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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 24, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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former state senator -- leld yee -- finds out his fate in hi and right now at 11:00, former state senator leland yi finds out his fate in his racketeering case. >> this is all playing out right now in courtroom six of the u.s. federal court in san francisco. there a judge will sentence him for accepting bribes and gun smuggling. >> stephanie chuang is right there at the courthouse. prosecutors asking for eight years in prison, right? >> reporter: yeah, they are, scott and kris, but leland yee just spoke minutes ago and was asking the judge directly, hey, please give me some leniency. i know i've done some wrong,
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i've committed these crimes, i've admitted to them but consider my whole life what i've contributed. the judge responding i don't believe i should be lenient. now, yee had walked in much earlier into the courtroom this morning, but this stems from a federal investigation that went from 2011 to 2014 studying a chinese organized crime ring led by the chinatown gangster raymond chow. it involved bribes in exchange for favors and votes and campaign contributions. a lot of the discussion this morning was talking about yee and part of an illegal firearms deal. the judge did lower the range he was considering, so we do know that much, that he was looking more in terms of maybe six to seven years. right now the judge is in the middle of his sentencing so we're not clear yet on what exactly he has decided.
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but the u.s. attorney's office wanted eight years as well as three years of supervised release saying that yee had abused the public's trust and this needed to be reflected in the punishment of the crime. we also have video earlier of well-known political consultant keith jackson who also used to be on the san francisco school board, in fact president at one point, so he is also here as well as his son, brandon jackson, and a former sports agent, marlin sullivan. they are also slated to be sentenced. once again we're standing outside the federal building waiting to hear what judge charles brier has decided. he was talking about yee and he said what yee has done has long-term implications not just for him, but legislators and the public will be looking at this decision to see if the
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government and the courts decided on something that was fair. so again we'll keep you posted as we wait for this decision here in front of the federal building. stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, steph. we also have new details on a gun shop burglary that led to an hours-long standoff in milpitas. we now know three of the suspects are minors. >> bob redell is live in milpit milpitas. bob, police did not have to go far to catch these so-called criminals. >> reporter: no, they did not, kris and scott. right behind me target masters west, that's the gun shop the burglars broke into overnight. if you look over to your left right next door, that two-story building with the antenna sticking out, that was the milpitas police department. no surprise that officers were able to arrive quickly on the scene and eventually take all four suspects into custody. >> i can't speak for them. they may not have thought that
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was a police department or maybe they thought there was no cops here because it was the police department. >> a sergeant heard the burglar alarm going off at target masters. he and his fellow officers immediately detained two of the suspects who tried to escape in a car. a third suspect jumped from the roof where the burglars gained access into the store. police later arrested him a few blocks from here. the fourth suspect remained in the store unable to escape. >> my sergeant saw him holding a gun when he came to the glass door. the sergeant gave him commands to drop the gun. he dropped the gun and basically stood at the door looking out at us and couldn't give himself up because the door was locked. >> reporter: that suspect did try to climb back up into the ceiling and onto the roof but could not get up there so he waited while law enforcement surrounded the building, secured the area, made sure he wouldn't try to ambush them with a gun, obviously it's a gun store, and
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then they made access and took him into custody without any resistance. all four suspects were male, one adu adult, the other three juveniles. police did search nearby train tracks to make sure the one who escaped on foot didn't discard any weapons. >> thanks. now to a developing story. we now know that the human remains found by fishermen in the east bay are the remains of a woman whose head and limbs appeared to be severed. police found the torso sunday night right at the end of the marshlands road in fremont near the dumbarton bridge. last night the alameda county coroner was back in the area. investigators spent the evening searching the water and levees and under the bridge as well. without knowing how that woman's remains ended up there, police are classifying this case adds a suspicious death at the least. >> they told everybody to just
