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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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significant malfeasance on the part of the arbitrator, a superior court is very unlikely to step in and overturn this decision. >> reporter: we have learned the naacp is the petitioner of a writ of mandate that will be filed here tomorrow essentially asking the court to order san jose to vacate the arbitration award. we've also just gotten a statement from the san jose police union blasting mayor liccardo for what it called a political stunt that will waste more taxpayer money. expect emotions to escalate even more tomorrow. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. just into our newsroom, we have new details from fremont police. the body found near the marsh lands near the dunbarton pier were those of a woman. the legs and arms appeared to be sever from the torso. a fisherman made this discovery. officials don't know how long that body had been in the water. in san francisco this
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afternoon, a big mess, and that meant big delays. take a look. an overturned gravel truck crushed those two cars there, that red truck and the mustang. the mustang actually filled to the brim with gravel. thankfully only minor injuries. this happened at balboa and 45th in the outer richmond area not far from the great highway. we want to show you some students that are going to be marching from lowell high school to san francisco city hall with a message. they are upset after what they call was a racist display at their school. nbc bay area's mark matthews is live at district headquarters where the students will continue tonight's protest at tonight's meeting. >> reporter: the protest is over a poster who was put up at lowell high school back on february 5th, the start of black history month. students are upset about that. we'll show you the poster. they're upset about what they say has been the treatment from fellow students at lowell. >> we are scholars. >> reporter: when students from
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the highest academically rated school in the san francisco school district walk out, they get attention. >> can somebody give me a summary of what happened? >> reporter: the supervisor wanted to know about this poster that a student put up at lowell high school two weeks ago showing rappers and the president along with the message "happy black history month #gang." >> it was a disrespectful picture of obama and he had like a little haircut. >> reporter: one of a handful of students spoke about being disrespected by classmates. >> they sit in class, and we get mumbled about. we don't get looked the same as the same students who are right next to us. he came up to me and he -- i was going to give him a high five and he said that i was dirty. he didn't want to get dirt on him. and that hurt me. >> i don't feel like i belong here. i walk down the hallways, and i rarely see people of my kind or minorities that, you know, that
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relate to me. >> reporter: ethnically the student population at lowell is predominantly asian, 57%. 14% are white, 10% hispanic. african-americans 2%. after this poster appeared, the principal held an assembly, called it wholly unacceptable and he supports today's walkout. >> i want students to be heard. >> reporter: tonight the students will be here at the board of -- school board to go over their complaints. the reaction that they got from city hall today was overwhelmingly positive. we'll have that for you coming up at 6:00. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. a lawsuit and an angry rally in oakland today where the family of a man who died at the county jail are suing. friends and family of mario martinez gathered for the filing of the lawsuit against alameda county and a private company which provides prisoners health
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care. he died from an asthma attack last year. a judge had even warned the jail that martinez's condition required specific care. >> yes, you're incarcerated, but that doesn't mean you should die in jail. nobody should go to jail and lose their life. >> martinez was at the jail several time facing several charges including attempted murder. a sizable earthquake near bakersfield. right now we're waiting to see what kind of damage there is. a 4.9 magnitude quake hit near owasco. this is 25 miles northwest of bakersfield. we just received this picture. you can see the broken glass there on the floor and pictures on that wall left slanted. the u.s. geological survey based menlo park reports strong shaking at the epicenter and the damage could be light. that's the good news. the sheriff's department says it's received a lot of calls about the earthquake. this was so strong people in
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fresno and modesto could feel it. members of oakland's cambodian community should be celebrating one of their most important hol days tonight. instead, they're dealing with this. a massive fire at their place of worship. the fire started around 2:15 this morning at the cambodian buddhist temple right there on 10th street in east oakland. jodi hernandez is in oakland. candles could be to blame here. >> reporter: firefighters say as many as a thousand candles were used in the temple last night as part of this celebration. today i'm told hundreds of families should be here eating, praying and meditating together. but instead they're trying to come to terms with the major loss. >> i'm very, very sad. >> reporter: that's how members of oakland's buddhist temple are feeling after their place of worship went up in flames. >> it's my temple. >> reporter: members say the fire ignited on one of their
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most important holidays, a religious festival that takes place on the full moon this time of year to commemorate buddha's final sermon. monks had lit hundreds of candles as part of their ritual. firefighters say it appears that's what started the three-alarm blaze. >> there were approximately 100 to 1,000 candles. so the assumption is that possibly one of the candles started the fire. >> reporter: the fire not only destroyed the temple but the house next door. it also burned several cars including one belonging to maria barbosa. >> the important thing is we are safe. the things we can replace. >> reporter: while one woman in the temple got her hair singed in the fire, everyone got out alive and the temple's buddha, a statue brought to oakland from cambodia, survived as well. >> it's a good thing. it's a good thing. very good thing.
