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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the 500 block of porter street. now, this video was shot shortly after the shooting. a child was grazed with a bullet. we believe that he is between 5 and 9 years old. caught in the crossfire. a man was taken away on a stretcher. a woman was shot in the hand. we believe that she is the boy's grandmother. neighbors telling me tonight that they heard a barrage of bullets right around 4:00 this evening. >> an unknown subjects came by and shot up the blackmon t mont carlo behind me multiple times. two male adults were shot. and seriously injured. one who was declared dead at the scene here. >> reporter: now, police are looking for a maroon sedan that was seen fleeing the area at a high rate of speed. family members arriving here this evening visibly upset.
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police telling them to go to a different location so they can give them more information. just to recap, four people shot, three injured. a man is dead. that 5 to 9-year-old boy was grazed. one neighbor telling me that they saw him walking to the ambulance, so he is presumed to be okay. neighbors also telling me that this area has seen an uptick in crime. we'll have more on this story coming up at 11:00 tonight. reporting live in vallejo, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. we're also following more breaking news. within the past 30 minutes we've learned the case of a missing san jose woman is now a homicide. 22-year-old stacey ag lar was last seen in downtown hayward on saturday night. this is her picture. police say she went to a party and never returned. detectives in hayward are not saying what prompted them to change the status of this case. they revealed that the search continues for aguilar and no one is in custody.
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a news conference is expected in a few minutes. robbing fapharmacies to get their hands on narcotics. two robberies one in san francisco, the other in walnut creek in both cases an armed gunman was after the same thing. the painkiller oxycodone. elyce kirchner, you learned why they think this particular pharmacy was chosen? >> reporter: that's right, jess. authorities believe it was a prime target for the suspect because it's open 24 hours a day. now, he hit this pharmacy early in the morning when few employees or customers were inside. but it was all caught on camera. and it's one of two recent armed pharmacy robberies. in and out within five minutes. surveillance video shows a man armed with a gun. once inside the store he goes straight to the pharmacy, jumps over-the-counterer and confronts the pharmacist.
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>> i have to get medicine for my kids. so it's like pretty scary. >> reporter: it happened around 5:30 last thursday morning. security cameras showed the suspect calmly walking into the walgreens at north main street in walnut creek. >> calculated, planned, and probably he'd done that before. >> reporter: walnut creek police detective says the suspect knew exactly what he was doing. >> but he did use some type of force to have the pharmacist hurry up and open the next drawer that actually had the oxycodone. >> reporter: just a few days later, a suspect hits a walgreens on fillmore street in san francisco looking for the same drugs. that suspect was also armed. you can see the man flash a gun. seconds later the pharmacist returns with a bag full of the pain medication. >> these are common, and they're getting more common due to the fact that our controlled substances -- prescription controlled substances are now more regulated. >> reporter: according to the dea, the number of pharmacy
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robberies nation-wide is on the rise. >> it's really sad more than anything. i think it's becoming a more common theme that people are just abusing prescription drugs. >> reporter: sad, too, says detective jayhawk for those two legitimately need the medication. >> it makes a person who legitimately needs the pain medication or the opiates a little more shy or they feel a little more scrutinized when they get it. >> reporter: and police in san francisco and here in walnut creek are warning pharmacists and customers to be on the lookout for those suspects. but because they were both armed, don't approach them. contact authorities. reporting live from walnut creek tonight, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, elyce. as elyce you heard her say, pharmacy robberies are on the rise across the country. but california is leading the pack. here's the latest data. 2014 there were 94 pharmacy robberies in the state.
