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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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start out now with cool temperatures. it is chilly in the north bay and only 41 degrees and watch out for some patches of fog. looking at highs today up to 68 degrees in san francisco while the rest of the bay area sees some 70s and some warmer temperatures a little bit warmer than it was yesterday. and that trend continues as we go through the week. i'll deit tail that coming up in my next microclimate forecast. but mike has something new for tri-valley drivers. >> i'll just touch on it, kari. the express lane we've been looking for is there. you see just a couple of cars using it. as we look at your map, we'll talk about that in a second. i want to show you the flow of traffic and smoother drive through dublin and the backup over here by greensville and a fender bender reported in the area where we had our camera and i didn't see any lanes blocked. zoom the camera out and the rest of the bay pretty much what you would expect and little bit lighter. issue san jose, we did have a crash. live camera shows you what was going on with the truck and the
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strx sedan. no slowing in addition to that. back to you guys. a developing story now from san francisco where a gunman on the run this morning after shooting a man who was sitting in a car. he was the passenger. this hap right in the middle of the day. the mcdonald's on golden gate avenue in fill more street just krootsz the street from the police station. >> bob redell is live there now and they're hoping surveillance cameras caught the shooter. >> good morning to you, laura and sam. not saying much about the description. a young man in dark clothing what is remarkable and frightening about this is the location. this happened at this mcdonald's right here across the street from me. parking lot was busy and happens to be across the street from the northern district police station. this happened just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. a driver and passenger in a white dodge sedan trying to leave the mcdonald's parking lot when the suspect walked up to the right side of that car and
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looked inside and fired several shots into the passenger. >> if the victim's vehicle wanted to leave, they couldn't. because they couldn't go forward and they couldn't go back. the traffic had backed up so the car was a sitting duck. if someone wanted to take a shot at someone inside the car. >> the victim managed to crawl out of the car, collapsed and was pronounced dead later at the hospital. the driver is not hurt and cooperating with police. the shooter ran through the parking lot, escaped and got into car and drove off. police are not sure if this was rand or a victim was targeted. they are speaking to witnesses and the answer to your question, laura. yes, surveillance cameras around and there was one at the mcdonald's and one at the police station and investigators say they will look at those videotapes. bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:02. happening today. the hayward police apartment
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will release more information surrounding the killing of a young mother from san jose. police announced they found the body of 2-year-old stacey aguilar. as of now they're only saying her death is a homicide. aguilar's family first reported her missing last monday. she was last seen leaving a party with her boyfriend in hayward. at the hayward police deit apartment morning getting information right now. she will join us for the live report in about 20 minutes. in the meantime a break in the case and a deadly stabbing at a bar might be solved. they have a man in custody. police say anthony tafoya stabbed two men early saturday morning. one of the victims died and the other was hurt but will survive. it all happened outside of the elegant pub in the evergreen section of san jose. it is still annive investigation. police right now say they're still looking for a motive and they're asking anyone with information to please come forward. it it is 6:03.
