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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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since 4:30 this morning when we first got on air. good morning. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> yom i'm laura garcia-cannon. that fire broke out in oakland and quickly spread to nearby homes and cars. >> bob redell joining us live from the scene and despite all of this deitstruction and almost 20 people having to escape a nearby home and that temple, nobody was seriously hurt. >> only three people taken to the hospital, sam and laura, with minor injuries, which is a very fortunate, very remarkable considering how serious this fire was. that is the oakland buddhist temple you were just mentioning. hard to see in the dark, but it is a total loss. 11 people were inside when that fire started just a little bit before 2:00 this morning. >> that man who is associated with the temple tells us that he
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thinks there might have been a candle that tipped over and started this fire. it's not clear but the 11 people inside were either in the middle of a celebration or preparing for a celebration to take place later today when this fire started. they all got out okay. unfortuna unfortunately, because of the structures around here five cars that fire spread. extended from the temple and ended up burning an unoccupied house in the back and then a house to the right. if you want to come back out here live. you can see that house i'm talking about to the right where seven people were inside. they all got out okay. both those homes the one you're looking at and the one in the back suffered serious damage. you can see on the top where the oakland fire department is doing some extension work on that house. there was a house you can't see it from here to the far left of the tempittal but it suffered some minor damage and there was a family inside there. they got out okay but commenting how hot it it was inside their
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own home. even though their own home wasn't on fire. just the radiant heat from those flames that i am sure you saw from the video was very intense of this fire that ended up being a three alarm fire. oakland fire department having to call for that backup just to try to keep this fire contained as much as possible. the buddhist temple destroyed behind me and three sheds, five cars, two homes severely damaged and three people taken to the hospital fortunately with just minor injuries. >> powerful fire there, thank you very much, bob. no doubt going to be more updates to come. we'll stay on top of the story throughout the morning. stay with nbc bay area both on air and online and you can also head to our website, for instant information as soon as we get it. right now it is 5:02. time to get a look at that microclimate forecast this morning with kari. >> mostly clear skies for most of us heading out and some chilly temperatures as we're now at 42 degrees in the north bay
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and 49 degrees at the east bay. look at highs today up to the low to mid-70s. this is well above average and a mixture of sun and clouds. overall, another beautiful day reaching 75 degrees in the south bay and 71 degrees in san francisco. our temperatures continue to climb as we go through the week and i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes but, mike, i guess the dublin drivers are still adjusting to that new lane. >> one word of caution because some folks didn't commute in yesterday. the westbound commute direction where you see all the headlights we activated the express lane. if you're carpooling fine. single driver have to have that fastrak and they'll charge you as you're driving through the area. we'll warn folks coming in, greenville is where it starts and folks looked above and saw the signs and you can't get out of that lane and just be prepared at the end. b.a.r.t. now recovering from a 20-minute delay from daly city
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over towards pitsburg. 5:03 and happening today is a standoff between the fbi and apple continues, protesters in support of the the tech giant are planning mass demonstrations across the nation today. "today in the bay" chuck coppola live at the apple store this morning. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, laura. it is very quiet here along university in palo alto. the support of protests will be happening around 5 5:00 this morning. app but apple is resisting entry to farook's iphone. the four rallies in addition to palo alto and san francisco and similar to the one that happened this past weekend in san francisco. all in support of apple's position. now, tim cook, apple's ceo sent
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a memo to employees yesterday saying at stake is the data security of hundreds of millions of law-abiding people and threaten everyone's several l liberties. the fbi says it does not want a master key, however, apple's tim cook says that would happen anyway. reporting live in palo alto, i'm chuck coppola. at 5:05 coming up in ten minutes how this is impacting the tech industry in silicon valley. the latest on fbi's debacle from our own scott mcgrew. a live look right now at the bay privilege meeting with the national highway traffic safety administration or nitsa about cracks inside the it bay bridge. a recent report recently
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obtained by nbc bay area news has corrosion inside the tunnel. a chunk of concrete the size of a tire came crashing down on a woman's car in the bay bridge tunnel as she was passing through. we talked to an engineer who said cal trans needs to take action right now. >> this is long-term. this is not just superficial corrosion. the rebar all the way within the concrete is likely as corroded as out here. something like this should be caught by regular inspectors. >> we did an inspection last july and there were no obvious problems then. >> he said last july is when that area of the bridge passed an inspection. cal trans said it might consider installing netting or some sort of barrier to catch falling concrete after further inspection. new this morning, police say two people in a danville home died in a murder/suicide. this happened yesterday at a home on cross bridge place that's just off of cumeano.
