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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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today in the bay starts right now. a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia canon. >> i'm sam brock. a quick check of your forecast first. kari is standing by. good morning. >> good morning. mostly cool and clear weather heading out the door. be prepared for that this afternoon. we are in the low 40s in the north bay as well as the south bay. 47 degrees there and the east bay. looking at 75 degrees in the east bay peninsula an 72 and san francisco high of 71 degrees. just gorgeous. i'll let you know how long that la lasts. don't you have a report of something on the road? >> yes. there's the express lane. you can't see much of a difference. we originally reported westbound but actually eastbound.
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580 has a few pieces of debris. watch for that and traffic break over the next couple of minutes. very light volume of traffic. all over the bay, green speed indicators in place, no major issues but you're following zaint in the south bay? >> yes. breaking news of a standoff in the south bay at the target range at milpitas drive. >> bob, we understand three suspects are in custody but a fourth one remains in that shop? >> reporter: refusing to come out, according to police, laura and sam. we have a barricade here at milpitas boulevard. mill ppitas police and help fro other police. right here, it gives you an idea how close it is to where all their resources are.
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on the backside, you can't see it but that's the target master's range where the suspect is holed up. a little before 2:00 this morning, four people broke into that business, when police responded. three people escaped. there's a train tracks, concrete mixing plant and a creek trail and homes, residential areas. after the burglary, police scoured the area and picked up three suspects that escaped and one inside. the last word a half hour ago the suspect displayed a gun supposedly he got from inside the store. police ordered him to drop it and according to officers he is just standing there refusing to suburb rend surrender. they're trying to be cautious. they know he has a gun by his feet and whole arsenal behind
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him. they're trying to get the one suspect to come out of the target masters gun store and range he and his accomplices broke into a few hours ago. >> a story we'll continue to follow. more breaking news, police found wreckage of a missing plane in nepal. all are dead. we know the plane was carrying 23 people including some sau tourists? >> yes. 23 people were on board. the took off from the mounta mountainous rain from the city of pokhara and the western city of kathmandu, heading to johnson city known for trucking. the families of the 23 on board, all they can do right now is comfort each other and wait for
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answers. right now, it's not clear what caused that crash but the airline's computer reports the weather was good however an hour later it hampered the search with fog and the crash spotted by helicopter. 20 were passengers, 18 from nepal, including two children. tourists on board from china and kuwait. tourists only started landing there in 1949. since then, there have been 70 plane and helicopter crashes, 700 people killed mostly because of bad weather, inexperienced pilots and lacking maintenance, according to the bbc. in fact, nepalese airlines are not able to land in the euu. we will have more with details.
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stay up on the details on air and online, head to our website or our free bay area app. a torso discovered with head and arms and legs apparently sev severed. it was near marchlands road in fremont near the bum barton bridge. athey removed the torso from this area they were back on the scene and spent the hour cert n certaining the levees and under the bridge. >> a fisherman found the torso and the head and limb are missing. they're reporting it a suspicious death. >> cars coming and i was leaving. they said, just leave. don't go under the bridge.
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>> the coroner has not identified the human remains yet but if you know or saw anything you're cad asked to call the police. a bay area man lost control of a sports car and they charged alex demetro of union city and driving under the influence of drugs. he was test driving a corvette with a employee and he was speeding when he lost control of the car and hit a tree and the carmax employee died at the hospital. a chp officer accused of stabbing is going to be back in court today. he allegedly stabbed a man in the neck near the bay bridge. that happened three weeks ago. the officer's health huluckily s
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steadily improved. he pleaded ng to all charges. today's hearing is a bail hearing. former state senator will learn how much time he spends behind bars. it was a racketeering case. yee admitted to smuggling thousands of dollars in bribes. and he face s an eight year sentence and his attorney asks for five years. we have had great weather but, rain, is it still in the foreca forecast? >> we will. the rain we had saturday was very light. now, temperatures cool as you head out. 48 degrees in san carlos and oakland. 73 in shows. we will warm up to mid-70s with
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all of that sunshine and 76 degrees in the marina hand 76 in con card and danville, 76 degrees. the full forecast coming up in less than 10 minutes and mike has a look across the bay. >> looking westbound and headlights down a steady light easy drive. looking at the map, we're talking 92 where the camera is showing you where and dumbarton bridge and easy drive across the approach. right now, maze no problem. a live look, shows i know easy issues in construction and looks like it should be clear. back to you. coming up next, another victory for donald trump, starting to sound familiar. is he gaining enough steam to get the big prize march 1st.
