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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 28, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good sunday morning to you. it is 7:00. we want to start you off with a live look at san jose from our camera atop communications hill. thank you so much for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen. let's get a check on the microforecast with anthony slaughter. >> we have clouds streaming by this morning. we have a cold front to the north that will produce more cloud. even maybe some driz at the coastline this morning. once we get toward 11:00 or noon we'll see the clouds fade away. there's the cold front to the north producing showers this morning across places like eureka. for us here at home starting off a little gray in some places.
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mostly cloudy skies are expected. at least for the first half of the day. we'll turn things over to sunny skies as we round the day out 66 in san francisco today. close to 70 for the north, east, and south bay. more clouds than we saw yesterday. high, thin clouds in the sky. the clouds will pass by. tomorrow break out the shorts. we're talking 70s wide spread. perfect beach weather and then some rain in the forecast the upcoming forecast. we've got it all. >> a little bit of everything. >> look forward to it. thank you. new this morning a fender bender turns into a deadly hit and run leading to a car chase all before dawn lanes are now open where it all took place. just after midnight a man pulled to the shoulder to check out car damage after a minor accident. investigators say that's when another driver hit and killed the man and kept going. chp caught up with that driver who left the scene thanks to witness tips. the driver facing several
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charging including manslaughter. no worth. drugs and alcohol played role. another freeway shooting in the east bay left a man dead. chp said the shooting happened early yesterday morning. investigators say someone in a car pulled up next to a jeep suv and opened fire. the driver in the suv veered off the road and crashed down an embankment. he died at the scene. it appears the driver was targeted and it was not a random shooting. those who live nearby tell us they're feeling uneasy. >> now i'll keep an eye out, you know, on things that might look suspicious to me where i can avoid them early. >> the chp said the car with the shooter took off. investigators say many of the recent freeway shootings have possible gang ties. officers say they need the publics' help to identify the shooters and the cars involved. seven shootings on that stretch of interstate 80 since november. the shootings happened on the
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freeway between berkeley and opinion knoll. two of the shootings were deadly. all of the shootings closed down the busy interstate for several hours. and decision 2016. it is hillary clinton by a landslide in the south carolina primary. clinton said this weekend's victory sets her up for a strong super tuesday. >> we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything and we're not taking anyone for granted. >> out of all 12 states voting on tuesday for bernie sanders leads clinton only in his home state of vice president. ted cruz is taking on donald trump on the subject of his income taxes. >> but his defense for not realizing his tax return he said, gosh, i'm being audited.
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okay. that's a reason to release your tax returns. so you're telling me -- >> in the same speech, cruz suggested it will reveal the billionaire isn't as wealthy as he claims. a major announcement at the california democratic convention in san jose. party leaders decided to endorse attorney general kamala harris to the seat that will soon be vacated by barbara boxer. >> support me in this bid for the united states senate and let us continue to lead our nation. i would be honored to have your support. >> the attorney general also highlighted the importance of keeping a democrat in the white house. vice president joe biden delivered the keynote address. he highlighted the successes of democrats in everything from the environment to the economy. the vice president reminded us what the democratic party stands for. >> middle class means you can send your park to a neighborhood
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and know they'll come home safely. if they get to college you can get them there. and in the meantime, you can take care of your mother or father when the other dies and hope your children never have to take care of you. that's middle class. that's who we are. >> the convention continues today in san jose. after yesterday's address, vice president joe biden flew to los angeles for a much different mission. today he'll introduce lady gaga for her performance and then he'll be at the academy awards. while in the bay area, vice president joe biden focussed on an issue close to him. eliminating cancer. he toured a research facility and held a round table discussion alongside his wife. the vice president is spearheading a $1 billion white house initiative to find a cure for the disease. biden's son beau died of brain cancer last year. the vice president said one of the key priorities of the initiative is to identify any red tape that are slowing down
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the research for a cancer cure. in the north bay, the search for two women who stole thousands of dollars worth of beauty products from a petaluma store. in is a picture of one of the women. police say she and an accomplicaccomplice walked into an utla be ark-- ul beauty store. three people were hurt after a car crashed into an apartment building in the redwood city. the fire department tweeted out the photos of the damage. it happened about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. all three people in the car had to be taken to the hospital. one of them was a child. we are told they are expected to recover. much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up no more yosemite t-shirts a the park. we'll tell you the reason gift shops may have to pull the items and more from the shelves. if you haven't seen it -- it's
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worth seeing again. the shot by stephan curry that turned social media. >>
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your time is 7:09. let's give you a beautiful look at that sunrise over san jose. absolutely gorgeous. all hell broke loose. that's how a witness described the bloody fights when five kkk members protested. the violence broke out in an anaheim park three miles from disease. the clan members had permission. police immediately began tending to two stabbing victims.
