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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 27, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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it is 7:00 on your saturday morning. take that in, the sunrise over palo al to. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at that forecast. >> it makes it all the worthwhile waking up early this morning on a weekend. >> we should be used to it by now, though. >> we are. you might not be at home if
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you're waking up early with us. we have some high, thin clouds. even mid-level clouds. if you're in town visiting, that's kind of the trend we have. the morning clouds and those will burn off towards the afternoon. not looking at much fog this morning. we'll have a nice, comfortable, mild day across the bay area. 64 for san francisco later on this afternoon. it will turn mostly sunny towards the afternoon. mid- to upper 60s for the east bay and also for the north bay. south bay, a few low 70s. we also have a high surf advisory in effect at the coastline. high tide this afternoon is right around 2:00. keep that in mind. you're looking at waves that could exceed 15 feet. that's a little unusual for the bay area. so huge caution. >> thanks. the california democrat state convention is here in the bay area this weekend and that means many high profile names from the party are in the south bay and that includes vice
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president joe biden. the vice president will give the keynote address to more than 3,000 people tonight. this weekend is a chance for democratic candidates to woo the delegates. they will discuss key issues within the party as well. >> it's really important. it's a time for us to share ideas, to bond, to get excited. >> several candidates hosted parties last night for those delegates and among the notable politician who is attended is the general attorney, nancy pelosi and senator barbara boxer. coming up in about 30 minutes, steve handlesman will preview the primary in south carolina and look at the endorsement given to donald trump ahead of super tuesday. protesters are demanding accountability on the streets of san francisco. they have growing concerns about after new details about how a man was killed by officers. one year after perez lopez was
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killed by police a a new report reveals that the 20-year-old was shot in the back several times by police. the family's attorney led a protest outside san francisco's mission police station last night. the shooting happened a mile from there near 24th last february. police say they were responding to a call of a man chasing another man with a knife and officers say they had to fire shots when perez lopez threatened them with a knife. protesters held a ceremony before marching to the police station demanding justice. >> these officers have to be prosecuted. the family wants them to do the right thing. >> i have a son and if he was stopped for possibly committing a crime for being shot 20 times in the back, i can't even imagine what i would do. >> the family has filed a lawsuit against the city of san francisco, but says it is stalled until the district attorney completes his investigation.
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the dead line has come and gone and tents still remain. these are the homeless of a tent city in san francisco. they were told to vacate by 5:00 last night. city workers were ordered to clear out the 150 tents that have become an eyesore along the 280 overpass. about 30 tents are still there this morning. >> we have been here this whole time. six months in the same location. the police use scare tactics to scare everyone away. they are scared and fearful of the police. they don't want to go to jail. >> this is a polarizing issue in the city. tension in the homeless committee has been running high especially with the shortage of affordable housing. to continuing coverage the man suspected of killing a missing mother had an
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accomplice. he was in court for his arraignment yesterday. investigators say he shot and killed his girlfriend after they left a party together in hayward in the early morning hours of valentine's day. investigators now say this man helped him hide the body. we spoke with the suspected killer's cousin who didn't want to show his face but told us he was shocked by the charges. >> surprise. that's a shock. >> both suspects are expected back in court on monday. >> the school wasn't hiding anything. that's what administrators of a bay area school are saying after one of their teachers was arrested accused of having sex with a student. san jose police say zachary drew had an inappropriate
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relationship with a 17-year-old last year. they discovered the relationship last week after receiving a tip from a parent. when investigators contacted summit charter school the school said it had concluded its own investigation. the school now says, quote, once law enforcement became involved and interrogated the student new evidence came to light we acted on immediately. the school says it will place the teacher on unpaid leave pending the outcome of the case. the 29-year-old has since been released from jail on bail. a fast-moving fire across the street from a fire station in downtown san jose spread from one home to another. that's because that fire station doesn't have a water tanker truck due to city budget cuts. this happened yesterday near the children's discovery museum. 12 people are now displaced. it started in a backyard but no word on the exact cause. no injuries were reported.
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we have much hr ahead on today in the bay. punishing students who sext. the local case prompting new legislation that could make kids think twice about sending explicit messages. and gas prices about to go up in california, but we might not feel the pinch quite as badly as our neighbors to the south. we'll explain why in a few minutes.
