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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> nbc bay area's damian true here ye trujillo, this is an immigration issue. what's the latest? >> reporter: as you mentioned, prosecutors say he did not act alone. he had an accomplice they say who helped him hide the body of stacey aguilar. today both men were in court to hear the charges against them. >> he stood behind the glass panel of alameda county superior court, helped by an interpreter to formally be charged with murder. standing next to hem was tomaso pa perez. police believe he helped hide the body. >> reporter: his cousin didn't want to show his face but says he was shocked by the charges. police say padrasa and aguilar were attending a party saturday night. later police say he shot and
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killed her in his car. >> to think he would do something like that. never did the family ever see something like that. >> reporter: prosecutors allege the second suspect came out of the party when he heard the gunshot. they say he helped padrasa drive stacey's body away and roll her down a hillside on morris and canyon road. >> surprising. none of that. i mean, wow. that's a shock. and i mean it's real sad. i mean, it is real, real sad. >> reporter: paud padrasa's cousin says he never even knew esmid had a girlfriend and she was never brought to family functions. padrasa an undock yieumented immigrant was facing deportation before this. now he could be facing life in prison. >> reporter: and the alleged accomplice is also an undocumented immigrant. bail against him is set at half a million dollars. live in hayward, damian
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trujillo, nbc bay area news. terrifying moments in a san jose neighborhood when a fire jumped from home to home sending everyone near it scrambling. nbc bay area's robert handa was the first reporter on the scene. robert, the fire just across the street from a fire station. unfortunately they didn't have the one thing they needed the most. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. san jose firefighters have long complained about the budget cuts that took away a fire engine that carried water from that station. and after yet another fire in this area, neighbors say they would like to see that service restored. the four-alarm fire started shortly after noon. by this evening, 12 people were safe but displaced and in the hands of the red cross. 72 firefighters with 25 trucks and engines battled the fire that just spread from one house to several other units. this is cell phone video of when the fire first started shot by one of several men who rushed in to help evacuate residents.
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>> it just engulfed in flames. it spread quick, it went up high and it was fast and it was hot. >> reporter: the fire was fueled by building materials, trash and chemicals in a backyard. investigators say they can't tell yet whether that helped the fire spread to the other homes. >> i saw smoke coming into my room from the other side of the house. and my initial reaction was, there's something wrong. so i got up immediately, grabbed my mother who's disabled, threw her over my shoulder ran out of the house. >> reporter: the fire was across the street from a fire station, but one without a water tanker truck due to prior city budget cuts. a neighbor says this is the fourth fire in the neighborhood in the past few years. >> and to have that fire station not be able to address that fire because they can't move water? is insanity. >> reporter: fire officials say the station trucks are equipped to save lives. >> our first priority is always going to be getting people out of the building. so that's what the truck is going to do. upon their arrival they're going to make entry into that building, ensure that everybody
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is out. >> reporter: for residents, they say they're focused on starting over. >> i'm alive, my mother is alive. our neighbors are alive. i don't care whose fault it is. i'm happy people got out alive. >> reporter: at this hour, firefighters are still investigating. and even though they haven't determined a cause, they acknowledge they are looking at that backyard area as a possible point of origin. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> robert, thank you. the school wasn't hiding anything. that's what administrators are saying today after a teacher was arrested for allegedly having sex with a student. san jose police say this man, zachary drew, had an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old student last year. they learned about it last week after receiving a tip from a parent. when investigators contacted summit tahoma charter school, they say administrators told them the school had already concluded its investigation. today the school issued this statement "once law enforcement became involved and interrogated the student, new evidence came to light that we acted on
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immediately". school officials say they'll be placing drew, that teacher, on unpaid lea pending the outcome of this case. he remains in jail. a developing story now fight at the dmv leaves a man dead. now the search is on for the person responsible. happened around noon in the dmv parking lot on broadway in sacramento. police say the two men apparently knew each other and got into some sort of an altercation. now they haven't released many other details. the dmv did close up shop for the day after learning about that death. facebook boss mark zuckerberg trying to change perceptions about diversity. this stems from something that happened at facebook headquarters. something that zuckerberg was not happy about. the controversy centers around this, facebook's popular message wall. this is inside of its campus. employees are encouraged to write on the wall. now, someone altered a message of "black lives matter." our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us from facebook hq in menlo park.
