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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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outraged by terrorism--- but unwilling to create a the strong wordsent. ose are outraged by terrorism but unwilling to create dangerous precedent, those are the strong words from apple ceo tim cook, who posted a public letter making his case to reject a court order. after a triple shooting, teenagers shot in their car only a couple miles from the uc berkeley campus and now two fighting for their lives. heavy winds kicking up across the bay area as we see our first wet weather in a couple of weeks. waiting for the storm. today in the bay starts right now. >> a very good wednesday morning to you. you made it halfway through that work week. >> we will see that wet weather.
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it has not arrived just yet. kari hall join us with the timeline. good morning. >> good morning. we won't see that rain for most of us until this afternoon. we do start out with clouds. as you step out the door, you see the winds picking up. look at the temperatures, mild in the east bay, now 67 degrees. you don't need a jacket this morning. you see temperatures holding steady into the low to mid-60s as the rain moves in by midday or this evening. i'll detail the timeline and we'll look at the radar. let's see what's happening on the roads with mike. >> i turned the camera from the bay area to the bay bridge. in the last few minutes they cleared it. no more problems to san francisco. there's a look at your tunnel. pretty much the speed limit
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around the bay. i'll get more information from chp and return. back to you. this morning, apple is not cracking to the pressure to efforts to unlock the cell phone used by one of the bay terror t terrorists. >> apple ceo, ktim cook, is really digging his heels in this one. >> reporter: he is. good morning, apple ceo, tim cook, refusing to unlock the cell phone of one of the san bernardino shooters citing precedent. today, he issued a letter saying why his company will fight a magistrate's order to unlock the cell phone of farook.
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verbts are trying to access data for a month and a half before to the attack and can't because farook may have disabled th the icloud feature. he wants them to back door the ios operating system that would bypass the security currently found on alliphones. cook says it would be the equivalent of a master key that would unlock millions of other phones and points out there's no guarantee the government could or would keep the so-called master key confined to the terrorist iphone. this is tim cook. we are challenging the fbi's demands with the deepest respect for american democracy and love of our country. we believe it would be in the best interest of everyone to step back and consider the implications of everyone unquote. cook went on to write it has no sympathy for terrorists and has cooperated with the fbi when it
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comes to providing data already in the company's possession and making apple engineers available for expert advice. recording live, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. 4:34. berkeley police trying to find out what led to the shooting of three teenagers last night. >> they were in san pablo avenue and don't believe the shooting was random and don't know much about the gunman including if he was in the car or on foot. >> reporter: >> we will look at gang ties to see whether victims or suspects may be related to that. >> as we said, the three victims, all teenagers, two in serious condition, the other not suffering life-threatening
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injuries. a man charged with shooting and killing an eastbound bay police officer makes his first court appearance, robert vega accused of killing a police officer in vallejo last week. officer vegas was the grandfather of the suspect's son, also a 15 year veteran of the richmond police force. he will be honored friday morning in richmond. tensions expected to be high again tonight at san francisco city hall. the focus once again for new protocol how police handle confrontations with expects. the commission -- with suspects. the commission will draft a new policy. it continues with the death of mario woods the alleged stabbing suspect shot and killed by police last december. the public's frustration and anger boiled over surrounding the idea of san francisco police officers being armed with stun guns. >> we almost forgot what it
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looks like, nope, i'm reminded of green on the radar. >> there is rain coming our way, a welcome sight. >> absolutely. especially after dealing with record high temperatures these past few days and we will put an end to that today. this is the reason why. the showers in the northbound headed out, as you get closer, we see light sprinkles in santa rosa and north of santa rosa on 101. watch out for that. there may be slick spots. >> we also may have wind and especially hills where we may have gust ups to 50 miles an hour and could cause tree damage and power outages. let's see what's happening through the east bay with mike. >> reporter: first we look at the cameras and already trembling and chp said watch out on the bridge and got what you
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see on your commute. approaching coliseum. i've been watching these lights and no one swerving or moving out of their lanes. just a note, chp didn't know that as well. that's about it for the bay. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, a high school fight is caught on camera and goes viral. does it cross any privacy lines? a brief fight on a high school
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camp - d the videof it we're about to show you - is suddenly a brief fight on a high
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school campus and video of it we're about to show you suddenly becoming a bigger issue because it has gone viral. sonoma high school said it happened last week showing a girl from creekside high pun punching and kicking a girl from sonoma valley high. both schools share a campus. it has been uploaded on facebook and shown thousands of times and has parents upset saying it should be a private matter. >> i think the parents of the children should be involved but as far as everyone else, i think it's blown out of proportion. >> the issue brings up issues about privacy in the digital age and they asked facebook to remove the video but they refused and stating school safety remains a top priority. he disappeared and failed to
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resurface even in court. multiple clients tell the investigative unit a south bay defense attorney dropped the ball on their cases and it landed them in legal limbo during the past year people from the bay area to l.a. to hawaii tried to get answers but their lawyer would not respond. they say clients are getting scammed by this so-called ghost attorney. >> based on my experience, he ripped them off. he takes your money and he runs and he hides. >> tonight at 11:00, the vehiclestive unit exposes court records why this liar -- lawyer -- excuse me -- might be on the run. if you have a tip for the investigative unit, send us an e-mail to what would you do to lose weight? saying this can do just that but
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had dire consequences elsewhere.