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welcome back. we're taking a live look outside from oakland towards san francisco. it's a beautiful morning. mild out there if you're headed out the door right now as the sunrises across the bay area. for some students sexting is the new norm but the state might get involved and could impact our local schools. there's now a proposal to expel a student for sexting.
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>> audrey was sexually assault ed by three teenage boys. pictures posted online drove the 15-year-old to suicide. now lawmakers in sacramento seek to give school administrators the power to expel a student who engages in sext thing for harassing a pupil. the intent to cause harm is a growing problem. >> as a technology plays a greater part day by day in the lives of other students it's critical that policymakers take a thoughtful approach to figuring out how to protect students from the dangers posed by technology as well as help them understand the power of the technology but to educate them on appropriate interaction with the technology and how to keep themselves and other students safe. >> expulsion may not be the best option. >> all it does is take students out of schools, away from education and away from sometimes their only opportunity
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to get the help they need to either realize the behaviors they are engaging in are completely inappropriate and to stop. >> the bill was just introduced this month. hearings could change vague language. >> it's definitely a problem that needs to be dealt with, but i think threatening expulsion is not the best way to go. i think educate iining -- that'e likely to have a powerful effect. >> we have much more ahead on today in the bay. the widow of john lennon rushed to the hospital. the latest on her condition. and here on this saturday we are waking up to mostly sunny skies. a few areas of mid-to high level clouds, but otherwise expecting a nice, bright day. we'll talk all about that and the weekend's forecast coming up
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after this. jo
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welcome back on your saturday morning. we have cloudy skies over san jose. you can see the sun is still peeking through. we'll have temperatures in the 60s and sunny across most of the bay area today. john lennon's widow is in a new york city hospital. she's suffering from flu-like symptoms. initially there were reports she suffered a stroke. her son took to social media to assure fans she is doing well. the spokesperson for the 83-year-old said she called her doctor who recommended she admit herself. she's in stable condition and is expected to be released this morning. the activist was married to john lennon until his death in 198 0. local gas prices went up last week and it's because of a late switch from the winter gas blend to a more expensive summer
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blend. the consumer watchdog says a gallon of gas could cost 30 cents more by monday. the bay area already made the summer blend switch last week and our prices jumped a few cents. the average is $2.51. in san jose it's $2.34 and just a penny cheaper in oakland. the teacher shortage in california is said to be reaching crisis levels. so now state lawmakers are stepping in. analysts say one-third of the state's teachers are nearing retirement age and the number of those pursuing a teaching credential is at a 12-year low. one analyst says california needs 100,000 teachers. so now the state legislature is considering measures to entice people into the teaching profession. >> it's one of the most important jobs in society educating the future generation. so loan forgiveness is important. helping people entering the
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teaching career with a huge amount of student debt and looking for creates ways and are almost there. >> besides help with loans as that man suggested proposals include offering other financial assistance. the idea is to give those who already are working with kids help in completing the needed college courses to get a teaching kcredential. spring forward and fall back, but that may not be the case any longer as the fight intensifies to end daylight saving time. >> after i reintroduce a bill, i have received many phone calls and e e-mails in support of do away with the time change twice a year. >> he represents san jose wants the state to go to pacific standard time year round. studies show losing an hour in spring causes more traffic accidents and even heart
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attacks. his bill goes up for discussion next month and we are set to spring forward on march 13th. i like it because you get more daylight at the end of the day. and then i like falling back because you get an extra hour of sleep. >> i prefer the fall back. that extra hour for us, we wake up so early. it's a little more difficult. >> not good for people with kids. anthony slaughter is here with something good. a nice forecast for the day. >> look at the sunrise. it's beautiful over san francisco bay this morning. some folks out on the water. looks like a kayaking team getting ready for this afternoon. expecting to see high surf. if you're expecting to do some rowing. want to take the kids to the beach. high surf advisory will stay in effect until this afternoon. we're expecting waves up to 10 to 15 feet. that's about 10 feet above what we're used to seeing this time
