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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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assaults right next to the cal campus. the new clue berkeley police hope will help them catch the person responsible. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a good friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check the forecast now with kari. she's tracking that radar. >> we are tracking another round of rain with two systems in two days. this one will be a lot weaker and may only affect parts of the north bay. let's get a look at the radar now as we see some rain moving into eureka and it will be advancing closer to the north bay with some more clouds and some rain by lunchtime. we're starting oout with some cool temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s and more clouds. we will see the clouds throughout the day and a couple of showers possible as we go into this afternoon and evening. we'll take a closer look at the timeline and what you can expect coming up in a few minutes. let's get an update on the road conditions now with mike. >> kari, i've been tracking two
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things on the report here. first of all, the crash at the dublin interchange west 580 at south 680. that connector has just been cleared. all lanes are open now and we should have some recovery, actually, because a lighter friday eastbound. we'll talk about that and steph chuang will talk about that in a second. a smooth drive towards the bay bridge toll plaza and no problems for the maze. i want to show you san jose. that live shot a couple of minutes ago showed a lot of traffic and that unusual for this time on a friday. we see things lightning up as we had hoped for. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. we do start with an update to breaking news we have been following since we first came on air at 4:30 this morning. dozens are dead when u.s. warplanes hit multiple targets in libya. kris sanchez monitoring all the developments for us and we are hearing one of the targets was an isis training camp. >> we understand one of the 41al killed is a tunisian isis with
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links to two massacres that happened last year. we're talking about the area of sabratha which is known for ancient roman ruins. the bomb dropped on a farmhouse about six miles outside the city limits. that being used as a training camp. u.s. defense officials say this isis fighter from tunisia was likely killed. he is linked to two major tourist attacks in tunisia last year. the sabratha city council reports that 41 people in all were killed in that air strike. six other people were wounded and that the strike came at 3:30 in the morning. so, that was local time there when people were sleeping. the council also said that machines and rocket-propelled grenade launchers were found at the site of those air strikes. just tuesday "nightly news" reported expansion into libya president obama said we will continue to take action where there is a clear target in mind. it it appears that they had some
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sort of clear target on that farmhouse now. we can also report that there is a growing number of isis fighters in libya and that is a direct consequence of air strikes like the one that we saw this morning, but the ones happening in syria and in iraq, that those isis fighters are leaving there trying to find safe haven in libya where they can organize and train, as well. we should also tell you that there are photos of the aftermath online. we are not going to air them until we can confirm their authenticity. but as you might imagine, making contact with folks at libya difficult. >> we'll check in with kris and join us with another update at 6:30. also tweeting out new information as she gets it. you can follow her @krisnbc. people will gather to remember richmond police officer gus vegas. he was shot and killed inside his own home allegedly by a man who was part of his own family.
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>> bob redell live in richmond with what will be an understandably an emotional day for so many. >> that memorial taking place at 10:00 behind me. not only attended by law enforcement and, of course, richmond police department, but members of the community, as well, as this memorial is open to the public. set to honor and remember officer gus vegas who is a member of the richmond police department for 15 years. and in vallejo is also very involved in improving the lives of foster children. that's his home town. that's where he lived. he was actually fostering a child at the time of his death. officer vegas was shot and killed last thursday. he was off duty at the time and inside his home in vallejo and he heard a commotion inside his daughter's room. that was early that thursday morning when he opened the door, police say the suspect robert vega instantly killed officer vegas with at least one gunshot. vega, it turns out the father of
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vegas' 6-year-old grandson. the grandson was safe and taken into protective custody at the timethrop. there is going to be a procession first of officer vegas' body to the richmond auditorium. take place between 9:00 and 9:45 and put up a map so you can see what the route will be in case you have any reason to be on these roads. you should be aware because of the possible traffic deits. the procession will leave glen cove road in vallejo and head west on 78 o0 to westbound 80 into richmond. again, between 9:00 and 9:45. as i mentioned the memorial itself is at 10:00 a.m. here at the richmond memorial auditorium and that service is open to the public. reporting live in richmond, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> nbc bay area will be inside the services today. updates for you starting on our 11:00 a.m. newscast. 6:05. developing story in berkeley where police are trying to track
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down the suspect who could be responsible for several sexual assaults not far from the cal campus. last night berkeley police released new surveillance video of the man say may have attacked three women in the last week. the first assault happened on february 11th on hay street at 9:00 p.m. on tuesday a suspect grabbed a woman at durant. just 20 minutes later a third victim was attacked. officer os are also working to see if the suspect is connected to a fourth incident that happened on campus back in january. paolo reyes will join us with a live report in less than it 20 minutes. a follow up now. san jose police have made an arrest in connection to a deadly hit and run. christopher africa seen here was arrested on wednesday at his home in san jose. you remember we brought the story to you as breaking news last friday. that's when police say africa hit and killed a bicyclist on winchester boulevard in west san jose.
