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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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a triple shooting. at this for answers.ce are scrambling =raj/2shot= good evening, i'm . breaking news in the east bay. at this hour police are scrambling for answers. good eveni. >> we've learned the teens were sitting in a car when suddenly a gunman opened fire. this happened at 7:30 tonight at the intersection of parker and san pablo avenue.
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cheryl hurd is live at the scene for us. >> reporter: we're learning all three victims are from berkeley, the oldest 19, the youngest just 16 years old. neighbors told me tonight when they heard gun fire, they all ducked for cover. >> bullet gun casings mark the spot where the shots were fired. >> the victims were sitting in a vehicle here at parker street. we're not specific if it was a drive-by or somebody walked up and shot into the vehicle. >> reporter: three young men in their late teens were seated in that car, two in serious condition, one has non-life threatening injuries. >> we have our crime scene unit here processing the team. >> reporter: there is a possibility there was more than one shooter and right now police are looking for a motive. >> we would look to see if there is any type of gang ties to
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this. those are some. things investigators will look at to answer. >> reporter: people who live around here are shy about being on camera but one ma who has lived here for a decade said this is unusual. >> we're going to be updating this story throughout the night and across our digital platforms. you can also sign up for our breaking news alerts. just download our free app. >> what investigators could learn from phone records if this actually works. >> reporter: the fbi believes that apple can help them. because of today's court order,
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apple will help get the information off that terrorist cell phone, information the fbi believes could prevent another terrorist attack. 14 killed, 22 wounded in december of last year during the terrorist attack in san bernardino. the fbi has the cell phone the farook. the court ordered apple to modify the system to access the information. >> reporter: thomas austin says the fbi request is reasonable. the concern is protecting the methods used to circumvent the phone security from falling into the wrong hand.
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>> if law enforcement could get access to everybody's device, the first thing the bad guys would do would be to install something else. there's no way to stop that. >> they say apple went to case perhaps knowing it did not have a good chance to win. >> they want to ensure their shareholders and their customers they're taking all great strides and lengths to protect their privacy. >> reporter: when you're dealing with national security, that should come first. people's lives matter. >> as for what information may be on that terrorist cell phone -- >> it's the unknown that they think could be there that would lead them to a further investigation or lead them somewhere down the road that would help prevent another attack. >> reporter: i reached out to apple tonight for a comment and i have not heard back from them. i did ask special agent harp what took so long to get this case resolved? it took more than two months. he said sometimes the wheels of justice turn slowly. live from cupertino.
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>> the eagles of death band returned to france to finish the concert that was stopped by terrorists. >> and fighting going on in the north bay. the graphic video is raising questions. what was the reaction from students who witnessed the fight and what is facebook doing with this video? jean elle, that facebook is getting a lot of attention.
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>> reporter: the school is now reacting, calling and notifying parents. >> a school fight is caught on cell phone video, posted online and then goes viral. >> who is that girl? >> the girl is from creek side high school. the boy is from sonoma valley. they are separate schools that share a campus. >> i think it's kids being kids. >> sonoma county parents like this woman know about the video. >> i think the parents of the children should definitely be involved, but as far as everyone else, once again, i think it's just blown out of proportion. >> with people on the internet weighing in on the campus violence, district officials issued a robo call to high school parents alerting them to the altercation, saying that he asked facebook to removed the
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individuvideo but it refused. >> reporter: some parents say they feel safe on campus. others say they believe there are too many fights here at sonoma high school. they are following discipline procedures when it comes to those involved in the fight. >> pretty dramatic video. now to a major change in the weather. can you say good-bye to the sunshine and hello to the cold and rain. here's a live look at san bruno. no storm just yet but it is on its way. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is with us. what do you think about the morning commute? >> any kind of heavy rain will be avoiding us. this high pressure to the south is beginning to fade and that will allow the cold front to arrive and it will bring a decent amount of rainfall to the area.
