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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> reporter: they certainly are. and they want the city to do something about it, jessica. san jose police say that that uber driver allegedly assaulted an airport official when he questioned him about speeding on airport grounds. now, police have just released pictures of that suspect. >> the alleged assault happened last thursday neither airport's car rental center. witnesses say an airport official confronted a uber driver for speeding and began taking pictures of his car. that's when the driver allegedly grabbed him, yelled at him and then pushed him. the driver then reportedly picked up a passenger and drove off in a white mercedes. police are now looking for that man described as a white male in his 40s with dark hair, about 5'10", weighing 175 pounds. the allegations come as new questions are being raised about the safety of uber in the wake of a killing spree by driver jason dalton in michigan this weekend. dalton allegedly killed six people in between picking up
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fares. >> i was not surprised. because you don't know who's driving. >> reporter: uber has only officially been picking up at this airport for two months. now shakur boony president of the san jose tax ei driver want the city to reconsider. he says his issue is that uber drivers don't go through the same security checks. >> i have to give my fingerprints and background check and everything. but they don't. so it's a concern to me, yes. >> reporter: many taxi drivers we talked to today say they consider the alleged assault at the airport a wake up call for the city to do more to protect the public. we reached out to uber for a comment, and uber released a statement saying "we have a zero tolerance policy on violence" and they also said that they have reached out to san jose pd to offer any assistance with this investigation.
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reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, marianne. now a developing story out of fremont. the body found in the marshlands near the dumbaren pier that of a woman. investigators were back at the scene again today. they say arms, legs and the head of the body not located. and appear to have been severed from the torso they found. some fishermen made that grisly discovery on sunday night. detectives don't know how long the torso had been in the water. they have a news crew at the scene that will bring you new information tonight at 11:00. they're calling for a worldwide protest. people are gathering at apple stores as we speak to support the company in its privacy battle against the fbi. here's a live look now at some of the protesters at the flagship apple store in san francisco. a relatively mild turnout, but people just want their voices to be heard here. they feel the fbi is overstepping its bounds in palo alto, a similar scene. this was at the store frequented by the late steve jobs.
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business and tech reporter scott budman is with us. scott, what's the mood there? >> reporter: you know, it's pretty jovial. a lot of people want to talk tech and talk privacy, raj. there have been people at apple stores across the country, this one here behind me at palo alto. most swaying toward apple's side but we have people who say apple should take the responsible stand and open it up. we have seen both sides represented here tonight. which has led to a lot of talk about technology and security and privacy. here's a look at what's at stake. >> we're sympathetic with apple on this one. >> reporter: from mark zumer berg. >> the debate about the issue of are the safeguards there. >> reporter: to bill gates speaking here on cnn, tech is weighing in on the case of apple versus the fbi and so are
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smartphone users. concerned about their privacy but also concerned about fighting terrorism. >> we're in uncharted territory, to be honest i think that's what kind of makes the spotlight on this case interesting. we've never really been in a situation quite like this before. and at the heart of this is just going to be philosophically landing somewhere on where we should be with full encryption and full privacy. >> reporter: inside silicon valley cloud sharing and security company egnyte, they recognize now. we do on our phones and what we've come to expect in terms of privacy. >> you wouldn't be able to do a bank transaction or other things that you're taking for granted right now if it wasn't for this baseline security. and people have been expecting all technology providers to just hey, you have that security built in. >> reporter: a case everyone seems to be watching, one mobile screen at a time. again about 60 people here in
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downtown palo alto outside the apple store. i really wouldn't call this a protest. i would call this with both side represented a discussion about technology and privacy. it's what we do here in silicon valley. reporting live in palo alto, scott bud man, nbc bay area news. >> well said, scott. we'll see you later on tonight. more privacy concerns this evening. the so-called stingray devices which police use to eavesdrop on cell phone conversations are back in the headlines. the technology is popular with police but opposed by taclu. the u.s. marshall's service is doing a lot of eaves dropping. "usa today" reporting they use the freedom of information act to learn the service has used the stingray or similar devices to overhear nearly 6,000 suspects. the marshall service censored the documents so heavily that no other information was available. while the public uproar over the reintaintment of a san jose police officer who was initially fired for threatening tweets is getting more vocal. now it's headed to court. nbc bay area broke the story last week of an arbitrator