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scott how did zuckerberg respond? >> reporter: the message from zuckerberg put a spotlight on the fact the number of minorities working in the industry is still very low. today his company tried to do something about it. their day started by a facebook message wall. but shortly after the world saw how facebook ceo mark zuckerberg admonished someone who changed the words "black lives matter" to "all lives matter" on one of these walls, the company hosted bay area african-american high school students. >> we're responsible for communicating to engineers, to designers, to business sides. >> reporter: encouraging them to pursue careers in technology while admitting they won't see many people of color in the industry. >> because a lot of times you see a minority population who assume this is no place for us to be.
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it's going to be more than difficult to break into this environment. i'd better steer clear and stay in my lane. they didn't let that stop them. >> reporter: even as this meeting was going on -- >> just because you get hired at a company doesn't mean you'll be doing what you set out to do. >> reporter: san jose state engineering student michael lee was talking about how it can be frustrating for african-americans in tech. >> there's just not very many. 5% of some companies that actually go into these black tech jobs when they get there they get put into h.r. to recruit more but not necessarily into engineering positions. >> reporter: trying to break down walls and open up opportunities. i want to quote some of zuckerberg's note to facebook employees for you here. "black lives matter doesn't mean other lives don't. it's simply asking that the black community also achieve the justice they deserve." zuckerberg says he has invited all facebook employees to an event to learn more about the black lives matter movement here at facebook headquarters early next month. reporting live in menlo park,
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scott bud man, nbc bay area news. >> a followup now. san francisco first store owner accused of selling illegal items made from protected animals says she's not a poacher. decades of fashion owner sicily hanson is defending herself today. state investigators raided her haight street store yesterday and took items they said were illegal. hanson argues the item in her store were made 50 years ago when laws were different. the store could face thousands of dollars in fines. an muni bus got rear-ended today by a suspected drunk driver. it happened about 9:00 in the morning at the intersection of bay shore and industrial. investigators tell us a man driving a suv hit the bus when the bus was stopped to let passengers off. police arrested that man on suspicion of driving under the influence. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff rainiery. temperatures in the upper 60s to
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about 70. cloud cover increasing in oakland with 59. here comes this weaker storm system with some scattered showers. we're tracking those showers. we'll have details on what this means for your weekend coming up in just a few minutes. san francisco police are looking for a woman and her dog after her dog bit a man at golden gate park causing serious injures. and the woman left the scene. i'm christie smith. we'll have that story coming up. what kind of evil would do something like that to another human being? >> an emotional day in a bay area courtroom as the family of a woman killed with a baseball bat in a mall parking lot faces her alleged killer. i'm jodi hernandez. i'll have a live report coming up. an intense day in court - the fs
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their first look at the man on a tense day in court, the family of a woman killed in a shopping mall parking lot gets their first look at the man accused of that crime. prosecutors say that william david cane used a baseball bat to kill this woman and then robbed her. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in the solano county courthouse for that hearing. jodi i know you spoke with her family and they're so distraught. >> reporter: very tough, jessica. the family of the kaiser nurse says that she dedicated her entire life to helping others. she donated her bone marrow to save a stranger when she was alive, and she donated her organs when she died. today they face the man accused
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of brutally killing her. >> this is so horrible that this monster, i can't even call this person a person or a human being. >> reporter: for the first time, friends and family of a woman brutally beaten with a baseball bat got to see the man accused of the crime for themselves. 19-year-old william david king appeared in court on charges he killed 63-year-old cheryl sherwood, a long-time kaiser oncology nurse. while allegedly stealing her purse in this sorkz olana town center mall parking lot three weeks zblag what kind of evil would do something like that to another human being? >> reporter: king is also charged with attempted murder and robbery for separate attacks the day before. investigators say in that case he hit a woman on the head with a hammer as she walked to her car from a vallejo wells fargo. >> it escalated from a hammer the day before to a baseball bat when he killed my wife. >> reporter: king's attorney says the suspect's friends and family are stunned by the
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allegations. many came to court to show their support. >> this kid has no history of violence. good kid. played baseball. >> she had a lot more life and love to give. that was just snapped up and gone. >> reporter: several of the victims, fellow nurses, say they think the death penalty is in order. >> i will be happy to be the person that injects him myself. king is charged with murder with special circumstances, which makes him eligible for the death penalty. the district attorney says she has not yet decided if she will pursue that. he will be back in court on march 14th to enter a plea. reporting live in solano county, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. a quick-thinking neighbor is the reason these two men are behind bars. someone saw these suspects taking something out of pg and e box at a local park.
