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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, a sad end to the search for a missing san jose woman. her body has been found. the grieving family now wants answers. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm peggy bunker. thanks for joining us. the search for the missing san jose woman is now over. today after searching for a week that. >> did find the body of 22-year-old stacey aguilar. nbc bay area's marianne favro joining us now from the hayward police department. marianne, police so far not revealing where that body was found. >> no, police are not telling us where the body was found. and tonight they won't even confirm if the body was found in hayward. but what they will tell success that stacey aguilar was
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definitely the victim of homicide. 22-year-old stacey aguilar's family first reported her missing monday. tonight they are in mourning. investigators found stacey's body on saturday. stacey was last seen leaving a friend's birthday party in hayward early last sunday morning. witnesses say the san jose woman left with her boyfriend, the same man stacey's stepfather told us police questioned and then let go. in a phone interview, salvador rodriguez told us "i don't know how they let him go. that's why we are mad." salvador rodriguez describes stacey as a vibrant young woman who worked as a wait tress in san jose. she has 57-year-old son who lives in mexico with stacey's mother. hayward police have not made any arrests in the case. >> our investigation has led us to believe that the homicide occurred here. >> reporter: stacey's stepfather said he has contacted the fbi for more help in this investigation. police say an autopsy is being conducted by the alameda county
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coroner's bureau to determine the cause of death. hayward police say they plan to reveal more information about the investigation tomorrow afternoon during a press conference here at the police department. we will cover that press conference and bring you more information tomorrow. reporting live in hayward, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, marianne. a deadly stabbing at a bar may be solved. san jose police have a man in custody tonight. police say anthony tafolla, seen here, allegedly stabbed two men early saturday morning. one man died. the other was hurt but will survive. it happened outside the elegant pub on south white red in the evergreen section of san jose. it's still an active investigation. police are looking for a motive. they're asking anyone with information to please come forward. well, in broad daylight, just across the street from the police department, a brazen shooting leaves one man dead in san francisco. take a look at what was left behind. shell casings and this white dodge sedan lined with bullet holes.
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we did bring you this breaking news on the story at 4:30 this afternoon. the shooting happened just before 3:00 at the mcdonald's on golden gate avenue and fillmore streets. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in the newsroom. police are looking to release some kind of description. >> still pretty big. we know he was a young man in dark clothing and he may have ran pretty quickly through the parking lot and possibly jumped into a waiting car that sped off. investigators are trying to work with witnesses for a better description. but as you can imagine, they were stunned when the shooting started. >> i heard pow, pow, pow, pow. >> reporter: a neighbor who goes by tj says he didn't see who fired. he just moved when the gunfire erupted close by in broad daylight. >> i didn't look back. i just ran. i'm two blocks away and i just dove. >> reporter: san francisco police say the driver in this car was exiting the mcdonald's parking lot on fillmore when the traffic backed up.
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and the car couldn't move. >> a pedestrian walked up. patiently was looking into the car. and then inquired into the without hitting the passenger several times. >> the passenger climbed out the driver's side and collapsed. he died at the hospital. the shooter ran. this all unfolded across the street from the northern district police station. >> there was a lot of pedestrian traffic and motor vehicle traffic. so it was -- it was very brazen. unfortunately, it's not the first time it's happened here. >> reporter: omar nazeer works at a restaurant that just opened down the block. >> it shouldn't be happening first of all. the police station is right next door. i mean, it should be safer, but it's not. >> reporter: police were checking security cameras and speaking with witnesses. now investigators tell us that the driver is cooperating, and they're still trying to determine whether this was
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random or argued the. reporting live in the san francisco newsroom, christie smith, nbc bay area news. one day after getting the vote she needs, hillary clinton came to the bay area today looking for the cash she needs. she had three fundraisers and made an extra effort to win over younger voters who have favored to this point bernie sanders more than six to one. organizers of an event charged half the entrance fee, $500 for donors under the age of 35. >> i think she can get the job done. i think that some people view her as too ruthless. but i kind of see that as a good thing. we don't want somebody to be our friend. we want somebody who can get stuff done. >> clinton's win over sanders yesterday in nevada was a much needed boost after her loss in new hampshire earlier this month. in the nevada rebound came largely from union and black voters. analysts expect her to do well in the next series of primaries.