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and for apple, delaware delay. we take a look at it. condoms for middle scho schoolers, where that will soon become a reality in the bay area. >> we are tracking breaking news in the south bay, an active standoff in mill ppitasmilpitas a break-in at a gun store across from the milpitas police headquarters. this is an active scene, bob redell still gathering detail, a live report in a couple minutes. ask.
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optimistic if you listen to the pundits we weren't expected to win too much and now we're winning winning winning. >> he loves that phrase. donald is right, he does keep winning. another victory for donald trump sweeping another state last night. winning by 20 points in nevada. this time he took a major leap ahead of marco rubio and ted cruz. >> live in washington, the next big hurdle comes on super tuesday. >> exactly. super tuesday with nearly a dozen states and 600 delegates to be awarded, about half what any one of these candidates will need to get to the nomination. donald trump the clear front-runner going into that having won three states including nevada in a row. he's claiming momentum. the entrance polls are telling us pretty much every significant group of voter, every breakdown group of voter in nevada supported him and hoping to pull that in super tuesday states.
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he'll be in virginia today. marco rubio, according to our decision, still fighting it out for second in nevada. some people have called it. pretty chitight, but 1800 votes be counted. nevertheless, rubio has had momentum. ted cruz is hoping his home state of texas, a super tuesday state with the largest amount of delegates will help him out and give him momentum in this campaign. >> texas could be a shot in the arm. my question is with respect to r rubio, he was supposed to see the biggest bump from jeb bush ending his candidacy. was there any indication he got momentum as a result of nevada? oo. >> so far it looks like he's leading ted cruz for the number 2 spot in nevada. that could be part of that bump.
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the real test for him is florida. a couple reasons, florida is after super tuesday, a winner take all state. whoever wins florida gets this huge chunk of digelegates and tt could help him get ahead of dthd.who sedth donald trump who seems to be racking up everything and we'll see. >> it's not over until it's over. the white house put terrorist recruitment videos squa squarely in the crosshairs. the justice department will host a summit to undermine isis propaganda and some from social media will also attend on the slickly isis produced video that encourage s young people to joi the cause. >> apple says it wants congress not the courts to decide the encryption. >> apple has a friend in
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congress. >> it has a friend. we have seen how tenderly they treat the apple ceo in the past. they will file papers to hold off the courts on the controversial iphone while it takes it to congress and ask for a new set of laws. not only is congress friendlier, it would take a long time and both things work in apple's favor. meanwhile, people were outside the company tuesday. they are a minority. a poll say as slight majority of americans support the fbi not apple. >> i think our security will not be increased if apple breaks the security features on the iphone. i think it's actually worrisome that citizens rights to privacy are sort of being debated between a giant corporation and a very powerful government. >> let's get a check of your
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news before the dow this morning. landon dowdy is live. >> good morning. the markets could see more red arrows today. futures lower this morning and super tuesday on a drop include prices and crude lower today, below $31 a barrel and after comments of saudi arabia's oil minister of any production cuts and look for data on new home sales, 16432 and inside, losing 67. my kids argue over the chicago blackhawks in video g e games. there's a similar problem in the nba video games, everybody wants to be steph curry and have him on your team. you will win. in 2016, they're having trouble modeling steph curry because the
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real steph curry is so good, he hits so many three-pointers so often, it's hard to include him in the video game without cla clanging the tempo of the game. i think you can say that about the real game as well. when you have steph curry on your team, you will win. >> remember the playgrounds? >> he was the underdog that became this transcendent player and they say he's putting up video game numbers. not even the video games can do those numbers. >> they model it very carefully to try to make it realistic. >> a beautiful start again. a little bit cool, kari but we will see a repeat of 73 degree temperatures. >> a warm day and sunshine and beautiful out there, feeling
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very spring-like. this weather continues the next few days before we have a slight chance of rain. i'll talk about that. a live look outside from san bernardino mountain looking towards san francisco. absolutely nice and quiet start to the day with mostly clear y skies, no worry about fog just yet. the 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen and we get to keep 70s the next couple of days. san francisco, 51 degrees and 48 degrees in the peninsula. cool in the east bay. 39 degrees. let's get a closer look in pr s pleasa pleasanton. 38 degrees in oakland and now 49 degrees. a little bit of spread in temperatures and they all meet up in the 70s this afternoon as we take it hour by hour in san jose, nothing but sunshine. 73 degrees at 3:00 today. as you get out there, you may be noticing your allergies are