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police found a 63-year-old man in the garage unconscious from car fumes. meantime, a 55-year-old woman was found shot and killed inside the home. officers found a gun at the scene. it is 5:07. an investigation under way about a possible sexual assault at uc berkeley. campus police say the alleged assault happen friday night between midnight and 1:00 at a frat party at a fraternity house. so far no descriptions of the suspect. the berkeley police department is also investigating the crime. questions lingering this morning in the case of a san jose woman found shot to death. 22-year-old stacey aguilar was last seen last week leaving a party with her boyfriend. her body was then discovered in fremont on saturday. her boyfriend was arrested on unrelated charges and police are also not saying she the person of interest in that homicide
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case. temperatures kind of all over the map, very similar this morning. >> yes, still cool as you head out and we're looking at warm temperatures later on today. it's now 42 degrees in the east bay and san francisco at 48 deit it gree grees. let's get a closer look at the south bay now where we have low 50s in silver creek valley and 42 degrees. so, definitely a jacket needed as you head out the door and low 70s and even some mid-70s again today. i'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. let's get an update on what is happening in san francisco from mike. >> kari we have an issue right here. a crash reported 101 at vermont. right about there as you're coming up. now, initial reports talk about one car and possibly off of its wheels and that's enough of its wheels and maybe six cars involved and a huge issue north 101 and we haven't seen slowing and crews are headed to the scenes. somebody with car trouble getting off of that bay bridge,
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as well. looking for any issues as far as the off ramps are concerned. meanwhile the rest of the bay looks really good as far as the rest of our sensors go. there you go and there you go. >> there they go. thanks so much. 5:09. coming up, could donald trump rack up another win. a preview of what could happen at the nevada caucus set to get under way in a matter of hours. is it it time for uber app to have a panic button? we're also tracking breaking news out of oakland where fast-moving flames engulf a buddhist temple and nearby homes that broke out about 2:00 this morning. live at the scene with updates and bob redell will bring you a live report in just a few minutes. turning to decision 2016:
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=laura/vo= 3delegates a up for abs in nevadaonight --as tha turning to decision 2016. 30 sell gts are up for grabs in nevada tonight as the state's republican caucus gets under way and donald trump is favored to rack up a third straight win. >> tracie potts joining us live in washington, d.c. he may not be the presumptive go op just yet but does presume to win nevada. but the question is, who is coming in second? >> the polls have trump up by 16 and behind him ted cruz and marco rubio. our new nbc news survey monkey poll shows rubio is gaining ground with white evangelicals and with very conservative voters, both of which are represented in nevada. so, he could see some movement before people make their decisions tonight.
