mark. the official search has been suspended for a prominent north bay attorney who disappeared over the weekend. steven mitchell hasn't been seen since saturday morning. his phone was traced to bodega bay where searchers found his abandoned car on sunday. they found clothing outside the car. mitchell is a well-known attorney and was recently hired to represent the parents of anthony lopez killed. a solemn tribute today for a slain richmond police officer. an honor guard procession as
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officer vegas was shot and killed in his home last week. he was off duty. the father of his grandson, robert vega, is accused of the murder. vegas was a 15-year veteran of the police force. he will be honored friday morning at a public memorial in richmond. another east bay police department is mourning the death of one of its own. pittsburg police officer donny peerman suddenly passed away yesterday. nbc bay area has learned peerman was working off duty security at the sun valley mall in concord when he spotted a shoplifter. while chasing that suspect he collapsed from a heart attack and died. peerman has been with the pitsburg police department for more than 22 years. waiting game continues. the opening of the commercial dungeness crab season will take longer. the task force is considering whether to lift the ban. the season as you may remember was put on hold after potentially deadly toxins were
6:35 pm
found in crabs because of warmer ocean temperatures. but conditions are getting better. and our recreational crab fishing was lifted last week but many in the industry say the demand has been outdone. >> the demand has dropped off tremendously. because people have a fear for eating crab. even though it's been deemed safe, they're still faearful of it. >> the task force is looking at a few options on commercial crab fishing including opening one each region at a time as conditions improve. most crashes say that would be a mistake saying it would be better to wait until all the crabbing sites are in the clear. here we go. sharp elbows and heavy tliks continues in south carolina. four days to go before the republican primary. it appears a two-tiered contest. trump versus cruz at the top with the others fighting to stay alive. let's bring in nbc's steve handelsman with the latest from washington.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: donald trump in greenville today. at a rally in augusta, trump called up a supporter. >> donald trump, you're the best we got by far. >> reporter: he's leading by 18 in south carolina polls. >> so let's go get em. >> reporter: to survive past saturday's primary, jeb bush needs trump seen as a joke. >> i'll be a commander in chief, not an agitator in chief, not a blow hard in chief. >> reporter: in the state with so many active duty and retired military, ted cruz promised a bigger u.s. fighting force. >> with greater capacity to take on our adversaries. let me be clear. we will not go picking fights around the globe. >> reporter: marco rubio picked a fight, charging cruz voted against military expansion. >> he's very weak on national security. he knows that's a liability in south carolina. >> reporter: more than half of south carolina democrats are black. >> we'd just like to be treated fair. >> reporter: hillary clinton courted african-american leaders in york. >> my campaign is really about breaking every barrier. >> reporter: bernie sanders with black clergy in south carolina.
6:37 pm
>> when we talk about inequality, it goes without saying that the african-american community is suffering even more. >> reporter: sanders trails clinton by 21 in an any poll. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. the emergence of the zika virus is changing the protocol for donating blood. there is no indication the virus has entered the u.s. blood supply. but the fda changed its guidelines as a precaution. now, anyone who's been exposed to the virus or traveled to areas where the zika virus is actively spreading can no longer donate blood, at least for a month. the same rules apply for their sexual partners. . mosquitoes are the main way zika is transmitted. researchers have linked the virus to severe birth defects. coming up here at 6:00, patients who can't afford their medication now have a new place to turn. the first of its kind pharmacy in the south bay offering free meds to anyone in need. plus normally teslas sell
6:38 pm
for about 80 grand. we'll show you the tesla you can buy for less than $1,000. street. stocks climbed higher,
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6:40 pm
foow a lot of smiles. another positive day on wall street. stocks climbing higher following friday's good finish. remember yesterday was a holiday. the dow up more than 200 points. the s&p and nasdaq also up. yahoo! is teaming up with warren buffett to make sure anyone can get into his legendary shareholders meeting. about 40,000 people attend berkshire hathaway's annual event in omaha, nebraska. it's often described as an investors' carnival. the next meeting is april 30th. this year yahoo! will stream the
6:41 pm
day-long event live to anyone who wants to check it out around the world. taxing medical marijuana on a state level. a state senator says his plan would bring california at least $100 million every year. sonoma county senator mike mcguire is pursuing a 15% state tax on medical marijuana sales. some of the money raised, he says, would go to drug and alcohol treatment programs. cities currently set their own taxes on medicinal marijuana. junior can now get behind the wheel of his own tesla. palo alto electric carmaker created a pint-sized version. it operates off a smaller version of tesla's powerful lithium ion battery and comes in the same colors as the real luxury sedan. the car is for kids 3 to 8 years old. it goes 3 to 6 miles per hour. the price? $500. it is now available for preorder and delivery is expected in may. >> i think i can fit in it. so i am going to get myself one. >> you know where that could be perfect, jess. >> i'm going to get a red one,
6:42 pm
too. >> yeah. the h.o.v. lane. because you can't go much faster than that in the bay area. >> exactly. >> i'm just saying. >> we can finally afford a tesla. >> i'm going to cruise around the nbc bay area parking lot. >> you can feely fit in it, too. >> oh, my gosh. >> help us out here. i like the tesla kids driving those cars. >> super cute. we had some rainfall to wash away the pollen falling on cars. we have more on that in a few minutes. o problem. a
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south bay pharmacy is offering free prescriptions to those in need. ==raj//2 shot== thi i okay. no insurance no problem. a south bay pharmacy is offering free prescriptions to those in need. >> this is not just any drugstore here. it's the first of its kind in the state. janelle wang has more details. sounds very interesting. >> reporter: yes, it is, raj and jessica. it's called the better health pharmacy and medications are donated. instead of throwing away medications perfectly good medications are going to people who otherwise couldn't afford them. it's making a big impact.