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that's up nearly 60% from the year before. a man who would do anything for his family. that's how those who knew him, rich & officer rich & police officer gus vegas, are remembering him tonight. vegas was shot and killed inside of his home in vallejo last week. today hundreds of people gathered to honor his life. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez attended the memorial. jodi, some powerful words from his children especially that really stood out. >> reporter: raj, some very powerful words. they say officer gus vegas took an oath to protect and serve the people of richmond. but in the end they say he died protecting those he loved most. >> last thursday, february 11th, the world lost a great man. >> reporter: friends, family and colleagues of richmond police officer gus vegas are saying goodbye to someone they describe as the real deal. a family man, and a dedicated cop. >> he was a police officer who
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took a real peace-making approach to his job. >> reporter: vegas was shot and killed last thursday morning at his vallejo home. investigators say the shooter was the father of vegas's 6-year-old grandson. >> he was the ultimate protector. >> reporter: all ten of vegas's children shared their memories and their grief. they say protecting and providing for them was his number one goal. >> it takes a special man to have ten kids and make each one of them feel like the center of his world. >> reporter: for the first time, his daughter, the young mother at the center of the deadly dispute, spoke out. >> i'm so honored to be protected by him. i'm honored to be his daughter. >> reporter: his family says their protector and their hero did his duty. >> he did fall in the line of duty. that was the line of duty as a father and as a husband. protecting his pride like a king
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lion. >> reporter: and as the casket drove away, it began to sprinkle. fitting weather for a day full of tears. reporting live in richmond, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> such powerful words from his family. thank you, jodi. well, we are tracking more rain in the bay area. we want to show you a time lapsed video shot from our camera in downtown san francisco. chief meteorologist jeff rainieri has been watching the weather all day. he joins us now with the latest on this rain. jeff it was pretty dreary even fit wasn't raining where you were. >> you'll see right now along the doppler radar scan we have light rain and spotty drizzle. kosta and alameda counties and south bay as well. we'll take a look at the totals. the heaviest as expected was in marin, napa and sonoma counts. .23,apa, .27 in miraloma park.
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contra kosta, alameda counties,.07 inch. in san jose just .01 inch. we are tracking larger changes by this weekend. we'll have the full forecast in ten minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. will this help that sluggish traffic in the trivalley? the new eastbound 5880 express lanes are now open. if you notice on the far right of your screen, the taillights, the red lights driving away are heading east using the new lanes. this friday evening commute is moving, a little sluggish but it is moving. the express lanes run east through livermore, through dublin and pleasant and mess pl.
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a sobering report today about our roads. the american road and transportation builders association says so many highways and bridges are in such bad shape that it would take more than 20 years to fix them all if we started today. there is some good news. the number of problematic bridges actually decreased from last year. but the group says there are still nearly 59,000 structurally deficient bridges across america. you might recall we first exposed this problem a year ago. we found here in the bay area there are nearly 500 structurally deficient bridges that are in need of repair or replacement. now, some have been fixed but there are still more than 450 bridges in our area that need help. the cost for all of this to repair? $71 billion. you can watch our full report on our web site. just go to we have a link to the story right there on our front page. it is turning into an ugly fight. today the feds asked the judge to force apple to unlock an
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iphone used by the san bernardino shooters. prosecutors say apple rejected an order to help the fbi. and they blasted the company for not assisting because of quote concern for its business model. in their filing today, federal prosecutors said quote the order does not as apple's public statement alleges, require apple to creator provide a back door to every iphone. it does not provide hackers and criminals access to iphones. apple now has until friday to make its next legal move. the company supporters plan to rally on tuesday in front of apple's downtown san francisco store. a tuberculosis scare on the peninsula. more than 170 veterans are being screened for the disease. veterans medical center in palo alto says one of its employees was diagnosed with tb in early january. a hospital spokesperson tells us that woman hasn't returned to work since. now, so far more than 60% of the veterans who could have been exposed have tested negative.
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i'm damian trujillo. live in san jose, youth softball and youth football fears ahead. plus hundreds of thousands of dollars in rare books stolen. how the thief got their hands on so many and what's being done to track them down. i'm scott budman. at moffitt field where nasa is working with a start up that may someday make it easier for you and me to get into space.