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of year. just unusual because waves are only 4 to 8 feet in the bay. it's going to be higher than usual. we have some high clouds drifting on by and mid-level clouds producing shower activity in northern california. here at home, it's going to be a dry weekend. temperatures are starting off nice and mild back into the 50s. cool in the east bay. the north bay at 47 degrees. later on this afternoon we're going to get rid of the clouds. we'll see a mostly sunny day. 68 for the peninsula. you'll be at 68. trivalley up to 70 degrees. 64 in san francisco. close to 70 for the north bay. very comfortable across the bay area. even across the rest of the state, we're looking at sunshine and a few clouds. 53 up to tahoe. but you get towards southern california, you know the trend. lots of sunshine. 73 for los angeles and 70 for san diego. we have high pressure that's just to our south and that's going to allow for things to dry out. we had a few showers in the bay
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area and that fog across san francisco yesterday was really extensive. today not looking at anything like that. 60s across the bay. look what happens on monday. the 70s become more widespread. we start off the workweek with a warming trend. it's going to be spring like for monday and temperatures continue to rise as we go from there. this one is for you. the beach forecast. pacifica up to 64 degrees. keep in mind we have the high surf advisory across the entire coastline. 65 for half-moon bay. winds will be gusty up to 15 miles per hour. even in santa cruz, not going to crack 70. you'll be at 68 this afternoon. not an joefrly perfect beach day but any excuse to get to the beach i'll take it. we have dry conditions. we have clouds scooting on by today and will continue to see a good mix of sun and clouds.
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we're used to seeing rain. the storm track stays to the north. that within scoops to the north. so tuesday we'll get a little cooling. no rain for us in the next five days. the seven-day forecast shows rain for next weekend, but in the meantime it's going to stay nice and try. temperatures in the 70s this upcoming week. san francisco you'll see a nice comfortable day and tomorrow. even this upcoming week mid- to upper 60s. so all in all not a bad forecast here. >> as we round out winter. beautiful temperatures. we have much more ahead on today in the bay. >> what else are they going to do with these warm hats and gloves and coats. no one has thought about it before. >> getting warm feelings by giving them. the unique way two teens are helping people in need that makes us bay area proud. great for ski resorts ... but nn
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welcome back. in spite of the recent dry spell this winter has been great for ski resorts. not so kind to those living on the streets. but thanks to the work of two walnut creek teens those are warming up. >> corin and katrina met in the 6th grade and instantly didn't like each other. it wasn't until both showed up at school wearing jackets from their ski racing teams they realized they had something in common and a friendship started. turns out, though, it wasn't just a sport they had in common. there was kindness too. it's a heavenly recipe for big crowds. take a week of school vacation, add a few feet of snow topped off by warm sunshine and you'll
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have thousands packing their gear and heading to the mountains. of course, not all that gear makes it back home. >> we still do. >> these teens have been skiing since they were little girls. now both 16 years old, they are experienced racers, which mean thas spent enough time on the mountain to take it for granted that people lose things now and again. for no good reason. that is until these girls came up with one. >> it's an idea that no one has really thought of before. >> take all that good quality winter gear that was filling up ski resort lost and founds and find it a good home back home in walnut creek. it started when the pair were just 11. >> we noticed homeless people on the streets and noticed that they weren't wearing warm clothes during the winter and they were just wearing t-shirts and ripped jeans.
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>> so they began their very own nonprofit collecting the warm clothes and donating them to the homeless. >> it just snowballed. >> dump it all out. >> warm winters collects from 30 ski resorts in 12 states and one in australia. >> in five years they have collected and donated close to half a million dollars worth of clothing. it is a total that makes these young women feel good though not quite as good as seeing someone in their hometown in a jacket they gave them. >> it feels really good. it makes you feel like you're actually making a difference. it makes the whole situation very real and brings you back to reality and shows you you're actually impacting someone's life. >> proof these two have discovered that you can get a warm feeling by giving others the very same thing. >> with all their success, you
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can imagine. they have been recognized for their work. corin most recently recognized by the gloria baron award for young heroes. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> if you know of someone doing something nice for others, he would love to hear from you. go to our website and search bay area proud. we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up will lee row finally taik home an oscar. plus zika has infiltrated the u.s. we share the growing number of women now battling the virus.
