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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  February 27, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> mike: primary assist is that guy. nice pass ahead. and the rest became history. deficit two. quarter of a minute left. played back in. he has gotten an outdoor victory, his first. he was the backup to jimmy howard at michigan stadium. the red wings pick up points 72 and number 73, one behind idle tampa bay and boston for the tie of second place in the atlantic division. 50,095 were here to watch it. thanks for watching the 2016 coors light nhl stadium series. final score in the game once again the detroit red wings 5, the colorado avalanche 3.
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coming up next on nbc except on the west coast it is your local news and later tonight it is saturday night live with host ronda rousey and musical guest selena gomez. i should hurry up and say for the entire crew here at coors field so long from denver.
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message and important en's mission in silicon valley. is. right now, the white house comes to the bay area. joe biden's message an important mission in silicon valley.
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>> a pilot's harrowing fight. what happened to his plane after this dramatic landing. it's happened again. police investigate the fatal shooting on the same east bay freeway. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunkbunker. police are investigating another deadly shooting. a driver pull along side another driver and opened fire causing a crash that shut down part of interstate 80 for hours. christ cri christie smith is live with this troubling trend with so many instances lately. >> that's right. once again, the chp believes this driver was likely specifically targeted when his jeep suv was towed out. we counted about 12 bullet holes on the driver side. now this is the seventh similar freeway shooting in the area and neighbors wondering when it will end. the jeep went off a speed
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embankment from interstate 80 near the hill top mall exit. about 1:00 a.m. a car pulled up and someone fired into the jeep and veered off the road, flipped several times and crashed. the driver, a man about 40 was ejected and died at the scene. >> shots can ring out at any time. >> reporter: vernon lives and works nearby. he was late to work stuck in traffic as the chp shut down westbound lanes. he heard that investigators have said the driver was likely targeted and there's not a danger to the public. >> does that make a difference to you? >> yes, it does. it makes a difference because it's like not some random person just shooting random people. so that makes a significant difference and i feel much safer knowing that. >> reporter: still, this is the seventh freeway shooting since november along the corridor, at least some believe to be possibly tied to gang activity. >> very disturbing something
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that our elected officials need to be enforcement and find how we can begin to reduce this. >> reporter: james jackson lives in an apartment near the freeway. he's concerned. >> maybe now i'll keep an eye on, you know, things that might look suspicious to me where i can avoid them early. >> reporter: the chp has not released any vehicle information for the suspect vehicle and still looking for witnesses to come forward. reporting live in richmond, christie smith. >> thank you. quick work by firefighters saved a home from being gutted by a fire today. the fire at this home near downtown started about 5:00 this evening. nobody was home. a neighbor called for help after seeing smoke. an electrical panel in the wall near the basement start that fair. firefighters were able to isolate the damage to just that corner of the house. you can call him a hero, a
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seasonal lifeguard for the state park system comes through with a double rescue near genre. aaron plunged into the ocean near goat rock state beach after a mother and her two children was swept off the beach and into the water. one of the children reached shore without help but him, the mother and daughter were caught in heavy surf with nothing but a rescue buoy. a helicopter arrived and he got everyone out first before he himself was rescued. he's being treated for hypothermia. the family was taken to the hospital but fine. a pilot able to walk away after a dramatic landing at the airport today. the smaller airport is in east san jose near east ridge mall. the crash landing happened this afternoon. you can see the small experimental plane off the runway. it's got it's nose to the ground. the plane's landing gear collapsed. the pilot was the only one on board at the time able to walk away unhurt. >> still, the inspectors had to
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check out an apartment complex before a car crashed into it. look at the damage the redwood city fire department tweeted out about 2:30 this afternoon at a building near marshall street. all three people in the car had to be taken to the hospital. one of them was a child. we're told they are expected to recover and appears despite the damage, the building is still structurally sound. a protestor in critical condition in orange county after a bloody flight broke out at a small kkk rally. marianne favro joins us. >> all three people were injured and 13 under arrest. some are clan members, others are counter protesters who gathered to demonstrate against the kkk. the violence broke out in an anaheim park some three miles from disneyland. clan members had permission to stage an anti immigrant rally but when they arrived dozens of people were assembled to oppose
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them. shouting started almost immediately and fighting began as the clansmen were getting out of cars. police immediately began tending two stabbing victims. >> simultaneously, officers on scene witnessed a clansman on the ground on the corner of cypress and lemon who is being stomped by three of the counter protesters. they immediately rushed in and took the three counter protesters into custody and that victim had minor injuries and not transported to the hospital. >> the person in critical condition is a counter protester and so is the second stabbing victim that will recover. of the 13 people arrested, six were clan members and seven were counter protestors. back to you. >> marianne, thanks very much. to south carolina where hillary clinton pulled off a massive victory tonight. clinton drawing overwhelming support from african american voters, more than president obama did in 2008. here are the latest numbers.