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going crazy right now. we have a moderate to high amount of a and alder and juniper and low amount of mold. that's probably why you're sneezing right now. most allergens out of the air and the next couple of days, increase in cloud cover. here we are friday afternoon and we start seeing the next system moving in and looks like the high pressure will be weak enough to allow some showers in the north bay and light showers to move in san francisco, east bay and south bay by 6:00 in the evening. we are in for a dry and warm pattern the next couple of days, widespread 70s and even a you. 80s to the east. it cools down heading to friday with clouds and rain moving in. i'll continue to track that. let's head to the south bay with mike. >> let's give folks a look of
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the map. easy for me to say and easier to show. i head to milpitas following breaking news bob gives us updates here. that's where the standoff is at the gunshots and milpitas police station. -- the gun shop and milpitas police station. avoid this area of milpitas if you can. the bay bridgetting little more crowded. we should see the lights turning on. the live shot, we don't see a lot of problems with lights across the bridge. back to you. thousands of homeless getting the boot in san francisco. what led to the crack down. more on the overnight decision to provide middle school students with condoms, what this means for those
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students and parents coming up. plan.. condoms to middle schoole
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giving condom to middle school students soon to be a reality in san francisco. last night the school board approved the plan and as you can imagine that has many parents concerned. what the decision means. if you're a parent, you will probably learn more about this program. >> we we are. this means exactly what it sounds like. middle school students at public san francisco schools will have
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access to free condoms. parents can't opt out of it and can't prevent that from happening. the san francisco unified school district points to california law that gives minors access to pregnant prevention even if parents don't give permission. school leaders say survey results indicate 5% of san francisco middle school students admitted to being sexually active with less than 40% of those kids saying they used protection. soon, condoms will be available on campus but this program is to help the kids understand the gravity of the entire situation. >> a student could have a face to face discussion with a nurse or social worker and then decide if this is the time and the place to begin a sexual relationship. >> reporter: the condoms are already available in the san francisco high school and this is an expansion of that. there will be training of nurses
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before this program begins and it will happen pretty quickly to take place in the next few weeks. live here in our newsroom today in the bay. dozens of homeless men and women in san francisco have been told they have a few days to find a new place to sleep and the city has declared their home a health hazard. this encampment south of market is becoming a public nuisance and health threat. a growing area of trash and human waste needs to be cleaned up immediately. mayor lee says many of the 150 beds are not being used. >> it will give everybody an opportunity to come here on a voluntary basis but ultimately not have homeless on the street. >> we all need to work together to solve this problem, not turn a blind eye to it, kick them away. >> public health workers will be out at the camp on division
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street over the next three days, directing medium to shelter. >> 5:25, those plans for a new santa clara jail facility are coming into focus and already carrying a higher price tag than originally thought. yesterday, county supervisors heard updated plans for the new main jail east replacing a delapidated main jail south. the new facility won't be completed for at least four years. the coast has gone higher by about 40 million dollars to total of 2$280 million. about a third of that money is being covered by a state grant. >> it is 5:26. coming up, we are tracking breaking news. a standoff going on right now at a gun shop near the milpitas police station. bob redell has been on the scene about an hour now and will. >> in -- and will join us with a live update.
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joining us. i'm sam brock. =laura/2sh= and i'm lra garcia cannon. boxes boxes ad lib tos rise and shine on a wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the weather has been simply g r glorious, kari. >> it has. we will get a little bit of rain heading to the weekend. we'll talk about that a little later. enjoy today with the cool temperatures. 47 degrees in the east bay and
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south bay and expect a high of 71 degrees in san francisco. 75 in the east bay while the south bay today is up to 76 degrees. we will have some more clouds and rain i will talk about in a few minutes. now with mike. >> the metering lights are on and we will expect the typical amount at 5:30 anyway. reports of a crash blocking one lane, still trying to get det l details, no major injuries from what i understand. the rest of the south bay no problems. now, update with breaking news we've been tracking since we came on air an hour ago, a standoff at a gun shop contin continues. >> bob is live at the scene in
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milpitas actually happening a few feet away from police headquarters? >> reporter: right behind police headquarters. i just spoke with bliss that tell us they have this burglary suspect inside this target master's gun shop, they have him contained and expect to have him detained in a moment. i don't know if i should be reading into the fact in the last 60 seconds i have seen some members of law enforcement dr e driving away and walking away from the scene, something you see when it is over. the last report it is still going on and milpitas police and santa clara police department. that video you see is new video of law enforcement securing that building while the -- that b business while that suspect still is or was still inside.