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that witness called 911 and the two suspects were arrested. officers found this copper wire at the park. this is a widespread problem we reported for a couple years now. copper is valuable on the blackmar get. dozens of people in san francisco are on the brink of losing their homes forever. they gathered today asking the city to intervene, to stop this rent controlled building from being demolished. you might recall a fire damaged this complex here on mission and 22nd last year. it was an incredible sight. city inspectors red tagged the building last week saying it was at risk of collapsing. demolishing the building would no longer give these continue ants the right to return. some city officials say they are exploring options to save the building or tenants rights. a man died in the east bay today after a two-story fall at a construction site. it happened in oakland at an apartment complex under construction. that scaffolding gave way. the fall left the man with some
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broken fingers, a severe chest injury, and unfortunately he may end up losing an eye. paramedics airlifted him to a hospital where he's said to be in critical but stable condition. a dog attack at golden gate park has police on the hunt for the dog and its owner. it happened in the meadow area of the park earlier this month, but it's still a concern tonight. nbc bay area's christie smith is in san francisco this evening with the latest. christie. >> reporter: well, raj, police say that this woman was finally able to help stop the attack. she put this dog in the car and the indication was that she would come back and give her information as help arrived. instead, they say, she took off. word spread fast at golden gate park where the attack has dog walkers on edge. >> it's scary. especially because it's something you don't expect. like people come through here all the time with their dogs and it's always fine. >> reporter: san francisco police say a man was playing
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catch with his dog on february 8th when another dog suddenly attacked him. >> a large pit bull ran up to the victim and bit him in the arm and in the leg. the victim was trying to defend himself, the dog attached further. >> reporter: this is a picture the victim was able to provide of a similar type of dog. police say the attacking dog's owner was finally able to stop the attack. minutes later, though, she grabbed her dog and rushed away. >> we simply want to speak with the owner. we want to make sure the dog is current with all their vaccinations. and basically we want to make sure that the dog will be held so that we can do this dog hearing trial. >> reporter: the dog and its owner were last seen getting into a white 2006 ford explorer with a plate that ended in b 694. >> it's kind of shocking. the thing is you got to take responsibility for what your dog does. and i know we do. >> reporter: now, that woman is
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described as either white or hispanic, 5'3" to 5'6" tall, about 200 pounds with short dark hair, wearing eye glasses. reporting live in golden gate park, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. let's turn things over to jeff rainierry. >> we head throughout the next two days, right now we have a weaker system moving on by. you've had spotty showers in san francisco and the north bay. you can see as the cold front begins to move across there's just not a whole lot of moisture left. how do we do for rainfall? again it was brief and very light. we had .01 inch in sebastapol. that has been the highest coltos we've seen today. on the saturday forecast north bay 46 degrees. mix of sun and clouds. partly sunny back through the
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peninsula and 49. and for the south bay we'll begin at 50. now, through tomorrow we'll begin to see numbers bump up as we'll have partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. some more wild weather. i'd love to see a huge storm in here this weekend but it's just not possible. you'll see for saturday south bay at 71 degrees. trivalley also at 70. san francisco 64. cooler westerly winds to keep your numbers down. for the north bay 69. what about as we advance things into sunday's forecast? there will be a system getting close. you can see some showers well off to the north. we're not going to be impacted by that. but we will start with clouds for the morning. might make it just perfect for you to sleep in, have your coffee, read the paper and just kind of get the day going. by the afternoon on sunday that sunshine does return. now, coming up in about 25 minutes, we'll have details on the best possibility of rainfall coming your way over the next seven days. i know it seems like just a big teaser today. at least tonight with these clouds coming in. there is a more substantial
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chance. we'll detail that for you. >> we'll see you in a little bit, jeff, thank you. a teacher shortage crisis coming up. just how dire is the situation and what's being done to try and attract teacher talent for our schools? and guess what? the eagle has landed. the bay area woman spots the missing bald eagle from the palo alto zoo. that's just the beginning. stay with us. a woman contracted the virus
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happening now new details on the first zika virus case in san
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diego. a woman contracted the virus while she was visiting columbia. she is not pregnant. plus updating that on our app, dozens of homeless defy city orders to clear out from a san francisco neighborhood. the deadline to move out was more than an hour ago. we'll have the latest on this story coming up in a live report in just a few minutes at 6:30. =vo=y apple c-e-o tim cookdefen.