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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sportsmanship" the police aletic league s ended i parsh many people in san jose's east side are calling it poor sportsmanship. the police athletic league has ended its partnership for a loc loc local softball program. now football programs think they could get the boot next. the east softball league, damian, what's the reasoning here? >> reporter: they tell meet parting of ways with the softball league was in fact mutual. the softball league helps girls here ages 4 to 16 years old on the east side of san jose. but now some coaches fear football may also be on its way out. robert grew up an athlete and is now athletic director for the evergreen youth football league. he says a meeting this week with the pal leadership left a sour
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taste in his mouth. >> we come in here on wednesday and they said it's been suspended. >> reporter: it being football. he says his league and three others can't survive without pal. >> now we won't have a season. because we don't have an umbrella to play under. >> reporter: over the phone, pal leadership told me the football program has not been canceled. but they do expect a proposal on wednesday from the football leagues on how to make operations run smoother with very minimal police staffing levels at pal events. still, the football leagues say they expect the same fate as the east valley softball league. >> there's a little bit of sadness and we feel like a little bit like a lost child. >> reporter: until recently, pal provided background checks for coaches with the league and paid for the league's mandatory insurance. that has now stopped. and so has the ability to call this a police activities league event. >> losing that name sort of was like taking away a staple. and so i'm sort of sad about losing the name pal.
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>> reporter: pal says it split with softball was mutual. on the football side, seven league presidents have called an emergency meeting for tuesday to address their concerns. >> now, pal tells me they fully expect there to be a football season this year, but they say they need a lot of help before they had four officers and one sergeant running pal. now they're down to one sergeant and one officer. live in east san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> damian, thank you. new at 6:00, the search is on in berkeley this evening for a book thief. police say the books were in a van which was stolen by two men. the owner of the van travels to -- that van travels to trade shows selling rare books. how that van disappeared overnight where it was parked in oakland. today berkeley police say the suspects tried to resell the books to moe's on telegraph but the shop's owner had been warned. >> in the book community, they have a shared either e-mail community or some type of community. so basically the victim of the
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book theft had his car stolen in oakland. inside it he had over $300,000 worth of books in his van. so at that point, the employee was alert to that. >> reporter: the owner did call police. and police caught one of the suspects. but the other did get away. many of the books are back with the owner tonight, but some are still missing. okay. no rocket ship needed. technology from a silicon valley start-up is giving astronauts what they need while floating in space. our business and tech reporter scott budman is live at nasa with the story. should we use a pun and say it's out of this world? >> reporter: very much so, jessica. a start-up based here at moffitt field called fittingly made in space has already put a 3d printer on board the international space station. now the company wants to work with nasa to build larger objects while in space. start-ups launch all the time in silicon valley. >> ignition sequence.
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>> reporter: but this one literally has its head in the stars. >> it might add structures to a future human space flight vehicle like a mars transit vehicle. >> reporter: it's called made in space. backed by nasa and aerospace giant northrup grumman, its goal to print and make things in space with, an eye on boosting the future of space travel. >> if we're going into the final frontier and we need the things to settle that frontier, spacex is building the covered wagon. and we are building the pick axes and other tools. >> we like to work with companies that build launch vehicles because they move fast. and you have to move fast to get into space. >> reporter: by moving fast and developing 3d printers that can work in zero gravity, made in space aims to create a way to build whatever astronauts need, even if they're already in space. the company is based inside nasa
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aims, making for a cozy partnership. >> but also the new start-ups and the new ideas that are generated here in silicon valley. the silicon valley is essentially a hot bed of new ideas, of innovation. and we need to harness that. >> reporter: the latest in earth-bound technology taking off toward a future in space. >> and speaking of space travel, virgin galactic today introduced its latest version spaceship. this coming 16 months after the previous version was involved in a fatal crash. reporting live in mountainview, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, scott. there's also another way to go to space. nasa says a record number of people have applied to join its 2017 astronaut class. in fact, more than 18,000 people so far. the ones that are chosen could get a chance to walk on mars. applicants have a math, engineering or science background, which if you ask me