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the candidate hopes to make a strong showing in saturday, but clinton is expected to point. coming off a big win in south carolina, confidence is running high for donald trump. the republican candidate often demands the spotlight. tonight he found himself left in the dark. >> because to put them in our jails -- they didn't pay the electric bill. oh, i like that much better. oh. oh, that's so much better. those lights were brutal. are they come from the dishonest press? >> and the lights went out in the middle of mr. trump's speech. didn't shake him up. trump's confidence after his win in south carolina came through in his speech to a crowd of more than 5,000 people. >> we don't winnie where, but we're going to win, oh, are we going to win. you're going get so tired of winning. you're going to get so tired.
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you're going to say please, please, mr. president, we can't stand it anymore. we don't want to keep winning. we can't stand it. >> up next for trump and the rest of the gop candidates, the nevada caucus later this week. then comes march 1, super tuesday. and more than a dozen states hold primaries or caucuses. well, worse than expected, caltrans says the damage to a key part of the bay bridge is actually larger than they thought. the concern is that the yerba buena tunnel, taking a look at the beautiful bridge right here. according to "the san francisco chronicle," caltrans found 12 spots in the tunnel where concrete was in danger of breaking away. earlier this month, a driver cruising through the tunnel was hit bay chunk of concrete that came crashing down. it was about the size of a tire. the driver wasn't injured, but the car's a tires did get damaged. caltrans initially said it was an isolated incident, but now with 12 more spots discovered, there is concern about driver
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safety. caltrans told the chronicle that the corrosion was minor but important. that's a quote. their investigation into the corrosion problems is continuing. a flasher on the loose in daly city. tonight the search continues for a man who exposed himself to three teenaged girls. take a look at the man police are looking for. they say he is in his 20s and has distinctive shoulder length black hair with light brown tips. the photo was captured on the surveillance camera of a walgreens on mission street. police say yesterday 4:30 in the afternoon a man exposed himself to the team. the girls left the store right after the incident. the man stayed inside. again, he has not been caught. well, continuing coverage now on a story that we broke earlier this week. a san jose police officer fired from the force after sending racist and inflammatory tweets is now back on the job. tomorrow members from the naacp, latino rights groups, and also the chief's community advisory board will be holding a news conference, protesting this reinstatement. philip white was fired after
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sending out two controversial tweets during the black lives matter movement. there were several protests that came after the tweets were released, but an arbitrator ruled the firing was unwarrant and ordered he be given back his job. a spring-like end to february. if you like the 70, then prepare yourself for some more. take a live look outside right now. this picture coming from our live camera in san bruno. the lights twinkling out there. let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. i love warm weather more than anyone else. but we really need some rain. do we have any copping this way? >> for this time of year, extraordinarily dry. that's the forecast as we go into the beginning of the workweek. you can see looking down, not much fog for the moment. tomorrow morning in the north bay and tri-valley, might see a little bit of patchy fog. the afternoons will be quite warm. but the morning will still require a jacket as you step outside. 40s to low 50s for the morning. the satellite view, still have some very powerful storms that is going to bring a round of high surf as we get into tuesday
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and wednesday. all the wind across the water to the west. pushing a long swell which will arrive on the coast. could mean 15 to 20-foot breckers possibly approaching the middle part of the week. well got the storm energy arriving in the form of big surf. but rain chances ahead. look very slim, except for a tern certain part of the week as we watch temperatures climb into the 70s during the day, and one more chance of seeing some rain as we finish off the month of february. i'll have a look at that in our forecast and what you can expect for the workweek ahead. >> we'll keep track of the weather warm-up. download the nbc bay area app. you can get personalized forecasts right on your smartphone or tablet. coming up next, an uber driver at the center of a shooting rampage. we are now learning he may have been picking up passengers in between his attacks. hear what he said to one man as police were looking for him. and the fight over an iphone. the fbi director responding tonight after the tech giant announces it won't hack into a terror suspect's smartphone. and a cliff hanging rescue.