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leave and i left when the policeman told me to leave. don't go under the bridge. >> the coroner has not identified the woman yet. if you have any information or you saw anything, you are asked to call the fremont police. a reminder, you can do so anonymously. and we have breaking news for you. as we were mentioning, the sentencing of leland yee. this is file tape of the former state senator. he has been sentenced to five years in prison. our stephanie chuang is following all of that. he agreed to a plea deal in a federal racketeering case, admitting to accepting thousands of dollars in bribes after an organized crime bust that netted more than 20 arrests. prosecutors were calling for eight years. yee's attorneys were asking for that five so they got what they wanted. again, a judge sentencing former state senator leland yee to five years in prison. christie smith is in court as well as our stephanie chuang. christie will have sentencing
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information and more reporting tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. meanwhile, this less than an hour, protesters angry over the reinstating of a fired police officer plan to gather in san jose. two weeks ago an independent arbitrator ruled officer philip white must be rehired by the san jose police force. last october the department fired white over tweets he made which many people thought he was threatening the black lives matter movement. the decision to reinstate white is resonating all the way to city hall. san jose mayor is considering going to court to refire this officer. >> the basis for a legal challenge would be focused on whether the arbitrator exceeded their authority or violated some basic public policy. >> officer white has been assigned to administrative duties and will not be allowed to patrol the streets. today's protest is planned for noon at the san jose courthouse. innocent animals poisoned and now sonoma county sheriff's
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investigators are telling anyone who believes their animal fell victim to also come forward. authorities say a homemade cookie tainted with the poisonous plant oleander killed this dog and horse. it is a fast-growing bush. someone left the treats in the yard of the property on kennedy road about two weeks ago where those animals lived. another horse also ate the treat but survived. sheriff's officials say they do have a person of interest, but they are looking for anyone to come forward with any more information. a follow-up for you. last night the school board unanimously approved a plan to offer san francisco middle school students condoms if they ask. parents are not allowed to opt out. the school district says state law allows minors access to pregnancy prevention without parent permission. the program will go into effect next month.
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condoms are already available at san francisco public high schools. dozens of homeless men and women in san francisco have three days to find a new place to sleep because the city declared their encampment a health hazard. the public health department says the area south of market where they have been camping is becoming a public nuisance and potential health threat. city leaders say they need to clear out a growing collection of trash and human waste immediately. mayor ed lee recently toured a new homeless facility at pier 80 where he says many of the 150 beds that are available are going unused. >> we'll give everybody an opportunity to come here on a voluntary basis, but ultimately we will not have encampments on the street. >> we all need to work together to be able to solve this problem, not just turn a blind eye to it and kick them away. >> public health workers will we out at the camp directing people into those shelters. a new battle is brewing in san francisco over a plan to knock down a critical stretch of
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freeway. opponents packed a community meeting last night. that's where city planners got feedback on an idea to tear down the stretch of interstate 280 in san francisco that ends up near at&t park. replacing that freeway with a boulevard would allow for more access when high-speed rail becomes a reality and create new real estate. critics, including former mayor, says that stretch of 280 is essential. >> i-280 has become more useful, more valuable today than it ever was when it was first built. >> i do recall embarcadero freeway that came down after the earthquake. what a god send that was. if that's going to be similar, i'm in favor of it. >> by that he means the freeway coming down was a god acceptsen. the final decision is still months away at the earliest. the wins keep on winning for donald trump. how he is tightening his grip on the republican presidential nomination as the candidates
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head into super tuesday. plus, we all know steph curry is insanely good, but is he too good to be in a video game? i'm meteorologist kari hall taking a live look at sunol on this beautiful day as temperatures warm up. i'll have the details of what to expect as we approach some records today. that's coming up in the microclimate forecast.
