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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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good evening, everyone, i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. we will get back to that story. first, we're following breaking news tonight out of south carolina. let's th less man 15 minutes ago republican presidential candidate jeb bush dropping out of the presidential race. >> nbc news reporting bush received about 8% of the vote in today's primary in south carolina. he has been doing about that in the polling all along. bush received a lot of funding but couldn't sway voters. we'll have more on the presidential race coming up in just a few minutes. and it has been more than a year now since a fire burned through a three-story building in san francisco. that apartment complex is on mission and 22nd street. tenants had been open to move back in once repairs were made to the building but now that could change. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in front of this building. pretty bad news for former tenants. it's been a year now. what's happened to them? >> reporter: well, you know, i spoke with one former resident. he tells me his plan all along wases to try and come back to
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the mission district but now it looks like that hope may be fading fast. he says he's been getting help with temporary housing since the fire but building inspectors ordered the building at 22nd and mission to be demolished. it was damaged in a fast-moving fire last january and now there's concern in a moderate earthquake it might collapse. that means dozens of tenants may lose their right to return even if new units are built. went-controlled units can come back. after demolition, those rules may not apply. one supervisor says he's trying to understand and help tenants. >> we're trying to understand that and we're trying to understand how the order of demolition is issued to see if there is a way that it could be issued so that it's not -- so that the rights of the tenant are protected and including, you know, is it a complete demolition, a partial demolition, and what impact does that have on the rights of the tenants? we are trying to explore all
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option. >> reporter: some tenants rights groups were also frustrated. they say the building sat for so long in the rain and the elements. we were unable to reach the owner tonight for comment. meantime that demolition could start as early as next week. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thanks very much. a developing story for you right now, police now believe a missing san jose woman is dead. the victim of a homicide. a 22-year-old stacey aguilar was last seen leaving a party in hayward. and tonight we have uncovered new details about the investigation. nbc bay area's marianne favro at the hayward police department. she just spoke with the victim's family. >> reporter: we talked with stacey aguilar's stepfather. he told us he's frustrated that hayward police have asked the family not to search for stacey. the 22-year-old san jose woman was last seen leaving a party off jackson and silva in hayward
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with her boyfriend. that was around 1:00 in the morning sunday. her family reported her missing monday. but now hayward police say after following up on leads, they believe she was the victim of homicide. >> we don't have a body which makes it even more complex, and the other part is that we don't have anyone in custody for the homicide. >> reporter: sergeant cantrell said investigators definitely believe that stacey was killed in hayward. her family just told us someone has been using her credit cards since her disappearance. they want to search for her but are frustrated police are telling them not to. police say at a later time, they plan to reach out to the media and the public asking for help trying to find stacey. her family says stacey's boyfriend was brought in for questioning and released. reporting live at the hayward police department marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. a san jose bar turned into a deadly crime scene after two men were stabbed.
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happened early this morning outside the elegant pub on south wyatt road. two men were stabbed. one went to the hospital. one died. the bar located in the evergreen section of san jose not far from capital expressway and highway 101. it's not clear what led to that stabbing. no arrests have been made. a major overhaul, what two independent groups are recommending after looking at problems inside santa clara county jails. this has been a story we have been following for months. reported problems about abuse came to light after the death of inmate michael tyree. three deputies are now facing murder charges accused of beating tyree to death. two different investigative groups presented their findings to a special commission tasked with improving jail policies. tales of inmates being locked up in solitary confinement for long periods of time even up to three years. also beating of inmates in elevators that had no camera to record those incidents and withholding medicine or medical attention for inmates in need. the groups also said the
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problems exist across the entire santa clara county system. here are the changes they're recommending. first, revamping of leadership for the county's jails. they would also like to see how changes in the jails operate including how inmates report problems. the groups would also like to see the creation of an independent oversight monitor, not associated with the jail or sheriff. santa clara county sheriff lori smith says she's open to these ideas but so far no decision has been made. our investigative unit is also looking into the reported problems at santa clara county jails. they uncovered issues dating back to 2010. watch that investigation, happens wednesday night pat 11:00 p.m. federal officials are searching for the gun of an immigration agent. the agentlest the weapon on top of his car and drove off. happened yesterday morning at 7:00 in the ingleside neighborhood of san francisco. just last month three handguns were stolen from an fbi vehicle parked in a residential neighborhood in venetia and an nbc bay area investigation uncovered that in the bay area,
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six local law enforcement agencies have a total of 379 firearms that can't be accounted for. in the last eight months handguns stolen from federal agents were used in the high-profile slayings in san francisco in july of kate steinle and antonio ramos in oakland in september. new at 6:00, drug dealers facing charges of a year-long sting by the san jose police department. it's called operation buyout and targeted dealers around fountain alley, st. james park and cesar chavez park. 33 were charged during the operation. their cases are now working through the court. hundreds of people answered san jose mayor's sam lacardo's call for input on the city's budget today. they packed into parkside mall for the meeting. lacardo explained the goal was to wipe the slate clean with no money preallocated to anything.