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meantime, this big worword of w there are now five republicans left in this race, including ben carson and john kasich who wanted some attention, but maybe not the attention he is getting. protest iters outside his events because he signed off to defund planned parenthood back in ohio. governing while he's on the campaign trail. we'll be watching these results as they come in. 30 delegates at stake today. turnout typically hasn't been all that great for the republican caucuses in nevada. about 33,000 the last time around four years ago. >> an important race that was the build up towards super tuesday, which is only a week away. thank you very much. 5:13 right now. uber is resisting calls to create some sort of panic button for an app. >> the calls after a tragedy. an uber driver admitting to
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shooting people in kalamazoo and picking up drivers in between. >> they have one in india. it would interfere with people or delay with people just simply calling 911. jason dalton was acting erratically, little did they know he was also shooting people between rides. prosecutors say dalton has confessed to all eight shootings. uber says the man had no criminal background and passed security checks just fine and had nearly a five-star rating from his passengers. while uber riders at the time did complain about dalton using the uber app and complained on facebook. uber urges people to simply call 911 if they feel they're in danger. being an uber driver could be just as dangerous as being an uber passenger. the whole inscriptiencrypti
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controversy and he came down in favor of the fbi. the request to break into the phone used by farook is a one-time special case. let's check your news before the bell. landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hey there, scott, good morning to you. wall street may give back some of monday's gains. futures are lower this morning and back of the surge on oil prices and it is still trading near $33 a barrel. good data this morning on home prices, home sales and consumer confidence. the dow rising 228, 229 points to 16621. the nasdaq gaining 67 to 4571. scott, back over to you. if you work, new rules including no drinking on the job. the word started to leak out bout the liberal alcohol policy and after-hour parties and other activities. the company's ceo is gone
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replaced by david sax the guy that created yammer and he is cracking down. "the wall street journal" guy said there was a memo forbidding sex in the staircase, as well. please, add that to your loose leaf employee manual. >> oh, my goodness. >> a couple drinks on the job is one thing when you talk about sex in the staircase. >> like an episode of "mad men." big breaking news we have been following this morning, this huge fire that broke out destroying a buddhist temple in oakland. happened on east 10th. it was a three alarm fire. you can see the size of the flames and the firefighters that had to come out to the call and displaced about 11 people from the temple it itself. spread to nearby homes and cars, as well. bob redell is still at the scene gathering information and investigation how it started. we'll bring you pictures from
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the scene. this is from earlier. the fire is now out, but the fire there -- >> there's a buddhist temple of alameda and also further north off of ninth and jackson is a buddhist camp buddhist. >> soothing our nerves now this morning we are joined by kari hall and a couple days of beautiful weather and today will not break that trend. >> we will continue on with our sunshine and warm weather over the next few days. so, take it all in. it it feels like spring outside. not the el nino winter we had imagined. as we take a live look outside now at san jose. we see mostly clear skies and a nice, cool start this morning. so, grab a jacket before you head out. here's a look at some of those temperatures. it's 42 degrees in the east bay and also in the north bay while san francisco and the peninsula are at 48 degrees. as we get a closer look at napa now at 39 degrees.
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put luma is at 41 and low 40s else where across the north bay and as that seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, you see how long we keep this warm weather and the sunshine. so, today, we do start out with clear and cool weather and then the high start to move in to give us a filtered sunshine. this is a look at your temperature right at about lunchtime as you head out we'll be in the low to mid-60s in the fri-valley at 66 degrees. 73 degrees in the peninsula as we reach those high temperatures. also in the east bay and the north bay. into the next fews, we're really climbing into the upper 70s in the south bay and then it it starts to drop back down with a few more clouds on friday. especially in the peninsula and san francisco and upper 60s there. in the north bay, 72 degrees on friday after hitting some near record highs for the middle of the workweek. so our warming trend continues with high pressure sitting just to the south of us and also to the east. and it it will be blocking and
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drying up any cold fronts that approach the coast over the next few days. we'll actually have several of them, but none of them having any impact on our weather with this stubborn area of high pressure and the only chance of rain on sunday and at this point it even looks like that is drying up. i'll have another update on what to expect as we go through the week coming up in a few minutes. let's get an update on what's happening the bay bridge with mike. >> that's right, kari. looking over here with our live camera. heading over towards the treasure island tunnel. we had reports of a disabled vehicle somewhere along that stretch and i i haven't any problem. now as we look over towards the map, a smooth flow as far our sensors go and in the city northbound 101 is slowing up towards vermont and things really starting to slow down from the 281 and split and word i have is that the slow lane and fast lane is blocked. and another vehicle over on the
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shoulder trying to get to the right shoulder involved in the crash, as well. that's considerable slowing over the last couple of minutes. we will track that but the 280 extension moves smoothly and good option for you. inre the rest of the bay moves very well. there's palo alto. no problem peninsula or south bay, guys. >> thank you, mike. coming up next, we investigate. >> would you characterize this building as a sick building? >> absolutely. the investigative unit responding to a call for help from epa employees to say they're getting sick at work. i'm kris sanchez in the newsroom with two violent robberies that may have you thinking about where you park your car.