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he then ditched the car, a red honda right near the scene. that car was a key piece of evidence police used to track africa down. he's now facing murder charges. the search continues this morning for a san jose woman who disappeared over the weekend. police say she went to a party in the east bay saturday and never returned. now family and authorities need help tracking her down. 22-year-old stacy agular was last seen in downtown hayward saturday night. if you have any inform afgz, you are urged to call hayward police. happening today, alpine meadow ski resort in the tahoe area is going to reopen today after an avalanche danger, i should say shut it it down yesterday. in one instance an avalanche struck a bus and pushed it it 30 feet into a house. some roads were reportedly blocked and koppel cars were even trapped due to recent storms in the sierra. thankfully, no one was injured. >> you have to be careful. so many people go snowmobiling
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off the course, as well. good morning. and, yes, ski week looking good as we have gotten an additional two feet of fresh snow in the sierra and additional light snow for parts of the sierra, but mainly light rain as it it continues to fizzle outing into the north bay. here's a look at the timeline and what you can expect as we go into the rest of this morning. some weakening showers moving from north to south. and looks like most of us won't see much except for the north bay, but with these clouds we may still have some mist and drizzle. and just enough put some trace amounts of rain in that rainfall bucket. and then we head into a dry nice weekend. i'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. let's see what's happening on the roadways now with mike. >> kari, we'll look at the bay bridge and this shot from emoryville. this is the clearest and steadiest shot we've seen all week. westbound as we look at your map, you'll see the little backup we have at the toll plaza and those metering lights are on.
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other than that, no real concerns for the east bay on the approach. as i zoom out we see the rest of your speed sensors exactly what you would expect for this friday, except for overhe here. still recovering from that light friday commute and had a crash in the dublin interchange and all lanes now cleared and that recovery, we should get that because it is a lighter friday commute. that is westbound for the morning. eastbound, that's a little bit lighter but steph chuang is out there right now because some changes and something called express lanes, steph. what is going on? >> that's right, mike. we've beening about this and finally here. the two eastbound lanes here inline through livermore are open and you can see not really huge because the headlights are headed in the commute direction and that is westbound. you might see the cones there. that westbound express lane will not be open until monday morning at 5:00. and you will need to have fastrak that run the 14 miles between dublin and greenville road in livermore. you can pay anywhere from $1 to $9 using the new express lanes
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and it really depends on how much traffic there is and the distance traveled in the lanes. but it is free for car pools, buses and vans. and if want that option, you will have to have one of the new fastrak transponders that lets you identify if you have one, two or three or more occupants. this is similar to what exists near 680 near the sunol lane. there are many more places you can go in and out of these lanes. the idea of the new generation of express lanes is supposed to hit the bay area and 550 miles of them. next up is on 680 near walnut creek and that should happen within the next couple of years. these new express lanes are opened monday through friday between 5:00 in the morning and 8:00 cl:00 at night and the co official os are saying, look, give drivers time to get used to the new lanes. live here in dublin, stephanie huang, "today in the bay." >> definitely get used to better
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traffic. 6:10. coming up honoring justice scalia. the special tribute about to get under way as we bring you these live pictures from the state capital. all happening as the supreme court in his honor in the next 30 minutes. support begins to roll in for apple. we'll take a look coming up in "business and tech." in the southern california
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desert today, virgin galactic see all kinds of things in the desert in the southern california desert today.