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we now know two women died when their cars slammed head on into a wall in vallejo. happened yesterday afternoon in a parking lot not far from city hall. police say the passenger died at the and the driver was a 72-year-old woman from vallejo. airlifted to a nearby hospital where she died from her injuries, as well. so far police don't what caused the crash, but drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor. on the peninsula, some pretty scary moments for people living in an apartment complex as a truck crashed through a wall. this was a picture of the aftermath. police say a man accidentally backed his ford f-150 truck to the wall of this complex in belmont. the man told officers his foot got stuck on the gas pedal. luckily no one was home at the time and no one was hurt. police in daly city looking for a man who exposed himself to three teenage girls. they say he's in his 20s and has distinctive shoulder length brown hair with light brown
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tips. the f police say on saturday about 4:30 in the afternoon that man exposed himself to the teenagers. the girls left the store right after the incident and the man stayed inside. a mountain lion is back in its natural habitat this morning after it was spotted near downtown santa cruz. here's a picture of the young female after wildlife game wardensualized her. they also posted a video of the big cat being released back into the wild. the cougar was spotted in the foothill neighborhood eating a deer carcass on. authorities say it's an indication that people have been feeding deer in that area. now we are looking at a beautiful day yet again to start off your week, meteorologist kari hall this morning with a look at your microclimate forecast on your monday. good morning. >> good morning. such a beautiful weekend. and we'll have more of that weather heading into this afternoon. as you head out, we're in the upper 30s in the napa while else where we have some low to mid-40s and looking at highs today up to 74 degrees in
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saratoga. 70 in san mateo oand mostly sunny skies everywhere. we will have low 70s for most of oour microclimates in livermore today. you're looking at 68 degrees. our temperatures continue to warm up as we through the weekend and, unfortunately, not a lot of rain in that forecast. i'll show you what to expect as we go through the next few minutes and also the next few days. let's see what's happening in the east bay with mike. >> our live look over here at oakland which flows very well. this is the nimitz freeway towards the coliseum. look at your map, the same section towards the bottom of the map right here and no problems for 880 or 580 and little slowing for the east shore freeway. bigger issue over here from pleasant hill, concord and down towardsinate creek and right around the highway 24 interchange and a crash there and might is it ilhave one lane blocked and that is a lot of slowing for the rest of the bay and pretty smooth in that area. the rest of the bay itself, at south bay, peninsula, no real
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problems. that crash is over on the shoulder, by the way, that you saw look over here towards the tri-valley where southbound slows towards sunol and look over here, westbound 580 moves better than we would expect. i handled the bad news and i'll let you guys handle the good news for what is going on through that area. >> could be magic, mike. or check this out. the new westbound 580 express lanes now open officially today in the trivalley. here's a live look from our camera in dublin. you see traffic moving pretty smoothly. opened on friday and the lanes are free to use for car poolers, clean air vehicles, buss and motorcyclists. but solo drivers do have to pay to use those lanes between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. monday through friday. 6:08. new this morning, fremont police say racing may have played a role in a high-speed crash that sent one person to the hospital. video from our newsroom showing
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crews removing a town car in fremont. police say last night the driver of the car control and his car wrapped around a tree. crew husband to use the jaws of life to get him out. he broke bones but actually should survive. also police have reopened the road. >> car broke and he is going to survive. that's pretty incredible. new concerns surrounding safety on the bay bridge. the startling new report that shows more chunks of concrete are at risk of falling from the tunnel. and a very personal argument this morning over the high cost of living in san francisco and some of the low wages. we'll take a look coming up in "business and tech." got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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take a look at that. a dramatic rescue on interstate 80. crews looked to free a driver after the rental truck he was driving fell about 45 feet into a ravine. it happened during a crash involving three other vehicles. you see it down there at the bottom. the driver was conscious and able to move and now recovering at the hospital. >> pretty amazing sight there. 6: 1.
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a young girl safe this morning thanks to a bay area rescue team who happened to be at the right place at the right time. here's a picture of that 10-year-old girl. marin county search and rescue team that was training in the sierra when they spotted the girl in the back country west of reno. the marin county sheriff said a snow bridge collapsed under her and she fell about ten feet into freezing water below. again, she's okay this morning. >> pretty amazing. cal transays damage to a key part of the bay bridge is worse than they shot. the concern is the tunnel. 12 spots in the ton ittal where concrete was in danger of breaking away. you'll recall earlier this month a driver was cruising through the tunnel when a chunk of concrete came crashing down and driver wasn't hurt, only the car's tire was bent. cal trans initially said it was an isolated incident. only in san francisco kind of story developing this morning and it has to do with high rents and low pay.