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sounds just like jeff rainiery. >> i grew up about an hour from where they launch the space shuttle in florida. so as a little kid that's all i ever wanted to do. meteorologist now, so maybe that's a good fit for us. let's get a look outside the doppler radar. you'll see we have spotty showers up in the north bay. for contra kosta, alameda counties a little drizzle still in san francisco nothing major just expect the roadways to possibly be slick. into tomorrow morning's forecast we'll start off here mainly dry, partly sunny sky. notice how much colder 38 expected for the north bay. san francisco 48, for the peninsula 46, for the south bay 44. through tomorrow we see temperatures beginning to warm up. we'll have increased sunshine, no rain in the forecast. 65 for the south bay. trivalley 63. san francisco 61. and for the north bay 64. the main thing that's helping to bring us this drier weather this weekend is this area of high
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pressure building offshore. it will really kick into gear on sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. and as you'll see in that scrolling seven-day forecast that's bumping our temperatures back into the 70s. so the big question, when do we get rid of this? you're luck because i've got the answer for you. i've taken a look at the current gfs forecast model as we see it as of today. if this were to happen as it's showing it looks a much more active pattern coming our may. march 27th possibly a storm system. . april 1st a system april 7th -- five storms from march 2nd into april 6th. the beginning of march looks active the way we see it as of today. raj and jess? >> thank you, jeff. coming up, security guards with a criminal past. we investigate the people hired to keep teenagers safe on the
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peninsula. first -- i'm ahmed faried live in scottsdale, the spring training home of the san francisco giants. when we return we'll talk about buster posey and a possible change of location for him. that's next. the case of a missing san josew
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homicide. the 22ea happening now, we continue to follow our breaking news. the case of a missing san jose woman is now being called a homicide. the 22-year-old victim was last seen at a party in hayward over the weekend. we're waiting on a news conference. we'll be updating the story on
6:24 pm and trending right now on our app, video and pictures of richard branson's brand-new space plane. check it out. the future of space travel. we're back in a moment. four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth-- [train horn blares] to the continent -- ... a new nation. announcer: presidents day may be over, but the savings go on at sleep train. through sunday at sleep train's presidents day sale save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic,
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plus same-day delivery, and sleep train's love your mattress guarantee. hurry! sleep train's presidents day sale ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ okay. happy new year. the baseball season is here. and here is the giants' newest star. that's johnny cueto. he'll fit right in with that hairdo with the giants. he's a big deal. he's a pitcher who signed $131 million contract with the giants. he was previously with the reds and royals. and just in time because the giants are reporting for duty in arizona and so are we. >> ahmed faried joins us now from scottsdale stadium. ahmed, johnny cueto and madison bumgarner big hair. buster posy and yourself clean cut but everyone's getting along. >> yeah. although bum is getting more clean cut by the day. so maybe he'll join our crew here pretty soon. but you're right. the best thing about covering the giants pitchers and catchers reporting some of the biggest
6:26 pm
names are the pitchers and catchers. you mentioned madison bumgarner and buster posey has been pretty busy the first couple days of camp here in scottsdale, arizona with the giants. he's been catching the bull pen sessions from bumgarner, jeff samardzija, i caught up with buster posey. he talked about his off-season home which soon is going to be shifting to the bay area. >> we'll be residents once my kids start kindergarten. we're still spending time in georgia, still have a home there. but it will be home, you know, permanently here in the next probably year and a half. i don't know. we've just grown to love the area. we have a home there now. and we've made some friends in the area. my wife's extremely comfortable in the area. and it's just a -- it's a cool place to live. i think everybody that lives there will attest to that. that it's a special place in the world. and i'm excited to have the opportunity to raise my kids
6:27 pm
there. >> also in talking with buster, i informed him that he is the number one fantasy baseball catcher in all of major league baseball. his response to me, raj and jessica, was, i guess that's cool. so good to know buster posey has even keeled and understated as he's always been, even here in 2016. >> can't wait to be the kindergarten teacher that gets his kids. >> oh, my goodness. >> to have the posey kids. >> i want buster posey and stephen curry to live next door to each other. wouldn't that be nice? >> very cool. >> good neighborhood. >> thanks, ahmed. unfortunately it is bad news for hover boards. the feds now say they are unsafe. coming up what has to happen before you can safely buy one again. but first -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> teenage suicide continues to be a big problem on the peninsula. palo alto has hired security guards to patrol the train tracks. but we've uncovered some
6:28 pm
problems with those guards. our investigation is next.
