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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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together to help a family in need. we've been reporting on the killing of a mother who went missing in hayward. tonight a big show of support for the victim's family. take a look at this car wash today. it was put together to help raise money for the family for funeral costs. this was held in the parking lot of a restaurant in willow glen. the victim, 22-year-old stacey be a will lawyer, went missing two weeks ago. her body was found a week later in fremont. >> very sad story. i know because i have a daughter the same age and i worry about her. >> the victim's boyfriend has been arrested for the murder. he will be in court tomorrow along with an accomplice who police say helped the suspect hide aguilar's body. as for the car wash, no word how much waz raised. in fairfield, two people behind bars after a shooting turned drug bust early this morning. about 1:00 a.m., officers responded to reports of shots fired near the intersection of north texas street and east travis boulevard. police caught up with a white
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car seen speeding away from the area, arrested the two men inside. officers found a loaded semiautomatic handgun in the car as well as ammunition, a substantial amount of marijuana, prescription drugs and cash. the two men arrested, scarborough and marcel jack. in roner park 19 were arrested on a variety of charges overnight. police set up a dui checkpoint in roner park expressway at 7:00 last night and kept it there till 1:30 this morning. over 1,300 drivers in all were screened, 28 of them were asked to get out of their cars for a closer check. five people were arrested for driving under the influence and three were arrested for driving on a suspended license, eight were arrested for driving without a license. two were arrested for drug possession and one for probation violations. turning now to decision 2016. hillary clinton is riding high after a huge victory in yesterday's south carolina democratic primary. on the republican side, donald trump and ted cruz are going at
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it with new polls showing trump likely to take most of the big super tuesday states. jennifer johnson has the latest from washington. >> reporter: fresh off her huge win in south carolina, hillary clinton worked the crowd sunday in tennessee, a super tuesday state. >> and i need your help on tuesday! the tennessee primary is really important! >> reporter: clinton clobbered bernie sanders by roughly 50 percentage points. >> we got decimated, that's what happened. among older african-americans, it was pathetic. >> reporter: a new nbc/"wall street journal"/meares pole shows donald trump trailing ted cruz in cruz's home state of texas, but trump beating both cruz and marco rubio in georgia and tennessee with 30% and 40% of the votes. cruz and rubio are attacking trump. cruz about taxes, rubio saying trump's a fraud. >> the time has come to remove the mask and unveil him for what he is, donald trump is nothing but a first-rate con artist who is trying to carry out the ultimate con. >> the fact that condonald seems
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terrified to release his taxes suggests there's a bombshell there. >> reporter: trump says he has released his financial records but can't show his tax returns because he's under an irs audit. >> until the audit is completed, obviously i wouldn't show anything. i'll show it as soon as it's completed. i have nothing to hide. >> reporter: cruz is warning conservatives the trump train could be unstoppable if the front-runner rolls to big victories tuesday. to california politics, today is the third and final day of the state's democratic convention going on at the san jose convention center. vice president joe biden was a keynote speaker yesterday, and today san jose mayor sam liccardo took the podium, talked about some of donald trump's favorite issues. >> this weekend, we're seeing how california democrats are leading the charge to expand opportunity for immigrants, broadening access to health care, investing in our
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children's future and our schools. make no mistake, you are leading the way. >> during the state democratic convention, delegates picked attorney general kamala harris arthur candidate to fill the seat that senator barbara boxer will be leaving vacant. as the stars take to the red carpet tonight for the academy awards, a controversy continues. not about who's wearing what but about who's missing from the nominee lineup. some heavy hitters in hollywood boycotting the oscars over a lack of diversity. nbc bay area's marianne favro joining us from the newsroom. we've heard about this since so many people are waiting to see how chris rock, the host, handles this the. >> they do want to see how he handles it tonight. so far he's not saying a lot. but for the second year in a row the academy failed to nominate a single actor of color. now some big names are taking a stand. it's one of the most competitive years anyone can remember. and yet there are no actors of color among this year's 20 nominees. causing dozens of hollywood
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celebrities to boycott the academy awards this year. including will and jada pinkett smith. >> this is a conversation we've been needing to have for a long time. >> all eyes are on this year's host, chris rock. he hasn't said much, simply tweeting, see you sunday, #blackout, #oscars. in terms of presenters this could be the most diverse show ever, but the issue goes beyond the red carpet. it's about the industry as a whole. right now 18% of films have no black characters at all. in fact, the academy itself is 91% white, even though half of movie tickets are sold to minorities. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. aborted just before takeoff, spacex just had to cancel its third try at launching a satellite from cape canaveral, florida. it was to happen this afternoon. it got pushed back because a boat got into the water in the