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5:23. armed and targeting shoppers. pleasanton police are now trying to track down the suspects responsible for two separate robberies, one involving a teenage girl and another with a 63-year-old woman. >> that 63-year-old woman knocked down. "today in the bay" kris sanchez is here with what we know so far about the suspects that did it. good morning. >> pleasanton police say the same suspect responsible for the two strong arm robberies and that they are brazen and they are fast. in each of those two incidents their mo is strike the victims, steal their purse. this is the suspect put out this sketch of one suspect described as an african-american man between 18 and 25 years old medium build wearing a hoodie. the get away car in that case is a silver suv. police say he and two other men
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were outside the p.f. change restaurant saturday night around 8:00 when they went up to a 17-year-old girl punched her in the face and took her purse as she fell. one day later a 63-year-old woman said three men ripped off her purse but as she resisted one man knock eed her down and kicked her in the back. in that case the victim said she saw a shotgun or a rifle aimed right at her. police who work and shop at that mall are, obviously, concerned. >> makes us a little more conscious when we're walking out to the street. we have to be on the look out. >> makes us more nervous to leave our cars in this parking lot. >> in fairfield police arrested a suspect who hit a 53-year-old woman. he is now charged with her murder and the attempted murder of another would-be victim who he hit with a hammer a few days before. back to the suspects in this pleasanton case. police say they may have an
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announcement as early as this morning. we are monitoring that for you. until then, watch where you park. if you know anything, you can report it unanonymously. sam? >> definitely very disturbing, thank you, kris. the environmental protection agency to protect the human health and the environment. many epa workers claim they're getting sick just by going to work. >> vicky nguyen has been digging through hundreds of in-door quality report. >> employees say the region nine headquarters is not safe. nearly 100 workers have complained about the indoor air quality after two years of renovations to the building. studies conducted by consultant hired by the epa reveals two potentially dangerous chemicals. that tested at above levels for california state standards. workers say they're suffering from nausea, dizziness and headaches and head of the region 9 epa says he understands the
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frustration and he says building manage company hines is to blame, not the epa. he says hines increased the ventilation, but only after the investigative unit contacted the company. hines says it's worked to address the air flow concerns and will reevaluate once construction is complete. it is not enough for the workers, though. many of whom want further tests and the option to work from home. ultimately public safety is s e suffering because they can't do their job. our tire report is online. just click on the investigations tab. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to about to witness a flooding of support. the protests that are happening again today against the fbi in favor of apple amid a tense standoff over cracking into a terrorist iphone. good morning, i'm bob redell. take you back live here to
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oakland where an overnight three alarm fire destroyed the buddhist temple and severely damages two homes. that story coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. that breaking news out of
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oakland this morning.
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flames rip through several buildings -- and cars. we're live athe scene. =laura/2shot= it's a story came oair at 4:30 tssince we morning. good morning - and thanks for cannon. =sam/2shot= a garcia and i'm sam brock. the flames bke out early is = morning at a camdn buddhist temple, on east 10- east buddhist temple on oakland. >> "today in the it bay "bob redell is live at the scene and he's been there since the beginning. any idea on a cause yet, bob? >> laura and sam we did speak with one of the buddhist monks that owns the buddhist temple behind me that was destroyed by this three afalarm fire. as you mentioned, it happened just before 2:00. it it was around 1:50 this morning, according to the oakland fire department. the 11 people inside ining that buddhist monk they were asleep at the time and awoken by this fire. they did get out.
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unfortunately, this fire was so severe, you could see in this video, it was so large that it it spread to two other homes. home to the right which was severely damaged and seven people in there and they got out and then a home in the back that was unoccupied at the time. and then there was also a house to the left that suffered minor damage but we did speak to the family inwho was awakenwho was heat and flames. >> they just told me that my wind from my house they just melt it it it, you know. >> you are lucky you got out okay. >> life is more important. >> of the people who were in the two homes that caught fire, you're talking about a total of 18. three of them went to the hospital to treated for minor injuries. one reason perhaps this fire spread from the buddhist temple to the other homes is because cars around the temple and around the homes who actually three sheds that went up and five cars destroyed in addition
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to the two homes severely damaged and, of course, the buddhist temple that was deit stroyed, as well. the buddhist, again, alluding to the fact that there might have been a candle that started this fire and it's a sad day for the people who are members of the temple because today was supposed to be a day of celebration. they were preparing for a celebration to place today. of course, now, that's not going to be the case considering the temple has been destroyed. as far as oakland fire is concerned. this was a two alarm fire that grew to three alarms. in other words, they had to call for backup of what they saw here. the extension to the other homes and they're trying to still figure out what caused it. an investigator going through the scene here, presumably once the sun comes up and they get a better look at it it. live in oakland, bob redelll "today in the bay." >> we'll stay on top of this story as it continues to develop. stay with nbc bay yare both on air and online.