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welcome back. the stock market started on a rough note but things have gotten a lot better. in fact the nasdaq just turned to the positive so it doesn't look as bad as it did earlier this morning. apple will file papers this week asking the court to hold off in its demand to open that controversial iphone while it takes the issue to congress and asks for a new set of laws. not only is congress friendlier, that would take a long time as well and both things work in
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apple's favor. meanwhile people gathered outside apple stores at 30 locations across the u.s. tuesday evening to show their support for the company. they're a minority. a recent pew research poll says a slight majority of americans support the fbi, not apple. >> i think that our security will not be increased if apple breaks the security features on the iphone. and i think it's actually worrisome that citizens' rights to privacy are sort of being debated between a giant corporation and a very powerful government. well, expect a rough landing tonight for spacex. it's going to try to land that first stage of an unmanned rocket on a sea-going barge after launching a satellite. here was its last attempt where it boom, didn't quite work out and we expect tonight will be just as bad because of all the orbital dynamics.
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the first stage is going to come down faster with less fuel and that is a formula for disaster. kris, when my kids play video games, they argue over who gets to be the chicago blackhawks because if you play as the blackhawks, you're probably going to win. it turns out there's a similar problem with the nba video game because everybody wants to have steph curry on his or her team because you're gonna win. in fact the bay area programmers who maybe nba 2k 16 have a problem modeling steph curry because the real steph curry is so ridiculously good, he hits so many three-pointers, it's hard to include him in the video game without changing the dynamics and the tempo of the game, which i guess is true of real life as well. >> exactly. if he can hit a three-pointer from anywhere on the court, then yeah, the game is different. >> whether it's real life or you're just mashing the "a" button. >> i love him.
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to decision 2016 now. another impressive win for donald trump. he takes the nevada caucuses for his third straight win in the republican presidential race. here's a look at the results. trump with 46% of the votes. senator marco rubio second with 24% followed by senator ted cruz with 21%. dr. ben carson and ohio governor john kasich both finished in single digits. the candidates are already focused on super tuesday next week where 14 states will be up for grabs, including texas, the home of ted cruz. marco rubio left nevada early and is already campaigning in michigan. tuesday could potentially be the final blow in the campaigns of the four candidates trailing behind donald trump as we continues to build momentum. >> i love you folks very much. remember, make america great again. we're going to do it and it's going to happen fast. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. more than 600 delegates will
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be decided on super tuesday, which is half of what's needed to win the nomination. and now to a follow-up and those new plans for a new santa clara jail facility are coming into focus and it's already carrying a higher price tag. yesterday county supervisors heard updated plans for the new main jail east to replace the dilapidated main jail south. the new facility will not be completed for at least four years, but as for the cost, it's already higher by about $40 million. maybe as high as $280 million. about a third of that money is being covered by a state grant. an investigative unit exclusive. a four-month-long nbc bay area investigation has discovered a history of questionable treatment of inmates at santa clara's jail. the two independent auditors reached similar conclusions in reports delivered to the jail's blue ribbon commission. that formed following the
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beating death of inmate michael taree last november. senior investigative reporter steven stock reveals new allegations of physical abuse never before made public. and he talks to insiders about what's been happening long before taree died. >> you have to increase your staffing, increase your training base, increasing your bed space, right, and give people the tools to do the job. >> this extends way back past michael tyree's death. >> correct. >> our investigative unit also breaks down the numbers and talks to the sheriff about what's really been going on at that jail. all tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call them at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail. we have been enjoying some very beautiful spring-like
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weather. >> it will bring in some cooler temperatures and a chance of rain as we head into the weekend but now it does feel like springtime out there. looking at the temperatures now, we're in the upper 50s in san francisco, some mid-60s now for the south bay as we continue to warm up we're heading into the low to mid-70s today. a few high clouds have been filtering that sunshine, but still our temperatures warming up. so we could be on track to set some new record highs today. in oakland we're looking at the old record of 74 degrees set in 1954. today we're expecting a high of 74. napa 73 is the record, 74 in the forecast. in san jose we'll be very close but may not set a new record. hayward will set a new record with a high of 75 degrees expected today and moffett field also will be very close so we'll be watching those numbers as they continue to go up. looking at all the microclimates now, san jose and palo alto, a