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>> scott mcgrew the weekend a worker lost her job after she complained she couldn't make ends meet. >> that's right. she complained in a public letter to yelp ceo that her pay, roughly $360 a week take home wasn't enough to survive in the bay area. this is the letter, an open letter to ceo. in it it the worker who worked in an entry-level call said pays 80% of her salary to rent and lives 30 miles away from the yelp offices. in a rather clever line inof ye yelp, yelp's ceo went on twitter to say he had, indeed, read the letter and was not involved in her firing but said specifically the firing did not have anything to do with the letter. he says he understands the high
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cost of living in san francisco is difficult for entry level call center employees and he's moving that part of the operation to arizona. the cost of living a huge issue for many people living in san francisco. young college grads and lots of people who have lived there in the city far longer. bottom line, it's not clear why she was fired, though she acknowledged on twitter that her rant may have very well got her fired. he only says there are two sides to every hr story. not everyone sides with her. responses online include moving to one of the most expensive areas for a minimum wage job was your deit scission and put your big girl pants on and take a job you might be embarrassed by to make ends meet. i want to point out that she says she makes about $365 a week take home pay. i hate it when news anchors talk about themselves, we're not the
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news. my first job out of college was $2 a week, gross. >> where was that job? >> it was in macon, georgia, i was a tv news anchor for $12,000 a yearp. >> those are some of the best memories you have in the business. >> my parents had to pay my car insurance. >> eating raman in college. >> couldn't have done it it in san francisco. that's for sure. >> we are happy you are here. thanks so much. 6:15 right now. have you seen this historic photo finish at the great american race. there was that mad dash at the end and the checkered flag was decided by 0.01. >> what would that look like? take a look at this video. see if can separate. tough to call with the naked eye. i missed it it. denny hamlin inches out in the closest daytona 500. there it is. i mean, i don't know half a
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tire's length. closest finish in the race's long history. race official os had to quickly review to that tape just to make sure they got the call right. denny hamlin's first daytona 500 win in historic fashion. >> crazy to hear the announcers at the end calling it. >> just the second place guy would have had a hood ornament. >> he was driving a jaguar. >> going to have a little horn or something on there. >> it's 500 miles and it comes down to that. >> my gosh. >> some people might feel like they have to walk 500 miles to start off on a monday morning but ease you into things. >> beautiful weather today and take a look at this now. this is another reason to get on out the door and see sights like this. we have a little bit of fog covering the bay bridge and absolutely beautiful as we start out the day and sunshine. we will continue to see that sun throughout the day.
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little bit of fog hugging the coast and also right around san francisco where we see the shades of gray, that is where we do have a little bit of fog. it's not a huge issue this morning. and also right around concord and antioch. you may have some low clouds there. also in parts of the north bay but the most i've seen was visibility in the north bay. was it athree miles. so, it's not too terribly bad of a problem, but it is also chilly as you head out. look at these temperatures now in pleasanton. it's 39 degrees. dublin at 39 degrees and alamo at 42 degrees. a cool start to the day in the north bay now it it is 41 degrees. and you can see the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen as our temperatures warm up as we go into the afternoon and the next several days. hour by hour in san jose. start out in the mid-50s at 9:00 and 11:00 up to 63 degrees. so comfortable at lunchtime you'll want to take it outside.
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low 0s today and as you ride home from work, windows down and sunglasses on. we will have more of a warming trend over the next few days as high pressure continues to fight back any clouds or rain that we could see this week. we will have an approaching cold front moving through by tomorrow but then it just fizzles out and dries up. we'll actually have a few cold fronts moving to the coast this week, but high pressure says, nope, you're not getting in and we are not going to have any rain. so our temperatures continue to warm up as we go through the weekend into the upper 70s. by thursday, it's going to feel like the ginning of summer out there. and in san francisco, low 70s. also some 70s for the east shore and north bay and the tri-valley looking at 75 degrees on thursday. by the weekend, our temperatures come down a few degrees, our next chance of rain not until sunday and looks like it could be very hit or mis. we'll be keeping an eye out on that. here's a look now at traffic
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with mike. >> san mateo bridge westbound right in this stretch here just past the toll plaza and getting on to the bridge someone hit their brakes and that rippled back. they got back on and a crash averted here but you see that volume of and how sensitive the commute might be. look at your map and another crash approaching the area and that has also cleared from the roadway. traditional spot for the slowing, but maybe lighter than your typical monday. we'll track that and heavier traffic southbound 880 and south 42 and for the walnut creek interchange where a crash had one lane blocked and judging by the speed patterns we're seeing some recovery and chp hasn't had a chance to updalt us, th. not a problem for the morning commute and lighter east shore freeway, as well. >> good start to a monday. thank you. the new push to get more undergraduates in and out of college in four years.