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giving officer phillip white his job back. our robert handa had the exclusive report at 5:00. he joins us now from the san jose courthouse to tell us more about tomorrow and what's happening then, robert. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. we're at the superior courthouse on north first street in san jose where tomorrow numerous groups led by the naaccp said they plan a protest at noontime and legal action aimed at san jose and phillip white. community groups such as the naacp and silicon valley dee bug marched on san jose police headquarters in december 2014 demanding officer phillip white be fired. many of the same groups say they plan to stage a similar demonstration tomorrow at the san jose courthouse, protesting white's reinstatement two weeks ago. the naacp will be the petitioner of a writ of mandate asking the court to order san jose to vacate the arbitration award. >> you have one single anonymous
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arbiter that goes through a process totally without any sort of transparency making a decision based on criteria nobody knows. the community isn't going to just sit with that decision. >> reporter: mayor sam lacart arc not informed of the group's action said he is also going to ask the city council to consider legal action in a private session next tuesday. >> we need to have the conversation with the council about whether there is a good basis for taking this decision to the superior court and what we hope to accomplish by doing that. >> reporter: but legal analyst steven clark says fighting a binding arbitration decision is extremely difficult but said the community and legal pressure could be helpful. >> many people want to know what the process was and why this decision was made, and transparency would go a long way in quelling public concern about this decision. >> reporter: now, the san jose police union released a statement this evening calling mayor liccardo's move a political stunt that will cost
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taxpayers money similar to measure b. regardless this fight moves to the courts tomorrow. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> robert, thank you. a lawsuit and an angry rally in oakland today on behalf of a man who died at the county jail. friends and family of mario martinez also gathered to mark the filing of a lawsuit against alameda county and the private company which provides health care for prisoners. martinez the father of three died at the santa rita jail from an asthma attack last year. a judge had even warned the jail that martinez's condition required specific care. >> yes, you're incarcerated but that does not mean you should die in jail. nobody should go to jail and die lose their life. >> martinez was in jail facing several charges including attempted murder. why would someone give three animals poisoned cookies? it happened on kennedy road in sebastapol. where two horses and a dog ate homemade cookies tainted with
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the poisonous plant oleander. one horse died. the others survived. police have identified a person of interest and are asking anyone who believes their animals were poisoned as well to come forward. students at a well-known san francisco high school marched to city hall today. their complaint? racist behavior from fellow students. now, tonight many of those same students are at the school district's headquarters. nbc bay area's mark matthews is in san francisco this evening. mark, what ignited this protest and what are the students asking for? >> reporter: raj, it was a poster that was put up at the school on february 5th by a student right around the time of the beginning of black history month. here it is. a poster with pictures of ramps like kanye west and sean combs with president obama and the words "happy black history month #gangs" about 30 mostly african-american students from lowell high school walked out of
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class today and up the steps of city hall to complain about the poster and what they see as racist behavior from classmates. >> i was coming from class with this student. we were walk in the hallway. and he was like, you're making me look ghetto. >> they sit in class, and we get mumbled about. we don't get looked the same as the same students right next to us. >> one day i was on the bus with her. she was like -- she showed me a video like hey is this true? is this how black girls chew gum? and i'm like what? how black girls chew gum? what are you talking about? >> reporter: school principal told us he supports the student walk out. >> i want students to be heard. >> reporter: he held an assembly to call the poster wholly unacceptable. a school district representative would say only that the person responsible has been dealt with. ethnically, lowly high is 70% asian, 14% white, 10% hispanic and 2% african-american. reaction to the students at city hall was all they could have hoped for.