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>> reporter: it's unclear how long it will take the oakland fire department to make a final determination as to the cause of the fire. meanwhile, the monks tell us that they are determined to rebuild. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. happening now, protesters gathering at apple stores across the country. i want to show you a live picture of the apple store in palo alto on university avenue. as you can see, no protesters there right now, but it is one of the places where apple supporters are planning to rally tonight. iphone users from across the globe are gathering to protest the fbi's decision to order apple to unlock an iphone from one of the san bernardino killers. the plan is to stage a series of protests outside apple stores just about 25 minutes from now starting at 5:30. >> we're in uncharted territory. you know, to be honest, i think that's what kind of makes the spotlight on this case interesting. we've never really been in a situation quite like this before. at the heart of this is just
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going to be philosophically landing somewhere where we should be with full encryption and privacy. >> scott budman will stream the protest live on periscope. we'll check back with him tonight during our 6:00 newscast. it is another big night in the presidential race. we're going to show you some live pictures from las vegas. the republican caucuses just opened a few minutes ago. donald trump, as you might know, is still leading the polls. a win would make this his third straight victory. now tonight will also be a tough battle for the second spot. senators ted cruz and marco rubio are neck and neck in that race. coming up tonight on "nightly news," more on this fight for nevad nevada. lester holt joins us at 5:30. new details in the death of antonin scalia. the supreme court doctor said that scalia's sudden death was probably caused by his ongoing health problems. justice scalia suffered from
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coronary artery disease, obesity and diabetes among other health problems. scalia was found dead nearly two weeks ago at a texas hunting lodge. he was 79 years old. investigators say there was nothing suspicious about his death. some of life's most difficult and vulnerable moments might require the help of an attorney, but for some californians, hiring an attorney didn't help. instead, it put them at significant risk. investigative reporter bigad shaban joins us now. >> reporter: a recent state audit found that system that should have been protecting consumers actually put people at significant risk. >> they let lawyers who should have been disbarred, in all likelihood, continue to practice posing a risk to consumers, and that's the worst possible kind of failure for a licensing board like the state bar. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00, we'll tell you how one woman
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said she was victimized by her lawyer, even left bankrupt. we went to the state bar for answers. what had a top attorney at the bar apologizing. that's tonight at 11:00. >> if you have a tip, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail at i'm jeff ranieri. a storm system off shore with clouds over the bay area. we'll let you know exactly how hot coming up in just a few minutes. plus details on dangerous surf. right now waves at four feet. but it will go a lot higher. we'll let you know how high in 15 minutes. after everything had been said and done there was lack of respect shown on their end. >> i'm peggy bunker at sfo. a sikh forced to remove his turban or take a different flight. what he's now asking the tsa to do coming up. what else will they do with
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the warm hats and gloves and coats and no one just ever really thought about it before. >> getting warm feelings by giving them the unique way two teenagers are helping those in need. popular comedian. he had an isst
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sig, well, no laughing matter for a popular comedian. he had an issue at sfo. jasmeet singh, a practicing sikh
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tweeted out his frustration after security agents at the airport made him take off his turban for an extra screening on sunday. but that's where his problems began. peggy bunker joins us from sfo this evening. he's obviously upset. what's his explanation of what happened? >> reporter: well, you know, the sikh community says when they fly they actually add in a little bit of extra time just for security to check their turbans. they're used to that at the airport. but this time this comedian, well known in the sikh community was asked to take it completely off. that's where his problems began. it all unfolded here at sfo sunday night. well known sikh comedian jasmeet singh was at sfo flying to canada for his next gig when he was stopped to remove his turban for screening. >> i was asked many times. is it okay if i leave it on and pat down. >> reporter: security told him to remove the turban or leave. so he complied. >> obviously to take off my
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turban, like asking a regular person to take off their pants in public. >> reporter: we asked the tsa which outsources its agents from a security company why was singh asked to walk through the airport without his turban. it would provide mirrors for retying turbans. >> we just wrap up like this. it has to be very nicely clean and proper. we can only do in front of mirror. >> considering all the screening they do when they have such high technology, advanced technology, you'd consider that they'd be able to look through our turban and see if there's anything in there. it's just our hair. >> reporter: now in ottawa for his next comedy gig, he's trying to keep it light despite what happened at sfo. >> i got to make sure the angles are right, the layers, i got to make sure i look crisp. hey, can i get a mirror? >> reporter: we talked to several members of the sikh community. they say they have no problem whatsoever with tsa checking their turbans.