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>> simultaneously officers on scene witnessed a clansman on the ground on the corner of cypress and lemon who was being stomped by three of the counter protesters. they immediately rushed in and took the three counter protesters into custody and the victim had minor injuries. >> one person critically wound bid stab wounds was upgraded to stable. dramatic cell phone video from a crash that killed three people and shut down a major freeway in southern california for hours. you're looking at the aftermath. a fiery mess on i 5. it started as a street race. one of the drivers smashed into a semitruck and smashed into a third car. the semi driver and people inside the third car were injured. police arrested one of the drivers. he admitted to racing another car. a seasonal life guard for the state park system is
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recovering from hypothermia this weekend after a daring and heroic rescue. plunged into the ocean off boat rock state beach after a mother and her two children were swept into the water. the mother and her daughter were caught in large surf with nothing but the rescue buoy. they had to wait for the sheriff's helicopter. had to be treated for hypothermia. the family was taken to the hospital as well but they are fine. first it was yosemite's famed hotel now the national park's unusual trademark battle is moving to the gift shop. last month the legal problems forced them to change the hotel. the park's old vender who held the contract for 24 years claims it owns the park's names. the company is barring the new vender from selling t-shirts and
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coffee mugs with the names claiming it as a trademark violation. still to come, steph curry breaks the internet. what he did on national tv that has people in disbelief. plus, tickets to the happiest place on earth are undergoing a major change. how much you'll have to shell out now to get into the park. >> on the sunday morning we're waking up to a few high thin clouds. it's in a milky sky across the bay area. no rain expected but we're expecting to see the clouds and mild temperatures as we head through the next few days. plus rain. we'll talk about that coming up after this.
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and now introducing delicious biscuits with almond butter or peanut butter. let's give you a life look outside now from the cameras. looking out toward san francisco. a little hazy out there. you're waking up to mild temperatures. not too cold. maybe a light sweater when you step outside.
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ticket prices to disney world will be marge priced. on peak days like holiday and july 4th weekend a single day adult ticket will cost $119. right now it's $99. on regular days, that's about half the year, tickets will cost $105. you get four dollars off on weekdays when school is in session. disney land said it's to help manage crowds. profits are up at disney resorts. they pulled in more than $900 million. the launch is back on. after two postpones spacex is ready to try another rocket launch and landing today. this is video from last month's launch which ended in a failed landing. spacex hoped to send a communications satellite to space. it was originally scheduled for wednesday but called off because of fuel concerns. on thursday a second launch was
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called off with 1:40 to go. today's launch is scheduled for 3:46 our time. let's give you a live look. all is quiet but the volume is about to be turned up in the east bay. after more than two weeks on the road, the warriors will return home to they are the atlanta hawks on tuesday. it comes after the shot around the sports world last night in oklahoma city. >> they do have a time out. they decide not to use it. curry way downtown. what a shot from curry! >> bang bang, what a shot indeed. that 38-foot sealed the deal in jefr time. take a look again in slow motion. athletes from various sports, celebrities, and basketball experts alike are calling it the game and the shot of the year. social media was abuzz for hours following the game last night. steph scored 46 points in the come-from-behind win. the warriors were able to force overtime and win it on a
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jaw-dropping shot by the league mvp. coming up in about 30 minutes we'll tell you about the record steph set last night. hear what warriors coach had to say about his super star. i got to say, anthony, that game was up. i stayed up past my bedtime to watch the end. when he made the shot my husband and i jumped up and hugged. that never happens! >> and it's one of the things we were talking about earlier. it's not super ripped. hasn't been around forever. when you see it it's like wow. you're like i can do this. then you get out there. >> he's incredible. >> just like a normal guy. >> he's humble, indeed. we talk about all his practicing and the hard work he put into it. it's so magical to see that. >> it is. >> when he makes the three point he gets so excited. like he has never done it before. come on. >> yeah. the whole team is fun to watch.