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instead, the community will decide what programs and services to fund. new details tonight in the closely watched case brewing between apple and the fbi. protesters are now planning on rallies in about 30 more cities to support the tech giant. the fbi is taking apple to court over the iphone used by the san bernardino shooter. the feds want apple's help breaking into that phone since it's encrypted. apple, though, is refusing. saying it sets a dangerous precedent about security. earlier this week the internet rights group, fight for the future, held a rally in front of the apple store in san francisco. the group is now planning more support rallies for tuesday including one in palo alto and another one in downtown san francisco. right now you're looking at some clear skies across the golden gate bridge. temperatures in the mid 50s in what is typically one of the rainiest times of the year. instead as we move over the next few days, could be breaking some records for an entirely different reason. we'll talk about that and your
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forecast coming up. plus in south carolina and nevada, a race to the finish and just in the big name finished with the race. the winners, the losers, and the dropout. and celebrating the year of the monkey. happening right now, a big parade through san francisco's chinatown. how this is going to be impacting evening traffic. we've got your details after this.
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as beam drop out, i'm going to get a lot of those votes also. you don't just -- you don't just add them together. so i think we're going to do very, very well. >> just moments ago trup drup spe donald trump speaking in south carolina after a win there, a race to the finish in today's saturday showdown. the final straw for jeb bush. jeb bush announcing he is dropping out of the race. the democratic side, hillary clinton slightly edged out sanders in nevada. clinton's win is bringing new confidence. nbc's steve handelsman has more on the saturday showdown. >> reporter: for hillary clinton, a narrow win in nevada, but a huge relief. >> i am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> reporter: as democrats gathered to caucus, the race had narrowed but union leaders
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pushed a big turnout which helped nullify bernie sanders' late surge. as south carolina republicans cast their ballots -- >> voted for trump. >> reporter: -- the gop front-runner looked poised for a win despite his conflict with the pope and the dispute over whether donald trump really opposed the iraq war. jeb bush said today his party's problem is its front-runner. ted cruz on fox news' "hannity" last night. >> people of south carolina, they want a conservative. >> reporter: he was five polling points behind trump. >> oh, marco. >> reporter: it's marco rubio appealing to many anti-trump voters. >> i did vote for marco rubio as did my wife. >> after you looked at kasich and bush. >> correct. >> reporter: rubio is dreaming of his mainstream rivals dropping out. >> once you get the race down to two, three, four people you're going to have a much clearer more traditional campaign. >> reporter: which is what the democratic race may have become today. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news,
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columbia, south carolina. >> all these candidates swap venues next week. republicans will be in nevada for a caucus vote. the democrats will be in south carolina for their primary. the year of the monkey is already under way. today, though, is the big parade. the annual chinese new year parade kicked off a few minutes ago. let's take a look. this is what you might be seeing if you go tonight to check it out. this is video from last year's parade. should have said that, right? organizers expect up to a million people would take part in festivities. if you can believe it, this actually started back in the 1860s. it's rated as one of the world's top parades. there's going to be about 20 floats, 100 marching bands and over 600,000 fireworks. now, let's tell you where the route is here. it start at second and market streets. it goes up to post, down sutter, across chinatown to kerney then ends at columbus avenue about 8:00 tonight. do expect a lot of extra traffic
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in the area. if you're out there hopefully the weather will cooperate. >> today and for the days to come. normally this time of year we have to worry about rain for the chinese new year parade. high clouds around san francisco. 55 degrees. mostly clear. cool night ahead as we see cloud-free skies toward livermore. 54 degrees. san jose, 56 with a few high clouds. heading through the day tomorrow we'll see temperatures climbing into the mid to upper 60s around san jose. san francisco, mid 60s, despite a chilly start to the morning. watch the temperature trend. you're seeing it at the bottom of the screen with the seven-day forecast. places like san jose will begin to see the temperatures on the rise. mid 70s. we could break records approaching tuesday into wednesday. no signs of rain there. but temperatures feeling a bit more like spring including san francisco. we should see temperatures climbing into the low 70s for the beginning of the week, so the slight warmup we see tomorrow carries through the workweek with a little bit of cooling approaching friday. up toward the north bay, chilly