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high of 75 degrees. 70 degrees today in the financial district. 76 degrees in santa rosa and also in concord. danville today looking at 77. so these temperatures a little bit more typical of may and here we are at the end of february. all of this warm weather may be drawing people to the coast to just watch some waves. well, you want to make sure that you do -- be aware that we do have a high surf advisory in effect. waves will be anywhere from 11 to 14 feet and we will have the risk of some strong rip currents and also large shore breaks, so keep an eye on everyone around you and just be aware that we may also have some sneaker waves. the next couple of days a couple of weather systems will be moving closer bringing in only some scattered showers. the models have really been backing off on exactly where and how much rain we'll see with this next system. it looks like we'll see increasing cloud and cooler temperatures friday and the weekend. it all clears out saturday with
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another one approaching on sun and hopefully that one will bring us some rain. looks like we continue on with some dry and warm weather. highs widespread in the 70s today. also in the afternoon tomorrow but then we see 50s along the immediate coastline and more 60s widespread inland, which will be a little closer to normal for this time of year. we're going to bring it back down a few degrees in time for saturday with a high of 68 degrees in the peninsula, a mixture of sun and clouds, and we'll have a slight chance of rain on sunday with a high of 66 degrees in the east bay. so you may be wondering what happened to el nino and will it bring us any chances of rain as we go into the next few weeks. coming up in my next weather cast, i'll talk about that and also something we commonly see during el nino years, which is a spell of dry weather, so that's coming up a little bit later. >> where is el nino? where did we last leave it? all right, thank you. up next at 11:00, a security
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guard attacked outside a post office, but it is how he fought back that will really catch your attention. but first, happening now, colin kaepernick sticking with the 49ers after all. the team's general manager says kaepernick will compete for the starting quarterback job. our csn insider talks about that decision to keep hill on the website. and there's new hottest ticket in town. prince announced two surprise bay area shows just days from now. tickets go on sale in hours and on our facebook page you can find out the where and the when.
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planned water front arena in sa happening today, opponents of the warriors planned waterfront arena in san francisco will make a new appeal to the city's planning commission. the mission bay alliance is now contesting the amount of space the chase center and the team office complex will take up. the project has had critics from the start with opponents saying the new arena would create a dangerous traffic jam for people trying to get to a nearby hospital during an emergency. the warriors plan to move to san francisco in the fall of 2019. tense moments caught on camera. a security guard delivering cash to a post office fends off a robber. >> he actually used his helmet as a weapon as he fights off his attacker. this happened in london a couple of weeks ago but the foot annag just being released now.
11:26 am
fortunately the 50-year-old security guard is expected to be okay. don't quite know how the robber is doing. >> do we care? >> no. sleeker, quieter, moorage ill. that is what we're talking about when we talk about human-life robots that might make delivery guys a little uncomfortable. >> meet atlas, a robot made by -- you can see his programmers trying to deliberately interfere with the robot as part of a test. does this make you feel uncomfortable? reporter scott budman will talk to experts about how this makes people feel guilty to be mean to a machine. >> i was thinking that all morning long. stop poking that guy. >> but it's just gears and electronics. >> well, then maybe they shouldn't look human. >> that might be part of scott's investigation. coming up, we investigate. >> you can't just be there and
11:27 am
then not do their job. otherwise they're failing everybody. >> a state agency that was created to protect the public is accused of putting people at significant risk. coming up, we'll tell you what has a top official in that agency apologizing.
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a local woman says she's been v a local woman says that she is angry, she's scared, she's bankrupt and she's been victimized not by a thief but by her own lawyer. >> she says it runs much deeper. the state bar is well aware of complaints against many lawyers so what is the bar doing about it and is the agency putting the public at risk? investigative reporter bigad is here to explain. >> the state bar was created to protect the public but the agency admits it wound up at the center of a crisis about how it tried to close out complaints against attorneys.