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a heartbreaking end for a search for maszing woman in the south bay. police find her body but does little to answer questions su surrounding her killing. an update in less than three minutes. what about hillary clinton on the democratic side where both races go from here with super tuesday just eight days away. also ahead, the wife of notorious drug lord el chapo speaking out for the first time in an exclusive interview. what she's saying about their relationship and her husband's interview with the active sean pen. we have those stories and all this week we are taking on internships and first up we'll find out if al is up for the job as intern its at the world famous san diego zoo when we get started on a monday morning right here on "today." ( soft, calm music ) hi, you've reached emma.
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i'm out of the office right now but will get back to you just as soon as i possibly can. join princess cruises for exclusive discovery at sea experiences. princess cruises. come back new. at 6:23. developing story out of hayward this morning where police will release more information surrounding the killing of this young mother. 22-year-old stacey aguilar vanished a week ago and police said they found her body. >> paolo reyes has been following this story all week. we just spoke with her mom who had troubling information. >> good morning, sam and laura. it was a heartbreaking conversation, as you can imagine. stacey's mother lives in mexico and she begged her daughter to
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come home and she was in an abusive relationship. she had been missing since leaving a house party in hayward last saturday with her boyfriend in hayward. that man was questioned and released by investigators. initially he helped them in the search. >> translator: i didn't know. i didn't know anything. i didn't know he beat her. no one told me. no one told me. >> the mother says police tell her now they have one or more suspects under custody. hayward police will only confirm so far that aguilar was the victim of a homicide. we are expecting a press conference today at 2:00. stacey tragically leaves a 7-year-old son in mexico. reporting live from the hayward police department, paola reyes, "today in the bay." >> both telemundo and nbc bay area will have reporters at the press conference this afternoon
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and we'll bring you updates at 5:00 tonight. also update our digital platf m platforms as any new information comes in. one seat left independent this morning as the supreme court meets for nirs time since the death of justice antonin scalia. his absence will be visible as eight justices taking the berch with a chance for a 4-4 split. meantime, president obama does plan to nominate a replacement, but republicans feel that should be the duty of his successor. new this morning, state lawmakers look to put pressure on students and universities with a new bill aiming to raise the four-year graduation rate. the bill is set to be raised today in sacramento. right now only 19% of freshman in the cal university system are graduating on time. about 15% below the national average for public schools. if the legislation is adopted,
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students who agree to take 15 units a semester and maintain a minimum grade point average will get first choice for registering for popular classes as well as other benefits. i'm bob redell and live in san francisco for the search of a person who murdered a man in a busy mcdonald's parking lot. that story coming up. the candidates focusing on nevada and south carolina, again. and beyond. find out why, next. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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all right. getting going on a monday morning, thank you very much for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> the coffee finally kicking in. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check that forecast with kar. iced coffee by this afternoon? >> this morning definitely hot coffee because it is chilly out there as we've seen the temperatures drop to the low 40s in the north bay. beautiful sunrise all across the bay area and we'll have some absolutely gorgeous weather as we go into today with mostly sunny skies. we're looking at some low 70s for the south bay peninsula and east bay, as well as the north bay. san francisco up to 68 degrees. now, mike, it's usually slow
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this time approaching the bay bridge, how is it it looking now? >> kari, today, it's slow approaching the bay bridge. we have a slow down because of the metering lights. i'm chuckling because the crash i'm looking for is not there. that is a better mood for a lot of folks. no slowing off your left approach and the right approach further backed up and we want to show you this angle. speed sensors aren't a problem and we did mark that crash i was looking for. not major issue. this is more of a problem. southbound 680 and 242 heading through pleasant hill. a crash reported now as you're coming down through highway 4 and earlier crash looked like it's cleared from the walnut creek interchange. folks on the dublin interchange because traffic is lighter out of the tri-valley and through that area. the westbound express lane has opened and a lighter flow of traffic. but in general the bay looks like a lighter flow. the south bay peninsula just starting to see more traffic now. back to you. >> pretty nice out there, thank you, mike. at 6:30 right now.