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temperatures to start. could see upper 30s and low 40s for tomorrow morning. for the afternoon, highs in the upper 60s to near 70 in santo rosa. tri valley tomorrow, 60s on our way to 70s. keep in mind the average high this time of year around dublin and the rest of the tri valley low 60s. those temperatures 5 to 10 degrees above average. the culprit, again, high pressure holding its ground strengthening through about tuesday and the incoming storms will move off mainly to the north. next best chance for rain to finish off february will be right there into saturday. we could see a slight chance of rain. watch as the system goes on by. then those rain chances, again, move to the north, so the high weakening just a little bit toward the end of the week which may allow for a few showers by next weekend. there you go, temperatures back to average by the end of the week. temperatures in the meantime continue to climb. the overall pattern looks dry for this time of year. consider the rainfall season to date, all of these gains 80% to 90% of average, primarily in
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january made. if you take a look at the february so far, those are the averages. nowhere near the numbers we had in the el nino of 1998. a little bit of improvement in the drought. if you look at this map from september. fast forward to now. see the drought severity. decreasing a little bit along the coast but the long-range forecast for the end of february, unfortunately, is dry. next best chance for seeing significant rainfall may have to wait until the beginning of march. see the pattern here in green starting to shift to a slightly above-average chance of rainfall, into northern and central california for the first few days of march, the 5th through the 12th. the middle part of the month, the long-range forecast, outlook for southern california here, the other side of the coin, typically in a very strong el nino. southern california gets more rain than the bay area. not the case midway through march. so it has been a very disappointing february so far in terms of that rainfall and snow, of course, got a good storm just a couple days ago but the outlook for february looks
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pretty warm and dry. we're hopeful for a turnaround for the first half of march especially around the bay area. back to you. >> thanks, rob. >> hope it happens. officially for sale, coming up some of yahoo!'s core businesses soon could be owned by a new company. a family won't be able to stay
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at their home tonight because one family out of their home tonight because a fire tore through their house. it broke out about 11:30 this morning on bryant avenue in palo alto. when firefighters arrived they saw smoke coming from inside the house. flames burned through the attics and walls. no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. thousands of people paid their respects at the funeral
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for supreme court justice antonin scalia. the mass took place in washington, d.c., at the nation's largest roman catholic church. among the attendees, family and friends, politicians, vice president joe biden and fellow supreme court justices. scalia's son, a catholic priest, led the service and was able to add some humor to the otherwise somber ceremony. he told the story of his father coming to church for confession, his son was the only priest on duty. >> as he put it later, like heck if i'm confessing to you. the feeling was mutual. >> justice scalia died last weekend while visiting a texas ranch. he spent nearly three decades on the supreme court. yahoo!'s officially for sale. the company launched the sale of its core business yesterday. frustrated shareholders have been pushing for the auction process for months now. one activist hedge fund founder wants the company to go even
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further. jeffrey smith says he will not back down from his push to nominate a group of directors for the yahoo! board. the core business includes search, mail, and news sites. the sale comes after ceo marissa myer tried for three years to turn around declining revenue. taking a break from the ballpark to give extra attention to to their pets. today is national love your pet day. some people say why do you have to have a national love your pet day, don't you every day? you do every day. >> too much probably. >> theoutfielder hunter pence posted this picture, caption, when piglet is fired up, you know it's baseball time. it is a pig. a pet pig. >> a piglet. a baby pig. >> matt duffy, giants third baseman got in on the fun, posted a photo of he and his cat. what do you notice about the cat? >> he doesn't miss many meals. >> and doesn't work out. the funny thing is matt duffy's big knock is he needs to gain weight. >> that's funny.
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>> the cat's gaining it all. >> anyway, he was saying skeeter is having a good time and skeeter has been a big hit before because of the screen-grabbing size of that cat. >> he's a large cat. i like -- ka cats are nice kin chubby. you're a dog person. >> i am. the dodgers reported to spring training earlier than the a's. green and gold's pitchers and catchers are on the scene. we are there with them. that's oncoming up next in spor.