11:30 am
specifically its backlog, that's cases older than six months. we investigate how the agency's attempts to speed up that process put the public at significant risk. >> it's been extraordinarily painful. >> reporter: katherine roberts blames one man for ruining her life. her former attorney. >> the damage it did has never really left my life. >> california has its own separate court system to investigate and discipline attorneys. it's run by the state bar, which receives more than 16,000 complaints each year. but according to a recent state audit, the bar has failed to keep watch over attorneys who commit misconduct saying to reduce its backlog, the state bar allowed some attorney, who otherwise might have been disciplined more severely or even disbarred to continue practicing law at significant risk to the public. >> that's working your numbers to try and look good even while you're potentially hurting consumers out there in california. >> attorney ed howard is with the center for public interest
11:31 am
law, a watchdog group that monitors state boards and agencies. >> that's the worst kind of failure for a licensing board like the state bar. >> the audit found as the complaint backlog increased in 2010, the california bar decreased the severity of punishments for lawyers. as a result, the bar dismissed more cases and just settled others with written reprimands that stayed hidden in the lawyer's discipline file administrator what do you say to consumers who feel like the state bar failed them? >> that i'm sorry. >> leah wilson is the chief operating officer for the state bar. wilson was only hired five months ago and was unable to answer many of our questions concerning allegations against the state bar. >> i wasn't here at the time and i can't answer for that. i wasn't here then. again, i wasn't here for that either. >> the way that the state auditor put it is you all put people at significant risk. >> okay. >> do you disagree with that? >> i don't really want to focus on the assertions of the state
11:32 am
auditor as opposed to the recommendations. >> but that was the biggest finding they had in their audit. it's a serious allegation. >> right. but i think the important thing that we need to do and focus on as an agency us fixing the underlying structural problems or conditions that caused that problem to occur, and that's what we've done. >> wilson says supervising attorneys at the bar now have to sign off before cases against attorneys can be settled. roberts feels the additional oversight should have already been in place. >> they're there for a reason. they can't just be there and then not do their jobs. otherwise they're failing everybody. >> roberts says her legal troubles began after trying to fight an eviction from her home in san francisco. in 2004, she hired attorney drexel bradshaw. >> i ended up in one day losing my apartment and being half a million dollars in debt. >> she eventually sued bradshaw for, among other things, legal malpractice and breach of fish
11:33 am
duty. a jury found bradshaw's abilities as a lawyer were below the applicable standard and determined his actions resulted in a financial loss to roberts of more than $250,000. roberts ultimately settled with bradshaw out of court for aun disclosed amountin. the local bar association received a number of complaints from bradshaw's clients. and in a highly unusual move filed a complaint with the state bar citing details from seven of bradshaw's former clients, including katherine roberts. the complaint raised concerns that bradshaw may have stolen money from at least one client and engaged in unconscionable billing practices. >> that's how strongly we believed something had to be done. >> attorney and professor richard zitron has taught legal ethics for 40 years and was one of the attorneys with the san francisco bar to file that complaint. >> i hate seeing people like this get away with things when
11:34 am
they shouldn't. >> the state bar tried to take action against bradshaw with this 62-page complaint, accusing him of corruption, dishonesty and gross negligence. it went to court as two separate cases. the first was dismissed. when you search for the second one on the state bar's website, you're told no case found. >> somehow at the end of the day, this file got made secret. >> zitrin believes the state bar ultimately gave bradshaw a disciplinary slap on the wrist by giving him a low-level reprimand but he says the bar violated their own policies by not making it public. >> the state bar doesn't want to admit that it made a mistake. >> something was made private. >> something wasn't made private but there was a settlement agreement and the contents of that agreement and the outcome are not public. >> but what is public is bradshaw's criminal record. we found out he's a convicted felon. in 1991 he was found guilty in
11:35 am
