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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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is... stice runs=03=raj/cont vo right now at 11...and only on n taken for a de... local taxicom what we're interested in is justice. >> right now, taken for a ride. a local taxi company accused of hustling disabled riders. >> good evening. thanks for being with us. >> a peninsula taxi company is accused of charging people in wheelchairs more than three times the regular rate. this has the attention of the
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feds. >> jean elle has the details. >> reporter: disability rights advocates filed this lawsuit against this cab company. it's asking for the court to make sure everyone is treated equally. joseph said lining up a taxi ride on the pence that can accommodate his disability is difficult. but sarah yellow cab is charging people in wheel shares more than other customers. >> we found they were charging exorbitant rates.
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>> the owner of sarah yellow cab that the inflamed many his partner, who is not in a wheelchair, look the same ride and paid $9.40. >> i think it's wrong. obviously i'm sure it happens to others as well. >> my client is very, very upset and they would like nothing more
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than to resolve this with the plaintiffs and reflue commitment to the disability community. >> jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> just in to the newsroom, nbc bay area has confirmed late tonight that the man in a n jail under suspicion for killing his girl friend. aguilar's body was found in fremo fremont. >> investigators arrested zachary drew after receiving a phone call from a concerned parent. they say the 29-year-old teacher
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turned himself in at the jail yesterday. >> but you wouldn't know anything about it because you're a lousy -- >> i wouldn't know anything about bankrupting four companies. >> it was a political street fight. this was the most explosive night so far in the presidential race. all five of the republican presidential hopefuls squaring off in house to be. these next five days are critical and they knew it. pg.
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>> senator ted cruz came out swinging as well. >> the two men closest in the polls peppering and standing up to the front-runner before the pivotal super tuesday vote. >> he hired workers from poland and had to pay $1 million. >> when you say crazy zealot, are you talking about you? give me a break. >> there were two others but as usual, ben carson and john kasich were muted. >> let me just finish because i don't get to talk that much. >> the questions touched on hot button topics. but the primary focus for the top lee candidates seemed to be on each other. >> i watched him repeat himself five times last week sfwlip watched you repeat yourself five
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times two seconds ago. >> take a look, all of these 13 states will go to the polls next week. as for us, our primary is june 7th. >> a possible serial attacker targeting women in the same neighborhood. santa clara police say it's happened twice in two weeks on the same block. now they say they need help in catching him. chuck, what is the plan? >> the plan is get the word out and hope enough people take a look at the police sketch we're going to show you.
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santa clara police are patrolling the upscale neighborhood north of river mark plaza and circulating this sketch of a man wanted for sexual assault and attempted burglary. >> the gates have been broken multiple times. our keek. >> a woman was sexually assaulted. police say both incidents are connected. >> we want folks to take a look at the sketch and see if they recognize this person and if they do, please give as you call. >> he's is balding, light skinned and about 30 years old, a foot 10, roughly 108 pounds. nicole coop are used to work for nevada police.
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she hopes people connect the sketch with another identifier, his voice. >> today a campus-wide crime alert was issued. two students may have been drugged at a fraternity. police are investigating the claims. >> tonight an area near the dumbarton brid dumbarton bridge is closed. her husband committed suicide by
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jumping off the bay bridge on tuesday night. tonight a small memorial outside the couple's home is growing. >> gunshotting rang out on a busy stretch of road in san jose. it ended with that gold van crashing into the median and someone from another car opening fire. police have conflicting descriptions of that other vehicle that fled. >> witnesses recount the chilling moments during a shooting spree in kansas. that deadly scene unfolding about 30 miles north of wichita. police described several crime crime scenes starting with the
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gunm gunman. and the spreed ended at the manufacturing plant where the pus police say. >> public comment turned into fiery debate. more than 150 people were at the meeting in morgan hill this evening and the the mosque would serve over 100 families but many people are against it. >> the size of the project far exceeds something that we've. >> no action was taken tonight. the county will next conduct an environmental impact review. >> i literally sat in the bath
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tub all night long sometimes because it was so painful. >> scale of one to ten, what was the pain? >> it was closed to a ten. >> warning tonight about a medical device that has been sold to women for years. when we investigate concerns about a product the fda the product is. >> and nen. >> and millions of dollars owed to local drivers. how you can make sure to get paid before time runs out. >> good evening many. i'm meteorologist jeff ranir irk, fr
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from. >> fwfrmt rm ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ years.and resulted in thousan o the serious warning about a medical device that has been sold to women for years and results in thousands of complaints about severe health problems. >> we're talking about one device that many women say ruined their lives. vic vicky, is this product still on the market? >> this device is still being implanti implanted into women. and the efforts here in the bay area to get it off the market. >> i think it's terrible. >> i've regretted every moment of it. >> these three women share a common story. they all underwent a procedures to implant transvaginal mesh,
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also known as semifinal certainly the repair doesn't require surgery because doctors go through the vagina. >> it was simple. it was quick. i went into the hospital. the next day i came home but i was back um on my feet. >> but the women said within the first year, it led it it. >> scale of one to ten, what was the pain? >> it was close to a ten. >> rita morrison said she separated in her husband for two years, in part because her klee
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declining sfrsh she said the mesh was supposed to fix her pro lapse but instead caused more suffering. frfrmt sffrmt they argue their products are fda approved and the agency hasn't requested they pull them from the market. >> it preserves your legal rights. >> at this call center in
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danville, dispatchers take calls from women around the clock. >> if this was a bunch of men who couldn't use their preproductive organs, believe me, there would be more noise about it. >> this mesh i understand can you buy for $25 but they're selling them for $800 to $3,000. thousands of women are turning to this doctor. he's performed more than 1,000 mesh resfrochl look at how rm.
