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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now at 11: targeted at thn robbed at an upsca malin right now, at 11:00, targeted at the mall. two women robbed at an upscale mall in the east bay sdprrchlts good evening, everyone. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. police are searching for armed criminals shaking down the stone ridge mall. terry? >> reporter: they struck twice over the weekend and they've got
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a rifle. pleasanton police say they've got solid leads in the case, but the people i spoke to out here today said they're going to be on edge until these criminals are in custody. crime number one, saturday night about 8:00, a group of men outside pf chang's, one attacks a 17-year-old girl. >> he punched the victim in the face and took her purse as she fell to the ground. >> that makes us a little more cautious when we're walking out to the street. we have a lot of cash. we have to be on the lookout. >> reporter: crime number two, early sunday afternoon a 63-year-old woman in the parking lot, the men approach, one grabs her purse and knocks her down. >> she reported another male suspect having a shot gun or assault rifle pointed at her. >> reporter: all are described as black, 18 to 25 years old, medium build wearing hoodies. >> it makes us more nervous to
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leave our cars in this parking lot. >> reporter: earlier this month, 9 the 63-year-old woman was left in critical condition. >> my mom actually texted me last night to be safe when i walk out at night. >> reporter: a couple of pieces good news, the two women knocked down out here are not seriously hurt. pleasanton police tell me they expect to have a major announcement in this case, possibly as soon as tomorrow morning. live in pleasanton, terry mcsweeney. no charges filed against a pleasanton police officer who shot and killed a 19-year-old san jose man. john deming jr. was shot last summer. deming broke into a classic car dealership, started jumping on
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cars and attacked the officer. a seven-month investigation showed the officer acted in self-defense. but deming's family said his behavior was out of character. a group of people were fishing near the dunbarton pier and found a body and called the fremont police department. it's unknown how long the body had been in the water. they're trying to figure out who the person is, how they got there, and how they died. more questions in the case of a san jose woman found shot to death. her family is asking if the person in custody is actually the victim's boy friend and killer. she was last seen last week, leaving a party in hayward with her boyfriend. aguil aguilar's body was found. aguilar's mother tells us she's
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suspicious of the boyfriend. a soccer referee is in the hospital tonight with a traumatic brain injury and broken jaw. he was sucker punched by a player. witnesses say the adult league ref was officiating a match when he issued a player a yellow card. the outraged player ran up behind that ref and punched him before running into a white chevy pickup and taking off. >> it sounds really scary. i would hate to have it be with my kids playing. >> it's wrong. no need to get mad at the ref. he's just doing his job. >> thankfully the referee's injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. the elderly facing eviction, forcing families into shelters. the housing crisis on the peninsula has the attention tonight of congresswoman jackie spear. spear held an emotional town hall meeting tonight. a lot of people worried about their fate.
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>> reporter: that's right, jessica. hundreds of people showed up for this town hall meeting on the housing crisis. congresswoman jackie spear said it's not clear at this point how she can help. but it is clear people need help. >> my family and i have been homeless for five months now. >> reporter: a tearful woman tells jackie spear, a panel of local elected officials, and a crowd of hundreds the housing crisis has pushed her and her family out of their home and into a shelter. speaker after speaker told a panel of unmanageable rent increases. >> we've had a good time in this house. >> reporter: there are also evictions. lawyers are fighting to keep this 94-year-old and 95-year-old roommate in their burlingame home. the property owner issued an eviction notice because he plans to sell.
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>> we're staying optimistic some accommodation can be reached. >> reporter: as 55,000 new jobs came to san mateo county, only 2,100 housing units were built. >> we need a short-term cap. >> reporter: speier is on a fact-finding mission. she said she will be sharing information she's currently collecting with the u.s. secretary of housing and urban development as she continues to search for solutions. reporting live in san mateo, jean elle. the controversial verdict. tonight the reaction. the naacp with some sharp criticism about the outcome of the racially charged case at san jose state university. he said he was tormented by three white teammates.