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this suspect displayed a gun from inside the store, police ordered him to drop it, which he did and then he just stood there and will not, would not surrender. he has been movie ing about the store, a gun store loaded with guns and ammo and why they want to be very careful. this suspect, along with three accomplices broke into the gun shop at 1:50 this morning and they were caught shortly after in an area not far from milpitas. in the past couple of moments we have seen three sheriffs cars leave the scene and area of the gun shop. i don't know if that's something we should be reading into. a little prior to that police said they had the suspect contained but not yet taken into custody. he was still inside the store and not detained. reporting live, bob redell. >> thank you very much. another breaking story we've
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been following overnight, a tragic discovery in nepal. crews there found wreckage from a plane of 23 people including tourist. no one survived. n not a long flight, only lasted 15 minutes before it disappeared. >> it was about 125 miles west of the capital city of katmandu heading to jonson, known for tru trucking. there was 23 people on board. all their families can do is comfort each other and wait for answers. right now, it is not clear what caused that crash. the airlines website reads the weather was good in the departure city and arrival city. the nepalese army reports fog did hamper the search in the plane's wreckage in the hours
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after. 13 were nepalese citizens including two children and two tourists one from china and one from kuwait. the history is planes only started landing there in 1949 and since then, there have been more than 70 plane and helicopter crashes in which 700 people have been killed mostly because of bad weather and inexperience. this is a developing story. we will bring you more details as we get them. kris sanchez. >> thank you. stay up to date on this breaking stories on air and online. head to nbc or you can download our free nbc bay area app. 5:34. another black eye for uber this morning. right now, police are looking for this uber driver who alle d
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allegedly attack eed an employe last week. they pulled over the driver for speeding but when the airport employee began take pictures of the car the driver allegedly yelled at him and grabbed him and pushed him and picked up a passenger and drove off in a white ford. we have innocent animals pois poisoned. the sheriff's department wants any who thinks their animals may have been poisoned come forward, a tainted cookie tainted with a poisonous oleander plant and horse. another horse also ate it and survived. they identified a person of int in this case. any with information urged to come forward. students at lowell high school in san francisco are getting attention of the superintendent. he said reported racism on campus is unacceptable and
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calling for change. yesterday, students walked out of class upset about a display of showing president obama with rappers and happy black history month #gang. getting this response from the superintendent. >> i am deeply disturbed as is this board of education by what we're hearing. i applaud these students for speaking up about their experience. >> saying these pictures represents black history month shows the ignorance they had towards us. >> the student protesters are demanding a change in the school curriculum and more african-american teachers and staff. the superintendent promised their voices are being heard. the warriors planned waterfront arena in san francisco is set to make appeal to the planning commission. thenition bay alliance is protesting the amount of space to be used at the chase center and team office complex.
5:37 am
it had issues at the start s saying the arena would create dangerous traffic for people trying to get to uct during an emergency. they're mplanning for fall of 2016. a meeting last night where city planners got feedback on an idea to tear down a stretch of interstate 280 in san francisco that winds up near at&t park, replacing the freeway with a boulevard. it would allow more access when high speed rail become as reality and creates new real estate possibilities. critics including former mayor art agnos says it is essential. >> it is more useful today than it ever was when it was first built. >> i do recall embarcadero freeway that came down after the earthquake, what a godsend that was. if that's going to be similar,
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i'm in favor of it. >> a final decision is still months away at the earliest. >> it could reshape what it looks like. maybe a light jacket this morning? >> absolutely. another warm one. we start out with the cool temperatures. it bathrowarms up very quickly. a look at the lunchtime temperature, east bay, 68 degrees. looking at temperatures heading home, 69 degrees in san francisco. the peninsula, 73 degrees and the east bay, 72. another beauty, getting ready for a little bit of rain, i will detail that in less than 10 minutes. heading to oakland with mike. >> 880 moves well and more headlights heading south and north for the bay bridge where the metering lights are on. this blip did show up, west 24, the warren freeway.
5:39 am
no incidents reported and i will track that very closely. we're very concerned about that. clear to north on the 101. east bay slows all the way down to industrial parkway where there is a crash reported blocking the fast lane. four vehicles involved so chp has yet to get there to sort things out and might be why it's sl slowing, a major slowi ining sp this time of the morning. no problems out of the tri-valley. >> thank you. an issue becoming an international health concern. growing public concern over zika, a hearing discussing that virus and we get new numbers over how fast it's spreading. i'm live in san francisco. hours ago the school board anonymously backed the vote to give access to condoms to middle school students. details in a live report.