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apple ial today apple ceo tim cook defending his company's battle against the fbi. apple is challenging a judge's order to help the feds unlock an encrypted iphone used by the san bernardino terrorists. this morning cook spoke before hundreds of apple shareholders. he offered only brief remarks about the fbi case, simply saying that the company's stance is the quote right thing to do. a hearing on the iphone dispute is scheduled for next month. well, the teacher shortage in california is said to be reaching crisis levels. so now lawmakers are stepping in. analysts say one-third of the
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state's teachers are nearing retirement age, and the number of those going into teaching or getting a teaching credential is at a 12-year low. one analyst says california needs 100,000 teachers. the state legislature is considering measures to entice more people to get into teaching. >> it's one of the most important jobs in society. educating the future generation. so loan forgiveness is important. helping people enter the teaching career to have a huge amount of student debt. but also looking for creative ways to get people into the workforce that are almost there. >> aside from the help with loans, proposals include offering other financial assistance. the idea is to give those who already work with kids help in completing the needed college courses to get that teaching credential. spring forward fall back. forget about it. the fight is intensifying now to end daylight savings time. >> i've introduced a bill. i have received many phone calls
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and e-mail, text messages all in support of the do away with the time change twice a year. >> i see a lot of people weighing in on this story. that state assemblyman canton chu who represents san jose. he wants california to go to pacific standard time year-round. chu says studies show losing an hour in the spring causes more traffic accidents and even heart attacks. his bill goes up for discussion in just a few weeks. and by the way, we spring forward in march. well, she's become the most famous bald eagle in america. tonight she's back home. >> hallelujah. a woman this morning spotted sekagya while hiking near los al to. she had flown off monday while doing a demonstration at the park. the hiker recognized the bald eagle from the news reports and notified the zoo right away. the zookeeper dashed around to find her. >> she was circling over the canyon. i held up a mouse an blue a
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whistle and she turned and came right to me. >> it's the mouse that's the trick every time. really cool to see sequoia here. the bald eagle is a fixture at the palo alto zoo. sequoia gets her name from the forrest in humboldt county where she was rescued 27 years ago after being shot by someone. this place is beginning to clear out big time, guys. we'll tell you where the homeless are heading out to coming up. i literally sat in the bathtub all night long sometimes so painful. >> scale of 1 to 10 how high was the pain? >> closer to 10. >> a warning about a medical device that's been sold to women for years. we investigate concerns about a product the fda is now calling high risk and why it's still on the market and what women should know. also a rare move by president obama. why he's no longer endorsing a well-known bay area politician. we'll explain. the deadline for the homeless ln
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told to leave but did they go? the deadline for homeless men and women living on division street in san francisco was an up an hour and a half ago. the city calls that encampment on division street a health hazard. but what happens to some of the homeless if they decide not to
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go? nbc bay area's pete suratos, there are some people that say they want to stay. >> reporter: you know, since 5:00 p.m. we've started to see this area clear out. they're starting to clear out as you can see. they're head heading to a shelter or moving to tents east of this location. some of the folks we spoke to plan to stay until they're told to move. is one of the many notices posted along 13th street. >> i'm just tired of this. i just want off the street. >> reporter: the department of public health informing the homeless to clear the area by 5:00 p.m. today. this notice posted tuesday, another notice going out yesterday requesting tents to be cleared around show place square by sunday. both sides considered health hazards. >> i don't feel like we all should be put in one category as drug addicts and everything else that people perceive us to be.