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take a look at pictures here as the extra measures that were taken to save this driver from his wrecked truck. what caused the crash? tonight,
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police are trying to figure out why this car slammed well, what caused this crash? tonight police are trying to figure out exactly why this car slammed into a wall next to vallejo city hall. fire crews say a passenger in the car was killed. the driver had to be taken by helicopter to the local hospital. police are now trying to figure out exactly what caused the crash. chilling reports are emerging that the uber driver accused of killing six people in michigan last night picked up and dropped off passengers in between the shootings. a man tells nbc that he woke up this morning to discover the driver who pick him and his family up last night was the shooter. he also says he only took uber because he had heard a gunman was on the loose. as nbc's dan scheinman reports, the violence appears to be random. >> reporter: more than 24 hours after the first shots were fired, people gathered at a special church service to mourn and to pray. >> help us to show your light when the world is so dark.
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>> reporter: police identify the gunman as 45-year-old jason dalton. authority says the shootings began saturday just before 6:00 at an a apartment complex. >> i heard something hit the siding. so i checked out the back window. saw the car driving off. so i look out here, and there is a woman laying on the ground. >> reporter: the victim, a mother of three, now in serious condition. the shooting spree continued for more than four hours. at a car dealership, and a restaurant parking lot. in all, six people were killed, including tyler smith and his father richard, shot shopping for a new car. mary jo nye and her sister mary also killed. they had spent the evening at a play. seven hours after the first shots were fired, police apprehended jason dalton without incident. >> we do have a handgun that is consistent with the evidence that was found at each one of these crime scenes. there was other evidence in the car as well. >> reporter: dalton was a driver for uber, and one man claims he rode with him before he was arrested.
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>> and i kind of jokingly said to the driver, you're not the shooter, are you? and he -- he gave me some sort of a no response. >> reporter: investigators believe they know what happened and who was responsible. but admit what they don't know is why. >> don't know anything about a motive right now. right now our common denominator in this is him. >> reporter: police say dalton had ties to the community and did not have a criminal record. dan scheinman, nbc news. >> the head of the fbi is speaking out about an ale's refusal to broke into the phone of a terror suspect. a letter reads the san bernardino litigation is not about trying to asset precedent or send any kind of message. it's about the victims and justice. 14 people were slaughtered. many more had their lives and bodies ruined. we owe them a thorough and professional investigation under law. the letter was posted on the blog today.
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comey is referring to the fbi's case against apple. the agency is trying to force the tech giant into decrypting the iphone of san bernardino shooter syed farook. apple argues that doing so would set a dangerous precedent. >> it's just one phone now. but if you phone that pathway, others will come looking for it. and you cannot control who those people are and whether they're going to use it for good purposes. >> this week the internet rights group fight for the future plans to hold several rallies in support of apple's decision, and more than 30 different city, including palo alto and san francisco. well, virtual reality could be the next big thing in social networking at the samsung galaxy keynote this weekend. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg made an announcement and said he is planning to use a 360-degree camera like the one that samsung is rolling out to share virtual reality videos of his daughter with his parents. he went on to predict that putting on a headset could soon be part of a regular part of
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connecting on social networks. now according to zuckerberg, more than a million hours of video has already been viewed on vr headsets. a class action lawsuit has been filed against amc theaters claiming the chain makes it hard for blind people to enjoy going to the movies. according to the lawsuit filed in san francisco, advocates for the blind says that audio devices are often broken, and sometimes even play the wrong movie. the lawsuit also claims amc staff sometimes hands blind customers intend for those who are deaf. amc did not respond to an nbc news request or comment. $30 million for public access to a public beach in san mateo county. that's the amount bay area billionaire is reportedly asking the state for in exchange for access to martin's beach at half moon bay. state officials have been negotiating with khosla to purchase a public right of way. he bought that beachfront property in 2008 and closed
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access to the beach. a judge ordered him to keep the gate open, but that court battle is still going on. meteorologist rob mayeda is with the microclimate forecast. a lot of people might be thinking about the beach. >> yes. use some caution on the coast as the waves will be coming up. surf could get to high surf advisory levels come tuesday and wednesday as temperatures climb on up. it's an interesting time of year. as we head towards tomorrow morning you still want a nice jacket with temperatures in the low 40s. could see some patches of fog around the north bay and east bay valleys. the futurecast shows you areas that could see some of the patchy fog including out towards solano county and alameda counties, around the tri-valley and a maybe into the south bay along the water line for tomorrow morning. and then as we move through the afternoon, one of the things we'll see will be winds beginning to turn offshore. a sign of high pressure strengthening, which will boost our temperatures up into the 70s for most of the week. the seven-day forecast shows on the bottom of the screen, cool start to the morning. pretty mild as early as lunchtime tomorrow. and then during the day from