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he claims he was locked in his room, choked with a bike lock and called racially derogatory names. the students were charged with torturing him. and today were found guilty of misdemeanor battery but not a hate crime. one of the accused students seen here leaving court was found not guilty of hate crime charges. the jury could not reach a verdict on the other two defendants. late tonight rick calendar tells us it's disappointing that the clear and unambiguous signs of racial hatred were not recognize the. we obviously still have a long way to go to understand what is truly a hate crime. locked boxes in lockup. now easier for inmates to file a complaint against prison guards at the santa clara county jail. more than 100 lockboxes of complaint forms have been installed throughout the jail. the commission are looking at prisoner abuse of nearly 700
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inmates and found the top complaints were grievance procedures being broken. >> you find that most grievances really have to do with an issue that they have internally in the jail. but they also do complain about staff en masse. that's why we've implemented this. >> the commission is also calling for other changes, including independent supervision of that jail. some bartenders already do it, now it can become law for all bartenders. not only mix you a drink, but cut you off when you have one too many. >> california will be catching up to the idea. cheryl hurd is in mountainview where reaction to the proposal is, what, cheryl? >> reporter: well, i'm getting mixed reviews on this proposal. some people like the idea, other believes it gives bartenders a license to discriminate. it takes a real skill to learn how to mix a good drink.
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and there's a skill to detect when someone has had a little too much. >> the first thing that goes out the window is judgment. >> reporter: eric hope is an instructor at the american bartender college in mountainview. he says bartenders are the first defense to keep drunk drivers off the roads. >> we are one of the few states that does not require you to be certified or licensed to be a bartender. >> reporter: a democrat wants to change that by reacting the responsible interventions for beverage trainers act. it would require bartenders to take a four-hour course focusing on the social impacts of alcohol. how booze impacts the body and intervention techniques. training would have to be renewed every three years. we took the proposal to the streets of mountainview. some think it's a good idea, some don't. >> how could you tell if somebody is inebriated. i think that's something that's kind of arbitrary. i don't see how you could be i objective. are you going to take a
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breathalyzer? or blood test? it doesn't make sense. >> you don't want somebody sitting next to you ruining your good night, but you also don't want to be that person. there is a limit. >> reporter: the proposal just entered the california assembly. if passed, it goes into effect in 2020. reporting live in mountainview, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> some folks are reporting they come to work and then within an hour they're not able to actually work and function. >> they're supposed to protect our health and safety, but these workers say they're getting sick on the job. why epa workers say they're forced to work in a sick building and how our investigation is spurring action. an uproar over off-leash rules in some of the bay area's most scenic spots. the potential new restrictions for dog owners. naptime for local college students. we'll show you the sleep pods popping up on the campus. good evening, i'm
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meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking the possibility of any rain to come our way that could watch the pollen away. my forecast in about seven minutes.