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let's turn our attention to the weather. >> yes. >> things looking nice? >> we have great weather coming up. today and tomorrow are going to be nice days. we have clouds in place this morning, but as we move toward the afternoon we'll see sunshine. even the next couple of days temperature start to warm up. if you're a fan of the 70s, we'll talk about the temperatures, not the years. we'll see 70s across the bay areas. we have the high thin clouds in place this morning. you can see we have a little bit of a mid level moisture off the coastline. so a little bit of a drizzle is possible at least this morning along the immediate coast. we won't see any showers as you move inland. i don't think we'll see any rain. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. very out there. i had thin clouds are casting a milky looking sky this today. we'll see more sunshine this afternoon. high thin clouds in place this morning. 69 later on in the east bay. 66 for the peninsula. the south bay at 70 degrees. for san francisco 66 degrees.
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across the rest of the state if you're doing any traveling wide spread sunshine across the entire state from tahoe to 56. yosemite 66. so csan diego topping around 70. we've been dry over the past couple of day. things will warm up as high pressure takes control. a few 70s possible across part of the south bay. look at the 70s for tomorrow. wide spread. san francisco tomorrow 70. north bay, try valley. tuesday temperatures push back a little bit because wednesday and thursday we've got rain to talk about. that's going to move back into the bay area. it is still an an el nino year. we should be talking about more rain than we've been seeing for the last couple of weeks. things are starting to switch up
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as the storm track is getting a little bit closer with each and every storm that passes through. this will continue to move off toward the north. look what happens as we move toward monday and tuesday. another one develops. it's right to the north. we'll miss out that one. as we head toward wednesday and thursday the storm track is a little farther south. by wednesday night into thursday we'll be tracking more showers across the bay area. it's not a huge storm system but it's enough to switch up the pattern we've been seeing, at least for the past couple of weeks. after this storm on thursday and friday, there are several more to come as we move toward the next couple of weeks. the first storm for thursday and friday. less than a quarter of an inch for places like santa rosa. the next couple of days will be nice. get out and enjoy 70s across the south bay. a little bit warmer for tomorrow. we'll start that gradual decline. thursday is the day for showers.
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wednesday, thursday things start to go downhill or at least uphill if you're happy we're going to get showers. we need it. it is that time of year. as we get into march we could be tracking more showers. so we'll continue to keep our fingers crossed because as you know we're still in a drought. >> anthony, thank you. today in the bay is back in a moment. ing up. >> one step forward could get you somewhere pretty incredible. >> a magician. he spends hours practicing his craft. it's not his only talent. something up his sleeve ... and.
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your time 7:23. a berkeley magician has something up his sleeve. it's not what you think. garvin thomas has bay area proud. >> chuck fell in love with magic at the age of five.
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seeing a street performer in london turn a single coin into many. he thought he had discovered a way to get rich, but he really discovered, though, was a talent. as you'll soon see, it's far from his only one. >> first thing i'm going to do is show you how magicians find your card. >> chuck has been very busy practicing these days. he's got more than one big event planned this summer. there's the magic show he's putting together. one that will support his nonprofit helping sick, hungry, and homeless children. >> oh, wow! >> chuck was just a kid himself when he became fascinated by magic. though it wasn't until his sister was in the hospital and his magic tricks helped keep her spirits up. chuck realized it was a talent he could use for good. >> i realized it was something that was meaning for to me and the flood gates opened. >> it started chuck down the
7:25 am
road to forming the magic of miracles. performing and teaching magic to kids in hospitals and homeless shelters. >> if the magic could take them out of the situation for even a second, it would have been totally worth it. >> chuck sometimes wishes he could devote all his time to magic, but then there is that other event he's been preparing for this summer. a little something called the olympics games. the chuck you see is a cal grad and american-record holder in the medley relay with his goggles firmly fixed henri oon >> i want to represent the u.s. >> chuck believes his two passions aren't as different as they may seem. mastering of either takes untold hours of practice. what is more, chuck is certain that doing one helps the other. making the olympics swim team would bring attention to his
7:26 am
nonprofit, and working with children in need, well, that provides him extra kick in the pool. >> i think receiving that strength and energy back from them makes everything i do worth it. >> the chuck, it would seem, is a ma with a little something extra up his sleeve. particularly when he isn't wearing any. chuck's specialty is the breaststroke. not a shoo in to make out limerilim olympics teams, he believes if he has a good day within the olympics trials he believe it's a good day. >> if you know of someone doing something nice for others, we would love to hear from you. go to coming up rookie cop killed on her first day on the job. the call that lead to the deadly shooting. plus -- >> you can't be there and not do their jobs. otherwise they're failing everybody. >> coming up a state agency that was created to protect the
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public is accused of putting people at significant risk. that story next.