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3:00 to four income the afternoon. now we're talking highs in the low 70s around san jose and they could turn even warmer as we go through the week. those numbers climbing up mid-70s likely in a few spots around downtown san jose. and we may hit some upper 70s south of downtown. even san francisco too. the average high should be in the low 60s. but upper 60s to low 70s pretty much through the week around san francisco. similar trend for the north bay. tri-valley and out towards the east bay, moraga and orinda seeing temperatures in the low 70s tomorrow. dublin about 74. that trend should hold on off and on through the week. friday increasing clouds, but it doesn't look like a lot of raindrops. its high pressure blocking the rain from the storms to the west. we'll still get the surf hitting the coast, but no signs of rain until late friday night and saturday. maybe up towards the north bay early saturday morning. and now maybe the better chance coming in sunday night to monday. but even that looks to be mainly light rain. this time of year we should see
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storms bringing a half inch of rain or more at best right now looks like we'll see maybe a tenth of an inch out of that system coming in late sunday into monday. so next weekend right now, mainly for the north bay, we'll see a chance of seeing a few showers. temperatures eventually trending a little bit cooler as we head towards saturday out of the mid-70s. upper 60s to low 70s. things are dry. but the sierra still seeing the benefits. a good storm last week dropped two feet of snow. statewide average 95% of average. so the glass half full approach to the weather from the last month shows you the difference between the sierra today and the sierra one year ago. the average snow depth today 19.1 inches. a year ago only 3. so that is a significant change in just one year's time. our seasonal rainfall charges didn't get helped much by what happened over the last three weeks. but even still most of the bay area 76 to about 9% of average. so now as we add all this up, as
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we wrap up the third quarter of the rainfall season, has that made a significant impact on the drought around the bay area? coming up in our next half hour, we'll compare september 21st to what we're see right now. some parts of the bay area have improved. but other parts of the state have not moved a bit. we'll look at the drought forecast maps a bit. back to you. >> interesting. thanks, rob. coming up, the dark side of hollywood. what a new report says about the business of making movies. plus, tuition hikes likely coming to california colleges and universities. why students' five-year freeze may soon be coming to an end.
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rescue workers freeing a driver after the rental truck he was driving crashed into a ravine. that truck fell about 45 feet after a three-car crash early this morning. you look down there and you see the damage to that truck. it's hard to believe that they successfully not only freed him from the wreckage, he was conscious and able to move. some of the other cars involved in this. he is now recovering in the hospital. you could say they were in the right place at the right time. a marin county search and rescue team that happened to be training in the sierra this morning ended up rescuing this 10-year-old girl. marin county sheriff's office tweeted that she fell ten feet into freezing water after a snow bridge collapsed underneath her. it happened in the back country near castle peak that is west of reno. well, paying more for a higher education. leaders of california's public universities are now looking into tuition increases. a budget deal with governor jerry brown froze tuition costs for five years. however, that deal ends next
11:26 pm
summer. the sacramento bee reports that the university of california and california state university systems are now tentatively proposing increases starting in the 2017 academic year. however, they both appear to be looking at small annual fee hikes that are tied to inflation. well, a shock report on diversity in hollywood. according to a new study, the overwhelming majority for major films and tv series star white and male actors. well, the study was conducted by usc. it examined over 100 films and major tv shows between 2014 and 2015. it found that only a 1/3 of the major characters were women, and only 28% were from minority groups. behind the camera, directors were 87% white. now the study comes just days before the academy awards where for the second straight year not a single minority is up for an oscar. well, still to come tonight, we investigate the reality of people who live with gun
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violence nearly every single day. >> no town in america should have to go through this. >> not in america. the wealthiest nation on earth. >> we walk through the streets of one of the most violent neighborhoods in the country. and it's right here in the bay area. coming up, hear directly from the people who live there. see the mental health crisis spawned by all this violence. socio-economics. as oakland
11:28 pm
11:29 pm
continues to boom -- there's ab it's deeper than gun violence and socio-economic. there is a bust on the other side of town. last year, 83 people were murdered. >> the numbers are shocking, and now many expert says the violence in oakland has actually created a mental health crisis. senior investigative reporter stephen stock spent the last six months of those on the front lanes of the issue. >> reporter: when we spent time on the streets, we discovered two oaklands. the booming new home to high-tech companies and the neighborhoods in their shadows