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virgin galactic rolling out itsest spaceship. this is the one replacing the version that blew apart two years ago while on a test flight. a pilot died in that crash. today's rollout is being called a celebration, though. the company hopes to become the first to offer commercial flights into the edge of space. the spacecraft will seat eight. a pilot, co-pilot and six passengers. a ticket is expected to cost about $250,000. 6:14 right now. support for tim cook and apple is growing this morning as they deny to crack open an iphone. >> steve wasniac said apple's relationship with its customers is built on trust and apple shouldn't be asked to undo the encryption it built. jack dorsy stands with company and the three silicon valley congress people have all weighed
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in saying they back apple. the "new york times" editorial board is lending its support. an op-ed this morning says why apple is right to challenge an order to help the fbi. all right, let's talk about less serious and here you see the headline from the "new york times." sam and laura, i assume you have this next ad maybe on youtube from the rubio campaign. go ahead and roll it. yeah, you see me. >> it's morning, again, in america. today more men and women are out of work than ever before in our nation's history. >> now, this is supposed to evoke president reagan this morning in the 1980s. but ads you have probably heard the opening shot shows vancouver, canada. and if you look closely, the
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little boat in the opening shot was flying the canadian flag. now, i was talking to the british columbia film commission and it it turns out we get fool under to thinking vancouver is america all the time. the remake of planet of the apes here, for instance, is that vancouver shot. i'll talk more about that. this is vancouver, canada. and this is that, and look right there. that is the canadian flag. we do get fool under to thinking that canada is america all the time. particularly in san francisco. i want to show you a movie clip, in fact. this is "planet of the apes" which allegedly is taking place in san francisco. there's the san francisco chronicle. ladies and gentlemen, this is vancouver that you are seeing. it is not the only one. disappointingly, the children's movie "homeward bound" yeah you saw a shot of san francisco. they got the skyline in to make you think it it is. the dogs are accidentally left behind after the family moves to
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canada. these dogs literally are in canada when they're being filmed. "godzilla" takes in san francisco so does "final destination." again, this is vancouver pretending to be san francisco. i was talking with the head of the film commission up there and she was giving me this list and suddenly realizes all the bridges fall down in movies for which she apologizes to say, i'm really sorry about that. >> we're willing to suspend our belief for the movies. the political ads, to your point, that is going to get fact checked. >> you have the tower and you have the boat flying, a maple leaf. >> scott mcgrew, thank you very much for running through that. 6:17. it's 2016 and with this even year comes another hope of another world series championship for the san francisco giants and their fans. >> there is no illusions here. this report definitely takes place in arizona.
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comcast sports net is in scottsdale and gives us a look at one of the new big faces hoping to bring the title back to the bay. >> the one story we're anticipating the most is johnny cueto throwing on the mound for the first time as a giant. now, yesterday we got to see him on the field for the first time as a giant as they had their first workout. cueto in the orange and black and he's $130 million man and bruce bochy says he's worth every penny. >> one of the elite pitchers in the game and just love the way he competes out there and does all the little things, he holds runners, great stuff. you know, we're very, very excited to have a guy like this. >> in talking with us, johnny cuet it o said one thing that he's not looking forward to, hitting. not a big fan of it. he says he's going to focus on the pitching part and i think the giants are okay with that. reporting in scottsdale with the giants i'm ahmed fareed.
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>> getting us excited for the spring. some spring-like weather moving into the weekend, kari. >> yes, today we're bringing you back to winter especially in the north bay with some rain and then this weekend it does warm up a bit with all of that sunshine. as we take a live look now at the bay bridge, we have a mostly clear start to the day and grab the umbria in san francisco and to the north. if you're to the south of there, you most likely won't have to worry about it. the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. our temperatures will rebound and feel much like some baseball weather heading into the start of onext week. now it is cool as you head out, we're at 50 in oakland and san carlos at 46 deit grgrees and watching the radar this morning seeing heavy downpours approaching eureka and redding and progressing farther to the south and losing its punch as it it does so. the rain forecast brings about 0.25 to napa and santa rosa and then san francisco may get 0.1
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right around late morning, early afternoon. and then as it moves into the east bay, the south bay and the peninsula, barely some trace amounts there. but we could have a couple of sprinkles later on this evening. let's take it hour by hour in palo alto where we see mostly cloudy skies at least to start out the day. as temperatures warm up into the lower 60s, we will have some clouds and some breezy winds coming in from the south. here's 9:00 and the winds coming in from the south at about 20 miles per hour. picking up throughout the day and then calming down tonight as the winds change directions. that will be the cold front moving through this evening. and that will set the stage for the as we see things clearing out. slightly cooler, too, with highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s. couple of spotty, light showers, once again. not expecting a significant rain and the highest rainfall totals will be in the north bay. heading into the weekend. we will have some mostly dry conditions and then we get ready for a warm up next week with highs reaching into the low to mid-70s on monday.