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it is 7:28 on your saturday morning. wow, look at that. a beautiful look at the sunrise over the golden gate bridge. it's just shining on that beauty. and it is going to be a gorgeous
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day across the bay area. we do want to tell you you might have to switch up weekend plans because there's a high surf advisory and rain on the way. >> for next weekend. >> good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at that forecast for us. >> we have the high surf advisory for today. and it's going to stay dry. not expecting any rain. get out and enjoy. you saw the golden gate bridge. clear skies there and lots to do across the bay area this weekend outdoors. take advantage of that. 55 in san francisco. cool in the north bay. mostly cloudy, 47. the clouds we have now those are going to go away and turn the day over to mostly sunny skies later on this afternoon. 64 in san francisco as we round out the day. 69 in the north bay. close to 70 degrees for the east bay. 71 for the south bay later on this afternoon. now that high surf advisory expires after 3:00 this afternoon. tomorrow lower surf, better beach conditions. a better day to hit the beach tomorrow. the high surf advisory waves up
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to 15 feet. take it easy if you have to be out there. >> don't turn your back to the waves. now on to our top stories. new this morning a grizzlie discovery. police find a woman's body inside an east bay home. that's just two blocks away from franklin middle school. investigators are treating it as a murder case but have not shared how the woman died. police have not named the victim nor any person of interest. further south in the east bay two people killed in a two-car crash in alameda county. it happened in norris canyon road last night. the crash blocked all lanes for hours. roads are back open at this hour. >> a bay area tragedy is behind a proposal that would expel any california student for sexting. l lawmakers in sacramento seek to give administrators the power to expel a student who exchanges in
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sexting with the purpose of harassing a pupil. this comes after photos were posted online. the bill was just introduced this month. hearings could change what some call vague language. new details from a police shooting have some san franciscoens demanding officers face charges. you may remember the death of lopez who was shot and killed by police last year when they say he threatened them with a knife. an autopsy report shows the man was shot six times from behind. >> these officers have to be prosecuted. >> that report prompted last night's protest at the mission police station. his family has filed a lawsuit against the city but the family attorney says that is stalled until the district attorney completes his investigation.
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they have not decided whether the shooting was justified. a woman being evicted from her home of more than 60 years is now suing her landlord. marie hatch has just less than two months to find a new home after her landlord said she had to move out of her cottage. but her lawyers say a former owner promised hatch the home for life. now they filed a suit to protect her legal rights to stay in the house citing breach of contract, emotional distress and elder abuse. >> somebody some time is going to say you need to move out. so we need a court of law to say, no, you can stay here, do not worry. >> no word on a response from the landlord or his lawyers. a dog attack at golden gate park has police searching for the dog and its owner. it happened in the meadow area of the park earlier this month. san francisco police say a man was playing catch with his dogs when another dog suddenly attacked him.
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that dog looked similar to this. police say the owner of the attacking dog stopped attack but took off. officers want to track down the owner for a trial. the dog and owner were last seen getting into a ford explorer with a plate that ended in b jfr 694. the zika virus has infected nine pregnant women in the u.s. so far and that number is likely to rise. they confirmed the numbers yesterday with the latest infection taking place in montana. two pregnancies ended in miscarriages. two were aborted. one baby was born with severe brain abnormalities. the others are healthy. the cdc says all the women traveled to countries where zika is spreading. now to facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg who is calling out bad behavior. he said someone scratched out a black lives matter message on the company's famous no rules
7:34 am
signature wall. it's something he's called disrespectful and malicious. the comments came on the same day that facebook was hosting minority high school students for a tech careers forum. while some cheered his comments online others noted many new minority hires will face a new challenge once they are part of that company. >> they get put into hr to recruit more. >> as for zucker berg's comments it doesn't mean others lives don't matter. he's asking that the black community also achieve the justice they deserve. it's been a wild 24 hours for republican candidates and now democrats face-off in south carolina's primary. nbc's steve handlesman has the latest on the surprise endorsements, predictions and
7:35 am
those still vying for the white house. good morning from columbia. here in south carolina today africans are expected to make up the majority of voters in the primary. that seemed short of power hillary clinton to an easy win, her second in a row after nevada. then comes super tuesday. where in ten states where democrats have major races only in vermont does polling indicate bernie sanders can win. on the republican side and only one super tuesday state is front runner donald trump trailing. despite a shaky debate performance and a strong one by marco rubio, trump got a boost by the endorsement of governor chris christie. so on super tuesday all eyes on texas. can ted cruz lose? can hillary clinton both on the same day lock up nominations?
