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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 20, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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you can see it just a little bit over there across parts of wine country. it's chilly, 37 degrees in the north bay. san francisco at 45. low clouds across parts of the east bay and south bay. once we get rid of the fog, a nice day and temperatures in the mid-60s right where they should be for this time of year. 62 degrees in san francisco. 64 in the north bay. 65 for the south bay along with the trivalley. so a nice day all in all. we'll take a look at the next couple days and get you into next week in my next report. >> stay tuned, thanks. we want to give you a live look in washington, d.c. the funeral for justice scalia will be held here at the national shrine of the emaculate conception. his body lying in repose inside the hall of the u.s. supreme court as thousands of people including president obama and the first lady gathered to pay their respects. scalia died last weekend of natural causes.
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he was 79 years old. the funeral service is scheduled to begin in just about an hour from now. it's open to the public, although the burial will be private. here in the bay area, new this morning, a san jose bar is now a crime scene following a deadly stabbing. it happened shortly before 1:00 this morning outside of the elegant pub in east san jose. two men were taken to the hospital where one of them later died. we're told the other victim is is expected to be okay. no word on what led to this stabbing. police have not made any arrests. new details in the case of a missing bay area woman. it is now being considered a homicide investigation. police say they believe this san jose woman was killed and vanished from a birthday party. she saw aguilar leave sunday around 1:00 in the morning and that was the last time anyone
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saw her. police say they are following leads and looking at evidence to find answers. >> we don't have a body, which makes it more complex. and the other part is that we don't have anyone in custody. >> no word on why this is being considered a homicide. if you have any information, you're being asked to call hayward police. another missing local woman this time on the peninsula. she told her husband she would be staying with a friend for a couple days. that was last saturday and she hasn't been seen since. police say she left home without her cell phone and medication. she has a history of bipolar disorder and depression. a facebook page has been set is up in an effort to find her. now to a developing story. police are looking for the shooter who killed one man and injured three others including a 9-year-old boy. an entire family of four was hit by bullets when shots rang out just before 4:00 yesterday afternoon. two of the men were outside the home working on a car.
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one of them died. the young boy and an older woman were inside the home. the home is on porter street and neighbors say that area is quiet. we spoke with one neighbor who heard the shots and reacted quickly to protect his young son. >> as soon as i heard the bullets flying, i wrapped him up and laid on the floor and crawled behind the fridge. >> police say they believe the victims in the driveway were being targeted. . >> brutal robbery in broad daylight in the financial district. thieves attacked the man, even ripping out his gold teeth. it happened at california and kearney streets a block away from the ritz carlton hotel. police say the victim was sitting on a bench when two men came up from behind and started punching him in the head and kicking him. the attackers also stole his cell tone before they ran off. the victim, we're told, is expected to be okay. police are still looking for those two attackers.
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apple is vowing to fight the fbi all the way to the supreme court. the company is digging in its heels refusing to obey a court order to unlock the san bernardino shooter's iphone. the fed's filed a second motion for a judge to tors apple to comply. apple's ceo says it violates its commitment to customers' privacy. the judge gave apple a week to respond. a hearing also is scheduled tr next month. a group of people gathered at a bar in san francisco's marina district to show support for a man who says he was beaten up there because of his sexuality. many gay men tell us they don't visit the marina because it has a reputation of being non-gay friendly. so a group took over the lounge on lumbar street standing in solidarity with a 28-year-old man who wept public on facebook
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with a story about being assaulted at the lounge tw weeks ago. that sparked reaction from across the world. >> it sends a positive message that the gay community in san francisco is not afraid. >> look at all these people that showed up. >> the manager says a dollar from each drink sold will be going to a community charity. at a public memorial yesterday, loved ones and members of the community gathered to remember police officer gus vegas. he was a family man and the ultimate protector. police say he was trying to protect his daughter during a domestic dispute and for the first time that daughter spoke publicly about her father. pz. >> i'm honored to be his daughter. >> that is angel vegas, the
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young mother at the center of the dispute. she has a 6-year-old son with the man accused of killing officer vegas. in other news, a tuberculosis scare on the peninsula. . 170 veterans are being screened for the disease. the va is reporting one employees was diagnosed with tb in early january. a hospital spokesperson says that woman hasn't returned to work since then. so far more than 60 veterans who could have been exposed have tested negative. to decision 2016 now, today is a big day in the race for the white house and the stakes are high. today democrats hillary clinton a and bernie sanders will be face ing off. republicans will go toe to toe in south carolina. donald trump led until yesterday when ted cruz closed the gap. >> it's crunch time, folks.