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we'll be talking more about that, but let's get an update on the road conditions now from mike. >> kari, a very light traffic flow and that is great. the conditions drier than yesterday. we don't have a problem across that san mateo bridge. a little build as we come off your maps. hayward and the nimitz freeway. no problem towards the dublin interchange and talk about that in a second. we'll look over towards the bay bridge and that is the only backup from oakland in towards san francisco for that span. a new crash pops up over on the peninsula side and should be over to the shoulder off 101 and the south bay a light build there. our photographer out there shows you westbound the heavy commute. still recovering right here at el charro and recovery towards the early crash scene and, again, all lanes are clear and eastbound the express lanes are open and there's one more person paying to get on the express lanes. one of the first in the bay area. steph will talk about that later. coming up next, do you recognize this man? he could be the man behind
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several sexual assaults near uc berkeley. a live report from the berkeley police department in just three minutes. the funeral for supreme court justice antonin scalia takes place live. these are live pictures, in fact, the state capital this morning. his body will be lying in repose. in just a few minutes
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==laura//ve== a prate cemony will getnderway athe sup at 6:24. in just a few minutes a private ceremony will get under way at the supreme court to honor late
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justice antonin scalia and his body will lie in repose. very solemn look here. here is "today" show pete williams. >> justice an it tonini scalia arrive for the last time. his casket will lie in repose. members of the public will be allowed to file past and pay their respects, too. president obama and the first lady will be among those filing past today. vice president biden will attend saturday'seral. i'll have more on today's plans and the politics surrounding them coming up on "today." a developing story in the east bay now. take a good look. berkeley police say this man may be responsible for attacking at least three women in just the last week. all of this happening near the cal campus. >> our sister station telemundo 48 with more on the going
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investigation. paola. >> good morning, laura. police are hoping that someone will recognize the men in this video and help him before he strikes, again. surveillance video caught the man fleeing and this happened just a few days ago after the victim and the most recent attacks turned the tables and chased him away. happened at 11:20 at night february 16th. just 20 minutes after another attack on grant avenue and woman reported being grabbed at 2500 pay street. >> you know forcefully and one case knocking to the ground or knocking from behind. there is definitely some force and some violence to this. >> now, the suspect is described as african-american or east indian in his 20s about six feet tall with dark, curly hair or dreadlocks. please call the special victim's unit. in the meantime police are asking women in this area to be
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extra careful not to walk alone at night and walk with somebody someone else if possible and also be very aware of their surroundings. reporting live from the berkeley police department, "today in the bay." >> paola, thank you very much. coming up, an update to breaking news. deadly usair strikes target isis militants overseas. kris sanchez tracking all the breaking deit tatails from our newsroom. good morning, i'm bob redell. back here live to richmond to show you how this city and this community will honor one of the murdered police officers. that story coming up. south carolina and nevada make their decisions this weekend. i'm tracie potts. the latest in politics, next.