6:45 pm
>> i know how expensive medication is. >> reporter: it's a dreadful feeling cynthia anderson says anyone who's falling on tough times can understand. she was laid off of her job. soon after her husband suffered a stroke >> it was terrible. i thought oh, it's my fault that we don't have the insurance and everything. but we came here and we brought all of his prescriptions. we left the same day with more than half the medications that he needed. >> reporter: since the soft opening in august, the better health pharmacy in san jose has helped about 400 patients with 700 prescriptions with no charge and no co-pay. >> nothing. we paid absolutely nothing. >> reporter: today is the full opening of the state's first drug donation pharmacy. >> so this has been an effort that's been under way for ten years. >> we've got perfectly good unused medications on one side of town. and we've got folks who are desperately in need on the other side of town. >> reporter: each year, california nursing homes throw away about $100 million worth of
6:46 pm
medications. now instead of being destroyed, unused, unopened drugs for depression, stroke, heart disease and other illnesses will come here to the nonprofit to be recycled at no cost to taxpayers. anyone, no matter their income, is welcome. >> as long as you have a valid i.d., valid prescription from a physician, nothing will stop you from using our pharmacy. >> reporter: pharmacists say they hope guilt will keep people who can afford their own medications from taking from others who need it. also no controlled substances like prescription painkillers are available at this pharmacy. >> that's a good idea. thank you, janelle. the mercury level in rain appears to be rising across parts of north america. a new study led by a chemist at u.c. santa cruz found coal-burning power plants in asia may be partly to blame for the problem. those plants create mercury emissions to help travel around the world in the atmosphere. mercury from contaminated rain can wind up in the food we eat
6:47 pm
especially in fish. it's especially a concern for pregnant women. mercury can damage the nervous system of a developing fetus. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff rainieri giving us a timeline now when this rain's coming in as opposed to the morning commute or maybe tomorrow evening's commute. >> there's been so much build up to this rainfall finally getting here because of the dry spell we've had most recently. but you should know all of the four major forecast models continue to show rainfall by tomorrow afternoon also tomorrow evening. you can see in advance of that storm system 69 right now in san jose, cloud cover increasing as we head through tomorrow morning's forecast. nothing in terms of heavy rainfall for the south bay. 57 degrees. partly sunny sky. possibly a few spotty showers for the peninsula and maybe a few drops for san francisco and also the north bay. let's get you to the timeline on this. by 11:00 a.m. we'll start to see scattered showers develop out ahead of the cold front throughout the north bay peninsula, san francisco. and likely not too much there for san jose or the east bay for the morning hours. once we hit 6:30 in the evening
6:48 pm
tomorrow, that's when the cold front arrives. you can see this bright banding here that will happen as that storm system arrives with some heavier pockets of rainfall. it's really about 6:30 in the evening on wednesday right through 10:00 at night. and last on tap to get that rainfall will be san jose, morgan hill, also for gilroy. but eventually you'll get something. now by thursday's forecast we'll see some scattered showers linger throughout thursday morning and also through the midday hours. now, rainfall totals have started to pick up with this storm system. that is the good news right now. yesterday we only had about .25 inch for the entire by area. now it's showing more a quart to a half inch rainfall. san jose about.5 inch, nearly the same in san francisco, napa and also santa rosa. everybody getting just about the same thing. decent amounts of rain coming our way. temperatures will be colder. the other thing you'll have to worry about with these abrupt changes are gusty winds. it will be an event through
6:49 pm
tomorrow. wind gusts 15 to about 30 miles per hour beginning at 7:00 a.m. some of the highest gusts at half moon bay 36-mile-per-hour gusts. toward san jose maybe 27 and 7:00 a.m. then you can see as we head throughout the afternoon and evening hours we'll continue with these winds of about 15 to 30 miles per hour. so that could be good enough to bring down some trees and maybe even some power outages. let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout wednesday. you can see the 60s we can expect across the south bay. 68 specifically in san jose for the peninsula, not too much change here with the 60s in palo alto. in san francisco we'll go with 63 across the marina. not too much change across the microclimates tomorrow. but again, in abrupt and drastic difference from that record-setting heat lately. napa, santa rosa, mill valley, best chance of some of the heaviest rainfall. gustiest winds and coldest temperatures. santa rosa at 60 and mill valley at 62. once we get past wednesday and
6:50 pm
also thursday's system, another chance of some scattered rain on friday. and march still looks like above-average chances of rainfall at this point. so with that current storm moving in for tomorrow, as we finish it out tonight, sierra snow is always the big question with our drouchlt that's the number one way we can rebound from the drought. current model projectionses show at least one to two feet of snow. if you're headed that way this upcoming weekend good news for you, there. >> that sounds great. thanks, jeff. coming up a significant pay cut for the commissioner of the nfl. also the sharks one of the best road teams in the nhl open up a five-game road trip in tampa this evening. jim kozimor joins us next. announcer: through sunday
6:51 pm
at sleep train's presidents day sale, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same-day delivery. hurry! sleep train's presidents day sale ends sunday. in carmel, now h a new home...