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it's crunch time. you know what that means. we got to get tomorrow. we have to vote. all these thousands and thousands of people, tough get out and vote. >> this is our time. this race will be decided friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, pastor to pastor, south carolinian to south carolinian. >> in nevada clinton lost her big lead in the polls to sanders and those two candidates will caucus in nevada. the democrats will then have their primary in south carolina next saturday. at 7:07, we have much more ahead. a major organization that funds youth sports in one bay area community is severing some of its ties and parents are now wondering if their kids will be affected. plus free pot. we'll tell you about the giveaway with a serious message.
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welcome back at 7:10 on this saturday morning. cloudy skies over san jose. we take this live look. anthony slaughter says we have a good mix of fog starting the day in the bay area and then we'll have sun and clouds as the day progresses. the police athletic league, which funds youth sports in san jose, has ended its partnership with a local softball program and parents and athletes are afraid football teams will be cut next. >> he grew up an athlete and now an athletic director. a meeting this week with the leadership left a sour taste in his mouth. . >> they said it's been suspended. >> he says his league and three others can't survive without pal. >> we don't have an umbrella to play under. >> leadership told me the
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football program has not been cancelled, but they expect the proposal on wednesday from the football league on how to make operati operations run smoother was minimal staffing levels at events. the football league say they expect the same fate as the softball league. >> there's a a little bit of sadness and we feel like a little bit of a lost child. >> reporter: pal provided background checks for coaches with the league and paid for the league's mandatory insurance. that's now stopped and so has the ability to call this a police activity league event. >> that name was like taking away a staple. so sort of sad about losing the name pal. >> reporter: pal says its split with softball was mutual. on the football side, seven have called an emergency meet iing f tuesday to address their concerns. nbc bay area news.
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much more ahead. made in america, how about made in space? we'll take you behind the scenes of nasa's newest project launched with a bay area start-up. and this morning we're waking up to fog across parts of the north bay. even in the trivalley. there's our sunshine. we're going to see the sunshine through the day. plus warmer temperatures into next week. details on all that coming up.
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welcome back at 7:14. we're taking a live look at cloudy skies covering that city. we're seeing that across the bay area right now. meteorologist anthony slaughter says we should be seeing the sun later today and a warm-up is on its way. there was free marijuana outside of san jose city hall yesterday. they were handing out vouchers for a e free gram of pot. people will be able to redeem the vouchers once pot is legal.
