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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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strong winds... leads to downed trees and power outages across the bay area tonight. ===jess/2-shot=== good eng, i'm jessica aguirre. mathai. hot=== a i'm raj it moved in fast -- and will continue to cause some problems thru the night. ==raj/boxes== isz heavy rains and strong winds lead to downed trees. >> we have multiple reports this evening. cheryl should tracking this damage. >> we start with chief
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meteorologist jeff ranieri has the latest. >> there's still some heavier pockets of rainfall offshore. the consistent rainfall is starting to wind down. the one part that has been getting hit very hard the past hour, morgan hill down to gilroy. looks like your heavy coverage of rain still could last for about another 45 mournts is he. off to the north you can see it's more light to moderate throughout downtown san jose. also through campbell, back towards the eastern foothills, including ever green. now rainfall was impressive, in about a three to four-hour period, contra costa, al media county, accumulated .89, the peninsula another spot that saw a lot rain in a short amount of time, close to an inch in
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belmont and menlo park nearly a half inch. top wind gusts coming in from san francisco with 48 miles per hour, several other cities also saw winds in the 40s. fremont had winds at 36 miles per hour. even who that wasn't as high as a lot of the bay area, we find cheryl hurd in fremont. we still had damage with 36 mile-per-hour wind. >> reporter: that's right. heavy rain made visibility poor along highway 680. and the howling wind caused damage to this car. he got an unfortunate surprise when his boss told him to report
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to the office. >> this big tree fell and has taken out my back window. the rain just kept on coming dpepbury from huge palm trees litrd the street. several homes lost power. >> all of a sudden, it was dark. it was a brown-out so it wasn't completely dead, which is kind of hard on the equipment. i shut the power off it my whole house and went to get something to eat. >> it wasn't food but treats that brought a group of people to niles ice cream. >> we're indoors. it not raining in here. so it doesn't matter. >> it can be raining real hard, hailing, doesn't matter, ice cream is ice cream. >> whether it was enjoying ice cream or spending a few hours in the dark, everyone i talked to tonight says we need this rain. reporting live in fremont, i'm
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cheryl hurd. >> a lot of you are sending us some photos of the storm throughout the day and evening. i. the 67-year-old is scheduled to be sentenced a week from today. he pled guilty of conspiracy and he discussed the possibility of bringing weapons in the u.s. >> and it a battle between where
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to draw the line between national security and personal privacy. apple says it will not unlock the cell phone of the san bernardino terrorist shooter. terry, a lot of people seem to be siding with apple on this one. >> reporter: it would seem to be that way on session media certainly they agree with apple, that the hacking of one phone is the same as allowing law enforcement and maybe others to hack all iphones. >> people turned out to tell the fbi to keep your hands and your eyes off my cell phone. >> i don't think it worth compromising the security of hundreds of millions of iphone users around the world to extract the data from one phone. >> the fbi needs apple to
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circumvent the safety feature. but they say they should not be forced to breach security. the fbi says it's a matter of national security, the phone could dine critical information, maybe plans of another terror attack. senator dianne feinstein spoke on cnn's "the lead." >> now we've had this terrorist attack in my state where 14 people were killed and there is a phone encrypted that could yield additional information. >> it's a difficult issue. both sides have valid arguments. >> mark greenberg is professor of intellectual property law at golden gate law school in san francisco and said it's time the law caught up with the times. >> we sort of let technology get ahead of our legal system to the point where we can do tremendous things with technology but the privacy risks are huge and growing. >> apple is getting support from
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other tech companies. the c eo of google says the judge's order could set a troubling precedent. >> the bullet train is coming to san jose. tonight sources at city hall are confirming to us the high-speed rail will initially be built between san jose and bakers field. a formal announcement is expected to come friday. this is a key decision that benefits the station. this bullet train could be up and running. cal tran will likely accelerate its plans to electrify its plan. it can nearly double its
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capacity to 120,000 riders each day. >> tonight santa clara has a new may mayor. a well-known city council mem r member -- >> members of the santa clara city council say it's time to stop fighting and to start working together, signaling they're ready for a new chapter and tonight they have a new mayor. >> this duty upon which i'm about to enter -- >> after a unanimous city council vote, lisa gilmore is sworn in as santa clara's new mayor, replacing james ie matth. >> there's a definite mistrust in terms of the amount of development, the operations of the stadium.