virginia of grand larceny by check, which doesn't actually prevent someone from practicing law, but bradshaw lied about his criminal record six years in a row and signed documents he submitted to the san francisco bar. still, the state bar's website shows a clean disciplinary record for bradshaw. not a single infraction, at least not one the public can see. bradshaw declined our interview request through his attorney. as for the state bar, it's looking into how to restructure its staff to better handle complaints. they used to have a zero backlog policy. they now believe trying to meet that unrealistic goal is what led to the crisis in the first place. the current goal is to keep the backlog under 500 cases. they are questioning whether that goal is doing the agency any good. >> this could create a bigger backlog as people say things aren't fair and might file more
11:36 am
complaints. >> the bar is researching essential essentially how to prestructure their staff. so they're saying they do acknowledge that the way they have been doing things need to change and to a certain extent it already has. >> i would assume it will take a while when you have this many attorneys involved in a decision involving attorneys, right? >> and i think they're waiting to see how lawmakers respond to that proposal as well. at this point no timeline and when they hope to implement those changes. they're still waiting on putting forward that plan. >> thank you so much. if you have a tip for the investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit. we first gave you this story on thursday. a sikh man who was asked to remove his turban at sfo. >> reporter: well-known comedian
11:37 am
was at sfo flying to canada for his next gig when he said he was stopped by tsa officials who asked him to remove his turban for screening. >> i've never been asked to remove my turban. i said is it okay if i leave it on and you pat it down? >> reporter: security told him to remove it or leave. >> asking a sikh man to take it off in public is like asking a regular man to take off their pants. >> reporter: we asked the tsa who outsources its agents. why singh was asked to walk through the airport without his turban. in 2012 in response to a similar response, the tsa said it would provide mirrors for retying turbans. >> it has to be well nicely clean and proper. we can only do in front of mirror. >> considering all the screening they do and they have advanced technology, you'd consider that they'd be able to look through our turban and see if there's
11:38 am
anything in there. it's just our hair. >> reporter: now in ottawa for his next comedy gig, singh is trying to keep it right. >> i've got to make sure the layers are right, the spacing is right, i've got to look crisp. hey, can i get a mirror. a kentucky man suffered second-degree burns after the battery in his electronic cigarette exploded in his pants pocket. the bizarre incident happened at a gas station convenience store. flames shooting out of that man's pants. hamilton runs outside struggles to remove his pants before a fire extinguisher is provided boy a store clerk. investigators are looking into the cause of that battery explosion. but as mom told you, don't smoke. a military team of sorts is fighting against el nino. >> joe rosato jr. shows us the highly unusual battle plan. >> reporter: as every homeowner knows, owning a house is a lot
11:39 am
of work. there's constant cleaning, fixing. so just imagine that not only was your house the size of an aircraft carrier, it was in fact an aircraft carrier. >> this is like owning a really big house. >> reporter: the deck of the aircraft carrier is its own nabd. >> it's 100,000 square feet. >> reporter: the deck alone could hold 100 homes. >> this is the roof of the ship. >> reporter: and like any roof when it rains. >> barrels, buckets. >> reporter: you can just imagine the leaks. >> so it's been quite a feat to figure out where the leaks are coming from. >> this is a rust bucket. it's made out of iron and steel. every time it rains, we've got rust growing somewhere. >> this is rusted out and we have developed holes. >> these plastic sheets were put here to catch the water. >> reporter: in a floating museum with many sights, here's one sight you don't want to see. >> you can look up and see the bottom of the flight deck. >> reporter: this year's heavy rains, rained all the way into
11:40 am
the captain's meeting room damaging the ceiling and floors. >> and it also damaged a mural that was donated to the ship by president nixon's wife, pat nixon. >> we can't bring visitors in there anymore. >> most of the museums you go to are in a building. this museum is floating. >> reporter: so the historic carrier is now in the midst of an $800,000 campaign to repair and waterproof its massive flight deck. >> we've had just a little bit of a taste of el nino. >> reporter: before the historic ship retired in 1970, it carried a crew of 3500. >> we had people 24 hours a day painting, chipping, washing, and now we have about ten people that maintain the whole ship. >> reporter: the uss hornet has a vast history from serving in world war ii to picking up apollo space capsules 11 and 12. >> to preserve that history and legacy of the hornet is important for the new generation. >> reporter: so for now, it's this generation's turn to keep this ship in ship shape.