11:30 pm
that still struggle with record violence, where residents deal with a problem that expert says is similar to veterans returning home from war. oakland is really a beautiful city. in the shadow of the homes of high-tech tenants such as uber, ask, and pandora. >> this is where it starts at. >> reporter: we walk the streets of east oakland. >> six cops already here. is this a nightly occurrence? >> oh, yes, absolutely. >> reporter: where residents say they have been left behind. >> there was money here. it moved out. >> reporter: we met john jones here. he grew up in this neighborhood where he said there was little hope and lots of drugs and violence. >> the further removed you are from downtown, the further east you go, the deeper east, you will see the transition in these neighborhoods. >> reporter: right. [ siren ] >> reporter: this according to more than a dozen people we talked to is ground zero for the problem of gun violence in
11:31 pm
america. on streets like this one, where guns are a way of life. >> i'm not talking about just one set of gun problems. there could be three or four or five different sets of students. >> reporter: we walked past the spot where last september two people were gunned down. >> every night, all kind of guns. >> reporter: in a six-block radius around where we walked, another half dozen people had been murdered since october, all with guns. >> you get to the point where you can begin to identify them. that's a 9 millimeter, that's a ak, that's a tech nine. >> reporter: in the same time period in this neighborhood, oakland police also made 37 different arrests on gun charges. another 946 assault charges. >> and then you start hearing such and such got killed last night. >> reporter: this is the reality for john jones and his neighbors. >> three people got shot this time, right? >> reporter: jones himself got caught up in the gun violence cycle. he served time for his involvement in a gun murder as a teenager.
11:32 pm
>> and then it started getting close to home when it started being your friends. >> reporter: our investigative unit mapped the numbers of the 30 murders in oakland since last august, all but five happened in either west or east oakland, mostly along or near international boulevard. similar clustering can be found for arrests involving guns and assaults. >> no town in america should have to go through this. not in america, the most wealthiest nation on earth. >> reporter: as jones showed us around his old stomping grounds, we met up with tim smith and his 8-year-old son. >> we've seen five dead bodies here. >> reporter: that's right. tim smith's 8-year-old son has already seen five people shot dead. >> and the body is on the ground, and you're telling your guy, hey, look over here. and it's inescapable. >> reporter: that's more than most of us see in a lifetime. [ gunshots ] the data also shows this violence can almost be a daily presence in the lives of people who live here.
11:33 pm
looking at oakland shot spotter numbers, we discovered that in the first nine months of last year, nearly ten shots a day were fired on average. hurt people. >> reporter: in fact medical sterrets say they see clear evidence of mental trauma among residents of neighborhoods in cities such as oakland. post traumatic stress disorder, or ptsd. >> it's absolutely true that people have ptsd. >> reporter: anne marks served adds director at youth alive in oakland. >> not the same as a soldier. a soldier goes to war, and they come home. >> working on the architecture. >> reporter: marks is a specially trained psychological counselor who deals with the results of this violence while trying to break the cycle. >> we work with young people who get shot, go to the hospital, get their treatment, come back to the same communities. maybe the same home where they were shot in front of. >> reporter: youth alive visits every family victimized by gun violence in oakland.
11:34 pm
their crisis response team is often at the home of the victim's family before police are finished investigating. >> there is no post to this traumatic stress. it's continuing traumatic stress disorder. and that's unique. >> post traumatic stress is very real. >> reporter: just ask lorraine taylor. >> when i read the scripture. >> reporter: taylor lost both her twin boys on the streets in february 2000. >> i sat on my bed the other day. and i just broke down. because i miss them so much. ♪ >> reporter: taylor turned her grief into energy and passion to found the group one thousand mothers. >> hello. are you marlene? >> hi, i'm lorraine. >> reporter: providing support to families who have lost loved ones to gun violence. >> you know, weeks are hard. i had a hard week. but other than, that we're doing okay, yeah. >> every day i get a call. last night i was on the phone with a father who just can't
11:35 pm
handle it. >> post traumatic stress disorder. you most often hear about ptsd. >> reporter: as the investigative unit first reported back this 2014 in panership with the investigative group pro publica, chicago found more than half of its gunshot victims had signs of ptsd. and the study of 8,000 atlanta residents found about 30% had symptoms consistent with ptsd, a rate as high or higher than veterans returning from war. do you think you have ptsd? >> absolutely, absolutely. without a doubt. i -- if i go into a restaurant, a store, a business, i can not sit with my back to the door. i don't like to sit with my back to the window. even as i'm on the streets now, i'm looking around. i don't like having my back to traffic. just too much. >> reporter: experts are only now beginning to talk about treating these residents for ptsd, saying this cycle of violence has created a little publicized mental health crisis that many cities are only now starting to address.