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>> reporter: chanel lives with her wife linda in this tent along 23rd street. they've been asked to move before most recently during super bowl weekend. >> i had no sleep for two days straight. the cops moved us about 13 times in one night. >> it feels like neglect. like the city agencies haven't dealt with the issue. >> reporter: mark norman lives nearby. while he feels bad for the homeless, he says the tents have attracted a dangerous crowd. >> i mean, people just hang out on our steps, so we have needles most days in front of our house. >> reporter: the department of public health says while there was that 5:00 p.m. deadline they're going to work with folks on a case-by-case basis to make sure they get to the right shelter. >> pete, thank you. even long-time political pundits agree, not sure we've ever seen a presidential race as explosive as this. last night you might have seen it, fireworks at the republican debate. tonight a surprise endorsement for donald trump. new jersey governor chris
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christie is backing mr. trump. governor christie saying today that trump is the only republican candidate who can take on and beat hillary clinton in november. this is a key pickup for donald trump. governor christie dropped out of the race almost three weeks ago. also making headlines, a rare move by president obama. he's no longer endorsing long-time congressman mike honda. reportedly mr. obama is pulling his support of the incumbent democratic representative. congressman honda is running for re-election this year. it's a change of heart for the president who did endorse honda back in 2014. no word on whether this is linked to the ethics investigation of the 74-year-old honda. an ex-staff member accused honda's aides of sometimes micking campaign business with officialal congressional events. ro kana is running against him. in the south bay the california democrats state convention. vice president joe biden is among the many democrats that will be attending. he'll gave keynote address to
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more than 3,000 people tomorrow at the san jose convention center. senator barbara boxer, representative nancy pelosi and attorney general will also speak at the convention. it lasts through the weekend. a serious warning tonight about a medical device sold to women for years and resulted in severe health problems. >> specifically one device that many women say ruined their lives. senior investigative reporter vickie nguyen has the story. >> reporter: this product is still on the market and still being implanted in women right now. we look into concerns about this product that some say never should have been put into women, and the effort now centered here in the bay area to get this device banned in the u.s. >> gosh, i think it's terrible. >> i feel like i'm on fire. >> i've regretted every moment of it. >> reporter: they don't know each other but these three women share a common story. they all underwent a procedure to implant transvaginal mesh.