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developing right now in san francisco where the search is on for the person who shot a man right across the street from a police station. the victim was just sitting in this car in a mcdonald's parking lot. >> bob redell joining us live from san francisco and seems like such an inconceivable set of circumstances to begin with. are police saying anything about a possible motive. >> sam and laura, san francisco police do not know if this crime was random or targeted. one factor that makes this crime so unnerving is its location. we're outside of the sfpd northern district station and if you take a look across the street, that's where the shooting took place in that mcdonald's parking lot. you can see it's just right across the street from law enforcement. this happened around 2:45 yesterday afternoon when the passenger and driver were trying to exit the parking lot on to filmore but traffic was backed up. they were stuck, sitting ducks, according to police. the suspect walked up to the
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right side of the car and looked inside and then fired several shots and hitting the passenger. the passenger managed to crawl out of the car and collapse and pronounced dead later at the hospital. the driver was not hurt and is cooperating with police. the shooter the only description he has is a young man wearing dark clothes and he took off. police will look at surveillance cameras installed in the area to see if they captured anything. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell "today in the bay." decision 2016. this week, an exact opposite of olast week. the democrats are now competing for support in south carolina and the republicans are focused on the nevada caucus tomorrow. we have live team coverage. "today" show shally jackson is following the republicans in las vegas and we begin today with tracie potts. tracie, fresh off a win in nevada. how is hillary clinton stacking up ahead of bernie sanders in south carolina? >> the poll still shows she has
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a double-digit lead, laura. bernie sanders is cutting into that lead. today he has three events with african-american actor danny glover who was with him over the weekend also along with the former head of the naacp he was talking of things of interest to the black community like criminal justice. meantime we understand from the clinton campaign that she is going to spend a lot of time this week talking about gun safety. still a very raw issue after the charleston shooting in south carolina. she's got mothers of some high-profile violent situations where they are going to be talking with her at forums around the state. so, gun safety, criminal justice and african-american voters. you're going to hear a lot about that as bernie sanders tries to cut into that double-digit lead that she has going into this weekend's primary. for a look at the republicans, haley jackson is in las vegas.
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>> hey, tracie, out here on the strip if you look ahead to the nevada caucuses tomorrow night. the republicans right now. even as some are already looking ahead to next week's super tuesday. but what is the big story this morning? donald trump fresh off that victory in south carolina. he is poised to win again here in nevada. at this point, there are some questions about whether he is simply unstoppable. i'll tell you what, his rivals are trying to. you have ted cruz and marco rubio framing this up as a two or three-man race and both looking to take on donald trump head to head. rubio looks well to do well here and third place finish out in south carolina has pressure on him to perform, especially next week in those southern sec primary states. so, a lot going on in the state of play here with the republicans. we'll have much more coming up on "today" show in just a bit. laura and sam, back to you. >> thanks so much. you watch hallie's full report coming up on "today." right now our first look
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this morning at the six people killed. when a man went on a shooting spree in michigan. athu among those victims a teenage boy and a group of women heading home after seeing a play. >> kris sanchez joins us now. this man is a an uber driver who was reportedly driving passengers around in between the shootings. >> one uber passenger told investigators that he thinks he was in jason dalton's car on saturday night and that he even jokingly asked him, are you the shooter? 45-year-old jason dalton will before a judge today to face more than a dozen charges including murder. the married father of two had no prior criminal history, though a neighbor told "new york times" that he would sometimes fire a gun into the air outside his home. we don't know if kalamazoo police determined if that is the gun that he used to allegedly shoot eight people in three different locations between 6:00
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and almost 11:00. a mother of three was shot outside her while protecting her three children. she will survive. a father and son will not. they were shot outside an auto dealership where they were looking for a new car. women were shot as they sat in their car outside a restaurant and a teenage girl was also shot. she also will survive. dalton was an uber driver as you mentioned. police now trying to determine whether he picking people up during that spree. but as i mentioned, that passenger told investigators that a jason picked him up for a $5 fare in kalamazoo saturday night. >> i kind of jokingly said to the driver, you know, you're not the shooter, are you? and he gave me some sort of a no sponse, like a shook his head or said no and i said, are you sure? >> this is the statement from uber. we are horrified and heartbroken
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at the senseless violence. dalton is due in court in michigan this morning. there is a time difference, we're hoping to bring that to you early this morning. we'll get you details as soon as we have them. at 6:37. take a look at this. new this morning. fremont police may have played a role in a high-speed crash that sent one person to the hospital. this video just into our newsroom a few moments ago. police say last night the driver of that car lost control and that car just wrapped around a tree. crews actually had to use the jaws of life to get him out of the car. he broke several bones, but actually should survive. police also have reoepthenpened road. a mountain lion back in its natural habitat this morning after the big cat was spotted near downtown santa cruz. here's the picture of the young female after wildlife and they
6:38 am
posted video of the big cat being released into the wild. there she goes. there she goes. the cougar was spotted in a foothill neighborhood eating a deer carcass on. authorities say it's an indication that people were feeding deer that area. >> coming down looking for water, too. no sign of rain, at least in the next seven days or so, kari. >> yeah, looks like it will be a while before we see any rain. and we have nothing but clear skies in the forecast and a beautiful view as we take a look from tiburon this morning as that sun rises. temperatures now most in the 40s. we still do haver 30s in napa. a bit chilly, bundle up. you'll take off some of those layers today as we warm up to the low to mid-70s for the peninsula and the south bay. san francisco stays in the upper 60s. the castro olookilooking at 66 s and concord and napa while livermore up to 68 degrees.