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your time is 7:29. take a look at the beautiful sky above san jose from our photographer's camera. he's been in san jose this morning capturing the beauty shots for you. a very mild and sunny afternoon we're looking at. thank you for joining us. i'm vicky nguyen alongside anthony slaughter. >> later on this afternoon it's going to be uniform. mid 60s. some places making it close to 70s. we have a cold front in place this morning about a hundred miles off the coastline producing a couple of drizzles. unfortunately for us it's not too far north. we won't see anything such as
7:30 am
rainfall. we'll see a good high and mid level clouds through the day. it won't be an overly sunny sky but still milder temperatures. 66 in san francisco later on this afternoon. 69 for the east bay. close to 70 for places like the south bay and the trivalley. i think most of us will stay in the 60s all day. tomorrow 70s. if you're a fan of that. 70s as far as the temperature. not the decade. >> we say we're back to the 70s and people say what? not the decade. a. >> yeah. >> neon colors. >> i'm with you. >> got to have fun. >> anthony, thank you. we'll take you to the top local stories. a fender bender turns into a deadly hit and run. lanes are open on e 80 in pinole. a man checks out car damage. investigators say that's when another driver struck the man and kept driving.
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chp caught up with him thanks to witness tips. that driver facing several charges including manslaughter. in the east bay police are searching for the gunman who shot at an suv on interstate 80 in richmond. the vehicle veered off the road and rolled down an embankment throwing the driver from the car. he died. police haven't released any about the gunman but they believe it was a targeted attack. and in the north bay the search for two women who stole thousands of dollars worth of beauty products from a petaluma store. this woman and an accomplice walked into an ulta beauty and stole about $3500 worth of beauty products and took off. today marks the last day of our democratic convention. san jose has been playing host all weekend. democrats made a major announcement last night and endorsed attorney general kamal
7:32 am
harris. t it was announced just hours after joe biden reiterated what the middle class means. >> middle class means you can send your kid to a local high school and if they do well get to college. they get to college, you can get them there. >> democrats in south carolina also made their support clear. hillary clinton won the primary by a landslide. out of all 12 states voting on tuesday, democrat rival bernie sapders leads clinton only in his home state of vermont. ted cruz is taking on frontrunner donald trump on the subject of his income taxes. >> his defense for not releasing his tax returns he said i'm being audited. okay. that's a reason to release your tax returns. >> in the same speech cruz suggested that trump's tax
7:33 am
returns will reveal the billionaire isn't as wealthy as he says he is. the officer gunned down on her first day of the job. >> she was sworn in yesterday. the whole thing is tragic. >> virginia officers are mourning ashley. they were responding to a domestic disturbance when shots were fired. the suspected shooter is now in custody. a terrifying descend for a pilot who walked away from a crash landing in san jose. it happened yesterday afternoon at the smaller airport in east san jose. you can see the small experimental plane off the runway with the knonose in the ground. the plane's landing gear collapsed after touchdown. the pilot was the only one on board. he was hurt. victimized by her own lawyer. that's one woman's claim and she's not alone. the state bar is well aware of
7:34 am
