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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> nbc bay area news starts now. >> i don't feel like we all should be put in one category as drug addicts and everything else as people perceive us to be. >> time's up for a homless encampment to clear out. i area's become a health hazard. >> the homeless encampment near the best buy off of 101 and 13th street. the city gave notices saying the encampment had to be cleared out. some people, christie, are refusing to go. who's still there? >> reporter: yeah, kind of a mix. but what we've heard from a number of people is that,
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frankly, it's really thinned out, there were way more tents here just two days ago. in fact, some people are packing up now, but a few others said they plan to wait it out until public works comes in and they think it might be tomorrow when an order to vacate was ordered for showcase square. this came along division street for friday. last week health department came in and found things like hypodermic needles, human waste and garbage. one man stayed here end the freeway for a month. he's not prepared to leave yet because he hasn't seen any paperwork. >> i've never seen any of those. i saw them other places towards businesses and stuff like that. down here where parking lots are, they haven't said anything. >> reporter: the homeless outreach teams have been working to connect he people with services and shelters in the city. i did speak with the department
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of public health today and they tell me that just yesterday they contacted about 40 people in both locations who relocated and this is handled on a case by case basis. i did just speak briefly with one man who was packing up and asked where he might go. he said his plan is to move a few blocks over. live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. a fender bender in pinole turned into deadly hit-and-run. after midnight a man pulled under the shoulder to check out a damage after a minor accident. a woman speeding and swerving struck and killed the man, and then kept going. an off-duty cop saw the whole thing. the 31-year-old oakland resident facing several charges, including man slot. >> new at 6:00, 11-year-old girl airlifted to a hospital aft
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being hit by a car in antioch, this happened about 2:00 near rockford and alamock drive. the girl is expected to be okay. a minor was driving the car that hit the girl? in los angeles, oscars and oscar protests. dozens of people protesting now about a mile from the award ceremony. the controversy about who is missing from the nominee lineup. nbc bay area marianne favro joining us live. chris rock went for it, right off the top to the heart of area. >> reporter: absolutely, wasted no time, came out swinging and devoted his entire opening monologue to the topic of diversity. one point he asked the question everyone wants to know is, is hollywood racist? now, dozens of hollywood celebrities, including will and jada pinkett smith, are boycotting the awards show this year. they are protesting the fact there are no actors of color among this year's nominee for the second year if a row.
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in terms of presenters, this could be the most diverse show ever. some say they're counting on host chris rock to draw attention to the academy's lack of diversity. >> this is a conversation we've been needing to have a long time. >> you're out of time. we are not going to allow the s oscars to continue. this will be the last night of an all-white oscar! >> reporter: al sharpton was speaking at a protest less than a mile from the dole by theater, where the awards show is now continuing on. he joined about 100 others to question why 18% of films have no black characters at all. in fact, the academy itself is 91% white. even though half of movie tickets are sold to minorities. we'll have to keep an eye on chris rock and see how he continues throughout the rest of the program and how controversial it will be. marianne favro, nbc bay area
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news. >> certainly doesn't shy away from much. thank you very much. san jose mother shot and killed. we've been reporting on this murder all week long. tonight a big show of support for the victim's family. a car wash put together by the community to raise money to the family can pay for funeral expenses in the parking lot of a restaurant in willow glen. the victim, 22-year-old stacey act gular went missing two weeks ago. her body later found in fremont. >> very, very sorry. i have one daughter same age and i worry about her. >> the victim's boyfriend has been arrested for the murder. he'll be in court tomorrow, along with an accomplice who police say helped the suspect hide the body. at the car wash, money raised, so far no total on how much. aftermath of a two-car fender bender that turned into a five-car accident today. happened on highway 87 in san jose. two cars involved were in a lane
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when a third car accident stop, ran into them, that car spun around, hit two others. the drivered in the first fender bender suffered minor injuries. fremont, hundred of people from different backgrounds are standing together, hand in hand, in solidarity with the islamic society. the event called hands around the moving held at islamic society in fremont. the parking lot from the mosque is the saint paul fremont united methodist church. both the mosque and church organized the event. goal to understand each other and move from fear to friendship. post-sunset view, san francisco, partly cloudy skies, gorgeous view, out of the north bay. look at that, tiburon, 57, increasing clouded to finish off the weekend. increasing rain chances ahead. changes and your microclimate forecast coming up. with the primaries under
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their belt, candidates gearing up for super tuesday. new round of attacks on the campaign trail ahead of this week's big showdown. plus -- not at the academy awards but the bay area instead. honor for a local actor. aborted just before takeoff.spas
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third try at launing a