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he's the founder of a website that's promoting the efforts to legalize pot in california. >> this is not necessarily a specific valid initiative. this is any legalization initiative to let us give away free weed. >> he says he hopes to give away vouchers for 10,000 pounds of marijuana before this november's election. no rocketship needed, technology from a silicon valley start-up is giving astronauts what they need while floating in space. >> reporter: start-ups launch all the time in silicon valley, but this one literally has its head in the stars. . >> it might add structures to a future human space-like vehicle like a mars transit vehicle. >> reporter: it's called made in space backed by nasa, its goals
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to print and make things in space with an eye on boosting the future of space travel. >> if we're going into the final frontier, ask we need things to settle that frontier, spacex is building the vehicle ask we are building the pick axes and other tools. >> we like to work with companies because they move fast. you have to move fast to get into space. >> reporter: by moving fast and dwping 3-d printers to work in zero gravity, they aim to create a way to build whatever astronauts needs, even if they are already in space. the company is based inside nasa, making for a a cozy partnership. >> but also the new start-ups and ideas that are generated here in silicon valley. it's sshlly a hot bed of new ideas of innovation and we need to harness that. >> reporter: the latest in
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earth-bound technology taking off toward a future in space. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> that's so cool. >> anything in space is cool. >> you sort of deal with space. >> look it up a lot with the clouds. the clouds are right here close to the ground. it's pretty widespread. it's kind of patchy and hit and miss. i want to show you the map to actually see where it is the thickest right where our camera is in parts of the north bay. it's a little bit bad. visibility pretty reduced. over towards dublin where we were looking at earlier. not so bad towards the south bay. we still do have patchy fog out there. if you're headed into san francisco today, or out and about, 54 degrees by 10:00. we'll get rid of the fog by
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11:00 and 60 degrees by 2:00 this afternoon. we'll clear out completely by 3:00 and 4:00 and this afternoon and this evening skies clear and temperatures fall back into the 50s once the sun goes down. across the bay area, we're in the 40s. the exception is the north bay in the 30s. we have patchy fog and it's chilly up there. later on this afternoon, all of us expected to warm to the 60s. slightly warmer than it was yesterday. we had had a cold front move through overnight and that produce d a little shower activity yesterday evening. not a lot. just enough to get the ground wet. 65 degrees for the south bay. 63 for the peninsula. same for the east bay and trivalley e. dealing with the fog now and a mix of sun and clouds later. mild today up to 62 degrees. we're expected to see a nice day. traveling this weekend over in tahoe, they got 2.5 fresh feet of powder up there. 49 degrees expected today.
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43 for. expecting spectacular weather. temperatures right near 70 degrees. high pressure is going to start to be the story over the next couple days. you'll notice that at the bottom of the screen. highs are going to start to warm into the 70s as we start off next week. today the gradual warming trend continues. we'll have a few 50s at the coastline. as we get going through the day today and tomorrow, the 60s really start to take hold of the bay area and look what happens. here comes the 70s. monday we start off the workweek it's going to be a a warm start. widespread 70s for the south bay. even across parts of the east bay and north bay and that's just the beginning. as we get towards the middle part of the week, high pressure is going o set up and it's not going anywhere and will lead toward warmer temperatures. sunday another system to the north. high pressure over the next couple days. same deal for tuesday. another off to the north. the rain we should be getting is happening. it's just not happening here.
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it's happening across parts of the pacific northwest. here's a lack at temperatures by wednesday. that's when we'll see the warmest of our days. 75 degrees in san jose. 77 in fairfield. the warming trend continues over the next couple days. it's going to be spectacular across the bay area. the east bay is warming nicely. san francisco out of the 60s this weekend. back to 70 by monday. all in all, not a bad forecast as we move towards the next few days. more rain, we'll take it when we get it. thursday and friday we may see another system move this way. >> a little bit of everything. thank you. we have much more ahead on today in the bay coming up. >> some people have religion and some people have materialistic things. for r me it was the dog. >> one man's touching tribute to his late dog and the overwhelming response to it. it's a story that makes us bay area proud. it probably is. those have
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welcome back. if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. those have always been good words to live by. but there are some exceptions. there's a free offer that wasn't just good, it's heartwarming. today in the bay has this morning's bay area proud. >> a free tennis ball is what the offer was. if you buy them in bulk, each one doesn't cost that much. but if you do it for the reason he does, well, they are pretty much priceless. >> reporter: this is the story of a man and the dog he loved. the man is crisp if you're wondering where the dog is, well, that's where we'll begin. two years ago cancer claimed the life of chris's 12-year-old boxer. his best friend with with the