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clinton was 74% of the vote. sanders with 26%. clinton beating expectations by a huge margin and as steve handlesman reports, the focus shifts to super tuesday when more than a dozen states vote. >> this time the win for hillary clinton is overwhelming. >> we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything and we're not taking anyone for granted. [ cheers ] >> reporter: south carolina democrats, most of them african american voted for their long-time favorite. >> hillary clinton. she's a very smart and capable woman. >> bernie sanders. i feel like he's honest. >> reporter: sanders went to texas looking to win more than just his home state of vermont on super tuesday. >> we are not going to allow the trump of the world to divide us
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up. >> reporter: with chris christie, donald trump focussed on the biggest super tuesday state. >> we're tied in texas and have a really good chance of winning texas. >> reporter: ted cruz' home state where cruz leads in the polls. >> pick a side. and i'll tell you this, when it comes to picking a side, i pick the side and i stand against washington and with the american people. >> reporter: like cruz, marco rubio on the paper can still beat trump in their fight is ugly. >> a con artist will never get control. >> a little mouth on him. >> the guy with the worst spray tan in america. >> i actually thought ted cruz was a liar but rubio is worse. >> reporter: three days until a showdown. between now and then, tv ads, big candidates and shuttling like crazy around the state. i'm steve handlesman. coming up next, a security breach at u.c. berkeley. how the personal information of
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80,000 students, teachers and other staff have fallen into the wrong hands. also new more yosemite t-shirts at the park. the reason the gift shop pulled these items and more from their shelves. a pretty pleasant night now, san jose up for 50s and a few high clouds on the way for sunday and finally some welcome changes as rain comes back in the seven-day forecast when you can expect rain for the neighborhood when we come right back.
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why the school waited until this week to warn victims since i.t. experts knew about it and that was two months ago back in december. the university is giving those affected a year of free credit monitoring and identity theft insurance. >> for some students, sexting is the new norm, not that unusual anymore but now when students are caught sexting, the state could get involved. >> there say proposal that would expel a student for sexting. more about a state-wide push following a tragedy. >> audrie pott was sexual assaulted by three teenage boys and pictures posted online and drove the 15-year-old to suicide. lawmakers in sacramento seek to give school administrators the power to suspend or expel a student for sexing, the purpose of humiliating. educators sexting with the intent to cause harm is a growing problem. >> aztecnology plays a greater
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and greater part almost day by day in the lives of teenagers in california, it's critical policy makers take a thoughtful approach figuring out not only how to protect students but as well as help them understand the power of the technology and educate them on appropriate ent action with the technology. >> reporter: suspension may not be the best option. >> it takes students out of school and away from education and the only opportunity to get the help they need, either realize the behavior they are engaging in are completely inappropriate and stop. >> reporter: the bill was just introduced and hearings could change vague language. >> it's definitely a problem that needs to be dealt with but threatening expulstion is not the best way to go. having students communicate with each other about how harmful and
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even life threaten thing kind of behavior is. that's more likely to have a powerful effect. first, it was yosemite's hotel and now the national parks unusual trademark battle is moving to yosemite's gift shop. it prompted the park to change the name to the majestic yosemite hotel. ment park's vendor says it owns the names. the san francisco khchronical i banning the sell of i tetems wi the names. >> beautiful day but we got to change at some point. >> the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. increasing chances of rain but in the meantime, a few high clouds. temperatures in the upper 50s