the complaints against many lawyers. so what is the bar doing about it? investigative reporter explains. >> we investigate how a state agency that is supposed to be protecting consumers managed to put people at significant risk after failing to tabs on attorneys across california. it's been extraordinarily painful. >> catherine roberts blames one man for ruining her life. her former attorney. >> the damage it did has never really left my life. >> california has its own separate court system to investigate and discipline attorneys. it's run by the state bar which receives 16,000 complaints each year. according to a recent state dit the bar failed to keep watch over attorneys who commit misconduct saying to reduce the backlog --
7:35 am
>> that's working your numbers to try to look good even while you're potentially hurting consumers. >> attorney ed howard is with the center for public interest law. a government watchdog group that monitors state boards and agencies. >> it's the worst possible kind of failure. >> the complaint backlogs increased in 2010, the california bar decreased the severity of punishments for lawyers. as a result, the bar dismissed more cases and just settled others with written reprimands that stay hid anyone a lawyer's discipline file. what do you say? >> i'm sorry. >> the chief operating officer for the state bar. wilson was hired five months ago and unable to answer many of our questions concerning allegations against the state bar. >> i wasn't here at the time and i can't answer for that. i wasn't here then. i wasn't here for that either. >> the way the state auditor put
7:36 am
it you put people at significant risk. >> okay. >> do you disagree with that? >> i don't really want to focus on the assertions of the state auditor. >> that was the biggest finding they had. >> right. >> it's a serious allegation. >> right. i think the important thing that we need to do and focus on as an agency is fixing the underlying structure problems or conditions that caused that problem to occur. that's what we've done. >> wilson said supervising attorneys at the bar now have to sign off before cases against attorneys can be settled. roberts feels the additional oversight should have been placed. >> they're there for a reason. they can't be there and not do their job. otherwise they're failing everybody. >> roberts said her legal troubles began after trying to fight an eviction from her home in san francisco. in 2004 she hired attorney drexel bradshaw. >> i ended up in one day losing
7:37 am
my apartment and being a half million dollars in debt. >> she eventually sued bradshaw. the jury found that bra shaw's abilities as a lawyer were below the applicable standards and resulted in a financial loss to roberts of more than $250,000. roberts ultimately settled with bradshaw out of court. the objections over bradshaw's work don't end there. the local bar association received a number of complaints from bradshaw's clients and in a highly unusual move filed a complaint with the state bar. the complaint raising concerns that bradshaw may have stolen money from one client and engaged in unconscionable billing practices. attorney and professor has talked legal ethics for nearly 40 years and one of the volunteer attorneys with the san
7:38 am
francisco bar to file that complaint. >> i just hate seeing people like this get away with things when they shouldn't. >> the state bar tried to take action against bradshaw with this 62 page complaint. it went to court as two separate cases the first was dismissed. when you search for the send one on the state bar's website, you're told no case found. >> somehow at the end of the day, this file got made secret. >> he believes the state bar ultimately gave bradshaw a disciplinary slap on the wrist. he said the bar violated its own policies by not making it public. >> the state bar doesn't want to admit it made a mistake that under the own rules it didn't have a right to do. >> something wasn't made private. it was settled in agreement.