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funny name. >> people say why do you keep saying everything. that's my dog's name. >> reporter: chris says he literally picked everything's name out of a hat. it turned out to be as perfect as it was random. everything became just that to chris. >> some people have religion. some people have their materialistic things. but for me it was the dog. >> reporter: during some tough times in the past, tempted down some dark roads, one thing, chris says, kept him from going too far astray. >> no matter what, i had her as this responsibility. i never let that go. >> reporter: you can imagine what it was like for chris to lose her. two years later, it still hurts. >> this is my favorite picture i have of her. >> reporter: if time wouldn't
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heal the wound, perhaps kindness might ease the pain. it's why last month chris put this post on instagram promising to send anyone a free tennis ball if they promise to use it to play with their dog like chris wishes he could his. e he started with 100 balls and low expectations. >> i figured i was going to be sitting in my room with about 80 or 90 tennis ball, but it didn't happen like that. >> reporter: chris exhausted his initial supply practicallyover night. and now has a waiting list hundreds of dogs long. people from around the country, even the world, sending in requests with notes of thanks and encouragement and then sending back proof of chris's good doeeed. if you ever feel like you've lost everything, just throw a little love out into the world and watch it brought right back
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to you. >> not only is chris paying for the tennis balls and shipping himself, people have sent him money in return and he had sent it back to them. he says it's just not about the money. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> if you know of someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, hundreds of thousands of dollars in rare books stolen. . how the thieves got their hands on so many of them and what's now being done to track them down. it's hard to explain. come in, stand in something that gets you to temperatures colder than the moon. >> forget about hot yoga. we'll tell you how sub zero temperatures are the new hot health craze. does cryotherapy really work? we take you inside the chamber, next.
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good morning to you, it's 7:29. a live look at fog over the bridge. it looks this way across most of the bay area this morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at our forecast. >> every single camera, just trying to figure out which one doesn't look so foggy. they were talking about how you can see the city and the bridge and lots of low clouds. this is ridual moisture from the showers we saw yesterday. a lot of it was light, but it was enough to get the ground wet. chilly this morning. warm this afternoon. nice and comfortable. 62 degrees in san francisco. a good mix of sun and clouds.
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63 today for the east bay. 65 for the south bay. warmer temperatures are in our future. we'll talk all about that into next week. >> thanks. we want to give you a live look in washington, d.c. this morning. the funeral for supreme court justice antonin scalia is is being held. it starts in about 30 minutes. yesterday scalia's body lying in repose at the supreme court as thousands of people including president obama and the first lady gathered to pay their respects. scalia died last weekend of natural causes. he was 79. the funeral service is scheduled to start in about half an hour from now. it is open to the public, although the burial will be private. here in the bay area, a san jose bar is now a crime scene following a deadly stabbing. it happened shortly before 1:00 this morning out of the elegant
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pub in east san jose. two men were taken to the hospital. one later died. we're told the other victim is expected to be okay. no word on what led to that stabbing. police have not yet made any arrests. new details of the case of a missing bay area woman is is now a a homicide investigation. hayward police say they do believe this san jose woman stacey aguilar was killed. she vanished from a birthday party. the host of that party us she saw aguilar leave on sunday around 1:00 in it the morning. that was the last time anyone saw her. police say they are following leads and looking at evidence to find any clues. >> we don't have a body. which makes it even more complex. the other part is we don't have anyone in custody. >> no word on why being considered a homicide case. if you have any information, you're urge d to contact haywar lis. now to a developing story, police are looking for the
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shooter who kill one man and injured three others including a 9-year-old boy. a family of four was hit by bullets just before 4:00 yesterday afternoon. two men were outside the home working on a car. one of them died. the young boy and an older woman were inside the home. that home is porter treat street. neighbors say that area is typically quiet. we spoke with one neighbor who heard the gunshots and reacted quickly to protect his son. >> as soon as i heard the bullets fly, i wrapped him up and laid on the floor and crawled behind the fridge. >> police believe the two victims in the driveway were being targeted. the search continues this morning for a book thief in the east bay. police say two men stole books from a van and the owner of the van traveled to trade shows selling those rare books. the van disappeared early friday morning stolen from where it was parked in oak left-hand. police say the suspects try iedo