5:40 am
>> we continue to follow breaking news out of milpitas this morning where police have a target master's gun shop surrounded. a man inside a shop not yet deta detained. we have a reporter on the scene and breaking details coming into our newsroom.
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right now an investigative unit exclusive, four month long study uncovers an investigation of inmates at a jail. independent auditors reached similar conclusions at the blue ribbon commission. it was formed following the b t beating of michael tyree last december. three officers face jail time in his death. and reports of physical abuse never before made public talking to insiders what's been happening long before tyree died. >> you have to increase your sta staffing, increase your training base. increase your bed space, right? give people the tools to do the job. >> this extends way past michael
5:44 am
tyree's death? >> right. >> our investigative unit breaks down the numbers and talks to the sheriff about what's really going on at that jail. 11:00 at the nbc bay area news. if you have a tip, give us a call at 1-888-996-tips or end us an e-mail. it is 5:44. giving condoms to students in the bay area is controversial and concerns parents. >> no parent wants to believe their kids are sexually active at 11, 12, middle school age. surveys indicate 5% are sexually active and fewer, less than 40% of those students indicate they are using protection or condoms. this newly approved policy means
5:45 am
students at middle schools will have access to free condoms and parents cannot opt out of this. the san francisco unified school district points to california law which gives minors access to pregnancy prevention even if there's no parental permission involved and soon staff members sent to training will be able to individually give a student cond condoms. that also goes hand-in-hand meeting with either a couple lore or school nurse able to talk to students about these resources available. and it's already available in public high schools and this is an expansion of that program slated to go into effect the next few weeks. this follows a trend, a new state law that went into effect this year making sexual education mandatory for students grades 7 through 12 at california public schools. stephanie chuang, today in the bay. >> thank you so much. breaking news we continue to
5:46 am
track out of milpitas, we are learning the suspect just surrendered to police, the one inside a target master's gun shop, close to the target range there, right next to milpitas police department. three other spuktsz aluspects i for breaking into that shop and the fourth one is now in custody. we will check in with bob in moments. happening today, federal health leaders will discuss the public's growing concern about the spread of the zika virus. there is strong evidence it is being sexually transmitted. 14 people may have caught it without traveling to the zones. the deputy director for centers for diseased contrdisease contre
5:47 am
expected to testify. another impressive victory for donald trump. he takes the nevada caucuses for a third straight win in the republican presidential race. he had 46% of the votes and marco rubio second with 24% and ted cruz, 21%. dr. ben carson and john kasich both finished in single digits. 14 states are up for grabs including ted cruz in texas. ma marco rubio left early and campaigning in mexico. campaign momentum seems to be behind trump. >> i want to thank you very much. remember, make america great again. we're going to do it and it's going to happen fast. thank you.
5:48 am
>> more than 600 delegates will be decided on super tuesday, half of what's needed to win that nomination. >> a lot at stake. for a promising company, silicon valley venture capital and big bucks. one firm accused of paying nothing? >> nothing. >> a firm ordered to pay 300, 0 $300,000 in back pay to its interns because the u.s. department of labor said they didn't treat them like interns, they had a lot of work and screened clients and we have never heard of them. the only thing i'm familiar with is one of their investments, this adorable home robot they sunk a lot of money in. the irony is being in silicon valley as an intern at google, they make 68,0$68,000 a year. and a chip-maker is said to owe
5:49 am
his employees more than a quarter million dollars. the court gave him a choice, start paying it back or show up at the u.s. marshals march 1st five days from now to go to jail. confidence fit bit hammered wednesday down 25%. watch yahoo! we may be close to a sale. futures call for a rough opening this morning. expect a rough landing for spacex, like this one, will try to land the first stage of an unmanned rocket on a sea barge, where it tipped over and blew up. they will launch a satellite in orbit today. every attempt at landing that first stage has ended in a crash. this one will land badly as well because of the dynamics involved. it will come down much faster with less fuel than former
5:50 am
attem attempts. in the sea rocking up and down, it's called, of course i still love you. >> an engineer said this thing is coming down one way or the other and we might as well stick to the landing. >> is that really the name of it? >> the other one was, make sure to follow the instructions which it did not. >> how about just stick the l d landing? >> how about a bigger barge? we need a bigger boat. >> thank you. the birth of a baby gorilla not typically that unusual. this delivery is a first. >> a baby gorilla was delivered via c-section by an obstetrician. the doctor delivered hundreds of human babies but never a gorilla. he was called in when the mother was developing symptoms of pre-eclampsia. the baby gorilla did have trouble breathing but all is