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but they do need those mirrors to tie them back up. at sfo, peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. a peninsula woman being forced from the home she's lived in for more than six decades. last night we introduced you to 97-year-old marie hatch who is being evicted from her burling game cottage. her landlords with a close friend but has since died. friends have organized this go fund me page where so far donations have topped $26,000. the website said hatch is fighting her second battle with cancer and has no more money to relocate. in spite of this recent dry spell, this el nino winter has great for ski resorts but not so kind for those living in the streets. >> thanks to the work of two walnut creek teenagers those in need are warming up. >> reporter: corrine hines and katrina met in the sixth grade and instantly didn't like each
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other. it wasn't until both showed up at school wearing jackets from their ski racing teams they realized they have something in common and a friendship started. turns out, though, it wasn't just a sport they had in common. there was kindness, too. it's a heavenly recipe for big crowds. take a week of school vacation, add a few feet of snow topped off by some warm sunshine and you'll have thousands packing their gear and heading to the mountains. of course, not all that gear makes it back home. >> we still do. >> reporter: katrina and corrine have each been skiing since they were little girls. now both 16 years old, they are experienced racers, which means they spent enough time on the mountain to take it for granted that people lose things now and again. for no good reason. >> oh, lord. >> reporter: that is, until these girls came up with one.
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>> and it's an idea that no one has really thought of before. >> reporter: take all that good quality winter gear that was filling up ski resort lost and founds and find it a good home back home in walnut creek. it started when the pair were just 11. >> we kind of noticed homeless people on the streets, and we noticed that they weren't really wearing any warm clothes during the winter and they were just wearing t-shirts and ripped jeans. >> reporter: so they began their very own nonprofit, collecting the warm clothes and donating them to the homeless. >> it's just like snowballed, i guess. >> dump it all out. >> reporter: they now collect from 30 ski resorts in 12 states and one in australia. in five years they've collected and donated close to half a million dollars worth of clothing. it is a total that makes these young women feel good, though not quite as good as seeing someone in their home town in a
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jacket they gave them. >> it feels really good. it makes you feel like you're actually making a difference. it makes the whole situation very real, and it kind of brings you back to reality and shows you that you're impacting someone's hif. >> reporter: proof these two have discovered that you can get a warm feeling by giving others the very same thing. with all their success, you can imagine corrine and katrina have been recognized for their work. corrine most recently recognized by the gloria baron award for young heroes. garvin thomas, bay area news. a check of our forecast. warm temps, sunshine, here's jeff ranieri. >> unseasonably warm. if we can get the rainfall next couple of days might as well enjoy this beautiful weather. our golden gate bridge camera showing a mix of blue sky and clouds moving in. we've had stratus, cirrus and
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cumulus as we have a storm system off shore. no rainfall for us. but you'll begin to notice some clouds increasing for tonight. currently an average of 72, east bay at 65, san francisco coming in at 67. through tomorrow morning's forecast we do not have any rain, not expecting anything in the way of thick fog or drizzle, so it would be a pretty easy start for you on the commute. partly cloudy skies and 46. east bay down to 42. jacket weather in place. san francisco, 51 and the north bay at 41. we have warm air continuing to move across california, and tomorrow, as you come boin that in with some drier off shore winds, that's going to help numbers to go up a little bit more. you can get a preview of how low we'll go this week at the bottom of the screen with the scrolling seven-day forecast. with this dry, mild wind, it won't be overly gusty. only about 2 to 7 miles per hour. but with it coming out of the north also slightly out of the north and the east anywhere from orinda down to redwood city down