6:39 am
the next days, more of this very warm weather especially when you consider it it is just february. we'll talk more about that and see if we have any rain in the forecast and that's coming up in less than ten minutes and let's see what's happening on the roadways now with mike. >> overall the roadways are doing really well right now. the flashing lights at the bottom of your screen and catch the glimmer of the lights and no car with it. i'll check on what is going on. not causing a lot of slowing. the map will show you the entire area for the south bay and, in fact, the rest of the bay looks really good. zoom in anywhere north of the dumbarton bridge. we're looking towards the rest of the area and really the bay bridge toll plaza, i'll mention that first. the metering lights are on and no problem for the east shore freeway and all the activity over here southbound 680 and southbound 242 off of highway 4 a crash over here just approaching the merge with 242 and then another one in the backup that formed after the original crash that kicked things off. again, that crash is cleared but
6:40 am
look at that stretch. that is your toughest drive for the bay right now. highway 4 brings more traffic out of bay point. back to you. 6:40 right now. full speed ahead in scotsdale, arizona. for the first time this spring, the giants full squad will hit the field today. meantime right down the road the a's pitchers and catchers also reporting for duty. their first game for the a's april 4th. ahmed checks in with the green and gold. >> hit the field for the second time officially here in mesa, arizona, a little later today. we also saw stephen vogt is recovering from off-season elbow surgery. he is a little behind schedule bob melvin says he will be out there for spring training games a couple weeks after the skejwoman. >> i try not to ask any questions. i feel like i'm already back to full range of motion three weeks out and it it already feels
6:41 am
better than it did going into surgery. >> over in scotsdale, the pitchers and catchers going to have some company. the position players officially report for the first time. we'll have that for you coming up later tonight on nbc bay area and over on csn bay area. that will do it for now from mesa with the a's i'm ahmed fareed "today in the bay." 6:41 right now. coming up proof you're never too old to bust a move. adorableio of a 106-year-old woman getting her groove on with the president and first lady. plus, would you pay $40,000 for somebody's old watch? we'll take a look coming up in "business and tech." dow industrials gaining 185 point this morning. best week ever for the year last week. a scathing repo
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the oscar nominations might have started this conversation but more uproar about the lack of diversity in hollywood. according to a new study, white males make up the majority of the cast for major films and tv series. the study was conducted. researchers examined over 100 films in major tv series between 2014 and 2015. they found only a third of the major characters were women and only 28% were from minority group. that study also found 87% of directors were white. the report coming just days before the academy awards where for the second straight year not a single minority is up for one
6:45 am
of the major acting awards. it is 6:44. now to an investigative unit exclusive. their job is to help protect human health and the environment. but nearly 100 bay area epa workers say the building where they work is making them sick. union leaders representing all the region nine epa workers in san francisco reached out to the investigative unit for help. they say the air quality is so bad some workers have to leave their shifts after just an hour. >> it just seems crazy to us that someone would be risking their health by coming into the office to work on cleaning up the environment else where. >> the man in charge agrees, but says the epa is not to blame. >> we pushed every avenue from lawyers to having meetings in d.c. >> tonight at 11:00, the investigative unit exposes the test results revealing which chemicals were found above the state standards and why workers say it is affecting public
6:46 am
safety. if you have a tip for our investigativet, give us a call or send us an e-mail to at 6:46. happening now bill cosby's wife is answering questions under oath. this marks her first detailed comments since her husband was indicted on crime charges back in december. the deposition got under way within the past ten minutes or so. stephanie gosk is in springfield, massachusetts, with the deit tadetails. >> sort of the 11th hour efforts to get this thing stopped. they filed a motion to delay on saturday and late last night a judge denied that motion. cosby's lawyers were saying that this location was too public and that it it was deliberately chosen by the other side to, in their words, harass and embarrass camille cosby. all of this is part of a civil suit being brought here in the state of massachusetts by seven
6:47 am
alleged victims of cosby who say they were defamed when cosby denied the allegations. just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his legal battles. as you know, he is facing criminal charges in the state of pennsylvania and in a case of former temple university employee. guys, back to you. >> all right, stephanie gosk, thank you very much. in the meantime a health crisis in thousandses of american homes that might be worse than we originally thought. >> scott mcgrew months ago the cdc said homes with floors could cause cancer. >> the centers for disease control said it calculated that risk of cancer you're talking about by figuring out the volume of the average room. lengths times width time height. they got the height wrong. the new calculations say the risk of illness from affected floors is three times as bad as their scientists first thought.