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and weather systems at least as we wrap up the weekend, too weak to produce rain. we'll see more clouds to wrap up the weekend but in terms of rain-producing clouds, most of that will stay to the north of sonoma heading towards tomorrow afternoon. patchy fog to start the morning off and as we go through the day, unlike today, mid and high-level clouds and you'll see that through the mid afternoon into the evening and for the north bay areas north of santa rosa, slight chance of a late day shower as another system to follow by tuesday. for the morning mostly in the 40s and around noon, temperatures in the low to mid 60s and sun will be filtered through the mid and high-levelled clouds. some of the warmer spots may be close to 70 around morgan hill and san francisco for the north bay for now temperatures in the mid to upper 60s thanks to the high level clouds coming in for sunday and temperatures are going to warm up a little more
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for monday, likely the warmest day of the week. low 70s from the north bay and notice the north bay on tuesday slight chance of seeing a few of the showers and for the east bay and tri-valley, mid 70s and including san jose. 70s as a possibility through wednesday. second half of the week a little bit of a different story. high pressure will finally start to flatten out and give up ground that will allow this pattern to come closer to the bay area at times on tuesday. then as we head toward thursday finally the pattern breaks down enough to allow a chance of showers all across the bay area. for thursday, temperatures dropping down and we'll see the numbers in the 60s for the second half of the week and increasing chances of seeing more substantial system coming in by next weekend. so instead of the ridge of high pressure acting like a wall across the lower west coast, now we're having a dip in the jet stream. as upper level winds drop down, we'll see an increasing chance of more substantial rain, not just a few sprinkles or light
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showers but rain that should add up in the rain gauge as we get in towards next weekend so the pattern shifting back as we start off march very dry pattern that will wrap up february but as we go through mid march, all signs point to an above average rainfall through the first half of next month. tomorrow's temperatures pleasant and we'll see numbers in the upper 60s and a chance to get into the 70s towards monday and tuesday but the second half of the week as you see there in the sev seven-day forecast, rain more likely and temperatures cooling. back to you. >> thanks a lot. coming up, we'll show you the tiny reason lieutenant governor gavin newsom is missing the state democratic convention. he's got a pretty good excuse. >> i think so. runs=:03
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thousand people takinghe sound a part in the "cycle for survival. that was the sound of nearly 1,000 people taking part in the cycle for survival ride in san francisco today. this is an annual ride that
8:23 pm
brings together doctors, researcher, patients, survivors and supporters this year's fundraising ride at the sports club on market street cycle for survival has been going strong for ten years. the money raised to buy the movement goes directly to rare cancer research studies and clinical trials. those classes are so tough. >> yeah. >> i don't know if you've taken them. >> i never have and after watching that, there is another side to it, good side, raising money. >> yeah, they are hard. hundreds of ships navigate the bay but this week one made extra waves. >> build and define the west coast now makeup. here is joe. >> reporter: there was a time long ago hundreds of wooden lumber helped build the west -- >> only one, last one. >> reporter: it was pretty sorry looking. >> people would come buy and ask it was a replica of noah's ark.
8:24 pm
>> reporter: it lang washed at the san francisco maritime park looking like a candidate for the pile and last november the national parks service towed the ship to alameda to begin the next chapter. the ship prepared gurus fashion new masks, new bow and began adding backer detail sldetail. >> the ship is cleaned and painted and crowning achievement. >> reporter: several weeks ago, this ship finally got its new mask. >> today is the first day in a long time the chief looked like this. >> the idea is to have completely authentic 1895 west coast lumber. >> reporter: on monday, the gang way lifted up and tit began the journey back to san francisco
8:25 pm
riding a tug boat but looking like a sailing ship. >> she's got a bow, she's got some rigging. >> reporter: she also had passengers like brian, a descendant who the ship was named after. >> they did such a wonderful job of restoring it. incredible piece of art. >> if this ship went away, there would be no more west coast lumber spooners in the world. >> reporter: the last west coast lumber spooner headed into port where national park workers will hang her rigging. >> we're making plans for sailing the boat when we're done. >> 120 years after the birth it seems this last survivor of the lumber fleet is final ly seeing her second wind. >> it's just majestic. >> coming up next. >> in my head i don't know how i just -- i knew it was gunshots. i knew it. >> the first victim from thursday's shooting at a kansas
8:26 pm
factory speaking out about her ordeal. we have her story coming up. accountability.