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>> you have the full weight of my office to support you. >> reporter: supervisor malea cohen a lowell graduate. >> if you need from city hall to help you. >> reporter: former school board member supervisor norman yee. >> reverend amos brown from the first baptist church told the students they reminded him of students from the 60s sits in. >> i assure you it's an indication that courage has not skipped the mel len yal generation. >> reporter: of course the perceived offenses here are a far cry from the 60s beatings, bombings and murders. and the response from authorities, both at the school and at city hall today, overwhelmingly supportive. my colleague cheryl hurd is inside the meeting just under way. she'll have a report tonight at 11:00. reporting from san francisco, mart matthews, nbc bay area news. a three alarm fire destroys a buddhist temple.
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and firefighters say candles lit for an important celebration may be to blame. i'm jodi hernandez. i'll have a live report from east oakland coming up. city leaders in san francisco are urging homeless people to take advantage of a new shelter. it comes on the same day people living in tents are being forced to move. i'm michelle roberts and the story is coming up. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff rainieri. mild weather today. even warmer for to. we're tracking increasing waves at the coastline. we'll let you know how high it gets coming up in my microclimate forecast. a place of worship - up in
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fles.. hureds of b area mbodian familie-- shou be celeating a place of worship up in flames. hundreds of bay area cambodian families should be celebrating here tonight, but instead they're picking up the pieces. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in east oakland at that charred buddhist temple. jodi, had to see it on this religious holiday. what caused that fire? >> reporter: raj, i'll tell you, this is just sinking in for many. you can see some of the monks are here as well as some of the temple members. as you mentioned, this is the religious home for hundreds of because area families. tonight on a day they should be inside together praying, meditating and reflecting, they are grappling with a big loss. this is what an oakland neighborhood woke up to early this morning.
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40-foot flames engulfing oakland's cambodian buddhist temple. >> i feel like -- >> reporter: this monk and nine others managed to escape. the fire singed this woman's hair but everyone's okay. temple members say the three alarm blaze ignited on one of their most important holidays. a religious festival that takes place on the full moon this time of year to commemorate bhudda's final sermon. monks had lit hundreds of candles as part of their ritual. firefighters say it appears that's what started the blaze. >> there were approximately 100 to 1,000 can't wills. so the assumption is that possibly one of the candles started the fire. >> reporter: the fire not only destroyed the temple but the house next door. it also burned several cars. while most of the temple is a loss, its bhudda, a statue brought to oakland from
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cambodia, is unscathed. >> yeah, it's a good thing. it's a good thing. very good thing. >> reporter: now, one of the monks told us that he thinks this just may be part of the cycle of life. he says things are born, they die and then they're reborn. he says they're determined to rebuild. reporting live in east oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, jodi. well, it turns out the force could be reawakening in the bay area. we're talking about "star wars" creator george lucas and his big plans for a new museum. he initially wanted to build this massive 300,000 square foot museum in san francisco to house his star wars and sci-fi memorabilia. he moved to chicago to build. but that deal seems to have fallen apart as well. now oakland is offering up land. spokesperson for mayor libby shaw says oakland is interested but lucas has been mum about that potential move. a story we showed you last night, the public is coming to
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the rescue of a woman being forced from her peninsula home. might recall we introduced you to 97-year-old marie hatch last night. she's being evicted from her burr ling game cottage. her landlord was a close friend who has died. a relative who inherited that property wants to sell. so far $26,000 on a go fund me page, the web site says hatch is fighting her second battle with cancer and there's no more money to relocate. dozens of homeless men and women in san francisco are about to be told they have 72 hours to find a new place to camp out in. the city is about to declare their current encampment a public health threat. nbc bay area's michelle roberts joins us live near that encampment on san francisco's division street with more on that crackdown, michelle. >> reporter: jessica, in just the last hour the city came by with these notices leaving one on every tent and posting them on signs in the area, saying