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everyone's been enjoying the spring-like weather we've been having, right? >> we are back to winter today. i am excited because we get rain, too. we need rain. it comes in the middle of the week. it's not interrupting your weekend plans. this is really good, as we take a live look outside at the bay bridge, we start out with gusty
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winds and may affect your drive. as we look at the 7-day forecast it will be coming up at the bottom of the screen. we start out this morning with very warm temperatures in spots. check out oakland, it is 67 degrees this early in the morning. san jose, 63. cool in some spots and we are starting to see rain in parts of the north bay. right now, very light rain and it will take a while before it works its way farther to the south and we will see that in a few more hours. this is the way it pans out as we go through the day. we will have gusty winds, spotty skies and spotty showers by about the lunchtime hour in san francisco and we will have heavy downpours and possibility of strong storms moving to the peninsula, south bay and east bay later on this evening. tonight, that rain tapers off. but we may still have a few
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spotty showers into the start of the day tomorrow. as far as how much rain we could see, it looks like anywhere from .4 of an inch to higher in santa rosa and maybe up to an inch of a rain. in the next few days, we have another one moving through, fizzles out, brings rain to the north bay and another one behind that that could move in as we get ready to start the new week but could be much cooler with highs in upper 50s to lower 60s warming up to 70 degrees. let's check in with mike to see how it goes as you go across the brid bridges. >> you showed the bay bridge where the chp said they had g t gusts of bridge to let you know what's coming. smooth driving, steady on the hayward side. the camera trembles a bit now
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andthen. now to show you activity on the roads. just fine from the san mateo bridge, the off-ramp not affected and the freeway not affected by a disabled vehicle. no problems right now. south bay, easy drive right now and the same thing yesterday and the rest of the week, some school districts not in session and you might see lighter traffic. no more 1$100 bills could soon be a reality if a treasury secretary has his way. >> no more benjamin frank lins. >> they just clutter your wallet, don't they, landon? >> i know. they're overflowing, i don't know what to do with them all but i will hold on to them in case they get rid of them. good to be back. the market may add to tuesday's gain.