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no fly no boat zone. once the boat was cleared the count down was back on. but two minutes to takeoff today, spacex called off the launch. the company is not saying why. spacex also canceled scheduled launches on wednesday and thursday. >> you have to think they're waiting to get it right, all conditions perfect. >> so close last time. >> just a couple of minutes away. coming up next, we investigate. >> you can't just be there and then not do their jobs. otherwise they're failing everybody. >> a state agency that was created to protect the public is now accused of putting people at "significant risk." we're going to tell you what has a top official in the agency now apologizing. right now we have cloudy skies over the bay area. overcast in san jose as we see high clouds for now and eventually storm clouds finally coming back for the week ahead. where rain chances will be increasing in your forecast. a local woman says she's been vy
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angry, scared and bankrupt. a local woman says she's been victimized not by a thief but by her own lawyer. >> the state bar is well aware of many complaints against attorneys. but what are they doing about it? investigative reporter explains. >> it's been extraordinarily painful. >> reporter: cat rin roberts blames one man for ruining her life. her former attorney.
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>> the damage it did has never really left my life. >> reporter: california has its own separate court system to investigate and discipline attorneys. it's run by the state bar which receives more than 16,000 complaints each year. but according to a recent state audit, the bar has failed to keep watch over attorneys who commit misconduct, saying that to reduce its backlog, the state bar allowed some attorneys whom it otherwise might have disciplined more severely or even disbarred to continue practicing law at significant risk to the public. >> that's working your numbers to try and look good. even while you're potentily hurting consumers out there in california. >> reporter: attorney ed howard is with the center for public interest law, a government watchdog group that monitors state boards and agencies. >> that's the worst possible kind of failure for a licensing board like the state bar. >> reporter: the audit found that as the complaint backlogs increased in 2010, the california bar decreased the severity of punishments for lawyers. as a result, the bar dismissed
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more cases and just settled others with written reprimands that stayed hid no one the lawyer's discipline file -- >>. >> what do you day say to consumers sdmurs. >> that i'm sorry. >> reporter: rhea wilson is the chief operating officer for the state bar. she was hired five months ago and was unable to answer many of our questions concerning allegations against the state bar. >> i wasn't here at the time and ye swar for that. well, i wasn't here then. again, i wasn't here for that either. >> the way the state auditor put it is you all put people at significant risk. >> okay. >> do you disagree with that? >> i don't really want to focus on the assertions of the state auditor as opposed to the recommendations. >> but that was the biggest finding they had in their audit. >> right. >> a serious allegation. >> right. but i think the important thing that we need to do and focus on as an agency is fixing the underlying structural problems or conditions that caused that
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problem to occur, and that's what we've done. >> reporter: wilson says supervising attorneys at the bar now have to sign off before cases against attorneys can be settled. roberts feels the additional oversight should have already been in place >> they're there for a reason. they can't just be there and then not do their job. otherwise they're failing everybody. >> reporter: roberts says her legal troubles began after trying to fight eviction from her home in san francisco. in 2004 she hired attorney drexel bradshaw. >> i ended up in one day losing my apartment and being $500,000 in debt. >> reporter: she eventually sued bradshaw for among other things legal malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty. a jury found brand shaw's abilities as a lawyer were below the applicable standard and determined his actions resulted in a financial loss to roberts of more than $250,000. roberts ultimately settled with bradshaw out of court for an undisclosed amount. but the objections over bradshaw's work don't end there. the local bar association in san
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francisco received a number of complaints from bradshaw's clients. in a highly unusual move filed a complaint with the state bar, citing details from seven of bradshaw's former clients, including katherine roberts. the complaint raised concerns bradshaw may have stolen money from at least one client and engaged in unconscionable billing practices. >> that's how strongly we believe that something had to be done. >> reporter: attorney and professor richard zitern has taught legal ethics for 40 years and was one of the volunteer attorneys with the san francisco bar to file that complaint. >> i just hate seeing people like this get away with things when they shouldn't. >> reporter: the state bar tried to take action against bradshaw with this 62-page complaint accusing him of corruption, dishonestiy, and gross nemgds. it went to court as two separate cases. the first was dismissed. when you search for the second one on the state bar's website you're told "no case found."