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this area is unsafe and that everyone has to leave by friday. dozens of people are affected. this affects about three blocks so you can see just tents lining the streets. and some say they just don't have anywhere else to go and they're going to refuse to leave. >> where do you expect these people to go? >> reporter: ashani jones has been living in a tent for 60 days. today the public health department says his living situation is becoming a public nuisance. and a potential health threat. >> no one wants to be out here. but they're just hurting people. from one section to the next, hurting people. >> reporter: jones says he was forced to leave his former camp on 12th street two months ago. and tonight the city is expected to give him a 72-hour notice to leave his new spot. health officials say the trash and human waste has created a health hazard. >> all of us would like the streets to be cleaner. >> reporter: dennis wagner with rainbow groceries says he's been asking the city to clean up the streets around his store. but doesn't believe forcing
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everyone to move to another neighborhood is the solution. >> we all need to work together to be able to solve this problem, not just turn a blind eye to it, kick them away. >> reporter: three miles away from the encampment on division, mayor ed lee toured a new homeless facility at pier 80 where there are 150 beds, many of which aren't being used. >> we'll give everybody an opportunity to come here on a voluntary basis. but ultimately we will not have encampments on the street. >> reporter: ashante says unless the city offers to move his belongings he's staying put until he can find a permanent home. >> i don't think i'm going anywhere until they can provide me with proper resources. >> reporter: it's unclear what will happen to the people who refuse to leave. i did reach out to the police department and ask if they will be fighting people or arresting them. they didn't comment today. reporting live in san francisco, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, michelle. let's bring in our chief
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meteorologist jeff rainiery. i think our lawns are getting brown again, jeff. >> we could have used a lot more rainfall so far in february hasn't been here. there will be a chance of scattered rain in that scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. the big headline today, of course, were the mild temperatures. it was gorgeous outside. santa rosa hit a high of 72 degrees. san francisco 71, oakland 72, and livermore also followed suit. not only beautiful for the interior value his, check out the video that came into us from stinson beach as the sun sets the waves lapping up against the shoreline. a beautiful sight today. but there is going to be a warning over the next 24 hours. that's the fact that the surf will be increasing. right now those waves 4 to 6 feet throughout the course. tomorrow waves could hit as high at 14 feet. dangerous rip currents and sneaker waves are also possible. now, in terms of temperatures for tomorrow going to start off on the chilly side. north bay 41 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds.
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51 for san francisco, the peninsula at 48. and the south bay coming in at 46. daytime highs for tomorrow will be mild. but not extremely uncomfortable. we'll go with 73 in the south bay, trivalley 74, san francisco coming in at 71. so how long do we keep with this trend? well, right through thursday you can see for a lot of the intear for valleys like dublin temperatures in the mid 70s by friday, saturday and sunday it begins to get cooler as we start to see some rainfall approach. we're talking more about that chance of rainfall. that's coming up in the microclimate forecast in about 20 minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. thank you, jeff. a well-known sick comedian asked to remove his turban in order to board his flight or leave. i'm peggy bunker at sfo. hear what that comedian is now asking the t sa to do. why one of the bay areas best known videomakers is selling its san francisco headquarters. killing at least three people.b
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happeninnow, twisters ripped through louisiana and mississippi killing at least three people. but the coast isn't clear yet. more tornadoes are expected. we have pictures and we're updating the story on plus nevada caucuses happening right now. trump expected to win there as well. you can check the results on our app. we'll have more on the caucuses coming of at 7:30. in san francisco this afternoon,
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take a looat the overrned s.
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gravel truck. in san francisco this afternoon, a big mess meant big delays. take a look at this overturned gravel truck. it crushed two cars. that red one that you see there and the mustang. as you can see, the mustang is filled to the brim with gravel. this happened at the intersection of balboa and 45 nth outer richmond area not far away from the great highway. it's a matter of security versus cultural sensitivity. a popular comedian is criticizing sfo after security officials there forced him to remove his turban. he wasn't upset about that. it's what happened next. nbc bay area's peggy bunker joins us from sfo. peggy what happened and is sfo responding tonight? >> reporter: imagine every time you went to the airport expecting another 10, 15 minutes after you got singled out in the security line because of your turban. the sikh community says they're used to it, they don't mind. but one sikh comedian is saying it was just too much here at sfo on sunday night.