7:39 am
and the contents agreement are not public. >> what is public is bradshaw's criminal record. he's a convicted felony. 1990 he was found guilty in virginia by grand larceny by check. bradshaw lied about his criminal record six years in a row and signed documents he submitted to the san francisco bar. still, the state bar's website shows a clean disciplinary record for bradshaw. not a single infraction. at least not one the public can see. >> we reached out to bradshaw for comment but he declined our request through his attorney. the state bar is trying to determine how to best restructure its staff to better handle complaints while also minimizing its backlog. that plan is expected to be delivered to the state legislature in may. back to you. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call. send an e-mail to the unit nbc
7:40 am still to come on today in the bay, the video people will still be talking about today. the warriors and steph curry continue to rewrite the nba record books. we'll hear from head coach after the epic night in okc. there is still a buzz in t r
7:41 am
7:42 am
oklanhomciteph curry's amanperf there is still a buzz in the air about stiff curry's amazing performance last night in oklahoma city. if you've been on twitter, facebook, or instagram, you know what we'ring. it was a prime time match up in front of a national tv audience and the warriors and the thunder did not disappoint. and time expires. he would hit two clutch free throws to send the game into overtime. the warriors fell behind in ot
7:43 am
as well but steph and kept the team in the game. the game tied in the final second and then this happened. they do have a time out. curry way downtown. bang ban! what a shot from curry. >> you can hear it in the announcers voice. i don't think we'll get tired of seeing that. curry finished with 46 points. it was the 12th three-pointer of the game tieing the single game record. steph broke his own single season record for threes in a season. he still has 24 games to left to play. he has 288 triples for the year. last night's win clenches an nba playoff spot for the warriors. the fastest team ever to do that. here is what steve care had to say after the game. >> we weren't playing like ourselves in the first half. to be able to pull it out was
7:44 am
awesome. the effort in the second half was incredible. what steph did you know what is the expression from the ridiculous from the sublime. like, that's where we are at this point. >> from the ridiculous to the sublime. still to come on today in the bay. a potentially record-setting amount of state measures could appear on the november ballot. our political analyst joins us live in studio to highlight a few that might matter most to your everyday life. stay with us. 6- this november, california votera
7:45 am
7:46 am
ballot issues.of statewide this november california voters will likely decide a record number of statewide ballot issues. only eight have qualified so far. 82, yes, 82 are circulating for enough signatures to qualify for the november election. how do we make potential log jam? larry is here to sort things out. this is a new record. >> i love elections. but 82 possible proposals, i kind of cringe at that. i do. it's kind of scary. it's the largest on record, and,
7:47 am
of course, we don't expect all of these to qualify, vicky. no. but certainly it's likely that maybe 25, perhaps 30 will reach the ballot, which would be a record. these, of course, would be in addition to all the other we're voting for. ranging all the way from the presidency to tax measures, bond issues at the local and attract a lot of commercials. early estimates are that close to $5000 million will be spent for and against. i think the conservative estimate is going to be more like three quarters of a billion dollars. aside from everything else. >> so we'll be seeing and hearing a lot about the ones who make it to the ballot. give us a break down of the measures by category. >> yeah. among those that have already qualified, one measure would repeal the plastic bag. we know about that. passed by the legislature last year. another already on the ballot is set standards for prescription drug costs. among those circulation, 15
7:48 am
would deal with regulation, taxation or use of recreation or medical marijuana. five would provide new funds or rules for public education. three fwould kus on health care. and the list also includes suspending high speed rail. the death penalty, new immigration rules, public employee pensions, childhood sexual abuse, nuclear power. get this declaring california an independent nation. yes. that last proposal leads me to note that, lock, some of the proposals should they pass, in all likelihood, would be declared unconstitutional. so many of these things aren't vetted very well. >> i think they get the signatures to get there. california, we know, is a very diverse state with a lot of diverse opinions. it's not surprising to see the opinions reflected in the proposals. give us a sense of what else is behind it in record number. >> yeah. the collective mood you suggested is going to be part of
7:49 am
the answer. i think there are two principle drivers. first, it takes 5% of the number voted in the last gubernatorial election to qualify. 8%, by the way, for a constitutional amendment. the turn out for the election in 2014 that gubernatorial election was extraordinarily light. leaving the number of required signatures at a very low amount. 366,000 or 585,000. these are incredibly low numbers given that we have 26 million adult citizens in california. the second factor with the initiative process in place, the legislature, look, it routinely refrains from dealing with controversial issues. why should they? the rationale is that let the public decide these questions these onerous questions. by backing away from the, legislators don't have to worry about being on the wrong side of the issue. >> what is the take away for voters come november and the ballot could be so many pages
7:50 am
long. >> so first i would suggest wait to see which of the proposals make it the ballot. see who endorses or opposes the proposals. sometimes they could be respected people or people you don't like. interest groups you favor or don't. they could be a guide. a light for the rest of us, if you will. be weary. be weary of those simplistic 30 seconds issues about complicated issues. they're almost always misleading do. a lot of homework here, unfortunately, because of the ballot issues it won't be easy. >> the more ballot issues, the more we have to do to educate ourselves as voters. let me turn our attention to super tuesday. that's coming up. what is it going -- talk about the significance for both sides. will bernie be able to hand on after super tuesday? >> 21% of the democratic delicates. 24% of the republican delicates will be chosen to stay 48 hours
7:51 am
for now. for democrats it looks like a turning point. hillary clinton had a smashing win in south carolina. she looks to win most of the primaries. for the republicans, 11 primaries. donald trump is leading right now in most of them. the question is whether there's a change of any sort after last tuesday's debate. a lot of public reaction. ted cruz looks good in texas. what happens in the other 11 states. trump right now is the guy to beat. no one thought it would happen. he's the guy to beat. >> okay. larry, we'll see you next sunday. thank you so much for staying with us. we'll be right back after this break.