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palo alto continues to try to solve its problems of teenage suicide. the city is paying thousands of dollars for guards to protect the students near the train tracks. >> it is. and we've uncovered the security guards are convict, parolees, and some have even been accused of going into the homes neither
6:31 pm
neighborhoods to burglarize while they were supposed to be on the clock. our vickie winn joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: the city of palo alto spent more than $700,000 on security services during the past four years. part of the program called track watch. it was created in response to a state of tragic student deaths. but as we've learned, residents did not get what they were promised. in palo alto, the impact of teen deaths is still felt deeply. >> it is simply a huge scar, a wound, upon this community that would be on any community. >> reporter: a wound that remains open for mark vincente, a retired gunn high school english teacher. in 2009 four students from his school took their own lives. >> to be a teacher, to go into the classroom the next day, knowing one of those desks is
6:32 pm
going to be empty? that's a difficult job. >> reporter: in response to the crisis, vincente and a team of volunteers set up watch posts along the rail lines, hoping to guide distressed teens toward help. city leaders joined the effort, hiring val security in 2011 for a four-year contract as part of project track watch. >> the presence of the guards at the tracks is a tangible signal every day to kids who are coming and going across those tracks that we are doing something. and we care. >> reporter: but some of the guards cared about something else. in october, palo alto police arrested james brawn in connection with a string of residential burglaries. police say instead of watching the tracks for students, brawn was watching empty homes, stealing jewelry and electronics. the investigative unit searched through criminal records and found brawn's legal troubles started before he was hired by
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val. the 21-year-old was recently released from san quentin where he served time for armed robbery with a handgun. records show he is also under investigation by palo alto police for identity theft, using stolen credit cards. when questioned about the crimes, brawn denied the charges telling investigators "he does not do burglaries, but he does do robberies". we sat in on his court hearing and found another val security guard down the hall dealing with a case of his own. >> charges were for possession of methamphetamines. pretty much that's it. >> reporter: val security hired brett scott in early 2015 despite his history of drug offenses dating back to 2013. scott is now back in court facing possession charges in palo alto. >> a little nervous about the proceedings? >> not really. pretty much do the crime, you pay for it. you know what i mean? >> reporter: records also revealed kenneth white, a val security guard wanted for petty theft from fry's in san jose.
6:34 pm
in november white was arrested near his post by palo alto police and pled guilty for the charge. his past includes grand theft charges in mountainview which were dropped. shari howland said she moved to palo alto for its safe neighborhoods. but police records allege two homes across from her were broken into by a val security guard. she says it's a betrayal on an even deeper level. >> i have a brother that committed suicide not in front of a track, but that's a tragedy that you don't want any family to go through. it's horrible. so knowing that the city is hiring people that aren't really going to be able to help these people or that are supposed to be there watching the tracks and instead are stealing from the community around us? that's really hurtful. >> reporter: we requested an interview with the city of palo alto to ask how it screens guards before putting them on the street. the city declined our request but said in a statement it had no choj of the criminal backgrounds, and that all background checks are the responsibility of the vendor, not the city, as they are not city employees."