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a jump expected today. clear and cool to sdart your dada day but that ask going to change in a few hours. >> temperatures warm up quickly under lots of sunshine. temperatures in the 40s. it is 48 degrees now in san francisco. and expect a high of 75 grees in the south bay. east bay it's 74 degrees and 72 in the peninsula. and in the tri-valley expect a high of 74 degrees with more of this warm weather as we go through the week. i'll detail more of that coming up in a few minutes. but mike gets you out the door and to work on time with the big view. >> yeah, there you go. the big of the bay. smooth flow of traffic and we'll talk about that in a second. first take you up towards san francisco where i have my eyes on this crash north 101 at vermont. two right lanes. rhp said closing the two right lanes as they take care of this crash. one vehicle off of its wheels.
5:34 am
280 extension in towards san francisco a lot smoother there. as we get a look out towards dublin i talked about that tri-valley build we have slow building here and i'll talk about why that is the case, guys, coming up. meantime, happening today the standoff between the fbi and apple continues. protest iters in support of the tech giant are planning mass demonstrations, not just here but across the country today. chuck coppola joining us at the apple store in palo alto. one of the places where protesters are expected to come out later this afternoon. it is calm that is not the case later this evening. >> good evening, sam. very quiet. a little bit of traffic is coming our way and used to cover people camping out for apple products. but today it's going to be the site of the protest of the government and this protest runs counter to survey by the pew research center that found 51% of those who are asked actually
5:35 am
side with the fbi efforts to unlock the san bernardino shooter to find out who he was communicating with before the december 2nd shooting rampage in san bernardino that killed 14 people. apple is fighting the government's request to open that phone up. and there are events planned in palo alto, in san francisco, in santa rosa and similar to the one you see in san francisco from this past weekend in support of apple's position. apple's ceo tim cook sent a memo to employees saying at stake is the data security of hundreds of millions of law-abiding people anding a dangerous precedent that threatens everyone's civil libe liberties. one may question apple's motives in this because if it sets this precedent of working with the government in this case, it could open the door to working with governments in other countries. china comes to mind. that is apple's second largest
5:36 am
market. reporting live in palo alto, i'm chuck coppola. >> public trust in those companies. coming up next in ten minutes, how this is impacting the tech industry here in silicon valley. we'll hear the latest on the apple fbi debacle broken down by scott mcgrew. a disturbing discovery for a group of people fishing near the pier. they called the fremont police deit apartment. it's unknown at this time how long the body had been in the water. detectives trying to figure out who the person is and how they got there and how they died. a referee suffering from a traumatic brain injury and broken jaw. witnesses say the adult league ref was oofficiating a match in ocean view neighborhood when he issued a yellow card to a player. the outraged player then ran up behind him punched him and took off in a white chevy pickup.