11:36 pm
i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the >> important story. coming up next, the warriors and spurs competing for the top spot in the west. >> golden state gets the better of their western rival in free agency as well as on the court. the story next in sports.
11:37 pm
hey, guys, fallon smith here in the csn studios. andrew bogut currently nursing
11:38 pm
an achilles injury, it's no secret the warriors are in need of a backup big man. well, the dubs just received a big boost inside the paint. csn bay insider monte poole confirmed through multiple sources that the warriors have reached an agreement with center anderson varajao. now here is more with the warriors newest addition. >> first of all, he brings some defensive intensity, which is something that they really are missing inside right now with bogut limping around on a bad achilles. and obviously out with knee surgery. won't be back until late next month, early april. so they've mo is a terrific player. but he is not a good -- great defensive player. and varejao, that's what he
11:39 pm
does. a big body, 6'10", 6'11", 220 pounds. he spent his career being big active engaged. that's what they're looking for at this time. let's head to mesa, arizona where the high today was 84 degrees. yes, perfect weather for spring baseball. our ahmed fareed has the latest on their biggest star, sonny gray. >> reporter: every team here in arizona had hit the field for workouts except pour the oakland a's. that changed on sunday as they hit the field for the first time. three groups of bull pen session included jesse hahn back, sean doolittle. sonny gray as well. good enough to finish third in the cy young voting. so day one of 2016 by all accounts just as good as most days in 2015. >> it went good. so i'm excited. we did a little pfp.
11:40 pm
some conditioning. so it was a nice day. >> reporter: over to the giants now. and the fastest pitch last year, 103 miles per hour from chapman. the giants prospect has them beat. ray black recorded twice in the arizona fall league throwing 104. he is 25 years old. was hurt a lot last year. now fully healthy and will probably start the season in aa. as for what it is like to be able to throw 104 miles per hour -- >> it's a nice feeling, i guess. it's hard to explain. but i mean, it's kind of just like everybody else. everybody's fastball has a life to it. a lot of guys have sink or runs. guys usually have a little jump behind the ball. some of the best games i've had have actually been on a little bit lower 98, 99. but have a little bit of life behind it. >> reporter: the giants pitchers and catchers are going to get company monday. the position players officially report to scottsdale for the very first time. we'll have them for you right here and over on csn bay area that will do it.
11:41 pm
reporting from arizona with the a's and the giants, ahmed fareed, nbc bay area news. within an hour they're not able to work it. >> people getting sick inside the agency responsible for protecting your health. >> would you characterize this building as a sick building? >> absolutely. >> monday at 11:00, the investigative unit responds to call for help from worker at the especially pal. >> it's ridiculous. it's embarrassing. >> and talk with the man in charge. >> we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to work out what the problem was. >> monday at 11:00 on nbc bay area. we investigate. hoverboards were the hot giftst
11:42 pm
11:43 pm
that's until someele started reporting the hoverboards were burti hover boards were the hot gift this past holiday season until some people started reporting and also posting videos of how they caught on fire, burst into flames. >> now the federal government is getting involved and says all hoverboards are unsafe. nbc's erika edwards has the story.
11:44 pm
>> reporter: fire destroyed a nashville home in january. two teenagers at home at the time barely escaped. firefighters say the cause was the family's hoverboard. >> the fact that the toy caused this kind of destruction to our lives. it's just wrong. >> reporter: hoverboards have been implicated in at least 50 other fires in 24 states. the consumer product safety commission thinks the problem is how the device's lithium-ion battery packs interact with circuit boards inside the unit. they have sent a letter to companies that make or sell the toys saying any hoverboards that don't meet federal safety standards will face a recall or be seized. >> i do not know of any at this point that would comply with standards. >> reporter: at new york's jfk airport last december, custom agent as seized nearly 1400 counterfeit hoverboards with potentially dangerous batteries. they'd been shipped via air cargo from china.