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well-known sikh comedian was at sfo sunday night flying to canada for his first gig when tsa officials asked him to remove his turban for screening. i was like is it okay if i leave it on you guys pat it down? >> reporter: security told him to remove the turban or leave so he complied. >> asking an sikh man to take off a turban in public is like asking a regular person to take off their pants in public. >> reporter: we asked the tsa which at sfo outsources its agents. weising was asked to walk throughout the airport without his turban. before a similar request the tsa said it would provide mirrors for rewrapping turbans. >> it has to be well nicely cleaned and proper. we can only do in front of mirror. >> considering all the screening that they do when they have such high technology, like advanced technology, you'd consider that they'd be able to look through our turban and see if there's
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anything in there. it's just our hair. >> reporter: now in ottawa for his next comedy gig, sing is trying to keep it light. >> i got to make sure the tangles are right. the layers, the spacing is right. i want to make sure i look crisp. >> reporter: now, there have been other incidents similar to this at other airports across the country, which is why the tsa says if they worked very closely with sikh groups they are now trying to comply and get mirrors in private screening rooms. at sfo, i'm peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, peggy. coming up we investigate. >> would you characterize this building as a sick building? >> absolutely. >> we respond to a call for help from the epa employees who say they're the ones getting sick at work. and live pictures now from las vegas. a lot of activity in the state of nevada. they are caucusing. another key night for republicans for this presidential race. we'll let you know if there's any curveballs late this evening. back in a moment. protect human health and theenv
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e-p-workers claim- their ohealtt they're supposed to protect human health and the environment. but many local epa workers claim their own health is at risk just by going to work. >> is their office building a health risk? investigative unit has been digging through hundreds of pages of in-door quality reports. vickie nguyen, these epa workers
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say they are getting sick. >> reporter: yes. employees say the epa's region 9 headquarters in san francisco is not a safe place to work. after two years of renovations, nearly 100 employ eyes have complained about the indoor air quality. they say the epa has not done enough to improve the working conditions, and now they're turning to us for help. construction continues outside the region 9 epa headquarters in san francisco. but workers say it's what you can't see flowing inside the building that troubles them. >> it just seems crazy to us that someone would be risking their health by coming into the office to work on cleaning up the environment elsewhere. >> reporter: sally joe has worked as a staff attorney for the epa and serves as vice president of one of region 9's three unions. leaders from all the unions sat down at the nbc bay area investigative unit to voice their concerns about the indoor air quality for workers assigned here. >> some folks are reporting that they come to work, and then within an hour they're not able
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to actually work and function. >> reporter: so what's causing the bad air? air quality studies conducted by a consultant hired by the epa reveal elevated levels of fo formaldehyde. caprolactin's health effects are less known. the two chemicals tested at levels above california state standards. the epa doesn't believe it's out of compliance because the levels were not sustained over eight hours, but then again, the agency admits it never tested over an 8-hour span of time. that's something the unions want. >> has there been resolution that satisfies you and the employees that work there? >> no. we are still waiting for them to scrub up the place. >> reporter: nearly 100 works have reported missing work, staying home or difficulty doing their jobs since december of 2014, saying working in the building makes them sick. >> i would characterize 75 hawthorne as a sick building. absolutely. i think it meets the criteria in
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epa's literature. >> reporter: according to the epa's sick building fact sheet symptoms include headache, irritation and dizziness. the same symptoms employees reported to their union rep in a survey. of the 139 employees who responded 64% reported feeling sick after renovations began. >> were you surprised by the survey results? >> i was personally surprised, yes. i knew there were impacts for employees but i wasn't aware of the extent of the impacts. employees that reported feeling up to five different symptoms. >> reporter: jared blumenthal is head of the epa for region 9. he says he's just as frustrated as his employees, saying he's also felt sick working here. >> so was there a problem? yes. were people feeling symptoms including me? absolutely. it was a royal pain. >> we put little yellow stick dwrois see if the air was moving this. was the number one worst office. >> reporter: but he says it's not the epa's fault. he blames building management
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company hines. >> we need a ventilation system that works. i know it's the building management. we spent more than $100,000 to work out the answers. >> reporter: he says he pushed hines to increase the air flow after the epa conducted its own testing and consulted with experts. the company declined our requests for an interview but in a statement hines said we have worked diligently for some time to address and resolve any air flow concerns raised. a company spokesman also said it's conducting a comprehensive analysis of the building's hvac system and will re-evaluate the building's air flow floor by floor once the construction is complete. we showed the reports to a senior environmental inspector at healthy building science. >> if they're not getting good air flow, then those chemicals don't have any way to be flushed out and they'll just continue to persist until you can get some ventilation or persist for a couple of years. >> reporter: bloom enfield says hines didn't increase ventilation until the nbc bay area contacted the company.