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6:30 on a friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. more rain a little bit on the way and let's get a check of kari hall with the weather. >> that rain will be moving into the north bay. i have been tracking it on the radar and seeing many of the showers up around eureka and redding and progressing to the south and parts of the bay area later today. we start out with more clouds and some chilly temperatures in the mid-40s now in the north bay and highs reaching 57 degrees there while san francisco is at 59 and low 60s else where and a lot of oclouds into this afternoon. i'll give you an idea of what to expect and look at the time and
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let's head to the tri-valley now with mike. >> overall big view. i want to assure folks it is a friday light as you would expect and tri-valley area. westbound your commute direction does slow a little bit more than you might expect. over towards and it's rippling back and starting and still slow and this sign for the express lanes eastbound and we'll talk about those and a few more later on in the show. breaking news we have been following since we first came on air at 4:30 this morning. usair strikes targeting isis killed dozens of people in libya. kris sanchez. >> isis training camp and also an isis fighter with links to
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two deadly massacres in tunisia last year. let's show you where this happened. we're talking about the city of sabratha which is known for ancient ruins. the bombs dropped on a farmhouse about six miles outside that city, which was being used as an isis training camp. u.s. defense officials say this is the isis fighter from tunisia who was likely killed. he is linked to two major tourist attacks in tunisia year. the city council reports that 41 people were killed in the air strike, six others were wounded and that strike came in about 3:30 in the morning local time there. so while people were sleeping. the council also said that there were machine guns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers and rpg launches that were found at the site of the air strike, as well. earlier this week "nightly news" reported president obama said we will continue to take actions
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where there is a clear target in mind." so it appears this may have been a clear target. by the way, air strikes like this one is part of the reason why there are more isis fighters in libya these days because the u.s. and coalition air strikes have beening in iraq and in syria driving those fighters out. they seem to be finding themselves increasingly in libya and 2,000 isis fighters there to 5,000. clearly going to be hearing more about libya and isis in the days and even the hours to come. in the newsroom, kris sanchez. >> thank you, kris. getting updates by the minute. bring us another report in less than 25 minutes. until then, we'll be updating the story across all of oour odigital platforms. happening today. remembering a fallen police officer. we're just hours away from a memorial service for vegas. the richmond officer shot and
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killed in his own vallejo home. >> how that community is coming together this morning. a very somber morning to remember the man loved by so many. but also in vallejo. the place, the town where officer gus vegas lived. known there for not only being a family man, but also someone who is very involved in the lives of foster children. he was fostering a child when he was murdered last week. he was shot and killed last thursday morning, a week ago yesterday. he was inside his home in vuhoe. off duty at the time. he heard a commotion in his daughter's bedroom and when he went up to open the door the suspect robert vega fired one shot at him instantly killing officer vegas. officer vegas' 6-year-old grandson was inside the room at the time. police later arrested the suspect, robert vega with the
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6-year-old grandson. that was his son, as well. the son was found safe and taken into protective custody. a procession for officer vegas' body leaving vallejo this morning around 9:00. it it will be leaving glen cove road in vallejo heading westbound on 780, westbound at 80 here into richmond. it is expected to arrive here at the richmond auditorium at 9:45. if you're on any of those roads this morning at that time, keep an eye oout. there could be some traffic delays. and the memorial itself will take place at 10:00 here at the richmond auditorium. officer gus vegas. the public is invited to this memorial, again, taking place 3 1/2 hours from now. reporting live here in richmond, bob redell, "today in the bay." at 6:35. happening right now. we are following live news here from washington, d.c.
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as you see, justice scalia is lying in repose today. the great hall of justice at the supreme court. it it was a private ceremony that began at 6:30 a.m. eastern time. you see, actually, body being carried in covered in the american flag. he is going to lie in repose at the great hall of justice for this private ceremony and then a public ceremony, as well. again, obviously, a lot of confliction in washington, d.c., right now about what to do in terms of nominating a successor for justice scalia. but there is absolutely no doubt at all that everyone in d.c. is very much grieving the death of a historic figure. again, we're watching his body being carried right now into the great hall of justice. we are going to continue to follow this story throughout the course of the morning. >> one of the longest serving justices oon the supreme court. >> 79 years old. decision 2016 now. >> it it will be a busy weekend for the presidential hopefuls. tomorrow, the democrats are in
6:37 am
nevada, the republican are in south carolina for what could be a very deit fining moment in the race for the white house. >> things starting to tighten up a bit today. tracie potts live with more on that, including, tracie, new poll numbers that were released in the last few hours. what are they showing? >> they are showing that in south carolina, hillary clinton has a huge lead still over bernie sanders. 28 points. a lot of it because african-american voters are supporting her and she's supposed to get another endorsement today from prominent african-american congressman there james clyborn. that's the democrats. but they don't compete in south carolina until a week from tomorrow. tomorrow they're in nevada. now, let's look at the republicans. brand-new this morning. their numbers show donald trump still in the lead, but barely by five percentage points compared to 16 just last month. he's in the lead in south carolina, but that lead is flipping. right behind him at 23 is yoouz
6:38 am
a cruz and marco rubio. a tighter lead between trump and cruz as we are now just over 24 hours away. just about 24 hours away from that primary happening for the republicans in south carolina. we'll stay on top of it for you. sam and laura. >> thanks so much, tracie. new details the formal announcement regarding high-speed rail coming to san jose. san jose will soon be the grand central station of the south bay. by 2025, the high-speed rail will take folks to bakers field in less than an hour. >> took 40 minutes. >> good news for many noeks who love the bay area, but can't afford to live here. the average home in santa clara will cost about $1 million. this gives people the chance to buy homes else where in california for much less and still get to the bay area in a reasonable time. >> it could be a game changer.