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those words came from two it's a scathing review, intai intimidation and no accountability after the death of an inmate. >> senior investigative investigator says these problems date back years. >> we began our investigation after the death of inmate michael tyree back in september. we analyze from the independent jail observer program and talked to eight different corrections offices. all of them told us the same story, leaving a historical trail of abuse and mistreatment of inmates that took place well before tyree's death. within a week of the death of michael tyree, the sheriff spoke
8:29 pm
out. >> as sheriff, it's my sworn duty and sworn duty of every deputy to follow every lead no matter where that lead takes the investigation. >> reporter: two weeks after the news conference, sheriff smith told nbc bay news the three corrections officers for beating tyree to death were anomalies. >> if someone is intent of committing a crime, no amount of training will train against that. what happened is an isolated incident. >> reporter: a four-month long investigation raises questions about whether there is a long-standing alter of fear, intimidation and inmate physical and mental abuse at the hands of corrections officers at the jail. and two independent teams passed by the jail blue ribbon reported publicly they found many of the same allegations we uncovered. >> it goes back to the culture now. everyone is afraid to speak.
8:30 pm
>> culture is tremendously why. >> reporter: these officers spoke on camera, one's identity to be concealed, another to be identified fully and more talked to us off camera. they pointed to a lack of training, short staffing and lack of accountability. this officer would speak to us only if we hid his identity becae he fears he'll lose his job and 12-year career. >> the lack of oversight and public appearance but the actually reality of what is occurring is different. >> training is a different. >> sean allen serves as a correction and training officer for santa clara county and filed suit against the county and sheriff for civil rights violations and harassment. in the interview with us, he acts as an employee representative at the county department of corrections. >> you have to increase your
8:31 pm
staffing, increase your training base, increase your bed space, right? and give people the tools to do the job. >> this extends way back past michael's death. >> right. >> the intent of the jail observer program is to provide a neutral resource for residents, inmates. >> reporter: kate jones serves as the jail on server program coordinator based at santa clara's humane resource department and takes anonymous calls from inmates, families, everyone corrections officers that wish to report problems at the jail. jones follows up and issues a yearly report seen by the sheriff, jail administrators and supervisors. >> i got behind because of the increasing calls. >> reporter: in 2013, jones and her team began formally transcribing entire complaints not only from inmates but families and officers. roughly how many calls do you get a year? >> well, that roughly doubled from 2014 to 2015.
8:32 pm
>> reporter: that's double the nearly 100 reports filed in 2014. we reviewed every one of those formal transcripts dating back to 2013, a total of 225 complaints. they covered issued such as the jail environment, lack of appropriate medical care, and officer mistreatment of inmates. since july 2013, there are 22 different officer involved treatment related issues including physical abuse. >> there are things that concern me greatly. >> reporter: we caught up with sheriff smith. you heard a lot about culture. what was your reaction to that? >> give me a chance to really take a look at the report and everything and i heard a lot of disturbing things today. >> reporter: does that start with you and your administration? >> it's the entire organization. you know, the entire organization, there needs to be a lot of reforms, absolutely.
8:33 pm
>> we knew this was something that was larger than just isolated incidents. >> reporter: raj serves as director of a social justice operation originally meant to advance the civil rights of children, workers and immigrants but complaints from the families of inmates at the jail forced him and his organization to take on inmate rights, as well. >> it became this eclipsing issue that would keep coming up every week of the family saying i'm really concerned about my son or my loved one. >> reporter: we shared the data. what's your reaction? >> this idea that this say new problem that had no history is just a false narrative. i think the data here proves that complaints have been surfaced, that they have be been cobeen been communicated. >> they need to look who is running the organization.
8:34 pm
>> she's not the right person to run this organization. i think she is running it into the ground. >> the sheriff disputes this and confirmed to me she and her administration didn't know about this data complaints given to the jail observer prograndmother but she says she's not sure why there is an increase in the last few years, particularly in complaints against officers. she blames budget cuts and would consider the indepenalty dent oversight committee. >> developing news right now. police say this 10-year-old boy is missing. he was last seen a little over an hour ago. no one has heard from him since. he was wearing tan pants, a tan shirt and no shoes. call 911 if you see him. we'll continue to follow the story and will have the latest at 11:00.