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>> it seemed easy. >> reporter: surgical mesh was introduced in the 50s to fix hernias via abdominal surgery. in 2002 the fda approved mesh in repair of pelvic prolapse where a bladder or uterus is moved out of place. the repair doesn't require surgery because doctors go through vagina. it became popular to fix incontinence, too. that's why these women had it put in. >> it was simple. it was quick. winter into the hospital the next day ways home and back up on my feet. >> reporter: the women say the first year it led to chronic pain and infections. >> it's a nightmare. i had it put in in 2012. since then i've had 5 to 6 utis a year. >> i literally sat in the bathtub all night long sometimes because it's so painful. >> scale of 1 to 10 what was the pain? >> it was like close to a 10. >> reporter: rita said she
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separated from her husband for two years, in part because of her declining health. >> finally i got back with my husband, and we were watching tv and he was like what the heck? that's what you have. that vaginal mesh. you had that surgery. that's what's making you sick. >> reporter: rhonda said she had to leave her job saying the mesh was supposed to fix her prolapse. instead it caused more suffering. >> it feels just like a screen for a window on my insides. >> reporter: it's pain felt by women across the country. records from the fda's product monitoring database revealed more than 3,000 complaints against nearly a dozen different makers of mesh products. . so biggest manufacturers including johnson & johnson, bard, and boston scientific have defended their products in court claiming these devices have been rigorously tested and help women to repair prolapse. they claim their products are fda approved and the agency hasn't requested they pull them
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from the market. at this call center in danville, dispatchers take calls from women around the clock to explain their legal and medical options. >> if this was a bunch of men who couldn't use -- hundreds of thousands of men who couldn't use their reproductive organs there would be more noise about it. >> reporter: this woman runs the marketing company that connects women with attorneys who are now taking on the mesh makers. >> this mesh that i understand you can buy for $25 and they're selling them for about 800 to 3,000. it's so lucrative. what's a vagina worth? what's a woman worth? >> reporter: she estimates nearly 2 million women have been implakted with mesh and it's still on the market. now women are turning to surgeons like this doctor who's performed more than 1,000 mesh removal surgeries since 1994 and says he's seen a rapid increase in patients in the last five years some who have traveled as far as australia for the
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surgery. >> the darkest chapter gynecology surgery. the doctors have lost the trust of their patients. and we have to regain that trust. >> reporter: he urges women to seek treatment if they're suffering. >> i don't want them to live in a hopelessness. >> reporter: bay area surgeon dr. tom margolis testified before the fda in 2011, urging the agency to take firm action, saying mesh quote produces an unacceptably high and clearly avoidable plethora of life-ruining complications in women. there are numerous safer surgical alternatives with superior success rates". the fda has issued two safety warnings about transvaginal mesh since 2008. last month they ordered the devices reclassified from moderate risk class 2 to a high risk class 3 device. maker whose want to use the mesh for prolapse have 30 months to submit new data showing the product is safe and effective. but women say the fda warnings and actions are simply not
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enough. these two women are now suing the makers of their devices. >> we can't trust them anymore. >> what do you think the fda should do? >> stop putting it on the market. get rid of it. >> reporter: some 100,000 women are now part of dozens of lawsuits against the mesh makers. under the fda's current rules. the mesh will remain on the market until 2019 listed as a high risk medical device. the biggest public health message from the doctors, women need to understand the complications associated with mesh before they vet put in. back to you. thank you very much, vickie. if you have a tip for vickie or anyone in the investigative unit give us a call at 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the area at two elderly women being evicted from their burlingame home are taking legal action. hear what their lawyers have to say about the case tonight. the cyber attack that may put u.c. berkeley students at risk. and now 250 employees at
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zenefits -- laid off. ===vo=== first the ceo and now 250 employees will be laid off at zenefits, the embattled h.r. software company in san francisco. most of the layoffs are in the sales department. three weeks ago the company fired its founder ceo. the job cuts make up about 17% of zenefits workforce. an internal memo says the laid off workers will be receiving three months of severance. hacker alert. u.c. berkeley warning nearly 80,000 staff and student about a cyber attack. the university says hackers gained access to financial software used by the campus. that includes social security
6:42 pm
and bank account numbers. the breach happened back in december. right now there's no evidence that information has been stolen, but the campus wants to warn people about the hack and says it is offering a free credit protection service. and there may be more cyber attacks against the irs than we first thought. that's what a new government review shows that found hackers potentially accessing the data of nearly 3 quarter million taxpayers. the is first reported the attack in 2015 and claimed the criminals compromised only about 100,000 accounts. now the agency says it will send mailings to impacted taxpayers as of monday. >> our chief meteorologist jeff rainieri is here. want to welcome to the news room on friday. everyone's smiling. >> and asking jeff how's it going to be this weekend? >> i'd be smiling bigger if we had a big storm coming our way but we don't. those of you who wanted sunshine you're going to be pretty happy. live look right now. we have clouds across san francisco and a few showers. but again another dispointing
6:43 pm
storm system with no big rain totals. we're tracking that next chance of measurable rainfall coming up in just a few minutes. gas prices about to go up in california. not maybe what you want to hear. may not be as bad as other parts of the state. we'll tell you more coming up. the same peninsula home.