6:48 am
fur maldehyde found in the floor could cause asthma and even leukemia. the ceo of lumber liquidators was just diagnosed with leukemia. again, the threat of aed floors is nothing new. we've known about this since last spring and most homeowners have hopefully taken action. but what we learned this morning is that thanks to a math error, the risk is three times what we first thought. apple ceo tim cook has been invited to testify before a house subcommittee about his's decision not to crack open an iphone used by the san bernardino gunman. invited, not subpoenaed. you see cook testifying about taxes. and over the weekend, a watch owned by apple founder steve jobs sold for $42,000 at auction. you can see it it here taken at this picture taken in 194. a pair of his burkenstocks also
6:49 am
sold for about $2,000. personally, i think i'd rather wear the watch than the burkenstocks. >> they could be resold. >> the apple watch. that was not an apple watch. >> that is the original apple watch. >> was it it a timex. >> it is a seiko. run of the mill, off the shelf, nothing particularly special. >> thank you very much. >> i got my apple watch. >> oh, that's right. 6:49. here's new proof that you're never too old to be young again. i love this. >> hey! >> how are you? >> i'm fine. >> look at that. she's already dancing as soon as she touches the president's hand. video posted last night showing the moment a 106-year-old south caroli carolinaan a woman finally realizing her dream. the moment brought more than joy and brought some dancing.
6:50 am
virginia says that she waited her entire life to see an african-american president. she got a chance to meet president obama and the first lady last week and help the couple celebrate black history month. a two-step. >> we'll link it if we haven't already on it's darling. >> we needed that story today, as well. been kind of a tough news day. gobeautiful out there. a lot of sunshine and start out with mostly clear skies and this is a beautiful shot from san bruno mountain. you can see all of the city and a little thin layer of some fog. that's about all you'll see as you head out. let's take a live look now at sunol where we see the pink and blue hues. as the sun comes up and we will have mostly clear skies. look at how cool it is now and napa 36 degrees. bundle up as you head out the door. we have some mid to upper 40s and take it hour by hour in san
6:51 am
francisco where we start out with some clouds. once again a little bit of fog here and there and temperatures warming up with a lot of sunshine. it will be a very comfortable afternoon and as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, you can see how warm it it gets as we go through the week. we will be rain free pretty much for the next several days and here's part of the reason why. we will have high pressure just off to the east of us. and it will not move throughout the weekend. what's happening here, it it will block any cold fronts from moving in. there will be quite a fewing in from the pacific, but they just kind of fizzle out and dry up before making it inland. we will have even warmer temperatures over the next three days. so, after seeing those mid-60s in san francisco today, we're looking at 74 degrees tomorrow in the south bay. and some upper 70s by the end of the week and by the end of the week in san francisco some low 70s there. upper 70s for the east bay. let's get an update on what's happening in the south bay now
6:52 am
with mike. >> less happening now. what's going on, these are the flashing lights and we caught a glimpse of those. i moved the camera down and pickup got a flat tire and they're fixing the flat tire and someone came by to help. a big rv and some distraction and slowing. that just cleared and look easy the drive is now. we'll look at your map because that is an issue getting on to the freeway northbound. 101 north of 680. the rest of the freeway is looking good for the south bay. same thing for the peninsula and palo alto no slowing and the express lane one westbound lane is open this morning. and down to hayward and fremont. and we have slowing southbound 680 and south 242. that is the worst of the bay because of a series of earlier crashes. and a couple crashes there. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up a gunman opened fire on a passenger. evidence police are searching
6:53 am