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>> you got a lot of action. >> reporter: union leaders say ultimately public safety is suffering because the workers on the front lines of protecting our health and safety are now fighting for their own. >> we're challenged with the mission to protect the environment and public health. it has failed to do so in this case. >> for its own employees. >> yes. >> reporter: the union wants management to allow any worker who has felt sick from working inside the building to be allowed to work off site. but so far epa managers have denied that request. vickie nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> if you have a tip for vicsy nguyen for this story or any other call the number on the screen. a break in the case. police have arrested two teenagers in connection with a series of violent robberies in the east bay. investigators say the suspects punched and robbed a 17-year-old girl at pleasanton stone ridge mall. this happened over the weekend
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on saturday night. they're also suspected of a carjacking mercedes in san leandro about an hour later. police say the teenagers used that car as their getaway vehicle when they went back to the stone ridge mall sunday where they robbed and kicked a woman. that happened sunday afternoon. oakland police spotted the stolen car last night and arrested the two. they're still look for a third suspect. turning now to decision 2016. a little over 20 minutes to go before the results from tonight's caucuses in nevada start rolling in. caucusing ends at 7:00. want to show you live in las vegas. this is a high school right there in las vegas. this is a peek inside a caucus location. donald trump tonight hoping for a third straight win. and polls show he is in the lead. but the race to watch tonight is the fight for second place. senators ted cruz and marco rubio neck and neck for that spot. of course we'll have full results for you tonight at 11:00. president obama today asked congress again to shut down guantanamo bay prison prison.
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the president has been trying for seven years to move some detainees abroad and some to the u.s. he says some terrorists including the boston bomber are held in the u.s. without any problem. but lawmakers are balking at that. >> don't shut down gitmo. expand it and let's have new terrorists there. >> we can capture terrorists, protect the american people, and when done right we can try them and put them in our maximum security prisons and it works just fine. >> naval base gitmo which once held 680 detainees is now down to 91 including 9/11 mastermind khaliq sheikh mohammed. the sunny weather is giving repair crews some help. the work being done on the floating museum in the san francisco bay. and then the condor comeback. the milestone, the largest bird in america is now making.
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south napa earthquake,ce the city's historic courthseide the well, for the first time since south napa earthquake we're getting a look inside the city's historic courthouse. the building was red tagged after the quake in 2014. now structural engineers are mapping cracks to assess what kind of repairs will be needed. that building, 137 years old. >> a prime piece of san francisco real estate is up for sale tonight. zy zynga selling its enormous headquarters. no word on the price tag yet but the company paid $220 million for the building back in 2012.