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>> even her supporters gave her an earful about restoring trust. >> the general plan has been twisted and modified to the point that developers tell us what and where they were built. >> i know right now there's a lot of congratulations going forward. she wouldn't confirm published reports about a possible civil grand jury investigation into the misuse of public found pay for operation costs at levi stadium but says she plans to ask for an audit to answer questions about alleged violations of measure j. to make sure we are not using any general funds money, i'm going to propose an independent audit. >> a former san jose police officer accused of rape is tonight waiting to find out
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whether he'll stand trial again. the jury deliberating the fate of jeff riff gray is dead locked today forcing the judge to declare a mistrial. they say graves, while on duty took the woman away from her home, dropped her off at a hotel but then went back and raped her. gray's attorney said the sex was con se consentual. v vega is accused of killing a police officers ne. family members say the suspect often called officer vegas dad. >> for the first time in 88 years the president of the united states is headed to cuba. the white house will make this
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announcement tomorrow. president obama will visit cuba next month during his trip to latin america. >> based on my experience, he rips you off. he takes your money and he runs and hides. >> they trusted him to defend them but he disappeared instead. coming up next, the reasons a local lawyer puts bay area clients in a local hospital. >> and a lost wallet returned but not everything made it back to the owner. the unusual note explaining why. >> and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri.
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ra we'll have details for thursday and friday's forecast in about seven minutes trying to navigate the legal
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system. instead, his clients sa-- a local attorney took their money inestigative prucer liwagner joo . he's supposed to defend people navigating the legal system. instead they say he took their money and ran. >> liz has the details. so-called ghost lawyer. they say he disappeared when they needed him the most. >> disappeared and failed to resurface, even in court. during the past year they've tried to get answers but their attorney wouldn't respond. that put a lot of them in legal limbo and landed the lawyer in contempt. >> what he's doing it people is terrible. >> they say they were ignored,
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abandoned -- >> he can't be trusted, no. >> reporter: and defrauded. >> grabs your money and he's gone. can you not find him. >> reporter: by their attorney. these bay area residents needed help fighting dui charges. >> he said it was going to be a pretty simple case. >> reporter: this man speaking to us from hawaii wanted his record expunged they talked p turned to stop rated defense lawyer steven m. scully when you hired mr. scully, did you expect him to do his job? >> yes. >> reporter: did he? >> no. >> when i called him the first time, he was johnny on the spot. >> reporter: so he opened their wallet. that's when they say he disappeared. the dmv didn't receive anything. he fired him before things got worse. >> the court hearing is in a
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couple of weeks and he might not show up even there. >> reporter: in a number of i stan -- instances, scully didn't show up. he filedailed to show up for cl at least six times. the no-show put this couple in serious legal limbo. >> i had a bench warrant out for my arrest for $20,000. >> to face the possibility of ending up in jail because he failed to do the things i hired him do is frustrating. >> reporter: scott stevens said scully failed to respond to him even after 11 months and 50 e-mails. court records list scully as a
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former attorney general and half the cases he started last year in santa clara county alone. you'll find a pattern, complaints describing a lawyer repeatedly missing in action. >> the telephone service you have dialed is temporarily not in service. >> reporter: pay a visit to his office, you'll find it empty. the investigative unit agreed -- tracked him down and he agreed to tell us his side of the story. when we arrived at the place and time he chose, he was not are. on six different occasions he
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promised to call, send a statement, have a friend meet to us explain but he didn't keep his word. in november the san mateo county court reported him to the state bar and a judge found him in contempt twice. >> abandoning the a client would be among the worst kind of ethical violations. lawyers are held to a higher standard and are expected to behave with loyalty and with diligence. >> reporter: he says one of the chief complaints among clients is that attorneys move too slowly. with you he says behavior like scully as is far from the norm. >> the allegations you've described are certainly extreme and would, if proved true, result undoubtedly in bar discipline and perhaps malpractice liability on the part of a lawyer.