11:41 am
joe rosato jr. -- >> we're still afloat. >> reporter: -- nbc bay area news. going to do with all these warm hats and gloves and coats. no one has just ever really thought about it before. >> getting warm feelings by giving them. the unique way two teenagers are helping people in need that will make you bay area proud. and a very warm day across the bay area with a lot of sunshine. we're heading into the low to mid-70s. i'll detail that and a cooldown in time for the weekend coming up. spell, this el niño winter hasb.
11:42 am
11:43 am
11:44 am
welcome back. in spite of the recent dry spell, this el nino winter has been great for ski resorts. not kind to those living on the streets. >> but thanks to the work of two walnut creek teenagers, those in need are starting to warm up. here's more in today's bay area proud. >> corinne heinz and katrina met in the 6th grade and instantly didn't like each other. until they both showed up at school wearing ski jackets for their racing team, it turns out they had something in common. it wasn't just a sport they had in common, it was kindness too. it's a heavenly recipe for big crowds. take a week of school vacation, add a few feet of snow topped off by some warm sunshine and you'll have thousands packing their gear and heading to the
11:45 am
mountains. of course not all that gear makes it back home. >> we still lose stuff. >> still do. >> katrina and core iin have be skiing since they were little girls. they are experienced racers which means they spent enough time on the mountain to take it for granted that people lose things now and again for no good reason. that is, until these girls came up with one. >> it's an idea that no one has really thought of before. >> take all that good quality winter gear that was filling up ski resort lost and founds and find it a good home back home in walnut creek. it started when the pair were just 11. >> we kind of noticed like homeless people on the streets and we noticed that they weren't really wearing any warm clothes during the winter and they were just wearing t-shirts and ripped jeans. >> so katrina and corinne began
11:46 am
their very own nonprofit collecting the warm clothes and donating them to the homeless. >> it just like snowballed, i guess. >> warm winters now collect from 30 ski resorts in 12 states and one in australia. >> women's. >> in five years they have collected and donated close to half a million dollars worth of clothing. it is a total that makes these young women feel good, though not quite as good as seeing someone in their hometown in a jacket they gave them. >> it feels really good. it makes you feel like you're actually making a difference. it makes the whole situation very real and it kind of brings you back to reality and shows you that you're actually impacting someone's life. >> i'll put these in kids. >> proof these two have discovered that you can get a warm feeling by giving others the very same thing. with all their success, you can imagine corinne and katrina have been recognized for their work.
11:47 am
corinne most recently recognized by the gloria baron award for young heroes. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. let's check your weather with kari. >> we have some beautiful weather out there as you get out and about and take in all of this sunshine. it's now 58 degrees in san francisco, low 60s elsewhere as our temperatures will continue to rise. we're looking at some 70s today. 74 degrees in milpitas and burlingame, the marina at 67 degrees and we may be setting some records both today and most likely tomorrow as our temperatures will be even warmer than this. we're looking at 76 in santa rosa, concord and danville today 77 degrees. so this warming trend continues at least the next couple of days. we have a stubborn area of high pressure that's been blocking all of the cold fronts but as that moves away, we'll have a couple of systems moving in. unfortunately as of now it looks like everything that moves close to the coast will be fairly dry,
11:48 am
only bringing a new scattered showers. so some people are like what happened to el nino and what's going on there? well, we still had some of the warmest temperatures along the equator and that's what we're looking at. the warm sea surface temperatures still happened and in the normal winter we do still have some very active weather. so as we go into the next few days, we are looking at some more dry weather. and do we normally see that? yes. we normally see at least a span of several dry days. these are a look at some of the previous el ninos from strong to very strong el nino years where some years we had a span of 21 days of dry weather. some were just as short as 8 days but still ended up with a percentage of average for the rainfall year and sometimes they were well above average, up to 218%, and that's what we were kind of expecting could happen this year with the very strong
11:49 am