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resell the books to moe's in berkeley but the owner had already been warned. >> in the book community, they have a shared community. so basically the victim of the book theft had it stolen in oakland. he had over $300,000 worth of books in his van. at that point, the employee was alert to that. >> the owner called police who caught one of the suspects. the other got away. many of the books are back with the owner, but some are still missing. now to the bay area's newest mayor hitting the ground running. lisa gilmore was sworn in following the surprise resignation of jamie mathews. should general fund money be spent on levi's stadium operations. the mayor criticize d the 49ers especially over the use of soccer fields just outside the stadium. the nfl took over for the super
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bowl. >> it was a well publicized disagreement and fight. it's not over yet. hopefully it will be when the fields are returned to the youth of our community. and we can move forward in a positive. >> the city council hasn't decided if the empty council seat will remaybe empty or nominate a candidate in the interim. and keeping with politics, decision 2016 today is a big day in the race for the white house and the stakes are high. today democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be facing off. republicans go toe to toe in their south carolina primary. donald trump led the polls in south carolina until yesterday when ted cruz closed their 5-point gap. marco rubio is currently polling in third. >> it's crunch time, folks. it's crunch time. we got to get out tomorrow and have to vote. all these thousands and
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thousands of people you have to get out and vote. >> this is our time. this race will be decided friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, pastor to pastor, south carolinian to south carolinian. >> in nevada clinton lost her big lead in the polls to sanders and tonight those two candidates will caucus in nevada. the democrats will then have their primary in south carolina next saturday. and we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, we'll take you to spring training and check in with the giants all star catcher. and the warriors get a taste of their own medicine. we'll explain, next.
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every wonder what nature valley is made of?
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♪ that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners. nature valley granola bars. and now introducing delicious biscuits with almond butter or peanut butter. welcome back. it's 7:37. look at the cloud cover over san jose. most of the bay area is seeing that. a lot of fog. meteorologist anthony slaughter says we'll have a mix of and
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clouds later today and a warm-up is is on its way. these are words not heard or said very often. the warriors lose. the warriors quest to break the all-time single season wins record took a hit in the pacific northwest last night. a a lot of frustration for steph and his crew in portland. willard had a kree high 51 points. they had their worst loss on the season. the warriors record drops to 48-5. let's move to baseball. the giants are now reporting for duty in arizona and so are we. we are in scottsdale where we talked to buster posey about becoming a full-time bay area resident. >> reporter: the cool thing about covering pitchers and catchers is two of the most popular players are pitcher and catcher. posey in camp is defending his
7:39 am
defending. got a chance to talk about his off season home which soon will be shifting to the bay area. >> we'll be residents once my kids start kindergarten. we are still spending time in georgia. still have a home there. but it will be home permanently here in the next year and a half. we just have grown to love the area. we have a home there now and have made some friends in the area. my wife is extremely comfortable in the area. it's just a cool place to live. everybody that lives here will attest to that. it's a special place in the world and i'm excited to have the opportunity raise my kids there. >> if you play fantasy baseball, buster is the number one rated fantasy catcher out there. i informed him, he said i guess that's pretty cool. understated as always. . later today we'll be at mesa. the a's report for the first
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time. for today in the bay. we have much more coming up. >> cold in there? >> good. >> the freezing cold experience. some swear by it. why others aren't so hot on cry yo therapy. >> watching the fog in san francisco. visibility down to less than a quarter mile. we'll talk about when we'll get rid of the fog and a warm-up ahead. details after this.
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welcome back. saturday at 7:42 is the time right now. we're watching some clouds here across the bay area. even some low fog across parts of the bridges. take it easy. take you hour by hour in san jose, we're looking at temperatures in the 50s. eventually we'll warm into the 60s. we'll get rid of the fog and low cover we're seeing. temperatures right around 65 degrees.