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like live winds gusting as high as 24 miles per hour in redwood city, also gusting to about 24 in san jose. it will be the strongest at the coastline. and the wind event will stay through the afternoon. that's why we think we could have power out aages and maybe trees down. we're tracking details on the rain storm and also the possibility of snow. >> he's no stranger to crime, the man arrested in the triple shooting in san francisco's twin peaks was involved if another high-profile bay area case. richard contreras shot and
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killed two people at the twin peeks lookout sunday. he was arrested in richmond yesterday. contreras is a convicted felon. in 2014 he served jail time for crashing a stolen car into a transit bus, forcing that bus into a home. 20 people were hurt. >> pittsburgh mourns the loss of a veteran police officers. >> every time we'd see him, we'd say, hey, buddy, every time. i thought he was great time gooi. >> he was always doing great stuff for the community. >> he leaves behind an 8-year-old son. >> a special tribute at the u.s. supreme court today. the chair of the late justice
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antonin scalia draped in black wool. it's a tradition date back to the 19th century. he died on saturday at the age of 79. this has triggered an intense debate about nominating a judge to replace scalia. president obama isn't waiting. >> the constitution is pretty clear about what is supposed to happen now. when there is a vacancy on the supreme court, the president of the united states is to nominate someone. the senate is to consider that nomination. >> that's the president speaking from an asian nation summit near palm springs. republicans say they will block mr. obama and any nominee he puts forward. they believe the next president should not name scalia's successor. >> i'm not in it. >> california's attorney general says she's not interested in
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scalia's seat and said she is focused on her senate run. >> the work of the united states supreme court made a difference on whether i'd be standing here as attorney general of california or not. it was the united states supreme court that made the decision on brown v. board of education. >> she says she is hoping to replace senator barbara boxer this november. >> it's hard to explain. come in to get something that gets you to temperatures below the temperatures of the moon. >> cryio therapy is exploding in popularity. does this new health therapy work? >> a bizarre attack on the
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golden gate bridge. >> and what doctors say about this young colt. >> pollen is way up in the bay area. we are tracking a storm system moving closer right now. we'll have details on how much rain fall is coming out of there th. that's coming up in about six minutes.
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for valentine t no surgery, just rehab. it's the best possible news valentine, the rescued foal. they found he has a fracture in his hip, which will need four to six months of therapy. >> that's fantastic for him. this is about him. the fact that he doesn't have to have surgery -- >> it is a big plus.
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>> fremont firefighters rescued him from a ravine where he was stuck for two days. nobody knows who his owner is or where his mommy is. >> and the dungenes crab season was put on hold. they will open restaurants one at a time as conditions improve. >> a man and another tourist were walking on the bridge last friday after when they were hit. >> it didn't bleed. i guess like it was a direct
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hit. i feel slight pain. >> the department of justice is testing those darts, but it could be a couple of weeks before those results are in. investigators are reviewing surveillance video but the video does not reveal much at this point. >> first it was chillin elite athletes now cryotherapy is going mainstream. >> this hot trend is raising e eyebrows in the medical community. >> it's been used by professional athletes in you're for more than 30 years. it's growing in popularity in america but the science is still shaky on this cooling experience you have to see to understand. >> getting cold in there? >> yeah. >> forget ice baths. those aren't cold enough. centers like this one in willow glen are dropping the temp colder than anywhere on earth. jason has chilled out for the
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past six months in cryotherapy sessions. >> i used to run but after a block and a half, it would get so tight i'd have to stop and stretch. >> you strip down to your underwear, put on boots and gloves and a roll and in the meantime, the own are starts cooling the chamber. you step in, take off the robe, liquid nitrogen is pumped into the chamber around you. temperatures inside drop to around 250 degrees below zero and it lasts up to three minutes. >> the cold is pretty intense, you just kind of slow your breathing. >> the machines shuts off after three minutes as a safeguard. >> weeks says it decreases inflammation and helps weight
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loss. >> some professional athletes swear by it, including many players who cryo'd on the way to the championship. >> i don't really recommend it. >> he's a former medical director. >> we don't have a lot of research on it. the research out there is not very skrouconvincing. >> with excessive cold, you might not get the soreness, but you're not going to get the benefits from that workout. >> cryo therapy is not fda approved and there is very little overtight. the california department of consumer affairs says it's not regulated there and are no plans to regulate cryo therapy right
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now. ryan week essays he wees says hy oversight in the industry. he'll stay cool believing whatever happens, this has enormous benefit. >> what does it cost? typically from 40 to 65 per three-minute session. anyone who wants to buy and operate one of those machines must be trained and certified by the manufacturer. ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, ian. shall we get one here in the newsroom? >> i say we just wait until it's cold outside. jeff, you say that's right around the corner? >> yes. tomorrow morning bottom line, we're not expecting any kind of heavy rainfall for the community. with you we can rule out showers nor the north bay and the peninsula. temperatures in the 50s to
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start. let's take to you the futurecast. 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, a few of the scattered showers developing into the north bay. really it's from 6:30 tomorrow night with some heavier pockets of rain developing through about 10:00. that's the heaviest rainfall moving across. morgan hill, san jose, gill roy, last on the list to get this rain and by thursday we'll continue to hold on to this chance here. and then also through the midday. here as the thing, though. now models are bringing in a potential system for friday. it's not a lot but we'll keep a chance here of scattered rain at least through friday's forecast. how much rain with our storm system tomorrow? the great news sts number continue to trend upward nap is fantastic, considering most of the bay area has only had abo about .05 so far this month.