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♪ ♪ ==take map== the proposed the golden gate recreation area is tightening its leash laws. the proposed rules would limit offleash walking to five areas. here they are. that's not all. areas within those five spots will also be limited. that means that christie field and the existing off-leash area would be cut in half. a two-month comment period on these proposed rules starts wednesday with two hearings late next month. the mission is to protect human health, and the environment. but many local epa workers claim
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they're the ones getting sick by just going to work. >> is their office building a health risk? our investigative unit is digging through indoor air quality reports. vicky nguyen is with us. you talked to these epa workers. >> workers say it's ironic they're being instructed to work in a building they don't think is safe, after two years of renovations, nearly 100 employees have complained about the indoor air quality. they say their bosses aren't fixing the problem. now they're turning to us for help. construction continues outside the region 9 epa headquarters in san francisco. but workers say it's what you can't see flowing inside the building that troubles them. >> it just seems crazy to us that someone would be risking their health by coming in to the office to work on cleaning up the environment elsewhere. >> reporter: sally jo has worked for the epa and served as vice president of one of region 9's
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three unions. leaders from all the unions sat down with the investigative unit to voice their concerns about the indoor air quality for the workers assigned here. >> some folks are reporting they come to work, and within an hour they're not able to work and function. >> reporter: what's causing the bad air? studies conducted by a consultant hired by the epa reveal elevated levels of chemicals found in carpeting. >> people are breathing in these chemicals? >> yes. >> reporter: the two chemicals tested above california state standards. the epa doesn't believe it's out of compliance because the levels were not sustained over eight hours, but then again the agency admits it never tested over an eight-hour span of time. has there been a resolution that satisfy you and the employ yeegs that work there? >> no, we're still waiting for them to step up to the plate. >> reporter: nearly 100 workers reported missing work, staying
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home or difficulty doing their jobs since december of 2014, saying working in the building makes them sick. >> i would characterize 75 awe thorn as a sick building, absolutely. >> reporter: according to the epa sick building fact sheet, the same symptoms employees reported to their union reps in a survey, of the 139 employees who responded 64% reported feeling sick after renovations began. were you surised? >> i was personally surprised, yes. i knew there were impacts for employees. but i wasn't aware of the extent of the impacts. >> reporter: jerrod -- >> we have a problem on the problems out here. >> reporter: he's just as frustrated as his employees saying he's also felt sick working here. >> was there a problem, yes?
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it was a royal pain. people put little yellow stickies to see if the air was moving. this was the number one worst office. >> reporter: he said it's not the epa's fault. he blames building management company hines. >> we need a ventilation system that works. we spent more than $100,000 to work out the answers. >> reporter: he said he pushed hines to increase the air flow after the epa conducted its own testing and consulted with experts. the company declined our request for an interview, but in a statement hines said we worked diligently for some time to address and resolve any air flow concerns raised. they're conducting an analysis, and will evaluate floor by floor once construction is complete. we showed the air quality reports to a senior environmental inspector at healthy building science. >> if they're not getting good air flow, those chemicals will continue to persist until you
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can get some ventilation, or they'll persist even a couple of years. >> reporter: he said hines didn't increase the ventilation until the investigative unit contacted the company. >> you coming, you phoning the building got a lot of action. >> reporter: union leaders say ultimately public safety is suffering. >> charged with the mission to protect the environment and public health. it has failed to do so in this case. >> reporter: for its own employees. >> yes. >> reporter: the union wants management to allow any worker who's dpelt sick from working inside the building to be allowed to work offsite. so far, epa management says no deal. they have denied that request. >> thank you, vicky. give us a call at 888-996-tips. let's bring in jeff ranieri. when does spring start?
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because it sure feels like it. >> just a couple of weeks away. it's already feeling like it. in fact, last week it felt like summer when we had the temperatures in the 80s. we'll have your seven-day forecast. a trend of a few day of above-average temperatures. as we get you into the morning forecast for tomorrow, 41 expected in the north bay. definitely need the jacket. 51 for san francisco. the peninsula at 47. the south bay checking in at 44. throughout the day, we'll see high clouds passing by in the afternoon. more of a partly sunny sky. as we head through this week, right into wednesday, there's no chance of any rainfall. high pressure building offshore. that will keep that storm track off to the north. let's take you into that microclimate forecast throughout tuesday. across san francisco, it's going to be mild. 71 in the mission. a little cooler across the ma prina. we've got the bay breeze going on. 68 expected there. across the peninsula, 73 in palo