5:51 am
well now. >> the nurse holding the little baby. we have a great start fwn planned for today. we know we need some rain but it's not coming immediately? >> no. you might as well enjoy it. sunshine today and cool start and warm afternoon. live now a shot of the bay bridge and beautiful day today. looking at the bottom of the screen, the forecast. academic it out. we have sprinkles late friday. 42 degrees in the north bay and 48 in the peninsula, as we look at the cool temperatures in the north bay, 49 degrees in napa and 47 in calistoga. taking it hour by hour in palo alto, 9:00, 57 degrees, climbing to the upper 60s by noon and
5:52 am
eventually hitting low 70s. another day that feels like spring as we are looking at friends all across the bay area. pacifica, 68 degrees, 74 in then final district. our temperatures feeling nice and warm. you may want to head to the beach. keep in mind there is a high surf advisory in effect today and we may have waves 11-14 feet. strong rip currents and large shore break. watch everyone around you as you head to the ocean today. let's see what's happening now as you head to -- where are you going? >> hayward. i changed it up last second, sorry about that. it an 880, there was a crash and i was very concerned about this.
5:53 am
we'll track this. a distraction with four vehicles on the shoulder. another incident cleared at the toll plaza and parking lights not an immediate issue. traffic build, easing off. back to you. >> coming up next, public uproar over the reinstatement of a santa fe police officer fired over racially charged tweets. wreckage found, questions remain, a plane crashes in nepal killing everyone on board. what we're learning from the overnight development. >> following breaking news at a gun shop in milpitas. bob redell talking to investigators right now. bob is also tweeting updates from the scene. a new hottest ticket in town, prince surprise bay area
5:54 am
sh shows. tickets go on sale in just hours. we will be back in two minutes. now to an investigative unit
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5:56 am
excluse: ==sam/2st== scared and bankrupt.ry, right now an investigative unit exclusive. imagine being left angry, scared and bankrupt. >> we spoke to one woman who said she was victimized not by a
5:57 am
robber or someone in a dark alley but by someone in a courtroom. >> shaban has that story. >> good morning. those accusations are about her attorney and we investigate how a state agency supposed to protect consumers from bad lawyers managed to put them at significant risk. california has its own separate court system to discipline and investigate lawyers. the audit found to reduce its backlog, the bar allowed some attorneys it would have otherwise disbarred or disciplined but reduced the severity of punishments for lawyers. as a result, the bar dismissed cases and settled others with a written reprimand.
5:58 am
the chief operating officer, leah wilson blamed the lack of oversight with past policies. it aimed to decrease its backlog of complaints down to zero but wilson said that was unrealistic and ultimately caused what she described as a crisis. the state bar is in the process of restructuring its staff to adequately handle complaints while also minimizing its backlog. that is expect to go before lawmakers in may. back to you. >> thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 1-888-996-tips or e-mail at yesterday, county supervi r supervisors heard updated plans for the new main jail east. it will replace dilapidated main jail south. pe rerr er
5:59 am
pe rerr many officer . >> the cost has gone higher by about $40 million to 28$280 million. two weeks ago an independent arbitrator allowed that officer phillip white should be allowed to return to the police force. last october they fired him. the decision to reinstate is resonating statewide and they're now considering a lawsuit. >> the basis for a legal challenge is focused whether the arbitrator exceeded their authority or violated some basic tenant of public policy. >> officer white has been ass n assigned administrative duties and will be not patrolling the streets. protest planned for noon at the san jose courthouse. breaking news in the seb, a burglar held up inside a milpitas gun store surrenders to police. bob rendell, coming up. also, nearly two dozen
6:00 am
people dead after a passenger plane crashes. what caused that plane to go down. and finding a woman's torso at the dumbarton bridge. piecing together what appears to be a gruesome find. and finding out how long he will spend in prison after the prosecutor says he violated their trust and what they said to consider is exemplary character. >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> let's get right to that breaking news. within the last 15 minutes or so, a suspect in an early morning gun shop burglary turned himself over peacefully. >> live at the way this morning, bob, you have details how it all came to an end? >> reporter: it


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