5:37 am
>> it sounds really scary. i would hate to have it be with my kid playing. >> i think it's pretty wrong in the first place. no need to get mad at a referee who is doing his job. >> the san francisco police officers are still looking for that player attacker. the ref's injuries are not considered to be life threatening. rent increases forcing families into shelters. the housing crisis on the peninsula has the attention of the bay area congresswoman. becky spear hosted a town hall meeting in san mateo last night where several frustrated neighbors pulled the panel of unmanageable rent increases and unfair eviction. spear said as 55,000 new jobs came to san mateo county only 2,500 new units of housing. housing that needs to be managed. >> or a lifeline cap and then put our efforts to building more houses. >> congresswoman spears said she
5:38 am
will share the information she's collecting with the secretary of housing and urban development as she searches for solutions. there might be a crisis in the housing area. whether it's just picture perfect, kari. we can't get sick of this because it is just so nice. >> i am kind of getting sick of it it because i don't have much to talk about. >> you stay right here. >> i want some rain, too. we were not expecting it it to be so dry this winter and we still need to catch up some. we are not at the average amount of rain for this time of year and now we start out with cool temperatures this morning in the 40s, but look at how it warms up later today. we will be in the low 70s all across the bay area, even some upper 70s in spots like santa rosa. up to 78 degrees in pleasant on looking at 75. i'll detail what to expect the rest of the weekend and we'll talk about those slight rain chances this week. let's get an update on what's happening all across the bay area and especially in dublin now with mike. >> kari, that's where we have
5:39 am
that change. the express lane was added monday and we saw it it slow. and complicated things, but here's the issue right here folks have to shift out of that express la and merge in towards the rest of traffic. let me show you why. the express lane that has been added and use it from greenville the way over to the dublin interchange and look how clear that drive is right now. starting at hacienda you cannot access the area until you pass the dublin interchange. folks not realizing that have to move out of those lanes last minute. the bay bridge metering lights are on and crash in san francisco i'm tracking, guys. back to you. >> a lot going on. a racially charged case with a mixed verdict. reaction this morning after three white san jose students were found not guilty of hate crime charges. your first automated car may not come from google. who will make it? i'll tell you. police may have an announcement as early as today and two strong arm robberies
5:40 am
that have shoppers feeling very apprehensive this morning. my school reunion's coming fast.
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we continue to follow breaking news this morning that we first brought you at 4:30 out of oakland. look at those flames. a fire broke out about 2:00 this morning at a cambodian buddhist temple on east tenth street in oakland. 11 people had to get out of that temple. fleeing for safety, everyone is largely okay. some nonlife threatening injuries suffered there. those flames ended up affecting
5:43 am
two nearby homes and five cars and sheds. bob redell following that story and he'll bring us updates as they continue to look for a cause. we'll keep you the loop. a controversial verdict is sparking debate in the south bay. the naacp is sitting sharp criticism about the outcome of a racially charged case at san jose state university. d.j. williams says he was tormented by his room mates back in 2013. he was locked in his room and called racially derogatory names. those students were found guilty of battery but not a hate crime. one of the accused students was found not guilty of hate crime charges and the jury could not reach a verdict on the other two defendants. now the naacp is responding. they tell us, "it is disappointing the clear and unambiguous signs of racial hatred were not recognized. we obviously still have a long
5:44 am
way to go as a society to understand what is truly a hate crime. armed and targeting shoppers. pleasanton police right now trying to track down the suspects responsible for separate robberies, one involving a teenage girl and the other a 6-year-old woman. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez with what we know so far about the suspect. kris? >> clearly they are brazen and police say they act fast and in each of the two incidents the mo is the same. strike the vehicle, steal the purse. release this sketch of one of the suspects that is kind of vague. described as an african-american man between 18 and 25 years of age and medium build and wearing a hoodie. he did not strike alone outside that p.j. change restaurant around 8:00. he was with two other young men when he went up to a 17-year-old girl and punched her in the face and took her purse as she fell a day later, a 63-year-old woman told police that one of the same
5:45 am
men knocked her down and stole purse. that victim also said he saw a shotgun or a rifle aimed right at her. people who work and shop at that mall, obviously, concerned. >> it it makes us a little bit more cautious when we're walking out to the street. we have a lot of cash and things a lot, makes us more nervous. >> here's a look at that sketch, once again. pleasanton police may have an announcement in the two strong arm robberies as early as this morning. we are monitoring that. in the meantime, if you know anything about those two robberies you can call it it in anonymously to police and do be careful where you park. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. when is one too many. make it it easier for bartenders to cut you off if you're too drunk. introduced a bill called the responsible intervention for beverage training service act. it would require bartenders to
5:46 am
take a four-hour course about the social impact of alcohol and how it it impacts the body. the program would teach servers intervention techniques. training would have to be renewed every three years. the new law is getting mixed reviews. >> are you going to take a breathalyzer or blood test? it doesn't make sense. >> you don't want somebody next to you ruining your good night but you also don't want to be that person that doesn't know their limit. >> bartenders have the right to reservice if they think someone has had too much to drink. >> drunk driving one of the main concerns there. in the distant future and by distance i mean not too distanter. your car might be able to drive you home from the bar. >> a lot of companies working on automobiles but your money is on ford. >> it's a carmaker first, laura. not a computer company trying to figure out cars. but a car company trying to figure out computers. ford's ceo said his company will triple spending on automation.