6:35 pm
in december, palo alto hired a new company, cypress security, to stand watch through the summer. the contract pays twice the hourly wage for a total of $429,000 over seven months. and again, the city is relying on its contractor for screening, a process that allowed these guards to make the cut. >> i do know of three other co-workers that saved three other people's lives. we do a good deed over there. >> reporter: both city and community leaders emphasize the importance of having a physical presence at the crossings. still, vincente says he wants to seat guards more thoroughly vetted by the city to ensure they know the weight of their responsibility. >> we need to have the best adults for these kids at the railroad tracks. >> reporter: cypress security tells us they do allow people with a criminal history to serve as guards, but they do so on a case-by-case basis. we understand this is a very sensitive topic. we have a lot of information on our web site, including warning signs and a suicide prevention
6:36 pm
hotline number. guys? >> all right. thank you very much, vickie. if you have a tip for vickie or anyone on our investigative unit give us a call. the number is on the screen. you can always send vickie an e-mail to the unit at it's day two on the job for the bay area's newest mayor. and there's no grace period. lisa gilmore was sworn in as the any marry of santa clara following the sur bruise resignation of jamie matthews. among her first priorities should general fund money be spent on levi stadium operations? the mayor has publicly criticized the 49ers over the use of the soccer fields just outside of the stadium, fields that the nfl took over for the super bowl. >> it was a well-publicized disagreement and fight. it's not over yet. hopefully it will be when the fields have returned now back to the youth of our community. and we can move forward in a positive way. >> the city coins in santa clara still hadn't decided if
6:37 pm
gilmore's empty council seat will remain empty until november or the city could nominate a candidate to full her seat. still ahead protecting your child's privacy. the critical information coming from various schools in the days after we warned you of a potential privacy issue. and i'm sam brock. on the same day that justice scalia lies in repose at the supreme court, the fallout continues over what happens in his absence. major cases before the court coming up on abortion, immigration and affirmative action. what's the impact going to be? we're looking into that coming up next on reality check. theyr'e not safe. that's thewor
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6:39 pm
govermt about the -- hoverboards. they've been blamed for at leas4 they're not safe. that's the word now from the federal government about hover boards. now, they've been blamed for at least 50 nice 24 states, including some right here in
6:40 pm
california. consumer products safety commission says the problem is the battery pack, the way they interact with the circuit boards can spark a fire. the cpsc is now sending letters to companies that either make or sell hover boards, saying the devices may be recalled or seized. now, also only hover boards with approval from underwriters laboratory would be considered safe from here on out. and you'll know that they're from the ul because they'll have a ul sticker on them. we have reported on several hoover boards fires in the bay area over the last several weeks. that includes this one in san leandro that happened on january 30th. there's another one that happened in pet lue ma. this one did a lot of damage before the owner put out the flames. then there was this one in santa rosa. a family actually lost their house. you can see that big fire there. and two dogs. because of that hover board fire. >> a followup now on the private data on school kids. this week california public schools have begun sending letters to millions of parents
6:41 pm
as we first reported last week, personal information about all public school students will be turned over to a nonprofit organization. that's because the group won a lawsuit to find out whether california schools are viling the disabilities act. you can opt out of having your kid's personal information released by filling out a form. but it has to be done by april. that form is available right on our web site, just search school opt out. let's take you outside. our live cam at the golden gate bridge. city leaders have announced the construction of a suicide barrier on the bridge has been delayed by two months. here's what it will look like eventually, a system of nets beneath the bridge. the controversial barrier has been in the works for several years, but a new report says there isn't enough american-made steel that's being used. leaders have chosen to use u.s.-made steel. the barriers are expected to take about four years to finish. >> the the steel is actually for that netting. so they say if someone falls on
6:42 pm
that netting with the steel a person still will get injured when they fall on that netting. let's turn things over to jeff. the rain is still here. i thought you said it would go away. >> it will be this weekend which is great news. dry weather coming our way. i have a little correction coming up in my weather forecast. we showed you that long-range outlook. we've flip flopped february and march. i've updated it. we'll have details on exactly how many storms could be coming over the next couple of weeks. and that's in just a few minutes. the hot debate over a supreme