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market higher and despite drop in oil prices and investors and tech names such as boeing as yahoo. $30 a barrel and housing starts on new home construction. rising 220 points tand inside u. saying it is time to get rid of the 1$100 bill and adding corruption makes it's easier for terrorists to move cash in large bills and says the u.s. government should stop issuing the largerlarger -- older 1$100 however the government says it has no plans to take them out of circulation. starbucks adding four new it items, the smoke vanilla latte
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and other versions and a spicy tereso and monterrey jack breakfast sandwich and chipotle. get them while you can and if you weren't hungry before you talked to me, i bet you're starving now. >> i did try the scotch butterscotch. >> are we talking about coffee right now? >> i don't know. crab season will take a little longer. the california task force announced it still considers lifting the ban. it was put on hold after experts found potentially deadly toxins in crabs and looking at a few options for commercial crab fishing including opening each region one by one as conditions improve. recreational crab fishing was reopened last week. one of the hottest bay area fads involve outrageously cold temperatures, cryotherapy going mainstream even though it's not fda approved or regulated by the
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state of california. it krofls stepping into a cryochamber filled with liq quit oxygen. temperatures can drop to below 250 degrees below zero and can lead to weight loss. >> we improve people's outlook on their day in less than three minutes. >> the problem is we don't have much research on it and the research out there is not very convin convincing. >> while the jury is still out on the practice's benefits. the death of a salon worker last year in a cryotherapy chamber and whether it's worth all those ri risks. this discovery pretty much outshines them all. a record find for the nation of angola, a spectacular 400.2
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karat diamond, almost 3 inches long. valued at $14 million. experts call it the 27th largest diamond ever discovered found recently in a diamond mine. what made it so rare it's virtually flawless making up less than 1% of the world's diamo diamonds. >> looks like a chunk of ice. >> no one would reject a marriage proposal with that diamond. >> that's not even what it ta takes. >> if they love you. >> among other things. coming up, an update on the foal's valentine's we told you yesterday morning and his recovery and support showed by the community. we are staying on top of a shooting in berkeley that sent three people to the hospital. a live report shortly. get the back story on our facebook page. ciara bracing for snow and our twitter page and the timeline and how much snow might fall. and the westminster dog show
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and the day belongs to c.j. pointer, the top dog. back in a few minutes.
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we're all smiles this morning, getting off to a very warm start before things get chan changing. >> much needed rain and snow in the sierra. we will see it coming down through the day. the dark shades of blue show heavy snow and what we will see for several hours there. there is a winter storm that will kick in at 7:00, up to 20-inches above 7,000 feet and we could have up to 22 inches in
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kingvale and lake tahoe up to 14 inches of snow. >> it could be an issue for some come back from what's called ski week in tahoe. the 580 looking great and we will see more traffic in the next couple hours than a normal day. south bay 101 san rafael hasn't seen slowing here. coming up in 20 minutes we may see the system coming in and maybe using the windshield wipers on the golden gate bridge. seeing the camera shake across from the shopping center at university avenue. we're talking winter-like conditions or lack thereof. yet to cause major damage to the bay area, one ripple effect is more homeowners with flood insurance.
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fema says more than 3,000 people are now covered for flood damage and some of that related to the el nino weather pattern, still active. fema plans to address the issues tied to el nino in oakland. new hope for the foul that captured hearts in the bay area -- the foal that captured hearts in this bay area. he was examined by some of the top doctors in the country. they found he does have a fracture near his hip which will need 4 to 6 months of therapy. >> that's fantastic for him. this is about him. the fact he doesn't have to have surgery. >> thousands of dollars were raised to help valentine with surgery that he no longer needs. animal services is now asking for public input to decide what to do with their funds. more than likely it will be used
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to fund to help valentine with his recovery effort. >> little way it's going to help the horse as he pulls through. >> little valentine. we can finally say it, laura, baseball is officially back, as and os reporting for spring training this week. >> pitchers and catchers report this morning to scottsdale stadium. new faces to look for. pitchers johnny quand sa marjah >> he has quite the jersey there. new giants fans are optimistic and predicting a world series for those two guys. >> those two smiles bolstered their pitching staff. you're wearing orange. coming up, protecting privacy rights in this country,
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apple protesting a court order to crack into the san bernardino shooters iphone, tim cook saying he will fight it and released a letter to the public just released overnight.
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just in overnight, apple's strong rebuke to a federal order for an iphone. three teens sitting in a car in a residential area shot last
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night. what versiinvestigators know so. and who may be behind this. you see all that green and rain on the way. today in the bay starts right now. as we monitor changing conditions, good morning, thank you for joining us this wednesday, i'm sam brock. >> i'm lawyura garcia gannon. >> let's look at your forecast. it's been a while since you saw rain come through. everyone will see it. >> it's been about two weeks since we had a good soaking rain across the bay area. the rain develops this morning and by this afternoon we will have widespread rain for the entire bay area. may not reach the south bay until 6:00 or 7:00 this evening. the winds will start to relax. i will


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