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from mesa, arizona, spring training home of the oakland athletics whose pitchers and ca catchers did report for doouty r the first time. one of the first players we saw in parking lot, none other than sonny gray. 8:00 a.m. the face of the franchise. the second runner-up to the cy young was out there bright and early. how does he improve upon the year he had last year, how is he
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going to handle those expectations? he plans on pitching with more weight this season, 5 to 10 pounds more than he was last year. perhaps being a little more of a leader as well. >> little more vocal with the younger guys and stuff, just to have any questions or anything, but as far as, you know, for myself, you know, don't look too far ahead and like i've always said, stay healthy, get out there, if you can get out there, everything's going to, you know, work and talent and everything's going to, you know, should take over and there's going to be some up and downs, there always is every season, and it's just being able to manage the downs and get them turned around as quick as possible. over to scotts dale with the giants and many of their pitchers throwing their second bullpen of the spring. that included matt cain and from all reports went just as well as his first. pretty hard to say what we should expect from cain this
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year. 5.79 e.r.a. last season. what we can say, though, he is in the rotation. bruce bochy confirming that. here's cain on if he's focusing on anything different this spring. >> not necessarily. not anything specific, but, you know, everything kind of early in spring is trying to get a good foundation working outside corner. righties. kind of work from there. feeling good. kind of tweaking it out a little bit with fine tuning the mechanics. second bullpen will be today, but, you know, it's going good. >> i just like the way he was throwing free and easy. he's in great shape. it's evident he's worked hard on this offseason. you look at him, but just the way he's throwing the ball, i mean,s he -- i said this more than once last year, i thought his last start was important for him to go in the offseason and feel good about where he's at with the arm. >> i think we got a great chance of doing goods things this year. i think if we pull our weight like we have in the past, we have a real good chance of doing fun things this year and have a lot of fun. >> reporter: matt cain's best
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start of 2015 also his last start so there is some hope that has carryover into 2016. coming up tomorrow the a's and giants for the first time both those teams are going to be on the field practicing here in arizona. we'll have that for you here and csn bay area. for now, ahmed fareed, nbc bay area news. hugh jackman was in oakland todi
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well, he's an amazing actor, singer and australian and he's here. hugh jackman in oakland promoting his latest movie where he plays a coach. today the movie star coached a group of disadvantaged high schoolers in oakland as part of promotion for his film "eddie the eagle" based on the true story of an underdog british ski
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jumper who made it to the olympics in 1988. jackman teamed up with local athletes and also marshawn lynch to lead students in football drills. there he is right there. he said it's great to inspire the boys especially with lynch there, too. >> i'm a fan of his. it was great seeing him give back at this point in his career. you know, i'm a big sports fan. i love being in a movie like this. plays eddie so well. he's a different line of hero. he had no support really, had no money, no one backing him or believing him until my character later in the movie gets on board yet he just followed his dreams and he did it his way. not dissimilar to marshawn. >> "eddie the eagle" opens next friday. good way to promote a movie. that's fairly unusual. a baby girl in argentina startled her family last week when she came into the world, makes you cringe, she weighed 14 pounds. >> olivia, that's olivia. she's crying?
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how about mom? a c-section in argentina this week. the mother said she knew she was having a big baby, had no idea her daughter wouldn't be able to fit in the clothes she brought to the clinic. doctors say olivia's size set a local record. >> 14 pounds. >> i looked up online, said the heaviest child ever born was 22. >> yes. that sounds rough, too. good healthy size. that's right. how we doing for the rest of the weekend? >> going to see a chilly night tonight, tomorrow morning. patchy fog. afternoon temperatures mid to upper 60s tomorrow. mid 70s starting monday and tuesday. >> nice. >> thanks, rob. thanks for watching. see you back here at 11:00. nbc bay area news special. tonight, "class action." classrooms not ready for earthquakes. male: and we saw a lot of these things, particularly the bookcases and file cabinets not only fall, but block the exits. announcer: our reporting prompts action to try to make schools safer. bill dodd: i don't think the word is outraged, but we were very concerned.
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announcer: the alarming pictures that led to new legislation. a report card for california's children, and the grades aren't good. how to improve education for the state's most vulnerable kids. plus, the tussle over teacher tenure, the next step in a high-profile lawsuit over job security. now, here's nbc bay area's jessica aguirre. jessica aguirre: hello, and welcome to this "class action" news special. we begin tonight with our ongoing coverage of earthquake safety in schools. our reporting has prompted new legislation that proposes to tighten seismic safety. now, we were the first to show you a pattern of failures in schools, revealing dangerous debris inside classrooms after earthquakes. and now, for the first time, sacramento takes up the issue. it doesn't take much to keep a classroom safe in the event of an earthquake. mark quattrocchi: so, if we open up the cabinet, we'll see that there are bolts, two in the bottom of each cabinet, two in the top of each one, and these are attached directly


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