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skies clear out this evening as we fall back into the 40s. look at how cool it is in parts of the north bay. . 37 degrees in san rafael. that's our camera that you can barely make out the city. you get down towards the south bay as we were just talking. have some low clouds. visibility not all that bad. we'll continue to see the sunshine. 62 degrees in san francisco. wine country will be up to 64. the east bay up to 63 degrees. trivalley at 65. same deal for the south bay. 65 degrees. all in all lots of sunshine across the state. if you're doing any traveling from the north to the south, look iing at no problems on tho area roads. even if you're flying, no airport delays. we are expecting a dry pattern to kick in. that's going to mean morning fog, afternoon sunshine and warm er temperatures. today not so warm. we'll still hold on to a few 50s at the cost line. half-moon bay and pacifica,
7:44 am
widespread 60s across most of the bay area. as we move through tomorrow, we'll see warmer air push in in the south bay. a few 70s near the foothills of morgan hill. and eventually the 70s will take hold by monday. so widespread 70s will replace 60s we're seeing now. still holding on to a few 60 toz start off the workweek. it looks like that will be the beginning of a nice warming trend into next week. so high pressure is going to set up shop across the pacific. that's going to push all of our storms to the north. sunday, another storm system passes to the north. another one for tuesday. that's going to move towards the pacific northwest. for us all the 19 owe rain we would be getting is moving towards the pacific northwest. high pressure is going to block all of those storms. 74 degrees by wednesday. 70 in san francisco. even in fairfield, close to 80 degrees by wednesday. so the extended forecast does show we're going to see a nice
7:45 am
warming trend for the next few days. east bay valley, same deal. by monday, widespread 70s in the bay area. it looks like even in san francisco, 70s as well. by monday, tuesday, and wednesday, comfortable. our next chance of rain doesn't move in until thursday and friday. enjoy the warm temperatures. >> i'm going wine tasting tomorrow, so that's great. >> need a friend? >> you're always welcome. much more ahead on today in the bay. it's a different kind of detective work. the lost art being uncovered in san francisco and the incredible effort to restore local artwork more than 70 years old. fwoorng, lots to do. today in the city, the chinese new year parade is freezing up traffic. you can expect frozen participants tr the polar plunge that's raising money for the special olympics in northern california. . running or diving into the chilly san francisco bay, you can join other participants.
7:46 am
you can enter a team or you can officially enter as a chicken. that's a category. it costs $125. if the nold never bothered you, that's fine. forever flat, that's the south bay musical theater. this weekend is the last chance to see the throwback about this group right there. we're finally gets a chance to make their comeback. that's the traffic guy reporting the crash. . but the theater guy is pushing live tanment. it's the last weekend and they are gone. and from classic songs to classic art of story telling and ope opera, let's head to the peninsula. live professional opera singers bring props and amazing sloiss along and encourage the kids to join them in the singing of extra from cinderella. it's a great opportunity for kids and parents to discover how
7:47 am
unstuffy the opera can be. it's not over until i remind you to join me for monday's commute on today in the bay.
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welcome wac. it's 7:49. a beautiful look at the golden gate bridge. when is it ever not beautiful? we have cloudy skies across the bay area this morning. meteorologist anthony slaughter says we will see sun later today. there's a warm-up on the way beginning tomorrow.
7:50 am
first it was for elite athletes and then the rich and famous. cryotherapy is going mainstream. this hot trend is raising eyebrows in the medical community. >> getting cold in there? >> reporter: forget the ice baths, those aren't cold enough. cryotherapy are dropping temperatures colder than anywhere on earth. >> twice a week or so. >> reporter: he's chilled out for the past six months in cryotherapy sessions. >> i used to run and i would get so tight i'd have to stop and stretch. now on some boots and gloves and a rob, in the meantime the owner starts cooling the chamber. >> reverse warm-up. we're getting it ready for the client.