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>> the doctors have lost the trust of their patients and we have to regain that trust. >> he urges women to seek treatment if they're suffering. >> i don't want them to leave in a hopelessness. >> the it, if and there are numerous safer alternatives with superior success rates. the fda has issued two safety warnings. last within sfwrrchl makers who want to use the mesh now that nr nrnl. >> we can't trust them anymore.
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>> what do you think the fda should do? >> just stop putting it on the market. ged rid of it. from gfrmt zbfrmt and if they know and they want it, that's okay. there and there are other options. >> that don't require any. flfrmt sfwlfrmt. >> zbhfrmt --
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>> tomorrow morning specifically, no chance for any rain. temperatures starting at 46 in the north bay. right here across the peninsula 41. let's get you into the future cast. you can see by the afternoon tomorrow, 1:00 p.m. hype clouds move on by for a partly cloudy sky for most of us and the storm system approaches by 5:30 at night. a napa county. watch as we advance, the storm system falls apart. let fwaed and get a look at the rainfall totals. but as you'll see, once again the north bay has at best chance. ant a rosa, bet best ng it's
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just going to be trace amounts. on friday the biggest thing no doubt, everybody is going to be impacted by tomorrow. ilt the fact that specific will be 5 to 10 degrees cooler. instead of upwrmt and you can see in san francisco ilt going to be a mixed bag near the marina. and then over toward the finance for the north bay, he's bay or try rahal sfrrmt even though we have that of hours, we're not secretarying that until the evening hours. as we leave you within it frrjt.
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>> thank you, jeff. >> still ahead, local drivers o'ed millions. . in. >> we have den oo slate, and tonight's show is a great show! a car crash in san francisco ha.
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control, hit another car, then swerved on the sidewa and hit a man walking. the car slammed into the sidof a mother was inside the homewit. =sot= runs 0:10 "i heardhis hugboom.... oc"saw dewalk." =contvo= the accide unfoing near golden gate park, on 46-th and all of a sudden we heard a huge boom. i don't care about that i wand h
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her. >> the driver, an elderly man and his wife were taken to nornl nrnl okay good ffrm san francisco as nourmgs you have until march 3rd to claim a refound. noufrmt n. >> nfrmt sfrmt.
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well, coming um we're hear from steph curry. and frchlt a bald eagle is nrjs been seen since. also federal and state sagts are still looking inside a frrchlt. >> what happened to your tie? >> plus the 1975. >> nurchlt norchlt sfwhufrmt.
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>> hey, stay strong. >> what's that? you want me to eat you? >> honey, in been fwhrchlt fwhufrmt nfrmt urchlt pufrmt
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sfwhirchlt sfwhurchlt sfwhurchlt. >> you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them.
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. good evening. we start with the warriors who continue to break record and continue to win. first quarter, steph curry, officially stands alone in the nab record books, his 128th game within three. fury flips it in and got fouled. he finished with 22 points this
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the first half. final seconds the of third quarter, curry, he practices and thenished to-of along time. so especially to bring that and hopefully continue it. he's plm.
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>> actually. sfrfrm sfwfrmt. fwl with the sunshine in your
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escaped a photshoot. okay. the officers weren't expecting this. it's a unicorn! well, it escaped a photo shoot. it escaped yesterday afternoon. police say it darted in and out of traffic until officers were finally a able to wrangle it in a yard. >> it wasn't hard. >> only in the bay area. >> tomorrow is friday. we hope you enjoy temperature. >> ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- gerard butler -- jenny slate -- musical guest the 1975.


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