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>> somehow at the end of the day this file got made secret. >> reporter: he believes the state bar ultimately gave bradshaw a disciplinary slap on the wrist by giving him a low-level reprimand but says the bar violated its own policies by not making it public. >> the state bar doesn't want to admit it made a mistake, that under its own rules it didn't have the right to do. >> something was made private? >> something wasn't made private, there was a settlement agreement. and the contents of that agreement and the outcome are not public. >> reporter: but what is public is bradshaw's criminal record. we found out he's a convicted felon. in 1991 he was found guilty in virginia of grand larceny by check, which doesn't actually prevent someone from practicing law. but bradshaw lied about his criminal record six years in a row and signed documents he submitted to the san francisco bar. still, the state bar's website shows a clean disciplinary
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record for bradshaw. not a single infraction. at least not one the public can see. bradshaw declined our interview request. as for the state bar, it's looking into how to restructure its staff to better handle complaints. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call. send us an e-mail to you can call it a floating museum. in need of a major face lift. we'll show you the plans in store for the "uss hornet." ( melodic, calm music ) hi, this is jennifer. i will be out of the office until monday and won't be checking voicemail during this time. i'll reply just as soon as i get back to work.
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floating musm against enino. ==te2 a military team of sorts is fighting to protect a special floating museum against el nino. >> nbc bay area's joe rosado jr. shows us the highly unusual battle plan to preserve the "uss hornet." >> reporter: as every homeowner knows, owning a house is a lot of work. there's constant cleaning, fixing. just imagine that not only was your house the size of an aircraft carrier -- it was, in fact, an aircraft carrier. >> this is like owning a really big house. >> reporter: the deck of the "uss hornet" aircraft carrier museum in alameda is practically its own neighborhood. >> our flight deck is 100,000 square feet. >> reporter: the deck alone could hold 100 homes. >> this is the roof of the ship. >> reporter: and like any roof, when it rains -- >> barrels, buckets. >> reporter: you can imagine the
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leaks. >> it's been a feat to figure out where these leaks are coming from. >> this thing is basically a rust bucket. it's made out of iron and steel. every time it rains we've got rust growing. this is rusted out and we have developed holes. >> plastic sheets were put here to catch the water -- >> reporter: in a floating museum with many sights here's one sight you don't want to see. >> you can look up and you can see the bottom of the flight deck. >> reporter: this year's heavy rains rained all the way into the captain's meeting room damaging the ceiling and floors. >> and it also damaged a mural that was donated to the ship by president nixon's wife pat nixon. >> we can't bring visitors in there anymore. >> most of the museums you go to are in a building. this museum is floating. >> reporter: so the historic carrier is in the midst of an $800,000 campaign to repair and waterproof its massive flight deck. >> we've had just a little bit of a taste of el nino. >> reporter: before the historic ship retired in 1970, it carried a crew of 3,500.
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>> we had people 24 hours a day painting, chipping, washing. now we have about ten people that maintain the whole ship. >> reporter: the "uss hornet" has a vast history from serving in world war ii to picking up apollo space capsules 11 and 12. >> i think to preserve that history and the legacy of the hornet and all who served on the hornet is important for the new generations. >> reporter: for now, it's this generation's turn to keep this ship in ship shape. joe rosado jr., nbc bay area news. we're calling this a desert dispatch. we sent our reporter mark matthews to death valley. what did he come back with? pictures of flowers. actually, that was his assignment. rangers are calling it a rare super bloom. it's also the furnace creek area. experts say severe flood damage could have set the stage for a dramatic flower show. matthews says it's well worth
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the drive and he may not come back. i added the last part, he'll be back. >> that is really cool. we were talking about since it's warm, cherry blossom trees seem to be blooming. i saw flowers everywhere. >> plants and trees are convinced it's spring and they've been that way the last couple of weeks. temperatures have been warm as unfortunately the rain numbers have come down compared to the end of january when our seasonal averages to date were about 80% to 110% of average. you can see now about 70% to 80% of average and those numbers have gone down. february, typically one of the wetter months for the bay area, has been extremely underwhelming. you see see 5 inches of rain in santa rosa, not an inch so far this month. one day extra tomorrow but really not going to make a difference in numbers. it's critical now. as you move into march, this is the last of the big four months for rainfall. you can see how these numbers, san jose is the guide, begin to drop off. main still sees substantial rainfall. by april and may those numbers