6:42 pm
zynga is hoping the sale will boost its bottom line. the company has been struggling to find a new hit game for more than a year. the largest bird in north america is making a comeback. the california condor, the fish and wildlife service announced the species has reached a milestone for the first time in decades more condors hatched and fledged in the wild then died. back in the 1980s there were believed to be only 22 wild condors left. now there are more than 260. pretty cool to see that. >> the day of the condor has arrived. that's great. jeff, lots of sunshine outside >> yes. 70s today, even warmer over the next two days. and look, if we can't get the rainfall might as well enjoy it. live vw right now from san bruno mountain looking san francisco. we'll talk about how warm it gets and any chance of rainfall coming our way in just a few minutes. war", but a "military team, of
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sorts" ion the casethis team is fighti a it's not a declaration of war but a military team of sorts is on the case. this team is fighting against el nino. >> nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us the highly unusual battle plan. >> as every homeowner knows, owning a house is a lot of work. there's constant cleaning, fixing so, just imagine that not only was your house the size of an aircraft carrier it was in fact an aircraft carrier. >> this is like owning a really big house. >> reporter: the deck of the uss hornet aircraft carrier museum in alameda -- >> our flight deck is 100,000 square feet. >> reporter: the deck alone could hold 100 homes. >> this is the roof of the ship. >> reporter: and like any roof when it rains -- >> barrels, buckets. >> reporter: you can just imagine the leaks. >> it's been quite a feat to
6:46 pm
figure out where all the leaks are coming from. >> this thing is basically a rust bucket made out of iron and steel. every time that rains we've got rust growing someplace. >> this is rusted out. we have developed holes -- >> these plastic sheets were put here to catch the water. >> reporter: in a floating museum with many sights here's a sight you don't want to see. >> you can look up and seat bottom of the flight deck. >> reporter: this year's heavy rains rained all the way into the captain's meeting room damaging the ceiling and floors. >> it also damage add mural donated to the ship by president nixon's wife pat nixon. >> we can't bring visitors in there anymore. >> reporter: most of the museums you go to are in a building this. museum is floating. >> reporter: so the stored carrier is now in the midst of an $800,000 campaign to repair and waterproof its massive flight deck. >> we've had just a little bit of taste of el nino. >> reporter: before the historic ship retired in 1970 it carried a crew of 1300.
6:47 pm
>> we had people 24 hours a day chipping, painting, washing. now we have ten people that maintain the whole ship. >> reporter: the uss hornet has a vast history from serving in world war ii to picking up apollo space cap suls 11 and 12. >> to preserve that history is important for the new generation. >> reporter: so for now, it's this generation's turn to keep this ship in ship shape. joe rosato jr. nbc bay area news. >> it takes a lot of work to do that. let's turn things over to jeff rainieri to talk about this week, sunshine and when we might expect some rain. >> looks like by friday we could get scattered showers to move our way. maybe another chance on sunday. you can also see what that potential rain could do to our temperatures on our scrolling forecast. a look outside right now, the san francisco bay beautiful shot of the bay bridge tonight. san francisco city lights shining bright. no problem with visibility at the low levels, but we do have
6:48 pm
some high clouds moving over with the storm system just offshore. it's a weak system, so no rainfall. 61 right now in the peninsula. san francisco averaging the low 60s and currently the low bay at 63. tomorrow morning we will snot start off totally cloudy. a little bit of sunshine in here. a nice bright way to get into the middle part of the week. 46 for the south bay, east bay at 42, down to 41 in the north bay. again more of a partly cloudy sky to begin. as we get a look the other thing we're tracking tomorrow besides watch air aloft a dry air coming in out of the north here from places like orinda and more out of 9 north and east for redwood city and san jose. that's going to help those locations to become a little bit warmer for tomorrow's forecast. so we definitely keep 70s coming our way. the other problem we're going to find besides these above average temperatures and lack of rainfall will be high waves at the immediate coastline, temps will be in the upper 60s to about 70.
6:49 pm
so you may want to stay out of the water. waves could hit 14 feet tomorrow with a high surf advisory in effect. the only other issue in our forecast will be the pollen as well. check this out. high category for alder and juniper and approaching that for birch and cypress. so there's always something that's trying to keep you down. just know ahead of time the pollen will be bad and limit your exposure. as you look at the microclimate forecast on wednesday, beautiful day in the south bay. that's where our warmest temperatures will be. cupertino 76, san jose 75. san francisco coming in at 72 across to mission and the marina at 69. and as you get a look at the north bay, east bay and trivalley, like to be in napa tomorrow. check it out. 74 degrees towards the end of february. that's about 10 to 15 degrees above average here for the north bay. for the east bay, fremont comes in at 75. and oakland also at 75. and we'll find these mid 70s throughout the trivalley. in terms of our chances of rainfall, it's not super great.