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i'm steve handlesman, south carolina. democrats also are making their political presence known here in the bay area. vice president joe biden is just one of many heavy hitters in town tr a state convention in san jose. the vice president will give the keynote address to more than 3,000 people tonight. this weekend is a chance for democratic candidates to woo their delegates and also discuss key issues going on within their party. >> it's really important because it's a time for us to share ideas, to bond, to get excited. >> the convention lasts all weekend among the notable politicians attorney general harris, nancy pelosi and senator barbara boxer. the stars hit the red carpet tomorrow night for the highly anticipated academy awards. this year's oscars are shaping up to be a race between veterans and newcomers.
7:37 am
we have predictions including leo's chance at finally taking home a golden statue. >> it ain't size being the academy because the showdowns are fierce. kate winslet has an oscar, but we predict alicia to beat her out. >> the academy loves a newcomer. she's going to win the oscar. however, kate may slip in there and take it from her. >> the guys up for best supporting actor respect going down without a fight. we're talking tom hardy, mark ruffalo and christian bale. >> sylvester stallone is going to be an oscar winner. he's going to win for best supporting actor. >> how do you know all this? >> everyone loves sylvester stallone.
7:38 am
>> the odds may not be in her favor for jennifer lawrence. >> never speak on my behalf. >> she's up against cate blanchett, b blanchett. >> larson's winning streak will continue with the oscar for best actress. "room" is her movie. >> not only does he deserve it but he's been nominated so many times. >> watch out if he doesn't win. >> hollywood will implode, fans will go crazy. >> for the main event, eight films are up for best picture. >> that was mike wilbur reporting. they will be hosted by chris rock. much more ahead. the next big test for the warriors is tonight. what they are saying about the showdown in okc.
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weey will take on the team withe the warriors bring their record to okay city tonight taking on the city with the third best record in the western km conference. a team that believes can give golden state a run for their money. the warriors beat the thunder three weeks ago the night before the super bowl. lots of celebrities there. coach kur knows they have their hands full. >> oklahoma city is one of the best teams in the league. it's our first time visiting their home floor this year. i guess the only time. so these are fun games. i'm glad we have a day off to recharge the batteries. we're going to need everything. we're going to need the juice and the execution and need to be good to win. >> tonight's game tips off at 5:30. and we have much coming up on
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today in the bay. anthony slaughter. >> let's talk about the forecast. we have clouds building at the coastline. we're going to talk all about that forecast and get you into next week. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. only at a sleep number store, right now, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. plus no interest for 48 months. hurry, ends monday.
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welcome back. want to start with this shot from belvedere. you can see the sun is up. we have a few clouds building right at the immediate coastline. there's a high surf advisory until 3:00 this afternoon. high tide this afternoon is around 2:00. just keep that in mind if you're going to the beach or preponderance it's going to be choppy out there. we had a storm system that brought rain to the bay area. and even some fog in san francisco. that fog is starting to make its way out of here. we're going to see plenty of sunshine this afternoon. already seeing that in the peninsula and east bay and north
7:45 am
bay and south bay. mostly cloudy skies. later on this afternoon, the south bay will be the warm spot up to 71 degrees. the peninsula is comfortable. cool in san francisco but nice and sunny. 64 degrees later on. 70 in the north bay. it will be nice across most of the bay area. if you're doing anying towards tahoe expecting cool conditions with sunny skies. 56 degrees towards so cal. 74 for santa barbara. and we have high pressure to our. that's going to keep things dry. we're kind of in between. that's going watch the 70s tomorrow. they move farther north. we'll see a few more 70s. same for the trivalley. mostly 60s the farther north you head. by monday a big warming trend hits the bay area.
7:46 am
widespread 70s for the east bay. south bay will be look at mid-70s by the time we get to monday. if you're headed to the beach keep in mind high surf vise ri in effect. water temperatures not that bad. 60 degrees or right near it. winds a little breezy at times up to to 15 miles an hour. now we have dry conditions in place for this weekend. our storm track that usually is right overhead this time of year is towards the north. so by tomorrow we'll see another system that moves over towards crescent city and portland. over towards washington and really the pacific northwest. for us the rain we would be getting even for this next system monday and tuesday scoots right on towards our north. we're not going to see anything in terms of rain at least until thursday and friday. you'll notice that on the seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen.