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>> reporter: scully's clients say they can at least give a piece of their mind. >> he shouldn't be able to practice law anymore. >> reporter: the wheels of justice often turn slowly pap cording to the california state bar, scully has no record of disblin the investigative union sit taking a closer look and will break down just how often the bar may let bad lawyers off the hook. you can stay tuned for that next week. >> cautionary tales for many people. >> give us a call at 888-996-tips or end us an e-mail. >> back to our chief meteorologist jeff rannieri. we also saw cheryl hurd in the east bay, it was dry at the time. >> we're dealing with the rainfall that was super heavy about three hours ago is beginning to move off toward the
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south. at least two lightning strikes over the past 30 minutes, it's a sign of more instability offshore. the most consistent rainfall we're tracking is across highway down towards gilroy. keep the umbrella close by, especially for tomorrow morni morning's forecast. biggest problem no doubt over the past 36 hours has been the gusty winds. it will stay gusty tomorrow. that's why we still may have some power outages and more trees down, especially from san francisco to about half moon bay, winds from 20 to 34 miles per hour. watch this, by the afternoon, we begin to see those winds calm down. it will be more from around 10 to 15 miles per hour. in terms of the rainfall, that's what i want to get to next.
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let's take a look at the futurecast. nothing major but still the chance here of maybe an isolated thunderstorm up until the north bay. possibly toward the south bay as well, it's just very scattered in nature. we'll see that chance continue until about 3-check 30 for tomorrow. it's not a big storm but we could get 0.1. scattered rain will p-- san jos in the mid 60. best chance of any thunderstorm activity would be nap,and also santa rosa. across the tri-valley, livermore comes in quite a bit cooler than we had just a day and a half ago. instead of low 80s, low 06s with
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63 for that official high. maybe you're ledding up to lake at that poe, two feet up at the summit. at least 108 inch base at squaw valley and also alpine meddous. the rain chances one against on thursday and friday. march still looks like above average rain. i sound like a broken record every night on that but i'm keeping an eye on it. >> thanks, jeff. >> still ahead one man loses his wallet but he got it back but something was missing. the bizarre explanation that came with the quality. >> and from l.a., we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, jennifer bow -- lop lopez, courtney kardashian! hackers hold a hospital hostage,
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forcing it to pay it's a sign of the times. hackers holding a hospital hostage, forcing it to pay thousands in ransom. it happened to the hollywood presbyterian medical center in l.a. hackers infiltrated and disabled its computer network two weeks ago. the hospital paid $17,000 in bit coins to get the password to unlock their own computer system. the fbi is on this case. >> his missing wallet and a dose of brutal honesty is what one man got two weeks after losing his belongings at a concert. a mystery envelope showed up his riley's doors. an anonymous sender send it. "i kept the cash because i needed weed, the metro card because the fare is $2.75 now and the wallet, because, well,
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it's kind of cool." the note was i'm a good buy but i'm also kind of giving you a middle finger. >> reporter: here posted it on instagram and it has gone viral. >> now on our digital platform, you just saw his forecast on tv right now, jeff ranieri is in the weather center tracking the weather online. and we posted new details of "the hundrger games" is coming san francisco at the museum of fine arts.
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good evening. the san francisco giants are set to start spring training in scottsdale, arizona. pitchers and catch eers and a few position players started today. their first full workout there not be until the 23rd of this
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month. skipper brothers bochy spoke about getting together with the team after the break. >> it's a great time of year. it's a family that, you know, at the end of the season we go our separate ways but, you know, it's always good to get back together and catch up. >> in nba news, golden state warriors said that he pants to be a. >> in champions league play today, ronaldo did not disappoint with his great goal in the second half to open up the score at the end of the first 90 minutes of this round of 60 match. the next game will be played in march. >> no team in champions league history has ever come back from a 2-0 deficit after losing at home in the knockout round.
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more news after the break.
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if you go to san ma tteomaty heavy rain forms. tomorr tomorrow thunderstorms are possible. >> our coverage begins at 4:30 in the morning. >> be careful driving the freeways. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jennifer lopez. snoop dogg. musical guest zayn.


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