6:39 am
6:38 and the demolition of an apartment building in pacifica is almost complete. this 12-unit apartment complex is red tagged back in 2010 after huge waves undercut the cliff. property owners finally acted and had that building demolished. last month a nearby building was yellow tagged by the city for the same issue that doomed this property. 40 people were forced to move out. 6:39 right now. want to check the forecast. the sun is up making way for a spotty shower day, kari. >> yes, especially in the north bay. been tracking this rain moving into eureka and also some lightning strikes there. i dao expect this cluster of ran to lose its punch as it it it approaches the north bay later on this morning. this is the way it plays out. we see the scattered rain about 10:00 in the morning around santa rosa and then a line of heavier rain moving to the south by noon with some scattered showers in san francisco and parts of the east bay. but then after that, it it looks
6:40 am
like it it mostly just dries up before making it into the south b bay. later on this evening, though, we could have a sprinkles there and we're all clear by tomorrow morning. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast and some of those temperatures and what you could expect coming up in a few minutes. let's see how it it it looks on the roadways now with mike. >> well, kari, we have a dual purpose shot here eastbound 580 and folks are using them. just some costs associated and steph will talk about that in second. looking here for the westbound commute direction. we have a backup and look at all these folks. the earlier crash at the dublin interchange in that westbound commute direction caused that backup and it rippled back and there is a build. in the backup, i think there may be a crash over here in north livermore. still waiting for coniffirmatio on what exactly may be blocked. the rest of your bay, no real surprises. doesan't result in any slowing and the south bay moves very well, as well, guys. just little slowing for north
6:41 am
101. coming up next, dramatic video helicopter crashes right into pearl harbor. hear from the bay area man who happened to be there rushed in to help the people trapped inside that sinking wreckage. apple's founder weighs in on that company's let's take you out to the big board in the meantime. dow industrials move than 100 points. and i'm stephanie chuang live in dublin with great news for commuters in the tri-valley where the new 580 express lanes are finally open. well at least some of them. what you need to know coming up in a live report when "today in the bay" continues. dramatic video - to show younow
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a sightseeing helicopter crashed at 6:43. dramatic video to show you out of hawaii. a sightseeing helicopter crash under to pearl harbor just a few feet afrom the shore. a teenage boy seriously hurt and but a bay area man is being credited to help pull that boy from that wreckage. a tourist taking pictures shot the crash as it happened. four of the five people onboard managed to get out but a 16-year-old boy could not. three men including a man from redwood city jumped in the water and freed from the helicopter's back seat by cutting his seat belt. >> in some ironic way i became a hero myself today, not that it even compares to what these military personnel have done for us, but it it definitely rewarding to give back a little bit today and help a couple people. >> right place, right time. the teenager was last listed in critical condition. a man and a woman suffered less serious injuries.