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today vice president joe biden was in the south bay firing up democrats during the convention going on this weakened at the san jose convention center. laura has highlights from the keynote address. greeted by the eager cheers of enthusiasm supporters. >> you can't lead this great country without recognizing what made it great in the first place. >> reporter: with the presidential nomination and the u.s. senate seat before voters plus the future of the u.s. supreme court hanging in the balance, california democrats have a lot at stake. >> you can't lead america unless you believe in the american people and their capacity to do virtually anything they set their mind to.
8:36 pm
for a brief moment a hackler disrupted but quickly escorted out of the building by security praises for his fellow democrats and took jabs at the republicans in washington and urged the party to unite. >> we cannot define america based on race, ethnicity, religious faith country of origin. >> reporter: earlier in the day, biden stopped by the university of san francisco. moon shoot is a billion-dollar project aimed at researching cancer treatment and prevention. >> i have overwhelming support from democrats republicans alike left, right and senter. >> biden knows too well losing a loved one to the disease. beau biden died of brain cancer. he was 46 years old. >> everyone, everyone is affected and families are
8:37 pm
affected when increasing by mull tips of four or five or six when a person is lost or is diagnosed. >> reporting from san jose, nbc bay area news. the first victim of thursday's shooting spree at a manufacturing plant in kansas is speaking out. melissa torrez was spraying and drying parts when she heard gunshots outside and turned and saw the door open and saw cedric ford. that's when she ducked and started running. >> i just kept running and i could see rick -- i should hear shooting and see ricochet bullets, sparks off metal. i didn't look back and i didn't even dare to see where he was going. he looked directly at us and just looked so evil. how can you look your co-workers you see every single day in the eyes and just shoot at them? >> torrez was hit in the hand hid in back with one of the 14 people injured. three of her co-workers were
8:38 pm
killed. ford was killed in a gunfire exchange with police. in the north bay, the search for two women who stole thousands of dollars worth of beauty products from a store, take a look at the picture. one of the women, police say she and an accomplice walked into an ulta beauty. both women stole about $3500 worth of items and took off. call police if you have information on that. a small earthquake out of the north bay this morning. magnitude 2.8 quake hait the geysers. this is earthquake country. struck a little after 9:30 at a depth of two miles. no reports of injuries or damage. still to come tonight. >> gradual day after day one step forward could get you somewhere incredible. >> magician who spends hours perfecting his craft. magic is not his only talent.
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==take vo== he anhi an adorable reason gavin newsome missed the convention. they welcomed their fourth child. is that a good excuse? >> dutch william sybel newsom. 60 miles northeast of sacramento. spent much of his childhood there at his pafather's home. he did make an appearance by video. >> a brooklyn magician has something up his sleeve but not what you think. >> not cars or a handkerchief but much more meaningful. >> chuck says he fell in love with magic at the age of 5.