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
but meanwhile -- the high court the hot debate over a supreme court replacement continues. meantime the high court still has plenty of work to do. >> tonight's reality check, sam brock tells us about some of the notable cases and how a split court ruling could have an impact. >> reporter: that's right. lost in the supreme court shuffle is the fact that we're in the middle of a term right
6:45 pm
now. this leaves only eight justices on the bench with the possibility of a 4-4 split. if that happens it doesn't set a new precedent, but what it would do is stir the pot on some very high profile issues before the court. the supreme court's docket this term is loaded with divisive issues. like a texas law requiring abortion clinics to meet the same medical standards as hospitals. >> these are cases that it is highly likely that having an eight-justice court is going to make a significant difference. >> reporter: constitutional law expert says the loss of conservative justice antonin scalia could force this case and other battle ground issues to a tie vote. >> and that means that the case itself at the supreme court level has no precedential value. but the lower court holding the highest federal court as you said that heard the case, that ruling is going to stay. >> that means in the event of a tie, the texas abortion law would stay, since a u.s. circuit
6:46 pm
court upheld it. texas clinics providing abortions would get slashed from 40 to about 10. mean time, there's another marquee texas case before the court. >> you'll be able to apply to stay in this country temporarily without fear of deportation. >> reporter: united states v. texas challenges the president's executive action on immigration. a series of measures shielding as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. a supreme court tie again reverts back to the circuit court, which in this case put a freeze on the president's program. >> i hope the court rules that a student's race and ethnicity should not be considered when applying to the university of texas. >> reporter: an upcoming decision on afirm tiff action would not end in a split because justice elena kagan is recused. that leaves only seven judges. and the most likely scenario is the four conservative justices establish a new precedent banning affirmative action.
6:47 pm
finally -- the affordable care act and birth control drugs. yet another aca case before the court. actually, seven cases all rolled into one, challenging the ability of religious nonprofits like schools or hospitals to not only opt out of contraceptive coverage but also prevent third parties from offering the same coverage to affected women. in this instance, a tie would force all seven cases back to the lower courts where the decisions have been mixed. >> you might be left with a patchwork of in some circuits this is the rule, in other circuits this is the rule. >> reporter: he says this inconsistent application of the law could prove troublesome. >> but this is some of the difficulties that occur when you have a vacancy come up and there's the possibility of not filling that vacancy for a very long time. >> reporter: for a reality check, i'm sam brock. >> thank you, sam. all right. let's turn things over to jeff. let's talk about that sunshine that's supposed to be coming our way this weekend.
6:48 pm
>> it does look really great. you'll be able to see in that scrolling seven-day forecast saturday and also sunday expected to be dry as we get a look outside the sky camera network right now we're holding onto the overcast skies and spotty drizzle. be careful on the roadways with that most recent rainfall. heavy rain two days ago. it is making it slick. 55 and overcast in the south bay. east bay a few drops. san francisco also some drizzle. and cloudy right now in the north bay and 51. as we head through tomorrow morning's forecast for saturday, it's not going to start off super sunny. but at least we'll have dry conditions out on the roadways. if you're doing any traveling, the big headline will be the cold temperatures down to 38 in the north bay. san francisco 48, east bay at 40. and the peninsula dropping to 46 degrees. let's bring you into the forecast. you can see for tomorrow once we get over the morning hours we'll still have some high cloud passing across the bay. not a super sunny day but at least partly cloudy skies. then as we head throughout sunday, high pressure builds in stronger offshore and that's the main reason why we will not have
6:49 pm
any rainfall on sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. in fact, if you look at that scrolling seven-day forecast, you can see those 70-degree temperatures will be returning. one spot that will continue to see these temperatures heat up would be in contra kosta county for walnut creek, likely hitting 74 by tuesday, getting close to some record warmth and gradually by wednesday we'll begin to see those numbers drop. let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout your saturday. partly cloudy skies in san francisco. still a school day. wind kicks up. that 60 in the mission will feel like the 60s. peninsula palo alto 65. five degrees cooler in pacifica and 60s for the south bay 65 as well. north bay, east bay and for the trivalley, sunniyest conditions tomorrow in danville. forecast at 64 degrees. back towards livermore and expecting 63. beautiful day throughout fremont and 65. when would we see this dry