6:50 pm
but at least the possibility of scattered rain on friday and sunday with two smaller systems. that's just about it. at least right now in this upcoming weekend for any chances of rainfall. raj and jess, back to you. >> thank you, jeff. up next, the warriors may be even more dangerous when they take the court on wednesday. also we're in arizona at spring training. some big headlines from the giants and a's. koz is next.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
sry on cam it is getti to be our jim kozimor joins us from the comcast sportsnet news room. it's not enough to have a nba
6:53 pm
title steph curry also wants a green jacket? >> what's going on with this guy? isn't he greedy? wasn't a little of everything. it is getting pretty scary watching how good the warriors have been this year. they haven't lost at home all season long. they seem to only get better and they keep setting records. last night the warriors became the fastest team in nba history to reach 50 wins. today curran and iguodala play augusta national. green jacket time for those guys. tomorrow warriors will get deeper. newly acquired anderson varejao is set to make his debut. >> i like the system here. i like the way they play. i now why those 20-something-plus game that we have right now are going to be important for me to get ready for the playoffs. and i'm excited. i can't wait for that opportunity and to enjoy those guys and go back to work. >> all right. to the diamond the giants held their first full squad team workout today. everyone finally back in the orange and black, including
6:54 pm
angel pagan who's being asked to move from center to left field to make room for new addition denard span. >> i don't have any hard feelings at all. i'm just moving to left field. and i want him to know that. i want him to know that i'm on board. i'm ready to get as far as i can and reach for a gapper with him. and hopefully we can play the best defense possible for this great pitching staff we have. and to me that's the most important thing. >> all right. over to the a's right fielder josh reddick arrived at the a's camp today and immediately made news. when asked about being in a contract year, he said he wants an extension. and would prefer to have a deal done by the end of spring training. the a's feel the same way. >> this is not something we're going to talk about all spring. i know josh has stated his deadline. that's his decision. that's not ours. but it's something we're interested in discussing. and josh is an important part of this organization. he's been here for four years now. he was a part of some very
6:55 pm
successful teams. an important part of everything we do. >> when you have guys that really want to be here, it's nice to see. and he is definitely one of those guys. he expressed an interest in that, in this organization did to him early in the off-season. hopefully we can get something done. >> believe they were talking to the manager during the lunch break there. to the ice we go. last night's st. louis-sharks matt tennyson left with a head injury after a vicious hit into the boards by the blue's forward ryan reeves. reeves ejected from the game. could face a suspension. of the hit head coach peter deboer says those are the kinds of hits we're trying to get rid of in the nhl. team teal in colorado wednesday, also nfl combine getting going this week and cal's quarterback jared goff going to get a lot of attention. i was holding back a sneeze the entire sportscast. my eyes are watering viciously. but i was able to make it. thank you very much for bearing with me. >> let it all out. >> i will in moments. >> yes. thank you. >> off camera.
6:56 pm
3, 2, 1. >> yes. >> maybe it's all that sunshine and pollen we're having in the air. >> yes. pollen is going to be high through tomorrow. everybody wants to watch out for that. chance of scattered showers once we hit friday's forecast. we'll begin here with mix of sun and cloud, guy zps. >> we've been wanting to sneeze throughout the whole newscast as well. >> that will do it for us. we hope to see you tonight at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us. >> bye bye.
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hillary clinton crashes the set of scandal. >> is the presidential hopeful making a cameo inside tv's fictional white house? now, on "extra." new photos -- hillary clinton posing for selfies with the stars of "scandal." a story behind her day with tv's back stabbing, cheating political villains. plus, trump, rubio, and cruz. the showdown in the desert. >> "extra" is in las vegas as the gop plays a game of high stakes politics. charlie sheen's new interview about his now infamous rant-a-thon. >> winning.


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