8:42 pm
he thought he had discovered a way to get rich. what he really discovered, though, was a talent. though, as you'll soon see, it's far from his only one. >> first thing i'm do, show you how to find a card. >> he's been very busy practicing these days. many r than one big vent. >> if i have the ace here, where is the nine? >> the magic show he's putting together, one that will support his non-profit helping sick, hungry and homeless children. >> oh, wow. >> what? >> chuck was just a kid himself when he became fascinated by magic. though, it wasn't until his sister was in the hospital and his magic tricks helped keep her spirits up that chuck realized it was a talent he could use for good. >> i realized it was something meaningful to me. >> it started chuck down the road to forming the magic of miracle performing and teaching
8:43 pm
magic to kids in hospitals and homeless shelters. >> if this magic could take them out of the situation for even a second, it would have been totally worth it. >> reporter: chuck sometimes wishes he could devote all his time to magic but then there is that other event he's been preparing for this summer, a little something called the olympic games. the chuck you see is a cal grad and record holder with the goggles firmly fixed on rio. >> i want to make the olympic game. i want to go represent the u.s. >> reporter: chuck believes his two passions aren't as different as they may seem, mastery of either takes untold hours practice. once more, chuck is sentcertain doing one helps the other. making the olympic swim team would bring attention to the non-profit and working with
8:44 pm
children in need provides an extra kick in the pool. >> i think receiving that strength and energy back from them makes everything i do worth it. >> reporter: to chuck it would seem as a magician with a little something extra up his sleeve particularly when he isn't wearing it. >> chuck's specialty is the breast stroke and not to make the olympic team, he believes if he has a good day at the trials, it is a goal well within reach. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> tickets to the happiest place on earth are undergoing a major change. coming up next, disneyland's new pricing system. parents perk up across the bay area. wait until we tell you how much you will have to shell out to get into the park this is right up my ally, coming up. ame
8:45 pm
8:46 pm
managing crowds by raising
8:47 pm
prices, a summer trip to disneyland or disneyworld will cost a little more. the theme park is introducing surge pricing. on peak days like holidays and weekends a single day ticket will cost $119. right now it's at $99. on regular days, about half of the year, you know, constitutes a regular day, about $105. you get $4 off on value day. >> what are value days? >> days when schools are in session. >> okay. >> disneyland says that the pricing model is to manage crowds, which as we know are full. profits at disney are up in the last three months, disney has raked in more than $900 million. >> watch for the value days. most of the bay area saw sunny spring-like weather. the exception, the polar bar habitat had a winter wonderland today as you can see. it took ten tons, ten tons of snow and ice to create this effect but after all, it is
8:48 pm
international polar bear day. really. and the zoo gets into the spirit of the event since it's top bear ula is the nation's oldest polar bear in captivity and got the remanence of the good old days. 34 years old as she plays in the snow like a youngish cub. >> awe. little patch of snow there. >> you can say one thing about today, she was digging it. meteorologist rob miata here with the forecast. we got rain on the way. >> we, we do. peggy getting allergies from the pollen and dust. rain or snow to knock some down and speaking of snow, a little more than just a patch of stuff there for the polar bear but sierra, 88%, last year only 19% and those numbers look good but keep in mind the sierra just about two weeks ago, the average closer to about 110% so very dry february and fortunately, as
8:49 pm
seen what we would expect to see two to five inches of rain this month, less than an inch for all locations except for livermore. so the statewide rainfall average in northern california starting to come down after the last two to three weeks of mostly dry weather. 72 about 87% of average right now around the bay area as we about to move into what is really seen as the forurth quarter. the big rainfall months, november, december, january, february, march, one more good month and you can see on average how things drop off, right on schedule. looks like an increasing chance of rain as we move closer to march. 50s outside and high clouds going by as we see the trailing edge of the weather system that will sweep by the bay area tomorrow and bring in high clouds but unfortunately no rain producing clouds. patches of fog possible for the morning before high clouds arrive and during the day,less sunshine than today and may see
8:50 pm
a few sprinkles across the north bay. a weakening system but progressively through the week, stronger systems coming on in and increasingly further south that rain line will be dropping to the bay area later this week. 40s to start for the morning with patchy fog and low 60s during the afternoon and heating tomorrow may be capped by filtered sunshine courtesy of the high clouds mid to upper 60s around the south bay and mid 60s in san francisco and north bay and santa rosa maybe a sprinkle or two and upper 60s to 71 in plea pleasanton and tuesday for the north bay, you'll see a chance of seeing a few showers, then as we head towards the east bay, trivalley and san jose, mid 70s in reach and numbers hanging onto the 70s as high pressure at least is going to try to hold the ground through the middle part of the week and finally, it will move to the south so the next systems that come in for tuesday has a slight chance of
8:51 pm
hitting the north bay and for thursday, the system taking shape out here will bring us, we think, bay area wide a chance of seeing some rain for thursday and temperatures start to come down a bit as we approach next weekend. the second half of the week cool off and the best system of the bunch once we get the high out of the way, you can see this trough and the drop of the upper level winds into california that's going to bring us our best chance for rain and you can see rain accumulating not just enough to hit the windshield and cause spots but measurable rainfall for a change. thursday and likely the saturday into sunday storm systems bringing most of the rain our way. so we're about to leave, we think, this drier than average pattern as the jet stream hangs out across california we hope through the middle part of march, the above average chance for rainfall, welcome sight and dry finish to the weekend. tomorrow mid to upper 60s and finally, rain and sierra snow back in the seven-day forecast.