6:50 pm
weather go away? we've taken a look at a potential active weather pattern that could be coming towards the bay area. what i've done is base this on the gfs model as we see it as of this very moment. and it's not one, not two, not three systems but potentially five different storms lining up. the first one arriving february 27th. another chance march 1st. the second the 4th and the 6th. take this with a grain of salt. this early out. we still could see the forecast change. but raj and jess, as we see it now, no doubt march is definitely looking active at least for the first part of the month. that's exactly what we need. let's hope for that miracle march to come our way. >> very good graphic. thank you, jeff. coming up we'll check in with steph curry as the warriors are back to work after eight days off. and guess who's is back to work? recognize him? barry bonds has a new job. not with the giants. jim kozimor joins us next. our national nightmare is
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
over...we have warriors basketball returning tonight, in good evening, everyone. i'm jim kozimor at the xfinity sports desk. warriors basketball returns tonight in portland. it has been nine long days since the warriors played a game. it feels likes it's been a month of sundays. the dubs on a 11-game win streak and best road record of 24-4. warriors are staring at a difficult six-game road trip. curry knows the road has its challenges. >> next six games you can't rely on the crowd energy at home. you can't rely on the comfort of
6:54 pm
being at home. you've got to come out ready to play. and playing some really talented teams that are most of them are playing some great basketball. [ inaudible ] you have to play well and start games off right every single road game, and then hopefully play at a high level. >> all right. to the diamonds and please adjust your eyes now. this is your first look at barry bonds in a marlins uniform. as the club reported to camp in jupiter, florida, the former giant joined miami this off-season as the team's co-hitting coach taking his major league record 762 home runs to the sunshine state. >> a sad day for bay area baseball as former giants player and manager jim davenport passed away at the age of 82. davenport spent 51 years in the giants organization after his time in the major league club davenport spent time as a hitting instructor for the minor leagues san jose giants.
6:55 pm
giants president and ceo larry baer released this statement "the passing of jim davenport brings great sadness to our organization. jim had a wonderful spirit and was a great giant. we will always remember davvy. we expect our deepest condolences to his family and we'll have them in our thoughts and prayers." giants manager bruce bochy offered his thoughts today. >> he was just a real fun guy to be around. a real baseball guy that was always smiling. the guys loved being around him. and i was just honored that i got a chance to know jim, being up here. >> jim davenport spent 51 years in the giants organization. he passes away at the age of 82. our thoughts and prayers are with his family. more sad news today for bay area baseball fans. former a's infielder tony phillips passed away suddenly at age 56. phillips was a member of the 1989 world series-winning a's
6:56 pm
team that beat the giants. in fact, phillips made the final play of game four to clinch the series. phillips spent nine seasons total with oakland. he played 18 years in the bigs. so a bittersweet day for baseball fans in the bay area today. and that will do it for sports, guys, back to you. >> all right, koz, thank you. tony phillips giving us so much joy in the bay area, outsized personality. thanks a lot, koz. let's have a final word from jeff. >> well, tomorrow dries out, sun comes back out. temperatures warm up a little bit. but not going to be too mild at least for saturday for the south bay 65 degrees, trivalley 63, san francisco 61, and the north bay at 64. the big question always is when are we looking at potentially that rainfall picking up? check out how active it might become. february 27th a storm, maybe march 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th. we'll continue to track that. that could change. that's how we see it as of tonight. >> you'll be a busy man. >> thanks for joining us. have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00.
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trump, a feud with the pope? >> his new interview about the controversy, now on "extra." >> donald trump branded the antichrist. does he now regret picking a fight with the pope? >> with the pope, does it give you pause? >> from morning tv to late night, trump's very bad friday. >> and donald said, of course i'm a christian. do you know how many carpenters named jesus i have working for me? >> plus, what hillary clinton is doing with britney. kris jenner versus kanye. why jenner is dropping the


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