el nino. but you also see that we have a percentage of average that was below average and looking at this year, that's what we're getting. the rain has pretty much shifted farther to the north and that's where we've had the heaviest rain, so so far this year we're at 84% of average with a span of about 14 dry days in san francisco. and we still have about six or seven weeks left to possibly have that influence in our weather. so we'll see how things pan out, but as we head into the weekend, we're enjoying some cooler weather, reaching into the mid to upper 60s. we have a slight chance of showers on sunday and once again we'll see if things get more active next week but as things stand, it's still el nino. we still had active weather, especially in january and still have several weeks left so we'll leave it there. our breaking news right now in palo alto where several schools are on lockdown as police search for a wanted suspect. those schools impacted are
11:50 am
j.l.s., hoover, fair meadow, greendale, keys and achieve in palo alto. police are looking for a man in his 20s. he was seen wearing a blue flannel shirt over a white t-shirt. the search area is on el camino royale. >> and the police are point out at those schools instruction continues. if you are a parent of a student at one of those schools, they have locked down the schools but they are not worried enough to discontinue teaching them. so again, this is happening near schools for safety as they look for the suspect. >> we'll give you those again. jls, hoover, fair meadow, greendale, keys and achieve academy in palo alto. >> we'll be right back. carefully at food labels -- and
11:51 am
11:52 am
those words real welcome back. have you ever looked carefully at a food label and wondered what are those words and how do they mean? >> and how do you pro nounounce them? in the cross hairs right now the
11:53 am
natural label. consumer rights advocates are calling for change. >> reporter: dinner time in san diego. >> all right, what else do we need, owen? >> reporter: a passion for jane maynard who writes a blog about preparing healthy meals. her big gripe the natural labels on so many products. >> that word pulls you in and makes you feel like for some reason that's a better food. >> reporter: 62% of shoppers look for the natural label believing it means no artificial ingredients, pesticides or gmos. but there is no universal definition for the word "natural." among the questionable examples cited boy consumer records, del monte fruit naturals contains artificial preservatives. and 100% natural wesson vegetable oil. >> that's why we think the natural label is so incredibly misleading because it leads people to think that that food may meet those attributes when
11:54 am
in fact it does not. >> reporter: consumer reports has petitioned the fda to define or ban the natural label so shoppers aren't misled and the fda is now asking for shoppers' input. the grocery manufacturers of america calls that a welcome and necessary step towards having a common national standard that consumers can rely on regardless of where they live or shop. >> does anybody want any guacamole? >> reporter: back in san diego, call jane maynard a skeptic. >> everything says all natural, right? so that doesn't really tell you anything. >> reporter: buyer beware. with no standard definition, natural means whatever the seller wants it to mean. tom costello, nbc news, new york. >> and we'll be right back.
11:55 am
lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green® fertilizer, at lowe's.
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finally, a truly adorable tribute to the academy awards. >> chicago-based photographer maggie who used her daughter to capture lasting images of this year's films. there it is coming up. the revenant. how about this one. among the movies getting star treatment, she even steals the show for the martian portrait. she did the same thing last year and plans to keep it going as long as it's fun. i would also point out as long as her kids would let her. >> thanks for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. don't forget, you can follow developments on palo alto on twitter.
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today on "access hollywood live," my arm, kit. is there a doctor in the house? >> i hope so, because "code black" suave surgeon -- oh! i leaned in. i leaned in! >> what about me? >> i need honey for my tea. >> it's right down there. >> look at boris, in the house. >> very, very sexy valentine's day with his lady, nicole. >> did you see i did the lead-in? >> you tried to kiss him on the lips. he was going for cheek. that was really -- >> sorry, sorry. how about this married couple? almost 40 years, gloria and emilio estefan join us from new york to talk about their hit broadway show based on their lives and what an incredible love story. >> and our countdown to the academy awards continues with some behind-the-scenes stories of some famous oscar buzz. >> "access hollywood live" starts right now.


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