7:51 am
>> reporter: liquid nitrogen is pumped into the chamber around you. temperatures drop to around 250 degrees below zero and it lasts up to e three minutes. >> it's pretty intense. you slow your breathing. >> the machine shuts off after three minutes. >> reporter: it reduces inflammation, increases blood flow, improves mood ask even helps in weight loss. >> a really neat, fun ride a part of because we literally change people's lives and outlook on their day in three minutes. >> some professional athletes swear by it including super bowl mvp von miller and many of the denver broncos who cry owed on their way to the championship. >> i think the most powerful thing, again, is seeing the results. >> i don't really recommend it. >> reporter: dr. michael frederickson is a sports medicine physician for stanford hospital and a former medical director for the u.s. track and field championship. >> the problem is we don't have much research on it. in fact, the research that is out there is not very
7:52 am
convincing. >> reporter: for average people, dr. frederickson said you shouldn't even jump into an ice bath because it can neutralize the benefit and athletes should only do it in between competition. >> with excessive cold, you might not get the soreness, but you're not going to get the benefits from that workout. >> reporter: cryotherapy is not fda approved. the department of consumer affa affairs says it's not regulated and there are no plans to regulate cryotherapy right now. ryan says he welcomes any oversight on the industry. >> i would ask that everybody has an mind and we study this and look at it as an applicable method for treating people in a different way. >> reporter: he'll stale cool believing whatever happens this has enormous benefits. ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> some of the greatest painters in history have let their signatures all over the bay area, but only some of the work survived.
7:53 am
much of it has been lost to history. today in the bay introduces us to the art lovers who are ensuring that lost art isn't forgotten. >> reporter: if you want to sail back into the bay area's history, san francisco's maritime museum is the place to do it. but aside u from tales of old vessels, one of the biggest mysteries is out of the public eye just upstairs. in a room once filled with nautical murals from the 1939 opening, preservationists are scratching the surface of what was here. >> i don't think a lot of people knew this room was up here. >> reporter: the murals were painted by an artist. >> pieces of ships. >> reporter: but over the years most were painted over or
7:54 am
destroyed. ar dan rosenthal is urn itting back seven decades one brush stroke at a time. he's carefully restoring parts of the mural that are visible, chip canning away to find the parts that aren't. >> since 1976, these designs have not been seen. >> like detectives, the national park architects are trying to repiece and there was that tug boat panel. there istures showing what they look like before. >> so we're been able to reconstruct this image. >> reporter: the biggest head scratcher would have been on this empty column. >> painted white. >> reporter: then a video surfaced of the class of 1919 holding its 20-year verse ri in this very room. >> this is showing this wall.
7:55 am
this is one of the stills from the video. we think that is one of the shark carvings that we have in our collection. >> that little clip we're pretty sure the sharks now belong over here. the preservationists believe they will be eventually retore store most of the detail. >> the goal is to showcase it as it was intended. >> reporter: raising another piece of the city's maritime history on the depths of the past. nbc bay u area news. >> we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, a mother makes a shocking discovery while making dinner. what she found and what to watch out for in your pantry, next. a distrubing discovery in a can.
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=vo= a woman in ut saysh welcome back. a disturbing discovery and can of vegetables. a a woman in utah said she got a snake head in a can of green
7:58 am
beans. the severed green head could easily be mistaken for a green bean the woman spotted it that it was in a can of western family green beans. . the manufacturer has been alerted and is pulling the cans from shelves before another unwanted discovery is is made. >> that was my biggest concern that somebody else would get the body of the snake ask not the head. >> thr trying to figure out how that head got into the can of green beans. we'll leave you on a better note. an unusual sight in a liquor store. a couple photos of a deer that pushed its way through a door, walked in and headed for the bourbon aisle. to each their own. police led the deer back outside. i wonder if they got anything to drink first. i'm more of a a mimosa kind of girl. thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. we'll have more news on
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