11:45 pm
the cpsc has this advice for consumers. >> i would stop using them, and i would contact the retailer or the manufacturer who made it and demand proof that it complies with the standard. and if it doesn't, i would demand a refund. >> reporter: last month amazon announced it would give full refund on all hoverboards purchased through its website. nbc news has attempted to contact organizations that represent hoverboard manufacturers. so far no response. erika edwards, nbc news. well, right now meteorologist rob mayeda has the microclimate forecast. how is it going to be? >> we see temperatures feeling a bit more like spring. the numbers at the bottom of the screen, your seven-day forecast. one thing about 10 to almost 15 degrees above average towards the middle part of the week. right now 52 in san jose. could see a little bit of patchy fog towards the morning. not seeing much of it right now. livermore where it's a bit cooler, 54. san francisco, we're not seeing any low clouds or fog. 54 degrees currently. and the winds will be kind of
11:46 pm
interesting here as high pressure strengthens. we had a little bit of a late day sea breeze. right now winds light. but the direction starting to turn a little bit out of the north. and during the day tomorrow, we'll see winds turning offshore. we'll see harrows pointing from inland out to the coast. the temperatures will start to climb on out. not so much for the morning. you still need a jacket by nining. by lunchtime, numbers in the mid- to upper 60s from san jose south. we should find our highs mostly in the low 70s inland. maybe some mid 70s in the warmer spots south of downtown san jose. and the temperature trend will stay pretty warm all the way through the week. in fact, steadily warmer through about thursday before increasing clouds bring our temperatures down a little bit come friday in san francisco. thanks to the offshore breezes, should see temperatures close to 70, and then trending a little cooler, approaching friday. north bay, tri-valley, same trend there. you can see highs tomorrow mid-70s around santa rosa, maybe a little warm fer the north winds pick up enough for you. tomorrow, clear skies after what is left of the patchy fog
11:47 pm
clears. and for the tri-valley, we'll see the temperatures climbing on up. the average high 63. it could be closer to 76 on thursday. so usually this time of year we see storms every two to three days. got the nice strong one here offshore that will bring, we think, some high surf to the coast. it is going to be tuesday and wednesday? temperatures begin to warm up, you want to head out to santa cruz and the coast. watch out for this. this will be a long period swell. high surf, maybe some sneaker wave taos late tuesday into wednesday. but not going to get the rain. the high will allow the waves to hit the coast. but we're not going to be seeing any rain production clouds, other than the high clouds at times until maybe early saturday for the north bay. and it's a good thing february has an extra day. because on the 29th, maybe that will be our best chance for seeing some rain. late sunday night into the 29th there on monday, slight chance of looking at very light rain by february standards. as you can see here, most of the bay area, if we do manage anything out of the systems that come up towards the end of next weekend, generally less than
11:48 pm
about a tenth of an inch of rain. next week more clouds, cooling. upper 60s, still some low 70s out there. so this dry pattern continues. let's see how things look. going back to september 21st, we'll put this into motion. look here on the north coast and santa cruz mountains, we have seen a little bit of improvement around the bay area from september 21st to what we're seeing now. slight improvement on the drought on the northern california coastline. but check out southern california and central california. the northern sierra did improve from september to now. but thanks to the very dry conditions across the central coast and southern california, not much change in the drought there chances are the rest of february not going to see a whole lot of change. but we're hopeful if the jet stream drops to south, the areas that need the rain the most will hopefully get more of that as we approach the middle parts of march. really the fourth quarter of a rainfall system is almost here. back to you. >> way to bring it home. >> so interesting to see that. and also here comes march.
11:49 pm
also hard to believe. >> we need march. it's turning alleyways into art galleries. the. >> the remarkable work of dozens of artists right here on display in california. find fantasy shows.
11:50 pm
when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity.