6:45 am
two others aboard that helicopter were not hurt and ntsb is investigating the cause. now to another story of recovery. valentine, the injured foul rescued from a ravine. here are new photos of the horse as he recovers from a hip fractures. firefighters rescued him from a ravine on valentine's day, hence his. he deitted issed it's in the animal's best interest to surrender him to the city. >> the animal is ours and we're currently looking to find a forever home. we're looking for a home where he can be placed, he can live out his life. >> east bay animal rescuers raised thousands of dollars in donations enough to cover the cost of valentine's veterinary care and also his rehabilitation. apple tops the newest list of most admired companies. >> scott mcgrew interesting
6:46 am
timing here and seems to come at the right moment. >> presumably the voting on this came before the latest controversy, but, nonetheless, you're right. apple welcomes the support. fortune's list of most admired companies puts apple at the top and then alphabet, we used to call them google and amazon and berkshire hathaway. support is growing for apple this morning. facebook issued a statement saying it supports the company and it "will fight aggressively" in the attempt to weaken facebook inscription. jack dorsy says his company stands behind apple. the three silicon valley congress people say they support apple. steve wozniak says he thinks the company is doing the right thing as it defies that court order to develop tools to break into its own phone. >> i don't think that the phones should have back doors. i believe that apple's brand recognition and value in profits is largely based on an item
6:47 am
called trust and trust means you believe somebody. you believe you're buying a phone with encryption. >> "new york times" editorial board weighed in in favor of apple as it defies the court order. apple, meanwhile, has hired lawyers with expertise and free speech, including, sam and laura, theodore olsen who is no stranger to defending free speech right. he won citizens united in the supreme court. >> scott, thank you very much. quick check of weather and traffic right now. kind of a cooler start to today compared to what we saw earlier in the week. but nice weekend. >> we are in for a beautiful weekend. so, go ahead and make some plans to get out there. we will also have some rain moving in to parts of the bay area today. so, i'll update you on that. as we take a live look now at the golden gate bridge. we start out with a few clouds overhead and overall not bad and that flag waving in the breeze. looking at seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen and our temperatures warming up over the next several days, but we do have a couple of
6:48 am
systems rolling through that will bring us a little bit of change before we get that weekend under. now it's 48 degrees in san jose and san carlos as well as napa and 50 in oakland and san francisco. a nice, cool start to the day. we've also been tracking some of the rain moving farther to the north. this second system moving in ahead of a weak cold front that looks like it is weakening as it approaches the north bay. still pretty intense by eureka and approaching redding as we've seen a couple lightning strikes, too. that will keep our waves fairliy along the shore. high surf advisory in effect until 8:00 this evening with swells today up to 15 feet. and the winds increasing as we go through the morning and early afternoon. as we take it it hour by hour in oak. we start out with some sunshine, but look what happens at 11:00. a chance of some rain and that continues into the afternoon. just have the umbrella somewhere close by just in case. we're in the upper 50s today in san francisco and low to mid-60s else where. as we see a mixture of sun and
6:49 am
clouds and we see the rain icons there. don't expect it to rain all day where you live and it it may only rain for a few minutes before it moves on. so, this system as it approaches will, once again, start out with some showers in the north bay. and that's where we will have our best chance of rain moving into san francisco by lunchtime. and then as it approaches the east bay becomes a lot more spotty. very hit or miss and it it doesn't look like we see much in the south bay. into the weekend, we will have a nice, clear start. and high temperatures reaching into the low to mid-60s. by sunday beautiful day even hitting 70 degrees on the south bay on sunday. let's check in now with what's happening on the roadways with mike. >> yeah, kari, looking towards san jose where we're not seeing that dramatic of a change. your build the gradual build for north 101. let's look at your map and see a smooth drive for the entire south bay aside from that one shot with our camera and 280 at 17. the rest of the peninsula great. just a little more traffic coming over san mateo bridge and
6:50 am
as we move north of the san mateo bridge the east shore freeway slows. metering lights on and slowing for pleasant hill and also coming in towards the dublin interchange, slower drive. still hang on from that earlier crash that has cleared from the lanes. another crash west 580 at north livermore. that is one factor and commute direction heading towards the interchange and also focusing on eastbound because there is a change there. steph chuang you're out there and something called express lanes. you want to tell us about that. >> mike, talking about the express lanes here in the tri-valley corridor and they're finally open starting this morning. you can see one of the eastbound lanes is open and not used very much, of course, because the other direction is the morning commute direction where do see cones in that westbound express lane. that is set to open monday morning at 5:00. now, you will need to have fastrak for the express lanes that run the 14 miles between san ramon and greenville road in
6:51 am
livermore. you can expect to pay roughly up to $9 or $13 using the new express lanes and that cost really does depend on the distance traveled and how much traffic there is. but it is free for car poolers. for those in buss and vans. so, if you want to have the option, take note. you will have to get one of those new f arfastrak transpond if you have two, three, or more people inside. the new 580 lanes do offer more continuous access. so, you can kind of go in and out of the lanes more. the express lanes are open monday friday from 5:00 in the morning until 8:00 at and may be a period of time where there is deit lay because drivers are getting used to these new lanes. there is a vision not just for those in the tri-valley but around the bay area. new express lanes 550 miles of them by 2035 for. live in dublin this morning,
6:52 am
stephanie chuang. >> thank you very much. hitting an ultimate high. the new study showing that americans are overdosing on anxiety drugs more than ever before. researchers say the number of people dying fromming too much valium, xanax has quadrupled in the past two decades. they're also taking larger amounts of thescription. the reason behind the spike in numbers is still unclear. 6:52. coming up, a series of sexual assaults right next to the cal campus. the new clue berkeley police hope will help them catch a suspect. good morning, i'm bob redell and back here to richmond where a community is getting ready to say good-bye to a murdered police officer. that story coming up. i'm kris sanchez the u.s. targeting libya with air strikes overnight. we'll show you who they were looking for and what they hit. but, first, happening now. you just heard from stephanie chuang about the opening of the 58 o0 express lanes.