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last week we iroduced y to a 97-year-old buingame facing eviction after six decades in the same peninsula home. earlier in the week we introduced you to a 97-year-old burr ling game woman fighting to stay in the only home she's known for 63 years. nbc bay area's michelle roberts tells us she's now taking that landlord to court. >> reporter: there really has been an outpouring of support for these two women. so far $45,000 has been raised
6:46 pm
on a go fund me site. meanwhile two lawyers have taken the case pro bono filed this lawsuit citing elder abuse and breach of contract. >> it is what it is. >> reporter: it's moving day for tim greshevsky. he and his wife were give an eviction notice on the same day their elderly neighbors were told to move out. >> when it comes to marie and georgia they have less options than we do. >> reporter: 97-year-old marie hatch moved into this quaint home in 1958. for the last decade georgia roth rock has rented the front room. >> we have to stay strongts strong. >> reporter: georgia hopes the lawsuit filed today will be enough to keep a roof over their heads. >> to be optimistic and take it a day at a time. that's all we can do. >> reporter: marie wasn't feeling well enough to speak on camera today. but earlier this week told me she was losing sleep over the stress. >> she'd probably turn over in her grave if she knew what was going on. >> reporter: marie says 60 years
6:47 pm
ago her best friend and landlord vivian promised she could live in her home for the rest of her life. vivian, her daughter and granddaughter have since passed away. now a distant relative owns the home and wants to sell. >> that vivian promised marie, gave her this agreement. you can stay in this house for the rest of your life. that's an oral contract. >> reporter: lawyers representing the landlord declined a comment today. on monday said in a statement the owner was not aware of the lifetime tenancy agreement. >> it's not just a matter i don't think of she would like to stay here. she has the right to stay here. >> reporter: georgia says if she's forced to leave she'll find a way to manage on her own. but she worries about her aging roommate and friend. >> who deserves some respect and some dignity. >> reporter: with all the donations i asked hatch's lawyers if they'll possibly use that money to relocate her if it come to that. they say right now they're trying to focus on keeping her happy and healthy. they say to do that she should be in her current home.
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reporting in burlingam, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. we made the change last week. you might have felt it at the pump. now it's happening in southern california. gas prices will be rising down there. it's all because of a late switch from the winter gas blend to a more expensive summer blend. the consumer group called consumer watchdog says a gallon of gas in southern california could cost 30 cents more by monday. the bay area made the move to the summer blend last week. prices jumped just a few cents. right now an average for a gallon of unleaded in san francisco is 2.51. in san jose, 2.34. about a penny cheaper in oakland. all right. let's turn things over to jeff. talk about the weekend an and the potential for maybe a storm next week. >> it looks pretty good for that. as you'll see on the scrolling seven-day forecast by next thursday and friday the measurable chance here for maybe a quarter to a half inch. as we head through tomorrow morning we'll start off dry. we really haven't had too much
6:49 pm
today. just some scattered showers moving out on saturday. 46 expected in the north bay. san francisco 53. for the peninsula 49 and the south bay beginning at 50. as you take a look at the futurecast, you're going to be able to see for tonight, this is all we're expecting. at 10:30 the possibility still of scattered rain throughout the bay area. then by tomorrow morning here's more of those high clouds returning. by the afternoon, partly cloudy skies expected across the region. for sunday what you're going to want to watch out for is more cloud cover in the morning hours. then by the afternoon we'll have a sunny day coming our way. so for the weekend forecast, it really looks great. dry weather, sunshine returning, only problem we see is the allergies. the scattered showers we had today wasn't enough to really hold those allergies lower. so we're going to the high category again for alder and juniper, birch and cypress will be rather close to that as well. the microclimate forecast for saturday a mix of saund clouds. san francisco stay in the 60s. 63 in the marina.