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6:53 pm
in the midwest. the 10-we o from california to the windy city, the sea otter pup stranded in carmel has a new home in the midwest. she arrived in chicago where she'll live at the shedd aquarium. the monterey bay area had been caring for the otter. the aquarium now says there may be a record number of sea of ter strandings this year in california because of el nino conditions. but this little girl has a new home. >> very cute. let's bring in jim kozimor now from our comcast sportsnet news room. we saw ahmed faried from spring training earlier in the newscast. now we're talking sharks hockey. how are you doing, jim? >> we're all over the board. i thought you were going to say speaking of cute but no. sea otters. >> you're adorable. >> i'm going to chicago to see that otter. nothing and i mean absolutely nothing makes me think of hockey like sun-splashed skies and palm trees swaying in the breeze. sharks opening a five-game road
6:54 pm
trip in sunny tampa, florida. second period sharks down one. marc-edouard vlasic with a pass. joel ward tees it up and scores. vlasic eighth straight game with assist. tied at one. later joe thornton behind the net with a one-timer. 2-1 san jose avenue. but two minutes later, cedric paquette steps back, bombshell. that's where granny keeps the vodka bottle. now sharks up 3-2 third period. 49ers see upgrades all over the field and get one on the offensive line. 2010 first round pick anthony davis stepped away from the game in 2015 but he has guaranteed he would return this year. he's not filed for reinstatement, though, and a source says there is no timetable for his return. stay with football. the nfl has tax-exempt status. therefore they list the pay of the commissioner goodell made 34.1 million in 2014. the nfl made 11 billion in
6:55 pm
revenues. that same year goodell has made 185.8 million since 2006. we call that rainiery month. ronda rousey, one of the toughest women on the planet. but when she lost her ufc title fight in november to holly holme, she considered killing herself. she told that to ellen degeneres on tuesday's show. in a hospital after the fight rousy thought no one would care about her without that title. she credits her boyfriend for helping her through that moment. you can of course see "ellen" here on nbc bay area. if you're like me, you're ready to watch the reigning world champion golden state warriors back in action for the second half of the season. a look at their ten games coming up when the all-star break is finally over for them. they have a six-game roady, of the ten opponents they play seven are playoff caliber teams including two showdowns with the thunder in a five-day span. if the warriors go 25-5 the rest of the season they'll set a new nba record for the most wins with 73 total.
6:56 pm
and that will do it for our side in sports. rainiery money, jeff. >> we call it rainiery money because i can make it rain. >> oh. >> that's it. >> that's it. >> good comeback, jeff. >> oh, my gosh. >> he likes to do that when everyone else's mikes are down. he's a fun guy. >> all right. >> you got the forecast for us? >> real rain coming, too. >> jim's a good guy. tomorrow morning's forecast, 53 with spotty showers in the north bay. for the south bay 57 and partly sunny. as we head through tomorrow we do expect rain to return. some of the heaviest rainfall 10:00 to 12:00 tomorrow evening. sierra snow definitely over a foot forecast as well. >> have a great evening. >> we hope to see you at 11:00.
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these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands that sew the seeds of business growth, that weave the data, and find the perfect spot to thrive. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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taylor swift's new grammy grenade for kanye. did bieber's guitar botch adele's performance? sir paul mccartney turned away at an after party? >> our special coverage on -- >> the grammys with "extra." >> taylor takes aim at kanye. >> there are going to be people who will try to take credit for your accomplishments. >> swift backstage with beyonce and selena. >> oh, my god! >> a.j. and tracy with all the candid moments you didn't see. sophia's sexy warm-up in her dressing room. and new video seconds after her music video debut. what she yelled to blake. then our grammy fashion breakdown. demi versus carrie in a di


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