5:47 am
robot cars that can drive themselves and then driver assist like you're seeing here. ford has a lab in palo alto that is trying to catch up to google and all of google was efforts. anthony fox tells npr he's seen studies that show automated cars will reduce road fatalities by 80%. that would be 26,000 lives saved every single year. checking the stock market shares in fitbit are falling after that company said it's launching its new fitbit but that launch would cost a lot of money. the dow rose it 229 points monday and the nasdaq was up 67. mark zuckerberg is sort of. zuckerberg told reporters he's "sympathetic to apple." curiously facebook issued a statement far more supportive of apple's efforts. facebook made that statement right after the controversy folded saying, "we will continue
5:48 am
to fight aggressively against requirements for companies to weaken the security of their system." bill gates, meanwhile, taking the opposite coming down in favor of the fbi. gates who founded microsoft said he believes the government when it it says this is a one-time request only. dwae gates didn't explain his reasoning, guys, but why gates tends to think very differently than apple. that is coming up in our 6:00 hour. >> the fact that mark zuckerberg would have to give his blessing for any company statement. >> which no doubt he did. when he makes his own personal statement, it is not nearly as strong as the facebook page. >> interesting new device right now is showing great promise in cutting the risk of getting hiv in half for some women. researchers tested the deit vice in subsuheron africa where they're sky high. the ring used for birth control but instead releases an hiv
5:49 am
fighting drug. cuts risk of infection by 61%. researchers also say the device is difficult to use as the designers intended. for the little sleepy still, not just for tech companies any more, so-called nap pods have now arrived at the cal campus. >> power naps on campus. in between classes maybe. the university just installed four areas which they're calling. that includes a nap pod like this one at the student center. comfy chairs placed around campus so people can rest in between classes just in time for midterms. >> sometimes like where we live is really far from campus so it's really hard for us to take naps. so having these stations is a life saver. >> well, the university expects several more designated rest zones to be added throughout the year. it's being funded by the chancellor's advisory committee on student services and fees. >> that's a really interesting idea.
5:50 am
>> they need that at the mall because you always see men just laying around just asleep with the bags. they need that at the mall. >> don't you encourage your men to be active shoppers and partake in the process? >> i'm the only guy that likes to shop. >> i like shopping. >> throw me a bone. nee reason to go inside today as the weather is going to be amazing. >> another beautiful day a lot of sun and warm temperatures and we will see more of that over thet few days and rain chances as it it gets closer to the weekend and we'll talk more about that and right now a live look at the bay bridge and we start out with mostly clear skies and closer to the coast within the next hours or so and then we'll have a beautiful sunrise as our temperatures start out right at 47 deit grgrn the south bay and 48 degrees in san francisco. mostly clear skies, let's drop in on the east bay now in pleasanton. it's 40 degrees and 40 in dublin
5:51 am
and lafayette at 39 degrees and the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen. you see how warm it it be over the next the next few days. hour-by-hour in berkeley where we'll be at 48 degrees in at 7:00 and a few more clouds starting to mix in and right at 11:00 the sun breaks oout and te and temperatures rising to 70 deit grd degrees this afternoon. our temperatures continue to warm up with thia of high pressure and we may even be setting some records especially on wednesday and thursday. we'll keep an eye on the thermometer as it it rises as we go into the day. we're looking at mostly 70s, even some upper 70s on thursday in the east bay. and here's part of the reason why. we have high pressure that has been very stubborn. it has been slow to move and into the next few days, well, it it pretty much just hangs out and blocks any cold fronts from moving to the coast and a lot of
5:52 am
the rain just fizzles out. a slight chance of rain friday night and then again on sunday and right now it it looks like a lot of that stays to the north of the bay area. as we head into the weekend the temperatures coming down a few deit grees a degrees and slight chance of rain in the forecast for sunday but don't expect it to be a washout. you can still make some plans to get outdoors. >> let's check with mike and see what is happening with the morning commute. >> a southbound drive and saw a burst of traffic coming through and now just starting to get back to its normal drive here at the coliseum. let's look at your map and we're talking about that area and a little north of there that is where bob continues to track the overnight fire off of san leandro. that should be okay as far as your drive goes but we'll track that area for the freeways. meanwhile, the bay bridge metering lights are on. take you in towards san francisco where we have slowing northbound 101. your left twos are still blocked at vermont.