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alto. slight offshore wind should give us some of the warmest temperatures and 75 in morgan hill. also, a dry wind in the north bay should push us up to 73 in napa. back towards mill valley, a beautiful day and 71. for the east bay, 73 for fremont. and for the tri-valley, plenty of mid-70s, with a lot of warm air aloft, and also winds coming out of the north and east. that will put pleasanton at 75 degrees. how does the next 15 days play out for us? high pressure keeps it dry right into thursday. the way we see it now, friday through sunday, two weaker systems move in for a scans of scattered showers. nothing big. the north bay has the best chance. any kind of rainfall would definitely help to lower our pollen levels. in march, a 40% chance of above-average rainfall throughout that month. now, there's really only eight
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weeks left of el nino to bring the possibility of rainfall. of course, we're taking it week by week. we want to leave you with our snow pack report. despite the fact we haven't had any major rainfall in february, the sierra has picked up two to three feet of snow. that puts us at 99% of average for the northern sierra. rainfall is certainly lacking here across the bay area. it's not what we want to see with el nino. we have eight weeks left. we'll see what that brings us, guys. still ahead, the changes at starbucks has loyal customers feeling a little bitter. >> hey, guys, hugh jackman is here. music from darrell hall and john oats. do not change the channel! we're just getting an update on the michigan mass shooting allegedly at the hands of an uber driver. doctors say a 14-year-old girl shot in the head will likely
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survive. six people have already died in that attack. trending now on facebook, a yelp employee said she was fired for writing a letter to the ceo about the struggles of living here in the expensive bay area. we're back in two minutes with more news.
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search andhanking bay area talk about being in the right place at the right time. a mom and dad are thanking a search and rescue team for saving their daughter's life in the sierra. they were training yesterday when they stumbled upon a young girl who had fallen in the snow, stuck in a ten-foot hole. the rescuers pulled the freezing
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girl to safety. her mother says she doesn't even know how to be more grateful than she is. >> i just want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. like i said, i don't know what else to say, other than thank you. and lots of hugs. >> i feel great to participate in a rescue where we get to use all the training. >> not the first time it happened. the team found a man clinging to a rock after he slipped. they rescued him, too. the gnat pods have come to the campus. four areas in which they call rest zones across campus. that includes a nap pod like this one at the student center. also some comfy chairs that have been placed around campus so people can chill out between classes. just in time for midterms. >> sometimes where we live is far from campus. it's really hard for us to take naps. having these stations is a life
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saver. >> the university expects several more rest zones will be designated throughout the year. it's being funded by the chancellors advisory committee on student services. >> i'll put it in the suggestion box for us here at nbc bay area we need a few pods. >> i just slept on the grass.
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good evening. the warriors made their fourth stop in the seven-game road trip in atlanta looking for win number 50 on the season. they won over the hawks. warriors become the fastest team in nba history to reach 50 wins in a season. the warriors are now 50-5 on the year. in nhl news, the sharks bounce back from friday's 5-2 loss against the carolina hurricanes. in st. louis tonight, beating the blues 6-3. with tonight's win, they have the best road record in the western conference with 21 wins and 9 losses. the san francisco 49ers will meet with representatives of colin kaepernick in indianapolis
11:30 pm
this week. they must decide whether to retain kaepernick, trade him or cut him before april 1st when his $11.9 million base salary becomes guaranteed. finally tonight, this is nothing new. but it always catches a lot of attention. boston red sox fans are a little bit nervous after pablo sandoval showed up to spring training looking like this. from the looks of this picture, he has a lot of work to do before the season started. sa more news with raj and jessica after the break. hey pal? you ready?
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i've been missing. i should have had a gold star by now. i don't have it. >> you drink a lot of coffee. >> i do. >> i give you a gold star. >> thank you. jeff, how about tuesday? >> coffee weather tomorrow. double shot of espresso. north bay 41 degrees. san francisco 51. we've got sun. we have some clouds. it will be mild in the afternoon, and i want the rainfall. we can't get it. let's just enjoy this beautiful weather. 70 tomorrow in san francisco. 74 in the tri-valley. pretty stunning. >> sounds like iced coffee to me. >> yes. have a good tuesday. thanks for joining us. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applae ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- taron egerton and hugh jackman. audra mcdonald.


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