through in hopes of tracking down the killer. and i'm kris sanchez. an uber driver allegedly goes on a murderous rampage in michigan. i'll show you what the company has to say and what a passenger has to say about a ride on saturday night. okay. happening right now as laura just mentioned. the search for a killer continues in san francisco where a gunman shot someone in the middle of the day in a mcdonald's parking lot. it it happened right across the street from a police station. bob redell talking with investigators and tweeting out new information. meantime, police plan to say more today about the death of a young south bay mother in hayward. just spoke with the victim's mother who believes her daughter might have been in an abusive relationship. we'll be back in two minutes.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
at 6:56, welcome back to you. final check of the day's top stories before we send you off to "today" show in just a few minutes. >> bob redell following the search for a killer in san francisco, what can you tell us? >> san francisco police are trying to find a person shot and killed a man right across from their northern district police station. the shooting taking place literally across the street inside that mcdonald's parking lot. this happened just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon.
6:57 am
a driver and passenger and a white dodge sedan trying to leave that parking lot but traffic was backed up on filmore. they were essentially stuck sitting ducks, according to police. that's when the suspect walked up to the right side of the car and looked inside and then fired several shots killing the passenger. the driver was unhurt. the only description they have of the suspect who did get away is that he was a young man in dark clothing. as far as motive, police don't know if this was random or the victim was targeting. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." police have now found body of a missing mother stacey aguilar. her boyfriend was questioned and released by police and her mother now says she was in an abusive relationship. police have not confirmed if they have any suspects under custody. reporting live from the hayward
6:58 am
police de, paola reyes "today in the bay." the uber driver accused in a murderous rampage but he passed a background check for that company and investigators say the married father of two had no prior criminal history. he will be charged today with six counts of murder and a half dozen other crimes. kalamazoo police say he shot eight people, six died and two who will survive including a mother who was protecting her children and a teenage girl who was declared dead until she squeezed her mother's hand. the news was shocking to a passenger who had a ride from someone named jason. again, jason dalton will face a judge this morning. kris sanchez, "today bay." >> thank you very much, kris. on a nice note here, everybody is smiling and happy, not just because it's a monday. >> so happy.
6:59 am
>> we're being positive. positive pictures here. >> we'll have some beautiful weather today. so, we're getting the day started on a positive it note. also when you take a look at the sunrise, it is beautiful. these clouds starting to mix in. we'll have a clouds, clouds hanging around for the next couple of hours and chilly temperatures in the north bay and 39 looking at highs today up to 39 degrees. >> that is a gooditude, though. good day and traffic so far. >> all that sunshine that kari is talk about. the affect on the roadways. southbound away from us, this is from palo alto and sunrise slow down and that is a big deal along the peninsula side. over in the east bay, traffic is moving pretty well all the way around. show you the tri-valley and over 580 and look right there where it it says nbc on the lower right-hand corner. that is a bad pass right there but you can get in or out of that lane at any point. but westbound commuters car pooling with two or more or by yourself you pay a little more
7:00 am
for that toll lane. >> you were talking about tickets. that's not the kind of ticket. >> you don't want to get that kind of ticket. >> have a good day. we'll see you in half an hour. race, donald trump in position for the nomination and feeling good morning, unstoppable with two wins under his belt and candidates dropping out of the race, donald trump in poll position for the nomination and feeling confident. >> you're going to get so tired. you're going to say, please, please, mr. president, we can't stand it anymore, we don't want to keep winning. we can't stand it. and i'm going to say, i don't care. we're going to keep winning. we're going to make america great again! >> and on the democratic side, hillary clinton reenergized after winning in nevada, with two more contests this week and super tuesday just eight days away. is there anything left that could shake up this race? facing justice, the uber


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