6:53 am
on we posted more details about what you need to know before you hit the roads. a 22-year-old woman who has not been seen since last weekend. we'll continue to check with police and tweet updates. we're back in two minutes. one final check of the day's top stories before we send you offt
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
minutes. ==laura/boxes== right one check of the day's top stories before we send you off to "today" show in a few minutes. >> kris sanchez tracking breaking news from overseas. >> now that u.s. warplanes took aim at isis targets in libya not far near the border withnesia. the isis fighter that you're seeing here is likely among the dead. he is linked to two tourist massacres in tunisia last year. the sobrotha city council report that six we41 people killed and wounded and it it happened at 3:30 in the morning while people were sleeping and grenade launchers were found at the site. just tuesday president obama was asked about going after libya and the president said that the u.s. would go after isis targets. kris sanchez, "today in the
6:57 am
bay." i'm bob redell, we're live in richmond. we' where in about three hours the city will say good-bye to gus vegas. shot and killed last thursday, a week ago yesterday inside his home in vallejo while he was off duty. he heard a commotion inside his daughter's bedroom. when he oepthened door, police say the suspect killed officer vegas with one gunshot. the father of his 6-year-old grandson. the police did arrest the suspect shortly therefore. from 9:00 this morning until 9:5 richmond police will export his body to leave glen cove road and head westbound 80 here into richmond. this is just a heads up if you plan on odriving in that area. again, from 9:00 to 9:45. and memorial scheduled to start at 10:00 this morning. this service is open to the
6:58 am
public. reporting live here in richmond, bob redell, "today in the it bay." berkeley police department where they're asking for the public's help to identify a man seen in the surveillance video. they think this man assaulted three women. you can see him running away in these images. the man is described as african-american or indian in his 20s and he has dreadlocks or curly hair. anybody who recognizes him to call police right away, special victims unit and also asking women to be extra careful for now. reporting live from the berkeley police department, paola reyes, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. get a look at weather and traffic together. all right, things are going to get, what worse before they get better? >> i think so. we need the rain. we'll see that in parts of the north bay and some clouds clou looking at temperatures today. reaching mid to low 60s. >> mike, don't sugar coat it for us on this light friday. >> look, here's the map, guys.
6:59 am
i'm not going to sugar coat it because look at the green sensors and easy drive around most of your and hayward shows some slowing on the right and also the bay bridge toll plaza on the top of your screen and little san rafael slowing. west 580 a single nent we'incide watching and little extra slow there for a friday that is not so bad for a regular day and it is eastbound. see those arrows getting out of the area and express lane that steph talked about. two pres lanes have opened and that may pay benefit maybe right not for this afternoon's commute. livermore just turned from orange to red. chp arrived, maybe a tow truck, as well. >> maybe people need to get used to it. >> monday morning. >> already looking forward to monday. >> no. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 25 with a live local news update. >> that will do it for us now
7:00 am
now. we take a live look at the bay bridge. justice scalia his body lying in repose right now at the supreme court hall of justice. the "today" show picks up our coverage. ♪ good morning. holy war of words. donald trump responds after the pope questions his faith for wanting to build a wall along the mexican border. >> he's got an awfully big wall at the vatican, i will tell you. >> we'll talk to trump live. while on the democratic side, hillary clinton gets booed for a dig at bernie sanders. >> he doesn't even know what the -- you know, what the democratic presidents did. and you know what -- well, it's true! >> as our new poll shows, that race tightening. moment of impact. a sight seen of a helicopter crashing near pearl harbor. five injured, one critically. why witnesses say it's the


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