8:52 pm
>> that is exciting. >> thanks a lot. >> i forgot to mention to rob we had five minutes or so of light rain yesterday. >> that is exciting. >> exciting. >> we'll take what we can get. will your oscar pick win the top prize? >> we'll take a look at the actors and films that could have the edge tomorrow night. will it be leo for the first time? >> i'm rooting for the bear. >> going to fix it? now. find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love,
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==peg/2shot== this year's oscar this is the eve of the biggest night of the year, the ackacademy awards. >> a look at this year's top predictions. >> it ain't easy being the academy because this year's oscar showdown is fierce. >> you're going to fix it now. >> kate winslet has an oscar on the shelf but we predict to be beat out for best supporting actress. >> the academy loves a newcomer.
8:55 pm
everyone is loving her in "the danish girl" but kate winslet may slip in and take it away from her. >> the guys up for best supporting actor aren't going down without a fight. tom hardy, christian bail but a season vet whose crushing the competition on his way to the trophy. >> silvester stiallone is going to win the best supporting actor for his work in "creed". >> how do you know all this? >> everyone loves that movie. everyone loves sitallone. >> it will likely come down to j-law and another contender. >> bee larson's winning streak will continue for the oscar for best actor. "room" is her movie. >> her lead actor is a shoe in. >> not only does he deserve it
8:56 pm
but been nominate sod many times. >> watch out if he doesn't win. >> honestly, hollywood will implode and fans will go crazy. >> for the main vent eight films are up. >> the rev nance and spotlight. >> looking forward to it. >> yeah, we'll be right back. a "black and white" gets a ride=
8:57 pm
it makes more sense when youee the photos.
8:58 pm
oakland c-h-p officers say thisd a black and white gets a ride in a black and white. >> this puppy was found running around interstate 580 in richmond. awe. they posted pictures on their facebook page showing happy dog enjoying the police escort traveling in style. nice when your dog matches the car. right? hopefully somebody will find her. we should follow up. >> i love she has the dog's head out the window. >> yeah. >> no one will pull you over. >> that's right. i'm sure if she does not, somebody will come and adopt her, maybe me. >> rob one more time, rain on the way, not tomorrow, though. >> we'll see interesting weather coming our way in the meantime we've had dry weather, so maybe allergies have gone off the charts, this is probably a reason why, ash, juniper, moderate to high. haven't had much in the way of any rain. that subject to change, though, beginning tomorrow for the north bay and tomorrow morning patchy
8:59 pm
fog setting up in the 40s and as we go into the afternoon, we'll see increasing high clouds mid to upper 60s, maybe near 70 in the warmest spots and calendar a chance for a few light sprinkles and thursday, the entire bay area gets rain and the strongest system of the bunch this time next weekend will be tracking a storm that will bring temperatures not 60s and 70s but probably low 60s and cold enough for more sierra snow. february looks like the extra day monday will end dry but things are changing, the long range model wetting than average march and beginning late next week into next weekend. >> you talk about the jet stream needs to come down and it's coming. >> yeah, washington and oregon most of the winter all-time record setting. >> seattle. >> for the pacific northwest. that is where the rain has gone but we see that jet stream coming south heading towards
9:00 pm
next week. >> that's good news. can't wait for it. thank you for joining us tonight. >> see you at 11:00. oscar week end has arrived. welcome to "access hollywood," the weekend edition. i'm liz hernandez. while all the celebrities get ready for the big show, we take a walk down oscar's past red carpets. >> there was that really awkward time in seventh and eighth grade. i was just wildly hideous. none of the boys wanted to go out with me. >> it wasn't too long after that self-described awkward phase that gwyneth attended her first oscars in 1994. at just 21 years old, fresh faced with brunette hair, she wasn't quite as sophisticated as now. two years later with brad pitt on her arm, she wore a


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