11:51 pm
how about that? not just another street performance. this flash mob took over part of the embarcadero in san francisco today. dancers showing off their pretty good moves here to a crowd of people between howard and folsom. this was organized by pop star booty camp. >> for boots? >> i'll explain later. the group does this type of thing all the time. classes for the next flash mob start at the beginning of march. i love that idea. i was saying earlier i lost all mojo when it comes to dancing. i should do something like that. >> you do moves in the newsroom. it's not quite the same thing. >> it didn't look like that. a hack-a-thon for a noble cause. they tested hack-a-thons in san francisco and austin this weekend. >> they were aimed at helping
11:52 pm
veterans suffering from mild traumatic brain injuries and ptsd. the label hack-a-thon had less to do with computers, more to do with teens hacking their ways from tough problems. they came up with viable solutions to problems veterans face on a daily basis. >> it's a little bit differently formatted than a lot of hack-a-thons. again, it's rapidly creating a solution. and at the end of the weekend, you're presenting that solution. and hopefully, you know, we're creating new solutions for veterans with traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress. >> the panel of experts is going to be choosing up to three winners. and they just might be asked to present their solution in washington, d.c. in about six weeks from right now. like a lot of places around the country, a neighborhood in los angeles was suffering from the ravages of urban decay. but now that same area has undergone a big change with the help of a stroke of a brush. >> it's a pretty cool idea. steve patterson reports now on
11:53 pm
what has become a most artistic community. >> reporter: with each stroke, a tiny transformation, art using empty walls as their canvas, creating murals in places once abandoned. gallery owner jason wanted to add color to his neighborhood. how did this whole thing start? >> we started with one mural on the side of our building. it got a lot of community support. and from there we decided that let's take it a little bit farther. >> reporter: an idea which fuelled the alley project. a mission to turn devastated spaces into works of art. it simply begins by asking neighbors for permission to paint the alleys in their backyards. artists assemble, go about their section and get to work. it can take anywhere from hours to months to complete an entire mural. since this project started nearly two years ago, more than 80 artists from across the world come to los angeles painting and creating more than 100 murals, turning alleyways into art galleries. each wall slowly forming into an
11:54 pm
art history. >> this is actually one of the reasons that we decided to buy our house here. we peeked over the fence and saw that there was some art out here which i thought was cool. >> reporter: anthony remembers the alley before the art. >> just trash. a lot of just graffiti. people who are living out here at night. it was really scary. now it's become safer, in my opinion. even people come out of the blue, just come out and park and walk up and down here. >> reporter: artist clinton believes it's about more than what's on the wall. >> it does touch the community. and that's the whole point of doing the work in the street. it's not about me, and it's not about me as an artist, really, it's about what i'm leaving here. >> it's eliciting so many smiles and so many happy feelings that it's one of those projects that it can't stop. it's got to keep going because the joy that it brings all these people is immeasurable. >> reporter: joy you can't help but see. steve patterson, nbc news, los angeles. >> and a lot of that going on,
11:55 pm
especially in san francisco. >> yeah. and when it's well done, it looks pretty good. we'll be right back.
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
good morning! we're going to go meet our new intern, bradley. what do you think? >> hey, bradley. >> this is bradley. >> take a good look at the intern. >> so cute. >> al roker. >> an intern? >> if it involves koalas, sign me up. he is doing an intern job at the san diego zoo as part of the network's week long series of anchor internships. tune in tomorrow to see what he has been up to from caring for koalas to making friends with some of the pandas. >> and next week i hear he is coming here. >> that would be cool. >> he is going to be an intern here. >> i hope so. we have got work for him to do. not in the weather department, of course, rob. you've got that under control. >> you know, tomorrow morning we
11:58 pm
have patchy low clouds and temperatures in the 40s and 50s. afternoon, mid-70s. and in case you missed tomorrow being outside, don't worry. it's going to be that way. >> wow. >> especially through the middle part of the week. the temperatures trending a bit warmer thursday through thursday. another chance of showers late sunday into monday, but just minor chances of rain for this time of year. >> that's not good. look at the temperatures. it's going to be toasty. thank you so much for joining us on this sunday night. >> have a great night and a great week. take care. >> good night.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
nbc bay area news special. tonight, "class action." classrooms not ready for earthquakes. male: and we saw a lot of these things, particularly the bookcases and file cabinets not only fall, but block the exits. announcer: our reporting prompts action to try to make schools safer. bill dodd: i don't think the word is outraged, but we were very concerned. announcer: the alarming pictures that led to new legislation. a report card for california's children, and the grades aren't good. how to improve education for the state's most vulnerable kids. plus, the tussle over teacher tenure, the next step in a high-profile lawsuit over job security. now, here's nbc bay area's jessica aguirre. jessica aguirre: hello, and welcome to this "class action" news special. we begin tonight with our ongoing coverage of earthquake


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