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.3 in san jose, near a half hinch in san francisco. here is the reality check. from upper 70s and low 80s the past few days, down to 68 for your high in san jose. for the peninsula pacifica 62 and san francisco in the 60s. no party where you're going, there's not a huge difference in our temperatures. don't forget the wind for tomorrow, gusts 15 to 40 miles per hour. so we have the storm system for tomorrow, a chance of scattered rain on friday. how about sierra snow.
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at least one to two feet of snow. squaw valley may get 29 inches, kirkwood 24, just what we need to help this drought out slowly but surely. >> thank you, jeff. guns and politics. jeb bush's twitter post drawing a lot of attention today. >> and we have jimmy. >> we have rhonda rousey and pit bull, joe perry and traffic barker. we're in l.a. all week. it's good. >> happening on our digital platforms, breaking news out of berkeley. someone shot three teen-agers. go to nbc bay for an update. and two keys to cracking down on break-ins in the south bay, social media and security cameras. that's on facebook. we're back in a moment. four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth--
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=vo= he tweeted out this picture of his gun with just one word: jeb bush's attempt to show the country where he stands on gun rights has critics ridiculing hill. he tweeted out a photo of a gun with just one move, "america." but the move back fired. some people started tweeting pictures like this one, an earth gun. one tweeted a map of the united states saying, no, sir, this is the picture of gun, this is america. >> this week we spent some time with jimmy, who is back on the west coast.
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jimmy fallon is back in the sunshine with a lot to celebrate. tell me about jimmy fallon. >> he's a great guy, great kid, his ratings are through the roof, fantastic. he's very talented and i think he's going to do good in this business. >> fallon has been number one in the ratings ever since taking over for jay leno. >> at this point i'm look on auto pilot. people are doing crazy stuff just because they want to have fun. i'm like great, i'm totally there. i'm always ready for a party. >> it means a lot to you. is there a pressure? getting on top is within thing, staying on top is another thing? >> not really. it's just a job. i talk to jay leno every now and again. he's like hang in there, man, keep doing fun stuff. you enjoy it, people can see it. it's still fun for us.
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>> his in-laws are in mill valley. he said one of these days he's going to bring the "tonight show" here to the bay area. >> and you're his bff so i know you're going to get a ticket.
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chamions ague vo - giel sotelo . good evening. the san jose sharks continue to better their impressive road record as they beat the tampa bay lightning tonight 4-2. this is win number 19 away from the sap center, which puts the sharks just 4 points back from the kings in the pacific division. they'll get the night off tomorrow as coach peter deboer prepares to face his old team. >> and cavani scored a goal to
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give his team a slight advantage, 2-1 over chelsea. in march we'll see if the one-goal lead can hold up at stamford bridge. more news after the break. =jess/3-shot= thanks for
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joining us jeff's been hoping for rain and we're finally goabout to ge it. >> as soon as we hit 2:30, it begins to pick up on a clip with the main event on the coastline, beginning at 6:30. really 6 through 10 tomorrow night will be the worst of it. but is it will be windy all day. watch out on the morning community for the wind. >> have a great day tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- zach galifianakis, ronda rousey,


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