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aborted before take-off. spacex had to cancel its third try at cape canaveral. supposed to happen at 4:00 this afternoon. this is video from one before that didn't work out. pushed back because of a boat turning up inside the no boating zone. don't want to be near the landing zone. two minutes to take-off. spacex called off the launch. spacex canceled schedule launches this past wednesday and thursday. an important weekend for california politics. today's the third and final day of the state's democratic convention in san jose. throughout this event, prominent bay area democrats and democrats across the state have now firing up the base. this going on at the san jose convention center. vice president joe biden was the keynote speaker yesterday. today, sam la cardo took the podium. he took on some of trump's issues. >> this weekend we're seeing how california democrats are leading the charge to expand opportunity
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for immigrants, broadening access to health care, investing in our children's future and our schools, make no mistake, you are leading the way. >> during this state democratic convention, delegates picked attorney general kamala harris as their candidate to fill the state senator's seat for barbara boxer, she'll be leaving that seat vacant. hillary clinton riding high after her landslide victory yesterday. she swept the south carolina democratic primary, beating challenger bernie sanders by a landslide. now, on the republican side, new polls show that trump is likely to take all of big super tuesday states this week. nbc's jennifer johnson shows us more from washington. >> reporter: fresh off her huge win in south carolina, hillary clinton worked the crowd sunday in tennessee, a super tuesday state. >> and i need your help on tuesday. the tennessee primary is really important. >> reporter: clinton clobbered
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bernie sanders by roughly 50 percentage points. >> we got decimated, that's what happened, among older african-americans, it was pathetic. >> reporter: new nbc/"wall street journal"/marist poll shows trump trailing cruise. but trump beating both cruz and marco rubio in georgia and tennessee with 30%, 40% of the votes cruz and rubio are attacking trump. cruz about taxes. rubio saying trump's a fraud. >> the time has come to remove the mask, reveal him, a first-rate con artist trying to carry out the opening con. >> the fact that donald is terrified to release the taxes suggests there's a bombshell. >> reporter: trump released the financial records but can't show the tax returns. >> until the audit is completed i wouldn't show anything, i'll show it as soon as it's completed, i have nothing to hide. >> reporter: cruz is warning the trump train could be unstoppable
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if the front-runner rolls to big victories tuesday. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >> james franco came back to his hometown of palo alto today to receive a special award. that's franco today. did you see that? >> yes. >> four seasons. where else? >> that's right. >> four seasons in palo alto. awarded the maverick spirit award at an event called storytelling reimagined conclave. franco joined other panelists to discuss storytelling through every day life including cell phone videos and virtual reality. i don't think there's categories for either of those. >> true. kind of a new genre these days with technology. cool to have here. >> we have a bigger screen here. i was checking it out. he's a star and draws your attention. >> he does. you want to hear what he has to say. we want to hear what rob mayeda has to say. >> seeing mild conditions
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continuation of dry pattern for now that's brought the snowpack below the numbers. 110% of average. statewide average 88% of average to date. well ahead of last year. only 19% last year. so, missing out on the snow in the sierra, and our seasonal rainfall averages have come down, 70% to 86% of average. no thanks to february. still got one extra day coming up tomorrow. but you can see the averages for month should be 2 to 5 inches of rain, instead all locations around the bay area about a third of an inch to an inch of rain. so, not good news. now entering the fourth quarter of rainfall season. this is coming up for march. you can see how things drop off into april and in time. it does look like we're going to see rain making a return. you can see at the seven-day forecast. in the meantime, high clouds gorgeous sunset. heading towards tomorrow morning, pappy, low clouds, cool start. still need a jacket. temperatures in the 40s to low 50s. afternoons are going to feel
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more like spring. high clouds coming in. saw the gorgeous sunset. not bringing any rain. all of the energy still heading off towards the pacific northwest. high pressure continues to divert all of the rain-producing clouds to the north. instead, left with patchy fog for some morning. 40s and 50s to start. and 70s as early as lunchtime tomorrow. setting us up for highs in the mid-70s for tomorrow. almost ten degrees warmer than average for places like san jose and san francisco. you're going to have temperatures through at least wednesday in san jose. climbing towards mid-70s. trending cooler for the second half of the week. san francisco, upper 60s to 70 for wednesday. numbers drop as clouds thicken up and we begin to see bigger changes towards the end of the weekend. north bay, highs in the mid-70s, santa rosa, pleasanton up to 77 degrees. dublin, 76, average high is 64 all week long staying above averages. but obviously, trending cooler for the second half of the week as we begin to see the strong
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high weaken slightly toward the middle part of the week that may allow one system to come through as we approach thursday right there that we think will bring some rain to the north bay and scattered showers south of san francisco. notice second half of the week, thing is beginning to change up. showers into the north bay, a lot more rain come saturday. more on that in a moment. you see from the east bay, tri-valley, san jose, scattered showers. temperatures not dropping a lot. major pattern shift begins as we get into the weekend. jet stream which at this point on thursday still to our north begins to drive to the south. we think it's going to stay that way once we get towards next weekend and likely continue for the following week. there you go, starting to see substantial rains aiming in on the bay area. our rainfall projection just a little bit to measure in the rain gauges of the thursday system. but by next weekend, talking, looking a half inch to an inch of rain coming in for next saturday and sunday. and another strong system behind that setting up for the following monday and tuesday.