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to san jose, that will be good enough to pump up those temperatures. the other thing we'll be tracking as we head through tomorrow's forecast is dangerous waves a tt immediate coastline. right now averaging 5 to 7 feet, but they could go as high as 14 feet. high surf advisory in effect with sneaker waves, rip currents that are possible. so please just stay out of the water, maybe dip your toes in and leave that up to the superexperts who want to get out in the water. the only other problem i can see in the forecast right now is the pollen. some of these sunny skies, you'll want the be outside. but know that alder, juniper in the high category, birch and cypress close to that. let's take you through the micro climate forecast. you can see clouds for san francisco. 72 in the mission, 69 for the marina. at the immediate coast line, 68 in pacifica. palo alto up to a very comfortable 74 degrees. and our warmest area is for the south bay, 75 in san jose and
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check it out, cupertino, 76 for tomorrow. okay, let's get you to the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. beautiful day in napa with 74, santa rosa 73, oakland coming in at 75 for the east bay and right across the tri-valley we could go as warm as 76 in pleasanton. what about the possibility of rainfall? it stays dry, mild, right through thursday. friday and also sunday, two weak systems move in for the chance of sattered showers. we'll continue to monitor that. you will need the windshield wipers on friday and sunday. raj and janelle, back to you. >> thanks. still ahead, back from the brink. the critical milestone the california condor just reached. and shoppers can breathe a little easier tonight. how police tracked down two suspects wanted for a pair of violent robbery s. ==reveal== voters in nevada aree
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reblin race to t white house. caucuses started just about 20 minutes ago. happening now, voters in nevada are caucuses now. it started 20 minutes ago. you can get up to date details throughout the night there. plus trending now on twitter, zynga is selling its enormous san francisco headquarters. that's because the makers of the farmville game are struggling. are in custody tonighto teens
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two teens are in custody tonigh two teen arranges are in custody tonight for a series of violent robberies in the east bay. they believe the teens punched and robbed a teenaged girl at the mall. and they're suspected of carjacking a car in san leandro an hour later. police say the teenagers used that mercedes they stole as their getaway car after robbing and kicking a woman at the same mall in the afternoon. oakland police spotted the car last night and arrested the teenagers. they're still looking for a third suspect. someone poisoned three beloved animals. norths want to know if anyone else has been victimized. it happened february 12th on kennedy road in sevastopol. two horses and a dog ate cookies tainted with the poisonous plant. only one horse survived, the
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other two animals died. they're asking people who believe their animals were poisoned to come forward. the largest bird in north america is making a comeback. the california kocondor. the species has reached a key milestone for the first time in decades are more condors hatched and fledged in the wild than died. back in the 1980s, there were believed to be only 22 wild condors left. now there are more than 260. >> that's nice to see they're coming back. the familiar and calming voice that can now help guide you through traffic. >> is that your impression? >> that's bad. that's next. photos were s on for an uberdrie
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tonight at 6:00, the search is on for an uber driver. surveillance photos were released less than an hour ago. allegedly assaulted an employee at san jose airport. more coming up on our 6:00 forecast. the voice of god can guide you when behind the wheel. morgan freeman has played god if two movies. freeman joins former governor arnold schwarzenegger and see three pio on the roster. it's way for him to plug his new
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movie in "london has fallen" that opens next week. >> i'm getting waves right now. >> that will be fun. breaking news tonight. state of emergency as tornadoes explode across the south. millions under a severe threat, fears the towns to be demolished in the dark. trump towers. can he win three in a row, and can anyone stop him? murder mystery as chilling images emerge of thatber driver in a gun shop. what he was buying hours before prosecutors say he went on a deadly rampage. hotel nightmare. a popular sportscaster fights back after being secretly filmed by a man in the hotel room next door. the video posted online. could someone be watching you? and eating natural. millions look for it on the label, but what does it really mean? acall for a crackdown. an answer that


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