6:50 pm
over towards the mission 62. for the peninsula 63 in pacifica. watch out for rough waves. over into san mateo 65. palo alto 69. san jose to cupertino back into the low 70s. north bay east bay and trivalley, beautiful day in danville at 69 degrees. over at pleasanton. east bay 72 in fremont. for oakland 68. for the north bay, no valley 67. wine country sonoma, napa, saint helena, temperatures in the low 70s. the large question every single week is when will we see potentially a wetter weather pattern return? well, through most of next week it's going to be dry. but once we hit thursday looks like a storm system will alive reiff for possibly a .25 inch of rain may linger into friday. the way things are playing it now, there is the potential after next thursday's storm to possibly see a few more systems
6:51 pm
behind it. we're not talking about five to 10 inches of rainfall over the next ten days, but it looks good for at least two inches here for the north bay and maybe a half inch to one inch from san jose to livermore. i know it's been so frustrating for all of you at home. we're just continuing to update you on exactly what we know and what we know as of now is thursday looks like rain. and then beyond that maybe some wetter weather coming our way. >> okay. nice explanation. thank you, jeff. coming up, panic and pants. we check in at giants spring training and the next big test for the warriors. the showdown in okc. mindi bach joins us next. the warriors improved to 52-5 a
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
night. steph cuy washe the golden state warriors. what a ride. they've improved to 52-5 after winning in orlando last night. stephen curry was the star once again. he scored an amazing 51 points. so on this road trip the warriors now 5-1. it's a self is en-game road trip so they have one more to go on saturday night in oklahoma city. now, the warriors beat the thunder in oakland the night before the super bowl. that was a thrilling come from behind win for golden state. but they know they'll have their hands full in their first visit to okc this season because they've lost 11 of their last 12 games there. >> oklahoma city is one of the best teams in the league. first time visiting there this year, i guess the only time, right? we only play there once. so these are always fun games. and i'm glad we have a day off after this back-to-back to kind of recharge the batteries. because we're going to need
6:55 pm
everything. we're going to need all the juice and the execution. we're going to need to be really good to win. >> reporter: the giants are tuning up in scottsdale. newly acquired pitcher johnny cueto threw to his new teammates for the first time today facing live hitters. hunter pence took him deep. that is a good thing. why? because it means that hunter pence is healthy. he and joe panik both missed significant time last season due to various injuries. they're looking to stay healthy and have a big 2016. >> knowing what it is and having a plan of attack, it's always makes it feel good and like i said, it allowed me to have a good off-season and everything. and i'm ready to go like i said it's nothing that's going to linger on. i'm excited and looking forward to this year. kind of putting last year behind me. >> i learned a lot about my body. learned a lot of different things. a lot of torture during the rehab and stuff. but i think because of the oblique thing, i tested the waters of a lot of stuff i
6:56 pm
didn't know about on flexibility and obliques and abs and had a lot of fun playing with it this off-season. >> reporter: the a's had their first full squad practice today. manager bob melvin had a big message for them. he always starts the spring with a team meeting. the meeting to them was like don't believe the low expectations. nobody expects much from the a's. he said we can outperform those expectations no problem so let's do it. >> we're already on both teams on both sides of the bay. >> thank you, mindi. jeff, you're on the spot. >> yes. i know. >> it's friday. >> it's friday. a lot of you want sun. and then a whole bunch of you want some rainfall. we're going to make everybody happy here. for the morning forecast temperatures in the 40s. we'll start off dry, partly sunny and partly cloudy for the afternoon. 70 in the trivalley, south bay 71. everyone happy because we could have some rainfall by next thursday and friday. real rain. >> we need the rain. >> thank you. have a great friday night. >> bye bye. we're excited about february.
6:57 pm
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trump, rubio, and cruz's vicious, nasty, mud-slinging smackdown. >> presidential debate of an episode of "when animals attack"? now, on "extra." >> from king of the gop jungle -- >> this guy's a choke artist and this guy's a liar. >> to trump skinned alive by a bloodthirsty cruz and rubio. >> no, no, no. >> can the donald roar again after the brutal debate? >> they had no chance but to come after me. >> plus -- chris christie for the trump v.p.? the new clues today. >> "extra" o


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