5:53 am
one flat bed tow truck that should be therely. the second one, they need a second one to clear that second lane and slower drive and 280 a better route towards the city and jump down to the south bay. that's the worst of it i, guys. back to you. coming up next, we investigate. >> would you characterize this building as a sick building? >> absolutely. responding to a call for help from epa employees who say they're getting sick on the job. coming up at 6:00 an update to breaking news we have been tracking all morning. flames a bay area buddhist temple quickly spreading to several homes. live at the scene with the very latest on the cause. happening now as laura mentioned that fire, we're staying with that breaking news and bob redell tweeting live updates from the scene. meantime on our home page testing showing toxic levels inside a san francisco building. workers they're getting sick. link to our oinvestigative unit report in our spotlight section.
5:54 am
also, what is a lot of hair when it comes from the head of former beatle john lennon. think, money, that's what i want. you hear about the recent hair raising auction at our home page. a connecticut judge says she
5:55 am
5:56 am
likely won't make a decision for weeks - in an emotional case 5:56 right now. a connecticut judge said she likely won't make a decision for weeks. in an emotional case hitting the
5:57 am
family of school shooting victims verse as gunmaker. parents of children killed four years ago at sandy hook elementary school are suing the maker of ar-15. attorneys yesterday argued their cases in the courtroom. it it argues federal law bars this kind of liability. parents say remington is selling an instrument of war and hope their suit prevents future tragedies. >> what it is we hope to achieve is to prevent other families and other communities from going through this. >> the judge expects to issue her ruling within the next month on whether the suit should go forward to a full trial or be dismissed. meantime in michigan an overflowing crowd gathered to remember eight people shot in cold blood over the weekend. uber driver now in custody. people died in that shooting rampage. two others still in the hospital. one a 14-year-old girl who is now on life support.
5:58 am
kalamazoo's mayor talked about the importance of coming together through grief. >> we are not a perfect place. we will never be a perfect place but we are community and tonight and every night to honor those that are no longer here, we must remember that word community. >> authorities say the suspect has already admitted to the killing, but he won't say why he it. now to an investigative unit exclusive. the environmental protection is to protect human health and the environment. many epa workers claim they are getting sick just by going to work. >> vicky nguyen digging through indoor quality reports she talks about what they're calling a sick building. >> good morning. employees say the region nine headquarters in san francisco is not safe. nearly 100 workers have complained about the indoor air quality after two years of renovations to the building. studies conducted by consultant hired by the epa reveals two potentially dangerous chemicals.
5:59 am
fur m fumaldehyde that tested above state standards. workers are suffering from nausea, dizziness and headaches. head of the region nine epa says he understands the frustration, but he says building management company hines is to blame, not the epa. he says hines increased the ventilation, but only after the investigative unit contacted the company. hines said it worked to address the air flow concerns and will reevaluate once construction is complete. not enough for the workers, though. many want further tests and the option to work from home. they say ultimately public safety is suffering because they can't do their jobs. our entire report is online right now at just click on the investigations tab. guys? >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. or send us an e-mail to a buddhist temple de.
6:00 am
two more homes severely damaged as a fire rages through this neighborhood in oakland. i'm bob redell. "today in the bay" starts now. all right. we're going to have an update on that momentarily. good morning on this. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have been first following since we came on the air at 4:30 this morning. take a look at these videos. the massive flames ripping through a buddhist temple, burning homes and wiping out several cars along the way. >> let's get right to bob redell. people were sleeping inside that temple when this all broke out and there were 11 people inside. there were 11 people inside. >> 11 people inside the cambodian buddhist temple here. i know it's hard to see, but the where the firefighters are enter itti ing is the location of the temple and destroyed once you get past the staircase right there. we spoke to one of the monks that was awoken aroun


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