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tend to come down. right now we've got the clouds. not rain-producing clouds. mid and high-level clouds heading toward tomorrow morning. we'll see patchy coastal fog. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. yes, the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows you the rain chances will again be increasing as high pressure, which is really taking a lot of energy out of there's storms by the time they try to come across california, that's going to give ground as we get toward the middle part of the week. in the meantime 40s and 50s for the morning. by lunch time tomorrow more sunshine. high pressure strengthening to start the work week. so our highs tomorrow trending warmer. that looks hike spring outside. an average high this time of year for places like san jose should be closer to 66 degrees. you can see how most of the week we're staying above that average. hoe to mid 70s for the first half of the week. you notice san francisco too will see those temperatures climbing up close to 70 through the middle part of the week then cooler as more clouds start to spill in for the second half of the week. the warmest days we'll see
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monday through wednesday, then changes begin to arrive as high pressure begins to break down just a little bit towards the middle part of the week. a weak system there for thursday we think will toss a chance of showers our way. saturday a stronger system comes in. the second half of the week as the high begins to weaken, a few showers here for thursday, then the main event coming up looks like by saturday afternoon into saturday night. here come a series of storms. jet stream aiming in on california for a change. next weekend we will see the rain picking up. heavy at times, especially for the north bay. we could see .5 to 1 inch. that's great news given how dry things have been. plans for next weekend? rain here and sierra snow and the long-range forecast continues. the trend very positive for the bay area. first week into the second week in march, above-average rainfall is set to continue. in the short-term for your plans outside tomorrow, the weather looks very nice. mid 70s out there.
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if you're feeling guilty with all that sunshine outside, good news, we will see the rain making a big-time comeback and it's likely to stick around. slight chance thursday, a lot of that coming in for next weekend. then two or three more systems beyond next weekend to hook forward to over the next seven to 14 days. coming up, when money is tight you can count on a haircut from mom or dad. but today low-income kids were treated to a special cut at the barbershop. disadvantaged kids in oakland rt
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today-- free haircuts at a loca. disadvantaged kids in oakland received a special treat today, free haircuts at a local barbershop. the children all under the age of 12 got to sit in the barber's
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chair at mega brown's barbershop on jefferson street in uptown oakland. kids day at the shop is organized by two fathers from the the low pus bloom play group, oakland-based nonprofit center for low-income families. folks can come in, do learning activities with their kids. >> the idea is really to engage more isolated families and get more men involved and young boys involved into our programs. >> lotus bloom has seven locations throughout oakland. coming up next baltimore orioles are putting a stop to a sweet victory tradition, the pie in the face celebration. we use that hear. >> sometimes during the commercial breaks. why they're doing that when we come back. the baltimore orioles have a
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special way of celebrating
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the baltimore orioles have a special way of celebrating their baseball victories. the pie in the face. >> that's right. which some people really don't like. here it is. the team says they are no longer going to do the pie in the face. it's called the bye-bye to the oriole pie. they're citing safety concerns. adam jones, who was behind the prank, tweeted the news saying at the end of the day it can be dangerous, so we're being smart. it's safe to say not all the orioles are sorry to see this tradition go. team says they will try to come up with a less-hazardous celebration. hopefully it will be as entertaining. i can't imagine anything worse. even the gatorade thing from the football games would be better than the unexpected pie in the face. >> for me it would depend on the pie. i'm a blackberry guy. >> chocolate cream, something good. right now watching pollen flying around, not pies. we see unfortunately because things have been so dry and warm, a lot of stuff blooming. tomorrow we're going to have a day where temperatures are going to be quite a bit warmer than
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we're seeing outside right now. low 60s outside now. mid to upper 70s. on this sunday night, trump slammed. the frontrunner drawing fire from fellow republicans and democrats tonight for refusing to condemn the former leader of the ku klux klan. and bernie sanders looks for a path forward after hillary clinton's south carolina landslide. fallen hero. an officer and former marine killed on the job just one day after she's sworn in. tonight, the small town police department in mourning. young guns. the intense debate in one state over a new law that would allow even the smallest hands to put their fingers on a trigger. and healthy options. the gourmet jerky snack craze that a lot


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