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welcome back on this sunday. you can see in san francisco now we have some clouds. high thin level clouds are with us for the first half of the day. we have a cold front to the north that is producing clouds and drizzle up off the coastline. we won't see any rainfall at least here today. they are seeing rain across california. extreme portions of northern california because of the cold front. once swings through we'll get rid of the clouds and hang on to the sunshine even warm temperatures. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures a mixed bag. we have low 40s in the north bay. about 10 degrees milder in san francisco. down to the south bay temperatures right near 50s for the peninsula and south bay. later on this afternoon we're heading into the mid to upper 60s. a few of us may top out near 70
7:55 am
degrees. most of us will hang out in the mid to upper 60s. a little bit breezy in the city later on as the cold front moves through. we're looking at mostly sunny skies. temperatures will start to warm up over the next couple of days. a few 70s for the south bay today. look what happens to the 70s tomorrow. way up into the north bay. even san francisco tomorrow will reach into the 70s. same deal for the east bay and trivalley. tuesday temperatures start to moderate a little bit as the sea breeze kicks back in. the coastline will stay cool. the 60s there and eventually see the 60s return into the entire bay area as we move toward wednesday and thursday. because we have some rain. a big pattern change heading our way toward next weekend. we have clouds in place this morning because of the cold front to the north. it will continue to swing to the north and not produce any rain today. we'll miss out on that one but it's going to cool us a little bit and give us a better chance for showers toward wednesday and thursday. here is thursday morning. some showers across parts of the area. the cold front swings through.
7:56 am
that's going to things up as we head toward next weekend. several more systems behind that will produce spread rain. as we get going toward next weekend, things will look more winter like across the bay area. for the first shot of rain we'll see a tenth of an inch for most of the bay area. a quarter of an inch for the north bay. that's about it for the thursday system once it moves through for friday. after that next weekend more storms are lined up behind it. enjoy mild break in the rain. looking at 70s across the south bay for the next couple of days. see 70s through wednesday and thursday. but thursday even in san francisco when we're expecting showers to return. they'll be pretty wide spread. nothing heavy. about a tenth of an inch or less. friday and saturday things will remain active. we'll see a few more systems behind it. it will set the stage for a wet pattern for the next two weeks. hang on even though we're getting into march you think about spring for us and the el nino year going to track more
7:57 am
rain as we head toward march because, of course, we need the showers. thursday will mark the beginning of a big pattern change that could last least for a week with more rain. >> we look forward to it. we'll enjoy the nice weather while it's here. if you're a fan of full house, you might want to check out the season's netflix spin off "fuller house." the san francisco right fielder plays himself. he tweeted this picture bragging how he got the cast to do crazy eyes. the episode is called "a giant leap." pence struggles while he's dating stefanie. last summer they released this spoof video called full clubhouse. two of your favorite things in one. you love giants and full house. a lot of people do. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. we'll have more local news for you at 4:30, 6:00, and 11:00. and all day at have a great day!
7:58 am
>> see ya.
7:59 am
8:00 am
this sunday, hillary clinton's blowout win in south carolina has her looking towards november. >> tomorrow this campaign goes national. >> while bernie sanders vows to fight on. >> it would make me so happy to run against donald trump. >> bernie sanders joins me this morning. plus, what a week on the republican side. first, rubio thumps trump. [ overlapping speakers ] then trump thumps rubio with a surprise endorsement. >> there's no one better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs. >> as donald trump collects endorsements, the republican establishment approaches panic. is it too late to stop trump now? donald trump and senator ted cruz are w


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