7:47 am
the extended forecast for the next five days does keep things dry and mild across the south bay. we'll be looking at temperatures in the 70s through the upcoming week. san francisco, you won't see 70s but nice sunshine. 64 for today. 65 tomorrow. close to 70 on monday, tuesday and. the next chance of rain moves in by thursday and friday. we had a long stretch of dry days with the el nino pattern. hopefully we can break the trend. >> we'll enjoy the 60s and 70s. we have much more ahead. coming up, this ship was part of a fleet that helped build the west. now it's the only one left. we're taking you inside the project and giving it new life.
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good morning, believe it or not we'll start with a free performance at ripley's. do not try this at home. free shows starting at 1:45 and culminate in the big swallow. that's today only because more than one day would be too much. you can enjoy the entire weekend
7:51 am
at the russian center of san francisco. they'll have chancing, art, culture, and even the vodkaing. be smart about the food and beverage intake. as we bring black history motto a close,. >> that was mike inouye with our weekend calendar. hundreds of ships navigate the san francisco bay every day, but this week one ship made some extra waves. this ship helped to build and define the west coast. >> reporter: there was a time long ago when hundreds of wooden lumber skooners helped build the west. but of that vast fleet, there are now one and it was pretty
7:52 am
sorry looking. >> people would come by and ask if it was a replica of noah's ark. >> reporter: looking like a candidate for the kindling pile. but last no the national park service toed it to begin its next chapter. the ship prepared gurus at fashion new mass, a new bow spritz and began adding back detail. >> the ship has been cleaned and paints. the crowning achievement for this project is to get the mass. >> several weeks ago the ship finally got its new mass. >> today is the first day in a long time that she's looked like this. the idea is to have completely authentic west coast lumber skooner. >> on monday the gangway lifted
7:53 am
up and it began its journey back to san francisco riding a tug boat instead of the wind but looking like a sailing ship. >> she's got mass, she's got a bow, she's got rigging. >> she also had passengers. like brian theyer, decent dant of who the ship was named after. >> they did such a wonderful job restoring it. it's an incredible piece of art. >> if this ship went away, there'd be no west coast lumber skooner. >> national park workers will hang her rigging and install new sails. 120 years after the birth it this is last survivor of the lumber fleet is finally getting her second wind. nbc bay area news. we have much more ahead on today in the bay.
7:54 am
coming up, our friends from pets in need are here. we'll introduce you to these puppies, next. they're ready for new homes.gue.
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it is 7:56. special guests from pets in need are here with molly and trix. who is whom? >> molly. >> trixy. >> they are ready for homes. you got them into the public shelter recently. you say you think they are the same age from the same litter even though they look totally different. >> we think they are siblings, possibly different dads. >> they are sweet. often we have said it with you before you can associate chiwawas with a lot of high energy. they are pretty calm right now. but what type of home would be good for these puppies? >> any time you have a puppy you
7:57 am
have to allow for a lot of activity. so somebody that's going to be able to devote a lot of time and training and playing, socializing, at least for the first six months or so. >> and you don't necessarily need them to be the adopted out together. >> no. >> good to know for anybody out there. look at that sweet face. and you do tell us also that along with these puppies you'll soon have eight puppies who were all born at pets in need. tell us about those. >> those guys are boxer mixes of some kind. they are about a month old at this point. >> because you guys have great you spay, neuter, microchip, give them all vaccinations and are ready to go. so soon those baby will be ready to go. my brother has a thing for boxers. they are big, they get pretty big. so anyone looking for one of
7:58 am
those, you'll have eight. >> and also it's the eve of kitten season. so we're about ready to be all shelters are about ready to be inundated with kittens and puppies. that time of year. >> anybody looking head to pets in need in redwood city. find out more on their website at thank you so much for coming in this morning. thanks to you for making us a part of your morning as always. more local news tonight and all day on we hope you enjoy this saturday. have a great mrng. morning.
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