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pattern beginning to show signs of change. in case making planned for next weekend, toward the sierra, winter storm warnings, rain into the bay area approaching next weekend. all of this lines up with changes to the long range forecast which take us out of a drier than average pattern to a wetter than average pattern at leaf middle part of the month. change is starting to take place. notice especially towards end of the week. tomorrow, springlike weather around the bay area. temperatures nearing some records around the south bay. tracking that for the beginning of the week with rain increasing especially by next weekend. back to you. >> let's hope the rain shows up. thank you, rob. lawmakers taking to the skies and taking on your seat size. how we feel about flying.
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==take vo=u-c berkeley police a" >> new at 6:00, caught stealing from campus. uc berkeley police aroasted these two, officers say they were prauling around the physics and astronomy building after hours on thursday night. employees saw them, called police, police show up, found the two they say with burglary tools with stolen items from inside the building and things stolen from the uc irvine campus. >> riding caltrain will cost more. fares went up by 50 cents today. passes, eight-right tickets and monthly passes affected. fares will stay at 50% of adult ticket prices and corporate cards get you a 15% discount. july it will cost 50 cents more to park in the station. parking lot. anyone who flies a lot can tell you, the leg rom on many
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airlines is shrinking. chuck schumer is proposing one. he wants faa to set guidelines for size of sets so airlines would have to follow. >> whoo hoo, amen. >> legroom used to be 35 inches. now it down to an average of 16.5 inches. senator says seats are getting narrower, too, shrinking two inches. nothing bothers people more than the fact there's almost no legroom, average passenger feels like they're being treated as a sardine, squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. as you pay more and more for tickets at least you ought to get a place to sit where you're not treated like a sardine. >> that's from a guy who probably flies maybe first class guy. >> i empathize with tall people. uncomfortable for people to fly now. >> if the faa bill attached to a bill and it's expected to be
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voted on next month. which is next week. >> good for chuck schumer. mindy bach joining us. flying is uncomfortable. it is interesting. >> seems the box keeps getting smaller and smaller and smaller. >> a miserable experience. >> one thing she'd rather discuss rather than flights. >> absolutely. i was distracted because the sharks are doing something great. we'll show that as far as sports unusual site on the links. pantless man teeing off the honda classic. and it's crazy, but you can never get used to this. so much fun. stephen curry doing the improvable. more on that shot next from the xfinity sportsdesk. over 9 days - all on the
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the warriors are finally back home after playing six games over nine days, all on the road. calling it a successful road trip, that's an understatement. golden state is proving that it is poised to take a second straight championship. and stephen curry his second straight mvp title. you cannot see this shot enough. overtime against a tough oklahoma city team. curry launched his 14th three-pointer and swished it from 38 feet out. curry's a 50% shooter from 30 feet or more. the rest of the nba is hitting only 8% of those shots. >> when i got the ball i knew
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coach said we've got to stop, you know, and a clean rebound push it, i looked up, i got the ball, it's about five, six seconds left, and the way they had -- were shuffling around in transition i was able to kind of go at my own pace and rise up and i got my feet set and, you know, watched it go in. >> to be able to pull it out was awesome. the effort in the second half was incredible. i know we got outrebounded but we were battling and obviously what steph did was, you know, what's the expression from the ridiculous to the sublime, like that's -- that's where we are at this point. >> i stand corrected. his 12th three-pointer. still not bad. final round of the honda classic in tampa. gary woodland in the sixth tee shot, takes off his pants, goes from the water to the sand.
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nice recovery. he'd get dressed and go about his day. adam scott started the day tied for the lead in the bunker par 4 12th. responds with amazing shot over the trees. and that was good enough for birdie. scott wins by one shot. his 12th career pga tour win. with nhl's trade deadline coming up at noon monday, sharks opened a roster spot waiving mike brown. move is not surprising. appearing in 2 of last 13 games. san jose in vancouver facing rivgles for the first time. first period, great move. martin jones comes up with the save. look at that. and this gape was scoreless after the first period. opening minute of the second period, justin braun takes down jannik hansen and gets two minutes for interference. yes, he does take him down. jones is great on the penalty
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kill. after the penalty elapses, braun trying to rush back on the ice and sedin crams it in. canucks take early lead 1-0. patrick marleau scored moments ago to make it 3-1 sharks in the third period. senior day for the cal's men's basketball team. bears host the trojans for the final home game. with a win, cal would be perfect 18-0. right now the bears are up by 19. cal still has a chance to grab a share of the conference title. more news after the break. disadvantaged kids recieved a sn
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oakland... ==terry/2ot== free haircuts at r disadvantaged children received a special treat in oakland. free hair cuts at a local barber shot. >> children under age 12 got to sit in the barber's chair on jefferson street, uptown oaklanden event called kid's day at shop organized by two fathers at lotus bloom play group. folks can come in, spend time, doing a variety of learning activities with the kids. >> the idea's to engage more isolated families and get more men involved and young boys involved into our programs. >> there are seven locations throughout oakland. >> that's cool. well-behaved kids getting haircuts. >> camera was on, dad was there. >> thank you for choosing nbc
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bay area news. >> back at 11:00.
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